Think business, sketch as a designer and code like a geek

Think business, sketch as a designer and code like a geek

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So. This session, banwen. Think, business sketch. Like a designer and code, like a geek, three. Sentences, usually. Was the helmsman in, one. Subject, so. Milhorn. A student. Majority. Who's. Already working. Right. Many, programmers. Designers. Our. Lovely, designers, business. People any, product, marketing. Anything. Designer. A divot happenin are not developers, you, like us so much right. Developers. How much do you like our friends, the designers. And. Our. Business, people. They. Hate both of us. So. Let's see, who. Am i and why, what am i doing here my. Name is Ryan al Sahab. I'm. A Google developer expert you just heard about that program two. Years back I got. Invited to a conference in, Casablanca. And they say we saw your profile, we. Are interested, into inviting you to attend, a woman tech maker summit. To. Actually, be with Googlers as, you. Know I'm from Tripoli, three. Hours driving to, the Embassy of Morocco, to get my visa I apply. My papers, and the guy is like. Are. You joking with me, you. Get invited by Google who are you to be invited, by Google. Temple. Whatever she literally, and he, said you're. You're, mocking me you printed this page of the internet and you're lying, go, I'm, not approving your visa I'm not even taking your papers. Why. Do I tell this story is because this, is the mentality we, face in this region, lonna, muchacha de una, now we. Have connections with Google, I and I invited by Google a Cuba conference, AHA, Ptolemaic una and if occur the. Mccune and a mushroom oh but the TDP maja, dahye said the uninsured hi Andra it, can immediately I level, up Hannah's mom here. Halleck Mark Zuckerberg. It. Can mentally anacott as mom chef, Knibb high ethic Bennett, washer. Hid behind a domain Sophie killed in the Meridian Halle fee Bennett. The. Armitage d.holic. Well. As McBee Raymond Burnette. Pepsi, Eric hello sir, can, it I always, heard this Oh hide. Our secret, Oh Sally mater with. This scarf on your head you're not reaching places. You. Cannot stay with all your believes and make it in this world you're. Gonna have to let go, loosen. Up with your ambitions, you're too ambitious for a girl, those. Are the sentences we used to hear, well. Today from, where I am now, a digital. Consultant. At McKinsey &, Co a company. That been there in consultancy. For, 90, years on. Glassdoor is. McKinsey. Is the. Most difficult company, to get into a Google. Developer expert. For the biggest technology company, in the world, Google, I say. To all of those people, hi, from where I am now and I. Say to all of you. And. I. Say to all of you for, me it was my scarf for. You it could be something else it, could be another challenge it, could be what you wear your, attitude, or whatever, it is that women biases, are, today. Do. Not let go of anything, you consider, a principle, just.

Because You wanna reach places you, don't have to, you. Can be, whoever you wanna be wherever you believe in and make, it anywhere, in the world and. For the places that you will not be able to make it believe, me you don't want to be there I don't, want to work with the people who were racist, enough to, decline my job, just because. I'm. A woman I don't. Want to be in the company where they called me they said my, name is Ryan right but, I am for most of you is a guy named so. They used to call him like can I talk with Ryan and, I'm like this is Ryan no I want, Ryan the, programmer, I'm, a girl but I'm a programmer, and they would like no no never mind we wanted a guy and they. Hang up on me. Well. You. Don't want to work with those people you don't want to work with people with biases, you want to work with a place where you can be who you are and celebrate, that. Last. Year we had AIDS Booker's developer, experts, in the Middle East and North Africa, eight. Were, men. Every. Event I was I was in was. Full of men and. Then. I got nominated by, someone from Google and they say we. Saw we saw you talking, and we think you're, gonna you, fit in this program, I, applied. And. I. Used to not share this because, it's very emotional, for me I applied. And the first time I did the interview I, got rejected. I, passed. My community. Interview, when, I reached the technical, interview, my, interviewer, said you. Don't fit. But. Google has a very strict rules so, they say go ahead those. Are the comments work for, six months on those, comments and come, back again and we will apply for you again, my. First reaction was, I'm never applying again. No. One likes failure, no one likes to be rejected and, when. I apply when I was nominated I was so excited I got nominated I, never. Thought I'm gonna be rejected that. I actually was and, my. First reaction was I called originally, then I said I'm sorry I'm not fit for this program this, is what the interviewer, said to me I'm not very applying again and, he. Said it's okay now, you're upset let's. Talk tomorrow, he. Called again and he said you, are fit for this program you, lack few knowledge, in this area and that area let's, work on that this. Is what you need to work on this. Is what you need to build let's. Have the interview in two months in. Two. Months I was so scared I kept delaying the interview, every time they tried to say upon interview I say no I'm, busy on that day I'm busy on that day and, I kept like rescheduling, until.

