This Week In Jacksonville: Business In Washington

This Week In Jacksonville: Business In Washington

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The. Supreme, Court has a whole and too much balance, means a tie when. Will the High Court have a night the Justice again, but. Republicans. Say, they won't, they. Won't even hold a hearing it. Doesn't matter how qualified, the. President's. Nominee, is or what the Constitution. Says or, what, our country, needs. Partisan. Lines form for, or against, the president's, nominee we're gonna hear from an interested, observer in. The fight in Washington, it's congressman, Ted Yoho we, also discussed, the president's, trip to Cuba and yo hos fight to keep Guantanamo Bay, under American, control those. Topics, are much more on this week in Jacksonville. And. Thanks for joining us yes indeed Ted Yoho is here United States representative. Congressman, thank you so much I know that this is one of those couple of weeks every now and then you get to be in, district. As it's called you're not in Washington but, still some of the, information. Gathering, here right you're talking with citizens, and constituents about, what's important to them right right this is what, a lot of people think we're on recess, yeah. But we're not over here still we're working in the district, and we've had seven, o'clock mornings, til ten o'clock nights, ever since I've been back and I love it because we get back and we get to hear the heartbeat of the district and the people in the district is so important to do that how many of the folks that you talked to are, beginning. The conversation with what's happening on the national scale presidential. Politics. Especially. In Florida, they seem to take everybody's, attention. And, in, in some ways suck all the air out of the room what are you hearing from folks right. Just. Start it's been going and we're have, a crescendo now, and we're, we hear more and more about it I mean we get asked all the time who are you supporting and I've come to the point in my career and, my personal belief says I don't want to support anybody we're, gonna go and let the process work and we'll go with a person, that has they are behind their name so. You. Ran, for office a few years or four years ago when, in my first year yes right when we first met four years ago and you're running were you a political. Outsider it, would you have been characterized, that way I was kind of outside yeah. I had. Never been to a town-hall meeting I did, my duty I've paid my taxes, and I voted every two years and, just. Got that up and, I think what you're seeing today is an escalation of that that. That, aggravation. With, the ineffectiveness, of Washington. DC and we're. Seeing it with the rise mr. Trump and. Mr. Cruz you know the anti-establishment those. Two people and you know I ran, it on that.

Platform, You know the thing you, know the career politicians, either led us where we're at or they, failed to prevent it and the only way you're gonna change it is to send different people up there that think outside of the box well let's, talk about somebody. Who's gonna be leaving office pretty soon that's President, Obama in. His final. Year. Less, than a year now and one of the things that you have talked about and even I brought some legislation, about, concerns. Him I know that there was the. Condemning. And censoring President, Obama. House, resolution, 582. HR. 588, okay that is strictly a censure, resolution, condemning. President. Obama's, lack. Of leadership in action strictly. On national, security both foreign, and domestic and, if you look at the Libyan. No-fly zones, that, were created, and it was directed by Hillary Clinton at the time that, led to a failed state with Qaddafi, being, murdered. And. It led to the rise of. Isis. Recruiting, areas, and training. Centers in Libya. So this is a holding, ground for the Isis, fighters. So. You look at that you, look at what happened in Afghanistan and. Iraq not, heeding, the warning of his military leaders. And advisers, and we, pulled out but more importantly he announced when you pulled off that allowed, the Taliban, to move back in the, Taliban, now has the largest foothold, they've ever had in Afghanistan and. You can carry that through to other things if you look at domestic policies, not. Enforcing, our laws on the book and not, securing, the border you know just two, weekends ago in farming ham Maryland, there was a young, couple that was brutally beaten and raped, by people. That had been deported three or four times already and that. Our government is not enforcing, laws that are allowed these people to come back in and, that young lady in San Francisco, two years ago that, got murdered by the illegal. Immigrant. That had been deported I think. It was four times and, he had safe haven in a sanctuary city so, this, is why we brought this up and it was something you, know it was something, we felt was so important, on our national, security that we've, got traction, on it we've, got co-sponsors.

