13.03 Китай играет в миротворца. Перспективы Бахмута. Возможности армии рф. @OlegZhdanov

13.03 Китай играет в миротворца. Перспективы Бахмута. Возможности армии рф. @OlegZhdanov

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine, I am glad to welcome you on my channel and we are starting another video with you on the operational situation over the past day And today we have March 13 and Kiev time at 19:00 on our calendar, the Russian aggressor does not leave intentions to occupy Ukraine despite significant losses The enemy continues offensive operations in the Limansky Bakhmutsky Avdeevsky Maryinsky and Mining directions over the past day, units of the defense forces repelled 102 enemy attacks in the above directions The Russian Federation continues to use terror tactics, carries out indiscriminate shelling of settlements, thereby grossly violating the norms of International Humanitarian Law over the past day, the enemy inflicted three missile strikes, in particular, on a civilian infrastructure facility in the city of Slovyansk, Donetsk region, the enemy also inflicted 8 air strikes and carried out 49 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems, the level of missile threat throughout the territory remains high Aircraft flew again today and the Tu-160 took off into the air and the instant 3031, but the truth is not those that are equipped for the dagger missile system, but nevertheless the Tu-22m3 were in the air. So today air alarms sounded throughout Ukraine and in certain regions remains high in the Volyn Polesye, Seversk and Slobozhansky directions The operational situation remains without significant changes, the enemy maintains a military presence near the state border of Ukraine However, the formation of offensive groupings has not been identified, work continues on the engineering equipment of hostile positions in the border areas of the Belgorod region In the Kupinsky or mask direction, the enemy is trying to break through the defenses of our troops, he has launched unsuccessful offensive operations and local battles continue in the area from the site to the south of Dibrov. Here is the situation in the Kupyat direction Bakhmut does not leave attempts to capture the city trying to expand the e40 Wedge driven along the highway Yes, they dug into our defenses But by the way, the attempts are not as active As the penetration of the Klin itself, they slowed down a little The pace of the enemy crossed the oak Yar beam and continues to move along the Kudrin beam towards the walnut silovka, that is, unfortunately it must be stated that they are successful and are trying to develop it. In addition, the invaders approached the enemy’s height 224 such

Zheleznyanskaya and Bogdanovka, and there the fighting continues at the present time in the Zheleznyansky and Bogdanovka area, a difficult situation in the city of Bakhmut, where the enemy is pressing from three sides from the South of the heavy side, there are the most active actions there, as well as in the private sector from the South side, since in the private sector they manage to move towards the center and closed sources, it became known that the occupiers could enter the highway between Ivanovo and Bakhmut, this information is now being clarified to what extent this is true If this is true then another logistics route or support for our troops came under the control of the Russian invaders, you see, on the one hand, the Bakhmutka river protects center A from the North and from the south. Unfortunately, they crossed the river and are moving along the river . here, eastern avdiivka, the line of contact leveled off along the highway, that is, the front line, the enemy attacked very unsuccessfully on Severnaya, suffered heavy losses, rolled back to its original position, the invaders continue to try to come close to nevelsky, but attempts without success in the marinka, fighting continues there changes are not recorded. here the situation in general can be noted that in the Avdeysky Maryinsky and Mining direction there is a more stable situation, we managed to stabilize the front and it has not changed over the past day, but Zaporizhzhya, the Kherson direction, here the enemy is defending defensive actions, areas of us have been shelled nktov mainly along the line of contact in both operational directions Recently, the shelling of the city of Ochakov has become more frequent or intensified, as I understand it, in the Nikolaev region, as I understand it, artillery gets there and they fire at it so that it would not be possible to use the port in Ochakov Russian invaders continue to plunder temporarily occupied territories recently in Energodar, the invaders began to take out training equipment from the training center of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which was used to improve the skills of personnel against the backdrop of large losses of personnel in the war, the enemy uses alternative sources of replenishment of manpower, so last week it was there was a movement towards the Donetsk region of a train with second-class carriages for transporting prisoners one of the carriages with convicted women is already a new trend, but this is the Ministry of Defense, these are no longer private military companies, that is, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has taken away the right from Prigogine to recruit prisoners instead. Now they themselves use the services of prisoners in terms of replenishment of