I Actually did it I did. The interview and I had no idea if I passed or not but. What I know he didn't say you don't fit. One. Week later I received the email to say congratulation. You became the Gd and then. We. Have a female. Google, developer expert in the Middle East and North Africa and, I, was so proud of that that I actually left my job, I left. My job and I said I'm gonna dedicate three, to four months, going. Around the Middle East and North Africa talking, at conferences, because. Those conferences, never had a woman talking in them so. I'm gonna go and talk, to every, conference, I can, just. To show the women out there that yeah, it is possible I'm. Very. Very proud today to say. Years. When, Google was doing events. They, had those eight Google developer expert who were male every. Time they go to a, conference, no one ever nominated. A woman not. Woman not a single woman came to the regional itza and said I think I, fit for this program can, you nominate, me it never happened. After. We started, roaming the mineral region and having. One of the, speakers a female. Every. Single event today. Minimum. Three five, women sends. The email saying I think I fit to this program why. Because, they didn't have an example before and, this. Is the difference, we. See only men and we say oh it, probably is not a place for us but. When they saw someone like them, they. Don't see any obstacles anymore and they want to be that thing and I. Want you to be that example for every, person around you. In. Addition. Women techmakers can, help us can help you all a lot ladies. And gents I'll start with the ladies what is the program what does it give you it, gives you three, pills. Of help one. Resources. You're. Gonna get access if you go to women techmakers calm, apply. For the membership which, is just one form you fill you. Cannot start receiving resources. The. Latest, in Android latest, in web training, -. You're gonna get a lot of opportunities, invitation.

