Tippie College of Business Commencement - December 15, 2018

Tippie College of Business Commencement - December 15, 2018

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It. Is my pleasure to introduce the, Dean of the, Tippie College of, Business and, professor. Of marketing dr.. Sarah Fisher, gardial. Thank. You professor Gleason. Good. Afternoon, on, behalf. Of the Tippie College of Business and, the University, of Iowa I want to welcome all of you. Students. And their, families, the. Completion, of their undergraduate, education. Today. Many emotions. Fill, this auditorium. For. Our graduates, these. Emotions. Range probably, from excitement, for. The future. Anticipation. Celebration. And. Uncertainty. And apprehension. About, the future. First. Parents. And spouses, the. Range of emotion, probably, includes pride. Certainty. And in. Some, cases I suspect, a profound, sense of financial, relief. Before. Proceeding further I would like to introduce the faculty and invited, guests who are joining us today to honor the graduates, as they earn their degrees please. Stand when, I introduce, you we'll, start on my right. Kevin. Donato. Lecturer. And director of. Accounting. Undergraduate. Program. J. Kristensen, zalenski, professor. Of management, and organizations. Larry. Cook. Lecture, undergraduate. Program in finance. George. Hiller a distinguished. Alum, our speaker. Today and president. And CEO of, Hiller, & Associates. Christy. Gleason professor. Of accounting and Henry, beats hippie Research Fellow. Bruce. Harreld, president. Of the University of Iowa. Nancy. Bettger. Board. Of Regents. Ken. Brown professor. And associate dean of management. And organizations, and the. Undergraduate, programs. Todd. Hoke professor. Of instruction, and director of undergraduate, studies and finance. Kevin. Felker lecturer. And undergraduate, program, in management science, and Tom. Walsh associate. Professor of practice and director. Of undergraduate. Studies in marketing. The. Faculty, serving as marshals today, from our college include. Jennifer Furman, professor. Of instruction, and director, of undergraduate, studies in economics and, Bob. Walker lecturer. And John, Pappajohn, entrepreneurship. Center, thank. You all for joining us today I would. Also like to thank and recognize the. Members of the Iowa brass, quintet, on truffles. On trumpets, dr., Amy Schendel, and mr., Evan Fowler, on. Horn. Mr.. Come some Duke, oh my goodness. The, Loken Arnim on, trombone. Mr.. Caleb Lambert and on, tuba professor, John Manning, all. Of today's proceedings will be interpreted, by Scottie van I sling ham. It. Is now my pleasure to introduce our speaker George, Hillier president. And CEO of, Hiller & Associates in. 1980. Which. Probably doesn't seem very long ago to him, George, Hillier was, in the place that you are today graduates, he. Was graduating from the University, of Iowa with his BBA in. Marketing after, earning, an Iowa MBA in, 1982. George, began, his professional career, in a fast track management, program at Procter, & Gamble. Since. Then he has enjoyed a 36, year track, record of success, in the, areas of strategic sales. Marketing. And management, his. Career includes, serving, in sales and marketing roles for. A fluid Inc packaging, company a vehicular. Salvage, company and a domestic spice company. He. Spent more than 15 years as, an executive, for PepsiCo, which. Included, responsibility. For developing new business in 20. States and in Canada, today. You, will learn why he founded, Hiller & Associates the, largest, North American beverage. Consulting. Company, the. Company works with clients, ranging. From some of the largest food, service, companies, such. As Jimmy, John's, Outback. Steakhouse. Cheesecake. Factory and, White. Castle, to. Emerging, chains like, the Shake Shack he. Has successfully, negotiated. Contracts, in excess. Of 3.5. Billion dollars, in total value. I'm. Sure, that you will enjoy his, story and his advice, please. Join me in welcoming, a, member, of one of our of our, college Advisory Council George. Hillier. Good. Afternoon everyone. And I, can honestly say it's. Great, to, be a Hawkeye, isn't. It what a great day today. Dean. Gardial thank. You, it. For. Inviting me to speak today it is, truly, truly. An honor, president. Harreld, tip-tippy. Faculty. And staff. Family.

