This Morning's Business & A.M. Southern Nevada clip, February 13, 1990

This Morning's Business & A.M. Southern Nevada clip, February 13, 1990

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Strange, things can happen when you're far from home are, you all right now I don't know I'll let you know the next full moon stay. Home if, he survived, an attack by werewolf wouldn't. He himself become, a werewolf for the next full moon. Bloodthirsty. Beast, is on the prowl its, next victim could, be you did you miss his Wolfman it's. Like nothing, you've seen before. Werewolf. In london Friday, night at 8:00 on the Fox 5 movie, Thank You Southern Nevada for making us America's, number one independent, television station, KTVU, TV, 5 Henderson, and Las Vegas, bucks, 5 for Southern Nevada. Why. Does one person excel, above all others. Visit. Motivation. Raw. Talent, desire. Is, it person satisfaction. Intelligence. There's, no magic formula and, there's really no secret. But there is some effects. Because. Some effects is designed, and engineered with, one thing in mind your. Body's, needs. And. We created, the finest, most complete, and the simplest system to attain those speeds, with. Soloflex the. Reward is yours, or. We lose your called anytime. Drechsel. Looks for a merger partner, Bush keeps economic, sanctions against South Africa, in place and the u.s. opens, negotiations. On a new trade agreement, with the Soviet Union from, the producers, of the financial news network, this is this, morning's business. Good. Morning I'm Doug Ramsey in New York it's Tuesday, February 13th. Our, top story this morning the brokerage firm Drexel, Burnham Lambert tries, to dig out from a deep financial hole amid, rumors on Wall Street that it's contemplating. A chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Drexel. Confirmed Monday that it is looking, for a white knight investor, or a possible. Merger, partner to shore up its bottom line Brian Pierre reports, analysts. Say it's no surprise, Drexel, was looking for a major investor, or partner, after all the investment, banking firm lost 40 million dollars last year you don't see either your markets changing or. Your earnings changing so you need an outside some, outside outside, capital, a Drexel spokesman, turned down a request for an on-camera interview the, firms only statement came in the form of a printed news release the. Company which was made famous by its indicted, junk bond King Michael Milken blamed, his troubles on the junk bond market the official statement says quote the, unsettled, markets, particularly, in the high-yield area, have adversely affected, the liquidity of our parent corporation Drexel. Has junk bonds in its portfolio it was also the top underwriter, of new junk bond issues last year but, the new issue market has, dropped dramatically, since January, of 1989, monthly. Averages, are down 86 percent, and junk, bond prices, have dropped 19, percent in the past 12 months people, are afraid, to buy these junk bonds in large part because they really have no historical, record, of a, market, as risky. As it is today Drexel, says talks with prospective partners began a few days ago but, the company would not provide any details and there's no word yet on how long it will take to find an investor or if anyone is seriously, interested, Brian, p of financial, news network New York. Drexels. Troubles aren't the only fallout, from continuing, skittishness in the junk bond market monday, RJR, nabisco, confirmed that it has postponed, a planned issue of one, and a quarter billion dollars, worth of senior debt because, of what RJR term market, conditions, and rgr spokesman said the debt issue will proceed when there is an appetite for new bond offerings, until, then the company says it's in strong financial shape, thanks to cash flow in 1989, that was about, 1 billion dollars, higher than our had initially expected, the, United States will, not ease economic, sanctions against South Africa, that despite, the Sunday release of Nelson, Mandela the African, National Congress leader, was freed after 27.

