Today LIVE Trading 30 Minutes and D O N E $$$

Today LIVE Trading 30 Minutes and D O N E $$$

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good morning everyone can i please have  a quick sound check before we begin good morning everyone and welcome to the trade  out loud trading room my name is anka metcalf   and today's wednesday july 21st 2021 welcome  everyone let's start with earnings they are the   fuel behind the moves in the indices today  coca-cola reported earnings baker hughes   harley-davidson um we have verizon comerica  nasdaq johnson johnson some of the big names that   have reported pre-market and we have many more  names that have reported that we'll be reporting   after the market close like whirlpool las vegas  sands discover texas instruments equifax netgear   uh kinder morgan csx and more last night we had  earnings from netflix netflix really big company   um into nasdaq and the earning results left the  stock sideways it's trading on support 520 is   support for it so this is a really good example  if today we're going to hold the 520 this is going   to be very interesting to watch for tomorrow  and especially it may be a trade for next week   for those of you that do not trade stocks it's  a good watch because as we're gearing up for   next week next week we have a plethora of tech  companies that will be reporting earnings let's   dive into the calendar and let's see what we  have scheduled for the trading session today   at 10 o'clock we have crude oil inventories and  that's pretty much going to be it so you can see   that oil is running before the numbers yesterday  i did point it out that we need to watch the   four hour candle how it closes it triggered  the four hour after making a new low here   we have the line in the sand this is the  minor support area it's not a line it's not   at 66 56 no it's the whole entire area that's  why it just balanced around this is coming from   this prior pivot high when i'm talking about the  minor support area it is deriving from a prior   pivot high and take a look it's back from may so  we have a pivot in may pivot high may pivot low   in may and we are holding the area of the  pivot high you can see how we are retesting   yesterday we had a doji we went a little bit  lower but then we closed in the dojo we went   higher and then we closed then we opened today  and we opened exactly into the minor support area   to the t take a look at this area right here  66 66 and take a look at this area 66-66   the glue and the line in the sand  was on the four-hour yesterday we   had a four-hour rotation after diving a little  bit lower we had a four-hour rotation popped   and then it stabilized through how the whole  throughout the whole entire night that 66 66 area   that 66 50 coil around created a level of support  for today's price action from which it popped   higher and then of course we had the breakout  we had the breakout from yesterday's range   and we had the pop-up we noticed the size  of this candle as it was approaching the 20   simple moving average it slowed down because  we had a full throttle blow out here breakout   and then as we were reaching this dynamic  resistance into the 20 simple moving average   the price slowed down you could see the size of  the candle so we had one candle that went from 70   from 0.70 so from 66.70 all the way to 68.20 and  then we had a little baby candle here that decided   which way we're gonna go because if we break  down below 67.70 there's a really strong   chance that we're going to come in again  but we have triggered an initiation higher   and we can expect for the price to follow through  all the way into the 70s again so we do have oil   inventory numbers at 10 30 they're scheduled  at 10 30. and we're gonna watch the price  

we're gonna wash the price if we get a trade i  typically don't take trades ahead of oil inventory   numbers and there is no setup that is lining up  on um on either of the time frames so we're just   going to continue on watching it and if we get any  calibration after the oil inventory numbers we're   going to take a look at it because it has a lot of  room for the upside this is this is going to be a   first target into the 69 and then we have a target  into the 70s so it's going to be about a dollar   move right here that we can expect from 69  to 70. gold is back down into minor support and it is still coiling around this  dynamic support once again this 20 sma   so it came down in today's trading session today  is down eleven dollars close to twelve dollars   eleven dollars and seventy cents 0.65 percent to  the downside no decision into gold as long as gold   on the daily chart it will be trading in between  the 200 simple moving average the 50 simple   moving average which forms the cluster dynamic  resistance and because it is trading into support   from this minor support level and also from this  20 sma dynamic support the