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Jerome: Wow, so unique Jerome: This is my first time [Laugh] Jerome: So big! Wow!! Tomo: It's hot Jerome: So heavy! Crew: Hold on, wait a minute! Jerome & Tomo: Minasan! Konnijiwa! (Hello, guys!) Jerome: Ok, guys. So today we're going to explore Singapore all day! Jerome: We'll going to culinary tour and going to unique places that we've never visited before. Jerome: So, let's just go. Cannot wait! Tomo: Let's just go? Jerome: Let's just go Jerome: Guys, you have to watch till the end of video because it will be so fun.

The places going to be very unique, guys. Let's go! Jerome: Guys, we're moved to this hotel called "Park Royal Marina Bay". Jerome: The hotel is so cool, guys! Jerome: The concept is like a bird nest Tomo: It's so botanical garden Jerome: Yes. it's so botanical garden inside the hotel. So cool! Wow!

Jerome: There is the bird here Tomo: Gurung? Jerome: Burung (Bird) Jerome: Why become a pig? LOL Jerome: Oke guys we are going with a car Jerome: BTW, why do we go by car? Jerome: Because today we are collaborating with STB (Singapore Tourism Board). Jerome: Big thanks. So today we are going to explore Singapore with this car. Jerome: First one we are going to "TIONG BAHRU MARKET" Jerome: It's like "Hawker Center" food court in Singapore Jerome: I want to try Chicken Hainan! Tomo: Of course Jerome: Because it's so tender, oishi (tasty), juicy mantap jiwa. Tomo: I want to eat Mapo Tofu in a room dining. LOL Jerome & Tomo: [Laughs] Jerome: So in Marina Bay Sands, the hotel that we stayed in yesterday, we can order food to our room. And he (Tomo) always order Mapo Tofu.

Tomo: Crazy, it was so delicious! Jerome: He ordered two portion and ate that all by himself. Jerome: Okay, let's go! Jerome: Okay, guys. We've arrived at Tiong Bahru Market Tomo: So crowded! Jerome: So crowded, guys! Jerome: Crazy! Jerome: And the queue is so long.

Jerome: What do you want to eat? Tomo: Eeee, maybe everythings are delicious Jerome: Everythings are delicious? Tomo: Of course of course of course Jerome: How about we buy a random food? Tomo: Yep Jerome: We try to ask the locals which food is delicious Tomo: Yeah, their recommendation, isn't it? Jerome: Singaporean's recommendation. Jerome: Let's go!! Jerome: Oke, guys. next we are going to find what's delicious here. Everthing look delicious. Jerome: Ok, guys. Firstly we want to try this. Hong Heng Firied Sotong Prawn Mee Jerome: There is Michelin Awards in this restaurant, guys. (Michelin Star is a highest award in the cullinary that usually given to a restaurant) Jerome: Michelin star, bro.

Jerome: And the queue is so long. Tomo: And it's so cheap. Jerome, The queue is so long, bro. Jerome: Usually, the food is delicious if we have to waiting in a long line. Tomo: Yeah.

Jerome: Wow! Michelin! Jerome: Guys, next one known as a very popular restaurant called Jian Bo Shui Kueh. Since 1958. And this restaurant is also got a michelin award, guys. Jerome: Wow! Jerome: This is the Shui Kueh, guys. Jerome: I actually don't now what is this, but isn't it looks delicious? Jerome: It's name is "kueh", but Tomo: But maybe there is some meat on a top of it.

Jerome: Yeah, maybe there is a meat. Jerome: Wow! So unique! Jerome: This is my first time 0:03:59.433,1193:02:47.295 Jerome: Guys, the queue is also very long. Wadidaw! Tomo: There is also Indonesian food. Jerome: Where is it? Tomo: Nasi Ayam Penyet Jerome: Oh! Indonesia! Jerome: Indonesia ayam penyet.

