Too Much Gang Business - Prison Architect Gang Warfare Live Ep 6

Too Much Gang Business - Prison Architect Gang Warfare Live Ep 6

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Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing one two three okay. Well good afternoon everybody who is watching that's not on, the stream right now today, we're gonna do some gang warfare. Right. Now I'm just doing the usual checks you, guys probably won't see this. Um also. I have not I'm playing this without headphones so. Let me know if you get some bad sounds so I'm public now and. Yeah. Alright let's do some gang warfare I'm going to remember to turn on my mods again first, before. I. Do. That so I need I. Don't. Know what that is for but, I'm gonna get yeah. Fadeth, why. It's, completely. Messed that one up that's my bed. Let. Me try that again. I've. Been too long I've had longer streets without streaming. But, let me get my microphone in, front of, me. Anyways. Okay. We're good all. Right let's get this live chat, going. Stream. Health is good alright. Cool cool. Cool. Cool, alright setting everything up let me take my, mom's. Actually, in so, creative. Developer. Fire. System. That throw toggler. Free. Fire control that's fine, all right let's turn that on and let's load up our thing I don't. Know who's gonna be watching this right now or, if, anybody's gonna be watching this but oh what's, up, rats, Ahmadi. Weebo. I, were. Just gonna call you rush Maddie, yeah. Rush Mahdi something like that anyways. I'm. Going to say on the discord, if you guys haven't been on the discord. If, you guys aren't on the discord the link should be in the description sometime, and yeah. So, let's, load up our gang warfare prison and, while. I'm doing that I, will, say I. Honestly. Don't know what I'm doing anymore in this prison it's it's. Been a lot like, a whole lot of just random, crap going on and I'm still not even sure how, to. How. To deal with things, I. Someone. Told me I should add a basketball, court and I probably will I'm, not sure where like probably over here in these areas of maybe I'll had four but. I just realized how unevenly, spaced this place actually is I should probably move these up some. I don't. Know I really didn't plan this out super. Well but it, works so last. Time I checked I believe. That. Oh. I. Don't even know what I'm missing something here I'm missing an. Office. Phone. That's. New. Office. Phones okay all right new tasks if anybody's watching this tell me everything that they added in the new update because, I haven't checked and it's been a while, office. Phone, oh. It's. A mod content, oh, okay. I, don't. Remember adding a mod that needed to an office phone, interesting. Wow. Okay, well now I'm gonna need to add an office phone in every little building because yeah. Geez that's. Weird. We. Still need people that need to get oh shoot. We're. Having a problem here first, of all this stupid, jail door. Needs. To frickin. Move. Holy, crap. Let's. Dismantle. That get that instant death alright, noise. Um, what. Do we need. We. Need to put the office doors first of all and also we need to check out why we don't have any room. Why. Is that like. We, do have enough room right. We. Have capacity for 36, of everyone so who doesn't. Do. They need to go to solitary. Because. I have a solitary like. Let. Me check my deployment, oh oh. Well. Let me make. That max SEK, this. Needs to be a. Medium. SEC and this, needs to be min suk, and suk, we, don't want any crossover. Max. Like I'm trying to get some like for some reason I'm not sure why. And. Then. This needs to be staff only something must have changed between adding. Up the mods because this should all be staff only oh. Well. We're, fixing it now that's all that matters alright. And. Then this kitchen stuff will be medium, security only, as well. If. I can I don't know that's shared. And. Then this kitchen should be staff, only but it's fine for now alright so. Apparently, we, don't have solitary, cells in each of these wings yet that was, definitely. My bad where. Do I have my solitary cells I have it kind of between the infirmary. And staff room like right through here so let me just do that real quick I'm. Just gonna use quick build because I'm lazy, because. I'm lazy like that it's. A solitary so. It. Was. It, was like one away yeah, okay so there's like a little hallway room but not too much, I just.

Really Is kind of how pointless the. Security. Room I added now since I turned off fog of war so I really don't need that much CCTV. Camera coverage anymore. So, I realize so, actually. Remind. Me later remind, me later to. To. Turn take off these what's. It called, take. Off the. Door. Door. Control systems the. CCTV. Camera monitors for these guards and remove, their posts because, that'll free up a lot of guards. Which. Is nice, and. I'm. Just gonna add that many cells for now I don't think we're gonna need too much and. Let's make that Mac security that is so, let me do the same thing but on the other side, quick. Fill so, I Latorre cell I could've sworn that I built solitary cells which. Is really interesting oh, well. You. Went some when you lose some. Fun. What. Is this random staff, door doing here what. I'm. Just dismantle, that actually get that out of here and. Let. Me use quick build clone, tool. That. Then. We got room for four all. Right let's. Get us so some water down here as well. Let's. Just use this little square thing small. Pipes look how much money I don't, have right now you, think I'll ever have enough like. Room. To. Like. Get. Money you get into the green cash floor know what's. Up ways am I using mods yes. Actually. I think you both are new to this dream I have. I should. Have put a picture but if you want to know what mods I'm using. They're. Right here so for anybody who doesn't. Know I'm using mods these are all the mods that are currently. Active am I using them actively, not really but they are on, the. Thing so, yeah. I'm using mods and cheats. I just, want to get the gang wars going and so far we've had a lot of like random, fights here and there, and it's been really crazy but, oh. Yeah. I was going to move the movie theater to. A. Different place. But. Never. Got why it didn't happen. Gross. There's so much like stuff that I leave. For myself to do later and then I forget about it and then, this looks ugly and I just don't know what to do, that's. Sand I need wood in the foyer I think my computer's just like that's probably why all right so let's actually. Just clone tool this that's what I'm gonna do so it doesn't look as ugly anymore. Uh-huh. Like. That, actually. I don't need this. Just. Don't, this man thought that and let's change this back to, wooden, floor for some reason that's not wooden, floor. And. Now. It's going to it alright that's. Not going to this. Is going to, like. So. Yeah. And here we go. Well. Alright. Looks. A little bit nicer. We. Don't need that here, anymore, and that. Light is gonna be out of place but, it's. Fine, it's. Fine I'm fine you're fine. I'll. Wait til more people are watching but I really want to tell you guys what I did this week slash last week or like really last weekend and then leading. Up until this Thursday I did, something pretty cool when it comes to the, space space satellite, and programming, and stuff like that that I've been doing. Dismantle. Okay. Cool. Um. Now. Let's get this common room started I don't think we have anything, in here, so let's. Get this going so we can start creating this turf, and. Create. Territory, for these gangs to possess, it. Looks like there's, not been much going, on lately so. It's. Pretty dumb for. These I'm not gonna make them as cool I'm probably just gonna have like a pool table and a. Couple chairs, just. Facing. It you. Know where all the players can just chill, I. Might. Have a radio or something or a TV, small. TV kind of right here I like. Being I can make it look nicer if I want but. I kind of don't want to so, I'll. Probably put a radio up somewhere, else like this. There. And then. I put a sofa I'll just do two white sofas next to it this, is kind of haphazard, I know I know, it's pretty hype hazard but it's, that's, the way the cookie crumbles. So. I guess, I want to ask how is everyone. I don't. Know who's on the stream right now I've kind of just started so I've got a lot of people. Still probably trying to get in from. The discord, I know that, all. Right there we go we got four, common rooms four territories all set up let's. Get the utilities, in here if I need some I don't. Think I do actually should. Be good we're. Here the toilets down here no I just mantle, the toilet so forgot about that. Let's. Get some toilets in the air. There. We go so, it was one. Two, three. For, alright. Doing good ways sweets I'm glad you're doing good, doing. Well is good thank God it's Friday I don't know, where. Or, what time zone you're in if it's even still Friday right now but, it's.