price is not going to   go anywhere the price needs to either break out  or break down that's that's where the big money is   so they're waiting patiently either to break  down or to break out no trades in between   let's take a look at the indices right now and  they have recovered most of the losses from monday   we have 173 points up in the dow right now just  before the open two and a half minutes before the   open the smp is up 12 points percent we have  russell that is that fifteen point zero point   sixty eight percent it is the most advanced index  it's getting ready for an hourly rotation even   though it has a 200 simple moving average right  above it that is going to create resistance you   can see this line right here so that is resistance  for price okay here it is just zoomed it in okay   so this is resistance for price typically any  rotation 20 to 11 is going to be the breakout area   2211 with room to progress higher into the 2216  room to progress higher into the 2220 22 26 and 20   to 38 these are the targets this is the game plan  this is the port right here at 2200 if we break   below this level the next support area is 2184 and  so on we're going to take it one minute at a time   we also have nasdaq that is weaker today  so uh weaker nasdaq like i said netflix   didn't really perform that  well uh lost some subscribers   nasdaq is down 20 points that's not a big  deal that could be a bar on the five minute   or the 15 minute so it's mildly down  close to i would say a break even level   the only thing that it doesn't have in its  favor right now is the fact that it has a lot   of resistance in the overhead uh the trigger  from the one hour which is into the 14 713   is right into the 10 ema that is posing a  lot of resistance and so is the 20 sma it's   creating tons of resistance we need to see  the price pop up above these moving averages   and regain the pattern regain the momentum because  as you can see here the overnight training session   forum support at 14 687 but what happened at  seven o'clock we had a little blip violated   the prior low and we also have a lower high so  we really don't know if this is the high this   is the lower height this is the low this is the  lower low if the price is going to violate the 14 667 we're going to see a downward move possibly  into the 14 644 at which point we become bullish   again so it's much safer to wait for a pullback  in this area then shorted because it's not going   to be probably longly lived okay um in s  p we have a bullish above level of 43 38.5   if we break above this level we're going  to go higher we also have resistance right   below the trigger point into the 34 34 and a  half and we need to digest this because the price   came in tested the area and came back down luckily  for us it's leaving some really cool footprints   the pattern which forms because we have  a little mini trigger on the one hour   right you can see that this candle trading above  the prior high so it has initiated momentum   so we're having a higher low so  we have low higher low higher low   and we're having a little bit of a  higher low rate here which means that   we have more chances at this point at this  moment for a continuation higher than a rejection   below and same with the dow low higher low  higher low and a higher load this is the more   aggressive approach to the upside you can see that  it's also finding the 200 sma right here so there   are three indices that are a little bit stronger  that rallied into the 200 simple moving average   once the price gets above that 200 simple moving  average it will have the power to um possibly stay   above and continue higher it needs to digest  that 200 sma so once again the dow the s p and   russell need to stay above that if they stay above  that 200 sma and this is going to be the pivot we   are going to start moving higher i actually like  these patterns a lot um i actually like russell russell is uh getting ready for rotation  right now the trigger point is 22 11. yeah let's do this 22-11 wrestle  long the stop is going to be under 22   22-0 22-11 russell long here it is triggered so put the stop under the 2200 we don't want to  put stops right at the whole number that's a huge   flag for these algos the target is going  to be targeted 1 is going to be 15 22 15. then we're gonna be looking for 22 seventeen and a half twenty two twenty 2220 is going to be a big one 22-22 and 22-25 and if we get in the last two targets by trailing we're almost there we're almost at target one here we go target one is hit i took half off i'm raising my stop to break  even raise the stop to break even we have 17 and a half for target 2. 17 and  a half for target 2 and right now our stop  

