Top 10 Business Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Top 10 Business Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

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A lot of people in my private, entrepreneurial, network or people. Joining my weekly, webinars, will often. Ask me about the top 10 business, books that I'd recommend for online, business owners or really, just anyone who wants to create some you, know some serious growth in their in their own business now. I spend a bit of time thinking. About which, have been the most impactful. For me that I've read over the years. And I've. Come up with what I think is a pretty, concise, top 10 for, anyone who's kind of looking to follow, that journey of online, business now. Some, of the books of physical books so I have physical. Copies of stuff but most of the time that I'll read, books I read, or well listen, to on audible. So, that's really what I'm going to focus on here, and for, links, to any of the books that I talk about any of these ten I'll spend. Some time gathering links, down below in the comments, sorry. Not in the comments in the description I'll. Gather links, for audible, and for Amazon, so whether you want the audio, copy or the physical copy I'll make sure there's a link there for the exact book and also as you're watching this video if you've actually read any of these books yourself, and you've got insights, from them please comment below as you're watching and, also if, you have any that you feel that have been seriously, powerful for you that you think should be added to this list as well again please comment below this video I'd love to hear your input and thoughts and. Any value that you can share with others of course will be greatly appreciated. As well alright so comment below and. Don't forget to subscribe if you are more like this because I'm gonna regularly, start doing like top, 10 business books top, 10 mindset, books talked own spirituality, books all that kind of stuff right so subscribe. If you want more like this so. My first book I've, already held it up actually so no surprise absolute. Classic, New. York Times, so, 20, years as, the number one personal finance book of all time not even New York Times longtime. This. Book Rich, Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, if you haven't, read it and you're. In business or you want, to invest, you want to expand, your wealth this, is an absolute. Must, read book it is literally, the foundation of.

Pretty Much every. Book. Going. Into us or financial, wealth building investment is, the foundational. Concept, of everything. Now. When. You start thinking like this and you stop. Thinking like. An employee and start thinking like a business, owner or an investor, you. Start changing the, way that you use money you start investing, in yourself or, putting aside income, to grow wealth you, start building assets instead of liabilities, you, know you start making. Sure that any liabilities, you do have your pain forward with the returns generated by your assets all this kind of thing is, just shifting, the way that we think about money. You, know a great example is a lot of us will think of our house when you own a house a lot of us will think of our house as an asset, but. The definition, of an asset is something that puts money into your bank account every month and does. Your house put money into your bank account every month but what does it take money out of your bank account every month and sure. We could justify. That. At the end when we paid off the mortgage we'll have an asset there but. It would only be an asset if you plan on not living anywhere and you, plan on selling your home and taking, back over the capital and then doing what living on the streets like, it's not an asset it's a liability and. Say you know this book goes into a lot of stuff like this that will really shift our beliefs on money, and shift our beliefs around the fact that you know in this day and age so many, of us are just brainwashed. With the programming, of go, to school get, a good job buy a house get a mortgage buy a nice car get, a promotion, and then maybe one day retire having just saved, and been frugal, to. Hopefully get enough of a nest egg to to be able to live out the rest of our lives like, that programming. Is redundant, it's old you know online business, nowadays working, for other people in this industrial age system. I don't believe, that it's the way that we should do things and my next book recommendation. Really, highlights. This and that's, the 4-hour, workweek by, Tim Ferriss so. This is the first book that I read that literally, blew, my mind wide, open to the possibilities, available. To all of us with online business I built, my first company in line, with how to in Ferriss talks about, building, businesses in the 4-hour work and the whole principle is that you're, you don't need to be geographically, tied you, don't need to be working for other people you don't need to invest huge amounts of capital you don't need to be a millionaire, to live an incredible, lifestyle, it's possible, to have, an online business ticking, away generate, a new income and you can go traveling, or exploring, which I did throughout all of 2018. It was 15 months of solid travel it was awesome but I've now wanted a bit more of a base to really kind of push things to the next level. But. Yeah it's going into this whole concept that for, example if you're generating a 3 grand a month and you're location-independent. You, can go, to Germany, live in an awesome apartment for a month or so you. Know take language classes, do. Sort. Of hobbies and stuff on the