02 - Jasper National Park Part 1 - Road Trips (2023) 4K

02 - Jasper National Park Part 1 - Road Trips (2023) 4K

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How long does it take to drive from Perth to Sydney? A day or more? 4 hours. More ... Driving ... Have to spend the night in several places. Maybe 4 days. 4 days. Yes, 4 days. Corner to corner, isn’t it. Yes. About 4500 km.

Like from here to Toronto. Usually when people are not on holiday, they would … Go by plane. Yes, by plane. Unless you want to go on a road trip … that’s something else. Yes, road trip.

Judith said hello. Yes, Judith said hello. Right, you sent the photo from yesterday. Yes.

In the past, before 911, if you went to USA you could only use a driver's license, you didn't need a passport. Counted as domestic. After 911 they asked for a passport. Previously, no. Because they were afraid the terrorists … Jumped from here. Via Canada first. In the past, only a driver’s licence, fine.

They were afraid they … Jumped from here. Right, jumped from here. Back door. Yes. Through the back door. Right. Today is very lucky because the weather is sunny. While enjoying the views between Edmonton and Jasper, please enjoy the beautiful music of “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi. We will stop in several small towns before we reach our accommodation in Jasper. That's for tourists, right? Only for tourists and for goods.

For regular passengers, there aren't any. People drive, don't know why. There are in the East. Once I took trains from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec. Is that right? There are many trains. For passengers. Yes, for passengers, like in Indonesia.

There aren't any here. None. Only for tourists. Tourists. That's expensive. Oh yeah, expensive.

Find a place to stop. At Edson or something like that. Is it here? No, not yet. Want to go to the toilet. Edson is a small town. Okay. Due to the excellent quality of the highway between Edmonton and Jasper, and also very safe because the two opposing lanes are separated by green lanes, in two hours we have covered more than half of the journey.

What’s this? Rental? Yes. Trucks. Equipments. Yes, truck rental. Oil field supplies. Lots like that here. Rental of heavy equipment for oilfields.

Pipelines. Oil and timber. Small town. The peaks of the Rockies are coming into view. Another hour and a half … Let's look around where there are restaurants … What are these? Small town. We once stayed at Days Inn. Days Inn Vancouver. Vancouver. Victoria. Oh, yes, maybe Victoria. Vancouver Island.

Best Western too. There is Best Western in Switzerland. Is that right? Yes. I love American chain hotels, they always have ice makers. Right. Ice.

Americans love ice. We also love ice. We can U-turn. People like pizza, I don't like it that much. U-turn … A&W okay, U-turn again later.

Didn't see restaurants. Family dining, A&W … U-turn ... Where was that? Ah here.

A&W ... Drive thru. Can drive thru. Let’s eat in. Yes, eat in. We can get out of the car too. Here okay. Right.

Ah, someone is stopped by police. Could be speeding. Speeding. Sometimes sheriff, sometimes … what’s this … oh, police. Police. RCMP. From time to time, is there something called Random Breath Testing here? There is. But normally on Christmas or New Year. Right. Random Breath Testing … suddenly stopped and tested. Approaching Jasper National Park, two opposing lanes that were previously separated by green lanes now become one. We have to be extra careful when driving.

All visitors to National Parks in Canada, not just Jasper National Park, must have a pass which is also useful as a parking ticket. This pass can be purchased online or directly at the National Park entrance or at the Visitor Center in the nearest city. You can see what types of passes are available at this link: https://parks.canada.ca Jasper is located in the Athabasca River valley and is the commercial center of Jasper National Park. The building on the left is Jasper Train Station. You can see information about trains passing through this station at this link: https://www.viarail.ca There are several classes that you can choose according to your budget: economy, business, sleeper and prestige. Or, if you want to feel like a tourist and enjoy the views of the Rockies, there is a special scenic train, namely Rocky Mountaineer, information about which you can see at this link: https://www.rockymountaineer.com But as the name suggests, the ticket price is quite expensive. We’re going to Patricia Lake, 12 minutes. Straight. Pyramid Lake Road? Not this one.

Must be this one. Pyramid Lake Road, turn left. Ah, the signs are starting to show. Going straight. We’re going to Patricia Lake first. Patricia Lake 4 km.

Then to Pyramid Lake. Going straight here. Yes. Okay. Maybe it's okay now. More or less we know. Yes, there are signs now. Just keep going, keep following the road. Let’s stop here, there is parking.

Yes, let's stop here. It seems like there are a lot of people stopping here. Maybe there is a track that can get us closer to the lake. Let’s go for a walk. Sightseeing. Yes. A bit of trekking.

Let's fly the drone. It's beautiful. Not many people upload Pyramid Lake Resort to YouTube. It's very difficult to find. Maybe because the hotel is new. Is that right? Is it new? Not really.

Not many. People from USA usually share on YouTube. Is that right? Any place, they share. Pyramid Beach Road. Ah, that same truck … huh … It's here. There's still ice. We’ve arrived at Pyramid Lake. Yes.

That’s the hotel. Yes. Let's go for a walk. Yes, let’s go for a walk. We’ll park the car here. Yes. Is this closed? Yes. Because it wasn't time to check in yet, we decided to walk to Pyramid Island which is located nearby. The middle part is filled with batts. Yes, it’s insulation.

It turns out that from here there is no road to Pyramid Island. We have to get back in the car and drive there. The track is long. Let’s try. Yes. There's still snow. This is beautiful. Cold, nice. Lots of snow.

It's still there. Ah ... that's beautiful. Let’s go there. There are many benches there. There are many corners on this small island and in every corner we can always find beautiful views.

This is called Pyramid … Pyramid Island. Another part. We haven’t been here? Another part. This is more beautiful.

Take another photo, that's okay. I once lived in Japan. When it snowed, when I came home from work, I walked. I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear vehicles passing by. Snow muffled the sound. Is that right? It’s beautiful too. This has been prepared for disabled people. Yes, so they can use wheelchairs. We’re ending today's road trip by checking in to the accommodation, Pyramid Lake Resort. Tomorrow we will continue the journey to the southern part of Jasper National Park.

One King Bed with all amenities and full bathroom on the ground floor. One Queen Bed with all amenities, lounge and full bathroom on the top floor. And a balcony with partial lake view on the ground floor.

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