Years In jail a move applauded, by the Bush administration which, has extended separate invitations, to both both Mandela, and South African, President FW de, Klerk to, visit the US but, Bush said the release doesn't represent enough, progress toward dismantling, apartheid, a precondition. If the US is to relaxed economic, sanctions against, the Pretoria regime we can't do that I'm bound by the law and, what. I do want to do is discuss. These with these. Provisions. With. Mr. Mandela and, with mr. de Klerk. The. Top trade negotiators, from the US and the USSR had, begun detailed, negotiations. On a new trade agreement, that is expected to grant Moscow most favored nation trade, status the target, a deal to be signed at a superpower, summit in June. Bob carton reports from Washington. US. Trade Representative, Carla, Hills sounded, predictably, optimistic. When asked what she expected, out of the US Soviet, trade talks. That's. Just what will be needed to bring down barriers, that restrict trade, between the superpowers, currently. The US exports, under three billion dollars worth of goods to the Soviet Union most, of that's farm products, Soviet. Exports to the United States are less than 1 billion dollars much of that's oil and petroleum products. The Soviets want most favored, nation status that. Would lower tariffs, on Soviet goods under. Such an agreement a bottle of Russian vodka for, instance would drop by about one dollar in return. For that trade status, the administration, wants guarantees. That Soviet, democratic, reforms, continue. Congressional. Experts say it's about time, the administration's, responded, to economic, changes in Eastern Europe I think they've been incredibly. Slow at taking advantage of these opportunities. I'm. Afraid that Europe's gonna shut us out Western, Europe will shut us out when, it comes to economic, trade, in the East Bloc meanwhile, opportunities. For US firms include, the food processing, and chemical, industry, but, experts say it will be a long, time before the Soviet Union has enough money to pay for a lot of imports, it's not a financial Bonanza, or a big, economic. Outcome. And even. In the long run trade, negotiators, are on a tight deadline President, Bush once an agreement in time for his June summit, with Mikhail Gorbachev. An agreement. The president says will end badly needed economic support to Gorbachev. Political, reforms, Bob. Cardin financial news network Washington, the. 1990. International, Toy Fair got, underway Monday the start of a ten day extravaganza. Featuring, the hot new products, you'll probably see, under the tree next Christmas Greg packet reports, 1,300. Companies were represented, at the Toy Fair 20,000. Buyers deciding, what to stock in their stores the, sell definitely, hard. Yeah. She's, so cute they're, so real they might come right in the camera and get you and, for good reason after experiencing, a downturn in 1987. Toy sales were up 3% in 1988. 3.1. Percent in 1989. Tanka, experienced, a major turnaround last year industry. Hopes are for a five percent hike in 90 despite, current economic, uncertainties, because. Of people not buying homes and automobiles and, that type of thing there's a little more money available for. People to spend on toys, there, is concern there's no new blockbuster toy, this year just variations on old blockbusters. The, biggest problem for the toy industry of course just sameness you, can't have too many items doing the same thing most, industry spokesmen say sales of Japanese, created, video games at peak it's, the one sector, of the thirteen point four billion dollar business that American firms don't dominate the. Overwhelming. Number of toys that are in the world today are created. In the United States or, by United, States companies, like, dolls sales, of dolls were up big last year and this year they're even hotter the, babies of baby boomers, are fueling a boom in infant, and preschool toys. But. The current outbreak of peace worldwide, is making, toy companies, work hard to sell guns it, is spawning a raft of other items however this. Is the American, version of, communist. Capitalism. It's. A long way from now until Christmas the, ultimate, shakedown date for all the toys here at the Toy Fair but at least to the folks in the toy business 1990.

