Things you should know before you visit UK as a Student| Lintu Rony | Elemental Trading| London

Things you should know before you visit UK as a Student| Lintu Rony | Elemental Trading| London

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This is my advice to students joining in September intake. How to find a job in UK after graduation? Next, we'll meet our quiz winner - Freya. This is so cute! There are certain things we shouldn't do in UK.

I'm at University of Sussex. Our Elemental Trading has introduced a new course. Especially housewives have a lot of opportunities in trading.

If you have a cycle, you can get jobs like Just Eat, Uber, Deliveroo. Parents back home are most bothered about.. And if you're not interested in any of these jobs.. People will keep criticising us behind our backs, we should proceed towards our goal.

It's just sour grapes. This is not the hostel, it's a pharmacy. If you don't want to stay in such a great hostel, you can find an accommodation outside. It's shaking a lot. Hello, Hi, Namaste Welcome to LR's daily journey.

I'm here with answers to questions I've been asked since I started this YouTube channel. Many people ask me, "How do we come to UK?" "Which university should we select?" And, "Where can we find a job?" I can't answer all these questions in one go. I'm at Brighton Sussex University. This is where my husband studied. He has passed me some information which I'm sharing with you.

Also, we had conducted a quiz competition on Valentine's day. The winner is also from Brighton. So, let's give a surprise to Freya, OK? Many people have asked me, "Which university should we select?" I don't know much about universities, so I'll tell you what I know. Back home, students choose Kerala syllabus, ICSE or CBSE as per their capacity.

They can choose any school they like and same goes for the universities here. You can join a good university if you want or join one based on your budget. My husband joined this university at Brighton because it was affordable to him. Another doubt among some students is, would joining a good university make it easier to find a job.

My husband studied in this college. None of the students who came with him had prior experience. If you ask me if this is a good college? I don't have a yes or no response to that. There are students from good colleges who don't get jobs, while some students from small colleges do. Like how people go to Gulf and some flourish while some don't, the same goes for London or Canada.

Wherever you are, your fate is written and that is how it'll be. You should work hard. My husband and his friends studied in Coimbatore before coming here.

Only a few of them are settled here. I'm sharing my husband's experience with you. He came here in 2008 without any experience, same as the others who came with him. He is currently a company's director. So, some are successful. But there are others who return to their native after completing their studies.

That's up to you. If you want to stay back, you work hard for it. Keep looking for jobs. And it's always good to have experience. Getting to study here is a blessing. Now, the government proceeds with our loan and other processes faster. If you get an opportunity, go for it because studying abroad is a different experience.

Time flies when you're walking through the campus. I thought I'll share a few places. This is the library, arts, This is a huge college. Since I didn't study here, seeing all this, I feel like studying again. Another doubt among people is, would it be better to stay in the hostel or share a place with others. I'll answer that soon. Let's go find their hostel and I'll tell you something when we get there. You must be wondering why I'm showing you such a building instead of the hostel.

This is their hostel. When my hubby was here, it was smaller. They're renovating it. Students are not coming for classes due to COVID, so they are renovating the hostel. So, I showed you the hostel. I'm showing this to you because, students usually go for shared accommodation, including my husband. But I would suggest, you should experience hostel life, at least for six months.

Coming abroad and missing this experience would be a huge loss. We might come with other Malayali students. We'll be sharing accommodation with them. We'll not be able to improve our language and our experience. In the hostel, we'll get to know people from other places, their culture, lifestyle and food habits.

Here, at the campus, even I feel like a student. If I stay here any longer, I'll freeze, and it's very windy. Let's find a place to sit or less windy to discuss things further. Parents back home are doubtful if this is the right time to study abroad. Especially, since it's COVID, will they find jobs after graduation. Government provides post-study work visa, which gives extra two years after graduation.

So, you can find jobs on that visa and you can even stay back if you like. If you're lucky, you'll find a job soon and once you get their visa, you're all set. You'll get a PR in 5 years. This is the right time. Especially, because of Brexit. Government is offering a lot of jobs.

If students wish to settle here, you'll definitely find a job with all your efforts. You should also note that, students here are graduating just like we do. Students here start working at the age of 16, so they have experience. They'll provide tips on how to apply for jobs. Since, they have that experience, what should we do? We should have good communication skills to manage them. We Asians will somehow try hard and find a job.

