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A special, guest today I like, to do this every, Monday, when possible new, and simple standard time if you're, watching this back on, YouTube. Please join, our Facebook, group Lisa Zimmer Essential Oils biz tips if you are wanting to share doTERRA, with others and build a doTERRA business, and. Help us on our mission to, get, oils in every home and change, our. Healthcare system, looks. Like people are joining us fantastic, all right so my special, guest today is Pamela. Vito's and the reason I'm excited to have her on is I. Bought. Her commenting. On a, post about, our, trifle, and. How, she's, brand-new, to building, in doTERRA, not, brand new to the pier of a brand new to building in boat era and, how, just using, the tri-fold in, her Oh Tara. Everyday. Real life does. What I want to focus on today she's. Been able to chat. And enroll, with people and the tri-fold. You're. New to the. Tri-fold the Zimmer trifold, has. Given her the confidence to do that we. Simply took here at Lisa's, summer essentials. His tips, we took the doTERRA, class, in a box and converted. It to, a, trifold. Brochure that, you can keep in your purse so, for example, I keep, mine in my purse in, a, pencil, case and, so. Anytime I'm out and about and someone says to me oh you, smell, good or oh what are you putting on your face there or Oh, what are you rolling that smells great whatever, it is I reach, in my purse and I grab a trifold, and I hand it to him it helps, me engage, comfortably. In. Conversation. Pamela's. Been using that and. Pamela. Is a, director. In doTERRA, brand-spankin'-new. Right, out of the gate right and she, was using with confidence, the tri-folds, to chat with people in her doTERRA everyday, real life she. Just launched. Her first class was yesterday, right yeah. Yay but, what we want to hear from Pamela. About. Is how she. Has. Used. The. Tri-fold to, give her confidence to, engage, with, people about, doTERRA, everywhere. Not. Just the class setting too. Many people are missing these. Limitless. Opportunities. To. Share though Terra everywhere. And so, I wanted Pamela, to share, places. That she's been able to do it how she's, done it some, of the things that she said the, help give you the confidence to do it - so Pamela. Take. It away hmm. Hi everybody, thanks. For having me Lisa. Yeah. I got your trifold, in January. And I, was stuck, so, I did because. Really. Frustrated, with buddy. To, give. People something concrete, when, I would talk to them it, was just sort of a we'd have a short conversation and. Then, Howie you get them to, take action how, do you get them to feel, like they actually have useful information from just a conversation you can't make, a memorize, your doTERRA website right. Or. You know asking them to get out their phone so you can text them something it's just it's, kind of awkward so, having the tri-folds, has just made all the difference for me and I've been really amazed at how easy it's been to, just you.

Know Listen, to people. And. Be. Waiting. For, an opportunity. Because I believe every single person needs oils in their home everywhere, in the world so. If you really believe, that yeah. Yeah. If you really believe that then looking, for opportunities. Is. It's. Just sort of at the top of your thought, process, wherever you are how can I help this person how can I help that person so it sounds to me like you're, really good at creating, opportunities. So that's something I want to talk about today - I know, the. One you mentioned to me that I want you to share in the restroom even, though that was unintentional right. You can, your doTERRA in public I'll share that situation. Was that your first late. Situation. Where you were able to do this or in the restroom, yeah, yeah yeah okay, sure, okay, I was, in California at. Oh and I was in California for, a weekend retreat at. 14. For, her, city and take my air my oils everywhere, and I, had taken the trifle I just printed them the night before and. I. Was, in the bathroom in a shared bathroom, it was a dorm style situation. And there, was a woman standing next to me and I leaned into the mirror and put yarrow palm under my tongue and. She. Said Oh what are you doing what is that and I said well it's, called yarrow palm it's from doe Terran it's essential, oil it's, an essential and she said I'm I'm, really. Interested to know more about what that is so. Of course you know it was just sort of whoa here we go so. I, told. Her in. The bathroom in our robes. Just. Yeah. We had a short conversation and, I said I would love to bring you something, can I bring you something to your room and she said sure of course so I went, to my room grabbed, a trifold, she, gave her her room number and I went to her room number and she and her daughter were there and she. Said my daughter has, actually. Used doTERRA. She has a couple of bottles, and so. Yes, I'd love to learn more so I handed her the tri-fold and I said why don't we meet for breakfast, in the big dining hall so we did her, daughter joined, us. Yeah. We got dressed met. Each other in the dining hall and. Talked. About you know I just want to kind of get to know her and know what her needs are and what they're experiencing, and all of that so we. Could have talked for a long a, lot longer but, both of our classes, were starting so we had to scoot, so we. Made a plan we exchanged. Cell, phone numbers and the next week I texted, her and she. Enrolled, with home, essentials or with the family essentials. Kit and. Yeah. She. Had the thing. Exactly. Mm-hmm. Yep so, it's that's how it's been going a, lot of the time I want. To hear about I, love that so I mean, that one was super unintentional. Right yes, afternoon. Yes. Yes. That's, what we have to remember too is if people. Doing. What. We do with. Those here are hmm. Their, interest. Hmmm. That one you couldn't plan for right in a row you're, doing.