Getting On this and it's something it's, just to. Bring. The attention to we have to do national security that's the number one task of our government is to provide for the common defense, let, me ask about something. That happened recently President. Obama going, to Cuba, and I know we're gonna talk to in, a few moments about something specific to the naval base there but. The. President went to Cuba is establishing, more, normalized, relations with, the country. You've. Kind of been on record sanur you're not in favor I'm. Not in favor of doing it the way we're doing it I'm obeying. The. Biggest thing is you know, were. The look. At how that, whole process happened, Cuba, we, fought and liberated. Cuba from Spain in their late 1800s, nineteen nineteen hundreds we. Leased a space, from in 1903, since. Then you know Cuba became a kind. Of a republic in a democracy and then the Castro brothers came in there a communist, dictator, came in overthrew that government or negotiating, with a communist, country and. I think the biggest egregious. Is. President. Obama is negotiating, with a the. Castro, regime in Boulding, them making, them stronger the, Cuban people have less liberties. And freedoms more, people are being harassed more, people are going to prison for speaking, out against the government so it hasn't helped the Cuban people at all as we negotiate I, would, think we would negotiate from. A position of. Strength and do, what we can to help liberate more, Cubans, so, and, I want to tie that back to what we were talking about mm-hmm, earlier, so isn't doesn't that help on, the, Foreign, Relations and, national. Security side, if I have a better relationship with, Cuba, regardless. Of maybe some of those social. Issues well. What kind of a relationship do, you want do you want to wrong, relationship. With a communist. Country that is working against, us or do you want a stronger relationship, with a country that has the same ideologies. As you we're, in Bouldin. Intri. That, is, a known, enemy of the United States just three years ago they, were caught shipping, weapons and missile, parts to, North Korea, North, Korea is rattling, their sabers at us and so you have the Castro regime in fact Castro, Fidel. Canadair Castro came out of wherever, he's been wait. I. Won't say where but. Ten. Years ago he went over to Iran is, that what the Ayatollah says we have a common enemy and our goal is to bring them to their knees and that common enemy is the United States of America, this is who we're negotiating huh, you know it's not a friendly regime to the United States of America. What. Ask you about something. Else then we're going to take a short, break congresswoman. Corrine brown your colleagues, there in the house court, battles on a couple of different fronts here she's. Suing about changes to her congressional, district, she's also facing investigation, for my health ethics, subcommittee. Or whatever they may, be because, she's under a federal investigation, concerning fraud, and the fundraiser, for a charity that doesn't necessarily act like a charity so, to, you is. That distracting, is it distracting to you and the work in the House of Representatives, to the people of Florida would it be distracted, the congressman, try to do her job I, think, yes it would distract, from Miss Brown doing her work but I think the big distraction, and the people, it hurts the most so the constituents, that she represents. We. Need to work through this she needs to work through this and I know she you know I've talked to her about this she wants to work through it as quick as we can but, the whole thing is if there, is wrongdoing.

In There it taints the whole party, or the whole body, of Congress and that's, why we had introduced, a bill called the trust Act which is trust restored to the US taxpayer, it's, a very simple bill it's about a page and a half and it simply states that if you're, a member of Congress and, you get convicted while, serving, and that's a house, or you know a representative, or senator if, you get convicted while, serving, you. Give up that portion of your retirement that. Comes from you the American taxpayers it's, a common-sense bill it's the same thing to happen start military, the very people put in their line their, life on the line for us so, you, know the best thing is to let us work through this let's root it out and it is what it is and it needs to be treated accordingly I want to talk some more so stay with us and you stay with us as well more ahead with Congressman Yoho including, some of the the he's got a lengthy list of legislative, priorities we're gonna talk about some of those things next, on this week in Jacksonville. Business. College a Washington, of the tightest, harvest don't join, with us on channel 4, it was Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. we're gonna have a god time yes. Hi. I'm Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller join me Saturday May 14th, at Riverside, Park for, the Shannon Miller foundation, 5k, & Kids Fun Run all, kids, run free and all kids and 5k, finishers, receive, medals. Register. Now is Shannon, Miller foundation comm or at any first play sports location, I know. What. It's like to have back pain when, I found inversion, it changed, my life forever and I believe, it can change yours, to release. The tension in my back with the teeter it's, great I love it Teeter Hang Ups is easy to use just minutes, a day in your own home to help relieve stress and tension reduce. Joint pressure and build, core strength while inverted, your body weight creates a natural form of traction that gently releases, muscle tension and reduces. Pressure for, long lasting relief of back pain a daily, routine is a very, good way of getting your back in great shape I could not believe that I could feel that much better that fast, you can try the teeter Hang Ups in your home for 30 days for only 1495. And we'll ship it to you for free we'll also include two of our most popular accessories you, can take my bike, you can think maybe my golf clubs that I need my my tater it's one of my most valuable possessions, it really is call. 1-800, three one one five one zero five. Are. You one of the best singers in Jacksonville, prove. It and this 4th of July you can see the national anthem in front of the whole city and take home a fabulous, prize because this year's oh say can you think contest, and bigger and better than ever, auditions, are right here at unity plows out Tuesday April 12, log on to use for Jax comm, or the channel for Facebook page for details and rules oh say. Can you sing delivered, by Papa John's better, ingredients better. And. Breaks, for less all we do are breaks and, not just a two-wheel brake job all four, wheels for 139. Bucks on any car truck or SUV foreign. Or domestic all, with a parts and labor guarantee, and we, know your time is important, so.