Friday For me so I'm happy it's been a good Brynna, busy. But stressful week but I've survived so, glad. You're good. Um. The. Danger level is getting unbearably. High I wonder, why probably. Because this guy is, in. Solitary. So let me just take him out of solitary I don't. Understand why people, get, pissed off so much when their. Leaders in solitary like it's not that bad it's. Seriously not that bad it. Can't, be that bad honestly, I don't know how the game mechanics work like that but. Anywho. I'm. Trying to figure out what. I should do what do you guys think I should do. Any. Question, any like comments, concerns, besides. Like waiting it out maybe, fast 40 times so that we can actually get gang warfare going on should, I add more cells oh wait. A minute there's something wrong here oh boy. Oh no, guys. We. Have a problem this. Is actually, the wrong safe. So. That's. Awkward, that's. Super awkward that, is actually really awkward this is definitely not the right save, because. I definitely had a lot more cells. Hold on a second what the heck. How. Come this. Did. I ever get to save. Hold. On a second, let me just save this as, the. Cloud save. Okay. And. Then. Load. This, real, quick that's not the cloud save. What. The Frick, are. You kidding, me oh, that's. Frustrating. Oh. No. Well. If. Anybody, cared. To. Care. To. Cared. About what happened in the last time like a twat played I don't know if anybody here, still played but. There, there. It's gone now so I now. Have no, reason, to live. Kidding. Anyways. Well, on the bright side it kind of resets things because, I. Had. A lot of problems because I killed a lot of prisoners an accident because I spawned in the soldiers, like. Where. Are they these. Guys soldiers. Like they are absolutely, ruthless they just murder people on sight and I lost a lot of gang members because of that so. Yeah. Ripped my save Frick. Honestly. I'm just gonna let it happen we. Got doctors, we. Got five. Doctors in one infirmary, and probably none and oh we. Got three four here, and. Three. There okay so that's okay staff. Room needs an office phone forgot, about that, Wow, I'm so pissed I'm. Really pissed about the fact that I just let that happen and I like completely. Didn't even think, second, thought that. Phone. This. One needs a staff phone as well I also forgot that I took off everything else so. Let me use why. It's so. Wide. So, far what why, is that oh that's, going to be annoying. Dismantle. And dump that. Trick. Machine. There. We go. Canteen. Table. Thing. Dang. It I'm actually pissed because I did a lot of good work in that other save like it was coming, along really nicely. Like. I made some good expansions, I dealt with this little fire thing which, I just realized this is a bad idea, okay so, fun. Fact this is a bad idea this, will catch, fire this. Will turn on water everything, will catch fire and, then it'll explode so let me just switch that off all. Right and let. Me go to my utilities, and. Actually. Dismantle. Some. Of this stuff like. All these lights that's. What I really need to do so oh. It's. The fastest way to dismantle stuff. This. One. On my little I, don't.

Want To spent all my tables but I might have to. Know. All, right wait I don't understand gangs in this they never seem to be doing things in your. So. That's, a good thing um we're not a good thing but that's I believe, there's. An extra setting depending on how you load, your saves, that. Allows gangs to actually, like do stuff like, it's, like an extra thing when you're creating a new oh. Wow. Tyson, just all. Right somehow Tyson had a shotgun or automatic. Rifle and unloaded, on some dudes, wow that's unfortunate. But, yeah they. Can do some pretty dangerous stuff and it's, pretty fun to deal with sometimes annoying, when you're trying to like do. Stuff right but you can't because you got people shooting each other up all the time so. Yeah. That's fun oh, are. You see like this this right here I don't even know what the heck just happened but. I'm pausing it I'm gonna turn this back on hopefully it's not gonna be too bad but, we have, well. It was 15 prisoners now there's four prisoners rioting it, looks like the blue gang is. Fighting. And then. It looks like. The. Red gang is fighting oh my gosh raking is really fighting they're like almost dead. Geez. Well the riot, was taken care of but. Holy. Crap. What. Just happened they just like planned to do something and then did, it because. That's pretty. Bad. Geez. All. Right it's all we can all they can do is right. All. Right let me get a serving. Table. Here. And. Let me get a. Table. And. A bench. My. Milk pad is not, in the right spot let me adjust that real quick. There. We go all right so apparently we're. At the max danger so the only way to appease that is by letting. The, blue or letting the gang leaders out of prison so. Let's. See. Let's. See I. Need. Intelligence that's what it is gangs. Yeah. So we need to let this guy out even though he's a douchebag all. Right so. That should make things go down a little, bit better we. Also need. That, guy is not in solitary, this. Guy is, in. Trouble. And. Let. Me see, think. That guy might be in trouble as well actually so. No. He's just pissed, alright. Well the danger levels going down that's nice oh. Well. Now I'm gonna have to do this we. Got more prisoners on the way they're probably bad prisoners, and they probably have stuff that I need to worry about but I'm, not gonna worry about it yet until I get more prison, cells going on so what. I'm gonna do is actually just used a quick build and build. A prison, basic. Prison cell right. This. This. Is what I want, is this what I want guys. Ya. Know, I, had. Like, I'm doing it anyways alright, last. Time I majorly screwed this up by building it into like the wrong wall and I'm. Trying not to make that same mistake again. There. We go. And. Let's see let's just do. Another. Row here. I. Could. Probably put this to two rows actually if I really try the. Danger level seems to rising again which doesn't seem to be too good it's. Free time why is it danger rising when it's free time. I'm. So confused. I'm. So confused oh well, all. Right well, let's get this last gang. Their.

