Tippie College of Business - UIOWA Commencement - May 11, 2019

Tippie College of Business - UIOWA Commencement - May 11, 2019

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The. Candidates, for. The Bachelor of, Business. Administration degree. From. The Tippie College of, Business have. Gathered, to celebrate commencement. All. Are in their places. These. Proceedings, are, hereby, called, to order, you. May be seated. It, is my personal, and professional pleasure. To. Introduce the, Dean of the, Tippie College of, Business and, professor. Of marketing. Dr.. Sarah Fisher. Gardial. Good. Evening and welcome everyone. On. Behalf of the Tippie College of Business and, the University, of Iowa I would, like to welcome all of you, graduating. Seniors. Family. Members friends. Faculty. And. Staff of the college. All. Of us are here and we're. Here to show you how very proud we, are of you. This. Commencement allows, us to honor your. Accomplishments. We, come together to, celebrate and. Reflect. On an important, milestone in, the, lives of these students, the. Completion, of their undergraduate, education. Today. Many, emotions. Fill, this, auditorium. For. Our graduates, these. Emotions, probably, range from, excitement. And anticipation. To. Uncertainty. And apprehension. About the future for. Parents. And spouses, the. Range of emotions probably. Includes pride. And in. Some cases I suspect. A profound. Sense of financial. Relief. Before. We get started today I, would. Like to introduce our. Faculty and invited, guests that, have joined us today for this ceremony please. Stand as I introduce you. On the platform. Nancy. Abrams, associate. Professor, of practice and marketing. That. Was awesome. Ken. Brown associate, dean of undergraduate, program. Dr.. Thomas Burris tosyl associate. Professor of Finance and faculty. Director of the Vaughan Institute. John. Solo professor, and department executive. Officer of economics. Melissa. Shivers vice, president, for student life. Michael. Mahoney chairman. And chief executive officer. Of boston. Scientific. Beth. Livingston, assistant. Professor, of management. And entrepreneurship. Jeff. Almond associate. Professor and co-director of, undergraduate. Studies in business analytics and. Joyce. Berg professor, of accounting and director, of the Iowa electronic markets. We. Have several faculty that, are serving, as marshals in our ceremony. Today and, I would like to acknowledge them, Beth, bellman, a lecturer, in management, and entrepreneurship, Beth, were you there. You go thank you. Michael. Kolbert, associate. Professor, of practice and co-director. Of undergraduate, studies for business analytics. Thank you Michael. Kristy. Gleason, professor, of accounting and, Henry B Tippie research. Fellow. Jennifer. Furman associate. Professor of instruction, and director, of undergraduate, studies for, economics. John. Garfinkel, henry beat Tippie research, professor. Of finance. And. Tom. Walsh associate. Professor of practice and director. Of undergraduate, studies in marketing, I. Think. Marketing, wins today, I don't know why okay, thank, you for joining us today all of all of you faculty I would also like to give special thanks and, recognition to, the members of the Iowa brass quintet. Including. Amy Schendel, Evan, Fowler Katelyn. Halbert Todd. Schendel, and John, Manning, thank you for our music today. These. Proceedings will be interpreted. By Scottie van izing hem we, thank her for her services, today as well. Now. I would like for you to turn your attention to, the video screens, in the arena for, a special, presentation, titled. Celebrating. Iowa. Iowa. Is unlike, any other place I've ever been to everyone, has a story here it, inspired, me and, changed, the way I think even, to this day. There's. Such a good environment, for collaboration, and learning I want to make, sure wherever I end up next has the same sort of thing. I was. Fortunate to find my passion while I was at Iowa I hope, other students, do as well. Everybody. Here at the University of Iowa wants to help you succeed. It. Made me feel confident. That I could do about anything. I'm. Really excited to begin, applying what I've been learning the past four years. Relationships. Are extremely, important and churches, that I made here are endless, and. What surprised me is how quickly I found, myself referring. To, this place as home being. A Hawkeye you take a lot of pride in the people around you and all the great things that they're doing and you just know that you're a part of that group. Even. When I go home and visit my friends I'm always in Iowa gear and like you think I've even rubbed off on my family because anytime they see her key or anything related, to Iowa I would get a snapchat or a text about it the.