What You do but. I want. Help our audience. Realize. Most. Of the time we'd be like oh it's your comments, great and, then we'd start vomiting useless. Information, about our oils and what we love and I want people to change their mindset to Wow. This is an opportunity to help this person get though Tara I need to make that happen for them I need to help them. And. So, many people have that mindset of Oh ackward. I don't want to be pushy right now we're in our robes I don't want to be salesy, and it's like stop, selling, and just start telling right. Yeah, just tell them about that when, you have that comfortable. Mindset, that duh because you and I have the same mindset. Everybody. Needs the para. Why. Not, talk, to this lady while I'm naked, in the bathroom right. Exactly. Because you're living it you're living, your doTERRA. World. You, know you're in your robe in the bathroom it makes them easier to believe it mm-hmm. I want to hear about. Cuz. I liked your segue there right she said what are you doing that. Was a natural. Engagement. There because she saw you use that product and you said. After. You visited right hey can I bring something, to your, room, right yeah. Permission. Data and, I. Want to hear about in those situations. You've, mentioned where, you, are doing. Your to a pair of real life at. The bank in, line, to cash a check tell us a couple of scenarios there, that, you okay. Even if even if it didn't take you to an enrollment. I want. People to hear, what, language, you use to, make that segue, from I'm standing, in line to now I'm talking to someone about boils can. You give us yeah, okay. I sure, can mm-hmm, few weeks ago I went into the bank took close an, account I have other accounts there still but as I needed to close an account so, I had to sit down with a banker, and she. And I went through the whole thing about you. Know what's next and I had, to wait a couple of weeks to make sure all the transactions. Were through so just normal. Banking I left my backpack in the car rather than bringing, it into the bank so I thought this was just gonna be a quick thing. Well. After. We got done, she looked at me and she said I love, your hair, the it is so beautiful, how you let the gray grow out and. She. Said you know I really want to do that because I'm so tired of the toxins, pink, right you know oh. Load. Let's reduce the load yeah so. I said, well you want to know how I did it rather than letting it grow out for a year and a half or two I, got it cut to a half an inch long it's. Down to my roots and I, just let it regrow. From there and she said oh I would never be brave enough to do that but I so want to stop using toxic, dyes and. I that and then I just started talking about the, toxic, load that we all experienced, in all of our bathroom. Products. All of our personal, health. Care and. You. Know cosmetics. And all of that just just a quick yeah. Really, a lot of junk in there that's why I'm an adduct a. Wellness, advocate, with doTERRA, oils, and she said really well. What do you mean so, then it just went from there and I said well I help people you, know get. DoTERRA, into, their lives find, other ways to deal. With their health care rather than the medicine chest and it's. Working so beautiful, beautifully, for me that I've been able to replace everything. I used to use with, these products, and I feel so much better about not dumping, all this garbage into my body all the time, so. She. Said do you have a card and I. Said actually can. I run to my car she, said of course and I said I don't want to get you in trouble or take up too much of your time she said you are totally, fine so, I ran in my car it got my oils, yes.

Exactly. You're, not being pretty no. And and I didn't say okay I'll bring it to you next time right I, said damn. Resonator. My car right yes, so, I went to my car I got a trifold I got, my oils and I, said I handed. It to her and she looked at and I said can I just share something with you and she, said absolutely so. I put, lavender, in. Her palm and she smelled it and done. I put peppermint, in her palm and she just sat there with her hands, over her face breathing, and breathing. And she. Said this is absolutely, amazing can you do anything for this that you know are there I said yes there are oils for everything, so. I. Was. Feeling like, I had taken up a great deal of her time in the lobby right yes, she said would, you come, back and talk to my coworker, she's. All into the, natural. Stuff. And, I said absolutely. I will she's, actually the one who opened, this account that, I just closed so I already know. So. Yeah. That was that she she stood up came, around her desk and hugged me and thanked, me for giving her all of this information and, and. She said oh and you smell so good because I had cheer yeah. And yeah. Yeah so I invited, her to my wedding here's, what you did that you're really good at is what i picking. Up sorry for interrupting but i wanna poke a big, numb my neck pet you. Continued. To ask her, permission. Yes. You didn't just keep talking, at her and, monopolizing. Her time without. Qualifying. That she wanted you to do that and. You. Are respectful. With the way that you do it you're not just rambling, and assuming, and your, qualifying. Her as you go can. I go get this and bring this back in can, I share this with you yeah. I taking, up too much of your time and, that's what we need to remember we still need to remember to be respectful of. Our audience, and not just because we want to share doTERRA with them not just vomit, with them or start. Monopolizing. Their time but. Doing what you did mm-hmm, information. And qualifying, them as as they, go to make sure it fits the scenario and, and their. Timeline, and their level of interest, it. Exactly. Segue right to that other person right away or did you set a time to come back and talk to her another time that, other person, was with a customer, so I haven't made that contact, yet but I did go back to the bank the other day because I needed to open a new checking, account for. With, a different. Reason and. That. Person, and whom I talked to before. Wasn't. There so, this nice young man came over and got me from the lobby and we. Sat down and, one. Of the first things he said was excuse. Me I'm so sorry I have a cough and my throat's a little crummy, and he was eating, your cough drop and. We. Started to talk and he put his sweater up over his mouth and he coughed into it and he said I'm just I'm really sorry I'm just getting over this and I said can, I give you something and I. Pulled out an on guard cough drop for my back I just, slid. It across the desk I said give this a try and he. Said what is this and I explained, what it was I just burped very briefly, I said, it's a cough drop it's, got essential, oils in in it and, it's. From doTERRA, and he said can I go online and get these you. Know so just this. So. That was last week and I happen, to be having my class yesterday so. In my backpack I had the, natural solutions. Cards. Filled out for my class invitations. Paper. Clipped to a trifold, and I. Said, and he said I'm really, interested, to learn more about natural things. And so as my girlfriend and I said well here I'd, like to invite you to an essential oils class that I'm having it's happening Sunday and he. Looked at it and he said this is awesome, you're you and my girlfriend and her sister you're all the good witches. I. Want. To point something out. So many people make the mistake of just giving the invitation. To the class. And. What, you did that worked so well was the invitation, to the class with. The tri-fold, what. Happens, is right you the opportunity. Wasn't there at that moment. Go ahead and enroll him, you felt that right yeah, at the bank right. Do. It his girlfriend, is the one that's gonna be the most interested, based on you know just what I've heard from you say right so, but what worked for you it is don't.