Stuffs. I. Need. To sell that log or something to get that out the way I also need to do a shakedown I should. Definitely do a shakedown very, very soon I'm. Probably gonna need to hire a lot more guards too even, though actually, I have a decent amount that are free up that's. Pretty nice. Thank. All. Right well that's there now, let's get some utilities. To them, okay. Who. Needs the Atilla t these guys do I can, just do that. I'm. So glad I don't need to worry about hot water because I just tired. Of it there. Should. Be good all. Right. Yeah. That reaches, for. The most part yes, it does okay so. Now that means I can probably do that for the same thing down here. All. Right now let's get this one oh are, you kidding me. Already. A pipe has burst all right flooding the area because so, I don't know what's gonna do like. What. If it really matters like. I can just. Do that and. Now. It's fixed but, honestly. Water everywhere isn't gonna really affect much so that's pretty nice anything. Else no no. Oh Frick. Well, somebody, died today who. Was it was it the guard it, was it was a dog handler Frick, well. Red gang, is starting, to riot and I, wonder why. Cuz. I just killed the stupid this, dog is gonna kill, this guy if it's not who doesn't watch out like. These. Dogs do tend to get pretty but me angry when their. Handlers. Die. I'm. Gonna have to hire more dog guards how many do we have. I. Only. Have nine, so, let's get ten there boom, easily, replaced. That's. Rough. Okay. So. Let me actually get my gang sorter out so ever got to do that, gang. Sorter, use, it now everybody should be in the right. Locations. Hopefully. Hopefully. All. Right, well. The ganked I urge that was pretty high but I'm just gonna leave it like that just to keep things interesting I'm, gonna finish up doing the. What's. It called. Are. You are you freaking kidding me alright. So, I have a problem here so, these people are way too pissed this guy died because he got mauled by a guard dog that was. Actually his fault. This. Guy is, beating. Up a guard at, least trying to not really doing super well now he's nearly. Beaten to death and. That's. About it okay cool. Alright, that happened. It, looks like the red gang is taking control of this oh wait no that's where they're rioting alright, we've got a problem, they're, already rioting, in the common rooms this, guy's in a Cell getting destroyed, so I'm gonna worry about that later but this is where. The riot is but. Doesn't say that the rioting they just. Says. That they're rioting. Deployment. I don't have any guards any of these so should I put guards what. Do you guys think should, I put guards in these rooms. I'm. Just gonna wait until you guys give me an answer I'm gonna actually pause it so nothing happens. You. Guys think I should put guard patrols, or something or soldiers or something that just calmed down the rioting but they might die so, who. Knows who. Knows what's going to happen. Yeah. Guards. All right well guards it is I. Was. Just kind of finishing off the text as well so I'm, just gonna put two guards, two, guards two, guards and two guys all, right so. We can get some sort of oh there's, one down. Is. This other one gonna get down as well no. Well. We've. Got a problem on this and now green gang is, actually. Oh. Exelon. Forcement, member is. Not not a good place to be in a gang warfare, type so, I'm, just trying to get my utilities, down here geez I can't. You. Have a mess oh, whatever. Get. That there and, once, I can just do. All. Right. There. We go now, we got all the cells are functional, red, gang is rioting in the freakin Wow. That's bad, alright shakedown it is. We. Found a guard uniform that's impressive. That's. Actually impressive people. Are getting tazed left and right and I don't know how to handle. This, let. Me just speed up time real quick. All. Right you know what I have to find the gang members or the gang leaders and just get them out because they're dis causing a riot every, time all the, time, why, is he why why is red gang even in here they shouldn't be here at all. Like. At all actually let me check out intelligence, gangs. Yeah. So we got green gang in solitary. Which. Is fine.

Red. Gang. Um. Or. Other leaders. That's. A lieutenant. Just. A leader right here, Treece. Oh. Man. This this, is going pretty well this shakedown is going really quickly I like it I. Like. It a lot, alright. Intelligence, games. What's. The blue up to he looks like he's just angry green, I can't find the greens leader at. All actually, did he get out oh no. There is. He. Seems to be going to solitary. So, unfortunately, because. I don't want anymore rights I'm gonna have to let them out and there. Goes see this this is what I don't get about gangs, I don't understand why that's the thing all, right we have three submachine. Guns two. Assault rifles a spade three, axes, a rifle, a, stab. Vest two. Shotguns. Eleven. Sets of keys a pistol. Or a gun. Baton. Or four, batons seven, scissors but, no digging tools besides one shovel and then, a battering ram which. Is really interesting though because Oh, what's. Up Walker Luis, Luis Walker welcome to the stream. Yeah. I don't. Understand, everybody, doesn't seem to be trying to get escaping, their chambers just trying to get weapons and kill each other so I guess, I'll let them do that you, know I'd rather have them die in here then get out of here and kill more people. Speaking. Of which why. Okay. The solitaire is full I'm gonna need to just make, more solitaire, like I should. Have seen that coming from, a while away I'm just gonna play this out and what. All was tazing that I can hear happen happen because I don't know. There. We go there you got double, the sets of solitaire, how is that sound there's. Green people need more solitaire, no they should be fine. All. Right you need to get out here there now now, this danger levels probably decrease, which is fine. I'm. Solitary, for these guys, surprisingly. Empty I. Wonder. Why that why. That's the thing why is that the case I. Don't. Know also. Why do I have a giant kitchen here and -. What's. Up with that actually. You. Know what I might do I might actually just leave this internal, kitchen even though a larger. Kitchen would be probably be ideal. Because. Having. A larger kitchen when I have a bunch of prisoners is probably a good idea but. That's fine, that's, fine I'm fine I actually might just keep this kitchen here and they make another kitchen right here that's. What I'll probably do but I'll do that later let me check out what's. New. Gangs. Have been doing. Yeah. Oh she blue blue does blues, lacking, in lose, liking a members so far we have like zero kills though nobody's, gotten any gang kills which is kind. Of interesting they've been riding, a lot and people have died but. It, seems like they're, not really killing each other or maybe this is broken I'm not sure. Seems. To me that these. People seem to be like I. Don't. Know I guess. Maybe once they reach here and become green territory, I'm. Not sure yet. I'll. Add more cells I don't see why not also I'm gonna also increase the amount of times or the Mount of intake I get so.

