Toktok Siomai King JC Full Business Presentation by Marissa Lim Sg

Toktok Siomai King JC Full  Business Presentation by Marissa Lim Sg

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Live on Facebook Okay, Good evening Good morning or good afternoon to everyone. This is Marissa Lim of JC Premier Singapore and Grand Up line in Singapore. JC premiere of Singapore since 2000. 2015 I am so.

the best in the business. Show my finger. extenders not just for now. show. teammates. I'm in. for

the price of 17800. 17888. in one online business. I'm sure. experience a food franchise business. Wow. more than 1000 outlets nationwide at me.

franchise concepts and the JC Dwight Incorporated Guyana. The King. King. with the House at Burger Factory. Thirty 30 million pieces. 37. 37 million pieces.

We begin our incredible journey in 2014 when two young entrepreneurs by the name of Jonathan so and carlito Maka collaborated together to establish a company with the sole intention of providing a healthy balanced lifestyle and at the same time a lucrative opportunity to earn from its innovative marketing program. celebrating its grand launch in January 2014 at the SMS Convention Center and transforming it's logo into a more spirited look. the company is. For the success of its thriving boil distributors as its independent distributors continue to grow and product lines, double from health and wellness now with beauty and skin care product lines the need for a much bigger and better office space was top priority and in April 2015, JC premier made the big move to its present home right at the heart of the luxurious business District of Green Hills, San Juan.

JC premier continues to make its presence felt by spanning the archipelago with Fifty-four business centers and the establishment of our faces and Mindanao corporate branches reaching out to those who are looking for an opportunity to improve their health and to have their own online home-based business by the year 2016 JC premier inaugurated its first international corporate branch in Dubai, UAE, which paved the way for the launching of other international corporate centers. We are now in Abu Dhabi, Qatar. Singapore. Taiwan and Italy and also institutionalized the following international business centers These centers are in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Oman. as we go to our fifth anniversary, which we fondly call good life Summit JC premier adapts to the international branding recognition by transforming its logo to what is now known and seen today, JC premier is now known as JC. Today more than

ever JC has been known in the MLM industry as the company with the most generous compensation plan and most realistic doable and workable reward incentive program all for its hardworking distributors, We want to change how the multi level marketing industry is being represented over the past few decades this lucrative industry has helped a lot of individuals from all walks of life from different countries cultures and. Ethnicities improve their lives for the better, and we believe that JC can help them achieve more. Do more and be more in this industry. JC is all about

helping the people we believe in personal relationships as a strong foundation in building their work We believe in empowering our distributors by rewarding them in a way that will motivate them. We believe in change and we believe that we can make the MLM industry better as JC. Progresses onward and begins to take notice the company continues to innovate with Cutting-edge technology for continued learnings and convenience continues to partner with world-class companies with reputable research facilities that provide you with only the best products. and continues to provide incentive rewards programs that are both workable and realistic for both new and existing distributors. You have to be great by making the greatest decision to commit. and act. just have to make that one great decision I would like to remind again all of you that this industry will not dictate the future of JC JC, who will dictate the future of this industry. Yes, number one.

2021-06-07 21:50

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