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top ten stocks previously we have  uploaded three companies about india operation and then this is a part  2 out of top 10 stocks in the year   2021. you may buy in small quantity by  adopting diversification method in all stocks   under hold for minimum three to five years  automatically your return would be doubled   nowadays the bank's rate of interest are coming  down it is now nearby five percent you may expect   12 to 15 percent annual interest  which is a triple than the   sba's fixed deposit rate of interest and also  say first bit okay now let us see the companies   which we will go for investment okay in this  video we will see four companies four companies   the minimum requirement is diversify  your investment in all stocks underhold   for minimum five years that is the main criteria  automatically your return would be doubled   within five years within five years if you invest  in your money in bank fixed deposit it may be   doubled within 12 years but if you invest in these  stocks the top 10 stocks part 1 part 243 will be   uploaded you may get a return of annual return  12 to 15 percent annually which is our eight   which is our objective apart from different  yield it may be around one to two percent now in this video we will see the following that is the already we have uploaded part one  video three stocks first stock about india   second stock astrological third stock developer  corporation now we will see four additional stocks   procter underground healthy limited national india  data consumer products galco india the poster to   procter gamble healthy limited under national  india for mnc companies the next two companies   lot of consumer products nalco limited  or data group companies so we are   recommending only strong basically  good management companies only okay now we may see the first company healthy limited we will give just the key  information only the detailed report about each   company will be uploaded separately okay this is  a rta glance we only detail report we will upload   separately a day okay now the procter gamble  health limited the company was incorporated in   the year 1981 previously the company name was mark  limited the mark limited was taken over by proctor   and the gamble group so name also reach injury  okay on the the company's 52-week high prices hundred and rupees 7350 fifty two weeks low  prices rupees two thousand nine hundred and   twenty eight nearly now the traded  price is uh returned to universals   more than 225 percent from the 52 weeks low prices  of 2928 and our top good price is double 14 000   our expected period is 5 years 5 years means it  may give the compounded annual return from 15 to   16 percent simply it was 20 percent okay from the  current prices of nearly 6965 rupees even though   the share prices is traded more than 100 percent  apropos 52 weeks low prices it is still will go   vertically 45 degree curve you may see in the  next five year automatically your profit would be   doubled in addition to dividend yield okay that  minimum holding period is five years and the   expected return is hundred percent expected return  is 100 percent the only positive factor for these   companies is the equity is very low the equity  is very low 16.60 crores face value is the time   please note first value of the company is the time  the market capitalization is 5549 crores pe ratio   around 60 and a price bar book value 30 this all  are essential on the key data about the company   now we may see the shareholding pattern of the  company the shop holding pattern promoter holding   is a 51.81 51.81 percent mutual fund is holding  6.1 percent the public holding is 30.96 percent   so nearly seventy percent is second to be high  net worth investors high net worth investors okay   then we may see the second part this is the  second part q1 revenue key one revenue procter   because the company's year ended is june so  automatically september quarter will be the   first quarter results q1 revenue for  f5 equal to 279.69 crores whereas   the previous year year of year q1 revenue  fi 20 was 231.89 a good jump the top line is  

279.69 as against 231.89 of previous year quarter  first quarter okay another very good increase   similarly the q1 ups upper financial  year 21 is 35 35.70 rupees as against   the cuban eps yeah fy20 is 21.50 nearly  70 percent up 70 up that is our projection   that is the key point the first quarter eps grows  nearly 70 percent if the same trend of maintaining   growth is maintained by the company next to five  years definitely it would become double within   maximum five years it may also become within  two to three years or four years or five years   our toggle period is a maximum five years but  within that period it would be doubled okay our   evaluation factor you may see it is a very simple  formula always the valuation equal to expected eps   into p ratio correct p ratio that is the basis for  the validation factor under you may say now the   current first quarter ups is 35.70 so the expected  12 months eps would be around 140 to 150 range   the first two quarter growth is 70 percent so  we have conveniently fixed the ups as a 300 only   even though it may be more based on the  current quarter increase but we have fixed it   safely as rupees 300 as eps and even though now  the pe ratio is 60 we have taken as a multiplier   47 nearly 20 percent down from the current p ratio  so 347 equal to automatically the sharp prices   rupees fourteen thousand ah this is a basis of the  evaluation you may also verify at the variant and   the inverse and get double and get double okay  now maybe we go we will go to the second slides the second company is a is also a national  india limited it is also a mnc company   the company was incorporated in the year 1961  52 weeks high price is a rupees 18 000 821   now the 52-week low price is 12 588 and our target  price is nearly rupees twenty eight thousand just   a fifty percent upper the whole experience three  years expected written is fifty percent anyhow the   annual return may be in the range of fifteen to 16  percent our our objective is all companies what we   are accompanying is the expected annual return  may be 12 to 15 percent 12 to 15 percent okay   the current prices under current apparent prices  18 392. already it is a traded nearby 52 with high  