To Conferences, just because, you are part of women techmakers when. The sponsor. With. Support. 3, network. You're. Gonna be part of a slack group with all experts, from around the world from, Google from Facebook, from all of those companies, who, are part of women, techmakers, and you can chat with them you can talk to them ask them whatever you want, here. I usually got asked from the audience, what about the men well. You guys if you are a supporter of women in tech you can also apply to this program just, by filling this form and you will have access to those resources. So. I invite, every one of you to call the women techmakers comm and apply, to the membership. So. Back to our topic, pink, business sketch like a designer and code like a geek I'm, a software engineer for, over ten years, lately, I took a job at McKinsey, as a digital. Consultant. No I didn't, become a business person I'm still one of you I'm still a geek I'm still a programmer but, I work as a digital consultant. Why. I decided, to give the stock which is think business sketch like a designer and kotake geek, because. Of this, picture who. Have seen this before. Probably. Not everyone, have seen this picture before but, I promise, you every, single one of you have, lived this picture before. My. Dear students. You. Go and you get you grab a project, for your senior, for, your web development, course and you start, thinking. About the project implementing, the project and. Then you go and you show your doctor, your. First draft. She. Will say um. Can you do feature one two three he, will go home work. On feature one two three go. Back after, one week this. Doctor she probably saw, over. 20. Projects during that week 60, project, do, you think she would remember exactly what you talked about, so. You will come back and she, will say why. Did you do one two three I would, I like better two. Three four and. You're. Like okay, now you go back in, a. Dark room with your. Coffee and your. Recording, and you do two three four next. Week you come back and the, doctor will say, why. Two three, four I want one two three, what. The hell I just did that and you asked me to change it and I changed it and now you asking me to change again and. She. Will say no I don't remember or, I didn't, know it will look like that change it back. You. Are still a student in, university what's. The cost you lost one week of work imagine. We. Are a huge company, working, on a product, we went on a release, we. Found out oh no this is not what we want we lost. Thousands. Of dollars. Imagine, I'm a programmer in a company and I work and work for, a month I go, back to the business person and the, business person is like nope that's. Not what I had in mind. Go. Do it again, so. The customer will come and we'll, explain, what. They think they want this. Way because. We always think we know what we want until. We are actually questioned. The. Project lead will understand, it this way we live in a global world right. You. Probably are not talking with a person who is from the same culture doesn't, speak the same language, we both are speaking a foreign language and, even. If we are from the same city talking the same accent we're probably gonna face a lot of misunderstanding. The. Analyst will design it this way and the programmer, wrote. It this way. Better. Testing, and the. Business again will, file. The first bill that's, that big. Documentation. Who, has time for that, another. Is the programmer to write code not. To write literature I'm. Not gonna do it I only write code I don't write the commentation true. Wrong. Documentation. Is what will save you. Operations. Who is he here in ITSs. Admin dev operations, our. Lovely, friends who forget half of our libraries. We. Go live and every everything, crashes, and, then. Another bill arrives to the customer, that was bigger than the first one support. Well. I deliver. My app I, closed. My phone number I changed, my home address I disappeared. From the planet that's. The way it is right I don't want to hear support I don't want to hear nagging of the customer. Marketing. Bloody. Advertisement. But eventually what. The client, actually wanted was. A simple swing. From. Picture one to the last picture, we, lost a lot of resources, energy. Money, and time, time. Is the most important, why, because. Today the competitors, are just around the corner if we. Skip the launch by. A few, days, we might not be the first in the market we. Might lose our advantage value. Right. So. How do we actually. Avoid. All of this I worked. In so many different jobs I was a student I was a freelancer, small, companies, startups. Big companies, and I, noticed, that this pain is the, same across, all of, those, the.

Pain Is actually read and. When. We go live who do you think get the blame the. Business people. The. Designer. Whose. Fault was it, who's. The one to blame in this cycle. The. Client, that's, in you know I never said the client. Usually. It's. The programmer, this is what I say, ah the. Programmer because the designers, will say I draw, it nicely I did. My job the. Business people usually are, smooth talkers, and they know how to get themselves out of it and, they were like we, know how we talk to the client, we did our job right it's the programmers, who did it wrong it keeps on crashing, is, it. Really the fault of the programmer. Definitely. Not. So. Let's see how. We can as a programmer. Break, this cycle and find, the solution. We. Break this cycle by, thinking business sketching. Like a designer and coding like a geek and you will say a programmer. Can nothing business i programmer. Cannot be a designer and the, designers, will hate me when I say a programmer will design well. Let me tell you every, single one of you even you the photographer's, you, are designers. You. Design what you have you, design a database, they. Design a video they. Design screens. Whoever. Built this building design, a building every. Single one of us is a designer, not a graphic designer, but as as a designer, so. Let's see how, we gonna break this loop and not be the one who gets blamed all the time. First. Thing first thing business. Let's take off the hat of the programmer and put, the heart of the business person, we. Are now business, people, the. First step, is we're, gonna define the goal what. Is the goal what, are we trying to do so. Let's take an example. Uber. Or cream for. The sake of this exercise we, cannot take over or cream as an example and go, on and try to implement this, type, of thinking on their idea what. Is the goal of uber. Taxi. All. Of this are. Things, that actually, over provides, but. Those are not the, core of their, business this. Is not the goal do. You know what's the goal of Google. Search. Knowledge. Facilitate. Is. Your life the. Actual, goal of Google, is making. Data. Accessible. Easily. Accessible. And giving. People access to the data they need at the time they need. Sounds. Correct right it's abstract. Enough to cover everything Google's, does so. Let's think the same way for it uber yeah. Uber, makes our life easy it serves the environment. It's, eco friendly it's. Safe but, this is not the actual goal the, goal is I want. To reach from A to B. Right. Fastest. Way cheapest. Way most. Secure way. Everything. Else are features. Everything. Else our services. This. Is our main goal we. Take a huge paper and we write this goal and we, put it in the room of the team, even. If you're working on a project for your senior studies, and, you. Have this project and you're so excited about grab. A big big paper write, your goal and put it in your room, every. They look at it so. You never divert, from. The actual, goal and. Put. Your heart into that project you. Know that Google was our senior. Project in, a university, Facebook. Was a project at university this, project, could be your next company it could. Be the next job, for you don't. Look at it as just another. Project that, I'm, putting, in a folder named, senior.

