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Hello Friends, welcome back to my channel. My name is Chelsea if you're new here. If you're not new welcome back, I appreciate you comin' back, YOU ARE THE REALEST. Yes my name is still Chelsea.

Follow me on social media. Across all social media I am @iamccsuarez if you would like to watch any of my other commentary content go ahead and click that little playlist up there. Merch is linked down below, My LiketoKnowit page, the Reddit page (r/ChelseaSuarez)... where to send any clips or video's you'd like me to react too Instructions for that are below as well. Just a little warning, I am not feeling 100% today so.... I also have to film four videos. Im not sure how well thats going to work out for me.

Update: it worked out fine I felt better after this video and filmed 5 total :) This is Top MLM Fails #46, and I'm really excited about it because there's some cringey things happening. So let's go ahead and get right on into this video. First of all, how drunk is she? She's just chillin in the hot tub. Drunk as poop.

Someone needs to take her phone. Thats like the number one rule. Once you've had a glass of wine....or three. you get in the hot tub... you don't take your phone with Dont do that. But then also, how she said You know its...wait. *confusion*

Did she say secret santa or did she say gift exchange? I think she said secret santa. Because with secret santa (as if you dont already know what that is) its a secret, and someone gives you a gift. I think shes thinking of white elephant. Where you pick the gift or steal someone elses Maybe Im drunk? Who knows. Ego is not of God. GIRL... Neither is your pyramid scheme.

WHAT? God is not using you as a 'vessel' for your pyramid scheme. And also why does your job have to change other peoples lives. Why can't it just pay your bills? Does it give them everything or does it give you everything? Because they are joining and you're getting money for that... I already don't feel good and that made me feel worse. Thats disgusting.

God does not want you to be a part of a pyramid scheme where you are taking advantage of other people. Imagine thinking that whatever higher power you believe in agrees with the MLM you're a part of. Imagine reaching THAT far To make yourself feel better about what you're doing. God.

How... Wow...How is a pyramid scheme going to get you out of an abusive relationship.? You'd just be going from one toxic relationship to another! Listen. I don't often choose violence...but I want to punch this girl in the left tit.

damn...Amber, you suck. Like how dare you. As someone who has been in a situation like that.. HOW DARE YOU. So this one is a reels and it has the song Bills Bills Bills by Destiny’s Child And it says ' when my little business makes six times what the average person makes a year.. in one month.'

Yet you're also at the top of the MLM. *Reads in dyslexic* And her caption said 'rather be rich because I'm curious... ....Than broke because I 'm a skeptic' 'Dont take advice from people who aren't going where you wanna go' 'or who have never done what you want to do.' 'Do the thing, you just might surprise yourself...and change your life. best choice I ever made.' DM me to learn how you can create a multi million dollar business right from your IG' YOU DID NOT AND ARE NOT CREATING ANYTHING You are selling a product and selling a false opportunity.

Yeah that shampoo Im sure works really well... is that why you are wearing an extension ponytail? *looks into your soul* Okay so, this one is a reels as well. and its everyones favorite Forex girl.

And I dont know why... I mean I do know why it's because she has 'smaller lips'. *Her lips with no filter or editing or weird faces look fine though, good even! its so weird!* But like every...*doesn't know to explain this*... like she's... Okay so you know how I've told y'all before I have hooded eyes.. And alot of people with hooded eyes train their eye brows to stay up. So that you can actually see right here *squishes eyelid and eyeball* Its to the point where I have to like...... *pushes brows down* k. These are my eyebrows normal.

But. I hold them up, I hold them up. Thats what my eyebrows look like when I hold them up. And thats actually one reason why I'll be getting botox so they just stay up and I don't have to do that. Probably sooner than that. I'll probably get it done before my sister in laws wedding. (why don't I say my brothers wedding?) Anyways. She like holds her lips like this she constantly has a duck face. It's so strange to me.

She does this. And she uses so many filters and everything its like I'm constantly being catfished by her. AND NOOOOO, this is not me commenting on her appearance, or anything like that.

Thats not her appearance thats just her making a face constantly. Its so strange to me. Super duck face. *fails*

But this is a HOW TO on TikTok How to reach your goals and be very successful. Create your mind through law of attraction and guidance of God. Create my mind?? I don't have to create my mind its already there. That way everything you want becomes yours. Thats not how this works. Be very open minded to new opportunities.

Get educated on investing and INVEST! Love through it all. Ma'am...I wish yall could see it.. can I zoom in on her face? It wont let me do that. She's like this right now.

its so weird. *we get it. its weird.* It's really sad because I feel like this is what being in an MLM has done to her too. She's constantly on Instagram and Instagram stories. And people can be ruthless I get it. So I feel like people have really Bullied her or shamed her about her looks so thats why shes constantly... *makes duck face* going like this. She said '"keep going, dont give up, you got this."

k. Oh I did put it in this video. *wiggum being the best boy* Is it? is it simple? is it? is it simple? Because we all know you're not actually making money from that.

It's your money you put into it. so then... In IM Academy you make more money recruiting so thats what all of them do. So what are you doing girlfriend? Im so tired. Okay so this girl said... Network marketing doesn't work its a scam.

inconsistent. not coachable tries for two weeks, doesnt work on personal development. why does that have to be part of your job? It's called brainwashing. never one team calls. Maybe because thats a waste of time. too comfortable. Lacks growth mindset. Plans but never executes.

ooooh we got.. oooh nice. we got another one from this girl it says common misconceptions of network marketing.

2021-08-18 01:07

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