2021. There. Let's. Just fill up these things real quick that sounds nice, now. Let's get my cloning, and just build more room for more, gang members because. Why. The Frick, not solitary. So a luxury, so basic. Self what. I want. How. Much can I fit in here I. Could. Do that and, then, fit another one I could do three rows. So. I'm gonna do that actually I'm gonna have this. Blank, spot a double. Blank spot and then a double blank spot oh, that's. Perfect, oh look. At that perfect alignment there I like that that's what I like to see okay cool, oh my. Can you guys hear me okay am i. Doing. All right. Thoughts. On Spike psych ward plc huh, I've, never didn't what is the. What. Is the psych ward DLC. I've never seen I'm guessing that's only console oh yeah, speaking of multiplayer. That. Brings, up a good, point, of I want. To try to do multiplayer with you guys at some point everybody on the discord seems to be down with it but I just don't have oh that's, gross. This. Is gross. I'm. Gonna have to change that. Walsh. Walls. There. Just. Give them extra large cells that's, fine. Let's. See. The. PC form of mods yeah that would make sense let. Me actually just, keep. This here for now and then I'm gonna do the rest real. Quick oh and this. Needs to be turned into an actual so. Yeah. There. You happy now. There. You go I'm, gonna probably need to take away these dorms as well I mean they they're not causing much trouble and they actually have a lot of like, capacity. But. They just seem to be not great. For gang warfare, and who's. Who's, in jail again, how many times are these people were gonna get in trouble for like. Jeez. It's. Always that guy - let me check my policy. Let's. See. Destruction. Escape, attempt. Attack. Prisoner, his. Solitary. Description. Destruction. Is none. Intoxication. Is none, serious. Injury is, fine. Murder a solitary, found weapons is. Locked. Down for. Oh point. Five hours found tools is locked down. 4.5. Hours, found. Drugs is none found, luxuries is none all right there, now hopefully people will be getting in trouble so much, geez. I think that sounds good I mean, not not really super ideal when it comes to oh, my. Goodness this guy again. He's. Just has so, many like. Literally he carries, everything around, somehow. He just comes in grab something and then gets put into solitary because, he's a dummy.

That's. Annoying that's. Actually super annoying that, was my energy doing when are you doing is doing so much better now that I turned off the auto lights or. Removed. All those whites that I accidentally left on oh. Well. Let's. See oh, yeah. I was gonna finish, putting on these cells. So. I was actually planning on playing like subnautica or something the. Stream tonight because, I, thought, it would be fun and. You. Guys should let me know what you think, because. I, think it would be fun. I'm. Just gonna do this oh. No. Oh no. It. Looks like we've got a fight between a dog handler and Graham, Tyson again, go. To sleep oh he. Is sleeping apparently. What. He's not sleeping I'm. So confused, oh my. Gosh all. Right, well let. Me continue with what I was doing and. Take. My clone tool and. Just. Clone these, bad boys, actually. I can just do this. Right. If. I'm not if I'm not mistaken I. Can. Do that and. Do. You oh that's. Not right. This. This. Is right right, I. Think. So. Alright. Gonna, look good. Here. We go okay now, we got a whole new row in this place and, now. We got to add one for, the other one so let's do that real quick. Subnautica. Is definitely fun but major grinded, yeah you're honestly right I, probably. Played through the games like three times so like every up to every major update I just play a full game until, I can like get to the first amount you can and the. Most recent one was when I escaped with a rocket and it, definitely is a grind to get all this stuff but for some reason it's just so like peaceful, and relaxing and fun that I just don't. Mind it if that makes any sense but. Yeah, it does it might not be fun to stream. That, per se but. It. Is fun to play when, you're just kind of like having nothing better to do also. This new deal sea that's gonna come out with the winter stuff or it's not really it's an individual, DLC, I don't know it's. Like a its own playable game but just different smaller I don't. Know maybe. Subnautica would have been fun but if there's any other games I want, to see me play please, let me know it's, especially helpful if you let me know in that discourse that's where I can see the most suggestions, and like kind of save them and keep. Them all. People. Have been trying to get me to buy payday 2 which. Is seems like a good idea but, I don't. Know if I want to I don't. Wanna play it but yes well. Good water you're I agree, Walker. Or Louis I would say Louis. Beautiful. Water is always beautiful. Especially. In games, alright. That dude needs to get out of solitary because my danger level is getting, crazy. High. I don't, know why I did that I could've just it's fine that's, fine all right let's. Get these last set of toilets set up all.