Just Invite people to, a class make, sure you have your trifold with you everywhere, you go. Because. If he just had the invitation, in the class time didn't work out. Yeah. Mine, and enroll themself, with the, invitation. To a class. And. They. Exactly. Right. And so they're gonna see a missed opportunity they're, gonna say never mind they're gonna go on where they're, gonna go on the internet, it. Was all traded products from Amazon, because, you did a good job talking, about the product, but you didn't get. To, the finish line mmm-hmm, get. The product, from you. Right. What, was perfect, about that the, invitation with, the trifle, so that the opportunity, can't be missed. Well. Thank you yeah because the, Sunday passed the, car gets tossed and they have no reference, but that trifold, is a lasting, thing that, can light lay there for as long as. You. Know makes, it a catch yeah mmm-hmm yeah fantastic. So. That's where I want people. To envision, how. You need to pack that purse or. The car right, so, you, didn't have your, tri-folds. And your oils, in. When. You went into the bank right, mm-hmm, still, knew they, were in the car right. All. You have is the doTERRA keychain, in your car and. A. Stack, of tri-folds, they should always be in there it can fit right in the side panel of your door in your glove box in your console, so. I have, tri-folds and every be foe I, don't. Think I have oils and every vehicle but I literally, never, go anywhere without an oil of some kind even if I walk in somewhere without an oil in my purse I always have. Lipgloss, and Liam, macaca, mmm. I pretty much will, not find. And. So. They're. In, the purse ready to go so that you, have that, tool, and that opportunity, to, open that conversation let, me visit on the phone here and see, if, we. Have, any questions. All. Right so Bonnie says, with trifold what to use for order, forms, Bonnie, the, trifold. Tells people, how to log in and enroll themselves and. You can actually. If. If. The opportunity. Had presented itself. Kamla was in, those two situations right, at a bank you, know with other customers, and they were doing other things the opportunity, didn't present itself to drop what they were doing and enroll on the phone but. That's what she could have done the. Trifold, gives them the directions, to, enrolled. Himself so, she could have if she had the opportunity, to take it to. The finish line so she could change their life right it's not about closing the sale it's about helping getting these products. To change their, life forever for the better right, so, she could have opened her phone and enrolled, them right there but. Because, that wasn't the way this situation, was laid out she was able to send them home with the tri-fold and, these people follow, the directions and enroll themselves of, need order forms. Lola, says we're catching, them in the middle of daily life we continue, to ask permission throughout. So important, to recognize yes. It's, so painful, for me when I see, wellness, advocates, just talking, at people and. Not. Asking. Questions right. Tell me about you, tell. Me about your interest. In text and pre living or no. Can I go right we have we should be asking people questions. To. Engage, to. Qualify. Them do they want to keep hearing me talk and. You. Should be talking as little, as possible so, that's why I want everyone to memorize, the, 60 second enrollment process.