Classes That I took at Iowa really, helped me find my path and now I'm just excited to actually, get, on that path, it's. Not just a moment in time where you're a Hawkeye but, it transcends. Generations. You. Never really forget about Iowa, and Iowa, never really forgets about you once. A Hawkeye always a Hawkeye and, wherever you live we still have that bond that brings us together. Go. Hawks. It. Is my pleasure to introduce our commencement speaker. Mike. Mahoney. Mike. Is the chief executive officer of Boston, Scientific Corporation, and. Chairman of the company's board of directors. Boston. Scientific is, a global, medical, technology, leader with approximately, 10 billion, dollars in annual revenue, and they, are in 125. Countries. Under. Mike's leadership Boston. Scientific is, delivering, on its mission, to, transforms. To transform, lives through innovative. Medical solutions, that. Provide improved. Health for patients, around the world, Mike. Has focused the company on addressing, the needs of the evolving, healthcare landscape. By. Driving improvements, in patient outcomes and increasing. Healthcare economic. Efficiency, and access. Under. His leadership Boston. Scientific has, brought many, transformational. Medical, devices to the market while, creating significant. Value for its shareholders. His. Career spans, more than 25, years of, success. Building, market, leading medical devices. Previously. He, was with the medical. Devices and diagnostic. Division of Johnson, & Johnson and prior. To that at General Electric Medical. Systems. Mike. Serves on the board of directors, for Baxter, international, and the, governor of Boston. College CEO. Club, most. Importantly, he. Earned his, BBA, in finance right here at the University, of Iowa, and his. MBA from Wake Forest University he. Is married and has three children. Thank. You Mike, for coming and honoring us today. Apologies. For the longest bio in Iowa, history right there I should. Have shortened it up for you. Thank. You very much Dean gardial and, hello. To my fellow Hawkeye's.

It's. An absolute honor and a true privilege to be back in Iowa City on this, really special day and, gratulations, to all the students, you work super hard to get here and you deserve to celebrate with your friends and family, and. Also congratulations. To the friends and parents a few of whom I've, had pleasure, to graduate with albeit, about three decades ago, so. In my brief comments I want to share three, things a. Few reflections from, my time on this campus. Some. Thoughts on a career, journeys, that. Hopefully will help you and a, few tips to consider as, you, embark on your new and exciting career ahead of you so, my wife Julie and I were blessed with three wonderful kids, similar. Age to you and. I off to spend a lot of time with our new hires many, some of them Iowa grads so. Based on that I'm partially qualified, to be your commencement, speaker today. First. Of all I think you are absolutely, graduating, from a fabulous, school with. A reputation, of academic, excellence. Amazing. School spirit and incredibly. Strong values. And. Now when I reflect, back I've been here all day today when I reflect. Back on my time, at Iowa it's clear that many things are similar and many great things are similar but. Also some, many positive, differences, that you helped create an experience and your time at campus, so. I moved in the picturesque Burge dormitory. In the. Summer of 1983. And, my. Friends and I we cherished all things Hawkeye related, but. We listened to Bohemian Rhapsody on cassette, tapes. We. Ate 100%. Kirb meals, and the cafeterias. We'd. Donated, blood for, money and. Importantly. We spoke to our parents, every few weeks via. Pay phone. So. Today it's nice to see that birds are still thriving and you, clearly. Cherish, all things Hawkeye related, but. You watch Bohemian, Rhapsody on Netflix. You listen to Spotify, you. Embrace keto, diets, bank. With venmo and unfortunately. You proudly received, daily. Tech stream parents why you're here but. I. Can tell you one of my favorite thing is about your class is that you absolutely care, you. Embrace inclusiveness, you. Participate, in extracurricular, activities and you, join the crowd of 70,000. Has showed the world the compassion, of the, iowa community at football games which, is really really special. So. I majored, in finance and like, all of you sitting here today we, learn the critical, building blocks of economics, accounting and marketing we. Learned how to think and solve problems and. Importantly. We learn how to balance our work our, play and our studies to, make it all work together. But. We also. Dreamed and stress. A little bit about our unknown future careers. So. As you graduate, and maybe, pack up tomorrow I can, tell you that the friendships, that you have made on this, campus, and, the. Experiences, that you've had on this campus, and the, memories that you will take with you they will last a lifetime, and. They also will provide you an important, foundation, for your. Friendships, and adventures, to come, so. Now on to a few career topics, I would. Ask that you think about your career as a journey, or, perhaps a long cross-country. Run rather. Than a clear sprint, to the finish line. It. Will be filled with unknowns. Different. Terrain and perhaps, even other countries good. And bad bosses. Setbacks. And promotions, learnings. And many new friendships. It's. Also highly likely that your career will not be, a straight road and. It will not likely occur, at the speed that you might prefer. Nor. Will your pet normally, occur have the clarity you, have become accustomed to like.

