Tony Robbins: Coaching Business Mastery ( Tony Robbins Skills )

Tony Robbins: Coaching Business Mastery ( Tony Robbins Skills )

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Now. You might wake up in the morning if all you do is you don't do rpm all you do is on here's on how, comes and, necessities. You know, you're out coming what's necessary, to get it done that's a shortcut it's, not as emotionally, rich though by the way when you leave out the purpose you get the idea it. Takes longer to think through and write off the purpose but, you there's a different state you're in as you just said ma'am when, you're connected, to the Y in fact. It'll change your to-do list it'll, change your map it'll change what's necessary, that's. Why it takes a little more time to do initially but, after a while it won't it was being you what's Malcolm it's Malcolm okay let's get crystal clear in the outcome okay now that I got that now. Why, and, you'll get good with my couple keywords you'll start to know the words then, always fire you up and we're gonna look at that in a moment by the way because. Words change. Emotion. So. Change the emotion, you change what people actually do, not what they write down they're gonna do what they actually do, you, change the quality of how they do it does. It changes their state make. Sense so. If you're gonna master, rpm, and you're, not going to do that today but if you want to let, me just kind of give you the overview there's seven principles of power just capture if you want first. One we're gonna come back to right now but I'll start with it at the top believe it or not above. Anything else is the power of language. Why. Is language, so important to managing your life your emotions, your results. Because. We don't experience life we experience the way we repackage, life the minute we label it. See. If you have an experience and in your body your nervous system is feeling this sense, of discomfort, then. Think of this weathers these uncomfortable, feelings coming through you they. Look like a funnel, and. All this noise. Environmental. Stimulus is coming through you and then you have certain words you use very often two. Or three that you use, kind. Of like you're, taking, all this juice in it you're gonna have these cookie cutters and the, words you use most often are pissed off. Frustrated. And annoyed. They're, gonna get a very different experience than if the person has to habit of being enraged. Right. Crazy, want, to kill someone. Or. Someone else who goes you. Know that, peeves me. They. Take that seems stuffing goes pees me someone else goes I want to kill someone it. Has nothing to do with the, actual experience, it's the word so I'll give you an example, anybody. Here know Ken Blanchard is wrote the one minute manager so. Ken's a dear friend of mine I've known Ken for gosh thirty years and. If you haven't heard can speak he's he's the real thing he's such, a sweet soul he, takes complex, things and makes them really simple ken.

Is One of those universally. Happy guys the. One of the reasons he's happy is his language patterns, see. We all have a bitch'll language patterns and we filter, the word and we put the label of what it is on it in a. Minute you label, and experience, the. Experience becomes that in your body, so. Some, people will say well if I said to you you're. Mistaken about that John, how. Do you feel somebody says you're mistaken. What. If I say John you're wrong. Who. Feels a little different now what. If I say John you're lying. Who. Here will get into real intense experiences somebody says you're lying right there's your integrity there now all you've changed one word we can change your biochemistry. All. Right well, we use words all the time with our experience, just because it's to happen of what we use most often. My. Mother's passed away Buster saw but when she was alive I told the story she, used to always be humiliated. By. Everything she. Called my house back for the days before email and I was you know traveling, like crazy and there's a answering. Machine the old-style answering machine and she'd. Leave a message I'm humiliated. That I have to leave a message for my son what does he press the United States or something. But. And I in the beginning I get hooked but then I noticed my mom was humiliated by everything she's elated by the drugstore Clark chase you know because anytime she was uncomfortable, she calls humiliated. The. One day I explained, her what humiliated, was and we had this interesting conversation. And. I got to see there are many other choices i humiliated, you to be pissed off frustrated. Ignored. Loved. But. We get the habits of attaching things so Ken Blanchard if he's gonna bring him out. Good friends and we're talking one time about how. Words affect people he goes you know Tony he, said I have, this attitude of life you, know the worst you know a great you know the worse today could be is a great day for me he. Said if you're gonna go golf, are. You to go fish he can't get back and golfing pissed off cuz. The worst the day at golfing is gonna be is a great day and. That's the label he has for everything great so, he went on with a group of people I know some, of them are from the entertainment business and some, are some you know very lucky monkey bigwigs and they're, used to having things their way and they went to Africa, they, went a safari and Ken went with them and I've. Been on the safari before and some pretty intense safari in a beautiful, safari and, people. Running at know their stuff first-class. Organization but. One particular, person will leave unnamed, is a very famous Hollywood producer, decides. That he wants to take control of the, show from, the guy who runs it who lives in Africa and he knows what he's doing and so. He says look I want these roofs off I don't want to just open up I want him off I want to be able to shoot the whole time with he said look sir he, said right now everything's fine but if the truck were to break down you want that roof on we don't want to leave off the roof the guy was so abusive the, man finally bent, so. Sure enough can all these guys are out there they're taking pictures and, they're, out in the middle of this crater and growing or crater if you've ever been there it's an unbelievable, place it's like every. Kind of animal you could imagine is there and. Sure. Enough as, they, start going later the guy goes left no stay long let's stay longer he's. Very influential, and he pushes the guide and they stay out longer than they would now they got a rush back before darkness and they. Don't have a roof on and you. Guessed it the, car the truck breaks down then.

