30 Scary Videos That Should Come With A Warning

30 Scary Videos That Should Come With A Warning

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Coming up in this video. Have you ever come across a video that scared you so badly, you needed to warn others not to make the same mistake? Well what about 30 scary videos that fit that criteria? These are the 30 Scary Videos that should come with a warning. 30. Hallway Shadow Figure When your home is occupied by shadow figures, it’s probably time to move out. Redditor u/Bianca5150 set up a security camera to try and catch which one of her dogs was doing damage in her home. She received a notification, alerting her to movement, and when she checked

the footage, she found this. Did you see the shadow figure? Most in the comments think she should get out now, and I tend to agree. If we’re to believe that no one was really home, this is one of the best pieces of shadow figure footage that I’ve ever seen. 29.

Stalker at the Door This “creepy encounter” was posted to Reddit by u/ghostefaze. A ring doorbell camera captured a young woman’s stalker. The woman says she was followed home from Walmart. And her stalker showed up on her

doorstep. At first the man appears to be looking for his own keys, but then he fails to find any and peers around the corner of the house. Many are wondering if the creep left something for his victim.

Although we can all agree that this is beyond creepy and edging into full-on horror, I do think this footage reminds us not to trust anyone. You never know when you could cross paths with someone like this. 28. Earring Pull YouTuber Donna ayres is haunted by a very active ghost. She captured this activity that’s a little too close for comfort.

Watch the hoop earring on the right. Something is pulling on her earring. Donna doesn’t notice until someone messages her. She then asks the spirits to leave her alone. At first, it seems like the spirit is listening, as it slowly gives it a rest. But then… This is so creepy to watch. I tend to agree that she’s being taunted. I also don’t think fishing line is involved,

as you would see Donna’s earlobe move along with the earring, which you do not. I think it’s more likely that this sneaky spirit is having a little too much fun. 27. Wild Lion While on safari in Africa, do your best NOT to become prey. YouTuber Josiah Martin shares this scary video, filmed in Zimbabwe.

Riding an open horse-drawn cart through the savannah, they see it before we do. The curiosity of the tourists quickly becomes real fear. The lion picks up its pace.

And then they really do have something to fear. Out of sight out of mind? Not in this case. But don’t worry, despite the lion’s shortcut, the cart loses him. While the group seems giddy over this encounter, I think they’re incredibly lucky. This close

call could have had a very different ending. 26. In the Tunnel The haunted Silver Arrow Train is still chugging along. YouTuber Adam Ghost Trapper Live captures this creepy video inside the haunted tunnel in Stockholm, home to a mysterious ghost train.

What does he see? Did you see it too? The train lies at the end of the track, and there are figures on it. While it’s impossible for me to tell what these figures are without further investigation, this video gives me the creeps. And I have no doubt that I don’t want to step aboard that silver train.

25. Backwards Head What would you think if you saw this happen before your very eyes? Play from 0:10 to end. Shared to TikTok by Ticraz, this crazy video has me doing a double-take.

The footage shows a girl at a trampoline park, jumping up and down like normal. At first, nothing’s off. But then… After kneeling, she bends backwards, takes the opposite ankles of each leg with her hands, and manages to fold herself around in such a bizarre way that you think she’s possessed. What is this madness? I think this girl is double-jointed – also called hyper mobile. This involves joints

that can move beyond the typical range. Around 20 percent of people are hyper mobile. But many are not to this extent. At least there’s no need for an exorcism. 24. Internet Cafe Haunting Does this internet cafe have some unwanted customers? Redditor u/Juice173 thinks it does. He explains that he works in pest control, and this internet cafe was one of his clients. After seeing this footage, the owner insisted that he still has rats. Here is the surveillance video.

It’s strange to me that something falls off of the shelf – or is pushed – right before the entire thing breaks. I would say it’s just a matter of shoddy workmanship rather than something paranormal if it wasn’t for that. But this makes me think there’s something more complex going on here. And I see no rats.

23. Marking the Tree This mysterious capture by YouTuber Guillen Rocher leaves me with many questions. Rocher explains in the description that she saw this strange man outside her window “marking” a tree.