Friends. Welcome. To a celebration of, accomplishment. And, to. The December, 2018. Tippie. College of, Business graduating. Class. Congratulations. What. An accomplishment. So. Dean, gardial, asked, me to, share with you some professional. And personal. Thoughts learned over, 35, plus years and it doesn't, seem that long. I'm. Going to share you some thoughts and considerations and, before. I do that I, do, want, to go ahead and just give you a little more about my professional, background because. I believe it speaks to the in context. To what, I'm going to share with you and, I'm, gonna go ahead and complete. My speech as I'm starting it off today. Never. Never. In my wildest. Dreams did, I. Ever imagine that I'd be making a commencement, speech at the University, of Iowa. So. My professional background as, dean. Guardi all said I started, with Procter and Gamble was there two years I'll. Be very honest with you great, company, the. Retail side of the business, I was bored out of my mind I then. Got recruited to, Pepsi USA. And it. Was the exact opposite, of my P&G, experience, I loved. It the, industry. The company, culture, and you, probably have heard about this before the, cola wars the. Cola wars are alive and well and if you're a competitor, they. Were they. Are a blast. To, be a part of, absolutely. Loved it however. Through a chance, meeting, at an airport, I was. Recruited, over to the largest vehicular, salvage. Company, in the United States, I'm going, from sugar, water to, vehicular Salvage. Not exactly, the most normal career, path but, they brought me in as an equity partner. Basically. Developed their sales and marketing arm five years later sold, the company cashed, out moved back to Des Moines then. Became an independent contractor, with, a fluid Inc company and then, also with a spice company but I was bored again and I. Got the phone call from, Pepsi. USA. Saying hey would, you be interested in. Coming, back I. Said. Yes it was. I didn't know it at that time probably the best phone, call I ever got both professionally. And personally and. I. Found my passion I was, in charge of new business for much of the country and into Canada and, absolutely. Loved it however, nine. Years later, the. Company decided. That, they were going to go through a restructuring, initiative, and. They. Said we, want the company to look more like America, looks today great. I was. 48 years old I was living in Des Moines I wasn't, going to move to New York and, I. Also. Felt like one of the real reasons why they. Didn't want executives. Getting to 50 let alone 55. Lump. Sum pension, and, also. The. Ability to have healthcare. For. Life for you and your spouse so. With that whatever. Reason it was it didn't matter 18. Months 18. Months after being in New York and getting. An award from the chairman of PepsiCo, I was. Part of. 450. Executives. Of my. Restructuring. Class of. 2006. Imagine. How I felt I just, was in New York for stellar performance. The.