It'll Nowhere no. One's answering the radio. Lions. And tigers and bears, oh my. Everything's. Gonna creep in. The. Other guys, screaming at him and I got. The play-by-play from two other people that were there besides Ken but. They told me then the myths most people freaking out angry and people scared and everything else cuz you could actually see the animals coming they're taking out their rifles, and it's getting tense and, the vanilla stuff chemic sound says this. Is inconvenient. And. He wasn't, faking that's the word is for this experience it's inconvenient, and that's the word he uses all the time for things other people stressed out about and as a result that's all this is inconvenient, to him and sure, enough guess what, finally. The radio worked well. Then a half-hour guy came out it brought some other trucks they got these guys out of there they left the truck there everybody was fine, but. The people like oh my god you killed us. We're. Gonna die we're gonna die we're gonna die you son, of a bitch I mean every language found him you can imagine only. One inconvenience. Much. Of your life has nothing to do your life it's the way you use language habitually. Language. Is the trigger for meaning and meaning. Equals, emotion, so, when I think of rpm. It's. About language, cuz it's about the questions, you ask because those questions, control that you focus on but, it's also the words you use to describe your outcome, the, words you describe to describe the, why one. Word can. Change the whole game if. Your description, of you, know you're a stockbroker and, what. You disguise what you do is you know I got a cold call on people every day. That's. Not gonna get you moving very much remember one guy was talking to me so much more successful as brand new he's. Blown my everybody so I went interviewed him cuz you know all these other people bitching, and griping he was having such great day so what are you because I'm a treasure hunter. So. What do you mean he goes I'm searched every time I call the phone I'm searching, for buried treasure, you. See you'll get treasure every time but when you get it there's always there's gonna be if you keep digging there's gonna be a treasure, sure now if you get one client that. Would do more business for him then all the other guys got and but the difference, was when he call people the phone he's, searching for treasure does, that change the state if that changed the call of his voice will. That actually change the result he's likely to get with a stranger, yes or no. So. Ladies you. Know you've, got a ring that this man's about to give you he gives you and somebody, else sees it they say oh that's, kind, of nice. Versus. That's magnificence. Versus. Water ah, what. A change how you feel yes or no a little. More completely I. Say. To you you come to me and say Tony I'm single. You meet thousands, of people you I'm your friend help, me out set. Me up man and. So I say to you okay I know. This, really. Nice, girl. This. Really, nice guy. You've. Got a state about it don't you what. If I say I know this woman I know this man I know this woman who is delicious.

How. Many are in a bit of different state already right, it's. Like if I said during the break we're gonna have some really nutritious, snacks. Yeah. Even, people the health-oriented like yay, but. I say it's delicious does, it change completely, I feel about it yes or no you, have to know every moment of your life this, is not about planning. It's about creating. Think. About planning, is creating, whenever I think about planning on creating, something, and. You, create things with both. Your vision, and your language and then your action, but. Your vision and your language will shape how you feel, which will shape what you do or don't do. So. This is the part that takes more time in the beginning takes. Longer, but, it's so much faster because once you know the patterns will move you you just use that and boom it's like knowing the light switch to turn yourself on and rock and roll and, anybody who's the best in the world of what they do they know how to turn themselves on every. Time they. Know their triggers that's what our p.m. is really about - so this is not some freakin time management program, like. This every system I don't care and and, obviously, Scotty is a dear friend of mine senior, and junior right. This, is not Franklin Covey this. Is not a little planning system this, is not pulling. Out your blackberry this. Is not using things or whatever tool you use this. Is a system, of thinking and feeling and producing, massive results, that. You want to take the whatever system you go to and ideally, maybe, have a system that is set up this way but even if you don't you can do it with just the thinking process. So I want you to start with this, first principle of power this principle of language what, you might think of as the principle of passion, that's, really what it is the, power of language is it produces, passion, and. By the way passion. Is the genesis, of genius. It's. A great quote by, a brilliant man don't, you Robert. No. I thought that sometime I thought that's really - I wrote it down it's like passion, is the jannah' you see some genius and anybody's because they're passionate. That's where genius flows and, impassion, is because it's about something more than yourself it's about something larger.

Now. Let's. Do this for a moment let's. Have you right now anywhere you want your notes I'm, gonna give you one minute and I want your write as fast as you can, words. That. Would increase your emotional intensity, like, for me I'll give you some of mine mine are passion, mine are love mine. Are make a difference, - transform, have, an impact, write that, fun there's, certain key words the. Roles of my life you. Know father the clan, you know mentor. Leader friend. Certain. Mentor there's certain language patterns when I think about myself as that person, I do things differently from that place right. So I won't just write down any, words at all for 60 seconds just, write down real, fast, what. Are some words or phrases that would excite you or juice, up your life if they were being used regulate, that a move you emotionally, choose words that, you're associated, to either. A context, like your health or your business or just overall, words just. Write words that would move you if, you write a word and doesn't move you so much crosses out and write a different word that moves you more. I warn. You a five-cent, word is often more powerful than a 50-cent word. If. You say I am becoming a facilitator. Of transformational. Change around. The globe at this moment now or, you write down kick ass take names. Sometimes. Kick ass take names will move you more than facilitator, of the human transformational, experience. Right. Some phrases, now that you might use when you think about things you want to achieve in your business what. Do you want to do and write them in words that are passionate not. Just increase sales what, would you do what would you put in front of that word increase sales if you're gonna produce. Crush. It. Transform. The marketing department. Take. It to a new level where some phrases, words then. You put them around outcomes, that you have for your business it, would excite you to do it instead. Of having to do it you get to do it. Can. You think of an activity that you. Normally do not like to do you, rather have somebody else do it if you could. Think. Of an activity like that right now that. You either put off are you trying to get other people to do or, you finally do get other people to do how. Many can think of an activity like that part of your business party life great, someone's standing up and tell me what that activity is by the way stand, up if you can remember also a time when. You did the activity. And you. Actually enjoyed it it was an exception, but you actually enjoyed it who's, had both those experiences, something you hate to do but, the other time you remember where you really, enjoy doing it it, was the same activity, somehow it worked okay, how about right here yes give her head. Tell. Us what was the activity you don't normally like to do you like to push off on others paperwork. Paperwork, yeah, now the word paperwork. Alone does that when. You guys see here that word how many of you don't want to do it either raise your hand so.