losses, then I have a logical logical question Wait You are mobilizing So mobilization has failed, it begins to fail more accurately and personnel the one you are calling for mobilization is already sorely lacking that you rushed to collect prisoners instead of prigozhentsev rushed to collect prisoners in prisons, both women, both women and men, these are interesting questions . also 6 strikes on areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupier, a unit of missile forces and artillery hit the command post of Russian troops, two areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the enemy, as well as two ammunition depots and a composition of fuel and lubricants, in just the past day, our defenders liquidated 710 Russian invaders destroyed 8 tanks 5 armored combat vehicles 16 artillery systems one operational-tactical level drone 6 vehicles and 9 units of special equipment as of 13 today in the Black Sea on combat duty Xia four enemy ships, none of these ships is a carrier of cruise missiles of caliber Here is such a military situation today that has occurred over the past day in all operational areas and on the front line from Kharkov to Kherson Well, now let's talk a little about the military-political situation in Ukraine around us our country, it is very interesting, there are new details related to China, but we will start with Iran, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenka arrived in Iran tonight and met with Iranian President Iran Ibrahim Flight during the meeting, several cooperation agreements were signed until 26 years somehow so interesting, usually contracts are signed Well, at least for 5 years and sometimes for 10. Here they signed only for three years up to 26 even for 2 it turns out up to 26 years they signed cooperation agreements in the economic financial cultural sphere in the field of science and education and in the field tourism, I can probably wish the Belarusians a good journey and touristic trips to Iran with hikes in haste to the mountains or where else one can still be able to resemble the nuclear centers of Iran where they are spinning to see how centrifuges spin and how spinning how uranium is enriched And yes I will say to the Iranians that they can now visit Those who have money can visit a country in the center of Europe Yes, with a dictatorial regime for the time being, but nevertheless they will come to settle down to get a job, maybe they will again live on the border to the European Union or to NATO territory, but nevertheless, before that, I will remind you that Lukashenka visited Beijing and On March 1, I met with the leader of Beijing, Xi Jinping, then a very interesting speech was made, we smoothly move on to China, Ping Ping at the time of his election for the third term as the head of the People's Republic of China, and on Monday this is the speech that sounded, she changed the rhetoric if earlier China always said well, here in his speech, the Chinese Leader called the need for National Reunification as the essence of national renaissance Well, even the ornate phrases of his speech speak of the ornate policy of China itself. Putting the issue of Taiwan's relations with China in the spotlight of the new political term, the leader's rhetoric has changed a lot since he recently did not rule out the use of force against Taiwan and actively staged provocations in the sea and in the air, remember very frequent air disturbances space aviation violations of the maritime borders of Taiwan by the Chinese naval forces today this is not even discussed today Today we are talking about national reunification as the essence of national renaissance, this is the wording cgp defined for the near future in addition to the above, the head of China stressed the need to strengthen the army by making it a large steel wall to protect the sovereignty and national interests of China, that is, from here we can conclude that Taiwan is moving into internal interests in the agenda program China's internal agenda and everything that goes beyond and now the army should become a steel wall Around this internal agenda and bristling with weapons against those who will try to intervene in this domestic agenda, such a conclusion can be drawn from the speech of the Chinese leader during his election as the head of the PRC for the third political term, further continuing the topic of China again, we know Reuters writes that Ping is most likely going to arrive visit to Russia and meet with Putin on March 21 is expected. A visit next week is reported by Reuters. Although there is still no official confirmation in the Russian

political segment, not in China, that is, neither China nor Russia has yet officially confirmed the visit, there is no program of the visit, but here Reuters wrote that the visit could take place on March 2021 that the Chinese Leader is taking to Moscow is taking his Peace Plan this one or whatever they called it this is not a 12-point Peace Plan a political position after a visit to Moscow to hold a video phone video conference with President Zelensky and that very much, as it were, causes huge I would say that he is worried about the fact that he puts a ceasefire at the forefront And the beginning of the negotiation process For us, this is a de facto surrender Why Because you all perfectly understand that Putin will use the ceasefire to regroup troops and build up his military military presence in Ukraine with subsequent m, with the subsequent development of offensive actions, Putin’s irreconcilable position on our country is not going to give in, he cannot in any way, but he apparently pursues his interests understandably. And therefore, it is important for him to ceasefire and seat us at the negotiating table a ceasefire then any side that wants to be the first to open fire is allowed. We will gather strength and be ready to launch a counteroffensive, but we will not do this because we will be accused of aggressiveness and unleashing a war on the European Continent, no one will remember that this is our ancestral territory, they will say Well, you agreed for negotiations So now you are sitting and agreeing And we have already And we have already been through this, we have been agreeing on the Minsk format for 8 years and we know what it led to a more cruel more bloody war that is taking place today on ours on our territory This is also a pin, it seems like wants to visit after Moscow some European capitals will meet with European such a big tour with an attempt to act as the main peacemaker in the war between Ukraine and Russia, that is, he does not deny that it is necessary to build negotiations based on the principle of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, but negotiations, you understand. And we need him to put this at the forefront of the withdrawal of troops the only condition that we want to see today and feel the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, that is, respect for the same respect for the sovereignty of territoriality After that, we are ready to sit down at the negotiating table But only when the last boot of a Russian soldier leaves our Earth within the boundaries of 91 years, because there The Chinese Leader in his plan writes more precisely in his political position, he writes that within the framework of the UN Charter And within the framework of the UN Charter, Ukraine is fixed on the borders of 91 years, that is, Crimea is Ukraine and, accordingly, Donbass is also Ukraine This is such a position I decided to talk about her a little more because it is very It is also important that Russia is actually pushing Russian rhetoric into China, and Russia today is raising another wave in the world press that it is necessary that people are supposedly tired, that they need to sit down at the negotiating table, they must begin to beat the territory, they really don’t finish this phrase that it is necessary to stake out the gains that we have today even so, look even though Putin, through the same China, is trying to push through this rhetoric that let's sit down at the negotiating table, they want to capture at least another meter of our Earth, there are bloody battles in the Bahun direction they are trying to attack almost everyone in the Kuplensky direction in the Limansky direction in the Judea in the Maryinsky everywhere in the Ugli Dara area they are trying to attack, you know, that is, they are ready to seize our Earth until the last minute, but at the same time they immediately land, they captured another piece and they are all ready to land there’s no negotiating table, so we can’t agree to this, otherwise we will lose and they will again go to war against us, it doesn’t matter whether Putin is alive or whether he is in power or not, but this is the essence of Russian imperial policy, this is how the empire exists. Here is such a here such a threat again hung because China will put a lot of pressure on our political leadership will demand Pereg the beginning of the negotiation process, well, we know that some of our political structures are very weak in terms of negotiations. We remember what happened in April in Istanbul last year that Putin clapped his hands and shouted for joy there. We agreed on everything. Why did you suddenly they didn’t want to sign