We'll Have you in and, out fast. And, remember, everyone wins Wednesday when every job is 15%. Off breaks. For Less with eight locations, throughout Jacksonville. Orange Park jax beach and st. augustine. Zero. 600, Jacksonville. One Navy wife one, three-year-old. One, sailor. Husband, serving, across the seas that's, why when Kristen gets up she checks the news for Jax out and turns on channel 4 Richard tracks weather so she knows how to dress her little one for school Chris will get this busy second grade teacher to work on time all from a news team that won't waste her time oceans. Away protecting. Your freedom, happens, in Jacksonville. The morning show makes the mornings happen you're, watching this week in Jacksonville. With Kent Justice. Ted. Yoho with us this morning we're talking through some of the things going on in Washington, I saw a note from your office this week that what. You've been working on in Washington includes returning, over half, a million dollars of taxpayer money from, the our budget. That seems pretty big co-sponsored. Hr:173. The death tax repeal, Act and then you introduced a resolution blocking. President, Obama's transfer, of Gitmo detainees, to United States I want to hear more about that and, something, you and I have talked about previously the. Guantanamo transfer. Prevention, Act. Tell. Me how that works and what exactly that means is that connected, to the. Detainees. Or is it connected to the naval base at Guantanamo, that's a great question it's both okay, we put in that it, would block the, transfer, of detainees to the United States of America, and that language is already in the National, Defense Authorization Act. The. Reason we put it in this bill is our bill would make that permanent when it's just in an Authorization. Act that's good for a year so you have to renew it every year have to get it passed every year whereas, if we make it permanent it's done you know the worst thing we can do is to bring those detainees. America, cost. The security, risk they. The, the proponents, for this are. The opponents of us. Bringing. Keeping. Guantanamo, open is they, say that Isis, uses this for a recruiting tool and I think I don't believe that I mean are, they going to use that more of a recruiting tool or, would it be more of a recruiting. Tool if those people were in the heartland of America and so, keep, it more there at the prison's already there the infrastructure, is already there the security is already there and so let's. Leave it there and I'm okay with closing, it and removing, those people there's, thirty five people that have already been vetted that should have gone to other countries, they haven't done that yet there's three people that'll never be released and then there's that balance of fifty, five people that there's, ninety-one people left on the island and if you look at the Guantanamo detention, center, 94%. Of the people that were there have, already been removed and, gone back to other nations we've. Done a pretty good job so there's only six percent of the total that have ever been there are, remaining, let's work through those but we don't want them on the heartland of America, have you been that within, the last year I've been there to the Joint Task Force Detention, Center and seeing the conditions, there a lot, of people still have the kind, of notion of what happened at Camp x-ray, right and, that it was torture.

