Tips for Creating Content for your Jewelry Business

Tips for Creating Content for your Jewelry Business

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Okay so today we're going to be  talking about creating content.   And this is just going to kind of go through some  tips just to hopefully make your life easier.   Making content for your brand can be very  overwhelming, especially when you are a   small business and you are just one person.  So hopefully these tips will help you out.   So first of all if you haven't seen me before I  am Kelli Greene. I’m the Marketing and Creative  

Manager with Halstead, I’ve been there since  2017. And prior I was actually a customer.   So me and my husband are both metalsmiths and  we owned a small jewelry business which opened   in 2014. And we had a small little gallery,  you can see here where we carried other local   craftsman things such as other jewelry artists,  housewares, textiles, we did paintings, and   drawings, and posters, and all different things.  So it was super fun, we loved it and we ended up  

having a close in 2018 - kind of when we had our  kids and stuff. But I was able to transition into   Halstead, so I’m so excited that I got to stay  in the jewelry business. Prior to that all of,   you know, most of my working years were spent in  retail and retail management. And that's kind of   where I got to learn the business side of things.  I do have a B.A. in art from ASU. I didn't major   in metals, but I did take small metals and jewelry  classes while I was there. And then my very first  

introduction to jewelry making was I actually went  to a public high school in Mesa, Arizona and they   offered a jewelry class. So that was my very first  exposure to it. So again I’m Kelli with an ‘i’, my   email is at the bottom If you  have any questions I’m always ready to help. So   reach out. Okay so to get started, what is  content? So obviously if you just look up   the definition of content, it doesn't really  relate to marketing. So just the plain definition  

is “what is inside or included in something.” So  when it's applied to like publishing or art or   communication, it's kind of just the information  and experiences that are directed towards an end   user or audience. So even there it's still kind  of vague. Like, what is content marketing? What is   the content when it comes to putting your brand  out there? So I kind of picked different little   parts of descriptions of content marketing  from Google search, and this is kind of the   best description that I came up with when I think  about it. And obviously, just a disclaimer, so  

when you're creating content for your brand you're  going to want to know your target customer first.   Because all of the content you are creating is  going to be tailored to your target customer. So   what I came up with was “content marketing  is a strategic marketing approach focused on   creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and  consistent content to attract and retain a clearly   defined audience.” And obviously your end goal  with marketing, with your business in general,   is to get people to buy from you. So ultimately,  the end action is you want someone to make   a purchase. So that's what we're going to be  talking about today. How you can make content   for your small jewelry brand and some  tips to make it not so overwhelming.

So when we're thinking about content, these  are a bunch of different things, you know,   that you can create to help build your  brand and market your brand. So, you know,   I think there's like 12 right there. On top of  that, you know, even a look book, a catalog a   wholesale line sheet, a postcard, a flyer that  you create for an upcoming trunk show or for a   craft fair you're attending. Those are all pieces  of content that you can create for your brand.   Obviously some are more in-depth and can maybe  be more valuable or hold more weight than others.   Obviously, you know, blogs and guides are gonna  take longer than just a social media post. But   this is the whole realm and everything that you  can create. And that's what we're gonna be talking  

about as content today: things that you can post  on social media, put in your emails. Things you're   putting out there to your customer or prospective  customers to get them to know your brand So these are the three sections  we're going to go through today.   The power of planning. Maximizing your reach with  the content you create. And then recycle, reuse,  

reduce your stress. That's kind of my favorite  section. So here we go. The power of planning. So,   especially when you're starting out running your  small business it's usually just you. And I feel   like a lot of people look at other brands, whether  they're jewelry brands or other small businesses,   and they think to themselves “how in the world  do they have all these gorgeous photos of their   product,” “how are they sending monthly emails,  like what am I even supposed to put in there,”   “who has the time to post on social media every  day,” “who has the time to think of all these   you know funny little quotes or the copy they  put on their social media posts,” and just “how   is one person doing it all, how does one person  manage four different social media platforms, plus   their website, plus you know responding to emails,  making the jewelry.” You know, obviously you are   wearing 50 plus hats as a small jewelry business  owner So I think these are things that kind of   people think, how in the world are you doing  this. And they're really, - it can be done by   one person and really is they have a plan. If  you don't have a plan, you're just going to get   more stressed out as things pile up and you think  of all these, all of your to-do lists. So if you  

were able to attend the Jewelry Business Forum,  you may have seen my presentation on creating a   marketing strategy. So this slide is actually  pulled from that presentation. And I think the   best way to kind of start out with a marketing  strategy and thinking about how you're going to   create your marketing content is with a timeline.  I like to do a 12-month timeline. So obviously   we're on the last day of March, so you could  start with April through next March. And just  