further Next Maybe a big political scandal could break out in the European Union The fact is that the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Marowiecki gave an interview to the Polish portal and in which he said a very interesting phrase By the way, I’ll explain now this phrase has been walking around Europe for the second year, here is then in the twentieth year, I’ll even tell you who was the first to say this phrase, so Mateusz-Morowiecki said that soon Poland would reveal documents about Russia’s corrupt influence on MEPs, that is, they are preparing a list of MEPs bought by the Russian Federation for publication in December 22, the public of the European Union shocked corruption scandal in the European Parliament countries such as Cat ar and Morocco tried to influence the economic and political decisions of the regulations by bribing people In important positions Well, you see, it turns out that Europeans are not saints either. Today we know that Mateusz Marowiecki said that Russian traces also appeared in the corruption of MEPs, our interior minister will soon reveal documents about the influence of Russian intelligence agencies of corrupt European deputies, moreover, those who are sitting and voting today. And now I ’ll tell you the background that two years ago, for the first time, that a lot of European officials, officials and politicians were corrupted by the Russian Federation, Christ declared a bunch and he promised he even called the number he said that he had there is a list of about 600 European politicians who, in his opinion, can be corrupted by the Russian special services, and he will publish this list Well, it’s true And as they say in the saying And things are still there, Christ was sad and did not publish a single name of corrupt officials Well, this one The topic was picked up by the Prime Minister of Poland, and as I understand it, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland is ready to publish lists of those who are known to them one of these days. As far as I understand, the number is not called,

but We are waiting for the Lord. European deputies or there are some other secret ones, or maybe cash Russia, by the way, loves to corrupt with cash because it’s hard to track them down Let’s wait I understand that it’s not long left and we will find out the names of these deputies It will be very interesting to see which countries Whose deputies turned out to be weak on money or folders on Russian money and were corrupted by the Russian special services here is another one, as always, on the road Cherry on the cake news little North Korea decided to scare nearby countries North Korea launched two missiles from a submarine in the waters Near its east coast and promised to use at change the most severe opposition against the largest modern military exercises that the United States has been conducting South Korea in recent years, these exercises begin today, more precisely, they began because, given the fact that we have an evening, it is already deep night in Korea, it may already be March 14 But nevertheless, the United States began an exercise together with South Korea, they are very large on security issues in the Asian region Well, North Korea decided to note that it put a submarine into the sea Judging by what is written in the submarine in the waters off its coast, as I understand it, these are real waters and made a vacation with two missiles from a submarine trying to scare the United States of South Korea that they are not dozing and will not allow themselves to be captured Although no one expresses any trends and does not carry out today in terms of attempts to capture North Korea South Korea North Korea This is such and such a situation in the Pacific region, the east coast of the Pacific region has developed today Well, on this we, as it were, the first part of our military-political video with you is over, by tradition I will pause here, while there will be a pause, those who have not yet subscribed to my channel Subscribe Click on the bell to be notified of new videos on my channel and you will watch then in the original Here's who who likes this video, please like it and then more people will be able to see it Well, after a while we will continue and we will continue as usual, according to tradition, this is the answer to those questions that you sent the previous video and the first question of today will be the next one I have such a question What will happen to the scorched earth on which the fighting took place and those cities and villages that are wiped off the face of the earth and dregs or are very destroyed Is it already completely uninhabitable and about the plan The marshals of the countries of Europe were dismantled by large and promising cities, but Marinka and such and such that with them the factories of the company, power plants, railways and hospital stations, the entire infrastructure is simply incomprehensible to the mind, how many destructions, how many people were left homeless, please comment on this question. Well, you By the way, yes we I will comment but look I will now tell the classics as it should be as written but in legislative acts That at the expense of reparations, that is, the guilty party pays reparations and by creating a favorable investment climate for those who want to invest in our economy, the state must organize restoration work, that is, rebuild everything that you listed all the transport and communication and housing and communal infrastructure and medical everything plus restore housing and real estate that citizens had naturally Documents are all preserved registers are all intact and provide citizens with the issue of compliance with housing is decided individually with each citizen Well, let's say there are changes in the layout of the apartment, of course, no one will restore that Khrushchev housing and the state will establish some rules for compensating for that lost housing and lost real estate that was about movable property here, the procedure is a little more complicated here, compensation at the expense can be paid at the expense of turnip walkie-talkies I mean cars or other or other equipment there if people had documents for this equipment That is, all this should be covered either by attracting investments by the state or by paying reparations by the losing side or the aggressor country, which will be condemned on the basis of decisions of the international tribunal of the international court, by the way, what we are now creating and what we are preparing for its implementation, these are all the works, respectively, if the owners died, so they have relatives, they are entitled to the same compensation, plus individual compensation must also be paid for infliction of moral, moral and psychological damage, I remind you that Germany finished paying reparations for the results of the Second World War somewhere closer to 2000 in the nineties. I remember we still have people I knew people who received compensation from Germany, it was in euros This there were very solid sums and they received, I don’t know how here now the mechanism will be made, but according to the classics , it should be so material damage plus moral damage must be compensated for by reparations at the expense of state programs and Invest and the creation of a favorable climate for investors, that is, all these destroyed houses of the city No one will bypass anyone, believe me, even those remember our Bucha ARP who once knew these small satellite cities in the region In the Kiev region, now there is a restoration of transport infrastructure and is being decided questions about the restoration of housing and communal services, knowing that people draw up acts and submit them to local councils to whom damage has been done to houses there by some kind of structure, and so on, and then, for the time being, Volo helps somewhere, somewhere government payments help, in my opinion, not yet it started, I don’t know for sure, I won’t speak, and people have been restoring so far, but the acts have all been drawn up, estimates have been drawn up and people are waiting for the state to begin to compensate for the losses that they did not suffer during this war, so believe me No one will forget anyone and everything will be rebuilt Yes, no one will repeating the old building will be rebuilt with new modern apartment buildings ami and everyone else, what’s the question What prevents the ships for which you say that they are in ports to go to sea for 1-2 km to launch, they don’t need to go 30-50 kilometers, this by and large will not change anything So making a forecast is probably pointless taking into account the Factor they are in the port or on duty, all the more until you inform about it in the evening, the situation will have time to change 10 times. Well,