Just The way she's languaging. By the way she's not telling you the outcome, she's. Telling you the activity. Think. Of it this way if someone. Told you the. Process, of having a child. And all, the processes, you have to do to raise that child and, you were focused, on what you had to do to raise the child versus, the outcome, would. You ever order a purpose, would you ever do it yes or no if. Someone would have told you in advance all you would have to do in your business to make your business successful and. You, focused on all you had to do the, two do's, versus. The outcome, of owning and growing your own business would you ever have gotten into it yes or no, so. She's focused on the, to do and she's, language, the to do in a way that. Is incredibly. Moving. Okay. So pay for and so, when you normally think about doing paperwork how do you languish that to yourself what do you say to yourself I I hate. Doing it it box me down it, doesn't add to my results which is making sales that's right and notice it doesn't add to my results which is making sales great so now there, was a time you actually enjoyed, paperwork, tell. Me about that time when. I was younger and I was just starting out in my career and it gave me a way to process my day and, order my thinking, so it gave me these chunks, of accomplishments. Ah, and, so, when you talked about paperwork then you didn't call it paperwork then digit no. Yes. What'd you call it priorities what, priorities. So what was your phrase me back then dia thank you but when you're thinking about this, you'd say I'm gonna get to I'm gonna do. These. Are my projects. Ah she. Called it prioritizing. Her projects, how. Many feel better about that than paper, frickin work. Now. If she just changed that language alone, I want you think about right now do you have some paperwork waiting for you at home yes. Of course of course, so. What, is that paperwork really going to accomplish if you get it done. Well. In some ways it moves things forward if. You don't do it what's gonna happen things, aren't gonna get scheduled, they're not gonna make deadlines clients, are gonna be unhappy and. What will that do to sales that, will drop them eventually or it'll make me run around trying to fix things so. It. Sounds, important to you absolutely. And, are making people happy your clients happy important you well yeah I mean the sales are important because basically what I'm doing is, helping people with their business so that's. Yes. And how many people fail because they don't do the paperwork you think. Well. I mean. If you put it that way that's not why they fail I didn't put I didn't put it that way I just asked the question question. Yeah how, many saw that did. I say people fail because they don't do the paperwork no if I said that everybody what I said no I just asked her an honest question how. Many small businesses, you think fail because they don't handle the paperwork ie they.

Don't Handle, the, individual. Transactions. And the details, of their priorities, effectively, how many businesses do you think fail for that reason you I music. And. You teach these people what to do so they can succeed. Isn't. That what you do. No. I don't talk about paperwork I talk about results and part of the result of a sale is to capture it. Deliver. It in a form where it can be both, follow through on it counted for details, of otherwise, it's, part of a chain of value, you. Can't just, get someone to say yes and have them get the final value who. Most people like to simplify to just the yes but. The real value is not getting someone to say yes salespeople. Think that way the real value is delivering, each step of value along the way that, allows you to continue to get that value back to the customer, and clients. If. You take any if, I said to you what's more important. A molecule, or an atom. An. Atom really. Well the molecule. Okay. Which, one's more important the, molecule, or the cell. The. Cell or the organ the, organ or the body it's. The body or the community, the community or the ecology, ecology or. The planet, the planet or the solar system the solar system or the universe which. Was more important to me it's the little things that make up the big things. Right. Answer, but, it's the little things that make up the big things so to me that's. More. It's. Paperwork, a little thing or a big thing well. It's a little thing so. That's the most important thing is the little things but it makes up a big thing which in the end you, could say would be important, because it feeds. The, purpose, if. You look at a face of Deeds the purpose. So. Miss a question. How. Important is paper, how. Important is paperwork. Zero. To ten where would you put it. Yeah. So, maybe we need to call it something different the paperwork what is it really. Fear. To name it today not just what you did the past what is it really. It's. The steps to getting to the purpose. If. I had it's also a promise, that's been kept. Are. You about keeping promises. Have. You dropped out your promises, because you didn't have your paperwork a priority is organized, sure. Other. People drop it out because they didn't get the information need in a timely fashion. And. Most businesses you're telling me probably fail because they drop out the little things because. They think it's a little thing when really most. People are majoring in minor things and this is not a minor one is. It. But. We start thinking it is in the minute we give it labels and it's a minor thing that doesn't really matter, then. What happens is we no longer give it to focus and we don't give it to focus and then it bites us later on, the. Truth is which, one is more important, the. Molecule, of the atom. The. Molecule, of the cell the, cell or the Oregon the organ of the body which, one is more important. They're. Equally important you take anyone out of the chain of existence and the whole thing collapses there. Is no little things and big things there's. Just the things. There's. The things that matter, is. This one of those if. You were gonna coach your son or daughter or a child or a dear friend in a business what. Would you tell them about paperwork. Can. You hear the change in her voice, how. Many other changes in her voice is. There a power and her voice right now yes or now an, authority, go out tell me what you tell them you tell them what that paperwork. Is extremely, important, to the outcome it's, you, know part of the passion of the purpose and that's really all you have in life and I did have that conversation with my daughter. Do. You see how important, is a, to. Be aware of your language. Language. Creates meaning meaning, creates emotion, emotion, determines what you're gonna do or not do you. Can never again think about time management in terms of to Do's you need to start with language. The. Questions you ask and then the words you use to answer it that's why you gotta craft your outcomes craft, your results craft, the purpose takes, longer, but, you'll do it not. Only that you'll enjoy it. Jesus.