even putting 12 squares on a piece of paper and  just really short descriptions of what you want   to accomplish. You know, in April you want to do  a photo shoot, in May you want to write your first   blog. Maybe you want to do a blog every quarter,  so that will go in every corner on your timeline.   You can kind of see here all your marketing  tasks including photography, email campaigns,   social media posts, blogging, events, website  updates. The only thing I added to this slide is  

before I wasn't saying creating content, I was  just listing out all of these things. So really,   making that timeline is how you're gonna create  content to put out there to promote your business.   And again this 12 months is just a general guide  to follow. Once you're going to break down your   tasks into month, quarter, and then ultimately  your weekly tasks, and those are going to have way   more detail. So I’m going to show you an example  of breaking down a task, you know, saying next   month, April, you want to do your photo shoot  - so that's on the calendar. But now we need  

to make a more detailed plan for the day of the  shoot. So I’m going to show you this example now.   So when you think about planning a  photo shoot, and it does not have to be   a with a paid photographer. it does not have to  be with a fancy camera. This can be done with   your cell phone. We have some great blogs and  tips for shooting jewelry on your smartphone.   Our graphic designer and photographer  Janelle also did a presentation about   taking photos on your smartphone. So  this this can be just you planning this   with your own phone. So, but you need to have a  plan going in. So obviously the time and place   you're going to be taking these photos. You  want to think how is the lighting going to  

be. What time of day am I shooting: in the  morning, at night. Will I need extra lights,   what do I need to bring with me. You're also going  to want to think about like, do you have a theme?   Is this for your spring collection? Do you want to  have flowers there? Are there going to be models?   What product are you shooting? Is this going to  be your best sellers, is this just going to be   a shot of your latest one-of-a-kinds? So have  that in mind ahead of time. And then how many  

shots do you want to get from the shoot?  You know, if you're planning a photo shoot   once a month or once a quarter. You know,  once a month you might want to be getting 30,   30 to 40 photos from your shoot. And I know  that can seem like a lot. And even if you   have a small collection of jewelry, if you're  only, you know, have eight pieces to shoot to   get to 40 photos is actually really, can be  really easy. You know, you do a group shot,  

you do four of the pieces at a time, two of the  pieces at a time, and then individual shots.   You kind of switch up the layout, the angles.  Also you're going to want to be thinking about   where you're going to be posting these, because  that will determine the formats too. Obviously   for Instagram you want squares. The photos used  on this slide are shots for our summer campaign.  

So obviously we got props, the greenery. We  wanted the yellows and blues and we shot this   all together. And this, you will see this on our  social media over the summer. So just definitely   planning ahead is going to make you get the most  out of your photo shoot. If you, you know, wake up  

one morning and you're like oh my gosh I haven't  posted on social media in a week, I need some   photos. And you kind of rush and put something  together; like yes that can work, and you can   get a few photos from that. But if you didn't plan  ahead there's no way you're going to get 30 shots.   So think about planning. You know, if you aren't  used to kind of having a plan and due dates,   it might be a little rough in the beginning.  But I promise once you start doing it,   it's really going to help you out and actually,  you know, save you a lot of time. So you want  

to get the most out of a photo shoot. So you  really need to think about all these things:   Where can all these photos be used? How can they  be used? What platforms am I posting them on?   So this is how you plan the shoot. So then after  the shoot you are also going to need to do some   things. Really being organized is also going to  save you a lot of time. Naming each photo and then   saving to labeled folders. Even social media now  tracks SEO through tags and names of your files,   of your photos. And it'll just make it easier for  you, you know, if this photo on my slide here is   named ‘Onyx Collection 2020’ so I know what it  is. And then if it's also saved within a folder,  

you know, named ‘My Look Book for 2020’ I’m  going to be able to find it a lot quicker   and be able to access it. And then also those  tags, if the name of your photo is already there,   you know ,you're not scrolling through months and  months of photos looking at photos named img00782.   That doesn't mean anything to  you and it's not gonna help you.   So one of the things I suggest that will just save  you so much time and so much stress is to look   into a scheduling platform for social media. I’ve  used Tailwind in the past, I’ve used Later. This   is, these are platforms that you can connect all  of your social sites on. So your Instagram, your  