firstly, I try to follow and before the start of the video I clarify whether they went to sea or did not go out You are absolutely right This is a war and let's say when the main part of the Russian Black Sea fleet paid by the Black Sea Fleet was in Sevastopol, then Yes, there were even cases when they just went out on the roadstead of the port, they carried out launches, that is, the inhabitants of Sevastopol watched these launches simply with an armed eye and then they returned to the port Yes, this is such an option such an option possible, but don't forget that these are cruise missiles that have this very route programmed and in order for it to start correctly and cancer it was carried out by the eta ; to understand Where to move on How to go on a course otherwise the fulfillment of the flight mission that is laid down in it, but in general, of course, war is war Hello, I have such a question Everyone talks about the future offensive, they even talk about where it will start and where its direction will be, is it dangerous in the sense that Russia, too, hears and knows all this. They will drive more equipment to the theoretical place of the breakthrough, prepare and it is in their own interests to prevent a breakthrough from preventing our offensive, maybe it would be better for us to remain silent, how do you comment on this, and even if Russia knows in a future offensive only knows why no news statement of fears you can hear their media, here are the propagandists of the officials of the Telegram channels and so on, complete silence Well, let's go in order that we announce our offensive this is an element of the information war this is an information-psychological special operation Who he said that the offensive will be so I tell you I always emphasize let's say that this is maybe it could be or is it my subjective point of view What is the subjective point of view in the general staff that no one knows except the chief of the general staff there, the commander-in-chief and a number of operator officers who are developing this attack, we don’t know this, the enemy doesn’t know this either if if he knew for sure, then we would have already seen his reaction in terms of building defensive structures there, which is why we need to announce it is necessary to announce this is a demonstration of strength and intentions so that the enemy is nervous, nervous and afraid that by the way they are doing great and they are doing it there in the Zaporozhye direction in the steppe digs trenches in the share across already want from From Novaya Kakhovka to Melitopol, dig up the entire steppe Maybe at the same time build a vegetable canal there Let them dig It’s not a fact that we will attack in this direction at all, therefore they spend energy and money, they spend money and they are constantly preparing for something But we will go in a completely different place Here we are why now we are moving smoothly with you Why are they silent, but because they are losing in this situation, and any message that Ukraine is preparing for a counteroffensive is a loss in the information war. Why? Because today, all the rhetoric of the Russian propaganda machine is aimed at winning. At the seizure of territory and they are talking about it. They constantly say they remember that Ukraine is somewhere there. They are trying to say. Look, we are moving forward, we do not stop if they now start saying that Ukraine is preparing for a massive counteroffensive, we need to take up a shovel and dig defensive lines. Tomorrow half of the army will scatter, this will greatly reduce the morale of