Jerome: Want to try? Tomo: But today is Singaporean food Jerome: But let just try it Tomo: Okay! Jerome: What if it's delicious. Tomo: Okay, okay! Jerome: Nasi ayam penyet Jerome: Woah! Jerome: It's like the one in Indonesia, right? Jerome: Wadidaw! Jerome: Sist, please give me one nasi ayam penyet. Jerome: Dine in, yeah. Jerome: Guys, next one is Tiong Bahru Pan. This restaurant is also got a very long queue, guys. Jerome: It's a long line.

Jerome: It's called "Bakpao". Wow! Jerome: Looks so delicious. Jerome: Buy it? Let's go? Tomo: Of course! Jerome: Of course! Jerome: Ok guys, next one is Tiong Bahru Mee. This is also got a long queue. Tomo: Isn't it mixed noodle? Jerome: I think so. The queue is so long, bro!

Tomo: Woah! Jerome: Up to where? Jerome: So long! Wadidaw! Tomo & Jerome: It must be so delicious! Jerome: Guys, last one we're gonna try Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice. Jerome: Since 1946. Jerome: The queue is even longer! Tomo: The longest queue Jerome: It's a long queue! Jerome: Ok, guys! The foods are here! Tomo: Woah! There are a lot of foods! Jerome: There are a lot of foods! Hahaha Jerome: Let's eat all these foods, okay? Jerome: Which one we're gonna try first? Tomo: Let's just try this (Mie Sotong). Jerome: The noodle, right? This is Mie Sotong.

Tomo: Prawn! Jerome: Prawn! There is also a cuttlefish in it. Jerome: It's like "Mie Nyemek" Jerome: Bon apettite! Tomo: Delicious! Jerome: It's called "Mie Nyemek" isn't it? Jerome: It's like there is a little bit broth, but it absorbing to the noodle. So it's like a little bit sticky, guys. Tomo: It's creamy isn't it? Jerome: It's so creamy! Tomo: Creamy creamy creamy! Tomo: Indonesian must be love this sauce! Jerome: Let's try it Tomo: It's a little bit spicy for me. Jerome: Ok. Let's try the sauce, guys! This is the sauce. Tomo: You must be like it, right? Tomo: But you have to stop eating first, because there still a lot of foods. Jerome: The sauce is like Padang sauce.

Tomo: Yeah yeah yeah. Jerome: It's like Padang sauce, guys. Jerome: The noodle itself is kinda like a kare. Jerome: And then there is like a pepper, oyster sauce, and tasty. Jerome: Ok, next. Let's try.. Tomo: Ok Chicken Hainan.

Jerome: Chicken Hainan Tomo: We have eaten this several times in Singapore, but I still want to try this. Tomo: Still want to eat it. Jerome: So delicious.

Jerome & Tomo: Bon Apettite. Tomo: Delicious! It needs to be eaten with rice. Jerome: Guys, if you travelling to Singapore, you have to try this. Jerome: The sambal (sauce) looks so delicious! Jerome: With sambal (sauce), guys. Tomo: Wah with sambal (sauce). Jerome: The sambal (sauce) looks so delicious! Tomo: First time.

Jerome: Woah! Jerome: Insane! The sambal (sauce) is insane! Tomo: Woah! Tomo: So delicious! Tomo: Wah! It goes well with the rice, isn't it? Jerome: The sambal (sauce) is so fresh. It's like there is citrun sensation. So tasty. Tomo: I can eat this every day. Jerome: You have to try Hainanese Rice if you travel to Singapore. Jerome: The sambal (sauce) is so delicious! Oh my God! Tomo: Insane! Jerome: Very tasty! It's like using some MSG.

Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: Ok, we're gonna take this off first. Jerome: Ok, guys. Next we gonna try this (Jian Bo Shui Kueh). Jerome: They say it's a "rice cake". Jerome: So it's like a mochi. Jerome: And then there is some radish in it. And the say the seasoning is salty.

Jerome: So this is not a dessert. Tomo: Wah, I like the scent. Jerome: You like the scent? Tomo: Yeah Jerome: It's like this, guys. Jerome: Bon Apettite! Tomo: The texture, wah! Tomo: But it's a little bit different with Japanese rice cake, right? Jerome: Yeah. Jerome: It doesn't as chewy as mochi. It's easier to bite, and the chewy level is just right. Jerome: It's not hard to bite and the top of it is like "serundeng", but the salty one.