side like guitar lessons, from guitar, instructors, and this is obviously, really going. Into a really bad example here, but it's one of the examples, he gives in the book but. The general principle is that to live a life of true time, financial. And geographical, freedom it is a lot, more in reach than a lot of us think and like, for myself first, online business within 12 months of starting quit, my job less, than 12 months was living that lifestyle, now disclaimer, like. Obviously no results are typical it's just like going to the gym if one person walks in the gym and gets six pack abs six months later it does not mean that everyone it walks in the same gym is going to get the same result, all right online business, is no different there's so many variables but. The fact is that weeding, this book it, just. Bought the possibility, so much more in reach I can literally see well you know this is how he's done it there's, a road map now how I can do this - and that belief that, then fueled me taking the right actions, every single day to, create that result in a pretty, comparatively. Short amount of time so, definitely. Read that book I would recommend it, another. Book that has been really powerful for me as well is a classic. Thinking, roerich by, Napoleon, Hill I think anyone.

Who Does business book reviews, or. Basically. Anyone, who is, in any way into, business or self-development, probably, has or, definitely, should read. This book Think. And Grow Rich is an absolute, classic when a Polian Hill he, basically went and in - viewed a hundred. Of like the world's, greatest. Entrepreneurs. At, the time so, people like, Henry. Ford people, like, I think. Dale Carnegie was one of his mentor's he, interviewed. Thomas Edison I believe there was a whole load of other people as well and. Again the concepts, that he talks about in this book are just the foundations. Of what it takes to be successful, absolute. Classic, would absolutely recommend it, if you haven't read it you've got a reader and. Off the back of that another, book which I personally feel is very very, closely, a. Level. With thinking Grow Rich is the, science, of getting rich by, Wallace wattles, now. The science, of getting rich goes, a lot more into. The. Whole sort. Of concept, of, manifestation. And bringing manifestation. Into your. Business. And really how, creative, thinking, and about the vision, and stepping, into you the future, of your vision is what. Will dictate your success, because without a clear vision and without. The belief and the right intention. We're, not going to be able to create things. In our life, and. He talks about how creation, of matter so matter if we want to create something in our lives that say financial results, or business results or so on and so forth for that to exist in matter in the real world if first, has to exist in our thought in creation, we've got to invent that possibility, first, and, so that would be another note that's number four recommendation. Number. Five black. Box thinking right. So I'm by the way I was going to show you these on audible as well just you've got the, title. So. 4-hour, workweek looks like I. Can't. See the screen at the same time I think you should be able to see it one, of those ones they're Think. And Grow Rich it's just below, it I'm, ruining, my I'm ruining my surprise. Upcoming. Books by showing you this. So. Next, one so is black, box thinking by, Matthew side hold on my cameras just lost track of my face. There's. My face black. Box thinking so. Black. Box thinking is, it's. An awesome book, about. Particular mindset, and and in in the. Main focus of the book is about embracing failure, so. He, talks about he opens, the book by, talking about how different industries. Will look, at failure, differently. So for example the aviation, industry is the, prime example one. Of the prime examples of, an industry, that absolutely, embraces, failure and learns from it because, obviously failure, in the aviation industry. Is pretty catastrophic and, so. Is critical. For them to learn lessons. From why, things went wrong and then avoid may. Or make sure that they can avoid making the same mistakes again, so, the success, rate right, of the aviation, industry is, incredibly. High because, of their the, way that they they embrace failure, but, then if you look at the medical industry I, might. I might get this stat wrong so if I do don't bite my head off but I I'm. Pretty sure the stat is that the, third highest. Cause. Of death in America, behind, cancer. And heart, disease. Pretty. Sure that's the top to cancer. And heart disease is. Medical. Error right. So that's basically. Human. Error in the medical industry has caused a person's death I think. That's the stat I might have got that wrong however. The point is that we. In the medical industry they look at failure very differently and the public look at failure very differently as well so. If, a doctor was to and let's, say, have. A you, know they make a mistake in a an, operation, or something like that, the, industry, is is, there's much more pressure on doctors to want to cover up that. Mistake, instead, of acknowledge, and embrace that mistake and then put it out into the open and then look at how that can be improved. On or avoided, for next time and so, because of that more. We, would like that there's the mentality, to shift blame and. Not take responsibility, it's. Much, harder, to learn or improve and. Therefore the number of deaths is again I'm I. Think. The stat was two hundred and something thousand, deaths. In whatever year they did the survey I can't remember it's all in the book, black box thinking but the.