Because It's not about us talking it's. Inaudible not about us, a lot it's about coffee and very little. To, pique their interest to. Get them talking about themselves, so we can learn about them. So. That we can help them get enrolled as quickly as possible, without, a lot of complicated, words so. That they can turn around from, us right. So even at the bank Pamela, your. Lady. That, you were talking to at the things that I wanted you to talk to my friend too right. You, can also then. You probably did this you gave her the tri-fold and say hey share this. Other one with your. Rep make. You round, and do exactly, what you just did, and enroll. People and get other people into, the doTERRA, lifestyle. So, we can all change the, healthcare world they. Can't do, that if, you're, talking at them, a bunch. Of random, educational. Information, about oils that they'll never retain. Right. So. You have to say as little as possible. Effectively. Get, them engaged, get them punking so they can turn around exactly, what you did so that's the importance of a trifold, it requires you to talk less and they. Can duplicate, it they can handoff trifles, right, if you're, relying on, a. Sparking. Sparkling. Personality. And super, complicated. Feels. It's. Gonna make you less duplicatable. Because the next person that wants to share doTERRA might be an introvert. They. Might not be comfortable with any of this except, who's, not comfortable handing out a trifle and. So. We want to make sure as. We. Do this that. We're. Making sure that anyone can do what we did right. Meredith, says I struggle, with taking, someone who is interested in one product and getting, them to enroll with an enrollment kit, when they only want one thing, it. Often happens when, I'm out of them or them so, I'm gonna answer this. For. You Meredith so. A great way to do that a vendor. Event and here's. Why it's different than a regular opportunity. But, the same you're, still gonna do the 60-second. Enrollment, spiel, so, that is, someone. Says hey I'm interested. In. Brief. I like, the way that smells. And, I, see on your banner, your black banner behind you breathe is for. Easy. Breathing clear Airways, whatever, I'd like to get a bottle breathe, awesome. Pamela, tell. Me what, else you got going on because. I want to make sure, that. What we hope you. Get is gonna help you with everything. That you need tell me what else you got going on because breathe. Is great for this this and this but, might. Be another oil that's, gonna. Be great for that but, can help you with other things and then we'll be more cost effective tell me what you got going on they tell you what you got going on you. Do your enrollment kit well I don't want to spend that much right. I just wanted that one, bottle of oil. We. Have a mini intricate, this is where you pull off a mini intricate, because remember. Most. Of the things that they have going on lemon. Lavender peppermints, gonna help them with it and it's best for them to get started with something and three. Oils lemon. Lavender peppermint. Right and you can say oh my gosh this is even better why is that even better in than breathe right is lemons, a mucolytic, peppermint, opens the Airways that can also help with you. Know and list off and blame things and pull out your. $55. Instrument, handout there. Are ten dollars on our website and say even, better. Look. At everything that you get and this, one's only fifty five dollars and, it's gonna do exactly what you want it to do for the, reason she asks for the breathe and all these other things for all those other problems, it'd be more cost-effective for, you to get this 455, at three aisles instead, of one get. All these other things for free how does that sound right. It doesn't matter what it is you. Do, want to get comfortable and, confident.

That Your lemon lavender peppermint. Can. Do. Almost. Anything that, you want it to do and be prepared for that. And so, but it's the same every, time because these. Top 10 products, do, take care of just about everything. A3. Take care of just about everything because, I want the mindset, to be there, that. You. Understand. Hey if I help them get breathe. And, it. Doesn't, work for what they want because they're one of those people where for some reason that didn't work right, when. You have pen, oils. To pick from or three, oils pick, from. Some. Problem that they have something's. Gonna work right. But it's give them the one oil, because you don't try harder, and don't. Try to do the better thing. For them. Got a better shot of feeling, right, so like my cousin, I got her serenity, and she. Was up all night did, the opposite, right knocked me out cold. Kept. Her wired all night had, I only, gotten, her the serenity, right. Granted, it was my cousin so I was able to work through it and imagine if that was a stranger, I'd never see them again but. Had I gotten them the top pen kit or, the lemon lavender and, peppermint kit, I know. She had other things too you say oh my gosh so feticide I would. Make do and swap it out for her for something or tell her to keep it for their family members or whatever but, hey let's use the peppermint and lemon. For these other things that we talked about this this this so. That's a long explanation but, I want, people to, stop. Customizing. And stop doing one-hit, wonders, if you can and. Try. To. Reroute. People, to, a top-ten, kit to, a three-person, kit because. It really, is, best. For them it's, best for you and it's best for them. Right. So. I want to give another story about the bank because Pamela, got us on this Inc. Conversation. In my last, steam meeting that I had with my team so. This. Is why you want to share your testimonials. And share stories everywhere, because they all, Pamela, did was comment, on a post, mm-hmm. Write, a live video it, led to a conversation. On my own team. Business. Meeting, and, it, turns out one, of my builders. Shared. With the team that she. Related. To your story, because she actually refuses. To do direct deposit with, Tara and, you said why in the world would, you do that like, it's an extra dollar if you don't do direct deposit she. Makes it a point every week that she gets heard though Tara checks right because she enrolls, people so she gets a check every week, every. Time, she goes to the bank cash it she goes inside. And she, tries to make sure that she talks to a different color each time. So. The last time she did, it she said she took her trifold, yeah, she. Was able to book a class, wow. You're. A Czech. Creating. Conversation. About the Tara from cashing that check and. Handing, them a trifold, and scheduling, a class well. Yeah. Right. Mm-hmm. Here's, what's so awesome - my husband, used to work at the bank and here's people. Always, have. Trouble understanding. Segues. Into, working. With different, people at different workplaces so, at the bank when I was sick and starting to feel better my. Husband, works at a bank and I, said I'd love to work at the bank I just need you know a customer service, stuff where, I'm told what to do because I spell brain damage and, he. Was like you'd never do it I'm like why he's like you have to touch money. Do. That I have a total like aversion. To money. Jeremy, discussing. This in the spelling, and I'm like ooh but, you know what we enrolled every, single person, when I started, the para at. All the bank branches. Because. Of my aversion, and discussed with all the germs associated. With money. And. We. Helped them all get, honored. Wow. Refuse. On guard, back then they were making their own hand sanitizers, we'd give them the school. Recipe, with the hand sanitizer recipe. On it right think, about who. You're talking, to make. A plan, you're gonna go to the bank make, a plan if, you're, going to a treat or retreat, make, a plan what, do you have in your purse if you're going to the bank make sure you have the hand sanitizer, have. One that's like almost, empty, with an eighth of a bottle left and save, the. Last eighth of a bottle, of every single ham sing doTERRA, hand sanitizer, that you have every. Time you go to the bank to cash a check give one to the teller and your trifold right. Think, about and you have a plan. Where am I going. What, are those people encounter. How, could I help yeah. You're sampling that's pretty effective sampling. I'm. Not just random sampling, someone, it, really need that yeah, I believe. It. Right. Kills, 99.9%. Of, germs I'm on contact, you can look it up on the thing. All right let me see some, of these questions p.m. ah and I, appreciate, you staying on with us do you have any more scenarios, that want to share I know those were the ones that caught. My interest in your testimony, on I.