And Those sorts of things have you been there and I am occasion there but we've studied it we, know people that have been there we've you, know researched, it and all and it's a pretty outstanding facility, I wouldn't want to be there I don't want to be in any facility, but, it's, a good facility and it provides for the needs of the people and, it provides. For their culture, but. You are talking about the transfer, of Guantanamo there's, two separate entities there's the Guantanamo, Naval, Base right and there's the detention, center we, acquired these when we liberated. Cuba. From 1903, or what have you it was in the late 1800s, and the lease was signed in 1903, it's 45 square miles and, in, that lease it says the president, a president can. Through executive action, transferred, that, structure, back, to the Cuban authorities, and, there's, two ways to do it one is by executive, action the other way is we if we vacate the property it automatically. Goes back, and if you listen to the rhetoric and President. Obama, went. To. Normalize. Our relationships, with Cuba and again, he bypassed, Congress and, he used his phone in his pen and this is not the way to legislate, you get bad policies, a set way and then we have to wind up backing things up, but. As he did this one, of the stipulations of, the Castro brothers both. Of them said the, only way no. America the only way we're gonna let you normalize relationships. With us they're calling the shots is if, you give us back the Guantanamo Bay the Naval facility world-class, Naval. Facility its, national. Security interests for us in the, Caribbean can, you imagine if we give that base back not, only will you have the Cuban government there you'll, probably have Russia China. Iran, possibly. North Korea or all five 90 miles off the coast of floral potentially, who must rather have that you know it's the other thing it's a platform, we use for. Humanitarian. And search, and rescue in the Caribbean and when the, earthquakes, happened in Haiti that, was their launching platform to do humanitarian, aid so, this is a national, security important. And the goal is not just to block President Obama, but any future president with. Transferring, that without going through Congress, first so I think it's, just a smart bill and, we're excited because it's passed through our House. Foreign Affairs Committee I've, got to ask you about this and. That is what's going on with the Supreme Court we saw even this week I saw that these there, was a split decision there. Concerning. Union, and what have you once, you're thought the House members, of the House don't get to interview, the presidential, nominee for the Supreme Court but, it sounds like Republicans, are trying to block that from happen yeah we're kind of a spectator. Sport in the house we get to watch these things can't. The underlying, thing. That we all need to to. Voice a concern with is the Supreme Court is supposed to be the weakest branch of government by. Design they're the, weakest branch of government they. Give opinions, that's what they're supposed to do they're not supposed to legislate, from the bench and we've seen this in the recent years and the, other thing that is so important with the Supreme Court is to preserve. The integrity of our Constitution. And what, we've seen is some constitutional. Challenges. That have sided, away from our constant. You know if you look at King versus Burwell or some of the. The. Marriage, amendments, those, are states rights issue but the Supreme Court felt necessary to step in there and so this is a very very important. Decision that needs, to be made and I I'm being, a conservative, I think it would be better to have a conservative, in there then, when. You look at the the. Nominee, and you look at his record he's, got what, I would view as an activist, position, and I side, with Joe Biden on this you know back when Joe Biden was, the was.

A Senator, and President, Bush wanted to have a Supreme. Court nominee he, was up there saying that we should postpone us until the next administration comes in and I agree. Hunter for so and Joe Biden. Congressman. I appreciate the time great to see you and appreciate. That when you are in the area just a chance to hear what you're working on in Washington, it's, my pleasure and I appreciate what you do getting, the word out to people and just it's so important people get involved informed. And engaged. Thank you appreciate it thank you servicemen, well. Stay with us coming up mover and shaker Donna, or endure is joining us that's in just a moment because it's. Time to talk about Generation. W the founder, describes what's new and why it's here next, this, week in Jackson. Our. Website is a great place to go to learn more about us the results, we've had we, have, 24/7. Live chat answers. 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Welcome, back to our studio, visit, Donna or endure, thank you so much founder of generation, W now in its fifth year in Jacksonville. So. Donna you billet as, inspirational. Transformational. Conference. Is it just about women, we've talked about this before you. It. Is better than that we talked about if we just think about women's issues as women's and it's like okay it's for them to take care of but, these are issues that are human issues there for all of us it's all about building community, about building better people, better companies, better families, a better world and. I'm. Happy, that we have like, I think between 40 and 45 incredible. Speakers well it is a national, level event, we draw people from all over the country who have great accomplishments. But you know what's great is they, love coming here to Jacksonville, ibune when you're first starting that they say Jacksonville, by the way even the people in Jax will say why Jacksonville, and. You know. Because. Jacksonville, is a vibrant. Forward moving community. With fantastic, people and. Phenomenal. Women, there. It is jam-packed. This is a full-day conference. All day what. Are the main themes I guess as we get into your fetus, rendition, of it and thank you for that question I mean we focus, on education, inspiration, connection, and we moving, also, to action at. This stage of my life okay, we need, to talk but, we've got to get stuff done we've got to do not enough just to talk about it I know so you know this and there's a lot of leadership there's personal professional, leadership, but this year in particular we, we always try to choose two main issues, over.