is at break even the break even is 22 11. really coming in didn't have time to move these charts on the five  minute the place we're setting up off the major   time frames of the one-hour charts this morning  much much powerful much much much more powerful   you can see that 2211 we lifted the stop and  break even not only because it's our break even no   we lifted the stop because this is minor support  for ongoing price action you can see these   resistance areas here these pivots are forming  support for ongoing price action now we need to   break over this 17 okay we need to break over  17 if we see a print of 17 we are going higher the other indices are going higher as well russell was the most advanced index the  other indices are just catching up with price we may have another trade i really like ym if  we take yn the trigger point is going to be 34   twenty three to twenty four and the stop is gonna  have to be this 500 so we don't get wiggled out   because look at the tails look at the size of  the tails always evaluate the size of the tails   because that will represent the wiggle all  right we're two takes away from target two   and rty keep your eyes on the prize  i'm gonna scale out another quarter   and i'm gonna leave the last slot for further  trailing into targets possibly into the 220 222   2222 2225 we have a nice one minute sandwich we  have already triggered a two minute continuation   awesome riaz good job awesome  awesome awesome loving it we may be lifting the price a little  bit maybe lifting the price a little bit   look at our target at 17 and a half there is a   small tiny resistance at 17 and a half and  that's why we have the target into that area nasdaq is trying to catch up another sandwich  developing in rty if we get our 17 and a half   it's gonna pop to 220 to 22 20. if we get the pop  if we get the pop we need to see our target hit   20 to 17 and a half and that is going  to be the trigger for higher as well all indices are holding nasdaq is recuperating   lifting 14 points up i'm also keeping my  eyes on russell for a possible trail into 13   possible trail 13. keep your eyes on the prize all right come on 17 and a half nice base off of the one minute look at this we break above we move higher if  we violate the 13 i think we're going to start   coming in but we still have uh we still  have this 10 ema right here so the price   is trying to regain the momo off of that 10 ema  if you want to stay in the game a little longer you could put your stop and break even little divergence here little divergence uh okay so we have the first five minute  the second five minute candle with the low 12.6 um i'm gonna put my stop at 11  so i'm going to keep 11 right now   i'm going to keep that 11 break even break even so i'm still in with half still half in see this 11 right here let's keep it 11.

okay we may have a trade  in the dow why am lining up uh here's the trade and the doubt long 34 625 the  stop needs to be under 34 500. just give it a few   ticks below 500 we don't want to be detected  by elders we have target 650 670 680 700. now stack pulling back we need to really see how that closed on the  one minute below this 10 ema not a good sign   we need to hold on hodl 10 ema right here hodl  10 ema it's either five minute five minute not   happy five minute wants to retrace this is  minor support we're still gonna keep this   we're still into this with a  uh with half the size all right if we see a print if we see a print of 2215.1

in russell we're starting to go higher here it is boeing is very strong this morning has regained  the area above the 200 simple moving average   home depot with a mild gap up pulling back a  little bit but still uber strong caterpillar   moving higher these are some of the dow  stocks also nike is into a daily rotation   axp financials are strong jp morgan is  strong morgan stanley's pending breakout   massive breakout over 94. and 30 cents 30  30 to 35 cents uh breakout 3m very strong   pfizer and myrrh coming in bank of america is  strong let's go let's go we have target 2 achieved   in russell skill sun out scale some out uh uh ym  made a high of 620 we have a we have a trigger at   6 25 we have a new high in russell 18 we are two  points away from achieving target number three it's gonna be a short trading day because  we're gonna be gone uh we're gonna be done soon okay we are less than one point away  from target number three at 22 20. six ticks away two ticks away bingo one more  to go i mean two more to go   we have 22 22 22 25 and at this point trailing  trailing only there is a resistance area that   is not present on oh yeah it is let me see  new york trading session charts resistance   at 22 20 22 24 this is 22 22. all  right so 22 22 to 22 24 resistance nvidia daily rotation following yesterday's inside  bar nvidia split so it's trading right now 191.80   all right we are one literally  one take away one one take away   from the target at 22 22 22 which is target four target number four 22 22-22  we hit a high of 20 to 21.9   we're heading into massive resistance  which is that the 2223 to 22 24.