Right. And. There. We go, boom. That. Should be good we should be good on utilities except for this one. That. I forgot to do nice. Right. Okay, now we're good okay. Who's in solitary this guy. Or. Twenty. Two minutes let me just. You. Just need to stop please. Also, I should probably build showers, I forgot. That I haven't done that yet nobody. Here has showers and I'm an idiot so let. Me just do that right now, you. Think I could do showers right here or, should I make a separate shower room like down here now I'll just keep it I'll, have two shower rooms one. Right here centralized, to the infirmary and the staff room actually. Nah. That's too small of a space I'll. Just push showers right here. See. Brick. Wall, hey. What's, up bent bin, van der Linde I believe, hey. Welcome. To. Points. But it looks good oh I think it's just miss Donna different theme last two point Hospital I'd never heard of it. I've, never actually heard of any both of those games, so, are. They fun is it like a tycoon, type thing or what, let me know Louis, well. You think they are. What's. Up a of I really, don't know how to even spell that a. AOL. A are in ello. How. Do I tell, me how to pronounce your name welcome to the stream by the way you're definitely new person, but, welcome. To the stream how. Do you pronounce your name. Like. This like. A smaller version of the canteen oh. Yeah. This. Is a total of. 17. Meters, so. That means that would be. 8. By. Blank. By 8 so, 8. Blank. There. We go, there. We go not centralized, it does not centralized, to this door, but. It is kind of centralized, to like. 5. And. 3. Oh dang. It okay so I'm gonna actually change this just because. Adam. Long ah. Adam. Long I see that. Makes sense now oh I, see, that's a very. That's. An ad, I. Appreciate. It 2. Point hospitals, with cable you'll have more fun playing prison architect oh really. Okay. Well. If you say so then. All. Right Hospital, tycoon sort of game oh shoot. Where. Is these tasing I mean, I hear tasers, but I don't know who and where oh. This. Guy looks. Like Tyson. And hailstorm. Are. Fighting, each other what, is this why. Is this what, gangs are they in oh. This. Guy doesn't have a game he's escaping they're both trying to escape, oh no. They're not fighting they're just. Please. Explain how this is gonna work, hold on a second oh I'll, get back to what you guys are talking about in the comments as soon as I figure out why these. People think it's even remotely a good idea for them to try to escape watch. This. Take. Him out take. Him out. Hello. Is even gonna stop him, there. Are why. Is there a whole naked gang just running around gang. Business oh shoot oh shoot. Wait. A minute that's. New, okay. I don't know who to follow who do I follow I'll just, download. The, Chinook mud you can import, things and get prisoners, so I do have, mods on. That's. True that's. A good mod I'll, I'll. Look into that a little, bit later actually I'm gonna let this stuff play out and then we'll see if I can get that mud that you're mentioning ways because, that's something that I really appreciate I'm. Just gonna play this out and. See, what the heck is going on, alright. Looks, like the red gang is actually making a move it's a to bad soul if, you guys remember that kids soul, whatever. His last name is oh. My. Wait whoa whoa. Whoa. We. Have a sudden influx of prisoners, and I'm going to need to actually. Sort. Them out or right now. Hmm, and, what's. Your name Adam, saying, download, the Chinook mod I can import things and get prisoners, I'm, not sure what that. Means. Import. Things but, get. Prisoners I can do that pretty pretty, easily. These. Guys are so trying to escape red. Gang is going to take, over this, place, from. The looks of it looks. Like red gang is definitely. Taking, over this uh Wow. They're all going for that okay this, is some movement is blue gang trying to do something, no. Oh shoot. Gang. Promotion, I'm, super, confused right now gang promotion, this. Guy is trying to go play pool but. He can't because. This. Is not gonna end well oh boy. This. Guy got promoted to almost, a leader looks. Like they're trying to take over this how. Is this gonna work oh no. Oh no. Oh no no. No no and the, green gang is doing something now what are they gonna try to do oh.

Here. It comes boys it's. A really shame that. Oh. I. See. I. See. That makes sense. No. Neera. Calms boys our. First real gang fight. I'm. Gonna actually pause it real quick, checked, out everything, before we all happens, we got green gang versus. The red gang Sewell. Versus, whatever his face is and it, looks like a red gang member tried to come in here and steal and, blue. Wolf. It go get that sorted out soon, but. It. Seems to me that, we've. Got a lot of crap, going on. Alright. Well this guy apparently is promoted, to leader so let's. See what happens, alright. So green gang they're. In here they're not doing much this. Guard is this kind of chillin. They're. Just talking I hear. A lot of like crap. Going on because. Apparently. Like the green gang guy is trying to escape but, they. Didn't get out very easily. This. Guy's rioting, oh my. Gosh this person is going to hell I need to first. Of all put, a sniper. Tower which is a guard tower, right. Here in the front so that if anybody tries to get out in the front that'll be okay I'm. Gonna put one right here too to get it pressed out walls and now. Let's see what's going on space. Engineers is a good game oh that's true space, engineers is a very, good game that I wish I could get and I. Might get but it is very complicated to start learning so we'll. See what happens all right all. The green gang is now here we've, got no, guards this guy's pissed off because he's got no food and. Let. Me check the intelligence, again, oh right. Gang has now claimed, this evict. What. Does that mean what. Green gang is trying to do something with one more prison, with more than one more soldier than, red. Oh, no. Ok, ok. Well, they're not fighting I don't think they put the clothes back on they stop their gang warfare. Interesting. There was no fight there which, is kind of disappointing, how. Are they getting guns I actually don't know how they're getting gun they just somehow find it there's, no arm where anything they just get it but. Anyways. Huh. Well-read. Gang has claimed their first. Actually. The first gang to claim the first stuff is red gang so good, for them kudos, to them and, it, looks like blue gang is on their way to killing, this guard do. I let it happen, I should. I should definitely, not let this happen but. I kind of might let it happen because. There's. Nothing much I can really do here stop. Shooting - dude he's dead. Got. Keys they're. Getting into the security room trying. To do stuff but they're not doing, too hot, we. Got prisoners riding somewhere gosh. Dang it alright nine prisoners are rioting looks like the rioting in out, here alright. Gamedev, was a really good one if you figure out some of the stuff early on game. Dev Oh. Game. Dev tycoon. Yes. Game dev tycoon is something I used to always love to watch sips play back in the days have you guys remember that guy someone's. Dead uh-oh. Uh-oh. Oh shoot. We got the first game kill and it looks like. It. Looks like he. Died because of another game or, something, like that maybe these two gang members killed each other I'm, not sure exactly, it. Looks like yeah blue gang killed Oh No. Blue gang has two kills. Wow, this, is an interesting turn of events right now I was thinking there was gonna be no fights but, this is getting actually, out of hand holy. Crap blue gang is taken out kids took. A member of red gang out and a member of green gang out okay. All. Right all right boys you know what this calls for, just. One, soldier. That's. It, let's. See what happens. Hmm. Anybody. Want, to cause problems oh no. It looks like all the problems I've been taken care of that's. Fustrating. Shoot. I, need. Boots on the ground thanks, ways you're right I do need big boots on the ground who is this backfire gaming there's a model lets me give prisoners. Kahn contraband. And starts right no what's interesting I should. Get armored guards yes you're right I really should but. Honestly. Who knows I'm. Just kind of letting gang warfare, move on for now like I'm, trying to get all the gangs and their territory established before I started trying to bring in soldiers and try to like take. Kids out with whatever. They've got if that makes sense like so so far we've. Got only one place that's claims I don't, want to kill off all the gang members before like I even get a chance to like do. Anything that. Makes any sense Tyson made it all the way out here I'm, just going to end their punishment, now. Because, they. Just need to get back to their cells and make. Sure that nothing crazy goes on and. This. Guy needs, to enforce - well hopefully the danger, level will start going down.