I'm Gonna go home and crush that paperwork that's what I would use we, should go back and she's good I'm gonna be and what if she created a role for herself I am. The queen of paper prioritization. I. Am. The Madonna, I'm the master of whatever you she comes up with some playful thing and it can be silly and stupid but it'll change completely. How she thinks about it she feels about it she'll go straight do with it. How. Many follow this by. The way how was she influenced, to, remember, the truth. By. Me lecturing her telling. Her no. Everything, was asking, her. Now. In addition, if. You want to follow through remember. If you link more of your needs there's, six needs if you like one need to it you got an interest too. You got to drive you link three needs to it you're gonna do it, now. She was linking feeling insignificant. To paperwork significance, is one of the most important things in her life. Right. She. Wants to significantly, contribute, true. And. It. Wasn't that significant, to the contribution, before but all of a sudden now she gets it is it's. Part of the chain of life it's part of the chain of keeping a promise, it's. For the chain of my integrity it's part of macchina be able to make a difference. And. You know what everybody. Else is lousy at it and I'm not anymore cuz, how the hell can I help somebody else if I don't do it myself, so. Now she sets a new standard, so. Now it's significant, and by. The way if, you want to make it more fulfilling she can also say you know I'm connected, to it cuz it's connected to the what she said to, the outcome there's. A purpose here now, there's connection. Now. Doing. This helps me to contribute. I'm. Starting to meet a lot of different needs contribution. Significance. Connection, love that's. Enough to get her to do it now. When she goes home she can even develop a strategy to enjoy it like I interview, people to do things that other people hate find out how they do it. Somebody. Loves to clean their house. It's. So great well let's look at these six human needs because if you love it it meets many of your needs at least three or four vana, 0/10 cleaning your house how much certainty is a give you and lady says 10 say. Why she goes because I know how to do it well I do it well every time I have. Control of it before. Your emails as a way for you to get a sense of accomplishment knocking. A few off doing something that's meaningless you, used to do when you're stressed out organize, your desk how many old enough to remember that, now. You don't even have a desk your desk is your laptop right so. You knock off emails and things to feel a sense of accomplishment which, is your just being active you do an activity you're not accomplishing anything nothing. Significant. You're. Doing movement, trying. To make it feel like achievement, as you feel uncertain, about things how, to control. That's. What you used to do with paperwork so you could take back what. Else I get variety, she says cleaning. The house because yes I have five children you never know what you're gonna find. Zero. To ten how much significance, 100 why she goes when I'm walking around the house she goes I play tapes like yours i I do significant, important things I have time to think through my life as I'm doing these things while I'm accomplishing something. Plus. She goes most people have a dirty house a mine isn't dirty people. Come over it's spotless I feel proud. What. Else connection, and love from clean now it was yes because while I'm cleaning I pray for my children. I'm. Ironing, I'm praying for them, ten. Growth.

From Cleaning the house yes because I'm gonna tape something in the future I'm creating my life. Contribution. Yes to my kids to my family to myself she, meets all her needs that's why she loves cutting out, somebody. Else uses language like I'm not to clean that fricking stuff. To. Waste of my freaking time. It's. All depends on what needs you related to how. Many followed, change. Your words change your perception, change your procedure some people say I love paying bills I'm growing you love, yes, there's. So many of them. And. They're always changing. Really. Variety what else he goes well I go, but I pay the bills in different rooms of the house and. I play different music in each room and that, she says it feels significant, and she feels connected because she, says when I signed the checks I think, of the person I send them love and. I think as I want them to prosper and she goes I know that comes back to me, it's. Just what you focus on what you focus, on is first control by the words you use and that's, control first of all the questions you ask whether you're aware of it or not. I'm. Gonna get the power of this principle the power of language can't say I let's. Put back on the stage and here's a couple of the principles again and we'll walk you through them all in detail but, I'll give you a little step at a time here, so first principles, language, the. Power of language which i think of as a principle passion second, power is the power of results focus I don't, like to take any time on this because you got it now don't you you. Focus on the result it's. Like taking, the power of your mind and body and brain, and putting. It the laser power instead of having it scattered you're no longer scatter down activities third, principle, really var p.m. it's the power of purpose no more time on this one you, got it does. The, why change, the how yes or no does. It change the quality of how you go about it when you're doing it for a different reason yes or no I'll. Give you a my core belief in life. Motive. Does, matter. Motive. Does matter, if. You wanna know my pain life my. Ultimate, pain is people think of me as a motivator, I hate that term. Mister. Motivator, you know people I believe me motivation, I so that's good cuz that's not what I do, right. You, know don't have a nice big belly go I don't need any motivation I'll go that's obvious, you're highly motivated eat.

Right. I'm. The y-guy I want to know why you. Say you want to lose weight but you keep eating. Because. What motivation. Is is your motive for action. I'm. Very interested in what your motive is you, should understand, your motive your, why your, purpose, that's. Where all the power of life is, and. I believe motive, does matter if your motive, and, your business, is just to make money you. Can make it cuz you're focused on it but. I believe life moves, to. Support whatever supports, more of life so, I think a reason why home X or a Zappos. Grows, the way they do is because they have a higher purpose as well and a. Higher purpose is to serve something more than themselves see, you know I'm just trying to meet my needs I mean a certain level of insight. When. I looked at my life throughout my life over the last 30, years and thought stuff. Happen at times that. Anybody, was there would go that's impossible. You know way that could happen how could he know that, how could you shift that person how could you change that situation about, these moments throughout my life and. I believe insight. Comes because I wasn't, focused on me succeeding, or failing I was completely focused on serving, them and the insight shows up, you. Try to take care of your family you're gonna get different level of insight than just yourself trying to take care of your company even, bigger insight trying to take care of your community trying. To take care of the world humanity. Without. Being ego. Not saying it if that's really in your intention, your intention, affects the quality but you're exposed to the insight of what. Comes through you, motive. Does matter and. We can always shift our motive there's nothing wrong with wanting to meet your needs meet your needs and others the. Game changes, and, by the way if you do this in your planning ie, creating. Game changes, okay. You make it a ritual, rpm. Is a ritual of questions you got to get it your body as a sequence. Given. Bodies a sequence, and you walk it in and you condition, it it'll, just happen it'll. Happen like what do I need to do used, to happen inside of you next. Principle number four it's. The power of mapping, that. Means that once I know the, resultant, after once I know why. I'm doing it I got the right language and. Come up with a map. You. Know what's interesting about a map it doesn't always work. How. Many of you ever used. Before in the old days before they had Google Maps there's. A company called MapQuest. Whoever. Made the fatal mistake of using this crappy product, and. What happened if you use MapQuest what usually happened. You. Ended up getting a place worse than if you would have guessed. Because. Their map had nothing to do with the reality of the territory, well. The more you do something the, more you're able to come up the first time you do a map, you. Might be a little off but, if. You do a map again and again it again pretty soon you start learning the pathways, to get to a result quicker don't you when. You start making these maps these action, items you're gonna start to find certain. Ones get you further than others and. Pretty soon what took a long time, you know the shortcuts, all I know that I know how to get from here to there quicker I know the map, that's. What used to be your to-do list now it's gonna be a map to an outcome that's being fueled by your purpose, okay. And then very quickly is a principle, number five. The. Power of chunking. So. You've, been in the seminar, this week and, you got all this information and, I'm. Attempted, to get you to at least capture. It in one place in the form of principles, and actions that alone, chunks in a bit that means you could turn that part of your book kind, of review the principles right you.