Jerome: So delicious! Tomo: At first I thought it's a meat, but turns out it's not. Tomo: Delicious! Tomo: And there is like a sauce here. Tomo: What is this? Jerome: Let's try the sambal! Tomo: Tasty! Jerome: The flavor is like a fried chicken crunchy flakes. Salty, tasty, combined with the delicious sambal. It's so delicious! Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: Guys, you have to try this, guys. I swear this is so delicious! Tomo: No wonder the restaurant got Michelin Star award, right? Jerome: Wah! This is so delicious! Jerome: The seasoning is so good! Jerome: It can be eaten with just the rice and the seasoning. Jerome: Happiness.

Jerome: Ok, next! Jerome: Ok, guys. Next we gonna try the one that got a long queue, Bakpau and Siomay Jerome: Ok, we try Siomay first. Please. Tomo: Woah, the meat is so big! Tomo: Insane! Jerome: So solid! Tomo: It's filled with 99% meat. Jerome: In every bites tasted with meat. The flour is just a little bit. They use a lot of meats. Woah! Jerome: I want more.

Jerome: We try the Bakpao, guys. Jerome: It's like this. Filled with full meat. Jerome & Tomo: Bon Appetite! Tomo: It's a little bit sweet! Jerome: It's flavored with sweet soy sauce. But it's good! Good! Good! Tomo: Sweet soy sauce flavor China version. Tomo: Isn't it? Jerome: Ok, next. Tomo: Indonesian food.

Jerome: Indonesian food, right? Tomo: Indonesian food in Singapore. How is it taste? Jerome: But if we look from the chili, it's like a liquid chili. Tomo: Yeah, it's so liquid! Jerome: Ayam penyet usually dipped to the sauce. But this sauce (sambal)is so liquid. The chicken is big. Jerome: It's looks like this, guys. Jerome: Bon Appetite! Tomo: The sambal (sauce) is kinda weird, isn't it? Jerome: Kinda weird. Tomo: The meat is delicious, the crunchy flakes also delicious.

Jerome: I think the sambal (Sauce) doesn't use cayenne pepper, doesn't use scallion. Jerome: So it's only a sweet flavor. Tomo: Maybe it didn't use a pestle. Jerome: Yeah Jerome: Ok, guys. Next we gonna try the noodle one. Tomo: Woahh Jerome: At first, the noodle is the base. But we can add the topping on top of it by ourself Jerome: The topping is mostly a fishcake Jerome: It's like a pempek (Palembang's special food), from a processed fish.

Tomo: Okay Jerome: Okay. Let's try it. Tomo: I want to mix it, okay? Jerome: Let's mix it. Tomo: What is this? is this a chilli? Jerome: It's a chilli. Jerome: But it's a big chili, so it's shouldn't be spicy.

*Keep stirring* Jerome: Wow! Tomo & Jerome: Let's go! Jerome: I want to try the fishcake first. Jerome: I want to try the fishcake first. Tomo: Okay Tomo: Is it delicious? I want to try the noodle first.

Tomo: The taste Tomo: First time. Tomo: Neither in Indonesia nor in Japan. Tomo: What is this? Jerome: With tomato, and it's a little bit sweet. Tomo: There is a slight bitter taste. Tomo: At least for me. Jerome: Your tongue is broken.

[Laugh] Jerome: The taste is sweet. Tomo: Sweet? No way! Tomo: I'm gonna try it again, okay? Jerome: The food uses tomato sauce. Jerome: Mmm. It's delicious.

Tomo: Wahh! I'm so confused. Jerome: The taste is sweet! Tomo: What is this? A tofu? Tomo: The ingredients are so delicious. Jerome: It contains more topping than the noodle itself.

Jerome: So it's not noodle with topping, but topping with noodle. [Laugh] Jerome: Nice! Jerome: Ok, guys. For the last and the main dish Tomo: Woah!! Jerome: It looks so delicious! Jerome: As we can see from the long queue. The food must be delicious.

Jerome: So, this is Hainanese Curry Rice. Tomo: Hainan Curry! Jerome: So the rice uses curry spices Jerome: They said all the basic ingredients also use curry, guys. Jerome: These are the toppings.