Hopefully. Are. They not. Hello. I did. Do this right right offensive. Nut place weapon racks everywhere to supply them with guns do. You sips goat dirt company you're right, thanks Louis thanks, for the nostalgia. There. Do. You know how many guns I find every shakedown, offensive. Nut probably. Not yeah you probably just joined the strain welcome to the stream by the way I haven't seen you um. New. Face or a new name I guess I, I would love to supply them with more guns but, I feel, like they've got enough guns. Or, watch me do a shakedown again, ah let's. See we've got an assault rifle already, found four rifles two shotguns, unless. You want more guns than that I'm. Gonna do another shakedown, though and we'll see what freaking happens. These. Guys they, should have room they're just donating processed, so I'm, gonna actually. Increase. My arm armored, guards maybe, and have different, patrols, around to see if we can get. That going. Let's. See. Doing. Shakedowns, pissed them off yes you're right shake, your shakedowns do piss them off and I'm just okay with that honestly. These guys are a bunch of jerks. What. About putting kitchens, and forestries. In the yard is apply them with nice and shanks, oh. Man. You just want to watch them die okay all right I can do that you know what I'm gonna do actually, I'm gonna. Make a special. Common, room that's gonna be like the weapon common room at some point maybe, I'll have it like in the, middle of this yard or something or something, like that so if they can make claims they can like claim, this common room as their weapon room and supply. Their weapons or maybe I have four different ones like four different armies for each gang I don't know what, do you think. Because. I can do that that would be fun it'll definitely make this a whole lot harder to manage and probably, like impossible, for me to you. Know, win. Or even see what's going on but. It's. Good, do. This hunger, game style yes. Some. Men just want to watch the world burn I love, it I love, that, you. Should join the discord you guys should all join the discord there's a link in the description it's, a shame that my mods from my. Channel aren't on here, and watching but oh. Okay. Louis Walker I'm. Gonna actually take, the time to pause, what's going on and read what you're saying and see if I can put. That somewhere hold on, choice. Of life games. 1980s. America are you sure it's just 1980s. America because I think we're still doing that oh. Good. One all right so Louis I like that suggestion, I, would say remind me somewhere else or maybe send me a comment after this stream is ended so that I can remember to look in stuff like that. Large. Weapons. In, the. Common that's. What I'm thinking about doing, yes. A prison, where we gave the gangs guns is what, I'm trying to build right here but. That'll come after. I, finish. Adding, getting. More guards because. I feel, like there can't be like too much just freedom, and for too much anarchy you, know the world could only burn so much okay. Aren't. Patrols I've. Got quite, a bit actually. Let. Me put one here but. Let me put some. There. There. And. Then. Let me do some down here as well. I. Probably. Need more guard dog patrols, too but that's. Fine. No. That's fine everything's, fine okay so you think I should replace this yard. Right here with, a, weapons. Common room or should I put one dislike, in the, middle of this yard what do you guys think I played. Scum, no I've never played scum I've heard of it but never, really played it what is it all about give me the give, me the shakedown no pun intended. I'm. Proud of that one actually pun was very much intended oh shoot. Okay. Todd, green is just going ham, can't. Take the heat though he's beat up all these tables and beat up this serving, table what, couldn't take this garden that's a darn shame come, on man show off where you are man your blue gang do what you need to do. Speaking. Of which let's check out the gangs again we've. Got 26. Members two, kills $0, for blue gang 29, members zero, kills zero dollars and 26. We. Read, it. Looks like green gang should be the one that has territory. But red has a territory, blue, has the kills Green's got nothing, so they've got to step up it, looks like they're. On the way to do something there on the way to eat so that's okay all right let, me check the comments real quick, in. The center in the middle okay you guys are saying in the middle all right I'm gonna do in the middle then let. Me plan it out real quick so I don't screw it up, make. It a maze to get there put free-fire hunch, I, will. Okay so with the soldiers and the mod that I have what, happened to this guy. Geez. Wow. That. Guy got rekt he's got poop, pee, blood, everything. Okay. So. With the soldiers they already have free.

So. You're saying okay now I got a suggestion maybe split the yard into parts. But. The. Soldiers have a free fire that already on and just kill prisoners no matter what like any prisoner that has his fists up they will kill on sight like, no mercy so, that's pretty interesting but. I'm hearing, from people, to say. Lock, all the prisoners, in some cars in the common room geez, let me check this out that doesn't look too bad actually. It does, that. Looks pretty bad this. Guards dead actually. These guards are opie holy crap why are these guards so, invincible. These. Are these cards actually invincible, am i oh. Nevermind, I spoke. Too soon, holy. Crap. Rip. Rip. That. Guide, jeez. All. Right now we're gonna get anything are we gonna have anybody do anything no we've. Got more deaths going. On today it, looks like the dog is going ham on people actually the dog was just killed but, the dog killed one guy before raw. That's suicide. We. Got, once. To find this dog went ham it took people down with them before he went down that's kind of sad, okay. Well that. Happened back to what I was originally, doing jeez. The. Suggestion, was. Wall. Off the canteen, then. Whole. Hall off the canteen, jeez, that's. Hilarious. You. Jinxed her. Make. A maze. So. You're. Saying I need to make a maze, what. Kind of maze and why so like a random, maze that goes, this way. There. Oh, shoot. Oh shoot. This, dude oh he's. Surrendered thing. He. Tried. Make. It impossible to get to the common room what. Ben. Ben with the good idea of new cleanness he. Says this prison has gone too far and there's no way of stopping the chaos I might as well nuke it what should i nuke it with that's the real question and also why is this shakedown taking so darn long. Why. Why is this shakedown taking so long what it still needs to be searched Oh like. There's a couple things that are moving around the guys will get to him it'll be fine. It'll. Be fine, you. Know what I'm gonna do actually I don't think I'm gonna do the maze that sounds a little well it doesn't sound complicated it. Just seems like a little bit too much work for now I'm, gonna just. Put. A. Common. Room down that they can easily get to and. Something. Like that. See. Like. Right here. Cuz. This is where the consensus, was I don't think a maze was, necessarily. Wanted. By everybody so. Maybe. Make the common room winter oh. My. Gosh. You. Guys just really want to see this place burn I I'm, still like trying to get this place under control you guys want to see me like destroy, everything. What. Is this you. Guys are hilarious all, right let, me just make a comment or a regular. Door here you're. Here. I. Placed. These two doors wrong but that's, just fine. Honestly. That's gonna bug me actually. Ariel. And. This door is wrong too. There, we go okay all, right nuke them with napalm can I guess there is napalm. You. Like that idea thank you ways for liking that idea. So.

