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And fee, million any more safer, Queens have the cheapest coins cheaper, the mode sponsor, they're also safe, at instant, delivery use, my code got five four five percent off and make sure you hit the like and subscribe button, the next five seconds, for insane padlock for the rest of the year Team of the Year nominees. Are in packs and four draft for us to play with strike. At night for an hour night, by messy you, best believe I'm, getting the moon in my draft we're, now going next to name our husband son, van Dijk you can actually, follow us, get, to decide YouTube team of the year this year so that's why these, cards win packs unable, to foot draft with walk formations, are we looking at the four three two one or, the for free free attack I'm gonna, go for free free attack it's easier, to hyper them up t-midi. Our nominee is captain come on ah. Ronaldo. Has won as a striker, so, it'd just be stupid to take him honestly, so on that basis, I'm gonna. Go for tongue and can, I have ninety four strike of an out oh now. We. Almost got a fully informed selection, we go for the BBVA one left, wing can we have all inform, an outdoor I'm. Gonna take him you can't say no to an informant, out oh and, I'm right, wing we got a team in the year and 96. Messi, no way, what. Tough decision, ah sorry. Bernardo silver I've never had team at a GU stage messy before so, I have to pass up on a team of the year it's, a pretty bangin, start though I'm not gonna lie and then we got Chelsea legend, Don OB Macau yes. Callister so I would take him cam, can. We have another team in the air make me feel better, it's, Cole Hamels. Don't. Run Nick Isco another strong link I'm gonna go David silver because ideally, won't. Even make the team ninety-one. Modrich okay this drops going nice we, swap them rounds, what, other team ideas are there I can't even remember because. There's so, many is literally. A me and every, card you can think. Of, Michael. This, is a pretty solid to put off so far left, back o female. Yet Alexandra. And look T Matthias Andrew nominee strong, wings to Cristiano, Ronaldo, job. Well done Ranaut, is basically, on full, cam this is going nice, right. Back, someone. Who strongly it's too Messier be great oh you. Paint a PvP aid and technically. Mess he's already on full chemistry, because he's got those air links come. On we've, already had the charts are picking to Noah. This, is got one but the spine that's incredible, rating, to, go on the bench next. We have got so, doesn't. Really work so, do. Roberto does get better chemistry soul. For raising sir we're ghosts Asajj your boat just get safe chemistry, this. Seems to be a little bit of a hybrid you know come on give me another one now, inform. Are they nice. Rust-free. Okay. This. Is kind of working out see, me the AIRC image there, pop it out thick and thin at the moment he, does work links up to Mustafi, could. Get crews okay this, is going great when you see that seaming their car design it makes me so happy. Jordi, Alba cuoco, Center back gets, a link so David silver we want to fame there. So. Now dough we're, going for Cristiano Ronaldo, our bench, is gonna be stacked. I'm liking a look at his draft honestly, and, see. Many in Neymar, this, is ridiculous, we're getting all of them how we got seaming here nominee, Neymar, odd, he, does kind, of work, cuz. We could just suck over an out oh it's a one a9 at, the moment the racing, on this is nuts. Absolutely. Nuts just, taken, her. A home. My. Heart's telling me my. Heart is telling me Jordi Alba or her, hijo but, I mean I. Don't know this is tough, I'm gonna go pray ho could, go fat and then. That. And enlist. Let me just put them in silver back in town put, you the other side and, then take you out if it goes up to 190, you know this is a great day it's. Not, our, it's. The defense so, I'm gonna go the printer picks now we're, so close to 190, bless, us, oh, then. 80 gets. Me I could playing centre-back drooly out but I could play send it back as well I go. Zanetti at sea for chemistry what we need +5 beggars. Can't be choosers, it could got to 190 we're making so many improvements, its. 119 thank. You, this is going great give me some more team idiots at the moment we've got three, of the, right meds you.