Can Read the whole book look at the principles and you look at your action I'm saying okay what. Does this relate to you could just make it a to-do list of all these things you're gonna do and figure out when you're gonna do them or. You can take all those to dues you'd. Say okay these all relate to marketing. These. Are all the actions. Related to the outcome of making sales better these. Are all the outcomes made it towards culture, and improving, my culture, and you can take this random list of to do's and maybe fit them in six. Drawers. Six. Categories. See. Years, ago I started to chunking I started, realize I could get out of stress very quickly if I just learned to choke things. I'm. Not thinking out of stress but, now when I thought of my day I got interrupted instead. Of going oh my god I got 57, individual, things to do there's only three things I'm after today I get. Refocused on my outcome. How many following to say I you. Do this with your project, you do this with your week you can do this with your company. So. After a while I came up with this idea. What. If you could take, imagine. Your own home the home you live in right now what. If we could take everything, out of your house and you weren't there we. Dumped it all and they're just boxes, and. A boxes got all collapsed, into each other and you're gonna move and you run around and then people just took all your stuff and just dumped, it in the, living room of your new house everything. Mixed in their underwear, toilet. Paper soap. Tissue. Notebooks. Computers, books. Cosmetics. All, mumbled. And jumbled together in the middle of the floor would. That be somewhat stressful for you yes. Or no but. What if in advance you took everything in your life and. Knew. What it would fit into one of let's say to chest of drawers six drawers in each 12 drawers, maybe. Maybe giant Dwarfs categories. Like. Everything, fit into, you. Know home appliances, or cooking or intimate. Ware or whatever.

If. You have those 12 and everything could fit in one of those you. Can take anybody in that room once they knew those categories, how. Quickly could we transform. That that, living room how fast. Yeah. Oh this goes here this goes there boom boom boom boom and by the way when it's done how quickly could you didn't get what you want, you. Know exactly where to go put all your focus in there you open the drawer you find what you want would, you like to do that with all your outcomes. All. Your action items I'm. Going to show you how and this. Process is a simple, way of managing. Your life they'll. Give you the big picture first. For a moment I'll scribble it up here as a chunking device. Think. Of your life this way, that's. A gross generalization, the by the way chunking, is an art not a science what, does that mean, is, there. A right way to do chunking yes or now no. There's no right way to do it because it's art what. Somebody else thinks is beautiful, you might think is ugly chunking. Is to meet whose needs, your. Own now if you're trying to chunk to help other people. Then you're gonna have to have something that's a little more science than art to it but think of it this way if we were going to try to manage, your life what if we had a life management, system not, a time management system, because. The only reason for time is. It's a resource so you can get the life you want is, that fair to say and. Let's, take two aspects, of your life but. One area is let's say your personal life that's an area of your life your personal life that. You. Want to manage and that area. Of your life is your professional, life. Whatever. You do professionally running the company marketing, director sales director, maybe. You run many companies, you're an entrepreneur. What. If we could take everything, related, that's most important, in your life, personally. And we, could focus on the things that. Need. To happen regularly so for example if. You don't focus on making your health better, does. It get better or worse as the years go by which one. You. Can't afford not to give it consistent, focus and by the way do you have to keep improving it yes or no if. You try to keep it static its health a static thing yes or no no. What. About relationships, if, you don't focus on relationships, do they tend to get better or worse. So. There's some areas, of your life, within. Your personal life if this was an area of life you're managing is your personal and professional life your whole life could be managing these two categories, if. Underneath these we could say everything. That matters fits within six. Eight ten twelve drawers. They. Might be things and I would call these categories. Of, constant. And never-ending improvement for, short we call categories, of improvement, these. Are areas that you've got to constantly focus on once. A week once a month some of them once a day their areas that never go away does that make sense and so. On your personal life what will be some areas you're gonna constantly focus on you might say well there's my. Health. There. Might be a drawer. Called family. There. Might be another one on, finances. Does. That make sense and within, those areas you could have specific, goals for this year for this month for, this week you. Might have certain musts they had to go in there but you could put everything in there, you could look at it once a week or. Once a month to make sure you're on target am, I making sense yes or no will. This help you to chunk your life a little bit yes or no because, if your whole personal life can fit into 6 5, 6 7 8 10 12 max of these, you. Could chunk it you could keep track that I'm still making progress because, most people make progress on what they focus on so. They focus on their business and their body due, to your age, who. Can relate to this one raise your hand Lord. They focus on their, body and their relationships, deteriorate. You're. So damn into yourself you never even hear. Or. They focus on their kids and their intimate relationship, breaks them. But. If you don't way to keep on target you could still put more focus on some things than others but you kept it balanced your life will work better what. Are some areas, categories. Within your business that. You have to constantly, focus. On and improve someone, tell me what are some categories, that never go away tell me, marketing. That, would be a drawer what's another one.

Sales. What's. Another one. Accounting. Finances. Cost, controls. What's. Another one. Culture. Empowered. Employees do. You think you could take everything, in your business and maybe put it in a maximum, of 12 drawers and. Then, whenever you had a meeting you could say what. Are our outcomes, instead. Of this long list you know when our outcomes around empowering, our employees. One. Of the outcomes for this year for this quarter for this month for this meeting related. To sales, when. Our outcomes for this meeting to, marketing and, guess what then, you don't have this situation we're, doing great one part of the business the other part bites you see if she doesn't do the paperwork, ie the, finances, the product or whatever and. She focuses only on sales we can guarantee her failure it's, only a matter of time it's. Not because she doesn't care it's, because she doesn't have a system of chunkier life she gets overwhelmed but she thinks of sales is all these things. More. Likely she makes paperwork all these things I talked. To me about time. Somebody. Who doesn't work out regularly doesn't exercise regularly I'll say how, important think work oh yeah yeah you'll finally get I'm really say I'm gonna work out, but. I'll say why haven't you worked out up until now I know you're committed now but up into I want, not, excuses not I'm not making you wrong just tell me when you think about working out tell me how you think about it unless there's a little sentiment, well. Just god it's so much work. Really. Well. Tell me what what do you gotta do to work out so. We you know are there yet me, right now I don't. I don't even have any running shoes I don't, have any gear I don't really close I'd. Have to go buy the stuff you. Know I'd have to drive to the sporting goods store and you. Know they'd have to go in there try stuff on and, you, know I don't feel very good about my size now anyway it'll be uncomfortable and then you, know I said I'd pick what's working you, know I don't really know what I should be wearing I don't know if I'm gonna run or gonna work out with weights so, I don't know what to buy but let's assume I got all that stuff well then what well then you're like I gotta go to the front.