The Annual scheduling, of classes and summer, jobs throughout high school and college, so. You're moving forward without a perfect roadmap but. I can tell you this is the exciting part and being, Hawkeye's you're very well trained and you're, ready to begin. So. Some of you the, lucky ones may. Already have jobs lined up and. You know exactly what you want to do but. Many of you likely do not you're. Probably unsure, about your career path and feeling. A bit anxious about, what lies ahead, so, I can tell you to breathe easy, I was, 1,000%, in your, shoes. So. Today I am blessed lead Boston Scientific Corporation, or, a global leader med, tech company we. Make products that help patients about. 30 million patients, per year impacted. We were working over a hundred and 25 countries and impeding. Health care means there's, always new challenges and exciting, opportunities. But. Most importantly, I love. Our mission, of advancing science. For life working. With incredible, people and knowing. There's a higher purpose to what we do. However. Maybe. This will help I can. Tell you that my career journey did not get off to a blazing, start. So. During my second, semester senior, year I think I interviewed for seven, different jobs on campus. Zero. For, seven zip, oh didn't. Win any of them. My. GPA, and relevant, work experience were. Not particularly, distinguished. At, the time. But. After graduation, I decided that I want to get into healthcare and working. In sales at GE medical was my goal however. I quickly learned that GE was less enthusiastic about, my plans and knowing. That I needed two years of sales experience I landed. A job at NCR corporation, selling cash registers. Door-to-door. To, restaurants, and hotels in northern Indiana, also. Had the real pleasure of living and looking to end for six months. So. This was far from the prestige, of consulting. Tax, or banking, in New York City Chicago or Des Moines where. Some of my friends moved on to but. I worked hard learned. A lot exceeded. Most of my targets, and probably. Most importantly, I kept knocking in the door at GE health care and after, 24, months they finally gave me a chance and I received a job there so I've. Worked in health care ever since, taking. Numerous different paths and learned a lot along the way with, different experiences locations. And companies. So. Looking back I, can say without a doubt that I did not have a clear roadmap for, my career what. I did was focus on delivering strong results, be. A team player embrace. Challenging, assignments. Never. Stop learning and lastly. I was confident, enough to take a few risk in my career so, as, all of you prepare for your own career, journey, I'll give you maybe a couple tips to consider along. The way, so. The first one is to. Consistently, deliver results above. And beyond expectations. So. No matter what your very first job is do. It incredibly, well go. Above and beyond, work. Collaboratively, with work, collaboratively. With your teammates, and importantly. Be an optimist, be. An energy giver, to the organization. And not an energy sucker, to the organization. Because. When you perform, well and energize. Others, people. Want to pull you up across the company and, when. That happens, you'll gain more confidence, individually. So. You may not love your first job or your, second job but.