Could Get the red out okay that's, a very safe option, to go for that +2 I, don't. Know if we can do it you know I think I'm glad to go back to like scrubbing. Out if, we do this oh, my. God the chem will get a lot in CHEM 92. We. Need a center action we need these. I call or send a batch that. Guitar you, know what we, have to save him it's Eva plus seven of us there we go chem done and if, we ordered a bench I think, we could be looking at 190. Oh my god it's gonna have to be on 119, see, many-year Rommels oh my, god this is 190 there's no way we ordered his bench it's not going to be calm. Please high, rated, 84. Please. Please. Be at 1:19 it's, even, you money you, make or break this there's, not really anyone we can take out, it's. A one eight nine that's, respectable, to be fair Sandra. Ramos, nanny. Martin Kim ik gives us 40, minutes could, have had five if we didn't take the team at a group stage messy but it's, the highest rated player and draft I had to somehow, with, that many leagues, compete. We, go 189 full chem and didn't need the manager, guys a job, well done and that, is only the first laughed come on I'm, a winger formation, we got one we, got to we got free, technically. This is a forward formation, you know what I'm, surprisingly. Gonna take it I don't. Think Etsy, Menezes captain, they're. All take up good pics I'm. Gonna, go is, that personal feet I'm, gonna go hazards, because I'm pretty, confident, we're, getting messy, which. Is higher rated nice BBVA car, got. Informed Benzema okay that's not a bad start midfielders. I want, to be seeing some team idiot nominee midfielders, we got one Jeanne, wine album, team ilya nominee coming, up - no. We got Sergio Canales that's, fine we swap them round other, sides, can, we have another one, no. You. Do play in the BBVA it's, okay. Goalkeeper. Please so, stay guns incredible, for racing defense. This, is the border where they always, pop up Laporte, a nice left, back let, me finish the triangle of another team of the year, Robertson. My screen for coming we have to do it it's a little hybrid, so far not, too bad choice, leave it a hybrid now that, works nicely swap. Them round tire. Come back daheia please come back he. Came back nice, this, is working great this is a great hybrid, right, back give me another one ah. Consejo, - strong link the, Kem's already done and it's one AAA that's, not bad at all could, be one 890. Novel, week it's surprising I'm gonna keep the Sagan in the middle, come on this pupa colony -, t-midi is so, far I'm gonna be seen named, Artie mid-year run, out a team of the year and further. Games hello this, it's, nearly 2020, and the, games not loading, what, is this, honestly, what. Am I seeing why. Ah this. Is painful. Come on yay 12, seconds.

Later Please. Big, icon, beagle. Can we play him in the middle wait. I fought with just a cannon move why is it just randomly swap sir, doesn't. Do anything more surprisingly, we're, keeper therefore now the race is incredible, 189. Hopefully. We, can touch the 119th, the breathing, isn't great, and the game, is just lagging so, badly right now so, many people are on FIFA trying to get these team in ear cards like, me and I'm. Getting Silver's, Wow. Come, on please t-midi, a, all. Black or, or. Black doesn't fit it, has to be 94 and out Oh minus. 6, it's, gonna take me up to one night it's not, how, is it not 190, ok, Ronaldo, needs to stay in the team regardless, it's Cristiano, Ronaldo, summer. This. Game is so laggy as killing my moods, like, I'm so invested in 190, and it's like yeah, we don't want you invested, it, needs to be an icon striker. Pagi. Come put in the. Net he doesn't do anything more, I'm gonna. Go for Hagee is Plus. That. Was probably a bad decision I'm not gonna lie to you but I am trying to fit my motto in there maybe you at Stryker we, need minus one you know we, would do that surprisingly, okay, is that Canalis is off cam I think V. Got us off chem who. Else is off cam pass. It really please. A nikon striker named. Isis he mia nominee, what. Is this game why is it lagging so, badly. Give. Me a team leader to make up for the like the, Brina whoa. That's, bad chem there. We go, it's a 190, please, tell me it's 190, before you back in there if it is, okay. This could be another 190, come on the racing, is incredible. Oh my, god talak is dropped, it, needs. To be something, higher. Than that needs. To be higher rated than that save, me Sanj, alone oh my god we got free of them