Others who would like to return home and settle there, can do that. Most people, about 80% of them, like the culture and lifestyle here and hesitate to go back. The remaining 20% must be attached to their families and studies must have been their only intention. They would want to settle back home. For someone like me, I love experiences. This is the only life we have.

We can experience a lot of things, different cultures, their food habits, learn to respect others. I learnt a lot after coming here. Respecting others, patience, saying Sorry and Please. It's a great experience to come here and study.

So, I've shared the university and the hostel details. I'm sharing what I know. My sister-in-law studies at Kings college, which is pretty well-known.

That college certificate, like Cambridge, is very valuable and you'll easily get a job. Like back home, we have IIT's and NIT's which are job-assured. There are similar colleges here. My husband had come here 2-3 years before Ruby, my sister-in-law came to study here. He selected an affordable college, but he advised his sister to choose a college like Kings to get a job.

That's a fact, so, I would like to share it with you. According to your capacity, if you can afford it, going to a good college will make it easier to find a job. As a student, you'll have to work hard. Both sister-in-law and husband ...have worked at Dominos, Sainsburys, BP Petrol bunk to reach their current positions. I'm proud of them and I'm sharing with you their experience. I'll offer you one more help. I don't have experience in universities here.

But my husband knows currently which colleges are good. I'll add the list of colleges by rank in the description, so that you can choose them easily. For higher studies like MBA, you can select the university as per their rank. Next, you would like to know where to find part-time jobs.

That's where I'm taking you next. Before that, we had a quiz competition on February 14th, Valentine's day. We are making a surprise visit to its winner. Luckily, the first winner is from UK. Our Freya's house is here, in Brighton. Next, I'm going to Freya's place. We'll catch up once we get there.

Who do I give this to? Who is the kid here? Hello, do you know me? Who am I? This is so cute! I came here to see Freya, these are her four sisters and a little brother. I got a small gift and don't know who to give it to. Let me give it to the little one. Take it. Oh dear! Freya's mummy is there. Please come. When I heard Freya's name in the quiz competition, I thought it was aunty.

I don't feel like calling you aunty, but sister. A mom to these little kids. Truly lucky. This is such a blessing! Children are God's gifts. It's really good, it's really a blessing. Freya is our first quiz competition's winner and as I said I'm here to see Freya. I didn't go to their house because of COVID.

I kept my word. Freya, share your experience. Are you happy? I'm happy to see you. I was initially second in the quiz and since I'm doing Geography in school it was fine. Great! When we had the quiz contest, many of them messaged me personally saying we're improving our general knowledge.

I think it's very useful. Freya too found it helpful. Who else was playing with you? Three of us. Oh great! They all have hazel eyes.

Take it. Happy to see you all. Freya tell them what you're studying. I'm doing my year 11 GCSE.

Ok. - Second one? - Year 8. - Year 8. And your name? - Leya.

- Leya - I'm Livia, Year 6. Ok, so Livia, Year 6. Amelia - Amelia, which year? - One. Year one. - Are you working? - Yes I'm a nurse at Eastbourne hospital.

- Ok, your good name? - I'm Janey. What's our little baby's name? Baby's name is Isaac. -Isaac. - He is one and a half years old. - Great! Anyway, God bless you all! - Nice to see you.

Thank you! So, we'll meet the next winner in the next episode. We've met Freya in this episode. Thank you so much for risking and coming to the park. Aren't you happy? So, we'll see the next winner in the next episode. -Bye -Bye So, I've shared with you all the university details. I've told you about how it works and where to stay.

You can either stay in the hostel or on your own. You can even stay mixed. All this is an experience. Next, I'll show you where you can find jobs.

There are lot of shops around me, I'll take a round and show you. I'm at Leisure Park. It has all branded stores. You can find these shops everywhere, like Burger King, Creams, Nacho's, KFC, McDonalds. Students coming here, will have job opportunities at all these stores. Basic skill required is pure English. For people who find it hard to speak in English, like I've been here for 6 years now.