If You do them extremely well you. Will earn the right to explore the next opportunity. So. The second thing I consider, is try to align your work with. Something that you can develop a, passion, for and be happy doing so. Hard work over the long haul definitely, takes happiness. But. I say develop, a passion because the common advice of finding your passion usually. Doesn't work. So. For most people it doesn't just strike you the day you graduate, and suddenly becomes crystal clear and, sometimes. Your passion may be the form of a hobby or something outside of work but. You must work hard to accomplish something special, and you, will work a lot harder when, you actually enjoy what you're doing so. I think the secret here is to develop a passion is being curious and investing. Your time and energy and learning. So. Please push yourself, after, graduation, to, continue. To grow develop. Experience. And find, out what interests you the most. The. Third thing I did consider you to do is to, pursue challenging. Unique. Or the, difficult, turnaround assignments, in the company that you choose and. View these as great opportunities not. As challenges, or a weak assignment. So. See these challenges, a way to stretch and differentiate, your team and yourself and, please. Take some risk in your career, particularly. Early in your career and assume. That change will be a constant. And. Lastly. Where, ever this cross-country, run takes you remember. That your relationships. Absolutely. Matter, you. Cannot have too many friends you cannot, do too much for other people you can't, be too thoughtful. You, cannot say thank you too many times even. Your parents via, text, tweet, or, some new app. The. Last thing from the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you I really. Believe that your generation, is amazing, and the, world needs you now more than ever, my. Generation, and previous, generations, are learning from you you're. Smart you're, ambitious you're. Diverse you're. Open-minded. Inclusive. And caring. Please. Though just once in a while put the phone down once. In a while. So. Enjoy, your cross-country. Run good. Luck teaching everyone let's. Go Hawkeye's. Thank. You Mike for your inspiring remarks. From. Owen seven here at Iowa to, chair of one of the world's leading corporations. You. Inspire all of us thank you. It's. My pleasure to, introduce today's. Student. Speaker CIN, yeom a. Native. Of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Cindy, is graduating, with a BBA degree in, finance and in, business analytics at. The University of Iowa she served as the treasurer and then. Vice president of the Malaysian, student, society. Sinyi. Also participated. In Tippy's international, buddies program and volunteers. At the Iowa City Animal Shelter, in, her free time she plans. To work in the u.s. corporate finance sector before, returning, to Malaysia and is, joined today by her parents shook, liang tan and nan, up. Thank. You Dean Brown for the kind words a very, warm welcome to. Parents, teachers, and, my fellow graduates. Today. We. Stand tall with our heads held high as we. Finally. Graduate, and get. Ready to embark, on our journey to live life to the fullest, to, start. With, here's. A question I, asked, myself five. Years, ago. Where. Do you see yourself, in five years I. Remember. Before coming to Iowa, how. People, were asking me if I was sure Iowa, was the place I wanted to be. They. Asked, why. Iowa, all, I've, ever heard about Iowa, what's its massive. Cornfields. Are, you, sure that's the place you want to be I. Didn't. Know what to expect and say. Yeah. The. University, is at a pretty good standing, worldwide, so. Why, not give it a shot.