Could Be a very winning year crimp. Alcott financial, news network New York and still. Ahead on this morning's business the shifting, focus in the eyewear, industry, eyeglass, chains are gobbling up independent, retailers, but some consumers, worry that the chains have their eye on more, than the bottom line plus, in, showbiz, news MGM, and Jane Fonda continue their respective, losing, streaks the, latest, Stanley and iris bombing. This, morning's, business, is. Brought to you in part by us, Brent we're, the only nationwide all digital, fiber-optic, network means a new world of technology. Every. Year for the last ten years the, government has conducted, the crash course on safety, the. Class of 89 included. One very, distinguished. Graduate, the. Audi 100 a, car. That not only passed the course but, received the best score, ever recorded. Graduating. Summa. Laude from. The school of hard knocks the. 100, from Audi the, alternate, route. The. World's, most accurate weather radar, data is gathered, by the WSI. Corporation, using, the reliable, 800, service of us sprint the network, that came through Hugo, when AT&T, did, not get. That image networks. Are waiting for the feed and if Sprint's, nationwide, fiber optic network can handle the moods of Mother Nature. Missus. It can handle any business, climate, reliable. All fiber-optic. 800, service only from us Sprint. If. You're shopping for furniture just, remember nobody, beats fantastic. Lazyboy, advertises. The sleeper sofa for 488, and fantastic. It's just 399. You save, $89. Lazyboy, has the swivel rocker for 188, getting, it fantastic, for only 139. Lazyboy. Is selling this modular, group for $15.99, that, fantastic, you get a better one for hundreds, less compare. Prices you'll find out nobody. Beats fantastic. Fantastic, furniture warehouse. Do. You want to go for the action is the hottest. About, the daring the persistence, the resourcefulness, the coming of one dantana. Team back in vegas and ready to take on anything anyone, anywhere, so, what are you gonna do the western United States Army hey, they started don't. Leave the house but you can stay at home and watch Vegas. See. The exciting action of Vegas without leaving the house Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. right here on FOX five. In. Our mutual fund report card today the worst-performing, mutual. Fund for the weekend at February 8th was, a world, income fund t rowe Price international. Bond down, point, 99 of a percent. Financial. Troubles at drexel burnham long bear and worries over the junk bond market since, stocks on an early spiral, larry Koski has more from Wall Street. Wall. Street began the week with the quiet a session so far this year as many investors, stayed home to the Lincoln's birthday holiday prices. Moved softly lowered the Dow Jones Industrial, Average fell twenty, nine point zero six ending at 26, nineteen point fourteen broader, S&P 500. Was down 3.54. Big, board volume came to just 118. Million shares declining, stocks buried advancers, by a nine to four margin, the New York Stock Exchange index, was down one point eighty four the American, Stock Exchange index gave up one point ninety two the Nasdaq, Composite fell, two point forty seven among, the most widely held stocks AT&T. Lost a quarter IBM, was unchanged.

GM Gained five eight board. Of a 222. Million dollar fourth-quarter, loss sent Time Warner stock tumbling free and a quarter the loss was blamed on interest charges related, to the merger of time incorporated. And Warner Communications, Hilton. Hotels gain two and seven-eighths on a report that NWA, Chairman alfred Chuckie might bid for the company a sa, limited which invests, in South African, gold stocks dropped four and a half after African, National Congress leader, Nelson Mandela reaffirmed. The group's support for nationalizing, the country's gold mine bonds, fell 12.50. To on the Shearson long-term Treasury, index the yield was eight point six four percent, commodity. Prices jumped the CRB futures index was up one point nineteen, gold. Gained three dollars ten cents an ounce to settle on the Comex at four nineteen twenty, analysts. Expect further, declines on Wall Street Tuesday but some contrarian, say a catalyst, of any kind could send prices exploding, i'm larry, domsky, financial, news network on wall, now. For an outlook on today's market Hugh Johnson chief investment officer at first Albany joins us as he does every Tuesday, Hugh yesterday. Why did the market get so spooked, by despite, the low volume very. Much spooked by both the news on drexel burnham law Barre looking for a merger partner and also RJR, nabisco postponing, its its big bond offering well if you look at financial market history there's a real problem there and the problem is this is that you, have a firm like Drexel they're associated, with the junk bond market the junk bond market is not quite in disarray but having its problems, they, can't sell their inventory, at junk bonds which means or implies that. Maybe they'll have to sell something else Treasuries, or are, there stocks and everybody knows that so that's, the way that problems, in one market the junk bond market get, transmitted, to other markets the, idea being that if they have to unload some of those other securities, that will depress prices in those markets that's that's absolutely it, and buyers of securities, know that so they're backing, away from the markets particularly, particularly, now when interest.