see how it's um it's really trying to knock  this level out this is a huge level huge i'm looking at the time it's 9 47 we're gonna start trailing a little  bit tighter in about 30 seconds awesome keith rocking and rolling  awesome awesome awesome four seconds two   one trail right now is going to be hold on  i'm i'm having my cursor that is stuck here   okay all right the trail stop is 19  22 19. lift the stop 22 19. rty trail excuse me 22-19 trail stop all right ym nice 650 target 1 hit half out bring the stop to break even in ym bring the  stop to break even nym ym stop to break even stop to break even ym stop to break even wyoming next target nym is 670. right into this dotted line right into  this dotted line we need to stay strong   maintain the momentum we have initiated two minute  continuation we are into this six six six yikes here's the 70. target 2 hits we're  going to start entering the trail phase in one and a half minutes  we need to blast over that 70 75   we need to blast it if not the  price is going to start coming in awesome riaz awesome i love earning season  guys the these six weeks are gonna be good   have a feeling they're gonna  be good awesome 68 out yeah   i mean i'm telling you i'm i'm trying to hold  this because i'm scaling out scaling out but we have um about 45 minutes into a trail 45 min  45 seconds i'm sorry 45 seconds into the trail   we hit 50 we hit 70 i'm only one lot left and we're going to start trailing russell  as well russell is doing really well we're going to apply a trail  in russell very quickly now   russell trail is still at 19. all right let's  keep ym the rest still at 25 because we have   skill down we have made a lot of money on  its way up and time to look again at russell   russell is delivering big big time we nailed  it we nailed russell here's the 25 guys this   is the last target but we're still into trail  mode bring this stop bring the stop up um   see it's it's holding a nice shelf into the 24  and i have that in the newer trading session   chart so i have that shelf at 24. we don't have  it here so that's just your trading session charts  

um you can see here 26 that  is that absolutely target okay   that is a little target if we break above  this we're continuing massively to the 38   okay keep this stop and break even still in ym  we don't have any other trail that we can apply okay so right now we're in  trail mode and everything wire needs to break above that dotted  line do you see how uh russell did it well   now we need to do the same and we're  also entering another um buy area   in nasdaq so nasdaq has a potential trigger  into the 14750 it's the laggard it's the laggard   and it can potentially have a stop i'm not going  to do it but it is a valid trade if you want to   take it 14 750 long the stop is going to be  7 14 07 10 and you're looking for a target   all the way you you have a first target into  65 to 67 and the next target is in into 80. all right come on ym break above the  70. we need to see a break above the 70.   russell we are still in trail mode   right now russell let's let's start trailing 23  and a half russell 23 and a half russell trail 23 and a half 22 23 and a half let's bring it up that's the new trail we need dow to participate higher we're  getting into 10 o'clock remember 10 o'clock   is reversal time we can expect some  pullbacks going into the 10 o'clock we have a 27.1 high in rty rty beautiful let's keep on trailing it 23.50 is a  good trail in it all right we have a doji  

line in the sand if we break above 71 guess  what we're going to 80 and we're going to 700.   if we violate this we're going to be out remember  this is the last plot new high and russell both lack formation and nasdaq  nasdaq bowl flag formation 50 possible entry if you want to take it 710 is  the stop like i said targeting to 65 and 780. all right why am at 80 do i see an 80 in  ym this is gorgeous what a beautiful day   love earning season we should  only have the training room   during earnings season and  the rest we should vacation three targets hit in ym we have one more at  700 we're going to start trailing a little bit   we can't do it we can't do russell yet but  we're approaching 10 o'clock reversal time and i don't want to choke it too much era here we go new high and rt white   nasdaq is putting a fight into that ducted dotted  line playing with fire we're into reversal time nasdaq is getting rejected from that dotted line  but it's also there's nothing we can do about it   so here's what here's what we can do at the  most place this stop at six three zero six   three zero five points higher than the break  even so ym trail into the thirty four thousand six three zero it's the most we can do we have to let it play out  it's taking a little bit longer   i'm glad that we picked russell we  nailed russell russell is the big winner okay sardar good job you are in now  stop look for first targeting to 65.  