prices so investors are requested to follow by on  dips strategy that is the best formula whenever   the market crashes by more than 500 points  that is the entry point if you enter that point   automatically your profit would be higher your  profit would be higher than our recommendations   okay the equity is to pros face value time market  capitalization 65 614 crores under p ratio pe for   the 86 price bar book value 78 and also this is a  such baser company and even though it is in under   census-based companies but it is a market  independent market independent means the index   increases automatically the share prices will  not increase if the index downward goes downward   automatically the price will go down that is the  basis point or not and also it is based around   result oriented company the market price will  be based on result oriented and also you may   see the shareholding pattern of the company the  shareholding pattern promoter holding is 62.76   percent fba holding 11.51 percent mutual fund  holding is four point seven six non-institutional   holding is 16.82 this means the public holding  is is very very limited only 16 percent remaining   84 percent is held by high net worth investors  if the company is going to declare a very good   results in the coming years automatically  share prices will move northwest vertically   move northwest because of low liquidity and  also only 16 percent is the health by the public   holders okay now let us see the future results  due to the results because the financial year is   not a financial year calendar year so this is yeah  you three years of september 20 is q3 results now   the q3 revenue financial year 21 is 3576 crores  as against 3276 crores as recorded in the previous   year of year quarter 3 revenue f520 now similarly  the q3 eps financial year 21 is rupees 60.89 as   against rupees 61.874 year of year quarter no  increase no increase that is why the share prices  

is not moving practically upward okay but anyhow  the top layer growth is good bottom line not so   much but you may expect bottom and growth also  in the coming years in the coming years okay the   key highlights please note the key is the company  is going for massive capital expenditure program   that is a 2600 cross planned investment over the  next three to four years that is the main point   for investment once the company's investment  completes automatically the sales on the bottom   line would become doubled if the eps becomes  double automatically sharp prices also will go   beyond 28 000 30 000 range that is the main key  point is the key highlights rupees two thousand   six hundred pros planned investment over the next  three to four years that is the basis of best   expectation okay based on which you may go for  investment but uh please follow by our tips policy   now we may see the validation factor  valuation factor as usual expected ups   that is the very very main point what  would be the eps after three years after   three years that is our prediction prediction  only and the current p ratio you may take okay   the valuation equal to expected eps ntp ratio  equal to current eps now the latest third quarter   eps is 61 around 61 if you multiply by  4 it will be around 250 range 250 range   from which within three years it may go minimum  of rupees 400 aps we we are expecting only minimum   only automatically within a year it may go rupees  400 but our expectation within three years it may   go up that is 400 currency p ratio is 86 we  have compatibly taken only 20 percent down   taken the pe ratio of 70 instead of 86 because  conventional safety is very very important   okay 70 to 400 equal to rupees 28 000 it may  easily crash within three years the national india   will easily cross 28 000 within 30 years within 30  years maximum third three years even it may cross   within a year or one and a half year or two year  the three year okay anyhow this national india is   a good long-term investment bet you may also adapt  buy and forget policy you will get a good return   okay and also it is and market independent  stocks okay now we may go to the next company   next company is data consumer products it  belongs to data group company you all know   about the data group it is a fundamentally good  management company good management company and the   company was started in the year 1962 62 it is  a bsa 200 sucks company 52-bit i prices 635   now it is a trade at nearby 52 week i  prices of 624 52 low prices 240 nearly   you may please see 300 up from the 52 weeks  low prices even though the company has retained   300 percent return to investors from the 52 low  prices which we strongly recommend this company   because of high growth high growth potential  the company is having okay the consumer business   is a mercury with this company from data  chemicals total chemicals that is a trigger point   and that a business will grow much faster than  other business okay our target price is 1200   the holding period is five years this is uh our  holding period recommendation is maximum within   that period the price target price may cross okay  and the current prices is 624 expected 100 percent   expected return under person equity is 96.16  crores face value is one first value is one   and the market capitalization is thirty  six thousand nine twenty one cross   p e ratio 102 very high p e ratio because of  company's potential high growth potential company   price ball book value is 5.27 5.27 okay and then  we may see the shareholding pattern of the company   the shareholding pattern is a promoter holding  is a 34.70 only whereas faa holding is a 21.65   mutual fund holding is 11.86 insurance 5.06  non-institution 25.95 please see that the  