Facebook, your Pinterest, your Twitter. Whatever  you're on and you can go in and it kind of looks   like a calendar view. Tou upload your photos into  there and then you place them out on the calendar.   And then they automatically schedule for you. This  can save you so, so much time. You could schedule   one day a month, one day a week, and go in and  schedule out. Obviously you still need to be   on your platforms to answer questions, you know,  comment back and forth and talk to your customers,   potential customers. But you won't have  that extra stress of everyday thinking,   or every other day thinking, “oh my gosh I need  to post. I don't have anything to post. I can't  

think of what I’m posting.” You can just get ahead  of the game and you have your next month planned   out and it's just one less thing to stress about.  And these platforms usually aren't very expensive.   Like 25 bucks a month. If you don't want to do  a scheduling social media platform you can just  

also, you know, put calendar reminders you know  every Monday/Wednesday/Friday that you need to   post on Instagram. And an easy way if you do have  Instagram and Facebook, if you haven't figured out   you can link those counts together because it's  all under the same umbrella now, so you can post   Instagram and also have that post to Facebook.  I suggest doing different content if you can,   but that's an easy way to get two posts with  less time. So also getting dates on the calendar   for your next newsletter or email blast to your  customers. You know, some people get overwhelmed,   like what am I gonna write in an email. And  today I feel like the copy of your email isn't   as important, it's almost more visual. And then  you want to have links to get them to your website  

or to get them to your social pages - wherever  you want them to go. So even just writing a few,   you know, a subject - a cute subject line,  a little intro, adding three or four photos,   and a paragraph of copy about what's happening  in those photos - that's enough. That's great. It   gets people to remember your brand, remember your  name, and maybe see some of your new collection.  

So also think after the shoot, where  else can these photos be used. You know,   obviously they could go on your website, they  can go on your blog, all of your social pages.   And just get them anywhere that they could go.  You know, if you have a personal Facebook too,   maybe you can just tell your close friends “Hey  I just did a new photo shoot, check it out” and   send them to your business page. So again, due  dates. This slide is also from the Building Your  

Marketing Strategy. Get due dates on your  calendar. You know, you get your 12 month   timeline and then break it down to monthly.  And then in your monthly have due dates and   hold yourself accountable, however you do that. I  love checklists. I fill up my Outlook Calendar so   I have digital reminders. I also have a big paper  calendar on my wall that I handwrite tasks in and   at the end of the day I cross off. I really like  checklists somehow that motivates me, it makes me   happy. So find out what's satisfying to you and  whatever helps you get through your due dates.

So now you've created this great piece of  content, you've planned it out, you know, you   have all these beautiful photos, maybe you have  this great blog article. Now you want to maximize   your reach. You want that out to as many people  as possible. So how are we going to do that? So obviously you want to get the most mileage  out of every piece of content you create. So   we're going to think about all the places we  could promote, post, and share. And then also   would anybody else be in your network and your  community be interested in sharing this content.   It never hurts to reach out. And  networking, as a small business  

owner, you want to be doing  constantly. And then also   are there opportunities for collaborations  or cross-promoting when creating content. So biggest thing, kind of talked  about before: promote, post, and share   everywhere. You have all these social pages. It  just does you a disservice to not take the time   to post the content to all of them. You know,  you will have customers/potential customers,   followers that follow you on a few of your social  handles. Or you might you know someone might just  

only follow you on Instagram and they're on your  subscriber list. Or they only follow a certain   board of yours on Pinterest and that's it. So  there's people that are going to overlap. Snd then   there's people who are not going to overlap. So  you want to make sure you're posting it everywhere   so you can maximize your reach. So I wanted  to go through a little example of 10 ways to   promote a new blog post. And this,  you know, if you don't have a blog   this can be, you know, a new look book if  you're more into visuals, a new Pinterest   board. Think of it as any piece of content. So  we're going to go through 10 ways to promote it.  

So obviously first your Instagram grid post. So  maybe you wrote this, maybe you have a nature   inspired jewelry line, you love the outdoors,  you know a lot of your pieces are inspired by   different places you've hiked, different flowers  you've seen, just different things in nature. So   your latest blog post is about all of the hiking  trails you've done recently, and maybe you live in   Utah. So Utah hiking trails. So first on your  Instagram a grid post is a post that shows up   on the grid in your little square. So first you  want to want to post a photo of your blog cover.   So that's your first promotion just on your  regular Instagram grid post. Now you're gonna  

share that post into your story because some  people may see your story and not see your   grid post. You are at the mercy of all of these  algorithms, so definitely share it to your story.   And you can you know just do the share from the  grid to the story and maybe put a cute little   icon gif on it and then say new blog alert. Also  really quick, on your phone you can, you know,   flip your camera - this does not have to be a big  production - it can just be a real short video of   you talking about your new blog article. Like hey  guys Kelli here I just finished my new article   about the hiking trails I did this last  year in Utah. They were so beautiful,   see all my photos, see the jewelry I wore,  and how I was inspired by these hikes.  