Jerome: You can mix it or make it separated. Jerome: So, it's like you can mix this broth to the rice. Jerome: Seriously! Jerome: It mixed like what I saw in the restaurant.

Tomo: What is this? Jerome: It's a cuttlefish. Tomo: Okay. Jerome: A cuttlefish, guys. Cuttlefish.

Jerome: And then there is also a prawn Tomo: A prawn, right? Jerome: A huge prawn. Tomo: A huge prawn, isn't it? Jerome: Please, bro. Thank you. Jerome: They said this is the most delicious food, guys. A meat, chicken katsu. Jerome: And then, what is this? Tomo: The sauce is so dark! Jerome: The sauce of this food is a little bit dark.

Jerome: And then this is an egg. Egg with vegetables. Jerome: It's a topping party. [Laugh] Jerome: And the last one is vegetables, isn't it? Jerome: Waw! Tomo: Wah this must be delicious! Jerome: Nasi Padang (Padang's food) [Laugh] Tomo: Wah! It's really looks like Nasi Padang! Jerome: Woah! Jerome: Ok, Bon Appetite! Tomo: The curry is so delicious! Jerome: Delicious! Jerome: Oh, it doesn't sweet. Jerome: I like it if it's not too sweet.

Tomo: Woah! The curry is so delicious! Jerome & Tomo: Woah, wooh! Jerome: Woah! Jerome: Let's try chicken katsu. Tomo: Okay Jerome: Woah! Tomo: Oh, is the chicken katsu here really that good? Tomo: Ain't no way~ Tomo: This is just a usual chicken katsu, right? Jerome: No. It's unusual chicken katsu. Jerome: What is that? What did they use? Jerome: The chicken is marinated for a long time.

Jerome: I thought it's just a usual chicken katsu. Jerome: But there is a taste like.. Tomo: There is also some fruity taste in it.

Tomo: The chicken katsu is INSANELY DELICIOUS! Jerome: That's why the katsu is so famous, guys. Jerome: Wow!! Jerome: The most famous. Tomo: Oh, it's the most famous. Jerome: The most delicious topping, the chicken katsu.

Tomo: Woah! Jerome: Insane! Tomo: Hmm~~ Jerome: Insane insane insane. Jerome: Ok, the meat. Tomo: The meat one. Jerome: Hmm~~ Tomo: Woah! So tender! Jerome: So tender! Jerome: Prawn. prawn, prawn! Jerome: Wah, the prawn is so big, guys. Tomo: Yep!

Jerome: Bon appetite! Jerome & Tomo: Woah!! Tomo: The prawn is so big, isn't it? Tomo: So fatty Tomo: This is the real Nasi Campur (mixed rice), isn't it? Tomo: Really~ Jerome: The katsu is a champ Jerome: The katsu is a champ Jerome: Delicious! Jerome: Ok, guys. Next, we are going to "CREAMIER". Jerome: They sell ice cream and coffee, everyone said this is so delicious. Jerome: One of the best in Singagpore Jerome: And now is still 5 to 12 o'clock, while it opens at 12 o'clock, guys. So it's not open yet. [Laugh] Jerome: We will wait. Tomo: Wait here. Jerome: Yep, we'll wait. Let's go.

[Laugh] Jerome: Welcome to Singapore~ Jerome: First customer, bro. Waiter: Yes Jerome: First customer of the year. Let's go! Jerome: Ok Tomo, what did you order? Tomo: Strawberry~ Jerome: Is that so delicious? Jerome: Is that creamy? Tomo: (nodding) Jerome: Very creamy. Tomo: Very creamy! Jerome: Let me try.. Tomo: The strawberry flavor is so delicious.

Tomo: It's insanely delicious, isn't it? Tomo: Before we eat this ice cream, we felt so full, right? Tomo: But after we eat this ice cream, the food we ate before is gone. [Laugh] Jerome: Creamier? Jerome: That's why it's called "creamier". Jerome: Very creamy. Jerome: I ordered cookies & cream and chocolate.