faa mutual fund and the insurance are completely  holds more than 40 percent more than 40 percent   so public holding is only 25 26 percent only  this gives you a biggest trigger point for the   complaint now we may see the latest quarterly  resource that is the main point the latest   quarterly resource is very good the due to revenue  for financial air 21 is a 2808 crores as against   three hundred and seventy five pros in the year  of year q two quarter okay a good increase more   than twenty percent more than twenty percent  similarly the eps q2 eps fi 21 is rupees 2.79   rupees as against the q2 eps fi 20 eps was rupees  2 2.10 nearly 30 percent increase 20 percent top   line growth 30 percent bottleneck growth if  the same growth is maintained automatically   the share prices will crush the target prices  of rupees 1200 easily easily okay and also the   another positive factor for these companies is the  company's total asset position is twelve thousand   eight seventy four crores two thousand twelve  thousand eight seventy four crores the low for   the low equity of only ninety two crores  ninety two gross and the reserve is nearly   10 906 crores that is the most  positive factor for the company   in this video the total asset position the  reserve the company is having nearly 11 000   rupees 11 000 rupees so comfortably the company  is very good for long term investment please note   similarly we may see as usual the validation  factor expected eps intp voltage now the annual   eps is now based on the cube to latest quarter it  is around 12 rupees 12 rupees we conventionally   expect only rupees 25 within five years but it  may easily crash within two to three years the   expected eps of 25 the company may easily cross  within two years but we have fixed it safely as   five years and the current p ratio is over not do  but we have taken as 50 only 50 percent of current   appeal ratio so the company is having very good  potential 15 to 25 equal to 1250 so a company the   company share prices cross thousand two hundred  rupees thousand two hundred rupees please note then the final the fourth video finally our fourth  recommendation stock out of top 10. top 10 this   is a seventh stock this is a seventh stock okay  nel co limiter it belongs to data group company   52 week high prices or pc 270 52-week low prices  109 target price rupees 400 410 holding period   three years only expected return 100 so the  annual return may be the range of 30 to 35   30 to 35 percent it is a very good long  term best bet even within 18 to 24 months   it may easily cross the rupees of our target  prices of water okay investment again more   equity is a 22.82 cross 22.8 to cross face value  time market capitalization is very small what 234   p ratio 82 price ball book value 9.16 and also we  may see the shareholding pattern of the company  

promoter holding is a fifty point zero nine  fifty point zero nine and the other fda holding   four point one zero uh the public holding is a  44.26 44.26 public holding is more so there will   be zigzag movement in price due to on market  correction it may also go down and market up   it may go up okay based around which you may buy  on buy on this strategy follow deep strategy okay   now the current price is nearly 205 please buy  in this level under hold off as a usual minimum   three years you may expect 100 return within 30  years maximum 30 years okay the q2 revenue is   fi 21 is 54.1 for us against 54.6 no increase  that is that due to poverty 19 effect don't worry   for that now not due to the fault of the company  only prohibit 19 problem it is operating in the   telecom telecom sectors telecom sectors  the queue to ups for fe 20 is point nine   seven as against point six zero seven  this is a very good positive factor   even though the top line growth is not  so much but a bottom line increasing from   0.67 to 0.97 nearly 50 percent increase okay our  valuation factor is our evaluation factor equal to this is the this is the  wrong place we may correct it the current eps would be 12. please wait  this expected eps would be 12 12 into 35 the hour eps is 35 this is  the wrong place we will correct   35 the the expected price is please 410 410 so our target price or our expected eps would  be in the range of 12 now it is around a expected   ktm ups is a nearly four our expected eps within  three years will be around in the range of 12   and now the p ratios is 82 we may  adapt safely nearly 36 p e ratio   one third of the current dp ratio one third  of the current p ratio that is the main point   if you multiply 36 into 12 equal to nearly  420 rupees it comes around 400 rupees okay now finally we may see we may come to a  conclusion so far in the market there are   four thousand registered companies analysising  all companies is not possible we are analysing   on the uploading the best companies it may be  around 40 to 50 companies first in the year 2021   we are uploading top 10 companies top 10 companies  and this is a part 2 video part 1 video already   uploaded this is a part two and also we have  included in the playlist with the creator for   2021 wealthy creator so you may please see the  playlist of don't build the creator for 2021 it   will give a complete picture about which company  you will have to go for investment okay invest in   diversification method in all companies and i hold  for minimum three to five years getting a return   of hundred percent which is a triple then bank fds  rate of interest thank you for giving this video   thank you viewers if you like this video please  subscribe comment and share with your friends

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