Project, One two three four five underscore. Final final, this. Is not it this. Could be your next company. Think. About it this way think about it as a business. And. Do. You know github, anyone. Good. For, the people who don't know github. Don't. Listen to my lecture, just, open github and create an account now, this. Is how important, github is. Everything. It should be on github and people tell me but it's a simple project yeah. Put it on github, but. People will steal my code do. You realize that firebase. Do, you realize that tensorflow, are on github who's. Looking at your project. People. Are looking at your project good for you it's, a job opportunity. People. Are taking your project, using it Amanda. It very. Good for you you. Go you put that on your resume and you say I have an experience I, have. A github project, that this many people used. If. You're. Gonna take one thing out of this entire, day, please. Let it be github. Put. Everything on it when you go and apply for a job you're. Gonna get stuck in the loop I don't. I don't have experience. I need. Experience, to get experience, right, get. The help will break that loop for you. Just. Put, it on github and say this is how much I work because this is how they know that you actually coded, something. Did. You hear that Facebook, and Google doesn't require, an. Actual, certificate, University. Diploma. To to. Hire people anymore. Usually. People come to me and they are so excited, about this news, did, you hear iron we don't need to be at university, Google. And Facebook don't. Require diploma, anymore, and I. Asked a simple, question how. Many projects, do you have on github 0. What is github. How. Many contribution, do you have on Stack Overflow what. Contribute. On Stack Overflow I only copied from Stack Overflow I. Never. Write anything else that overflow, cycle, flow is for me to read. And. I'm like ok so no diploma no, github profile, no Stack Overflow, when. You apply how are you going to prove to any company, that you know anything at all and they.

Look At me and say what are you talking about they, don't need the chrome anymore, yeah. But but. So. This, is the thing, yeah. They don't require diploma, because they are hiring the people who've been working, so. Hard putting, everything on github proving, how good they are, contributing. In open-source platforms. And proving, their knowledge this. Is the kind of people they gotta hire not. Someone, who's, just taking this and as an excuse to drop out of college. So. Again github, and stock overflow. Let's. Go back to thinking as a business. Person so, we set up the gold tamam, now. Not. Because it's like a Google event but our, best friend Google go, ahead and google it do, you think that the problem you are trying to solve there, is not a single person around the world who, tried to solve this for you before, you. Probably. Someone else have thought about it someone. Else has even implemented, a solution. Does. That mean you, have to stop working on your idea. Let's. Take over again and Karim. When, Karim decided, to say I'm gonna build. A platform to make people reach from A to B that's. The cheapest, fastest. Were secured, way, and. They went on a search did they found that they are the first to think about that no. They actually found uber who is very well established, and here. We have three solutions one. We, say uh auger. Is already there how, do you know circuit has done a little bit true. It's. An excuse, a valid excuse to say I'm not gonna do it. -. I would. Say oh there's. Open let, me just pay some money bring, over into the country, and sit, and make money at home. Amazing. Idea right. But there's, another way of thinking, which. Is yeah open, exists in the US but. Why do, I still have this need why. Am I still thinking about it why, am I still trying to find a solution, it. Means that, uber doesn't actually fulfill, mine it doesn't actually, fulfill, Ryan's, need in Lebanon, they. Must have something missing right let's. Try to figure out why they, didn't, work in here who. Can tell me what, was what we call the, added value for. Karim. That made them able to, be that successful in, this region. What. The cycle just got introduced. Cash. Payment. Yeah. So. Today. In this region, how many people have an online payment, card. Like. You are the tech savvy people and one person hold his hand oh okay. Let's think brother, how. Many people, have a bank account, and the, trust, enough. To. Have an online card to link it to their bank account and use it on a platform. The. Percentage, is getting smaller smaller, smaller right. And this. Is why Ober wasn't, able to get into this market, because. They required, an actual, online payment. Kareem. Said well. That's. The missing foot let. Me do that and they. Started, with something called the wallet and cash payments. And they. Are today where they are this. Is the right way of thinking let. Me figure out what. Existing, solution, have, us have missing add, this as my added value and go to the market with it. After. You google it you started defining your users, who, would use this. People. Coming through universities. People going to their jobs people. Sending, their kids to schools etc and, then, you take one of those user and you decide this is my perfect user and we. Call that our persona. Our. Ideal, model user and we start building the. Image of that person. Let. Me tell you a story.