Jerome: Definitely. Tomo: Woah! The signature of Jerome. LOL Jerome: With waffle, so I'm still waiting for the ice cream. Jerome: Ok, guys. My ice cream is here.

Jerome: Woah! So nice! Jerome: Wow! Looks so delicious! Jerome: Ok, guys. We're gonna try the ice cream first. Jerome: Cookies & Cream. Jerome's favorite. Tomo: Insane! It's so creamy.

Jerome: It's in another level from the usual ice cream. Jerome: What?! Tomo: There is slightly mint flavor. Jerome: Mint chocolate. Tomo: Ah, mint chocolate. Jerome: Crazy! The waffle is so crunchy! Jerome: Wah! So crunchy! Jerome: Bon appetite! Jerome: Hm~~ The waffle is crunchy! Jerome: The combination of waffle with ice cream like this, guys.

Tomo: Woah!! Jerome: Here is the combination. Jerome: So delicious! [Clap] Tomo: Bravo! *On The Way to the Sentosa Island* Jerome: Ok, guys. This is the entrance. We'll go inside the "OCEAN RESTAURANT". Jerome: Eh? Tomo: Welcome~~ Jerome: Where is the fish? Tomo: The fish is there [Laugh] Jerome: Woah! Jerome: Wow! Jerome: Where is the fish? Jerome: Woah! Jerome: This one is Manta Ray! Jerome: Waww! Tomo: Fishes! Jerome: There is Tomo. Jerome: There is Jerome. Jerome: There is a lot of water.

Tomo: There are stones. Jerome: There are glasses Jerome: Woah! The vibes is so cool, isn't it? Jerome: Fine dining? Tomo: Very fine dining. Jerome: We'll eat together with fishes.

Jerome: We'll eat fishes, aren't we? Jerome: If we eat fishes, it'll be so insane! Tomo: I feel very.. Tomo: I feel very... ... weird if we eat fishes with the swimming fishes over here. LOL Tomo: I hope it's a meat (beef). Tomo: I hope it's a meat (beef). Jerome: Hope it's a meat (beef), right? LOL

Jerome: Ok, guys. Turns out the menus are seafood. Lol Jerome: Ok, guys. Turns out the menus are seafood. Lol There are some seafood. LOL Jerome: So, we're gonna eat fishes, with swimming fishes behind us. Jerome: So, we're gonna eat fishes, with swimming fishes behind us. Tomo: With fishes... We are apologize. Jerome: And here we got 4 course menus and 6 course menus. Jerome: Ok, guys. Our first appetizer is here.

Jerome: This is Hamachi (Yellowtail Fish) Jerome: Wow! Very very fine dining. Jerome: There are a lot of leaves here. The leaves are not supposed to be eaten, right? Jerome & Tomo: Bon appetite! Tomo: Hmm~ Delicious! Jerome: Hmm~ Delicious! Tomo: Is it cream cheese in it? Jerome: Yep. Tomo: This is so delicious, isn't it? Jerome: Fresh and light. Jerome: The cheese is so tasty. Tomo: Yeah!

Jerome: The combination of cheese and hamachi is so delicious, guys! Jerome: The most delicious of sashimi is salmon and hamachi. Jerome: It's look like this, guys. Jerome: Bon appetite! Jerome: Hmm~~ Wow! Tomo: Incredible! You're so fast! Tomo: The ikura is so fresh! Tomo: And... Tomo: And... The texture is so nice! Jerome: Ok, guys. Next one, we have Lobster Soup. Jerome: It's smell so waaah! Jerome: From the first time the food arrived it's like, lobster~~~ Tomo: From here, 3 lobsters, Tomo: From here, 3 lobsters, 2 lobsters Tomo: From here, 3 lobsters, 2 lobsters, and 1 lobster.

Jerome: [???] Tomo: The smell. (Trying to explain) [Laugh] Tomo: Let's just eat this. Jerome: There is also some meats in it, guys.