And Sit there in that damn counter, wait wait wait and write, the check and then get my car and what. I said you don't have to find a place to work out, okay. Well what does that mean why I you. Know go on the web and search for her you know clubs nearby and then well. Then I have to drive no each of those individual, clubs and I'd have to go in and you know kind of go through the tour they give you and and then sit through somebody trying to pitch me in buying five hundred years as a subscription, to go there and and. I don't like to be sold and well. Let's say you bought one well then they take a picture of you and you look ugly oh it's worse than your driver's license, and you. Know the night time, I go girl sit go there sit drive there I said like find a place to park and then you, know I gotta go on and show my badge and then I gotta go find the locker and then I gotta hang my stuff up and it's gonna drop and you, know I put my stuff and I'm gonna go wait for the first machines probably sweaty, so have to probably walking or wipe it off and not. Go to one machine another machine another machine then I gotta come back and now I gotta take, off my sweaty clothes and, now. I gotta go take a shower and see parts of people's bodies I don't really want to see a man. You know after all that happened I gotta dry, my hair again put on my makeup put on my closer to probably wrinkle put in the smelly bag then I gotta go show, them the things so they can stamp my thing so I don't the paint for the parking and I gotta find my car and I gotta get my car and then I Drive off want. To eat sure what does eating say well you just do it, let's. Just drive there and eat. Eating. Is two steps in their mind working. Out is 429. The. Way you type, things. Is what makes you like them or dislike them, see. When, I first went to drive that stick shift car it was a lot of chunks I gonna watch the road drive this do this push this in out - and, what's your every mirror no way, but. Now you watch the road you drive the car you do all that's one chunk it's. In your body how. Many follow what I'm talking about here say I so. You can over chunk something you too many items or you can under chunk it where it's overwhelming, to try and do one big step that's, where the art comes as far as chunking is concerned so in your life, you. Want to be able to come up with categories. For your personal life categories. For your professional, life does. This make sense so. Let's try something let's give you a quick little example what I want you to do is. If, you take a look here I want, you to honest the middle of this circle is zero and. The outside edge is ten, ten. Means where you want it to be whatever ten is for you it's different for, everyone so. Zero, is your not really want to be ten is exactly, where you'd like to be so, if you look on the screen what. I'm asking to do is let's say for example the physical air of your life I want. You to go notice this person went up about, seventy, percent of the way there, are seven, out of the ten their idea of a ten of what they like to be physically, they're not they're. Not a zero about something and they draw a straight line across then. We look at emotion, and meaning we. Say how. Much where, do you live emotionally, how. Much joy excitement happiness. Passion aliveness. Compared. To what you want how much meaning and. This first one zero to ten they went you know about a three I'm about thirty percent their attitude or to two point five percent twenty five percent that where. Are you compared do you want to where you want to be it's not somebody else's judgment in. Your relationship, zero. To a hundred percent of where you want to be would be ten by. The way if you don't have a relationship it, would be zero. Just. The in case you need coaching on this, okay. And then. If we go time where are you in the mastery, of your time where, time serves you versus you serve time this. Person says he have about seven, out of ten that how. About your career how's that going zero to ten first, cuz I'm an eight on that draw. Straight line across where, are your finances, no. Damn good there I'm at a nine on my finances, yeah. Where are you in your sense of celebration, of, life its life as a celebration, you feel great since the contribution, they, said no I'm pretty stressed I'd have to say honestly I'm.

At About a three there are two there do, yours real fast just draw a straight line across where. You are Center zero out is ten there's. Not an all tennis exactly, where you want to be real, fast you got 30 seconds. Great. So look at your look at your design that's in front of you right now and just ask yourself this question if, this. Was the wheel on, the car called your life. How. Would your car run. Better. Yet what. If your gonna drive that car 150. Miles an hour. What. Could you dare intese can happen my friends what's gonna happen. You're. Gonna crash, how many gonna have a lot of stress when you start trying to try to drive this thing fast say I guess. What owning your own business is. Driving. Hundred fifty miles an hour isn't it so. What used to be ok when you work for somebody else it's. Kind of bumpy and stressful when, all the responsibility. Ultimately is yours, it's. Out of balance, it's. Pure pain, tell, me can relate this in some way say I things. Get this way because most people ask the question what do I need to what, do. They. Don't have a set of categories that once a week they look and go ok, what's my most important, outcome for my body this week what's. My most important how, come for my relationships. Yes. In the middle of everything else I'm gonna put those rocks in first somebody, gave you that metaphor right, I'm. Not gonna pour all the water and first up with the rocks in here are the most important outcomes for anything else shows out for, each of those areas because otherwise the, times gonna be gone, how. Many fall I'm talking about here say I so. That's we do a once a week planning session we look at our categories, both professional. Or business. And personal. Make. Sense now, the way we do that is with language, also that's compelling here's, some examples of how some people have jumped there life these. Are categories of constant, never-ending improvements, for Suzanne Williamson, it's family, business. Friends. Community. Physical. Well-being finance. Emotional, spiritual, this, is my own list that's been updated it with my physical power I called it world-class health and fitness by the way why did I use that language I could've. Just said body. It, juices me out physical. Powers I want the power to get up and walk to take, the room to make it happen to. Shift things for my wife for myself, for my family right. Second, emotional, juice why they call that instead of just emotion. Because. I emotion, doesn't but emotional juice so emotionally juicy life outstanding. Family life extraordinary friendships. Absolute, financial freedom Renaissance. Man the kenai of AJR a constant, improvement, myself the, creator of the good life for my family extraordinary. Communicator, leader contributed, force for good and spirit. And soul force for God those are my spiritual outcomes, Jane. Carter has emotional, fitness family, heart and soul physical. Prowess forever, friendships, home sweet home gracious, giver health wizard spiritual, soul here's, what you do write your categories, right now just the first run do not be perfect if, you want to take your personal life and chunk it into five. Six seven eight nine ten, probably. Twelve most, categories. That, everything, your life fits in that you look at an irregular basis write, them down but then put the words in front of them rewrite them so, they're compelling, I'm gonna give you literally, eight minutes to write as fast you can come. Up with a categories, for your personal life go. How. Do you think it would be valuable once. A week or at least once every ten days three, times a month sit. Down and lay out a plan for that week or ten days, we. Put the big rocks in first. Look. At these categories. Making sure you didn't miss the stuff that matters most to you how many you agree with this say I would. You have to write down every, action item yes or no what. Would you write your most important. Outcomes. And why. Make. Sense now. So quickly, let's. Take it a step further let's. Look at the next category of professional, and I'll give you another we love professional, just as an example this isn't the wheel because. Different for everybody, let's, put up on the screen and this is just a sample. This. Is not the business this would be you. So. This person says they run a department, for a company. So. One category, they're measuring in my empowering my teammates, my. Personal, team and our teammates and the company as a whole they. Have some outcomes around creating, extraordinary, identity. And relationships, but. We creating the relationships, we need with customers, this, person runs the sales department am. I delivering my core must results, this person wants to measure that regularly they, said all my life is really about and probably my team making.