That's as long as it needs to be  and post it to your Instagram TV.   So number four to promote. Email your  subscribers. I feel like people forget   about their email list. People gave you their  emails and said yes please email me, so do it.   They, you know, if they follow your brand they  like you, they like your jewelry, they're gonna   be interested in what you're interested in. So an  email to subscribers: New blog just post posted,  

add a few photos in from the blog, a paragraph  about it, and then obviously link to your blog.   So now we've done some Instagram posts, we emailed  our subscribers, now let's post on Facebook.   So a lot of people have their business page  on Facebook and then they also have a personal   Facebook and then they're also in a lot of groups,  so post on all of them. And usually when you post  

a link to your blog it'll pull your cover page,  your cover image, but make sure there's a link.   People will want to click on the link from your  Facebook page, don't just post a photo and say new   blog without the link. Facebook you definitely  want to make sure you have your link there.   So that was five ways. So another cool way  to promote a new blog post is to create a   Pinterest board around it. So obviously you're  gonna post some of your photos from the blog,   from your Utah hiking blog, you're going to want  to post some of your jewelry photos in there,   and then also pin other people other people's  pins to this board. Make a really nice,  

beautiful Pinterest board about it. So now  you've also linked your blog to your Pinterest.   Another thing you can do is pull a quote  from the blog and create a graphic around it.   Maybe you use one of the pretty photos from  your hike and you put some text over it,   and maybe just one of the little, a little  quote or an inspirational thing that came to you   that you put in your blog. So now you've  created another graphic to promote the same   piece of content. You can post it on Instagram  and then also post on your business Facebook  

page. Finally you can pull a photo from your  blog. So you're not using the cover photo now   and just post to your Instagram and Facebook  story, “have you read our latest blog.”   And all of these 10 ways to promote can be over  a week or two weeks of time. And then finally   number 10, now let's email your subscribers  again - but this time we're going to flip   it and say have you checked out my new Pinterest  board. And maybe use some photos from the board,   some photos from Pinterest, maybe other  people you pinned and promote it that way.  

So to you maybe you're like “oh my gosh no one  wants to read this blog 10 times, no one wants   to hear about it 10 times,” but really you're the  only person that knows you promoted it ten times.   Like I said prior, a lot of your followers  don't follow you on every social platform.   You're also at the mercy of an algorithm,  so you don't know if they're actually seeing   all of your posts in the first place. And  maybe that first email, you know, you sent   out to your email subscribers maybe you know I  opened it and I was excited to read it and then   got distracted and deleted it; never saw it again.  But then now you sent another email a week later   telling you about your Pinterest board I’m like oh  yeah I wanted to see those pictures from her hike   and then I’m in there now. So people get  distracted. People do not see everything you   post. So you want to promote as much as you can  to make sure people are getting the message.

So networking. So think about other small  business owners that share some of your customers   interests. You know sometimes you can collab with  other jewelry artists, but you might want to go   outside of jewelry just so you're not, you know,  competing with whoever you're collaborating with.  

So, you know, if you are this nature inspired  jewelry brand maybe there is a ceramics artist   that also kind of has the same love for nature  and hiking. And maybe they would want to share   some of your content, and maybe you would want  to share some of theirs. A good way to build   a relationship, if it's not someone you've  met in person or been able to talk to prior,   is to look through their content and see if your  customers would be interested and offer to share.  

Getting cross links and backlinks to your  website is only going to help you with   SEO. Ad it's going to open up your audience.  More people are gonna be able to see you   if your link to your website is also posted on the  ceramics website. So building this relationship   where you can share back and forth, it also makes  you have more content. Because now you can share  

other people's content. So it's another thing you  can post about, another thing you can talk about,   another thing you can offer your customers  that's adding value to your brand. So collabs and cross promoting. You can  actually, prior to creating the content   is where you kind of would want to plan these.  So reach out to your network prior and you would   create content for the purpose of collaborating  and cross promoting. This would be something where   all the parties agree that they are going to be  posting this content on Instagram, they're gonna   use it in their emails. You know, a lot of people  - especially starting out in the jewelry business  

and now with so many social media influencers,  you know, you might get a DM that says “hey   send me a free piece of jewelry and I’ll post  about it,” that's not a collab. That's you sending   someone a free piece of jewelry. So unless that  person is Lady Gaga or someone who has, you know,   millions of followers and they promise to tag you  in it, I wouldn't do that. That's not a collab.   You want to collaborate with people who are going  to put as much effort into making the content   and they are also going to get something out of  it. So kind of make sure when you're collaborating  

that all parties are getting - are putting in  equal effort and getting, that it’s worth it   for all of you. So collabs will take more time and  planning. They can be a little bit more stressful.   But it's worth it if you're, if the content and  your brand is going to be shown to a whole new   audience. So here are a few examples of ways to  collaborate with other small business owners.   So one is just, you know, if you do have a blog  - I like to do this - and reach out to people   in the jewelry community and get, you know, get  their opinion on topics that I’m writing about.   And then I use their quotes in the blog. I usually  will put a little photo of them and a bio and link  