Tomo: Wow! Bon appetite! Tomo: The taste of the lobster is so strong! Tomo: What kind of meat is this? Tomo: What kind of meat is this? Jerome: So creamy! Tomo: The texture is so foamy. Tomo: The texture is so foamy. Jerome: Yeah, foamy~ Jerome: Creamy, and then there is a slight taste of Foie Gras. Tomo: For me, this food maybe goes well with... Tomo: For me, this food maybe goes well with... Jerome: A bread, isn't it?

Tomo: For me, this food maybe goes well with... Jerome: A bread, isn't it? Tomo: A bread. Tomo: Delicious, delicious, delicious. Tomo: The taste is too strong for me, so eaten with bread is perfect, goes so well. Tomo: You are really look like a vacuum cleaner. LOL

Jerome: Ok, guys. Let's go for the main dish. Tomo: I was predicting what you're gonna say. @#@%#%@ Jerome: Ok, we started from the meat, okay? Jerome: This is Wagyu Cheek. Jerome: So it's more tender, guys. Tomo: So tender! Jerome: Wow! It's ripped easily. Jerome: It's look like this. So tender, guys.

Jerome: Insane! Jerome & Tomo: Bon appetite! Tomo: One bite! Euwah~~ Jerome: Bon appetite! Tomo: So delicious! Jerome: Ok, next one we have John Dory Fish. Tomo: John Dory? Tomo: John Dory? Jerome: Yeah! Jerome: Joh Cena! Jerome: Let's try the clam first, guys~ Jerome & Tomo: Bon appetite! Jerome: A clam as usual. Tomo: It really taste like clams, right? Jerome: Ok, next, the fish. Tomo: Oh, this also very tender. Tomo: Oh, this also very tender. Jerome: Oh, so tender. Jerome: Bon appetite! Tomo: So tender! Jerome: Very tender and tasteless.

Jerome: The taste is so slight. Jerome: A little bit tasteless. Jerome: Ok, guys. We're gonna try the dessert. Jerome: They are so intended to make this shape. Jerome: Hmm~ Delicious! Jerome: This food contains pear.

Jerome: Good~ Tomo: It's so fruity, right? Jerome: Ok, guys. We have eaten. Jerome: And next, we're gonna walk around this SENTOSA area. Jerome: So they say there is a USS (Universal Studio Singapore) near here.

Jerome: We're going to walk around to this area. Jerome: This is the attraction. Tomo: Oh, is this the USS? [Laugh] Jerome: Ok, guys. We've arrived at a place called "The Forum". Jerome: There is a giant minion. Jerome: The minion ain't "mini", right? [Laugh] Jerome: If the "Mini-on" is mini, while this one.. Tomo: "Gede-on" Jerome: "Mini-off" [Laugh] Jerome: On-off Jerome: If it's off, it become big.

[Laugh] Jerome: Yo~~ We're gonna walking around to this area. Jerome: Bro, there is Mcd, Bro. Do you want McD? Tomo: No. I'm full~~ [Laugh] Jerome: Guys, satiety makes us feel dumb. So it's like we're full and we cannot thinking, like cannot thinking anymore.

Tomo: The fullest video of us in Nihongo Mantappu.. [Laugh] [Laugh] Tomo: Insane! Jerome: Right! Jerome: One of the fullest moment in Nihongo Mantappu. Tomo: It's like the "500 Chicken Nugget" video. Jerome: Yeah! [Laugh] Tomo: Yabai! (Incredible) Jerome: Ok, guys. We're walking around USS (Universal Studio Singapore) area.

Jerome: And turns out, I just knew that we can take a picture with that 'globe'. Jerome: Weeyyy~ Mantap Jiwa~~ Jerome: Weeyyy~ Mantap Jiwa~~ Tomo: Mantap Jiwa~~ [Took a picture] Jerome: Aaaa~ So heavy!! Jerome: Aaaa~ So heavy!! Crew: Hold on, wait a minute! [Took a picture] Crew: Hold on, wait a minute! Crew: Ok! Jerome: Ok!! Jerome: Ok, guys. We're going to take a train. Jerome: Ok, guys. We're going to take a train. Jerome: To.... Jerome: We don't know where to go actually. Just take a train and going to a random place and get off to any station. Jerome: Get lost in Singapore. Lol Jerome: Ok, the train is here.