Rates Have risen to such high levels in West Germany and therefore attracting, foreign investors, away from our market so you don't have the prop of foreign investors coming into this bar or wanting to be in this market you don't have the prop of much merger, activity. Institute. Not a lot of props so short term out for the stock market sounds, rather ominous you've. Got to say that I think most investors see, this and therefore they're starting to back away particularly. When we've got so much in the way of economic numbers, that are coming up this week that, could you know scare the markets or move the markets in one dress how long will this backing away process. Last well it's hard to say you know you'll have technical, bounces along the way but I think under current conditions when liquidity, is so tight I think, you've got to say that we're in for at least a month or two of troubling. Markets, before we find, some bottom investor, beware Hugh Johnson thanks very much and. In our hot stocks segment this morning QMS, the Mobile Alabama firm, controls 50%, of the color printer market one of the fastest growing segments, in the computer industry they're, also benefiting, from a plunge in the price of DRAM, chips which represent, 15% of their costs and according, to analyst Alex Henderson of Prudential based securities. Favorable currency, fluctuations. Have also increased profitability, they. Blew out our first quarter numbers coming in 50%, above our target we were looking for 20 cents they earned 30 despite. A 13-cent. Charge. Looks, like January and February are, well ahead of target, which. Suggests to me that our. Earnings, estimates, of a dollar 28, could be way below what. They had the potential earn here. Henderson. Thinks QMS could top 18 dollars a share in the next 12 months the stock closed yesterday at 13 and five-eighths down, 25, cents a share and coming.

Up In people-watch Ivana and Donald Trump call it quits but she won't get half his fortune details. On their prenuptial, agreement when, we come back. When. You enter a conventional. Lease you could be trapped. For. Five long, years. So. Consider the freedom of the Audi three-year, test-drive, there's the freedom of no money down. The. Freedom, of no charge maintenance, and in. Just three years you're. Free. Free. To enjoy the luxury of a new Audi the, Audi three-year, test-drive, feel. Free to take, it. Most. Credit cards advance, you cash but, then, immediately. Take, interest back, and. Keep on taking it but. Now you can get cash interest free with your Discover card. Then your balance every month and for a small transaction. Fee will give you the cash interest, free so, take it from us. Instead. Of giving it to them. Things to discover. There's. Always something, new at the psychic Institute, a new age bookstore, with private psychic readings classes. And hypnosis there's, something, for you at the psychic Institute, 48 hundreds of Maryland. This. Friday and Saturday nights watch your tone Chevrolet presents the 1990, extra goals Super Bowl what an eye shadows and monster truck Chavez supercharged, pulling trucks tractors, son look out the monster, truck challenge go it off and send some monster truck versus battle tracks monster, tank and daredevil, tug demoulas tickets at ticketron thomas, abanks center 3 monster sport watchdog here if you don't go. Accident. Prom inclined. To happen this hell. In judgment, a slight. Miscalculation. But. Let's face it folks. Even, is disgusting, someone a lot of money so why does he have all these accidents, is, something, distracting, him. Maybe. We'll never know. The. Fall guy. Saturday. And Sundays, at noon on Fox 5. Tuesday. Morning in a state of Nevada at 6 a.m. our fun with flowers, feature after CNN, Headline News in this morning's business on cable, you TV 5. From. Our business trivia file the first Russian, edition of the Guinness Book of Records goes. On sale in Moscow this week it's priced at $12, but Guinness expects, the black market price to soar to over $30. In. Our cover story this, morning the eyewear, industry, it used to be dominated, by local, optometrist now, it's the national retail chains, that are calling the shots as proof ours reports, the result is a more competitive industry, with all eyes focused, on the customer. That's. The sound of money in the bank at least that's what optical, chains think with, the baby boom generation hitting. 40 the vision of millions, of people will soon begin deteriorating. And a high-stakes, battle is erupting now as the chains tried to steal market share away from the entrenched, independent. Opticians. The chain business will grow, everyone. Accepts, that the, question is will get it now. The most aggressive, retailers, are probably gonna get their fair share if, not more the, chains currently, hold only 30% of, the 11 billion dollar optical, market but that's changing, as they use marketing, tactics, like two-for-one, sale and outright acquisitions. To hit the independence. Where they're vulnerable their. Prices, are fairly high it's. A medical environment not a fun fashion environment. Inconvenient, location, not. Easy to get to those. Are all things that customers, want and, so part of the things the chains are doing are supplying these, ones the, creation, of super opticals. Large retail, stores when the doctor, and manufacturing. Facilities on premise has changed, the industry not only do they offer a huge variety of frames they also popularized, one-hour service, LensCrafters. Is, the largest super optical, chain in the country its, strategy, against the independence is to emphasize the one-hour service, but, LensCrafters, is, also being forced to compete on price has. Changed, like Pearl Vision cut, prices to attract customers we, did that generate trial that gets somebody to come in and try our store, try the superstore and see that it is really a quality operation.