to their website. And this is something that you  can do for your blog too. And a lot of times if   you include somebody in your blog, include their  expertise, include a quote from them, and a link   to their website, they will also share your blog.  So that that's getting more traffic for you.   Another one is doing a big photo shoot. You  know, where you get a local photographer,   you get someone to do hair, do makeup, you get  models, your jewelry is there. Maybe you're at a   specific location: maybe you're at a winery that's  also going to post about it. I see these big   collab photo shoots happening a lot, especially  kind of in the bridal industry. It's kind of like  

a faux wedding shoot or a cute elopement shoot.  And if all the parties agree to promote and share   across all their platforms, you know, if you have  10 different people, small businesses involved in   this shoot then you're going to be posted on 10  more pages. So really think about how that can   maximize your reach. Another thing is doing like a  local dine and shop guide. Getting some, you know,  

local restaurants in on it, getting maybe  even food trucks or local clothing designers,   plus your jewelry - and all getting together and  building a local dine and shop that you can share.   And maybe other people, maybe your city wants to  share different things like that. So think of ways   you can get people together that are going to have  an invested interest, that are going to, you know,   put in the effort to make this happen, and then  everybody kind of benefits from it. Obviously  

if you work with someone and they don't hold up  their end of the deal, they don't post on social,   they don't tag you, they don't email you  - it's kind of just a lesson learned. You   want to be forward. Depending on how many  people you're working with and how much time   and energy you're putting into it, sometimes you  may want contracts for these kinds of things. So we went through the power of planning and  we went through how to maximize your reach.  

So now we're going to talk about reusing  some of your older content or giving it   like little recycles or facelifts that can  really help you. So first I want to say:   It is okay to reuse content. If it is quality  content and you took the time to create it,   I think you should reuse it. I think  you should promote it again. I think   you want to make sure everybody sees it. So  just thinking about it, this wave necklace.   Maybe these are all different Instagram posts  that were posted over maybe a two month period.   So the first one: I’m scrolling through Instagram,  I see it and I think oh that's a super cute wave   necklace. Don't think of anything else about  it. The second time this artist posted it,  

I didn't even see it. Didn't even show up  in my feed, I don't know where it went.   Third time, again I think oh my gosh I...this wave  necklace is so cute, my sister would totally love   it. She lives by the beach, it's her thing, you  know. Okay it's in my mind. Now a few weeks later,   a month later, I see it again. Now I finally  click it, I finally purchased. It really does   take someone seeing something multiple times  to make the connection to trust your brand to   finally go through and make a purchase.  So it is totally okay to reuse content.   So here are some tips for how to reuse content. So  first of all, spread it out. Obviously you don't  

want to post the same picture five times in a row.  But also, spreading it out doesn't mean it has to   be months later. So this picture of Stephanie from  S. Howell Studios, she was back on slide 15. So   I’m guessing most of you didn't notice that in  this one, this presentation, I have now used this   photo twice. And if you did notice, I don't think  it hindered your presentation experience. If it   did, let me know in the comments. But most likely,  you didn't notice. Or if you did notice, it was in   a collage format, before and now it's a bigger  photo. So I kind of used it in two ways and,  

like I said, most people didn't notice. And if  you did notice I don't think it would hinder your   experience at all and now you have a better, you  know, view - a larger view - of this photo. You   can see the jewelry better. And it might remind  you to go check out her Instagram after this.   Which, Stephanie is not promoting this at all,  but just wanted to give you it in context that   you can spread it out but it doesn't have to be  four months later. You, you know, can post it a   week later and different people are going to see  it. My only tip for if it's a social media post   and you're going to reuse it is to update the  copy. I wouldn't repost the same image and have  

it say the exact same thing under it. You know,  switch it up. Say something different about it   just in case the person is seeing  it for the second time. So promoting   an older blog with a different photo than  before - kind of in my 10 ways to promote   a new blog post. Pull a different photo from the  blog. Maybe when someone was scrolling through  

Instagram the first time, the first photo you  posted about your blog didn't catch their eye but   now this one did. So now they're going to read the  copy under and click through and go to your blog.   Emails. I think you can actually use the same  content in emails and just switch up the copy   a little and change the formatting. Especially  with people looking at emails on their phone,   a lot of times they might just open your  email and see what's before the fold - what   shows up before they scroll. So if you did post  a piece of content that was further down in your   email, maybe on last month's newsletter or the one  before, maybe move it up this next time. You know,   switch up the copy a little. But people that  did not see it last time may notice it now.