okay if you're very new to this room i should tell  you some secrets target one is the easiest target   to achieve in trading after target one the price  gets a little bit extended and it's more likely   to pull back as you're progressing through targets  target two target three they're a little bit more   extended so therefore profits will be taken at  those levels if you have a very small account   it's really a good idea to chunk it in at target  one or raise your stop as quickly as possible so   you could chunk in profits get into the habit  if you're not into the habit of making money   consistently do your target one do your or  after you see it beyond target one put your stop   at target one so let it go so you can start  trailing that's a little secret um and that   is going to grow your account okay let's head into  30s we're extending we're we're actually literally   trying to extend towards it's 38. come on dow  we're waiting on you we're waiting on the dao um we're going to start raising the  stop because it is 10 o'clock   top of the hour and we may be raising the stop  and ym just now we're gonna be raising the stop   in wyoming give me one second  let me see what the level is yes let's race the stop to  45 raise the stop to 45. almost done almost done on the day i'm just like  at the dentist right it's like just a little bit   okay just a little bit more okay it  won't be long i promise and pressure off   okay 6 45 trail stop guys it is 10 o'clock  it is we're trading into reversal time we   can't expect pull backs at this point  russell we're going to start choking it let's start choking russell here as well uh let's bring the stop up to 27 rty trailstop27   22-27 russell lift the stop up 22-27 i know  randy i was thinking about you when i said that oh my god that's crazy randy's a dentist guys okay so we are out we're at ym all right and  we're out russell whoo pressure off we're done   guys we're done those of you that are  on nasdaq you're still in your stop   at this point is still 7 10 so you should still be in randy you're not alone you're  not the only dentist in here yeah no wait in getting into that oil i know  i'm looking at it as well no entry in it   no entry in it let's just wait on nasdaq here uh for the members  that are in i'm not in nasdaq so i was just in   these two in wyoming russell like i said i'm  not going to take nasdaq too much to handle um it's not that you know i can't get in in  multiple but it's really hard like if you're   having a big momentum or if they start reversing  immediately it's very hard for me to assess where   i need to uh put the trail stop and actually go  into the active trader and move around my stops   i i mean it's not easy but nasdaq is setting  up for a sandwich beautiful sandwich if nasdaq   is going to start trading about 14 758 it's going  to go higher that's the big clue and also here is   sandwich as well in the m esmp the market remains  relatively strong remember that at 10 o'clock we   can't expect the pullback in the market it is  the first major reversal time in the market as   part of the mic market rhythm so we're seeing if  we have extreme strength into the 10 o'clock we   can continue with the range we can develop these  ranges that may continue into 10 30 and at which   point at 10 30 we could either have a pullback or  a continuation higher based upon the pattern that   the indices are trading in nvidia very  strong today google continuing higher amazon   fighting the 20 sma and minor support level uh on  the daily chart and i did mention the 3600 level   last week in amazon this is a level to watch  netflix very weak continuing lower twitter and   facebook are stronger regaining some momentum and  by the way natural gas no trade in natural gas but   it's rocking and rolling to the upside just almost  heading into that it's actually four cents away   uh from the high that we had today into that four  dollar area had a high of 3.96 amd very strong very strong today uh wheat topping 700  if it starts breaking below 700 dollars   it's gonna start coming down uh corn  is actually this is actually the   one two three four fifth day uh this is  the fifth session which is levitating   into the highs trying to punch over that  20 sms or trying to go higher a little bit   uh copper just meandering did a shakeout the other  day when we have weakness into the market now it's   actually trading a little bit higher trigger the  daily rotation however is still below the 20 sma oh lori mural no i missed yesterday  so listen these trades uh in earnings   season these trades and futures are coming  super strong super strong and super fast and   i can't i literally i i can't get  into the uh into the stocks and into   and into the futures it is so mind-boggling i hate  it i hate it i hate because i can't get in them   but nero was like oh my gosh and it was on  the run today as well let me just put it here   uh chris you got oil last night and couldn't  figure out okay um all right let's revisit   let's visit laura before we go into neuro let's  visit oil a little bit okay so overnight trading   people those of you that trade overnight  there um you should focus on the one hour   and focus also on the um four hour charts so  chris uh don't forget to show up today um into the   uh at the um uh technical analysis mastery course  because this is what we're gonna talk about today   um all right so uh targets in oil okay  so you can see that huge range huge range   this is the breakout all right the 6770  you had these pivots oops what i do   hold on all right you had you have these pivot  points right use these as your uh guide and also   look to the left-hand side see here you had a  mini sandwich it's consolidation so your target   one coincided with this so you had a confluence  level here into the 69 plus you have the whole   number this would have been target one and then  here you have a little knot as well you had a   little sandwich okay so here let me see if i zoom  if i zoom it in if you see it yeah okay so this is   number one at 69 you can see the sandwich here's  the other sandwich into the very close to the 70.   