The man can be seen doing something to the tree for a time, before grabbing his dog’s leash. After the stranger left, the YouTuber went to investigate. It looks like the guy scraped the bark from one side of the tree, leaving a mark, but for what purpose is still unclear. I’m not sure where this video is filmed, but YouTuber Bio Cyber suggests that the strange man is a Russian “sleeper agent” marking a target. This is where my head went too, although I wasn’t specifically thinking “Russian.”

This may be a spy or agent marking this site for himself or other agents to later find. What do you think is going on here? 22. The Scream At first, Redditor u/DawnGrager believed this sound was in her imagination…but then she recorded it… Listen closely. It sounds like a strangled scream. Some in the comments think it’s just air escaping a container of some kind. Others think it’s a trapped animal.

I wouldn’t rule out a portal to the fiery depths below, but those two theories also seem likely. This sound is for sure something you don’t want to be imagining. 21. Scary House with Ghosts Denis from DARK GHOST Paranormal is exploring this scary house with ghosts. And he’s in for a real boo. While searching what looks like a storage area of the home, he falls to the ground.

In fact, it looks like he breaks clean through the ground. And he does. The disturbance is captured from another room. A mysterious anomaly is seen in that same storage room.

And that anomaly may be getting aggressive with him. But nothing is there. Or so it seems… Just as he’s decided to leave, he’s confronted by the ghost again. One actually might think it’s an earthquake, if not for the terrifying knowledge that this place is haunted. Later, he hears a whole lot of ruckus again and goes to investigate, when, behind him, there’s a growl.

What sort of beast is in here with Denis? I don’t think that’s a ghost. Sounds more like a demon to me. 20. Doll Moves The Historic Jefferson has plenty of haunting footage. This clip is one of the most chilling. Captured by a guest staying in the Doll Room, the footage shows one of the room’s many dolls coming to life. First, watch behind the pillow. Something peers out. It’s one of the dolls. A moment later, the doll falls over.

This is the doll in question. The staff shares its creepy history. The doll is creepy just looking at it. But this footage on top of its history of innate creepiness ensures that I can’t handle staying in the Doll Room. 19. The Italian House This place, known as The Italian House, is in the middle of nowhere and is hard to access. Maybe because the spirits don’t want you there.

YouTuber Kriselle Luna and her team are immediately disturbed by this place. Did you hear that scream? Next, they find what looks like dripping red liquid near a doorway. Is it really what we all think it is? What is it there for? My guess would be a dark magic ritual. As they continue to explore the home, they

realize they’re not alone. That last one caused them to flee the scene, which I think is a long time coming. I would have left after seeing that ritual site. I think Kriselle is right in that the residents never left this place. 18. 1901 Basement Submitted to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit by BuddyandRascal. This two-part submission

starts with a photo, the Redditor wrote “caught this face while me and my mom were putting the broads on our basement windows, our house was built in 1901”. This image got a ton of upvotes, with commenters praising its realness and asking for more evidence. The Redditor then posted a video, writing “here is a video of our basement i personally don't see anything but if you guys do please let me know”. In the comments, WranglerGreedy2976, thought they saw movement in the crawl space at the 16 second mark.

Do you see what this commenter is talking about? Nevertheless, let’s hope BuddyandRascal are able to capture more paranormal evidence in this home. 17. Ball Lightning Is this a ghost sighting? Or ball lightning? YouTuber Louisiana Cajun Recipes believes he’s captured a ghost in his house. But some believe otherwise. Look at the still frames of what he’s captured.

Do you see the small blue glow? What was that? Some suggest that the stills are ball lighting. But the YouTuber insists it’s paranormal. I’m leaning toward ball lightning on this one. But what do you think it is? 16. Crybaby Bridge Located in South Carolina, YouTuber Moe Sargi claims this is the original Crybaby Bridge. Moe finds he isn’t the first to check it out…and won’t be the last.

After finding this homemade Ouija board, a strange truck starts stalking Moe and his team. They return to their investigation, but after asking too many questions, they’re met with a vicegrip. Did the female ghost react negatively to this question? As they consider leaving, they sense a presence on the bridge. I guess it’s time to go. I believe Moe pushed the Crybaby Bridge ghost too far. She didn’t like his nosiness, and

she took it out on him. He is lucky he didn’t become the next ghost to haunt this place. 15. Shadow Person on TV Do shadow people have reflections? This video suggests that they do. Watch the reflection on the TV. Did you see it? A shadow appears to move across the screen in the light from the window. The uploader says they tried to recreate this by walking outside the window but could not.