So recycle. So this is kind of, you know, I think  mostly blogs and Pinterest boards can kind of feel   outdated. But if there's still quality  content there and things that are relevant   to your customer, it's totally worth just doing  a little facelift a little freshening up and then   repromoting again. So for Pinterest boards you can  change the cover, add a few more pins, upload a  

couple of your own photos, maybe delete some that  aren't as relevant anymore. And for blogs also, if   the content is still good overall, but there's  a few things that need to be updated - you know,   delete a couple of paragraphs, add a few ones in,  maybe add in a new photo. gaain you can repromote   and it'll feel like fresh content. If the blog or  the Pinterest board is over six months old, a year   old, it's probably going to feel like totally new  content to your audience. Most likely in the last  

six months, in the last year you have gained a lot  of new people that maybe haven't seen this at all.   So really it's only old content to you.  Your audience does not feel that. So by integrating content that you've already made  and just, you know, recycling and using stuff,   this is going to reduce your stress. Build  this into your marketing strategy when you   think about your 12-month timeline. Even when you  break it down like into your quarter or month,  

you know, every month try to reuse  something. Something can be posted twice   or if you're still too nervous to post  within the same month, maybe every quarter.   You can put on your timeline that you're  gonna, you know, re-promote an older blog.

So we're just gonna go through a recap of the  three sections we kind of went through. So first   power of planning. You have to have a plan. You  have to have a marketing strategy. You know,   if you are a small business owner, you obviously  want your business to grow, you want to make   more money, you want to get more customers, a  larger audience. So you have to have a plan.   Creating that 12-month timeline, I really  think it will help you out. And if you need   kind of further details on that and more about  a marketing strategy, I suggest you go and watch   my presentation on building your marketing  strategy - it's on our YouTube channel now.  

It kind of breaks down the timeline for you,   but I promise if you make a plan and you plan  ahead you're going to get more accomplished.   I think when you don't have a...prior to having  the plan, you kind of get frozen and overwhelmed   with how much you have to do. You know, people  who have never owned a business, never owned a   small business, do not understand how many hats  you wear - how many jobs you actually have.  

And Marketing Manager, Marketing Strategist is one  of them. And you just don't want it to   just don't want to fall behind with it, because  this is how you're going to grow your business. So maximize your reach. You know, if you're going  to take the time to make a piece of content,  

make sure you promote it everywhere you can.  All of your social media pages, your email list,   your website. Anywhere that you can control what  is being posted, control it and post about your   stuff. And then also always reach out. You  always want to be networking. You always   want to be talking to other small business  owners, bouncing ideas off of them. And,  

you know, eventually start to collaborate  and create content for cross promotion. So reuse, recycle, reduce your stress.  It is okay to reuse your content. When me   and my husband owned our small jewelry business,  I for some reason like could not handle reposting   the same photo. But it really is okay and people  do not notice. All of your followers did not see   it the first time you posted it, I promise.  And if they did, they're not gonna be upset   if you post it again. It's probably just gonna  remind them that they did like that post.   So refreshing older content and promote again.  Always look back in your archives, you know,  

you've made quality stuff -  take the time to repromote it.   And, like I said, quality content should be used  regularly. If you did make this awesome, you know,   shopping guide for your city or something -  don't just share it once and never think about   it again. It's probably still relevant six months  later a year later. So make sure you re-share.

So I love just this little quote or saying  “work smarter not harder”. By planning ahead,   you are going to be working smarter.  It's going to be harder for you   if you don't have a plan and every day  you wake up and you're just stressed about   what photos you need, what content you're  promoting, what are you getting out there   to your audience. So make a plan. Be strategic  with your time. Promote, post, and share   everywhere you can. Remember it's okay to repost  a photo, graphic, blog, etc. Like I said, you're   probably the only one that notices or has any  type of negative feeling about it. And one thing  

I can suggest, and suggest to small businesses,  is look into social media scheduling services.   The two that I’m familiar with is Tailwind and  Later. I know there's other ones out there.   This will just help you save, help save you  time and I promise reduce your stress. So we have a huge archive of marketing articles  on our blog. So check it out. There's a few I’ve   wrote on there, but we also have a lot of great  guest bloggers. We have Liz Kanter from Stay Gold,   Robin Kramer from Red Boot Consulting,  Tracy Matthews from Flourish and Thrive.  