With. That I journeyed. Across oceans. Transiting. Through Korea, and Chicago, and 28. Hours later here. I was at Iowa, and, the. People were right the. First thing I saw were, confused. Within. A few weeks of arriving, after, attending the orientation, program I heard. About everything set, up to begin my journey here. Classes. Started, off easy. Second. Week came by and I, was starting the field of work Lord. Third. Week I was, packed with assignments, and quizzes on top, of having to get used to the new environment and new responsibilities. I was. Overwhelmed, by everything around, me and it. Didn't help that was a long way from home. Every. Week, I would still call my mom to assure her that I was fine, but. In reality. I was, stressed about my grades and about figuring out my career path I. Was. Sinking downward, but. I was, lucky enough to have people around me to guide and support me through my anxiety. Advisors, from the Pomerantz Career, Center, assured, me that most people, start off not knowing what they want to do and this. Was. The perfect time to figure it out I. Discovered. Business, analytics, and Finance. My interest. The. Takeaway message was. To take one, day at a time, slowly. But, surely you. Eventually reach the finish, line. Meeting. People here played a big role in making my Iowa, experience. Unforgettable. That. First semester I started. Working at the IMU as a cold food cook. Because. I thought, of it as a way to earn extra pocket, money. When. I saw my supervisor, marked, I remember. Thinking, well. He. Looks nice and I. Suppose I can learn how to cook here, so. Why. Not well eight hours, a week and see how things go. Little. Did I know that. Working. In that kitchen would. Teach me how to socialize, with people. To. Work in teams and have, a better sense of time management and accountability. Little. Did I know that. Mark would. Be the one to help me land an internship, here. Apparently. Mark liked my work attitude and put. In a good word for me when recruiters, called him up and. So. I was, given a chance to intern, under the portfolio. Management team, at Aegon, asset management. Through. This experience, I, realized. That we have nothing to lose by putting ourselves out, there to, meet new people and. Among. The many people we, will meet in our lives we. Just never know who will be the ones to help us along, away I. Had. Known that getting an internship will, fulfill the tipi rice requirement. And I. Was really excited to be given it shot at this portfolio management, internship. Because. Honestly, speaking and, messed. Up my phone interview. The. Question I caught me off guard was. Where. Do you see yourself, in five years. My. Mind had gone blank and I. Said I, see. Myself. Working. In a portfolio, management office, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. The. Interviewer, laughed I, was. So disappointed with, myself and, thought that I had lost such, a great opportunity a. Week. Later I got, a phone call to go for the second round interview, and this. Time I prepared. Ahead of time and I, got it I, learned. So much from everyone. At the company about, people's. Job, scopes. About. Having nutri respect and about. Being adaptable to sudden, changes, through. This internship, I, realized. The importance, of portraying self confidence and paying. Attention to even the tiniest, detail, because. Your work reflects. The kind of person you are. Just. Like how TP holds its students, to a higher standard, in getting, us ready for the working world. All. Of, us here. Parents. Students. And teachers. Have. Come a long way to see us graduates. Through this little part of our journey in life and I'm. Sure is the ups and downs in this journey that, makes this experience, so meaningful. To us. To. Answer myself from, five years ago. Here. I am now standing. Before all of you as a confident. Individual. And I. Have the Tippie College of, Business and, my bosses mark, Tim. Jordan. And, little thing if, it. Were not for the rice requirement. I would, not have had the opportunity to. Actually know and experience the culture here, if. It. Weren't for lecturers, such as Larry cook, Collison. And Todd, Hoke would. Take out a time to meet and respond, to you even on weekends, I wouldn't. Be standing here, graduating. Today. Looking. Back at my five years, I really. Am amazed, by the inclusivity, in, Iowa, being, in the kitchen, office. Or even in class. Everyone. Was just so open to sharing their knowledge and, giving, guidance to someone they barely knew, and I. Believe that was. The essence of my Iowa, experience. I, can. Now probably tell, everyone that. I chose Iowa, because, of its people and I. Believe that all of us graduating. Today can. Attest to this, when. I say that never in our lives have. We ever been. Prouder to be part of the Hawkeye family, to. Call ourselves, Hawkeye's. Thank. You. Thank. You Cindy. At. This time we. Would like to recognize, students, for their honors and achievement.