and here you have the swish down with the pivot  okay this is support now it's resistance okay all right let's take a look yeah okay uh  let's take a look at uh what is that neuro   i posted today on on twitter neural  like i said it's bullish over 14   and again i have to be in the trading room so  i missed it right because when you're talking   and trading and talking you can't focus on all of  them but i did post this on twitter for some that   got it congratulations take a look at it fourteen  dollars i said it's bullish over fourteen dollars   and it has room to 15 16 and 18 and it's  actually running at 25 today it is up 157 wowsers these are momentum moves listen when when  i started day trading because i was on the swing   trading side investing side and when i started day  trading you would not have moved like moves like   this i would have killed for a move like this  literally we didn't have this the market now   is literally like uh this this lottery like you're  winning the lottery every single day every single   day there is a winner i am not kidding you guys  and this is how it feels like and it has been   like this for over a year so over a year i mean  we had a really good within the last four to five   years because the market has really started to  ramp up we had volatility with this market was   dead in volatility 2016 and 17 were dead in  volatility even though in 2017 we went higher   but starting with 2018 we had the big shake  and the market structure has changed guys   learning how to trade is like learning how  to win the lottery every single month i am   not kidding you i posted it on the public  feed uh let me show you hold on just one sec all right can you guys see my screen all right here it is here it is i didn't get  it like i said i didn't get it i had to do so   much work pre-market that i missed it i totally  missed it but i post it in here i know it sucks yeah you can't do it at one point i was  thinking maybe i should be off the mic   because if i'm not talking then i  can focus a little bit more on charts yeah but um i'm telling you like there  is an opportunity like if you're not in   the market if you know if you have never  traded in your life 2021 is your deadline   2021 is your deadline you  have to trade you have to   there's no such thing as staying away from the  market here it is setting a breakout over 14 yeah and if you look um so i do a lot of work  pre-market literally a lot of work free market   you can see it's trading at  14 this is the base breakout   this is your stop right here so you have a  really tight stop you have a breakout right here   okay it's awesome it's absolutely awesome  and here it is all right so we came out on my   benzingo scanner and by the way they're offering  50 off they're offering 50 off so you've seen euro   right here and there were a bunch of other stocks  amc came on as well oh my god 30 dollars in euro   anyone else in this stock nobody  oh gosh okay um let's go to okay um yeah of course i i will  post it just give me one sec okay so if you guys want i could walk  you through ben zinka once again when   on our quiet time or whatever if you're ready to  sign up for it i could do a little presentation   on it so if you want to sign up here it is  you get 40 50 actually if you sign up for um   in july until the end of july so you have next  week as well you get 50 50 off the first month   or quarter or year um and by the way if  you want to test drive it it's two weeks no   credit card required no obligation nothing  i'm getting all my traits from benzingo i'm telling i think i'm gonna uh  i mean i'm still using trade ideas   but listen they have introduced the um the  stock uh the um oh gosh what is it called having um the short float okay okay the  short float okay so now you have that as well   okay so that's pretty cool all right uh one  request for netflix and then we could talk a   little bit more nflx netflix all right netflix  is not loving netflix lost a lot of subscribers   okay netflix is still trading in a range  450 is still support still support on it   i mean you can see that it has been trading into  this range since july all right so it's probably   going to stay in this range for some time i think  that if it's not going to get hooked in these   moving averages here because it's still trading  in the core of the range so this is still support   okay um it's gonna probably go down  but then it's gonna rotate and go back   up that's what it does so give it a few days  give it a few days if you're having an overly um   robust market even if netflix did not perform  well the market is gonna take it up with it   it's not going to i mean listen people are still  gonna uh people are still gonna go toward towards   netflix it's still a solid stock i mean it's  not something that um it's devaluated still good still good all right yeah sure i can show you just give me one sec all right here we go all right so just so you know guys please  enable all panelists