the military personnel this will lower the morale of society society will start asking questions where is the second army in the world why is it defending you from whom from Ukraine Ukraine will go on the counteroffensive you what the people of the Kremlin are talking about so they are silent like a fish flying around and the more we talk about it we say The more options we have there and then there will be a lottery for them it will be a lottery whether they will draw their Lucky ticket to me or not. Of course, we will do everything so that they will draw their Lucky ticket there and tickets of their Lucky will not be in this lottery from the very beginning. Therefore, such an information war they are waging their society accordingly adjusts to what they have there everything is fine as Putin always likes to say Everything is going according to plan everything is according to plan 150,000 losses are all according to plan and we are already on the verge of victory just about tomorrow Tomorrow we will take everything, we will defeat everyone, but we will also begin negotiations he doesn’t see you at point-blank range; everyone wants to sit down at the negotiating table with the West. So here, too, the struggle Glory to Ukraine, good evening, to explain the bullshit about anti-tank mines, it seems that the tank has less crackling on the ground than the people, then theoretically, people can be peddled by the name of another question, how to eject helicopter pilots, after all, from above there is a screw that will grind them into minced meat Well, let's take the first question in order Can a person be blown up by an anti-personnel mine on the avenue anti-tank can if a soldier with full equipment starts jumping on this mini on fuses and creates an effort of more than 160 kilograms, it will fly into the air, that is, it will still explode, that's why And if he just steps on his foot with this weight less than 160 kilograms, then the mine will not work as for tank Specific pressure is less A person is less than a person per square centimeter Imagine a truck standing on a perfectly flat surface Moreover, on a soft if it is on the ground, if it is standing on the ground or on sand, then its pressure is distributed evenly and it is less than that of a person per square centimeter taking into account our foot area and taking into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe caterpillar And now if it stands on asphalt, then there are such metal protrusions on the tracks, they are called lugs, so there is crazy pressure on these soil hooks because not the entire area of ​​​​the track lies on asphalt, this is elementary physics, but if and if there one caterpillar runs into an obstacle, then Imagine when the rollers pass through the k lies on firstly, the track lies on this obstacle, let’s say a tree on a branch Yes, it runs over And due to the tension of the caterpillar and due to the collision of each tank roller on this ledge that the caterpillar formed above the branch, it presses Like a press So it flows out of it it just crushes it into chips, therefore, when a tank runs into an anti-tank mine fuse due to the large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe fuse itself, and there is more than 10 square centimeters, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis fuse is textolite . it’s the pressure area the area of ​​​​the caterpillar pressing on this fuse in total gives no Specific per centimeter in total gives more than 160 loads more than 160 kilograms in this way an anti-tank mine is blown up Everything is very simple ordinary physics now as for how helicopter pilots eject because they have a screw on top that will grind them into minced meat valid but for helicopter pilots they play the lottery of new aircraft, here is a series of Russian helicopters. Sorry, their blades can shoot back if the on-board systems are damaged and work, then yes. The pilot can shoot the blades, then they fall out and the navigator falls out of from the cockpit and at the same time they still have to try to jump so as to get as far away from the helicopter as possible.

And in all old models . there is a helicopter He doesn’t plan if the main rotor gearbox is damaged, all the turntable falls and it’s practically impossible to get out if the helicopter still retains its volatility and the Pilot tries to somehow hold it, then the crew member has a chance to run to the door and throw it out to jump out of the helicopter You don’t forget that they don’t have a catapult, they don’t have a hatch, a door next to them, they can open a window And so he needs to run out through the cockpit into the cabin and there is only a door and jump out there, that is, helicopter pilots practically don’t have By the way, they even came up with they have exercises landing with the engine off. Here it is. This exercise was invented precisely in order to try to give at least some some chance of being rescued by a crew member. That is, if the propeller rotates but the engine is no longer working, they can try to at least slightly soften the fall of this helicopter. Well, practice shows that helicopter crews usually crash in most of their most cases.

What can patriots shoot at has ground targets. As I understand it, you mean the Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems that will be transmitted to us now, see any complex the anti-aircraft missile system has an installation for shooting at the ground there is a position of the toggle switch ground and the missile will fly at a ground target, but the fact is that missiles are wasted Patriot for ground targets , I don’t know what kind of blasphemy or what kind of reckless waste of the most valuable equipment. The fact is that the rocket of any missile system is mainly fragmentation and it has a rather small charge, that is, destruction it will not bring its task to create a cloud if not a direct hit then the task of the rocket is to create a cloud of fragments through which the target will pass and receive damage that will violate the technical condition of the targets and, accordingly, this target will no longer be able to perform this function ; in the same ballista or ballistic missile, it can explode in the air from this or, again, having collapsed, having lost speed and stabilization, simply fall to the ground and explode on the ground or simply fall like a blank like this Well, well, yes, indeed, in any complex there is a position of the ground and you can even without redoing anything And by the way, in 300 there is also a position of the earth and nothing is possible, just the Russians increase the accuracy in this way you redo the missiles by adding a GPS navigation unit and entering the coordinates there so that it is more or less accurate, it is also quite low in accuracy this option And yes, such a situation exists, such a milking a common question is where call signs are born who gives a name to whom and seriously where and seriously where did it come from See the fact that call signs are like a nickname How does a person show some kind of surname How will a nickname be at school a person shows some features of his behavior he has some physiological features and sends him at school, we then called it a nickname Yes, nicknames were once even fashionable when everyone was still walking on the street there were no electronic gadgets, groups gathered there and they also had their own some kind of their own hierarchies were of course their own nicknames the nickname is exactly the same here, adult men, but the principle is about the same, someone comes up with it himself and tells me the call sign such and such for what it is Invented in order not to give out your personal data on the open air why Because now before the station digital encryption is double end-to-end encryption, and this can be intercepted with the help of electronic means, you can try to decrypt it, and so on like this, let's say he has a call sign there, some kind of call sign swift, and but all of their units know who the swift is And what it is about, but the enemy does not even guess who it is And what it is about If, let's say the negotiation negotiations are open channel or not encrypted not encrypted by communication or by phone. Let's say for this it is done precisely to disguise where it came from. And by the way, it already came from the military conflicts of the post-war post-war times, because during the Second World War there were no call signs, no crews had no call signs of street trains, there were only call signs from Signalers at the points communications were call signs and then Well, let's say If if it was only about very big bosses, then the usual ones were called there the first one came first or there some other one or there the first gave the order then everyone understood what it was about And already post-war conflicts developed this so that they don’t say there Seryoga Seryoga What series Well, it’s Petrov, who, so that this doesn’t happen, they say they call the call sign and everyone understands to whom This applies and that for this this person also gets in touch and, accordingly, communicates and transmits some information in the same allegorical way information is transmitted on other things, but let's say during the years of the Afghan war there were such call sign tables with the help of which at that time we didn’t have digital communications, by the way, they worked on analog radio stations and openly said they said we were running out of ink there they knew that we needed to bring fuel artillery , they’re so late, they’ve taken their place during the war period and today the crew has a call sign of soldiers officers in order not to disclose personal data if the armed forces strike from north to south from the direction of Siversk and are able to wedge at least over 15-20 kilometers, then the entire grouping of the Russian Federation in the Bakhmut area will fall into the operational encirclement and they will have to flee from there. Like from Like from raisins, I think such a blow could well be become distracting while the main one might already be south that is, in the direction of Melitopol or Mariupol, the idea is very good and Yes, I myself see this Northern ledge, we have it so it even has its own name among military analysts experts that this is the Northern ledge. such a flank strike that would cut off this ledge [music] As I understand it, unfortunately we don’t have the strength and means to deliver such a strike, God forbid we survive in the defensive Operation and at the same time not burn the reserves there that will have to take part in the counteroffensive Because now it’s slowly starting to pull fresh reserves there to keep the situation under control in the bakhmut area and these northern and southern ledges that formed behind the bakhmut, that is, to hold the corridor . in exactly the same way it was formed The Red Army created it They thought that They had captured the bridgehead and the Germans the tank army cut off the Barvenkovsky ledge and surrounded, defeated a rather large grouping of Soviet troops, a very, very similar situation, but unfortunately, as I understand it, we don’t have forces and, accordingly, we don’t have it today. no vacuum bombs no By the way, we don’t use