Have. A lot but, my. Class was good I didn't teach it my upline taught it she was here for the symphony of the cells training, in Denver and so she asked. If I wanted to do my lunch class she taught it I got two enrollments. Only. A lot, of my already. Enrolled people, showed. Up to, learn more about oils, and how to teach a class and for. The one. Person I believe early the, four people that remain, till the end to enrolled so, it, was a 50%. Enrollment. Rate there. Yeah. I have a great story, well, it's not so much yet a great story but I had, I don't get manicures and pedicures, very. Much because, of the salon toxins, I can hardly stand to go into. A salon but. I wanted toes and fingers done for this big doTERRA week I was having so, I took my own polish, my mineral fusion polish. So that I wouldn't have the toxins, from the. Salon polishes, and it was a wonderful treatment, I had the most amazing foot. Leg and hand massages, the girl, was awesome, but. The sad thing was when I went to use the bathroom there. Was a bottle of Febreze on, the back of the toilet and I could smell that had been in the air already when. I got it in there and then I was watching one of the other women who had just finished a pedicure. Take. A bottle of formula 409. And, spray it all over the, foot, bath and then some Clorox and, I'm thinking every these four, women every. Time they use or pets. In a but the client they, have to spray more of this stuff into the air get their faces down in there and scrub it so. I was I had my toes done first and then, I had my nails my, fingernails, done and as I was sitting, there talking with my technician. She, started talking about you, know all the contagious. Stuff that's been going around and I said well I just said well you know what I've been able to avoid every, single, thing I've been exposed, to this year by using doTERRA. On guard and she's like really I've heard, of that before my cousin in Florida does that so. We're talking a few minutes, of course my nails are wet so I can't reach into my backpack I, said, could I give you something she. Said sure I said could, you reach into my backpack so, she did, she pulled out my trifold.

Hope, And an. Invitation. To the class. Then. She. Didn't come but she's got the trifold, and I want to go back there and say, you know I was in last week and I had such a hard time with all of the harsh chemicals. In. The air in the bathroom. And I'd. Like to share with you that, you could do this in a much safer healthier. Less, toxic. Way so, yeah, that's the plan what you're doing, you're, creating, your own opportunities. But. What others aren't seeing is that all, these opportunities are there, I was, Tom Pamela before we got high I. Channeled. My inner Pamela. You, know I've been doing this for years so I don't have any problem talking to strangers about the para but I thought of Pamela I was buying a couch, and, when. We went to go sit down at the desk the woman says you smell, amazing. And. I. Said well. Thank. You very much it's essential, oils, and I reached into my bag and I said have you heard of the Terra essential, oils that's what's making me smell so amazing. And. You'll also notice that it made me very decisive. In our buying decisions. Today right. Because we were super decisive. And I, wanted to appeal, right, to, her. World. Her world was king, that was easy these people just and all this money on my couch and it was super easy I said, and wore my essential. Oils to help me be decisive, today, you guys should use these in your store, help, your customers, make decisions, and be decisive and, and right, because I wanted to talk her as a sale from a salesperson, perspective about getting oils for herself but, also for the opportunity. So. She took the tri-folds, we're gonna chat there were other people that you know needed to be. Waited on as we finished up our sale but waiting, being um I just. Got a count, right. You, then. Have. To be able to identify these, opportunities, and, create, that it's. Not that people aren't open, right follow, what Pamela's, doing. Follow. What, I'm doing, even if I just handed her a trifold, and said hey you. Know, could. You use natural solutions. For something, in your life and, so. That actually was part of our conversation, as well and her daughter. Needs help with something for. Monthly. Time. Right, so we can box very calm are filling out paperwork you know just small talk to chat yeah. And I know. So we'll see what happens from there but I have the opportunity to follow up because I have her card I have her email etc right, so she'll be invited to my next class we'll make sure she right or trifold they, want people to see that I'm going. To. Pamela. I'm going, to read through these quick and if that's okay just have you stand for a couple more minutes me has. A question specific. For you. Okay. What, do you do with older people who are not online at. It. Can call customer service so, I have, a builder, right we have to stop making, excuses, for why things don't. Work, find, solutions, for them so Tara has the solutions, for all this I have, a builder, who doesn't, even know how to log into the back office or log into the era, he. Calls 1-800. And places, her order every month and, when, she has someone that wants to enroll she. Calls, 1-800. Four one one eight one five one, and enrolls them or, they get on the phone together right. There's solutions for all of us. Holly. Says what is the 60 second enrollment where can I find more info, so if you're new to my, lives. And information, here and you're. Watching this live right now that, means you are in, Lisa, Zimmer, essential, oils is tips Facebook, group every. Single person, needs to click on the, announcements. Tab and. Scroll. Through all of the, steps the, big, turquoise, images. And. One of the very first ones a 60 second enrollment so click on that photo and, then, breathe all, there is. Walnut. You can also click on units, tab I have it in both places. All. Right Nancy says make and take some, girls work night shifts, asked if they can just buy the roller bottles, how do we address this the answers no there's, lots of videos in here about this we want to get them to a class but also build a relationship. You. Charge more and then for the roller bottles outside of classes you cannot sell roller bottles, Nancy, it's against company policy, so. What you can do is make, it take so when someone says awesome. I want. It. Didn't enroll it class or, they saw you use a roller I want one of those awesome. I'll help you order, it but. It'll be even less than the roller bottle right and so. You, need to learn math with, your wheels, and figure, out that, a bottle of breathe is 20 whatever dollars now. But. For. Them to buy a five milliliter. Roller. Bottle with ten drops of breathe is five dollars, there's, 250, drops in, a novel.