Each. Year Delta, Sigma, Pi Awards. The scholarship, key to, the graduating, senior, with the highest grade point average, this. Year's award is presented to, Col, Grossman. Who. Is receiving, a BBA, in, finance, and accounting. Congratulations. Cole. The. Tippie College of, Business Awards. Degrees, with highest, distinction. To. Students, in the highest, two percent, of, the graduating. Class, with. High, distinction. To. Students, in the next three, percent, and with. Distinction. To, students, in the next highest five, percent. Distinction. Is designated, by gold, stars, worn, on the Left sleeve. Three. Stars indicate. Graduation. With highest distinction, two, with. High distinction, and one. With, distinction. As I. Call each group of students, please. Rise to be recognized, and. Parents, and friends, and family I would, ask that you hold your applause, until all, the students, graduating. With distinction, have. Been recognized. Will. Those graduating. With highest distinction. Please, stand. Will. Those graduating. With high distinction. Please, stand. And. With. Those graduating. With distinction, please. Stand. Please. Join me in congratulating, these, students. They. Will, also be recognized. Individually. During. The presentation. Of the graduates. Membership. In Beta Gamma Sigma, is the highest, recognition a, business, student can earn to. Be eligible, for membership, students. Individual, Academic, Ranking must, place them in the upper 10%, of the junior class or. In, the upper 10% of, the senior class. Students. Graduating, as members of Beta Gamma Sigma wear. Royal, blue, and gold Corden's. Draped. Over their shoulders, with. The students, graduating, as members of Beta Gamma Sigma please, stand. Congratulations. We. Would also like to recognize, the students, who, are graduating, in a Tippie College of, Business with. Honors. Students. Graduate, with honors in, their major by. Achieving, a 3.5. O grade, point average, and writing. A thesis relevant. To their academic interests. Or major. Students. May also graduate, with university. Honors by. Completing, 12 semester, hours of, honors coursework, and undertaking. Significant. Hands-on, learning experiences. Including. Research, study. Abroad, and internships. Students. Graduating, with honors wear. White cordons draped. Over their shoulders, and they will be recognized, as well during, the presentation. Of the graduates, will. Those students, graduating with honors please. Stand. Congratulations. This. Year we also recognize. Students, who undertook, multiple. Hands-on. Learning experience. Through. Our Tippie, Rise Program. Those. Students, are named in the insert, in your commencement, program. Will. The candidates, for the degree Bachelor. Of Business, Administration please. Rise. Vice. President shivers, these. Candidates, have completed the. Requirements for the degree, Bachelor. Of Business Administration and. Are, recommended to you by the Faculty of the Tippie College of, Business for the conferring, of the degree on. Recommendation. Of the Faculty, of the Tippie College of, Business and by, the authority, vested in, me by the Board of Regents state. Of Iowa, I confer, on. Each. Of you the degree. Bachelor. Of Business, Administration as. Qualified. And designated. With. The graduates, please be seated. Dr.. Ken brown associate. Dean of undergraduate programs, and professor. Of management, and entrepreneurship. Along. With dr. joyce berg professor, of accounting will, now recognize, the graduates, individually. Will. The marshals, please begin, leading the graduates, forward to be recognized. Mark. Deming. Danielle. Fry. Jason. Show Nick. Ryan. Conrad. Sydney. Winches. Andrew. Tylo. Reese. Peter. Norvin. Anariba. Zoe. Mia Stellina. Szczecin. Alec. Norman, Bouchard. Shannon. Peterson. Erik. Anderson. Mo. Zhang. Michael. Berg. Jing. Chou. Heather. M cook. Drake. Stanbury. Sarah. Sales, Francisco. Honors. And marketing, with, university, honors with. Distinction. Grant. Walter. Austin. Bachman, James. Schrader. Hasan. Ali. Daniel. Andrew, told us. Cole. Michael Grossman with. Highest distinction. Ryan. Nicholas. Schmidt. Seen. Young. Alec. Schulz, with high distinction. Ciao. 10. Jake. Jeffrey, Donald. Ming. Chuan sigh. Dylan. Schrader. Je. Chong. Michelle. Simas. Genron. Chang. Mariah. And Walsh, with, highest distinction. She. On 10.