Who's. Here from Liu Tripoli. You. Probably know the guy so. Adam. Gray. Russ is Russ graduating. From Liu he. Has a very high GPA he's very excited he's the first at his class. He's. So sure that once he graduate, is gonna land a great job and start developing websites. He. Graduated, built. His resume, applied. For 30 40 companies, one. Month later not a single call. Two. Months later not, a single call, three. Months later nothing. He. Tried to do some freelancing, ended. Up in a huge fight with his client. So. He was like I'm, not doing that. So. He said I'm, not gonna do it, I'm. Just gonna go work, in a burger restaurant. And. I'm gonna forget all about programming. I made, a bad decision I, lost three years of my life on this major and there, is no jobs. How. Do you feel. Exactly. That's. The the goal. No. He, literally worked at a burger place. That's. Not his real name. At. The burger place Adam. Had a regular customer. This. Girl almost, came every. With. A lot of things. And, laptops, and working, and like. Understand. Of eating her burger and living directly, she used to stay for two hours working on her laptop. So. After so many times like. You know he. Asked her what she does and he noticed some techie stickers, on her laptop so. She said when I'm working on my startup, I'm. Trying to actually give, people who graduate, from college the, right experience, they need in order to enter the market and he. Was like interesting. When. Which field is that so she was like I'm a programmer, I'm a software engineer and, I'm doing this bootcamp, for programmers, to be able to enter the market, so. He told her his story. What. Did you feel when I said what happened to Adam he. Went from normal stage, very. Low, stage depressed, when. I said Adam, when I told you exactly in which University he is when. I told you his GPA you, started drawing Adam in your mind right you. Created this connection, this relation, with this persona now, Adam is your friend now, Adam is you now. You are afraid this gonna happen to me when I graduate, right, and. Then. Adam met this woman and he knew about this program, called bamboo, geeks where. He can apply to get the experience and they promise to get you a job at the end and he. Was like okay. She. Invited him to, apply she. Even offered him a ride to go with her to the course. Adam. With another 11, people. Decided. To take this boot, camp two. Months later Adam. Graduated. With two application, in the store during. The program he, even offered one of the his application, to a radio station that started using data and, started. Paying him money for more features. One. Week after he finished he. Got a call from the first company. He. Got hired immediately. With, a way better, salary. Adam. Left the. Burger restaurant. And. Is now only a customer. Few. Months later Adam. Told called, in and said I, want. All the people who took this course with me to, come apply because we want the people who graduated, from this program he, moved from being a waiter in a restaurant to. Referring all his friends to a job who. Are still now working, at this company. And his evolving. What. Do you feel now. Happy. This. Is exactly, what you need to do you. Move from a normal stage you, propose the problem, not. Only the problem, you make it personal enough using your persona, that. Makes the people feel, with you go. Down with you and then. You, say this, is the solution and you. Show how this solution move, this person, from a very bad place, to, a very good place and you. Move, in emotion, with them who's. Interested, in startups, and competitions, in hackathons. This. Is how you pitch. This. Is how you're gonna gain those structures in front of you this. Is how they can remember your pitch among. Any other pitch, mm. I don't remember I guess, 2008. 2009, 2009, the, first ever your. Last startup that happened, in Lebanon this is how I met Ahmed who became my my. Co-founder, now in GDG. We. Pitched the idea we. Didn't win anything we wouldn't top 5 but, we were the only team who got interviewed, by all the media. Why. Because. They felt something and, this. Is how you win. So. After you actually define your users create. This persona, to feel with your user you, start listing the features how you gonna solve their problem, and then. You actually do prioritization. This. Is what we call the. Design thinking process, you. Probably heard a lot of this world word lately, but, what does it actually mean. It. Means that we need to actually have, ideas. Coming not only from the designers, are from the business or from the client no from everyone.