Right So, who's. A math they're, gonna pay a hundred, and, fifty. Bucks or whatever it is I don't know that one off the top my head the. Do math memorize, a couple they're, gonna spend $150. On, five. Milliliter, roller bottles, that, they can make was a $20, bottle a breeze so. Explain that chunk say you don't want to do that that's, that you don't want to do that we just do the rollers for our class so you can go sample size to try and then we help you get it cheaper when you buy the actual wheels, so. Learn those scripts and learn math and. How. It relates to them and how it benefits them, right, so the, reason I'm struggling with math is to tears changed all the prices on everything and I used to have everything memorized so. Like the old bottle. Of balance. And serenity right it was fifty dollars for the two of them and everybody would come to me and say I want that calming, stress, sleep roller it's amazing. And changed my life, awesome. That's not how it works we help you get the actual oils so it's a lot less expensive, right. I use theirs so 10. Milliliter, bottles for ten dollars right we. Can't do that it's against company policy and, it's not safe to do that for people you, need to make it themselves and so. Ten, dollars and I would get 17, rollers, out of those two bottles of oil for 50 bucks 17, right, they. Ended up paying a hundred and seventy, dollars. For. The $50. Down. Some serenity, so. No. That, doesn't make sense, you have to talk to them in the language that makes sense say, hey Suzy Q when, I had to transition, right from some $10, roller bottles that was wrong, to. Doing doTERRA the right way I and. Then say hey I want another $10, roller of blah blah blah say I am so sorry I did. Not realize what I was doing I was doing it wrong and I was not being fair to you we, need to help you order those Oreos. Because. That, $10. Roller. Bouncing serenity, every, time you order one of those from me and then depressing, you a hundred and seventy dollars, for. The $50 in oils I am so sorry let's help you get your own account and we're gonna cut that price in half today. We're. Gonna help you get those oils for $85. Get your own account now, every time you reorder them they're $50 and I just cut your price in half. Right. So just. Figure out ways to make, it beneficial for, them because that's what it is. Alright Holly says I like the idea of asking them to pass on the tri-fold to someone they think could benefit, from natural, solutions, always always. Always always and, when, I pass those on and pass, those on with my contact, information, on them unless. It's a member, already enrolled, who. Wants to share doTERRA, who, has upgraded to a wellness advocate, and I give them a staff of five maybe. Blank ones I print all my trifold blank, so. That I can him link ones to someone brand mil and then, if they actually start enrolling people then, I tell them now, you have to go to the leases of our website and, get your own trifold, for rights to distribute it.