They've all wrote guest articles  for us. So go in and check them out.   And that is the end of my presentation  for today. I just want to let you know   that this was recorded. If you registered,  you will get the recording link later today.   We also will be getting this up on YouTube  in the next couple weeks and it will have   closed caption there. And you will also  be able to fast forward and rewind there.   The replay link that you're going to get  later today unfortunately will not have   that capability. But in the next few weeks we'll  let you know once it's up on YouTube. So thank you   so much, and Ashley did we have any questions?  Ashley: We do have a few. Kelli: Okay. Ashley:  

Someone was asking if you can rename photos  on an iPhone and I’m asking Janelle about   that. Kelli: Okay. Ashley: Because I went into  my iPhone and I couldn't find a way, but maybe   she knows a secret. Kelli: Okay. Yes I’m not fully  familiar with that. I put everything on laptop or   pc. But there should be, I know you can name your  folders but yeah I’m not sure about photos. So   we'll let you know if you hear back from Janelle.  Ashley: Yeah. Okay, so the next question was,   Julie was wondering what your favorite social  media scheduling platform is? Do you have a   favorite? Kelli: I think we like Later don't  you? Ashley: Yeah I like Later a little better   than Tailwind. It depends on what features  you're looking for though. Kelli: Definitely.   They're about the same cost though right?  Ashley: Pretty similar. They're all very similar,  

just depending on what you want. Kelli: And it's  about $20-$25 a month right? They're not super   expensive. Ashley: I’m not sure, we're on the  annual plan. Kelli: Okay, but you can do monthly.   Sometimes it's cheaper if you  pay for a year and obviously if   you're investing your business, but I think -  I even think the yearly was like $150. Ashley:   Yeah. Kelli: It's not super expensive. So I  really suggest doing that. I can't imagine  

trying to go in there every day and post  stuff. It will save you a lot of time. Ashley:   So on that subject, how often should you post to  social media? Kelli: Okay, so it really depends   on your bandwidth. You know, if you're're  running, it's just you. And you make the jewelry,   you respond to your emails, you do everything -  I mean what's realistic for you? If you're using   the social media scheduling platform, I think  it's very realistic to post three times a week,   if not more. If you're not using the platform,  you know, it's probably harder to do that. But  

it kind of just varies for everybody. But I’d  say, I get nervous if I go onto somebody's page   and they haven't posted in over a week. Then  I’m like oh that's weird. So I definitely think   weekly at the bare, bare minimum. But I would say  three times a week, if not more. And, you know,   utilize your stories too. I know if later you  can post, you can plan stories ahead of time too.   But yeah. Oh I see, Carol said can you post  too much? Maybe. I mean if you're posting like,   you know, five plus posts  a day people might be...

I don't know irritated with it and I just  I wouldn't suggest that. Unless, I mean,   if you are just like overflowing with content,  I mean maybe. But you I would, you know, if you   have five posts in your five pictures and you're  super excited about it, like just spread them out   over a week. It's just gonna give you more content  and more time. So yeah. Ashley: Yeah definitely.   Let's see here, so Carmen has kind of an  interesting question. She's thinking about  

collaborating with a makeup artist who has a  photographer. They're still trying to figure   it out, he wants $125 an hour, but she'll be using  her own jewelry. Do you have some advice for kind   of how to proceed with that sort of...Kelli:  So a lot of times, if it's a photographer... depending on where people are at in their  business - and I don't like to give away   free services - and I can understand that the  photographer, like that is his job. And so,   by him going and doing that, it would be like  him giving away a free service. I mean obviously   Carmen, you are using your time. But you're not  giving away your jewelry, you'll get that back.  

You know, he has to take the photos and then  edit them. So sometimes I do think it's okay   to pay the photographer or certain people that  are in the element. It depends on where you are   and what kind of photography he's doing  for 125 an hour. I can't tell you,  

you know, if you're in New York City versus  somewhere else - I don't know the rates for   photography. But I do get, I just warn any  small business from giving their services   or product away for free. So I kind of get on a  photographer's end why they would charge. You can   always look around and see if there's one willing  to do it for free or for less. But if you really  

like that one, then it might be worth it. Ashley:  Okay. Let's see here. And then also do you have   tips for how to kind of refresh your email list.  Kelli: Like get new subscribers, or...? Ashley: I   think so. I think that's what her question means.  Carmen if you want to go in there and clarify if  

this isn't correct feel free to do that. But I  think that's what she's saying. Kelli: Okay. Yeah I mean, your email list in general kind of  refreshes itself. Because if people aren't super   into your emails they're going to unsubscribe.  And don't ever get discouraged by unsubscribes.   People do it for all different  reasons. It does not mean   they hated your content or they hate you  or anything. You know, they might have   just signed up for too many. Okay Carmen says  yes it's so old. So your email list is old.  