The Small neighborhood independent. Opticians, aren't standing still while, they can't offer the variety, the larger chain stores do they're beginning to use some of the same marketing, techniques, dr.. Charles Gould is an independent, optician, with his own office and store he, says he and his partner have been forced to spend more on advertising, to compete with the chain you, got to become more retail oriented you use. Computers more. Different. Forms of advertising, and. Get. More savvy because they're doing this a week so, while the independents, have a difficult, time matching the chains price promotions, don't write them off yet since. It's still a health care business you're, gonna have a significant, number of people who want to go to a doctor, and. Not, to a retail, establishment as, a result, Ferrara, thinks the chains market, share will grow to about 50% then, stop in the, meantime customers. Will reap the benefits, of better service and lower prices, fruits. Hours this morning's business New York in. People watch today in New Yorker it makes a list to run Chicago, Bass United, Airlines Paul Volker nominated, to the American Stock Exchange Board and the trumps go their separate ways he, Trump's have called it quits developer. Donald Trump just back from the Tyson Douglas fight in Tokyo left the couples twenty million dollar apartment in Manhattan's Trump Tower over the weekend for Good Wife, Ivana is presumably out as president of the Plaza Hotel but she won't leave the 12-year marriage empty-handed, the chumps have a prenuptial, agreement, that was last revised two years ago among, the terms Ivana, gets 25 million dollars the family mansion in Greenwich Connecticut and custody, of the couple's three kids Donald. OH gets to keep the rest of his, billion-dollar. Empire. Richard. Ravich is a well-known New Yorker but his name is reportedly, on a list of candidates for a high-profile, job in Chicago the. Job running United Airlines under a possible, employee buyout, Crain's. Chicago Business, reports, at the board of UAL and the carrier's unions are considering, candidates, to replace current, CEO Stephen Wolff and high, on the list of those candidates, Ravich, a former chairman of the Bowery Savings Bank, and a New York mayoral candidate, who helped resolve complex labor, disputes, while he headed the Big Apple's Metropolitan. Transportation, Authority, in the early 1980s. And finally. Former, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker will soon be sitting on the board of directors of the American Stock Exchange, he's a virtual, shoo-in, for the seat on the board vacated, by James Jones who, became chairman, of the AMEX in November with two years remaining on his three-year, term Volker, has accepted, the exchanges. Nomination, although the formal vote won't happen until early April Volker. Will continue, however to serve as chairman of James D Wolfensohn, incorporated, in New York investment firm and, still. Ahead on this morning's business winners, and losers at the weekend box office when we continue. In. Funny money today. 461. Million dollars, that's how much New York City drivers, owed in parking, fine in 1988. I. Can. Really rely on aspercreme, John McKee suffers, from minor muscle pain Robin. Good aspercreme, relieves. Pain fast and I don't smell like a medicine cabinet aspercreme, fast, pain relief without odor aspercreme, contains, no aspirin today. There's a diet pill that can help you lose weight without, being, hungry and with no caffeine to make me nervous all my life I've been struggling with my weight with Dexatrim, I finally lost weight and without being, hungry Dexatrim, nothing. Works harder to help you lose weight. Every. Year for the last 10 years the. Government has a crash, course on safety, the. Class of 89 included. One very, distinguished. Graduate. A car. That not only passed the course had, received the best score, ever recorded. Graduating. Summa. Laude from the, school of hard knocks the. 100, from Audi the, alternate, route. The. Southern Nevada musical, arts society now, in its 27th. Season will present, Joseph, Haydn's greatest. Choral and orchestral masterpiece. The Lord Nelson, Mass a free, concert, at 8:00 p.m. March. 19, in the Artemis ham hall all. Singers, interested, in performing, this magnificent. Work please, call four, five one six. Six seven to take. A former, Starfleet, captain, strained, him on earth oh no what happened oh man today take away his freezer but there be any other way give, him a gun a badge and a 2-page sounds like a bad dream, men take, away two starship, and give him a squad car why not I was not very good at math and eats James T TJ. Hooker, that's, not the funniest thing I've ever heard the streets are finally gonna be safer and don't you forget it.