Use Mine until yours come in. Alright. I think we're good there I think the rest of them Hamlet I can answer and, let. You go I sure appreciate you, giving me 45 minutes of your time sharing. Those stories I want. Everyone. To be able to do so, Tara, real. Life and, not, be. Constantly. Missing. Opportunities, and. Missing. The opportunity, to create, opportunities. I want you to be able to create opportunities, everywhere, you go in your everyday life to do doTERRA the pair of real life so. Thank you Pamela, good luck to you I'm excited that you launched, yesterday and, I can't wait to hear more good testimonials. For you so. As far as follow up do you have your process, in place for follow, up with I do it, just enrolled yeah I do yeah I always always do the same thing it's it's really, lovely to have that in place and, I just want to thank you for making this so easy you. Are very, welcome, we want everyone, to be able to start on Tara and not be scared of it to. Feel. Like they can do it to make. It easy. Everyone. Won't want to do it we want right now want. To do this and share this so thank, you for your time so you know my dear you're welcome, to stay on I'm gonna keep answering more questions or. If, you're ready. Check out because I know you're busy you can hit leave meeting but either way, thank. You for joining me and then. You would do me a favor and shoot me email and as thank you for joining me today. I want, you to pick something from, my website any of the may, can take any, of the handouts, up to twenty-five dollars so we, should appreciate your time and sharing your stories, and giving. Back to this community. Thank, you I know just, which one and I know whom I'm going to start with it. All. Right so you can email me and then then. You're welcome to stay on if you like I'm gonna dig into, questions. And I, sure, appreciate your, time today okay, thanks Lisa goodbye. All. Right. Scroll, into your questions, here for ya so. Margaret, says I then have people wanting, to buy them retail to see if they like it so, one. Thing I never ever do no, one I have ever spoken, to in doTERRA, in four and a half years, knows, that, no tear is even, available, for retail so. Remember. If you're offering, people retail. They're, going to pick retail, and that is not best for them and it, is not best for, you so. Make sure that, you're not is picking, you're. Setting yourself up to fail when. You offer retail. Okay, so, again right, you want to do the. $55. Many intricate, enrollment, right and pull that out of your pocket. And share that with people pull, it up on your phone if you buy it from me it's a digital download screen. Shoot that have it saved somewhere and saying you know what you do not want. That you want this, tell. Them what, is best, for that and. If you say oh you can do retailing it's $25, well of course they're gonna pick that because. That's cheaper but it's not what's, best for them. If. We always do, what's best for, the customer, you're. Always going, to win. Meredith. Says thank you I forgot about the 60 second enrollment yep, I would, love to challenge, every. Single person watching this video. To. Revisit. The 60 second enrollment and, spend, this, week, applying. It to every, situation you, run into, I don't. Care what the situation is, you can apply that, language, and script, someone. Says I want to buy a bottle of breathe I like using this because this was a real life conversation. Awesome. Kenny. Tell me why. See, how I just did, a question, why, why, do you want breathe so. Why, would I do that. They. Know the name breathe so, I need to find out more about why. They want the breathe for themselves but how do they even know what breathe is, because. That's just a sign that they, already know about these products why do they know about these products right so, he says oh I got this and, a vendor event and I liked it and I'm sick and I want some more awesome. Tell. Me what else you got going on 60. Second enrollment why. Do I want him to tell me what else they got going on cuz I don't want to sell him a bottle of breathe that, is not gonna be the best thing for him, cos, it's not the most cost-effective. What. If it doesn't help with what he has going on right because it might open his Airways but it's not gonna help with the rest of the stuff that just got going on and. I might not never see him again if I just saw a bottle of breathe and it doesn't work for what he thinks it's gonna work for I need to do my job.

And, Help him get what's best for him, it is a way better deal for him to get a kit and. I need to express that to him and if I filed a 60 second enrollment that will happen but, because he knew breathe I need to say how, do you know about breathe tell me what you know I've used it, where do you know what ever ask, a question, that's gonna help you get that answer so, I said Tommy you already knew breathe how did you know about breathe, got, it at a bender abet liked. It awesome. Are you working with that person, is that person taking. Care of you. Why. Do I want to ask that I. Want. To ask that because, it's what's best for them. What. If they, were working with that person and my. Name just came up or he actually saw a billboard it doesn't matter how they saw you or contacted, you you, want to find out are is that person taking care of you because, what if that person was their sister, or, their mom or, their cousin, their, best friend. Right. I'm gonna still 60, second enrollment then get them to the finish line no matter who it is. And. If it is someone. That they know that they have relationship, with who's helping them I'm gonna say awesome Kenny. Now, I want, you to. Contact your sister, and tell. Her that. You want to, get your own account and you want to get the home essential, skit and the lifelong vitality, pact and I will text that to you, so. She can help you get that why would I do that it's, the right thing to do right and. Me, and rolling them if their sisters, doing the business and they just don't understand, that is not. Gonna do anything for me because, they're gonna get their products, and their sisters gonna go what did you just do and, they're, gonna stop and rolling for six or stop boarding for six months and, want. To be under their sister, so. Right help, people, and. Help people join, your team, that. Are your relationships. Right so in this case and he said no, I got it at a vendor event I said, oh is that person taking care of you is that person helping you know, if I have no idea who it is they've never followed up with me and I don't know their name. So, I enrolled them with a home essentials and my fond vitality, pack and then gave them, trifles. To hand out and they turned around on the two weeks of starting and enrolled someone right. Followed, the process I, was. On a call recently and they said oh stop. Worrying about processes. And systems, you. Should be, worried about a process or a system. Everyone. Successful. Has, a process. And a system. And. If they say they don't they're, lying. Right we all have a process, in a system. If. You, don't how are you doing things, how are you teaching your other team how to do things just telling people to go and rule people is not gonna. Help them enroll people the. Process, is. Create. Opportunities. The, process, is hand. Them a trifle, the. Process, is tell. Me what you got going on yeah, we have a solution for that the best thing for everyone, to start with this one of our starter kits because it's most cost-effective you're gonna save the most money it's, gonna help with everything that you just told me about you want the small one or the big one that's a process and a system. Find. Your, process. And system, and, then. Master. It make, sure it's super simple so, that every, single person, on your team and copy, you, that's.