Jerome: Waw!! Jerome: By the way, it's free, guys! They said if we're in SENTOSA island, we can use this train. Jerome: Guys, It seems very fun, guys. Beach station. Cool! Jerome: All the passenger are get off here. So we decided to get off too. Lol. Jerome: Ok, guys. We've arrived at Beach Station. Jerome: What can we find here? Tourist: Mr. Coconut

Tomo: Oh! There is Mr. Coconut here! Tourist: You both are like K-pop Idol. Jerome: Ain't no way~~ [Feeling so handsome] Jerome: Woah, guys! Here it is, guys! Mr. Coconut! This is so delicious! My favorite! Jerome: I think in Singapore I've drank five glasses. Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: Ok, guys. There is "Siloso Beach" here. Jerome: Let's take a look! Tomo: We had swimming practice in "Ocean Restaurant".

Tomo: We had swimming practice in "Ocean Restaurant". Jerome: We had a practice, right? Tomo: Let's go! Next! Let's go! Let's go to Indonesia! [Laugh] Jerome: A bit embarrassing, Bro. LOL. Jerome: I'm wearing shoes and long pants. Tomo: There is absolutely no trash in the sand/beach. Mantap Jiwa (Cool)! Tomo: Singapore is so nice, right? Jerome: So clean! Jerome: Ok guys, it started to rain. Jerome: Let's go rain! Tomo: Thank you, sist. Thank you!

Jerome: Ok, guys. It's time to buy Mr. Coconut. My favorite is "Coconut Oreo Shake". Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: I've drank for the 5th times. I mean the 6th times. Let's go! Jerome: Ok, guys. We're already in a car again. And tara~~ Tomo: Cool! Jerome: The best! Jerome: Excuse me? Tomo: How many times I've seen you drink (Mr. Coconut). Jerome: So delicious! Jerome: If you travel to Singapore, you have to try this, guys. Mr. Coconut.

Jerome: Ok, guys. Next, we're heading to another area in Singapore called "Little India". Jerome: Many of the shops and people here are from India, guys. Jerome: Wow!! Hi!! Jerome: Ok, guys. Next for dinner, we'll dine in at one of restaurant in "Little India" called "Muthu's Curry". Uncle Muthu!! Tomo: A mam or a sir? Which one? Jerome: A sir. Tomo: A sir? Ok, ok. It must be a sir. Tomo: A sir? Ok, ok. It must be a sir. Jerome: It's an uncle.

Tomo: Uncle? Tomo: Uncle? Jerome: He makes curry here, guys. Jerome: We're gonna try it, ok? They say it's a famous. Since 1969. Tomo & Jerome: Woah! Jerome: Ok! Jerome: Ok, guys! Jerome: Ok, guys! Wow!! Jerome: It given like this, okay. Jerome: Next one, we have "Naan". Woah!

Jerome: Reminds us when we ate at Jay Ganesha. Jerome: Next to Waseda University, guys, long time ago. Tomo: Three years ago. Tomo: Three years ago. Jerome: Yep! We used to eat Indian's food. Jerome: Woah! The Tandoori Chicken is so nice, guys! Jerome: This is the sauce.

Jerome: What is this? Waiter: Fish curry. Jerome: Fish curry. Jerome & Tomo: Woah!! Jerome: A fish head! Tomo: Insane! Jerome: Yabai!! (Cool) Jerome: So huge! Wow! Tomo: Very hot! Jerome: We are also got a potato, guys! Jerome: Ok, guys. All the foods are here. Jerome: Tandoori chicken.

Jerome: Tandoori chicken. Tomo: This must be so delicious! Tomo: Delicious! Tomo: With green sauce!! Tomo: The herbs is incredible. Jerome: The herbs in Indian's food are amazing, guys! Tomo: Flashback to the time we were at Waseda. Jerome: It's something like this, right? Jerome: Exactly like this, guys. Jerome: Me, Tomo, and camera.

Jerome: This tandori chicken is so smoky, and then there are the typical Indian herbs. Jerome: It's a little bit spicy and tasty, guys. Jerome: Ok, guys. Next one we have Green Curry. Tomo: Spinach? Tomo: Spinach? Jerome: Spinach. Healthy. Tomo: Very very healthy. Jerome: Very greeny, guys.