Message Being told like it or not I wasn't, good enough anymore, and, I. Had to go home and tell. My, wife. And I, also had a daughter nine months going to college, and twins, two years later going to college well I go home she's, crying and I'm. Smiling, and I'm, just she's, looking at me like what. Is wrong with you, well. To. Me why was I smiling I believer. When, one door, closes another opens. I always. Felt there, was also the opportunity to, take my knowledge, that I had from PepsiCo, and take, it on the other side and, I. Am so, thankful, for, being, restructured, out, because. If they didn't do that I that. I am not sure I would have had the impetus to go out on my own so. Thus the birth of Hiller & Associates, lemons. Which, was Pepsi, turned. Into lemonade, which, was Hiller and associates, and I look back at that not as one of the worst days of my professional, life one. Of the best and, today. I'm now on the other side and the goating negotiating. Against Pepsi and Coke and pepper and I got, to tell you I really. Like it especially I'm negotiating against, Pepsi for, whatever reason. And. I'm, very, proud to say 12, years we are not only the largest North American beverage. Consulting, company, we, are now the largest beverage. Consulting. Company in the world and I'm thrilled about that. Thank. You so. That, being said I, have 11. Thoughts 11, thought provokers. For you and I would just say this if even. One of them, if even one hits. Home and you guys can find value, to it then, I'm gonna say this speech has been successful. Point. Number one, always. Believe, in yourself when. Others don't if you, can't believe in yourselves then. Why should others. Secondly. Project. Strength, but, also recognize. The importance, of balancing. This with being humble. Strong. Communication. Skills and working. With others efficiently. And effectively. Point. Number three. Deal. And embrace, with, failure, and fear, head-on, you're. All gonna face it we. Have we, will we continue, to, me failures, not about making mistakes it's. About not learning from those mistakes and, then, also. Being. Afraid to, take calculated, risks going. Forward as. For fear I wake, up every, morning knowing if I don't produce we've. Got problems I believe. That if channeled, correctly, fear. Is the. Great equalizer of, complacence. Of complacency. Fourth. Point and, I'm. Gonna say practice. Philo. This. Is not a cost accounting, acronym. It stands, for first in and last, out at. Large, meetings, at conferences. At trade. Shows where it makes sense, be. The, first to, arrive, be. The last to, leave believe. Me when I say people. Notice. It. Number. Five network. Network, network, you. Already know that but, there's a little caveat to this, be. Both a giver and a, taker. Network. With people ask for help but, also be. Willing to give people help too again. Just. Don't be a taker be a giver. Six. Both. Professionally. And personally. Fine. Manners, I can't. Emphasize the, importance, of this enough as I. Look back this. Was probably my biggest professional, regret. I didn't, do a good enough job of this, number. Seven be. Memorable. And here's, some ways you can do this first, of all at meetings. At, conferences.

Where, It's appropriate always. Send. A follow-up, email or. Note I was. At a conference recently where, I saw my clients, both existing, and potential it, took, me close to a week to do it but. I sent, out those emails people. Notice. That. With. Follow-up, emails, where appropriate put, in there if I, don't hear from you by such and such a date I will. Call you or email you on Wednesday. March 15th, when, you say you're gonna do something do, it put, it down there that you're gonna do it and take control of it and tying. In with that and believe me this makes sense to when, you say you're gonna call someone at nine o'clock call. Them at nine o'clock start. Dialing at 8:59, so, it gets there not 901, 902, people. Do, notice. You're, sending a clear message you're. A professional, and you value them. Last. Thing is and it'd be interesting I don't know how many of you have personalized. Stationery. Cards. But. Send. A handwritten note where appropriate, believe. It or not it, makes sense people. Notice, that it's rarely, done but. Imagine, when you get a handwritten note that. Really, matters to you it's the ultimate form of respect. Number. Eight where appropriate if. Something's. Important, to you don't. Be afraid to communicate, it and then. Be prepared to, clearly and succinctly. Articulate. Why. It's important, to you in, too many instances today. Asking. For the business, has become a lost art don't, be afraid to do that number. Nine for. Many learn, how to. Successfully. And effectively, it's. A skill that can and will be transferred, and useful through life. Number. 10 this, is home to me if. You think you're irreplaceable in, a company, think. Again and, then. Finally. Consider. The following and it applies to both, business. And personal. Things. Are never, as great, as you think they are and, they're. Never as bad, as you think they are. Celebrate. The good and move. On, learn. From the bad and then, put it behind you, but. As a business, owner father. Husband. And grandfather. I can, speak to firsthand - the importance, of maintaining. Emotional. Balance. So. As, I. Said I, was. Going to finish my speech the way I started. Never. Never. Never in my wildest, dreams did I, ever imagined, I would be asked to speak at, a commencement, for. The College of Business at my alma mater however. If you. Work hard if, you, work smart, if, you. Live life. With passion and if. You live life with integrity I'm confident. That all of you can and will. Realize. Your wildest, dreams. Thank. You and congratulations. Thank. You George for your inspiring remarks I imagine. That there's a lot of people who would love to mentor you and I imagine you're a pretty good mentor too so those, words were fantastic. It's. My pleasure now to introduce. Today's, guest speaker Victoria. Vaughan. Victoria. Vaughan is from Iowa City Iowa and graduated, is graduating. Today with a BBA in marketing, and a. BA, in journalism and. Mass communication. During. Her time at Tippie Victoria was part of organizations like, women in business and the. Fashion marketing, Club she. Wrote for The Daily Iowan and assisted, in several, marketing campaigns, across, campus, in her. Free time she was active in the arts performing, in spaces such as the Englert and Riverside. Theater, after. Graduation. Victoria, will continue working for not. Suspicious. Media, creating. Podcasts and, serving, as the, head of marketing. Thank. You Dean Brown for those kind words and, good, afternoon to.