And Above all, the other ones we have and there's. A panel called mission to serve okay. And we, really wanted to focus on women in the military what. An interesting segment of our population it. Is a very. Rapidly, evolving, changing, area and when. We started work on this nine months ago who knew that secretary, Carter right. Ash Carter we would step up and say women. They, can they, can be basic, talent they could be that's, right and so we have four of the top military women, from a variety of the services joining, us for an really open, terrific. Conversation so, one of the things that I wanted to get to so you have this full day and, and this conference, and your inspire, and motivate but. Then do you wait around for the next year and I think this mission to serve you just sent, me something that that's. Some of the action that you're taking there is another event come up April 26. So we know that when people hear, about women in the military and then what we want to do because it's a national event but we wanted to deeper what makes this unique gathering. Different, is that we dig deep in this community most of us stay here with each other and so we all look at each other so what I'm gonna do I can I can take on the world tomorrow what did I do and so, we know that people are gonna be interested in not only learning more about women in the military I mean Jacksonville, is the third I think. Third, largest population of women veterans in the country Wow women veterans don't necessarily, raise their hand and identify they. Don't necessarily go on all the services that they probably are, deserving. Of and so. Thanks, to Florida blue and the City of Jacksonville we'll, have a follow-up discussion we have Admiral, Jackson, Mary, Jackson right right here. But. She oversees 18 naval installations, so she's very senior retired. Admiral. Marty Evans she'll. Be joining us as well as other. Active. Personnel. And then also people who are involved in creating, services. For, women veterans so we really want to see how we can help support uplift. And educate, people who, have an interest in the, people who make sure that we live the life we do so we've got two minutes left and it might take this much time just to talk about it but one of the things that I saw mention, was that there's a major research, project coming, on on women's. Leadership a scorecard, what does that mean well we have this wonderful, author named J Newton small who's currently on, the campaign, trail for Time Inc she's, a writer released a book called broad influence and hurt, her her premise is well research, which is when you get to a certain threshold 20, to 30 percent of, women. In leadership in, companies, in. Politics, in law enforcement that's. When you begin to see change and. We said okay that's great, then we all have a responsibility, to figure out where we are in our communities, if you want to create change you need to see it physically in front of you all, of us every single day what is our scorecard, where is women's, leadership presence, and we. Have, aligned, with CCI at UNF, we've got data.

Audry. Moran's gonna present some of this research and I think collectively it. Would be really powerful and what we hope will happen is communities. Across the country will say wait a second where do we stand, yeah so, it, could start here and then spread out from there is there, any. Room. For people to come this coming Friday, if you Eurasian W absolutely, absolutely, wwww. You. Got a graphic here you can see where some, of the info is it's coming up on the 8th and there's some of the registration so if you go to news for Jax comm slash community. Calendar, and well goodbye and we have particularly, have tickets set aside for some of our women veterans if you call our office we, are pleased they've been underwritten by some of our really caring companies as well as individual, women who said listen if this somebody wants to come I want to buy a ticket for them so if you're a veteran and you're watching this please call our office fantastic. Donna Warner appreciate, it okay it's just much success as. You get into this and thank you so much for watching this morning this week in Jax while hearing each Sunday morning at this time and next time, the, yearly, County Health Rankings were, not time to do vol what city leaders in the Medical Society plan to do another. At. News 4 Jax we're always covering the news even when we're not on TV stay, informed on the go and online, at News 4 Jax calm.

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