Tomo: Bon appetite! Tomo & Jerome: Delicious! Tomo: Tasty! Jerome: Insane! This is so tasty! Jerome: Doesn't taste like vegetables. Jerome: It tastes like curry. Jerome: The tastiness doesn't look like eating vegetables. Jerome: For those who don't like vegetables would be love this so much, because it taste like curry. Jerome: Ok, let's try the Naan.

Jerome: Oh this one looks like the one in campus. Tomo: Dip, dip, dip, dip. Bon appetite! Tomo: Dip, dip, dip, dip. Bon appetite! Jerome: Bon appetite!

Tomo: The soup tasted very tomato. Tomo: The Naan is so crispy, right? Jerome: Naan in Japan were thicker than this. It's like more chewy. Jerome: Naan in here is thin and crunchy.

Jerome: What is this? Tomo: These are potatoes and cauliflowers. Tomo: This is also healthy. Probably~ Tomo & Jerome: Bon appetite! Tomo: Woah! I really love this. Tomo: The curry is like a butter chicken. Jerome: That's right! Butter chicken curry. Jerome: This one is like Indian food that we used to eat in Japan. The taste is exactly like this.

Tomo: Delicious! Tomo: Delicious! Jerome: It's not too sweet, it's saltier. Jerome: Singaporean food is so delicious, right? Tomo: There are many cultures, many types of food, and it's so close (from Indonesia), right? Jerome: Yeah! We can swim! (Joking) Tomo: While Mr. Marojahan (Jerome's father), only need 30 minutes swim. (Joking) [Laugh] Jerome: I only need 10 minutes. Jerome: I only need 10 minutes. Tomo: 10 minutes? Jerome: I only need 10 minutes. Tomo: 10 minutes? Jerome: Yeah.

Tomo: Jerome "Michael Phelps" Polin? Jerome: No. 10 minutes swim, and then go back. I'm tired. [Laugh] Tomo: Oh, so that's what you mean. [Laugh] Jerome: Woah! The fish Jerome: Woah! The fish Tomo: So huge, right? Jerome: Woah! The fish Tomo: So huge, right? Jerome: Very huge! Jerome & Tomo: Bon appetite! Tomo: It's hot! Tomo: It's hot! Jerome: It's hot! Jerome: The fish is so tender.

Tomo: The tomato taste is so strong in this curry. Tomo: The tomato taste is so strong in this curry. Jerome: Yeah! Jerome: For the curry itself, I like this one the most. Jerome: The taste is so good! Tomo: I feel like I'm cooking.

Tomo: Even though I'm just stirring. Tomo: I feel like I'm expert in this. Tomo: But I'm not doing anything. Jerome: Woah! You're so good! Tomo: I am good, right? Jerome: Delicious! Jerome: The taste is perfect! But maybe too many tomatoes. That's it. Jerome: But this is delicious.

Jerome: You are so good, huh? Jerome: Teach me, please! Jerome: It's not useless to eat Indian curry everyday when we were in college. Jerome: Ok, guys. We will continue our dinner. Jerome: Don't forget to eat either. Jerome: Ok, guys. So, we have finished our day in Singapore.

Jerome: We ate Singaporean food all day. All foods are delicious. Incredible! Jerome: Don't forget to travel to Singapore and try the foods, okay? Jerome: Which one do you like the most? Jerome: I like "Kueh" the most, guys. Tomo: I'm in the last restaurant "Spinach Curry" Jerome: Oh, spinach curry, right? Jerome & Tomo: Mantap Jiwa! Jerome: Ok, guys. For all who have watched this video, thank you so much.

Jerome: Ok, guys. For all who have watched this video, thank you so much. Tomo: Thank you so much. Jerome: Don't forget to like, Jerome: Don't forget to like, Tomo: Share Jerome: Don't forget to like, Tomo: Share Jerome: Subscribe! Jerome & Tomo: Please! Jerome & Tomo: See you again! Jerome & Tomo: Mantappu Jiwa!!!

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