us there is no vacuum vacuum ammunition there is no ammunition for a volumetric detonating explosion and there are no thermobaric ammunition, this is all used by the Russian Federation, in particular thermobaric ammunition But what you and what you are talking about, we have created ammunition on the basis of a grenade launcher , they made ammunition that is fragmentation remote and they made it according to the experience of the Israeli armed forces in the six-day war, and then there is even a video on the Internet, you can see what they are doing, they take a cylinder. By the way, based on a fire extinguisher, they take an ordinary one in t the fire extinguisher is empty naturally and fills it up, it is welded to it with a shank that winds on the charge of the grenade launcher and, accordingly, the fire extinguisher cylinder itself is filled with explosives and objects that create massive fragments, it may be there scraps of metal pieces of iron some nuts bolts all materials at hand and launches its range. Maybe up to several hundred meters at an angle of 45 degrees, they shoot a fuse, put a decelerator and, accordingly, this charge is blown up over the enemy’s trenches and plays the role of actually playing the role of a mortar or artillery that fires on air gaps. What gives it more opportunity to defeat more effectively [music] to defeat the enemy who is hiding in the trenches here is such an option here is such a type of ammunition Yes there is one created by our fighters but it was not invented now and not today it was used in the war in my 60s in the war of attrition such was The 4-year war between the Arabs and the Israelis and it was invented by Israeli soldiers, ours just now picked up, remembered this experience and came up with this one and made this kind of ammunition until the aggressor loses irretrievably unwounded LLC irretrievably unwounded, that is, killed 13-15 million man dont stop it bulld lakes that do not take into account losses And this is beyond the power of Ukraine, I think Without direct participation in the hostilities of Ukraine's allies, you are deeply mistaken, deeply mistaken Russia today will not be any more, they cannot budge Yes, they have partial success there, but Sorry three months to take a bang, this is not a bulldozer, this is some kind of cart, it is with flat tires that are very difficult to push forward and without a horse, if so, by and large, take for What figure of a million people is unbearable, see Russia spent 300 thousand mobilization, they are trying to continue mobilization, but they it cannot be carried out Putin does not announce the second wave of half a million he planned to mobilize another half a million by the summer today mobilization is underway but it is going very quietly very sluggishly Why Because with the throughput of the mobilization system of the Russian Federation no more than 100 thousand per month no more and then you need more a month off to restock uniforms, or rather ammunition, weapons, training centers should be liberated. You look, they even bring their own to Belarus to be trained there. there are not enough instructors, you listen to what the mobilized themselves say in their video messages to Putin. today it’s critical that