DJ. Hooker Saturday, and Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. on Fox 5. In. Smart, money today if you've got $1,000. To spare nine percent exactly is the best average effective, yield nationwide. On a five-year, CD, it's, available from the bank Mart in Trumbull. Connecticut. In. Other, money matters if you're starting to save more and you're looking for places to get a high guaranteed. Return tyler Matheson, of Money Magazine has some tips on where to invest the cash. As. Jack Nicholson's, Joker might, say wait'll, they get a load of this the baby boomers, have started, to save that's, right save our. Personal savings rate hit 5 percent, for all of 1989. Higher than it's been in years, economists. Now say the figure should grow even further, into the 90s so, where should you join in and stash your cash one. Solid bet is short-term bond funds true, they don't guarantee return of principal but you really needn't worry so long as your fund holds high quality, issues maturing. In four years or less, that's because yields, on short-term bond funds currently average eight point one percent and their, interest, payments, would likely make up for any decline in value due, to a rise in interest rates what's, more if rates fall, the capital gains you'd earn could, push your total return over the 10 percent mark this year last. Before you buy, make sure the funds portfolio, is made up mostly of government, and corporate bonds rated triple B or better, and check, to see whether a tax-exempt. Fund might offer you a better return after, Uncle Sam takes this take I'm, Tyler Matheson, of Money Magazine, in. Showbiz, news Hollywood, is starting to worry about low turnout, for some of its newest releases, even though overall box office receipts were up this past weekend major, films grossed nearly forty five and a half million dollars up five percent from the same weekend last year those receipts barely keeping pace though with ticket price inflation the. Biggest, disappointment. Among new releases Stan Lee and iris mgm/ua, s movie starring Jane Fonda, and Robert DeNiro which, grows to barely, over two million, dollars, the, big winner Warner, Brothers which has a surprise, hit in heart to kill an action-adventure. Film starring former martial arts instructor Steven Seagal the, picture took in 9.3, million dollars in its opening weekend Warner. Also has the number two film Driving Miss Daisy, all told the studio grabbed more than 40%, of the box-office take this weekend bumping, Universal, from the top spot that studio counting for roughly 15% of tickets, sold Columbia's. Tristar subsidiary, ranked third and Disney releases pulled in just over 11, percent of the box-office in. Today's. Outlook, the Commerce, Department, will report, on overall, retail sales for the month of January, at a meeting in Bonn the prime ministers of East and West Germany are expected, to announce details of, their plan for a single German currency, and in, Aspen, Colorado residents. Vote on a plan to ban all fur coats from, being sold in that town and. Looking, ahead to tomorrow in our cover story a Valentine's. Day special love, for sale a very big business of meeting, that special someone that's Wednesday on, this morning's business and now, let's take one final look at the business headlines this morning the stock market staged a sell-off yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial, Average finishing. 29, points lower hurting, the market drexel burnham long Bayers announcement, that it's looking for a white night investor, or a possible, merger partner to ease a squeeze, on its finances as a result of continuing, troubles in the junk bond market and in, Washington, US Trade Representative, Carla Hills continues, talks today with her Soviet counterpart, on a new trade agreement expected, to be signed at a superpower, summit, in June. And. That is our broadcast as Tuesday February 13th. I'm Doug Ramsey in New York for all of us at the financial news network and this morning's business thanks for watching have, a great day and we'll see again tomorrow. This. Morning's, business, is, brought to you in part by US friend we're the only nationwide all digital, fiber-optic, network means a new world of technology. Take. A wondrous trip into the future where, dreams and fantasies, become, reality. Travel. With james t kirk starship. Captain install, white hero mr. spock at Vulcan science officer. Dr.. McCoy using, the most advanced 23rd, century medicine, stanchion. And scurry, the brilliant, chief engineer we did it. Come, aboard for, Star Trek Saturday. And Sunday afternoons at 3:00 on Fox 5. Hi. I'm Kevin Dobson join me in saluting our nation's hospitalized, veterans, herb. The volunteer, I've met a jet mechanic, after the Korean Conflict he, hasn't forgotten the contributions, of our veterans thanks.