The shadow disappears into nothing. What do you think is going on here? I can’t tell if the shadow is moving outside or inside. Either way, it doesn’t appear to have any defining features. It looks only like a shadow, not like the reflection of a human figure. I’m not 100 percent sure what this could be. Any ideas?

14. Watergate While in search of the Ghost of the Headless Man, YouTube team KBC Caçadores De Fantasmas encounters some unexplained activity. As they’re touring the haunted area, they hear strange sounds. Later, while communicating through the spirit box, they see the gate close on its own. Then, down by the water, they spot something unusual on the opposite bank. Here it is again.

What made an appearance on the riverbank? Was it the same entity that opened the gate? I can’t be sure, but I am impressed by what the team has captured here. I think it calls for further investigation. 13. Napoleon’s Abandoned Mansion None other than Napoleon Bonaparte once lived in this mysterious abandoned mansion.

Let’s take a look at what he left behind. YouTuber Exploring With Josh leads the way through the dilapidated chateau. I wonder if The Little Corporal slept in that bed. Josh also comes across this mysterious photograph. The history of this place is multilayered. In this room, the ceiling collapsed, making things a whole lot messier.

As one of Josh’s friends tries to get some deeper footage, an unwelcome creature makes an appearance. They then manage to open the door to the safe. Although they didn’t find anything valuable inside, I think that perhaps there were valuables in here at one point, but they were taken. Are you getting Napoleon vibes from this place? I sure am, and his energy doesn’t seem so small. 12.

Haunted Farm YouTube team, the Ghost Raiders, investigate this abandoned farm that’s said to be haunted. The team notes that there’s no electricity in this place, and yet their K2 is triggered. And next, a whisper is heard… The spirits indicate they’re still there. The K2 keeps going off, as though the spirits are eager to communicate. Then, both devices are triggered at once.

They again go off in unison. The guys think they’re speaking to a ghost named Paul. One of the meters is triggered again, as it sits inside this old school recording device. What is Paul trying to tell them? I think perhaps nothing at all…except that he’s there.

11. Cursed Restaurant According to YouTuber extinct file, the locals in this community say that macabre events happen inside this cursed restaurant. And when the extinct file team visited, they weren’t disappointed. As they search the place, a moan is heard. Then, they happen upon this strange message. I’m not sure what that could mean. As the team descends the stairs, something nearby breaks.

They then come across a mysterious object in a bucket. I really want to know what’s so disturbing in that bucket that it must be censored. And as they’re looking at it, they hear more noise. In yet another room, banging is heard. And again… Is something after them? I think it’s pretty clear that ghosthunters aren’t welcome here. This is the curse’s territory.

And if you know anything about curses, you know not to mess with them. 10. House with a Demon YouTuber Tim Morozov is again sharing a roof with a demon during this nightmare overnighter. As one of the devices Tim setup goes haywire, a chair starts to move around the room.

Tim tries to decipher the signs, and as he’s doing so, this happens… Watch the doll to his left. The doll’s head slowly moved to the right. What is it looking at? This doll is supposed to react if a spirit is near. I believe one is…and it’s now possessed that baby doll. 9. Haunted Hamilton Jail YouTuber Chelsea Luna explores America’s so-called “most haunted jail” – the haunted Hamilton Jail. Things get spooky right off the bat.

In the women’s section of the jail, the paranormal devices go wild. The spirit even seems to be responding to the team. The device then emits an incessant high pitched noise.

Amongst the beeping, they hear something outside of the cell. As Chelsea is talking, the heavy cell door moves on its own. They then get a strong whiff of something. What would vinegar be used for in here? As they’re all discussing this place, they hear a pounding sound. After hearing a noise, Chelsea feels like someone is standing behind her. They then hear more pounding which they believe is coming from upstairs.

In my opinion, something is in here with them. From the devices being triggered to the movement to the sounds, this abandoned jailhouse is occupied. 8. Haunted UK House This creepy abandoned house is one of the most haunted places in the UK. And you’re about to find out why.