It's shaking a lot. I've been here for six years, but my accent is not that pure. I make mistakes every now and then. So, my advice to students coming in for September intake is, before coming here..

over the next six months, improve your English skills. Take up some course. If you improve your English skills, you can find a job easily here. I'll also tell you what kind of jobs you'll find at these stores. For example, as a security, customer service, cashier, waitress, You can choose as you wish. If you do such courses over these six months, you won't have to spend two-three months finding jobs.

You can confidently attend interviews and land a job in the first interview. And, follow the dress code for the interview. Go neatly dressed. You should know what to speak to them. Watch BBC news and try reading the newspaper. If you don't like any of these jobs, you can go for firms like Uber and Deliveroo.

You can use a cycle if you like, or buy a scooter or car based on your capacity. You can drive here with our native international license for one year. You can apply at the RTO to get an international license for one year. You can easily get a second-hand car here and go for such jobs. You can go for it as you like. We can only work for 20 hours a week.

You can work as per your shift and class timings. There might be students who are not interested in any of these. They'll be coming here with a phone and a laptop. For such students, I'm here with a new idea to make money sitting at home. Our Elemental Trading has introduced a new course. Let me park somewhere before I dash into something. So, let's discuss the details on Elemental Trading once we park.

As I was saying, Elemental Trading. Trading is a profession which provides good returns with a small capital. Elemental Trading is an institution which teaches its basic steps.

Many students are coming to UK and some of them are married. So, their spouses can come along on dependent visa. So, one of them might be staying back at home to watch the kids. Trading provides a lot of opportunities, especially for housewives.

You can easily work at home, it's flexible, you can work as and when you like. You may earn the double of what you invest. And it's also about luck. The course is a little different.

Elemental Trading has 8 mentors. It's an online course, you can take it anywhere and they'll chart your schedule as you wish. Another advantage is, it's a lifetime membership.

So, if you're contacting Elemental Trading after watching this video, click on the referral code in the description for additional benefits. I've shown you how to get a job easily. Especially for housewives, it's a preferable course suggested by Elemental Trading.

So, I've shared the opportunities available to all of you, all the best to you guys. Next, I'll show you what not to do in UK. Yesterday, I had mentioned there are certain things you shouldn't do in UK. I'm at Croydon High Street.

There are all kinds of banks here, HSBC, Lloyds bank, TSP, Halifax I'm showing you the banks because once you're here you'll get a credit card. Try avoiding it. Even if you don't take it, the banks will approach you after one or two years. If you get it, you'll shop unnecessarily, explore places. You must do these.

Once you're here, you can get tickets to Schengen countries for £9. You should do all these. But avoid getting the credit card unnecessarily. Now, I'll tell you the second point. My second advice is, I had mentioned earlier, it's easy to get a license or we can use an international license.

So, control your speeding. Try not to accumulate points, If you do, when you get settled here and get your license, you might get banned. So, try your best to avoid that.

My third advice is, you could be in a shared accommodation here. On week-offs or weekends, we would party with friends. Avoid disturbing your neighbours because if they make a complaint, it can affect your PR.

Behave well socially. For instance, racism. Avoid reacting to comments. Avoiding drugs and drunken driving would do us good. Because in future, a small complaint can cause our PR to get rejected. So, these are some of the things you should be careful about.

Ignore unnecessary comments. So many people talk behind our backs and we don't hear them. When we do good in life, it can cause others to be jealous. For instance, sour grapes.

That's how it is. Our success might cause others to be jealous. Ignoring that can help us live easily. I've shared all the information I have. How to select a university. Where to find part-time jobs.

How to make money sitting at home. Housewives can easily get a job through Elemental Trading's course. There are kids shouting in the background.

Another thing you should know is, where to find jobs after graduation. I'm mentioning the sites which offer good jobs in the description. I'll share jobs matching your courses in the description, for you to select from. I hope you all liked today's episode.

We saw Freya dear, it was such a blessing family. In the next episode, we'll meet our next winner and share new information. If you want to know anything more, mention it in the comment box I'll share that information in the next episode. Thanks for all your support so far. To support further and watch my videos, those who haven't, please subscribe, like and share. I'll be back with a variety item in the next episode, until then take care, God bless, bye.

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