The Whole concept of embracing, failure and taking responsibility, and owning. Your your, stuff, right the, whole concept, is such a centerpiece. Of everything, that I've been talking about for the last three years is really. Really powerful. For. Me in this book to go through those concepts, but also just in terms of success, so what it takes to be successful and, so. Many of us will have this victim mentality or, this blame mentality, where we won't want to own we won't want to take responsibility, for ourselves, for. Our dreams for our goals for our failures. We're, so scared of failing we're so scared of judgment, from others we're, so busy avoiding looking. Bad or trying to look good, that. We're not willing to even. Try and fail we're not willing to put ourselves in a position to fail because we make the you, know the ramifications of, doing so in our own minds we make it such, a big deal we, think that the world is going to like crucifiers. For looking bad that. We just paralyze ourselves and we can't move forwards, because we're not willing to fail and we just shift blame instead, of taking responsibility and. When we take responsibility, we take back the power to actually, create change in our lives because. We blame we just give away the power and. It's. Just such a huge cause for people failing, constantly. And, if you get this if you start thinking like this, big. Big big pillar. Of success. All right so really powerful book for me as well so, number. Six is book. By Tony Robbins and is. Called, unshakable. It's, that one there hopefully, should build see it and. Unshakable. Is it's basically a summary, version. It's a more concise, version of money master, the game which, is like a faith basically, a paving slab of a book, really. Like really good book but, unshakable. Is more about diving into the sort. Of the mindset aspects. Behind investing. How. Fear. Operate. Or how like markets. And economics, is a lot of the time driven by fear it. Talks about the, investment, of strategies, that have always weathered the storm isn't really how to invest, and sort, of our mindset, well, our mindset should be when we show up to investing, and Tony. Robbins has, been just, such a big influence in my life for, at least the last decade probably longer I reckon, there, definitely had to be a book from Tony Robinson here and it's certainly not his only one you know he's got a lot of other books as well they've been very powerful very influential in my life but, I would definitely recommend from a business, sense I would absolutely recommend reading.