Travis. Belgian. Jordan. Alan with distinction. Tyler. Cincin. Jaden. Carrie. Ryan. Williams. Amanda. Kylie Austin. Meg. Mojo. Molly. Brennan. Fabiola. Santana. Patrick. John argh estilo. Hayden. Schultz. John. Declan, Donahue. Ryan. Jeffrey. Smith. Samuel. Douglas Knuth. Bailey. Margaret, Oh Pina, Owen. O'Leary. Taizo. Riccio wise. Andrew. Hughes. Jessica. Nicole Schultz. With, high distinction, and, university. Honors. Jake. Amundson. Vasudha. Ah Srivastava. In. Oakland. Hey. Lee K Smith. Jason. Thomas Brown with, university, honors. Marissa. Marshall. Joseph. DCL. Rachel. Palmer. Griffin. William, trout. Catarina, nesic. Melissa. McKellen. Jacqueline. Grace, Walters. Abby. Haynes with honors and marketing, with university, honors with. Highest distinction. Michael. Scott, Anderson. Nicholas. Bar we go. Nathan. Paula shocked. Caden. Crandall, with highest distinction. Nicholas. James, Newsome. Sarah. Boltzmann. John. Garrity. Lindsay. Wessel. Jacob. Shilts. Whitney. Fuller. Joshua. Malik. Kristen. Right. Ryan. Soohyuk. Taran. Feller. Connor. Jordan. Jenna. Elise - Pinot, Thomas. Joseph, Lipinski. Tara. Been drained. Caleb. Van, Zee. Emily. And Crossin. Stephen. Suka Mel. Kimberly. Cortez. Andrew. Wilkinson. Jacqueline. Cornell. William. Albert, Spencer. Alexis. Piper bud. Griffin. Rosen, boom. Adam. David, Arthur's. Austin. Schaffer. Well. Alberto, Fernandez. Addison. Drake Skinner, Stewart. Robert. Anthony Mansell. Reyes. Zane, Taylor. Lee. David. Peter Tchaikovsky. Taylor. Wolf, cool. Michael. Jared, Hillsman. Courtney. Trip, on. Daniel. Dominic Pinelli. Michelle. Lauren. Uot, vicha Conde. Andrew. Fisher. Colleen. Nick, off. Dylan. Bong. Genichi. Jessica. Fell Mayer. Kathleen. And, vineyard. Ashley. Boychik. Dong-joo. Faun. C-suite. Phoebe. John. Richard. L Burleson. Michael. Sued. Catherine. Ruby fry. Daniel. Thomas, vicars with, distinction. Savannah. Elizabeth. Suture. Tanner. Stewart. Samantha. Margaret, Beckman. Zachary. M Sherman. Stephanie. Callahan. Kevin. Schmidt. Colin. Burns. Rachel. Worth. Elizabeth. And Blodgett. Abigail. Joy, workman. Page. Murray Gibson, with high distinction. Jacob. UNMIK. Jacqueline. Dan over honors. And accounting with distinction. Elena. ERT no. Megan. Balkan. Christopher. John, Hampton Anthony. Robert wild. Wayne. Mach.

Shan. Dong. Mystic. Henningsen. Young. Fund wrong. Alyssa. Megan, Tracy with. University. Honors, Xiao. Foo. Hayley. Schulte. Riley. Quick. Madeleine. Darlene, Thomas, with distinction. Tessa. Marie angin. Samuel. Softly. Leo. Lorenz. Jacob. Strauss. Sarah. Mercedes, chrome Inga. Hailey, Maryland. Vlahos. Lane. A crew. Chief. On young. Andrew. James surname. Jin. Yan you. Steven. Dixon. Menu. Zhang. Mackenzie. Lynn fuller with University, Honors. Jigglin. Yang. You. Know Elizabeth, dearth. Run. Chen Wang. Olivia. De, spurred honors. And management, with university, honors. Chow. You John. Chen. You chow. John. Neary. Xavier. Sand of all. Mitchell, sits, Minh. -. Wilson. -. Shailen. Mone Harrington. Ryan. Christopher. Volga. Sir. Cameron. To, be ah so. Drew. Alan. Smith with highest distinction. Andrew. Campbell, Guth. Sue. Carter. Busi. Erica. Vavra, check. John. Joseph kosinski. Taylor. Lynn, vanblarcom. With. High distinction. Emmett. Corrigan. Yuling. John. Logan. Drake with University Honors with, highest distinction. Hannah. Murray Dobrowski. Alexander. Robert Duff with high distinction. Madison. Scott. Bailey. Felons. Ur, Elizabeth. Lannon. Alec. Gavin. Nicole. Black, likova. Samuel. Krile. Shelby. Roman. Ryan. Boots. Matthew. Sadler. Kevin. Fuchs. Ethan. Altmeyer. River. Done. Brian. John, Eck. Donald. Bona, Bona lotto. Mark. Newman. John. Carstensen. Brian. Esther quest with, distinction. Alexis. Higly. Hewitt. Walsh. Brooke. Elizabeth, Davis. Parker. Stefan. Rachel. Gage. REO. Toric. Anthony. S on giorno jr. Z. An MA. Jimmy. Agnes, de esta no, Xiao. Han Wong. Jack. Callahan. Wrong. Joe. Daniel. Aaron, lie. You. On Tsui. Matthew. James Hanson. Yellow. Clint's. Andrew babowsky. Little. Chan. Steven. Frederick, fasten act. She. Is a Zhang Zhang. Kira. Dominguez. Cheng. Bo you. Gabriella. Taylor Ben Feld. Matthew. Aaron. Clippard. Cory. Nolan, Carlson. Jacob. James, Kenneth's. Zachary. Andrew Curtis with, distinction. William. Arthur. Connor. Kenneth, bunts. Carly. Rose, Johnson. Casey. Flynn. Quintin, storm. Julian, Paul am P, Louis. Van, der Waal