Iran give a uniform of 40,000 sets until spring or it won’t give it because there’s nothing to change into, today they relieve pain body armor is given out used helmets that are issued in warehouses by Soviet helmets About what kilovar there is no question of any Kevlar on CASCO Yes, a beautiful cover puts on but that doesn’t make the helmet more secure, so they create regiments of riflemen, they are motorized riflemen, more precisely, not motorized rifle because there is no equipment. Today you will see what kind of equipment rides on echelons, they show a very cool video, google it, I recommend showing 103 armored plant of the Russian Federation, which repairs t- 62 not T90 creates nor T-72 B3 version I’m not t-80 bv62 and they’re upgrading the tank there, I’m telling a new radio station, a sight with a thermal imager And I don’t remember the third there, and active protection is all More precisely, they’re not active, but dynamic protection in the form of this turtle is for all this modernization, but beautifully there is a tank Turtle all in this screen of a thermal imaging sight shows these iron cubes . That is, he can now shoot at night, but he has a stabilization system, a decisive device, that is, the fire control system remained from the T-62 and the fact that he was given a digital radio station instead of a Chinese one instead of the old Soviet analog one, this whole modernization but Pay attention in this video to what I recommend you pay attention to. It shows the conveyor, this is not an envelope. Well, the workshop and these tanks are at the same time they are being repaired and modernized. That's what they call. Look at the condition of these tanks . study with them and try to revive them from scrap metal Yes, the output is beautiful there, but the pace of these repairing their condition is simply the wildest they are doing a complete overhaul with the removal of the tower with the removal of the engine with the bulkhead of the undercarriage you say What 15 million before Russia even a hangman will not print enough paper for a million people today so no Russia today is at its peak perhaps military capabilities, and in terms of mobilization, it would also be different if Putin could put a million under arms today, then they would put this million out of three with rulers on whether they would attack our machine guns But they cannot physically do this, the country's economy cannot the state administration is not capable of issuing such a large number today, and there is even more nothing to arm with. By the way, this is again We return to the conversation about how much Putin

needs negotiations, a ceasefire is needed because the Russian economy is simply choking, it is not able to give out the needs to cover at least partially the needs armies in this Russian army in this war Well, what are we on this optimistic question? In my opinion, for us, for the Ukrainians, we will finish the second part of the question and we have the third part with you . appeared in the Russian Federation Yes, we must admit the fact that yesterday the beginning the shelling of the UAP 1500 began to be used with a control and correction unit, which is made from a conventional unguided aerial bomb planning high-precision b-supply, I’ll even tell you specifically that the bomb is called thunder and one planning Russian Russian they use inertial guidance systems plus satellite, that is, on the plumage is put on the bomb , which opens after it is dropped, and the bomb and the bomb begin to plan the mass of the warhead here the warhead is the high-explosive fragmentation warhead mass of this bomb is 315 kg, the maximum launch range is 120 kilometers That is, it can plan 120 kilometers when dropped from a height of 12 kilometers and a speed of 1600 km / h, that is, when this bomb is dropped at supersonic speed and from a height of 12 kilometers This bomb can fly 120 kilometers Well, Russia does not hope that it will hit the target yet, it will belong to the category of precision-guided munitions here, by the way, they even write in the comments that work with such types of bombs planning with a correction in Avdiivka, they only use concrete-piercing paws 1500B for the Avdeev ordeevka industrial plant, not a farm, the largest Cox chemical plant in Europe, you can imagine the dimensions. This is such a situation that yes, Russia also began to use planning bombs, they have experts estimated at 12.4 trillion dollars of Russian-controlled Ukraine's birthplace reports the Washington Post, citing a Canadian company next and next geopolitical risks researchers estimate Ukraine has lost 63 percent of coal deposits 11 percent of oil deposits 20 percent of natural gas deposits 42 percent of metals and 33 percent of rare earth metals Well, you understand that wars are always waged For resources, this war is Russia not just because they outlined the southeast not just because they grabbed the Crimea because we all saw how much higher they instructed the Black Sea and that they pumped Gas Oil pumped on the Black Sea shelf Therefore, let us conquer everything, we will all return about the bottom circumstance makes me very sad and surprised Why We almost never You almost never talk about the situation in the city of Ochakov last night there was a terrible shelling of the city high-rise buildings were damaged the private sector and so almost every day the city mercilessly shells 5-6 shellings a day big cities they say everywhere in the news and all the time But how is it really not such people who live in Ochakovo can’t understand why this is happening I can’t understand why this is happening Thank you in advance for your answer look By the way you very rightly noticed I understand that for some reason the reason may simply not be an inspection, the city of Ochakov fell out of the code of the general staff today today as a rarity Apparently yesterday someone from the general staff read your comment today in the report of the general staff there is the city of Ochakov and there is a mention of the shelling of the city and I also said this in my video we, I try to be based on official sources of information and therefore, by the way and even in the messages of the military-civilian administration , the city of Ochakov is practically not mentioned. That is precisely why it most likely fell out of the information space.

are also very rarely mentioned. Although these cities are being shelled insanely, especially from multiple launch rocket systems, Nikopol and manganese are covered with hail almost very often, so I understand that this is a problem for all settlements that fall under it. Because if we we say that there are 30 there are 20 settlements, you can’t list everything somewhere small somewhere small villages somewhere somewhere small towns or urban- type settlements somewhere already more or less large regional centers here large cities come across a boat small ones come across less Well, we will try to mention the information, we will voice it, but about the buses of Moldova It also reminds us from all over Ukraine for 500 hryvnias to the Maidan in 13, but this is different . us Maidan Maidan was going to patriotic citizens and drove drove whole settlements and mostly on larger transport But by buses to the anti-Maidan Yes, for 500 hryvnias, yes, I took the buses, how they tried there the police protected them, activists tried to intercept them, and this anti-Maidan really was in the Mariinsky park for that kind of money, by the way, they had the main main thing there the place of basing is here, and all the other people who came, who, how who, in what way, got there. By the way, even those buses or minibuses that were hired to get to Kiev