Or Listening to if you're on audible. Reading. That book really, really powerful now. Another one as well which, I have right. Here on. Audible, is top. One start. With Y by. Simon, Sinek now. Start. With y is. Talking. About how. Businesses. Like the way businesses, go about sort, of marketing, or getting their message out there is typically, a company would go. They. Would go right, this is this is what. We do and this, is how we do it okay. And they don't really generally. Go into why, but, then this certain, companies like Apple, for example that has been a brilliant. Sort. Of example of the power of this is they, will start, with why they do what they do and, then. They will go into how, they do what they do and it's almost an afterthought, what they do now. This concept, of starting, with why this has been the backbone of, every, company that I've launched since 2016. And. The. Philosophy. Is when you're clear about why, you do, what you do and your, values, or your business values. You're leading with those you're. Actually a stand, for something, you, will attract, people into your business who believe, what you believe and, when people believe, what you believe that, is when they will follow you for life because. You share values, you, know think about like people. People get Harley Davidson, tattoos, you. Know why would people get a tattoo, of a motorbike, you wouldn't see like Condor tattoos or you, know Ducati tattoos, and stuff like that but, Harley. Davidson, it's about so much more than just, a motorcycle, you. Know it's. I'm, not, really into Harley's I'm not gonna pretend to know everything that brand the brand is about but it's, like a culture, it's a community, it's just it's so much more and that's really the embodiment of why. You. Know they stand for something they have beliefs they have both values, and it's, so important, to to. Bring that into your your business because, when. You do that you'll attract the right people and, you actually like, your customers, as well and that. May sound trivial but its massive because so many entrepreneurs make, the mistake of building. A business that they don't love helping. Or serving, people that they don't really resonate, with and they don't really like and they end up trapped just living a life where they're doing things every day that don't like them are and they're surrounded by people who don't inspire them but. When you attract people who believe what you believe like, can you imagine the. Environment, that you're in every, single day when you're just surrounded and drawing people into your world who. Share those beliefs it's. Awesome, and start. With why is like the, epitome of well. How, to do this you. Know so really powerful, book any entrepreneur, in business you've got to be sure that what you're doing is bigger than just tactics. And strategies, and how's and what we do and all that stuff that doesn't move people and that will not last, okay. Another. Book that I recommend as well is the seven Habits of Highly Effective People now, this is an another. Classic, so a lot of people. May have read this book already, it, is that on their top, one by. Stephen Covey seven, Habits and. The. Principles. That Stephen talks about and really starts to you, know or dives into throughout the whole book are again, like absolute. Core foundations. Of how successful. People operate, funnily. Enough given, the title so. When, you can go, through this and really start to embody and like build. Your day build, your habits, around these principles. And start, showing up in life in this way, massive. Massive changes, are going to happen you, know one of the foundations, of everything that he talks about is leading.

With Value so. Leading. With value again it's been just a pound a ssin of everything that I've done over the last three years it's so so so important, because when. You put two, other people first and you. Make sure that everything, you're doing is simply about helping, people solve, their problems, helping people about solve their challenges, revenue. That you generate, in your business, or money is a direct. Result of the value that you provide this. Is one of Stephen Covey's principles, so. When you focus, on providing value you're helping, people you're actually creating impact, you're actually changing the world and as a result of that success. Will come if. You just focus on money you just focus on earning as much money as you can and that's. Where your intention, is well. You're not going to be focused on providing value and if you're not focused on providing value you're. Not gonna learn long-term. Sustainable. Revenue, you. Might get quick wins you might get a flash in the pan you, know you catch a trend or something like that but, it's not gonna sustain because you're not building something from the foundations, that's actually gonna serve the world that serve people, because. What like what's the stuff that you share with your friends, with, your family the. Stuff you share is people that you've actually benefited. From or society, the stuff you share with people is things that you've actually benefited, from you. Know things that have actually created positive, change in your life so. With, that in mind like if you as a business owner want. People, to you, know raise like really, get on with your product really get value from your products and then talk about what you do your products or service re and, really talk about what you do really. You want to like create impact, and, actual, change in the world like you've got to focus on value so, that's one of Stephen Covey's principles, another, one as well, that. Has massively. Served me is the way that he prioritizes. Things and so. Productivity. And he, has a quadrant. That he goes through in the book which is about how, to focus on your highest, impact, activities. First, and what, we often do when we write a to-do list is we will will, literally do that which is why a list of all the stuff that we have to do and then we'll go through the list and we'll cross it off but. That is a very ineffective way of actually, making, real progress in. Our lives and he explains why that is and there's, a quadrant, which, is called important. But not time constrained, or important, but not urgent and that's, the quadrant, that we all miss and that's generally, where, our highest. Impact stuff that is going to create the most transformation. In our lives that's, where this stuff exists, and he, goes through exactly how to make. Sure that we're putting intention. Into focusing, on those areas because that's where the growth is and that's what's going to move us forward all, right really really powerful book another. One as well which, I. Would. Definitely, recommend is, top. One to. Sell is human by. Daniel pink so. I was originally. Recommended. This book by one of my mentors and. I've. Read, a lot of sales books awfully I come from a 10-year career in sales that's my background. But. I'd never read this book before I started in business and, to. Sell is human again, like a major. Cornerstone. Of the, of. The book is about, value about, leading with value and so, many of us will see sales or sales people was kind of sleazy and manipulative.