A Process in a system, and you better have one. Rainbows. Unicorns, hugging. Loving, and enrolling telling, people to enroll people is, not. Gonna help you enroll people build a business and, change the health care system. Having a process and a system that, someone else can copy is. Very. Passionate about processes, and systems, okay. I. Will. Probably have to come back and answer these questions, later because we're almost out of time but, please. Please, please read the comments. Because. Other people are sharing, how. To do. This, how to engage with people sherry, says I cashed my check once, and the teller said she diffuses on guard and the, other tellers, thought she was crazy at first they all think we're crazy at first don't they. She, was happy to see my check and, showed. Her co-workers, that she wasn't crazy, after all. Right. Nancy. Says I like to keep my classes, to an hour does this not, make the classes, longer, I'm not sure what we're referring, to I'm thinking that, you might be referring to the make and pick so my may can take classes are 45, minutes, to, an hour from. The time I get there to the time I am walking. Out the door, so. I read the tri-fold you can learn all this at least the Zimmer dotnet, forward slash videos, and I go through it and also, you can join my, training. Course, wwzv. Is, on my website lisa summer net. /op. And i. Go through with you so i read my tri-fold we transition, to the Menken tape we get everybody enrolled, and from the time they sit down to the time i'm leaving it's 45 minutes to an hour. Karin says she's gonna go to the bank and spray the money in front of them. Mary-elizabeth says. She's gonna have a class on how to teach a class absolutely. So, I think that is fantastic and, you should be doing that if you, follow my videos you will see that. I tell you to teach your class the exact same way every time. Repetition. Repetition repetition. Is. How the human, brain learns. So. When, you teach the same class every time I don't care who comes to your class I don't, care if it's all members. You're still, gonna teach your make and take class by reading, the tri-fold and. Then. Transitioning, into the make and take why they're, already members you're. Teaching, them through repetition and. Memorization. That. They can do it right if, they see that two, three four times they're gonna realize well heck she just does that every time I can totally do that yep. Yes you can it's, just like teaching children right the alphabet, is memorization. And consistency, you do it the same way every time. Teach. Your classes and then show you people how to teach the class I have, an example of, how I teach my make it take in my wwz. D course you can watch that video. All. Right I'll come back and answer the rest of these later because we're out of time but please, please please. Start. Learning. To identify and creating. Your own. Opportunities. In doTERRA, there. Is no reason, for any person. On this planet to say. To. Come up with these excuses, about, why they, can't get going into terra why they can't do what everybody else does I don't, have any friends, I don't know anybody people don't come into my classes, you. Create. The opportunities, they are everywhere. You. Just aren't paying attention. Right. If you, can go the bank and cash the check you, create that opportunity. Will. They turn. Around and enroll on the spot, maybe. Maybe not some. People can some people can't we, don't know where they're at and their journey right so, the biggest problem people have and, I see this always, I mean it's so frustrating right. The, boat. Of the big give someone a trifold, engaging conversation. That person's not ready, so. They don't get to help them with doTERRA, and that person says and I can't tell any family and I suck at it so I'm not gonna do it right, but really, what's happening, is that person's, never heard of doTERRA, a person.

Might Not be ready for natural, solutions, you just planted, the seed. They, might be ready in a month they might be ready next week they might be ready six months from now or a year from now I'm, still enrolling people at four and a half years that I talked to when I first started. They. Weren't, ready yet. Not, that I sucked, at it but. That I was a failure or, that I wasn't as good as susie-q, they. Weren't, ready yet so. Stop. Giving. Up before. You get started. They. Simply, weren't ready, yet doesn't. Mean you're bad at it it doesn't mean you give up it means you keep oh wait. Stop. It. Right. So. Follow. Up with them how's it going maybe. They never come let, it go move on look for the people that are ready, in the dudeney. You. Everybody. Needs you. They. Just don't all know, it yet. Doesn't. Mean you're bad at it it, doesn't, mean you give up it. Means you keep bullying, and, you look. For the ones that are ready, for you that, you can, change their life my. Fire, is fueled. From. The ones that. I can change their life for, the ones, that send, me the message thank. You. A battle. Fertility. Support, for, the last 10 years I'm pregnant. Thank. You thank you thank, you I can. Have the next 20 deep ball, not. Enroll, with me and, that is not him, and dampen, my. Fire, that. Was created, from. The people that I didn't, succeed with so. Stop, letting. The, ones that aren't ready yet. Put, out your fire. Keep. Fueling your fire and showing up for the ones that are ready, that aren't excited, that do appreciate you. Stop. Letting everyone else that, isn't, ready yet steal your joy, whether. It's a spouse a friend a, family member you need, to be stronger. Than the naysayers, and you need to focus on. The. People that. Are. Showing up but, you appreciate, you right, now this is a great example right we're in Lisa's the more essential oils is tips not, everyone, in the Tarot loves me folks, I know shocker. Right but. It's true. I don't. Care where you go people aren't gonna like you people. Aren't gonna want to buy your product I don't, care who. You are or what you do you're. Not doing, this for them. You're. Doing this for you your. Family. And. Everyone. Else that, does love you it does appreciate, you that is dying. For, your help you, haven't met yet, you're. Not doing, it. For the naysayers. Go. Share oils, go create your opportunities. Go. Change the world, happy. Willing.

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