You're Saying no guards inside uh. I'm. Just I'm getting so many different inputs it's hard to like figure. Out what to do when what's just kind of like. Pulling. Out my leg you know what I mean. Common. Room right here it is small yes. But it's probably the most valuable because. Because. Of this so, yeah. Common, but. Small. I think, small but good I guess it's small. Would value here. We go you, got weapon racks all through here we've, got one armed guard. Bulldoze. A two by two and place a sniper, tower with free fire oh. My. Gosh. See. These are all excellent ideas, you know what I might just make a new prison, at some point and have, you guys make sure you guys watch my streams so that you I can do these things because that sounds excellent I probably won't do them all like, here or on this stream or maybe even on the safe these guys are still need to be searched that's. Hilarious, but. At. Some point I want to do all these things because, I think it'd be a whole area so this watch of prison burn I once, locked like a hundred plus prisoners, into like a four, by four room, and watched them all starve to death that, was pretty funny but. That. Was a while ago like maybe last year, not. On stream recorded. I have a picture of it though any, other picture I did save a screenshot. Interesting. I think. I have too many guards because these guys are like getting knocked out and put into solitary too, too, easily so you're, right let me start removing. If. I stream one weekend it's okay all you guys want to burn us right away exactly. Thank, you ways I appreciate. It that's that's a really good way of putting things, I'm. Just gonna put one garden, instead of two and, this. Has way too many guards in it so, three. Or. I'll. Put one not two guys they're two guards maybe. I'll keep two then. Let's. See, if. I stream on weekends I can probably watch I do, try, to stream on weekends, it's kind of hard to do because I have classes and hanging, out with my girlfriend and doing all what all this stuff. But. Make. It electric Rochelle and kill everyone because science, that's. A good one. We're. Almost done with this stupid shakedown. Can. You please hurry it up. Thank. You speaking. Of dead prisoners my kill count is one of Chris is holy crap, that's. Not that's, not healthy, a. Thousand. Prisoners and, no escapes. Most. Of them have what, you do I know, that's not a prison that's a death camp oh man. Offensive, not over here it's just running a death camp for. No reason and here comes more prisoners, aka. More gang members. Let's. Check them out it looks like we've got we're in the 30s for each gang now which is pretty. Good this. Common, room seems, to have. Nothing. Good to it let. Me separate. Out these prisoners. While, I have the chance to, remember, so and, they. Should all be good let me separate, them there we go they're no good. Hitler's. Pizza summer camps nice.

Save. City was multiplayer. Holy. Crap. I. Don't. Have Sim City. But. That. Sounds like an excellent idea if I could get enough people um. Fed. Her down to do stuff like that oh uh oh. It. Looks like red gang is trying to do some more gang business. Okay. Okay. Are. They still wait they already have a claim of this common, room though or they, just need to do more of it or something I guess they do but. Um, but. Yeah if any if we got another people to do Sim, City with me I would totally do that like. I'm actually down for that. Gang. Business. Yeah. Green gang isn't making any moves besides oh no. They're. Planning, something and I don't like this now. This is a screenshot right here I don't like this one bit, oh, here. They go, they've. Made a plan and now they're gonna do it they took off their clothes I'm gonna, actually make free time last a little bit longer because. Who, works. There. We go. Yeah. Yeah. There, we go now that's more like it, sending. The soldiers lock the doors hold on I'm going to wait for the green gang to go to wherever they need to do and then and, then. We'll see what happens. St.. Roll over again okay, let me check out where they're at where is green gang going what. Are they trying to do. They're. Trying to. Get. Through that door so I'm gonna let them get through that door, even. Though this should technically be staff only. There. We go. Definitely. Don't. Know why that door is weird. Like that. Tyson. Instantly got then we gonna end its punishment real quick what let's let him do his thing alright, let me check out what they're going are they still up - Oh. Red. Gang is still kind of doing some stuff they stopped their gang business though I think, Oh. No. Green gang is going somewhere else no. I thought, they were gonna fight red gang, we. Need a purple gang for, the Saints oh. Man. Oh. No. They're starting the gang business again I think they might be trying to get, into maybe, this I don't. Know what's going on I. Was. Just gonna work. I'm. Going to. I'm. Gonna have in handy, the, soldier. Real. Quick I'm. Actually gonna put him like out. Here in the corner so he takes a while to leave. And. We'll see if any fighting occurs I. Love. It I love it. Chili. Gang leader and wash the prison go to chaos I would. Love to do that but I don't think that's a smart thing to do right now this, guy is literally just rioting. That's. Not good oh shoot, they're, making moose and it, doesn't look like it's gonna be a healthy move because, they're going directly, towards green gang this, may end badly. Or greatly. Depending, on how you guys want to see this prison burn but. Ya know Green gang is uh doing. Some sending, in the soldiers so. That's. Good for them I mean. They. Still need to get these people like process. So they can have more soldiers but. They've. Now got a claim on this place oh. Shoot. Oh, No. Saved. By the Bell oh. Man. That would have been good too. Put. Two gangs in a room and locked them and see what happens, how do you put two games I don't. Know actually that's a good question if they were determined by race I don't think so but, it might be I wouldn't. Make I don't know I don't, wanna start a race war just a gang war not a race war not a fan of those. How. Do you get, two gangs in the same room like without having to put them all one by one is there like an easy way to do it or what. Or should I just put one common room so they fight over this that one common room instead. This. Looks like, trash. Where is these soldiers when I need them holy crap the soldiers leave. Me. Check alright. I'll, let you guys see see, what a soldier can do all right there. You got one soldier you got two soldiers if there's anybody's left that's, still riding. One. Is white brown and black. Another. Game is ewr, custom. Peeps for it I, don't. Know these. Soldiers aren't doing anything I, thought. These soldiers are opposed to be doing something they're just walking, out the door Oh. Seriously. Guys. That's. Annoying. Oh. All those guys got themselves in handcuffs, like entire red gang, make. A dormitory for everyone, I also believe it's free ooh I like a free game ah. Ewi, is a wrestling business in that you can make on I see all, right well I'll look into that too, especially if it's free I like, the suggestion thank you Thank You Louis make. A dormitory. For everyone, and lock them all. Right. I. Like. It you're right I'm gonna do that I'm gonna have long. Yard times and then long free time so I'm gonna have the mornings. Be. Free. Yard times how does that sound so morning yard times and then.