I would maybe, you know you can use SurveyMonkey  or some different things to like send out an   email and kind of get some feedback from the  people on your list. Just saying hey are you   still interested in my jewelry, what kind of  content are you interested in seeing from me,   like let me know you know if you're still here. I  mean most likely if they haven't unsubscribed from   your list - I guess if you're not using a email  platform they can't necessarily unsubscribe. But   if you're just sending it from your Outlook or  from your Gmail and you just have a list you put   in there, I would just maybe send out an email  like “update your contact info” or like “are you   still interested” in the subject line. And kind of  just see who is still interested in that. Ashley:   Yeah. Let's see here. Do you have any  tips on product descriptions? Kelli:  

So for your descriptions on your website, I mean I  think you want to be as detailed as possible. For   product descriptions too you also kind of want to  think about SEO. So what would the average person   type into Google to search for that product. So  maybe to you, you know, this is a 14 karat gold ring with a sapphire set in it. But maybe to  somebody googling it might be an alternative   engagement ring. So sometimes you might just  want to think of other ways people would think  

about your product and add it in the description  too. But then you also want to be, obviously,   as informative, as descriptive as you  can. You know, the size of the ring,   the weight of the ring, the metal, the stone,  the size of all of that to be specific. Ashley: Definitely. You want to make sure it's  easy for a beginner person who's just searching   for something interesting. Kelli: Yes. Ashley:  There's a few questions coming in about emails. So   kind of how to get subscribers and then  like a good platform for beginners,   especially. Kelli: Okay. So I see Rosalind’s  question. So yeah, with in-person I mean,  

a lot of people at shows would have  people sign up for the email list there.   Now you kind of have to use your social platforms  to get people to sign up for your email.   So, you know, putting a link to subscribe to your  email. Or even if you're not on a platform yet,  

just saying “DM me your email if you want  to be added to my list.” Or, you know,   give them an incentive to get - for them to give  you their email. Like “hey I’m going to be running   a giveaway next month” or “I have a new collection  dropping on Friday, if you're on my email list   you'll get notified first” and then say shoot  me a DM with your email. Those are great ways   to kind of get emails now through social. And  I think just giving them a little incentive  

to give - to have them give you their email is  a good idea. And then I see Kim asked about a   good platform for email to start with. I think  MailChimp’s super easy to use and work with.   And then depending on how big your list is, is  how much they charge you. So it's, you know, if   you only have 100 people on your list it is going  to, it's not going to be very expensive at all.  

And they give you these beautiful templates and  you can just drop in your photos and stuff it's   really easy to work with. Ashley: Definitely. And  then how about some tips for getting social media   followers. Kelli: Engage. You have to spend so  much time on there, you know, you're going to   want to search hashtags that you think potential  customers would be following. Go on their pages,   comment on - start conversations with them.  Comment on, you know, what they're doing.  

You need to be posting as much as  possible, utilizing the hashtags too,   sharing your content. See, in the beginning  collabs can be everything if you have another   small business that wants to collab with  you and post about you, share about you.   Any customers that you currently have,  you know, maybe do a little giveaway or   an incentive like “hey post a picture  in a piece of my jewelry and tag me,   you'll be entered to get you know free shipping  on your next order” or whatever it is. Just   trying to entice people, you know, to share your  stuff and so you can get a bigger audience. Ashley: Yeah. And then, so back to email real  quick. Kelli: Yeah. Ashley: Do you know much   about Constant Contact? Is MailChimp better  than that, or which ones? Kelli: I don't know   Constant Contact. I can't remember off the top  of my head, I know Corky Bolton from Metalsmith  

Society suggested an email platform. Do you  remember what that was Ashley? Ashley: From   JBF? Kelli: Yeah. Ashley: Oh there was another  one, I can't remember now though. Kelli: There's   a lot out there. I haven't used Constant Contact  so I don't have a feeling either way on that.   If you email me at I can  email you the one that Corky Bolton...Julia said  

Corky Bolton from Metalsmith Society did a  presentation for us at the Jewelry Business Forum   and she suggested an email platform. But I  cannot remember the name of it right now.   And it was a really beautiful thing. Ashley:  Yeah I remember that now, because we were   looking into it. I don't remember the name though.  Julia’s asking for social media specifically, is   outsourcing to a local expert worth, a worthwhile  expense especially for a new business? Kelli: Yes. It can be. If you are signing  the right contract and you're getting   everything you want from it. You  know, you just need you have   the extra money to pay someone to do that? I mean  getting a, getting something like that off of your   plate as a small business owner I think can help  you out a lot. So yeah I think paying somebody to  

do it can be really smart, you just want to make  sure, you know, you're vetting the person, you've   seen what they've done before, you have a really  good contract, and they are following through with   it. And I would also say like start contracts  short. Like not too short, like you'd probably   need at least three months or so to see any type  of effect. Ooh Flodesk Julia. That is the one that   Corky recommended. I don't have experience with  it, but it looked really beautiful and I get her   Metalsmith Society emails and they, I like them.  So I would suggest Flodesk or MailChimp. And back  

to paying for social media, help yes I suggest  it. Don't do a super long contract at first,   and then just, but make sure  it's a detailed contract.

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