and participate in the Maidan, they were dropped off and stopped and turned around by the police. Well, then, at the entrance to Kiev on at the entrance to the regional centers, here it was, buses to apparently would have been on the other side of the Barricade if you were taken to the Maidan for 500 hryvnia How do you How do you write in your comment about the rejection of Zelensky's speech at the Oscars It should have been said about the answer of the Oscar producer Willie Pecker Black He said that the whole world is watching the war in Ukraine t only because this is a white war Yes, indeed, he said so, you see, they hit on racism that the wars in which blacks are killed supposedly no one is tracking, therefore, in order to achieve equality, He made it clear that in this matter, therefore, Wars of whites against whites Unfortunately, here such elements of racism they appear in the most unexpected places Oleg people forget that there are troops of the Russian Federation And there are separate PMCs mobiles DPR LPR Russian Guard and other units And these are all different items of expenditure and their manpower as they decrease, they are united into the same into Consolidated units But their management is carried out exclusively And by the way, they have long been enlisted as part of two corps in the eighth general military army of the Southern Military District So they have long been a resource of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation National Guard Yes I agree that this is a completely separate federal structure that has its own replenishment, but the National Guard does not does not take part in hostilities Maybe somewhere there is their special forces and howl But the Russian Guard is mainly in the second echelon and the Russian Guard here in the occupied territories plays the role of a law enforcement agency they establish a commandant service these are the law and order there and everything else And they do not they are at the forefront they have their own supplies their funding their all PMCs PMCs are maintained by the Ministry of Defense if the PMCs do not give ammunition, more precisely, the Ministry of Defense does not give ammunition the PMC will have nothing to even shoot in battle the most important signs of good luck of the Russian people is his sadistic cruelty Maxim Gorky here as they say Americans, but I wrote a comment about myself in the last video . Please give an answer . I am not liable for military service, but I want to serve in Ukraine on systems for my own education.

palette without referring if not, then sai those of the General Staff or on the website of the Ministry of Defense Look at the phone Call or Come to the recruitment center to declare your desire and you will get exactly, and even more so you are not obliged recognizes you as fit for service, on such systems there is no problem at all about the composition of the grouping of Russian troops ; they talked about him today, they didn’t even get 400 thousand on the territory of Ukraine, this is all the intelligence counted those 340 that walk on the network, the figure is 340 thousand This is all that our intelligence counted here everything that you have listed everything is included here So about no million speeches on today is not going Hello, everyone said right about Moldova, thank you for this, these are paid shares, and for 20 euros they collect grandmothers from the village who go for money. And I saw how some do not go to the rally itself, but simply wait in the parks Glory to Ukraine For us, this is just everything it's already in the past It's all been over Hello from the city of the city Thank you for the information Un here for several days it’s just tin and shelling and rockets at us Orcs went mad but we keep people on our nerves anger boils we need to calm the orcs It would be nice if Swifts flew there or some other birds, otherwise the Russians got mad Glory to Ukraine Glory to the United States Glory to the European Union Glory to the Sumy defense you are very mistaken in thinking that China does not have its own production of processors and greatly overestimate the value of Taiwanese ones. As I understand it, the value of Taiwan for China is important but not vital. I know that China has processors, but so that you understand the Chinese processor is ten times worse than the Taiwanese processor. That's exactly why. Well, plus China cannot tolerate encroachments on its territorial integrity; they cannot survive two systems; one country, this principle naturally cannot exist in a dictatorship in a dictatorial state; the dictatorship that the council is building I advise you not to pay attention to the Oscar for now it's ostentatious [ __ ] snickering idiots I'll add here for gifted individuals in quotation marks Oscar is a different world and I basically agree that the performance was rejected this comedy to the public And we have a real war those who wanted to express their support to us regardless of the figurines very good comments question When the Echelon with mobs is being smashed There must be a sea of ​​​​corpses these losses are somehow taken into account in the numbers that we hear How to destroy so many people destroyed the same question When it hits the warehouse on battery at the airfield, see the losses that the enemy incurs in the depths of his defense. They are

taken into account, but not later on the day when they were inflicted. Why, therefore, intelligence confirms confirmation either by intercepting information or documents or through its agents on the ground. When we already allow a blockage there or the remains of this train dismantled the bodies were taken out and naturally they appreciated and let's say a report went to a higher headquarters that as a result of the shelling of the echelon so many losses were suffered by the killed wounded There and so on then it is but it turns out remember even at one time the general staff wrote now they stopped writing this in their summary I kept telling you what happened confirmation there for such and such a number, as a rule, there are two or three days ago about inflicting losses there in such and such a number in such and such a settlement there is Khaimar themselves or artillery there or something else so that everything is taken into account Not all at once but everything is taken into account remarks in Germany, you know, only a few , at the opportunity, they only ask a couple of people of the older generation who read it remember this novel women. Otherwise , they simply didn’t let people work and somehow exist there. It’s difficult to call such a life even if people do everything refused, forced, including under threat of reprisal Glory to Ukraine Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine not subscribed subscribe press the bell so that you receive notifications of new videos on my channel and you watch them in the original on my channel also Like this video if you liked it then more people will be able to see it Many thanks to the sponsors and those who help the channel well we will continue to believe in Ukraine for us Glory to Ukraine

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