My, Fellow graduates, esteemed. Faculty, family. And friends, welcome. To the day we've all been looking forward to for the past 48, months, or. In. My case as a super. Super, super, senior, 76. Months. It. Has certainly been a, long uncertain. Road but, pause for a moment to take it in because. Many people don't have the privilege to see this day we. Are the few and fortunate. In. Writing. This speech I struggled, to find what would be most meaningful I wanted. To do what others had done before me impart. Knowledge and, inspire, my fellow graduates, I even. Gave thought to the possibility that I could crack a few jokes but. Soon realized that I'm not that funny. Instead. I decided, to share how tippy has provided me and actually, really most of us with a second, family in order, to tell that story I have, to take you back to the beginning of my college journey, I'm. An Iowa City native which, means the University, of Iowa was part of my life since the day I was born, I've, been witness to countless homecoming. Parades been stuck, in game day traffic and, attended. University, sponsored, events, so. When. I was deciding on college, one, of my goals was to avoid. Going, to the University, of Iowa, I knew. Iowa was a good school but it wasn't special, or unique for me I wanted. Something different I wanted. To get out of town however. My. Parents weren't equipped to help me pay for college my. Only hope was a scholarship. Luther. College answered, that need but, the experience, there wasn't, what I expected I, often, felt lonely. Disconnected. And bogged, down by financial, stress it. Wasn't long before I realized, that I couldn't stay I applied. To Iowa as a transfer, student paying. The application, fee with a little money I had. Now. I know what, you must be thinking why. Return, to a community, I was so desperate, to leave the. Simple answer, it made, financial sense, but. Part of me also knew that it was a safe, familiar. Choice making. It an easy place to start over so. I applied and with, that the, path that led me to this stage on this, day was, set in motion. Like. Many of my classmates my journey, to and through tippy has been, joyful. Surprising. And at times, excruciating. For. One I didn't. Start at Iowa with the expectation, that I was going to business school I loved. Writing and had my sights set on journalism. Then. I saw. Nancy, Avram give a marketing, lecture ask, any Tippie student about her and they will say she's compelling, and inspiring, to listen to her. Lecture sparked. My interest, in business and. Despite. The fact that I was already playing, catch-up as a transfer student and loathe, the. Idea of doing more math I said, to myself what's. One more degree I. Make. It sound as if it were a simple decision but. The reality, is that it was a serious undertaking, for me sure. On paper and in person I am an accomplished, student like, many of my classmates, I made, the grades and found, a way to be a part of student organizations like. Women in business and if. You were to ask people what I'm like they, would say I'm bubbly, driven. And sing a little too much. But. Even, the most accomplished, students suffer through hardship which, can hinder the realization, of a goal. I've. Never advertised, how hard it was for me to stay at Tippie as I'm. Sure is true for some of the graduates who sit on this stage today, looking. At me you. Would never know that I had no money during my first semester at Iowa I was, on food stamps and living, paycheck to paycheck. You. Would never realize I, worked, three jobs and, was, enrolled school full-time I used. To ride a bike to, campus even. In winter until. It was stolen, you. Would never know that sometimes. The only meal I ate was, breakfast you. Would never know that I thought this day would, never come. It. Would be easy for me to say that did it on my own, but, that wouldn't be the whole story there, were people who put a roof over my head when I didn't have one there, were friends who gave me rides to, and from school and then.