Thiago. Silva sometime for London next AJ, or what hey Cassandra don't work we're tape racing he puts out of nowhere if, it goes up to 190, this would be incredible, please. Neither, 190, in my life I need another one it's. Not oh my god that was so close, ah what. Can we do if we put Federman striker if it goes up it. Doesn't I can't believe that we might as well just what has it back in and then, put Benzema back in that, must have been so close no, attacking team he is in that one but that, was a pretty cool draft not gonna lie, Ernesto. We'll take him that was a pretty cool library I'm pretty, gassed the play of that one to be fair knee third graft attempts later who. Names, Cristiano. Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. That. Is who I want to be Santa minion, nominee versions, of the. Captain. All, Socrates. In, the middle, you, know I don't like it and taking attackers, cuz there's been an 89 striker left, wing stops me Game Informer hazards. Or out, oh so, it takes socrates if the, game wants. To load so, many people playing fifa right now forefoot most these, familia nominee cards impacts, and draft, where, the game is just like into oblivion but. You know what. This kicks me out great. Is it really making me pick him again. This game doesn't, cease to surprise me, right-wing, 94. Messi, in. STK that means no, team in the MSE. Striker. Is a 91, scream agrerro who links nice left-wing, please, someone in links. Marcus. Who could link the open, T cards but, we got four different card designs we got Roper League gold, card screen, card and icon. Cards that's pretty cool sentiments. Come on it needs to be in the 90s I'm, begging ah. Pogba. He. Links and get such good strong links we're taking it left mid, Anisa. So, no dough or Marni. But God Manny's high-rated I thought.

This Was a bad draft this, has, potential. Honestly. Moreno. It's a hybrid so far with, no dead links, let's, see if we can keep her up defense. Kula by E and T C so I'm teaching dodging, cut to both and it's, a sensible place so we're gonna do that left, center back can. We have one oh, who. Needs T Melia nominees, when you got in form Van Dyke who, does strong link other side come on please, please. Uh. Holding. Doesn't. Work may. Take the Spaniard for now come, on in go ah. I. Was, praying for lucky daheia tendon cuts everyone or an, icon, daheia or an icon. Re, all, re, works kind. Of strong. Links, I just strongly time TC quotes, why doesn't Shawn link we're, going to re plus, three chemistry, is a 1e aid with, two stinkers. One of the stinkers being there and another, one there no. Teamily, is in this one so far but I know that. Soon to change a cardi, we. Take cristianos, and aldo could, bump me up to 189 we, will see if that right-center, back we need to get rid of as soon as possible, Angelina. See. He doesn't save chemistry. Okay. It's fine it's 189 and we got an improvement I can't, come on now. You're tough beat Oh aah. Ronaldo. Doesn't, work so we go Figo, -. Only - one we, will take a minus one to get that racing, in the team we, got a few 90s got Van Dyke Marley, so we got five eight payers hopefully. We, can make it six when, the game decides. The loads yes, I'm not losing my sanity at, all yay don't, worry about that one our blooper. Toby fair we could just get full camp by swapping those rounds then Messi gets a strong link that, works to be fair now we just need to improve the team for racing Oh. Closer. Doesn't. Work he. Does work but it's not an improvement, Suarez, isn't even an improvement hazard. Has a fair variant but, I have to take the 91 there's no way I can squeeze them in let's be real, it's. Not gonna happen that is a good bench pair to be fair though come, on team million nominee or. An improvement on keeper, wait, you. Strongly I'm, praying. Your, strong will carry, my chemistry and 91. In gold would, put me well. On my way to 190. Yes it's letting me redo the choice I actually now don't want to save this I realize I have a keeper, and, we need to improve the left wing position, if it, actually works, this broken, game power. Love that broken gave the ones I don't, know if it will let me do it because, the game's already registered, me taken to stake them. Darling. Please fingers. Crossed Lord, I'm thanking, you, this could, make or break the 190, I'm telling you we can't get 119, with, 85. Moscow. In there please load on baking, yes the broken game let me take sterling, if it goes up to 190, this, is a massive.