YouTube team, the Ouija Brothers, investigate. As they approach the home, they think someone is there. They continue inside, and Carl thinks he sees something. That message is chilling. In another hallway, they hear two distinct

taps. They hear another unexplained noise next. And another… I’m not sure if any of this was actual proof that the place is haunted, but I do think these mysterious sounds, coupled with what the guys saw here, may warrant further investigation. 7. Coco Chanel’s Abandoned Mansion Located in the Scottish Highlands, Exploring with Fighters explores famous fashionista Coco Chanel’s abandoned mansion. While in one hallway, their devices start

going off. Dan is trying to communicate with the spirits when one of them appears on camera. Did you see that? What is glowing in the darkness? Here it is again, from another angle.

I have no idea what that could be. Maybe a source of light appearing from a window in an adjacent room? Something shiny, like a spiderweb, catching the light for a moment? It could be anything. What do you think it is? 6.

Child’s Voice YouTube team, Caça Sobrenatural is paralyzed with fear after their experience in this abandoned home. The infamous home was once a site where rituals were performed. After exploring the house, they come to this room. Listen closely here. That sounds like footsteps. And then a moment later, this happens…

I think that was a child’s voice. Just the look of this place makes me feel very uneasy. After hearing that voice, I feel that whatever the rituals drew in has yet to leave.

5. Man in the Woods The YouTube team, Greg & Heather’s Explorations, know what fear is. They found it in the woods. As Heather is sitting near a campfire, she hears something unsettling nearby. She goes to investigate.

Nobody answers. So she continues on. As she hears the sound again, she finally encounters its maker. What is this creature? Whatever it is, it’s soon coming for her.

Will she escape him? It’s almost creepier when he disappears. While the YouTuber explains in the description that this video is, in fact, fiction, the horror is real. And I think their “monster” is particularly chilling. 4.

Confronted by a Demon YouTuber Exploring With Danny is frightened in this creepy video. As he hears voices speaking in Latin, he grows petrified. And then this happens… Danny was just confronted by a demon. That siren you hear in the background is a panic alarm. And it seems the demon isn’t done with him.

Will the demon leave Danny alone after this? Or is it just getting started? I think this video is legit scary. To me, Danny looks in incredible danger. And it would be best if he leaves this haunted place ASAP. 3. Frozen in Time YouTuber Adam Mark Explores this abandoned mansion. The owner passed away, leaving everything behind. After a while, the place became frozen

in time. The cupboards are full of items that no one will ever read. Adam breaks out the K2 and gets some readings in certain parts of the house. Using another paranormal device, Adam is directly warned by the spirits.

And then he sees something unexplainable. Are Adam’s eyes playing tricks on him? I don’t think so. That looks like a real gut-punch of fear. Considering this along with all of the spirit communications, I feel that the residents are here after all. 2. Skinwalker Encounter YouTuber FRANKO TV was exploring this haunted cemetery, when he heard a possible skinwalker.

The cemetery itself is strange. It’s designed with cryptic phrases and markings. As he continues to examine the gravestones, he hears a mysterious noise. He finds broken glass lying across another gravesite. And then, he hears it again. It terrifies Franko, and he doesn’t know what to do.

As he walks towards it, he sees something that sends him flying. I’m not sure what he saw or what disturbed his vehicle, but something is out there. And that roar doesn’t sound animal…but it doesn’t sound human either.

I’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made it this far, why not like this video and hit subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because I upload 4 new scary videos every week. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. 1. Taunting the Animals Redditor u/xbadxwolffx’s mother has been experiencing weird things in her house. Her

pets are behaving strangely, and odd things routinely occur, including doors opening and a doorknob rolling down the hallway. So the Redditor set up security cameras to capture any suspicious activity. Here’s the first capture. Note that the dog that is pressed against the door does not have its paws on the knob when the door suddenly pops open from the outside. Additionally, since the door opens inwards, it had to open with such force that it pushed the dog back. A second video heightens the mystery. The Redditor says that there is nothing this cat could have jumped from at this angle.

Rather, it looks like it was thrown or kicked into the kitchen. To me, it seems like the cat’s reacting to something heavy dropping onto the floor. What do you think? I think this video, like all the rest, should come with a warning.

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