There Was tippy I was. Supported, since the day I walked in here. Faculty. And staff go above and beyond to make students feel cared for for. Example if you, were lucky enough to take marketing management with Tom Walsh he, made sure to bring breakfast, bars for everyone, to each class, also. Have, any of, my fellow graduates, notice that despite, how many times our academic, advisor changed, the next one always knew every, detail of every meeting we ever had. While. These actions, may not seem extraordinary, they. Are the moments, that make Tippie impactful. Any, college. Can educate, advise and provide, social, outlets but, it takes a great one to, make a student feel like they are part of a family here. Hallways. Are decorated, with pictures of Tippie graduates, and their endeavors, here. Faculty. Know if you have siblings or, come from a small town here. The. Sense of family propels students, into success, and it's, because of the Tippie family that, I walk away with not one but two, degrees, today. Like. My classmates I'm, sad in my time here is ended tippy. Has been like a second home a place, to safely explore identities, and dreams and as, we all know leaving. Any home is difficult, part. Of that difficulty is dealing, with change in ourselves and, in our priorities, but. The amazing thing about college, is that it allows us to grow and measure that growth on an individual, level, it's. A chance to evaluate who, you were who. You are and who, you can someday be. So. Let's embrace the next journey and the challenges, that may follow even. If that means changing course as I, did so many months ago and let. Us never forget that, if we're feeling a little lost we. Can always, come, back home. Congratulations. Tippie graduates, and good, luck thank. You. Thank. You Victoria, at. This, time we would like to recognize those students, graduating with honors and. Academic. Distinction, the. Tippie College of, Business Awards. Degrees, with highest distinction, to. Students, in the highest, two percent, of the graduating, class with. High distinction, to. Students, in the next highest three, percent, and with. Distinction, to students, in the next highest five, percent. Distinction. Is designated, by gold stars worn, on the Left sleeve three. Stars indicate graduation. With highest distinction, two. With. High distinction. And one, with. Distinction, as I, call each group of students please, rise to be recognized. Audience. I ask, that you hold your applause, until all the students graduating, with distinction have been recognized. Will. Those graduating. With highest distinction. Please, stand. Will. Those graduating. With high distinction, please, stand. Will. Those graduating. With distinction, please, stand. Please. Join me in congratulating, these, students. They. Will also be recognized, individually. During the presentation.

Of The graduates. Membership. In Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest, recognition a business student can earn to. Be eligible for membership students. Individual. Academic, Ranking must, place them in the upper 10%, of the junior class or. In, the upper 10% of, the senior class, students. Graduating. As members of Beta Gamma Sigma wear, royal blue and gold Corden's draped, over their shoulders, with. The students, graduating, as members of Beta Gamma Sigma please, stand. Congratulations. We. Would also like to recognize, the students who are graduating, in the Tippie College of, Business Honors. Program. This. Program, provides an opportunity for outstanding. Students, to, do independent. Research in, business, and to, work closely with one or more faculty, members each. Of the students graduating with honors has. Maintained, a 3.5. Grade point average and written. A thesis relevant. To their academic interest. Or major. Students. Graduating, with honors wear, white cordons draped, over their