So, We start with I da ting we, define the problem like with it and then. We id8 even more we, empathize with, it with our customers, if I don't know the customer if I'm developing to someone who's far far, away who, I know nothing, about I will never be able to serve them best, and, then. We, do. Pretty typing. And. Then. We do prototyping and. This. Is how it will look this. Is how your room will look, we. Bring people and say this is our problem this is our goal every one, of you we bring the programmers, I bring, the designer the, client, the business the marketing and, we, say sit on one table, every. Single one of you need, to come up with a 25. Idea, of features. Programmers. Will say are you trying to kill us, like. Why you're bringing more work to us we, want less ideas not more right. That's. Not the way it is. Every. Single person will come up with 25, ideas, i total. Off if we are 5 at the table a total. Of 125, and then. We're gonna prioritize all, of those. Features. After. We have over a hundred idea. The, client will be the happiest, person on the table, because. Their product. Will do all of that the. Programmer, will be the saddest, burden on person, on the table, the. Designer is like huh. And. Then. I'm gonna say you. See those 125. They are so nice, but. I. Need. Only 5. What. Are the 5 things, that. If. They don't exist the product doesn't exist and we. Only start, with 5 who. Know Facebook, back in 2007. It. Shows a lot about our age people. Well. It was do you remember how it looked it. Was just a wall we. Don't even have a profile you, cannot upload more than a single picture at a time. Colors. Icons. Very. Rough edges and, then. They, launched they. Got the customer, and they, started looking at the customer, how they are using this platform and, like ah I can. See that the users are uploading, a lot of pictures that, are. Mostly, related let's. Create an album feature. If. Back in 2007. Facebook. Said I'm. Not launching my product. Until, I am able to do face, recognition if I, add a picture with, a mod in it it will. Suggest. To tag Amand I'm. Not, adding I'm not launching Facebook, until, I be able to do checking. In safe in case of crisis, I'm not, launching Facebook, before, machine. Learning to do people you may know without, all the feature it had now do, you think. You. Will know what Facebook is today. Who. Knows MySpace. Do. You still use myspace. High-five. Yahoo. Mirc. Do. You still use any, of that, they. Died if you. Go to the Google office in the middle of Mountain, View you're, gonna find in the middle of their, campus, a huge. Dinosaur. Made, of metal I. Went. There probably, three times I never wondered, why this dinosaur, is there I look, at him and like it's so weird that they have a dinosaur this is so random, okay. Until, I saw a post that says we. Were like checking out things about the campus and they. Say before. Google, was there there was a huge, company, like. Now I don't even remember the name which. Tells you a lot. That's. Used to have the campus of Google and they. Were that big. But. They went out of business and, Google bought the campuses, and they expanded, even more so. They decided, they, gonna put this sculpture. Of a dinosaur, to, remind them every day that. If they stopped anyway, thing they, cannot become like dinosaurs, and they're gonna be expect so.