And You. Know really just out to to, try and close deals and get people, to do things that they don't really want to do all that aren't really in their best interest and that's. Not selling you, know that's manipulation. So. We have the choice like in business, oh like. The entire foundation. Of our business is sales because, sales equals, cash flow and without, cash flow you, don't have a business this. Is the sales is the most important, thing in business it drives that is this the lifeblood, of your company, so if. We're, leading with value right, if we're genuinely helping. People we're leading with value and we're making, their lives better and somebody. Has a direct. Problem that. What we do can, help solve and we can help improve their lives by selling. Our solution. To their problem, to that person, is that manipulation, or. Is that helping, them to, live a better life and if we're focusing on value and we're focusing, on inspiring. And we're we're, selling in the right way well. We're, making people's lives and we're making the world a better place and to sell is human really, goes into that in a lot of detail really really powerful book there's, a whole load of other stuff that Daniel pink goes through as well I could probably talk about this book for ages. I'm not going to but, read, it like absolutely, read it I would probably say, is mmm. Is, certainly, one of the best sales books I've ever read and. I may be doing other with these videos on sales books as well but yeah, really, really powerful book and, then the final, book that I'm gonna touch, on and by the way this was in no particular order, probably. Should have clarified that at the start if I didn't so. Final. Book that I'm gonna go through is millionaire. Success, habits by Dean grat CAC so. And I've. Read this book for the first time about I think it was two and a half years ago and then, I've seen Dean speak a few times I saw him at traffic and conversion, summit in San Diego, in February, of 2019. Of this year and. A. Lot. Of what he should like a lot of what he's about and, the, the his principles, his principles, for success, that's. One of the things that I found so powerful, about them is is it's not rocket science it's really quite, simple and. A success, really, is pretty simple we just over complicate, it so much and this. Book like something. About it just really hit home for me about. How we, do over complicate things and how if we just stick to doing the things that work with consistent. Action, and we just do it relentlessly again, and again and again and again with consistency, we, will achieve that result and. I realized when I saw him in San. Diego, and. Heard him speak I realized. That like I'm kind. Of doing that stuff already the, only difference between him. And me was. Time right. It's just he's had more time he's got more skin in the game and. So all I need to do is just consistently, keep doing what I know to be true is what works because I'm modeling other people who have achieved, more of a result than me and if. I just keep doing that with consistent, action, well. I'm gonna get there like. I know that but his. Book just really helped hi down a lot of this into something, that is actually much more like yeah. That's obvious and, when you kind of know that it's obvious, that's, when your belief is, gonna skyrocket so. Again. Really, powerful book definitely, recommend that, there is a lot more that I could probably add to this list but to try and keep it kind of concise. That. I think has been you know a foundation. Of business books that have massively, created, a lot, of transformation, a lot of impact in my businesses and in my life so, if you've enjoyed this if you want more like this I'm gonna as I say do more book reviews on my channel I also, do a lot of online business videos I also do a lot of a lot of personal development and mindset videos because. The. Majority of, success, is not about the tactics and strategies, and the house and what you do is about, what goes on up there what, you believe you're capable of you know how you deal with fear all these kind of things so, that's. What I'm passionate about and that's, what I believe is the foundation of success so for all of that for more like this make, sure to subscribe you should see it on the screen right now I think it's that corner I sometimes, get this the wrong way around, but. Yeah make sure to subscribe and, comment. Below if you've got value if you've got other insights, other books to share or if you've read any, of the books that I've mentioned I would love to hear from you alright thanks very much for watching really appreciate it and I'll see you in the next video bye, for now.

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