shoulders, and will, be recognized, during the presentation. Of the graduates. Will. The candidates, for the degree Bachelor, of Business. Administration please. Rise. President. Harreld these. Candidates, have completed the, requirements, of the degree Bachelor. Of Business, Administration and. Are, recommended, to you by the Faculty, of the Tippie College of Business for, the, conferring, of this degree. On. Recommendation. Of the Faculty, of the Tippie College of Business and by. The authority vested in, me by the Board of Regents state. Of Iowa, I confer, on, each of you the degree Bachelor. Of Business Administration as. Qualified. And designated. Congratulations. Will. The graduates please be seated. Dr.. Ken brown associate. Dean of the undergraduate, program and professor of management, and organizations. Will, now recognize the. Graduates individually. Will, the marshals, please begin. Leading the graduates, forward to be recognized. As, I read please know that if I mispronounce, your name you do still graduate. James. Goss. Adam. Kirk E with, distinction. Casey. Pence. Gong. Chen. Sheng. Xiao Zhang. Ping. Jen Wang. Can. Been thou. One. Shoe ow. Alicia. Touch. Emily. Holding, her. Jamie. Bigger. Christian. David kiss Daniel, Bonnie, oh. Emily. A Yale. Alana. Gerber's. Hey. Least it's. Troy. Kanzen. Ashley. Fitzpatrick. Victoria. Lynn Vaughn. Sultana. Arroyo. Casa. - Lee. Han, dong Allah, Bobby. Mercy. Kim Ellen. Hannah. Stuart, with, highest distinction. Stephanie. Hutchins. Alexandra. Fuller. Sammy. Whizzer. Ik. Emily. Howard. Lauren. Jimmerson. With. Distinction. Jaime. Kelly, with, distinction. Nicole. Peterson. Brianna. Voss. Anna. Shuart. Michael, Chizik, with high distinction. Austin. Europe, with. Distinction. Timothy. Robert Franken. Kade. Cooper. And. RuPaul. Been. Salvador. Jake. Peyton. Nathan. Luna. Mitchell. Smith. Christopher. Lapham. Cassidy. Miller. Rachel. Walter. Stephanie. Moore. Madison. Meeker. Drew. Mandir. Cole. McSpadden. Colin. Platts. Eric. Frank, Miller. Timothy. Cameron, adding. Andrew. Straight. Brian. Scott, cook. John. McLaughlin. Chip. Craven. Katherine, Moline. Brian. Griffith. Kevin. Priest. Robbie. Bot. Lindley. Hong. Tao son. Stephanie. Joe Nina. Lee. You too. Ryan. Schwartzendruber. Grants.

Troyer. Thomas. Maggard. Jared. Kowalski. With. And. With. Honors and finance. John. McDonough, Hugh. Ji-hoon. Park. Geun. Young. Waging. Yong with, distinction. Amy. Blue. Joseph. Fyz nur on. Teague. Oh. Andy. Blackford. Edward. Cunningham. Tim. Cook. Drew. Rasmussen. Peter. Larson. Chase. Would, Oh. Cameron. Cap Aska. Ian. Car. Nicholas. Robinson. With. Distinction. Nicholas. Ado Qi. Christina. Wallen, with high distinction. Madison. Lange. Cheyenne. Pratt with University, Honors. Julianna. Farah, Cody with. Honors in accounting. With honors, in dance, and with, distinction. Austin. Hackford. Colton. Feldman, you. Suck, choi sangdu. Park. Taequan. Jang. Seongju. Nam. Wang. Jin choi. Seongjo. Park. Kyle. Darling. Judson, at. Tyler. Blackburn. Saline. Which, in long. Zachary. Grasso. Mac. McKeever. Christian. Hicks. Matthew. Hansen. Brent. Swanson. Adam. Jensen. Chengwan. Chuan. Iran. Jang. Hye. Jung Jun. Jin. Jing Li. Nicole. Russo. Austin. Hutchinson. Jalan. Nearing. Matthews. Sir all. Alexandra. Conklin. Brandon. Brusco. Anna. Kunz. Andrew. Lund. Sydney. Day. Jessica. Roberto. Brian. Schulz. Hayley. McHugh. Jason. Pierce. Daniel. Keratea. Hayley. More. Maxwell. Levasseur. Weighing. Lou. Derek. Bowl sir. Ted. Casey, Jo. Schulte. Mick. Baker. James. Murray. Ming. Wu. Daniel. Poole. Ryan. Curran. Ryan. Michael, quiet. Schwow. Leo. Shall. Leo. Shall. I, Leo. Hsiang. Hsiang Hsiang. Chuan. Ming. Jen Wong. With. Honors in finance. Bosun. Chiru. Lou. Dane. Cron, ball. Patrick. Hagen. Jaesik, Jason. Oh Jacob. Sobotka. With distinction. Ryan, Schmidt with high distinction. Anthony. Nelson with, high