Finesse I finessed. The system if it does aah it's still pretty good for this because we already have the keeper I realized next. All. We're taking Martin's Hewlett boot stage we're getting on the blue cars just not, the team of the year ones until. Now why, we Bimini oh ah if. They're, eatin holes I take him I don't, really want to, ah. We're. Taking we're taking to play with okay all the games what are you gonna like out and say Alfie, you, can't have Bobby, for me no one surprised me yes, finally, but cashing, in on these, blue cards this. Game is making you use my sinuses I've been trying to do this one, draft for, 25. Minutes, honestly. But it's game broken, we've got to rush through this draft icky is kicking me out Mac, its own gigs, oh it's not an improvement, magnetite. II need an improvement, we'll take gigs of rate in to be fair we've got three, icons human. In Ghana conte if he olds chem awake, by forcing, better cuz now you get a link are we getting to go along in the team it could go to 192 improving. It I know. Come. On at least give me some more team of years and Silver's, this, is. Looking, done. Why don't you Sue's that throws it a final look bro because that's incredible. Morning. Annoying that, is not I can't believe t-midi a cards are actually in the game not, see many acres to nominees, by, genuinely, iego in hand this year but, most scream, team, at a group stage there any given us everything. Van Dijk new inform roads at a final can say messy job. Well done drive number two I would love to see some more team of years in here surprisingly. The, 521, is a banging draw formation, but Team India captain, or, I'm. Gonna go pee K cuz. That's a great racing for a defender, right wing 95. Messy ah, we, didn't get the 95 in for messy the 96, team of the greater sage 1 or, the team ilya nominee where take the normal one now, be finally we can give me a 94. Striker. And our fingers, crossed a car. D I thought that would be ones of the card animation, ah the. Cola and down ski left, wing, it's. Not looking over getting any we, got sterling, but we're gonna go Neymar we do have a three. Different leagues but somehow we're. Gonna have to make it work we don't have a choice the. Young links up there, we go we got a strong link finally, give, us another link watch, rich nice the, racing on this is kind of nice low-key, left. Back, give me the ACA, Alba, what, day e71, we're getting a Wasserman, so everyone is a bear named our lemon, down there's a bear everyone, in this team I swear to God's come, on save my defense just, nice me, and ninety, team at a crusade Ramos if, it wants to loads that, would be fantastic if they made me wait this, long for, no team of the year okay, Frank you free, team it is we, got to lip, we got Ramos, and Mark, wingers on the Van Dyke is the highest rated but look, Ramos strung some mud rich and PK, it makes, sense common next to him give me Van Dyke again. Over. An we, can have a full be be a defense, LaPorta.

Does Have the French nationality but we don't have any French people. I'm, gonna go for a round that's a very safe option, swap anyone round for more care Wow ah coz Jordy I'll get so strongly okay please. Write, back the UVA. We're. Good for wolfy, wraps we take him come, on keeper, give. Me a team of the Year Lurie, to Sagan oh it's. A snake and works nice it's a little one eight nine only, one team in the air hopefully, a decide, on my bench there, give me a few more of like a hazard, Kristiana. Stand out oh oh, ah. Nate, I dearly son isn't gonna make the team and we do need the right back so, I'm gonna put you in four plus twelve and, then 90 rated, okay this is going great another. Bit of Kevin, it's just my strike at left-wing save, me now or. I'm. Back hey I could, play in back pay you know obey. All I'm gonna say, Kimmy Anna BAP you regardless plus-one, narrates, is an incredible, car design but it's not what we're looking for common. Icon please Viggo's. Alessi or, Figo. I could, play and win back you know I'm, complaining psycho, I know striker, should. Be full chemistry. Plus. Ball or brass three will. Take the +4 that's, chem done sweet fair Marni no. Way on that slinky border, this could be another one nineteen this, could, easily, be another. One Knights not. With silvers dear, life this needs to be big, diamonds. Silver team, in the air Norman, are the, range drops, when. I saw that cards on I was like yes and. It's dropping we, need some big ray in we've, got it again to be fair Eriksson, the, ring is strong on this one maybe, we put them back on. The. Ring is incredible. I can't lie come. On please be great in Zanetti, we're, taking you know what we've put you in for, you. Okay, cuz I'm se we got another one eight nine not, too bad you've got a few seen many years few team interview stages that's. Respectable.

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