and attendees linda's   asking how did i find euro and like i said  can you see this can you see the screen   can you see the screen okay this is the scanner  this isn't better testing the scanner is in beta   testing i absolutely love it i love it i  don't think i can trade without it anymore   because i'm getting my pre-market movers and i'm  looking at the structure and it's just phenomenal   take a look at all of these trades the trade ideas  guys over two hundred percent euro wowsers cmi lex   has all of these mbds all of these stocks by the  way all of these stocks came in before the market   opened before the market opened any five-minute  buy would have propelled you in the stratosphere take a look at ccl remember ccl go on my go  on my twitter go on my public twitter feed   and by the way we're finally  i even forgot to mention this   we're verified we have that little nice  check mark right trade out loud is verified   very hard to get the verified um thing uh do you  enter trades absolutely bill you can enter trades   for stocks that are very liquid for example like  nero was or for the list uh let's see the trade   out loud here it is profile there we go so for  example for example uh this is my pre-market   we only had one two three four five six seven  and the market was very liquid because if you're   looking for example oh not this one okay  because i was looking at my earnings okay so   here when we when i looked at neuro it was already  up 35 right so i looked at these stock that   were up but i also have to match them with the  pattern and this one what had the best pattern   this one had the best pattern but if you look at  it okay this is where uh this is when i found it   at 8 51 a.m 8 15. and listen it takes time  it takes a lot of time for me to trace the   levels these levels that you guys see on the  charts they're not automatically built you   cannot have that you cannot have that so  there's a way to calculate them you can't   you can't really do that so uh you have to you  have to trace them and it takes me about 20   minutes to do that so once i'm getting busy with  tracing obviously i can't keep an eye on this uh which broker allows you to trade pre i  use thinker i use think or swim td ameritrade   td ameritrade but i think like all brokers  will allow you to trade pre-market uh tasty   works where are my tasty works traders q guys you  guys can't get in pre-market right tasty trades   tasty works something tasty okay um tray station  as well um interactive brokers all of these yeah all right uh let's get back to charts  those of you guys that are in nasdaq   you're still in you're still in okay once you  get above the 50 you can uh raise your stop up   raise your stop to 23 raise the stop to 23 23  22 23 that's it all right and we're trying to   base here a little bit uh as you can see the  15 minute has rotated remember what i said that   10 o'clock represents the reversal time okay uh  we can possibly have a rotation again uh in um rty   and possibly even in uh a yes  possibly in es as well let's   take this cl down here all right let's  take a quick look at the 15 minute all right so don't forget that we have oil  inventory numbers in less than 10 minutes okay   yeah it pulled back to minor support chris yeah  and guys i'm literally done for today i'm done   i'm done for today okay any questions any questions now this time around  for those of you that are in nasdaq   when the uh when the indus i was gonna say when  the stock okay when the index is going to try to   get over 60 put your stop and break even okay over  60 put your stop and break even you don't want to   um give anything back you want to have  like a massive rain day on everything okay all right uh since nvidia split what  is the outlook great question odell   so let's put it up nvidia all right  so let's get to the two minute here   okay video is still gonna go up nvidia became  a lot more affordable this time i think it's   gonna go through a little bit of calibration but  it's still going to go up nvidia is still higher nvidia is still nvidia regardless of you know  the stock split um hey paul on sdac do i move   this yes yes right now move the stop move the  stop see this pivot here at 24 move it to 23.  

we need to see it well above this 60 when  we see it above the 60 in fact you know what   yeah let me see smaller time frames it needs to start engaging over 60 so we need  to see it over 60 over 60 you can reduce the   stop to 50 because if it's trading over  60 it's going to start going to 70 and 70   65 was our first target but we didn't get there   so first of all we need to get it now over 60  and if the bottom of the candle is going to be   over 50 then 50 is going to hold so that  will make a really good uh trail stop for it of course you have a minute and a half until you  are going to bring your stop up i think i need to start my trading day but see  here's the thing the problem is that all of   these trades and all of these ideas guess what  they're coming out around nine o'clock that is   when they start to become a lot more active so i  can wake up at five o'clock or six o'clock in the   morning because i'm not gonna be i'm not gonna be  seeing anything so it i have to do all this work   in literally 15 minutes before i come on the  mic okay uh put the stop 750 break even paul   and everybody else that is in nasdaq now stack  stop break even right now because it has punched   over 60 one point away from the target at 65.  