distinction. Jordan. Stein Critz with honors, and Finance with, highest distinction. Mason. Beasley. Alison. Ports. Michelle. Miller. James. Fuse. Mary. Martin. Meghan. McHale. Christina. Degras, eCos. Molly. Henkes. Lake. Wilson. Yoo-hoo. John. She. Jong-hong. Ching Wong. -. John. You. Want hang wrong. Or. And dong. Shi. Way Lou. You. Gong. Kun. Yong. Chan. Chan. Yo. Chang pong. Japan. Li. Ren. Shoe. Yung-chun. Zulu. John. Walk rim. The, turning of the tassel is, the traditional, gesture by which each student signifies. Passage. From degree, candidate, to, graduate will. Each of you now mark your status, by, turning the tassel, of your cap from, the right side, to. The left side. We. Could not be prouder congratulations. To each and every one of you. Graduates. Today. Marks a personal, milestone, in your lives. Since. You arrived on this campus each of you has worked extremely, hard toward. The goal that you have reached today. Wearing. Your cap and gown, walking. Across this stage and. Receiving. Your degree from. The University of Iowa Tippie College, during. This time you faced many challenges. Made. Discoveries about, yourselves, and others and grew. Into leaders, who. Will make a difference in our communities. For. Those of you in the audience we. Feel your pride but you. Also should. Be proud of all, that you have done to. Help these graduates, accomplish, their goals, your. Guidance. Understanding. Compassion. Your. Faith in their, abilities, and your love and support have, been critical, to, their success, for. What you have done to, help these graduates. We. Thank you. I. Want. To share a few thoughts, graduates. I'm. Sure, today your mind is flooded with images and memories. And emotions, yet. As you leave the Tippie College you. Take with you powerful. And positive, attributes, of a, degree, from the University, of Iowa. First. You should feel pride, you. Have a degree from one of America's, leading universities. Your. Degree has not been given without careful, consideration, and as. You enter the workplace you. Will discover, that what. You have learned in Iowa rivals. And may even exceed. What, others have learned elsewhere. Second. You, take with you a strong work, ethic, there. Is no substitute, for hard work, Thomas. Jefferson, said I find. That the harder I work the more, luck I, seem to have. Tippie. Students are known for their readiness for, hard work their willingness to meet challenges and their, ability to overcome adversity. As. Tippie. Students you, have demonstrated that work ethic daily. As. Graduates. You can take that work ethic with you as you, enter this next stage of life it. Will serve you very well. The. Third is compassion. While. You are just now starting your careers. Eventually. You will reach its end and when. Your professional, journey is over, remember. That what really matters are, the relationships. That you develop and, nurture, the. People you touch and the. Lives that, you impact. Likewise. Be grateful, and remember, those who have helped you along the way influenced. You and played a role in your success we. Hope that in the years to come you. Will fondly, remember, your time at the Tippie College and, support. This institution, as generally. As generously. As the, alums, who came before you. We. Are very proud of the. Tippie class of, 2018. In addition, to being talented, academically, you have, demonstrated, leadership. Community. Spirit a global. Sensibility. And you. Are indeed, ready to, be successful, citizens.

Of The world as. We. Conclude the, ceremony today, I would, like to ask that everyone please remain, seated for the recessional, as the, platform party exits, followed, by the graduates. Have. A nice day. You.

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What a beautiful address by Victoria. Congratulations to all graduates!

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