This Is a reminder that we have to keep innovating, and this is. What always, remind them that no. Matter how big we are today we, could be like the people who were before us at, the same place. So. We pick only five and we start to small. Here. The, developers, are back happy the. Client is in shock and the designer are happy as well. We. Start to explain to the client we, can add it to the market first we gonna start learning from our mistakes and, we're. Gonna have something concrete. Here. We remove our, business, hat and we start putting our designers, have. This. Is how all my sketchbooks. Look like I. Actually. Draw, every single screen, and, we. Say when. We first open, the app what will happen what do I see, Android. Developers, what do I see. Splash. Screen right. Loader, I, actually. Draw, that and then. I'll draw the sign-in, page sign up page and. I'll. Draw all of those pages, feature. By, feature I, take my first feature and I start drawing it I'll. Teach. You us a little trick you. Draw the first picture, the first screen you draw the second, the. Second is the, sign-in page okay, what's. The number it's screen. To write, it. Has. Textbox. For username tax, box for password, a button, to, say log n a button. For forget password link. A button. For signup agreed. I. Start. To say how, many clickable. Items, do I have three. Sign. N forget. Password sign up I, start. From bearing those and I, say sign. N is numbered one. Sign. Up I number it to forget. Password is number three and, then. I'll say when I click on sign n where, do I go home. Page I draw. The home page when, I click on signup where Wego. Signup. Page, I also draw it but. Now why, when I click on forget password I go to the forget password page but. Now what do I give numbers for those three new pages, normally. Two three, four, five, no. What. Was the number of the button inside the screen two one. Simon. I will, name it now 2.1. It's. The first button in the second screen it, will be a two point one sign. Up will be two point two forget. Password would be two point three and the. Leading page will be named exactly the same way since. The home page is coming from the button two point one I will, not bear it to point one and, then. So on and forth, I go and I number inside. And then a. Little. Advice for the Android developers, for the mobile developers, in general if you. Find that this number is becoming, more than five digits, on at all there's. Something wrong you. Need to sit with your designer and say this, feature is too hidden.

Statistics. Say if, the, user have to go more than three. Pages. To, reach a feature they will probably never use it and. This. Is how you build a better user experience, and this, is how you serve your customers better. After. We sketch it looks nice but, it's not cool enough right, and. This. Is where I say this. Is the second advice I give you today envision. Envision. And vision, it's. Exactly, does what it says you. See those sketches on my notebook it will turn them into it. Will turn them alive. Like. That we. Will take those sketches put. Them inside envision and we, will say that this button link to this page so, you will actually have screens. Where, you can click on them and it will take you from one page to another it, would. Look like an actual app but, it's only pictures. Now. I'm using graph images, I draw can. You imagine if you use your actual graphic, designer screen, here how. Does it look like it. Will look like a ready up we'll, take this prototype we, go to the people who might use our app we, give it to them and say can, you try this and give us your opinion we. Give it to the client and say. This is how it will look before we started doing any development. Remember. The first picture. Instead. Of waiting, to, actually, launch to show the client no now, we are showing them all right, from the beginning and. This. Is how we validate, the idea this, is how we test the idea with the customer we, take notes we go back we change the sketches, instead. Of going to the market. Seeing. What the customers, are, feeling. About it going, back and developing, back. Snapshot. For example, they. Changed, the UI for, some reason I have no idea what was that and everyone. Went berserk on them no. One liked it people started leaving snapshot. Because of that right and. They. Had to eventually, roll out and change. Back, because. They had to adapt according to their customers, if they. Did a good customer, research and they, went and they did a good, analysis. They, would have realized that the customer will not like that and they. Would have saved a lot a, lot a lot of bad. Publicity a lot of money a lot of time, and. Finally. Testing. Usually. When you have an idea or you have a project what's the first thing you do as a programmer. Open. The laptop creating, your project on Android studio it. Clips whatever. It is for you guys, do. You see how long this session was this, is when you start coding, after. You actually have the invision link that, shows you how the app will look like, you. Never start because. When you get this in vision link you, will know this, field in the database will be a dynamic field this, field this field will be a static field the. Maximum, number of characters will be this long here and that, long there and this. Is how you start. To build your database you. Start to build the design the architecture of your product, and this is when you start to actually geek thank. You very much this is what I rap.

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