point away from target s65 and we're getting   just nice ranges overall in the dow the smp  and rty not bad not bad ranges and i have a   feeling i have a very strong feeling right now  that laurie is in russell am i right or wrong am i right or wrong hey ashley awesome all right yeah hearts of course she is negative  yardage ashley taking profits three green trades   today yay thanks you're so welcome okay so you  can see that this top two minute time sequence has   they ended you do not want to see the trade below  50. you do not want to see the trade below 50.   okay you want to make sure that it's grinding  grinding grinding higher that's it period okay uh dojiforming in ym like i said i'm done guys i'm  literally done we have three massive good trades   uh that were cold in the room i  mean this was just a really good day   you don't want to force it you  really don't want to force it   and three minutes to oil inventory numbers i just  want to see how oil inventory numbers are trading and by the way tomorrow at 8  30 we have unemployment claims   and then we have um at ten o'clock we heat we have  the cb lending index and existing home sales and   we have the natural gas storage at 10 30. so the  mover the shake and bake here it is 65 target one   65 target one take half out um if not you  can actually race to stop let me give you a   trail stop a tighter trail stop in case you  don't want to give anything back and nasdaq okay so everybody that is in nasa and by the way the  15 minute has a really nice massive sandwich   it looks like it really wants to go into the 70  and 73. 70 73 75 these are the next targets uh if   you want to maintain and if you still want to stay  in your trail stop right now should be 55 to 56 55   to 56 50 i would do 56. paul fantastic fantastic  out at 65 fantastic all right nasdaq uh nasdaq  

like i said if still want to stay in i would  trail 56 for further targets target one was hit   half out trail stop 56 right  now and then we have a doji here   we have resistance here 670 the doji the high is  648 so that means that you could have a trigger at   650. if it gets over 650 it's going to go to 670.  so it's going to go for 20 points uh the stop is   going to have to be under this purple lines which  is the 6 14. uh russell is becoming divergent and now stock like i said nasdaq trail stop is 56 if 56 is going  to hold into the next 30 seconds you may have okay   here it is 56 and done boom that's it guys this is  it for today let me know if you have any questions i'll see you guys here same place  same time tomorrow for another round hey ashley we're done we're done we're  out we were actually done half an hour ago   okay thanks randy and randy emailed me and um  you know he brought up a thing uh that we'd have   discussed like we need to do an outing guys we  need to do an outing um i think that most likely   i literally don't have the time this summer  but let's do it fall let's do it this fall   let's do it like do you think it's better  before thanksgivings or after thanksgivings   yeah like i'm thinking florida  i'm thinking like florida like we should definitely do an outing before before october october  october end of october okay do you want to do you guys want to do like  the miami area or do you guys want to do the   naples area we have a we have a representative  in naples that can help us with some   uh with some ideas naples randy's for naples  randy's for naples randy's voting naples what   do you guys what do you guys want do you guys  want like oh my gosh everybody wants naples paul   okay naples it is okay either okay no matter  alligators alligators for party favors   okay i'm going to look into it   and see we can find something i actually um  but i'm going to look for the naples area   we could do both it's only two and a half hours  away ashley we could do both we could do both i could draw so i have the car i can fit another  three people in my car so we could we could just   you know squeeze into a few vehicles and we can um  drive to the uh drive to the atlantic side as well   i found a resort i have no i've never  been there so uh i need to see how it is   uh but believe it or not i've been there  for so long and there's this club med   club med uh slv popping we're going to take a look  at it in a sec uh there's club med i think it's in   port st lucie or something okay um slv slv is  on my super watch list so two minute rotation   here guys those of you that are day trading two  minute rotation randy has it probably as a swing   okay daily rotation as well this is  a short squeeze guys this is a short   squeeze randy hit it again so by the way  randy posted this slv before we opened look at the green so he posted this  like an hour ago okay so the high   is 23.35 it's right here this is the trigger for  the short squeeze into 2360 to 23.70 2360 to 23.70

all right uh let me send you guys the  link this was the one that i was kind of   like thinking about the club med um i think  it's like i think it's like 20 minutes from   from palm beach north okay so it's like  all-inclusive this is all-inclusive   okay but i'm gonna look in naples and paul if you  have any ideas for the naples side let me know   all right uh yeah this is a great call randy  in slv like i said it has room to short squeeze   has room to short squeeze all  right any other questions guys all right this is a wrap i will see you  guys in here tomorrow same place same   time have a great rest of the day it was a  fantastic day today i'll see you tomorrow   okay have a have a great  rest of the day everyone bye you

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