Kyle. Evan, Davis. Genku, Isla, Tengku. Mod. Cindy. Chen. Sarah. Nicole, SAP. Stephanie. Leto. Alexis. Tudor, with university. Honors. Helen. Toy. Olivia. Marie Tassler. Travis. Allen, graph. Carrie. Turner. Tristan. Nathan, Donald, Cole Drake. Taylan. Lane sour. Bride. Garrett. Culligan. Molly. Williams. Alex. Michael Byrnes. Dong. Dong Cheng. Thomas. Joseph Fisher. Fay. John. With, high distinction. Amy. Keach. Zachary. Is Otani. Jillian. Connelly. John. Michael. Walsh. Quincy. Vander Molen. Coy. Christian. Schneider with. Highest distinction. Heinous. Tender ba, Gregory. Space. Bailey. Proverb. Daniel. Seek. Logan. Jeffrey, Manders. Samantha. Marie Danielson. Jigna. Jason. John. Carson. Christensen. Drew. James young. Colin. O'Connell. Eachin. Wong. Jacob. Bernhard. Ula. Shoe. Shana. Cohen. Zhi. Hao Jiao. Nataliemarie. Kenley. Mohan. When. Madeline. Dostal, Chao. June she. 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Michael. Monsoor. Juan. Morales. Jonathan. Lang rude. Ethan. Paul Becker. Jack. Kelly. Christian. Hofbauer. Luke. TAFE. David. Viola. Jack. Lyman, Carter. Ben. Brockman. Keegan. Edward, Finn. Adolfo. Linares. Steven. Levine, with, high distinction. Samuel-kun. Brendan. Maher. Evan. Andrew, Schmidt. Nicholas. James Simone. Christina. Faith. Last. Apple. Sugah. From. Degree candidate, to, graduate, well. Each of you now Marc, thank. You. Well. You, now mark your new status by turning the tassel of your cap from the right side to. The left side. We. Congratulate, each and every, one of you. Graduates. Graduates. Today. Marks, a personal. Milestone, in your lives, since. You arrived on campus each of you have worked extremely. Hard toward. A goal and you have reached it today, wearing. Your cap and gown, walking. Across the stage and receiving. Your degree from the Tippie College of Business as, you. Made progress toward. Your degree each, year you faced many challenges, you. Made discoveries about. Yourself, and others and you. Grew into leaders who, will make a difference in our communities, for, those. Of you in the audience we. Feel your pride with, these individuals, because. You, also should. Be proud of what, you have done to help them accomplish, your, goals. Your. Guidance, your. Understanding. And your. Compassion. And faith in their, abilities. That. Has been critical, to their success, for. What you have done to, help these congrat, these graduates, we. Thank you thank. The people out in, the audience who, helped you get here today graduates. Special. Shout-out to the moms as well. There. You go. Okay. Just a few thoughts and then we're done as. You. Graduate, today your. Mind is flooded with images, and memories, and emotions, yet. As you leave the Tippie College of, Business you, will take with, you some, powerful, and positive. Attributes, of your, degree from the University of Iowa. The. First is pride. Please. Know that you have received a degree from one of America's, leading, universities. As you. Enter the workplace you will discover, that what, you have learned here at Iowa, rivals. The best business, school education, in this country. The. Second is work. Ethic, there. Is no substitute. For hard, work, as. Tippie, students you. Demonstrated, your, work ethic daily, as, graduates. Take. This ethic with you as you, enter the next stage of life and it. Will serve you very well. The. Third I hope is compassion. When. Your professional. Journey is over remember, that, what really matters are the relationships. That you develop and, nurture. The. People that you touch and the lives that, you affect. Remember. Those who helped you and, influenced, you and played, a role in your success, we. Hope that in the years to come you will remember fondly, your time at the Tippie College and, support. This institution as. Generally. As generously. As the, alumni who came before you. We. Are so proud of the, class of 2019. In, addition. To, being talented, academically, you. Demonstrated, leadership. Community. Spirit, and a. Global, Sensibility, you. Are indeed, need ready. To be successful citizens. Of the, world. This. Concludes, today's commencement, ceremony, I ask that. Everyone please remain, seated for the recessional, the, platform, party, will first. Exit, followed by the graduates congratulations.

2019-05-14 19:32

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