Sure We have extraordinary relationships, making. Sure the core must I promise, I deliver I gotta. Keep focused on that every week every month certain. Amount of strategic, planning which gets set aside cuz I'm usually so busy in the to dues, certain. Amount of cost management I gotta do because if I don't do the paperwork well. Thing falls apart and. I'm gonna keep making my skills stronger, I can't just keep doing I'm doing they're gonna take some time they can make my skills better so. That I'm sharpening the saw so to speak so, I'm not hacking at the tree was something that's bad gonna take it up the next level how. Many fall in a sense of this now. That person would. Measure those but here are some examples, of that so I, mentioned to you you, know I have four kids but I mentioned my daughter jolly so I use her as the example, and, she, you know was this situation, where she became an actor, now. As an actor think about this what. Do actors focus, on. Quick first, got. Somebody. Says getting a job, okay. If. You focus on getting a job all the time and you're not making your skills stronger. You. Might not get that job how many follow the say I some. People focus on just training themselves lots of actors always going to actor classes but they don't go out and focus much on getting a job they. Wait for someone to call them with an opportunity, how. Many follow the challenge, some. Of those people how do they get jobs. If. They're a decent actor, they've got a what an. Agent. And or manager, and sometimes both. And. Without. Focus. By. That manager agent are they usually gonna succeed yes or no no. What if they get a job, where. Does all their focus go. On. Doing that job well so. If I'm noodle job I'm doing the job well and I'm not anticipating, how to make my skills better I'm not managing my manager, agent I'm not looking for new opportunities, and the, acting skills, no matter how good you are your. Jobs disappear, quickly yes or no. Eventually. Do they all disappear, yes or no, we. Can keep our businesses forever if we're successful that's, not true of a job that's not true of an acting job I don't, care how successful, 10 years 12 years 14 years it's, gonna change so. My daughter Jolie was always stressed out because things were always dropping out so I said honey because, it's just so impossible I can't do everything I can't like manage my career and and then and go out and get voice lessons, and dance lessons and then people go out on calls and I'm just listening and I'm in my head making her write down capturing, a list, are. You selling me a million items but. If she's listening I'm saying you know there's only five things she really has to focus on. And. These are the five she. Needs to maximize, her current what, jobs. She, wants make sure the job she's alone she's doing the maximum, job she can that's gotta be a daily focus but. She can't use that as an excuse not to also, make sure she's working to obtain what. Does. She have to constantly going out a role still paying attention knowing what's out there yes, or no if. She drops it out she might do well here and then she'll be without work forever that's. Typically what happens some, people in the academy award and. They don't work for three or four years. Because, they don't have a part of their focus they're focused on the Academy Award the victory the celebration. How. Many times have you seen that happen and. Then third she's. Got a focus on the management of Jolie Inc I said. That's what it is you're a company you, got to manage your managers and your agents every. Week she's, saying what do I need to do to make myself better at the current job what. I need to do to make sure I'm keeping my focus on getting new jobs and networking doing what's necessary what I'm gonna do keep on top my managers, and agents they're not gonna just do it without my focus. What. Also she have to focus on. Expanding. Your current acting skills so she gets better you. Can't use that as an excuse and oh yeah when I have more time we'll work on getting better no. Even. If it's once every ten days she's not working seven. Days a week on a show, she. Can do an acting class she, can find the best coach she could be going for a class once a week on a throat or voice whatever, right. And then, of course last one is being a networker, extraordinaire, expand link your identity, guess what everything, she can think about doing as an actress is in, those five categories, and. So every week she's looking at that and thinking what's the most important. Come. On guys let's not most important, in. That area or outcomes, in that area if, she's ever staying target is. Her career gonna be by the way what happens, if we take that wheel and.