Afternoon, Free times and, I. Should probably remove one of these eats, but. I'm. Going to actually. Not. Do that and have, this be. Lockup. Yeah. I'm gonna that be lockup, that dog is just rolling, okay all. Right let's, get everybody some food even though we probably don't have the food to feed the prisoners or the staff, they're. Just gonna be hungry and pissed and fighting I really don't care anymore. Thanks. Ways I appreciate, the suggestion I, appreciate. The suggestion a lot because, there's only one yard so far, yeah. So there's only one yard and, maybe. I should make this common room or something. Else yard as well I don't. Know oh, shoot. Oh. This. Dude was still riding in here that's hilarious actually. All. Right it's free time now and I, believe now, ah. Shoo ever got everybody's like in solitary, and stuff I wanted. To change my policy so, that they're not in lockdown and solitary, for so long, so. Like a half an hour. On, our serious, injury if. Our murder is gonna be one, hour, just, to get them out of the game. Attack. Staff that's gonna be one, hour all, right now. Now. We've got ourselves a good thing. Okay. Um. Walk. Everybody in the shower often to fight for this soap uh. Should. I make a giant shower room too because I don't have a shower room for any of these people they this is supposed to be the shower room and I, freaked it up but so much stuff has happened I never got to finish it so. Let me actually. Make. This into a shower real quick. While. I remember. He's, gonna just, line them all with stuff. Somebody. Found a shotgun. How. Do I give them weapons is the real question. And. I need piping now. I. Know, it's a big shower room or it's, a big shower room for how many showers are in it but I just wanted to get the base thing in there so they can actually start showering I'm, also gonna need two large the laundry room as well but, I'll. Get that up later. Shower. Time all day. That. Would be amazing. You. Guys are give me such great ideas I just can't implement, right now I totally, want to implement them but I just can't right now which really sucks, it's. Now free time and it looks like people are fighting and getting taste which is nice, they're all so barfing, on the floor which. Is not. So nice. Let. Me get. The shower room in this place real, quick going. When. I said I was gonna do it like right here. The. Shower rooms a bit big. Don't. Forget to change the regime to. What. Why. Should I take the regime to i/o. Somebody. Died. Oh he's. A snitch ah makes. Sense you, can't be in a gang and be a snitch you won't last very long I'll. Say that now they, had gang business killed, the snitch and now they're continuing, with the gang business who even killed the dude these, guys don't even care there's just a dead guy here. This. Guy is scared, for his safety. Come. On you're doing gang business and you're scared for your safety that's. Something you should just expect oh now. It's seat time all right you guys got off the hook you. Guys are gonna get back at it tomorrow I know but while I wait, I'm. Gonna go ahead and get these shower rooms in so they can have a nice shower if they want. Okay. Cool. No. Shower all shower time and free time, but. I'm. Doing individual showers though that's the thing I don't want to aren't gonna fight each other in the showers and if they do is kind of useless I want to see gang warfare not just regular warfare. But, yeah you're right I do need shower, time at some point so I'll, make it right here an hour shower and, an. Hour shower right, there 6:00, a.m. shower that's gross actually, I'm gonna have them sleep for longer because I don't think they get enough sleep. Shower. And. Then. Well. Maybe a 7:00, to 8:00 a.m. oh, I. Don't even know I don't. Even know anymore, first, of all there's people just doing gang business here now they're all getting saute for the whole night which kind of sucks. Mmm. No. Sleep just free time do they sleep in free time I guess. They do don't they if they have free time they can do whatever they frickin want let. Me finish setting up this show this, next shower. Actually. You know what I'm gonna have less, eating because. I don't have enough food to feed all these guys so.

I'm. Just gonna have more free time and. They're. Not gonna eat at night they're just gonna have two things a day and it's gonna be actually. One. Eat here, to. Each there and then they're gonna make one. More free time and one. More yard, time. Yeah. Yeah. That's. More like it. All. Right cool. Make. Prisons work like a workshop see the thing is apparently, gang members don't. Gang. Members don't sleep or being don't work like. They legitimately, don't work. Let's. See. Kupah. Says don't let them shower and eat for only one hour I should. Sleep for whatever. Welcome. Guys I have so many people watching but I actually need to end the stream which. Is kind of sucks because. I'm, scared I was supposed to schedule the stream and speed, rating from 9 from, 10 to, 11:30. Um so. I could call my girlfriend because I need to but. I don't. Know what to do if you, guys are gonna be around tomorrow I will be streaming tomorrow, morning, and probably. Tomorrow afternoon, if that, makes any sense so, please, hold. Hold. The phone this is actually I have the peak stream watching too this is actually the most people have had watching this stream at the same time but I actually need to go to, take care of myself because I have a life outside of this YouTube, stuff and you, guys need to go to sleep it is pretty late so if you guys aren't on the east coast or in the eastern time go. To sleep, roaming. Or anywhere, past that. Thanks. For watching, we'll. Definitely continue, this tomorrow I will definitely, implement so many more of your great ideas and, I. Love you all no, homo and I, will see you guys hopefully, next time I hope, you have a great morning afternoon night or evening. Join. My stream tomorrow it'll, probably be between, 10. O'clock or, so, so. Yeah. Alright, see. You guys next time.

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