These. Girls are ensuring, that hospitalized, veterans receive. The care support. Recognition. They deserve. Be. A part of the National salute to hospitalized, veterans. Come. On get involved find out how you can be a volunteer contact, your local VA Medical, Center. This. Time you go out with friends that they're going to be drinking alcohol be, the designated driver you stick to none alcoholic, drinks and drive everyone, home, you, could save them from being arrested or even saved their lives that's. What I call a friend for. More on drinking and driving right the Will Rogers Institute, White Plains. Thank. You Southern Nevada for making us America's, number one independent, television station. KTVU, TV 5 Henderson, handle our Vegas, bucks 5 for Southern Nevada, good. Morning I'm Deborah Campbell AM Southern Nevada is next. Valentine's. Day has special, meaning on Mama's, family. It's. A time for family. Gathering, together. It in the prostate, exam. Moments. Appreciation. Little. People who make this possible. Saturday. Afternoon, at 5:00 on Fox 5. It. Creates well-trained employees for. Our local businesses. It. Creates careers with people entering or re-entering, the workplace, it. Will help us create economic, growth for our community. What. Is it a partnership. Created by the Clark County School District Clark County Community, College and local business it's called the occupation, creation, it means new jobs new, employees, new, careers, and new economically, it's, occupational. Education that. Works. Topping. Off our so bright and early this morning to talk to us about something called the opus orchid occasion, we have first of all would, be our, Arco and she's with the Nevada work in society and thank you for joining anxiety, of Nevada okay just about the thing and, also we have with us representing the opus Dance Ensemble Doreen, Cesar I thank you for joining us as well, during. Before we talk about the, opus, orchid, occasion, I think we need to let everybody know what opus is about we've, been around now for about eight years eight, years yes. A group of dancers, would. About. Eight years ago got together after. Their show on the strip and did. Informal. And impromptu, dance. Dances. Mm-hmm. Jody woman. Became. Friendly. With several. Of the dancers, and over. A period of time they. Decided, that they wanted to get together and, form some type of dance. Ensemble. So this is an outlet for professional, dance profession, that's correct okay they. Needed an outlet to. Display. Their talents, other than what they were doing, therefore. Most shows. Okay now, Ruby, with, The Orchid Society of, Nevada this is something that you started, about a year ago now you're opening your house for the Opus and sambal they have a fun race yes my husband and I are we're very happy to do this because it's. A great fruit we've. Got the room, it's an enormous place and. We, have a tennis court you know and all that so, it's going to be a lovely evening there. Will be music and, there's, dancing there's. An outdoor pavilion, and. I, don't know the whole affair will be catered, I understand, mm-hmm and very. Interesting, people in opens, extremely. Interesting, so we'll have some great conversations. Too and this is a fundraiser for the Opus, ensemble, where does that money go during why is it so necessary. Presently. We're just giving. Very small. Tokens. Of appreciation to, our dances, we really do need to increase. Our. Treasury, funds. So, we can be more generous, to advances. The. Funds will be used to, purchase, their. Dance shoes right. Now we, have for the. Cost of a pointe shoe or pointe shoes, approximately. $30. I understand they wear them very quickly - yes yes. During. The rehearsal, for our concerts, a. Dancer. Can go through 20 degrees when shoes mm-hm, and the. Token that we give to them certainly does not cover the cost of. Their shoes what, have you learned about it since your involvement with them then Rudy. Well. Great. People. Tremendously. Finding. When. I attended my husband I attended the first concert, we, were extremely impressed because. It was a very professionally. Staged. Show, the, dancers, were superb, yeah I don't think you could have found finer, dancers, anywhere in the world we're doing surgery, on the strip every that's right veterans and they are also very. Very active, in. Jazz. Strict. Ballet they do folk, dances.

They, Have. Many, of their dances early, compositions. So. Although they're a very nice group and I must tell you the. People on the.

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