We Take whenever strongest, on your wheel. Show. You what I mean. That. Should really be interesting me doing this visually. If. We take your wheel of life your wheel of your career and you, got one thing like this and another thing way out here, and something, else like this and something else like this and something else like this and this, is your shape of your life we, all know what's gonna happen it's gonna be stressful what. Do we find the strongest area let's say it was your finances, or your career or whatever, and. We find that outside edge, and we use that as the target. For. The base of where you are right now and. Now we say what's it gonna take to close the gap between here and here with my body, what's. Gonna take clothes to get from here to here in my training. Because. Guess what happens once we get here and it's all rounded, even if it's not a hundred percent who knows what's gonna happen. How. Much smoother is your life going to be, and by when it's smoother can you go faster. Easier. Or harder to go faster when it's smooth, this. Is the power of rpm and having, categories. Of constant. Never improvement, in both your personal professional life because. By the way sometimes you're doing really well all the categories in your business and, then, you have a divorce which kind of interrupts it just a smidge. Who. Knows what I'm talking about here alright, or another divorce you got a problem and your family somebody's not feeling well enough they don't appreciate it where the case may be this, is the goal of what we're trying to deal here so. You can create categories, within your professional, life but the one I want to get for you is let's do one together that. I think will be helpful for you to chunk all we've done this week let's. Look at business, let's, look at some categories, that you're pretty familiar with and the reason you're familiar with them is, this whole course has been focused on them what's, one area business if we go starting, it you know kind of one o'clock that. You've got to constantly focus on my friends what's an area mastering. What come on nice and loud what's. Another area next. What's. Another area. And. How important is time and notice we said time and what management. That's. What this is this is a part of the training our results results. Management, what. Else. Class. Management, what else. Innovation. And constant improvement of products and services what, else. The. Legal systems technical systems, what else, culture. What else, now. There could come up with their categories, but you could probably fit a 99%. Of your business in those eight categories couldn't, you by. The way you could fit almost everything we've taught you every action item you have within one of those categories. So. Instead of this big-ass list, you have at the back of your book, maybe. It's time to chunk it so. It's not so overwhelming by the way once you chunked it some, of it you can handle somebody else ago these are your outcomes. Help. Me clarify them, here's. Why they're important, go figure how to do it, by. The way when people know the outcome who are competent and they know why do. You need to tell them how, no. In fact they've come up with a better house than you it how. Many follow this process say I so. Here's what I want you to do let's do with where you are right now. Every. Business I own, how. Am I able to walk in and have 12 companies I've, got companies, are doing 150, million dollars in business with. 1200. Employees, I've got businesses, that are brand. New startup, oriented, businesses, I got businesses, in hospitality, side meaning. A hotel I've got this. Is nutraceuticals, I've got practice. Management companies for doctors I got. This educational, business I'm a part of they're. All radically, different businesses but guess what when. Someone's got talked to me about it I can take everything and put it in one of these twelve drawers, so. Every business has it so here's the Molly Anna, Molly is my resort and Fiji cinema, Resort and Spa in the country. 525. Acres, three, miles of ocean frontage, so. I got everybody from you, name Anthony Hopkins Quincy, Jones you. Know you. Name the celebrity, artist, musician, or. The top place in the country to go right, built.

The Thing from scratch how. Do we make it better and better and better and win all the awards because, we've got categories, of constant, never-ending improvement and, we're focusing, on how to improve it always the x-factor in each category so what, do we got effective. Business the financial plan so we can run the company effectively, securing. All of our event. Revenue, because in the travel businesses certainly have to secure the revenue, managing. And mastering are what. Maximizing. And proving are what. Mark, and your sales systems, what else do we want to do what's our language of this keep, customer, promise and create what and. Mobilize. Them the reason we got all these titles and all these awards is because customers come out of they're out of their mind since minutes vacation in their life when. I told chat about it Jeff's been all over the world and shuts you know there's, some very nice places and we're good friends but he's like yeah yeah yeah Tony yeah, and. Then he emails me calls his most incredible experience, is crying at the end I've, never cried leaving, a hotel before like I didn't want to leave. Because. It's an emotional bond it's an experience, it's not just the beauty of the place it's the people, so, there's a very different experience for people here right, what, else we got to keep reengineering strengthening improving all our what, attacking. Or communication. Customer databases we. Have to have world-class organization of, what kind of employees. And, who else. That's. Right we, constantly got improve and present the finest sweat, now. Most, of the recipes might fit in your business unless you're in the restaurant business you probably don't have food on the list but we have to because it's part of our business you. Know I think what's the most important thing you gotta constantly improve so. Nothing's left out we're, gonna maximize improve, our current community impact because we. Believe I believe we. Must impact the community so we have two villages, on either side of our resort and. We employ, about. 200, people or. The biggest employer in the area and we send all the kids to school as my gift I've been doing it for 22 years so guess, what when all hell's breaking loose thank. You thank. You very much I appreciate. The acknowledgement but I'm saying it to you because when. All hell breaks loose guess, what our, people. The community there supports, us completely. Right. We didn't do for that reason but I've been a couple of times there was a coup in that country it, happened, many years ago when it could happen some, people coming they're gonna say you know I'm gonna Ram Shack this resort guess who's standing out there the entire village Danny from resort saying you're not touching Tony's, property, I, was.

Like Okay that's pretty cool, but. What you give and you give and you give it comes back the identity I've been through the, births and the deaths and the upsides and the downsides and. We're, there together but. It's because it's a focus, for me by the way with all of my life could you get off track and miss some of these yes or no this. Is the ultimate checklist, notice, it's not what to do it's the category what must always be improved and now you think of what the outcomes are then, you measure them annually, quarterly etc, and, I finally create effective plans for capital improvements, because a resorts, got to constantly be improved right, physically, so there, are several examples you do look at later here's what I want you to do real fast you. Can use the eight we just wrote down in the wheel or. You can create something else but I want you literally give you I want you to do this quick what. Are the six eight ten twelve categories, that cover your whole business make. Your, business. Categories, of constant improvement your first run at it we won't have enough time to finish it but, I want you to get a good run at it ready go. How, many got a decent outline, already of the categories, of your business let me see your hands, fantastic. How many bandits some language it makes it a bit more compelling for you great. That's what you'll finish ideally, here's what I would do before I got home on the, pl

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I was 27 years old and working on a nine to five job for over five years. My salary was so low that I was forced to put in extra hours every day including weekends just to be able to make ends meet. I rarely saw my friends, and most times missed family events like dinners and parties. I was also ashamed that at 27 years of age, I was still living in my parents' house along with my wife and 4-year-old daughter because I could not afford rent. Eventually, I decided to confront my employer who quickly dismissed me by saying that my salary was more than enough and that he was hurt because I was being ungrateful. I walked out of that conversation with the realization that as long as my life was in other peoples hands, I would continue to have the same problems. That was the day my journey began...


Hi Ana, I started my own online business and then started documenting it all on YouTube...You can actually go over to my channel and see my journey...

Jubileu Lima what did you do?

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