They now LIVE part-time in MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA!

They now LIVE part-time in MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA!

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Sorry. Sam, good, boy buddy come here a bit thank you thank you hey we. Done. We. Gonna start with that I guess. The. View is always the oh, man. You. Know the day started, out cloudy but uh you. Know it looks nice like that but especially at a night time yeah it, just comes to life all I can, tell you I've enjoyed it during, the day or anything good morning it's great. That's. It there we have a glass. Just. Relax after the kids are in bed and, so. Good. Day par Seto's I should introduce, Larry. Properly, he's, he's. Recently moved to Medici and I mean you're based in in, Florida yeah so it's what's your story so we're really out of Orlando we, were. Looking for a second, home here in Medellin. I had, an opportunity to work in this city about 1516, years ago related. To the transport, of flowers so, I met my wife here and she, was actually traveling to the US and, you, know we had an opportunity to hang out and shortly, after we were married and now. Fifteen, sixteen years later word I guess we want to buy something down here and just I'm, enjoy this beautiful city so I mean is this the first time you put a house outside, of the United States yeah, yeah actually it was a. While. Back we decided we wanted to buy something here so we. Started kind of working around that and. A. Pre-construction. Property, okay and, they. Found some archaeological. Artifacts, when they were excavating. The, foundation, okay, so that generated. Some delays that, I guess what Ryan would object I think. There were some like, indigenous. Pots or, something like that from. The pictures that I saw and. Here no problem, no I was an MP Galilei okay yeah so, it, really delayed the project a lot and I, think as a result of that they decided to terminate it. Probably. Rename it, something else later so yeah. The future, basically returned, all our money and we said okay well we've already waited for two years so instead. Of continuing, to wait another two years and find something in pre-construction, let's see if we can find something that that's. Already done okay. So at. The time we were actually working with a local real estate agent and. A. Nice, guy a really nice guy but. There. Were some I think some cultural barriers, you know you know being, used to buying real estate in the u.s. yeah. Coming, here the systems are just different the processes, are just different I had, a little bit of a difficult, when they say well you just deposit, in the seller's account and. They they come in and they sign and, I'm. Used to working with escrow, companies, I serve as many that may be sure that what he does if they need to do and yeah, so. There's just several, things like that okay. Yeah there are a couple moments in a real estate transaction here, where it is kind of like okay you. Don't have the money or the property yet, may, be a, nerve-wracking, experience especially, if it's a you. Know in a different country as well we, went. Down here with child a couple times saw some properties, and we found a couple that we really liked. So. That afternoon we, were there with our agent, with the sellers agent and we, were talking about, placing. An offer they. Gave us the offer of the asking, price that. Evening we placed an offer and. In 30 40 minutes we were told the price of the property was, given. To us incorrectly, and now, it was a hundred million vessels, more than they originally asked. And. We were like okay, that doesn't sound. Doesn't. Sound right so, we said okay just on ethics we move away from that deal and that had been the second, property that we had looked at here too and. So. We decided to place an offer on that one within. I, don't know 12, hours time and, the. Second, property we ended up hearing the same exact, thing it was almost a hundred million pesos, they, said Oh same, agent or different ages no same agent okay, so. It was the, seller it was two different agents, the buyer was just the same one representing, us yeah so, you. Know we were like okay this is too. Much of a coincidence we. Didn't like that so we. Had already met. And, we already had briefly. Spoken, to a real estate agent, Sondra by the way she's great and. But. I've already had already done some work so I didn't want to kind of jump the we just go a different direction because, he already put some work in so we decided to kind of pursue it and then we were faced, with that surprise so. We, decided okay it's time to change agents, let's take a different route and then we started working with Sondra by the far and. It. Was a complete, different experience I mean she spoke the language she, was a. In the US for a long time actually I think she was a broker up there and. She. Understood, kind of what our concerns were what, we were looking for and. Just brought a lot of stability to the process, and I think within a very short period, of time, and. We gave her our wants, and needs and, all the things.

I Mean. She, delivered everything that we were. We're very happy with the price I mean it was just a completely different experience, and. She was there every step of the way even those little uncertainties. That you face down here. She. Was able to kind, of present them in a way that we felt comfortable so how. Much time you're gonna spend here compared, to, Florida. Well the you, know but my kids are small now so they're in school and that's kind of the the limitation, that we might have in regards to being able to spend more time down here for, now we're probably gonna love to spend maybe two three months out of the year here and. Then within a couple of years we're probably gonna see if we spend. I mean, so being higher, up you. Know close to Elsa, so tamal are, you gonna get a car here are you getting around with. So. We can I've. Just noticed, in the last couple of weeks that especially. At peak hours, there's. Just a lot of demand for you, know taxis, in ubers so sometimes I got to wait a little bit mm-hmm and, we're we're considering buying you, know a, nice, comfortable. Small, park and we get around here with the kids it's you know sometimes sure yeah, so we're debating that right now and. It might be an option but we haven't decided that what do you think of the location so, far I mean being higher up a lot of people like the air is a bit fresher you. Know there's obviously a lot about what a green or a very. Great, view in there yeah I mean this side we have the city and then on that side we have some beautiful trees so okay we, do have that you, know being higher up for us was one of our like our wants, and kind of needs as well yeah, we're. Not going to be you know driving. Around in peak traffic or doing anything like that while. We're here so it I understand, some of the centric, parts of town like maybe throughout, the Rio or, Envigado. It might be more convenient from that perspective but, we really don't have that and. The altitude we wanted to chill your weather you know the nice winds. A little bit less noise but, just, the weather just it's a lot it's a chilly I'm here at night then, you put on a nice sweater you, know you need to have a glass of wine that's, great so it's very cozy. All. Right well can. I see the apartment, yeah man by all means. That's. Nice and one, of the things we didn't want to do is we didn't want to be confined just. Surrounded, by a bunch of different you know buildings, hmm so, for us it was really important. Another one of our selling points we, have a little stream, that flows, down, with. On billa's trees there they also at night you get to hear it and just enjoy it we. Have six wild birds like parrots and. Macaws. I think you, know we need a lotta noise in the early morning which I really enjoyed that's. Beautiful. And, the buildings eight years old yep, yeah eight years old, it's. A it's, kind of an, attractive thing you're in Columbia to go New York so. The older buildings I think are not such, the man we. Still got some picture. Frames and things that we need to kind of mound and. So. Set on it. Each. Area here started, with the mess yeah. You. Know everything. Places. Here a lot smaller, typically, so this is the pretty nice-sized I you know bedrooms here alright. So for an eight-year old building in probably.

One Of the most exclusive. Locations. In museum, what. Are we talking past one year it's. About five million. So. We, bit above. $1,500, per square meter oh but the conversion, here what, kind of risks. Were you weighing up before. Purchasing. Like, this. So. The risk is kind of the. It's. Gonna be it's, a little bit more of an informal, process I think. Us so you. Know kind, of working with the right people I think was really important. For us so, you've recently been through this whole process what, would you tell to someone who is considering, doing the same thing anything any, lessons, you, picked up, so. I think number. One then. I can't, say this enough number. One is work at the right people you. Know. You want to you want to make sure you're working with someone that's professional and understands your needs that, you know kind, of. Merge. You into this vulture that kind of transition you into this motion because it is a little. So. That's I think that's one of the biggest. Pieces. Of advice that I can give and then ii. Really. Know what you want there's. A lot of different offer here. You know there's a lot of different buildings there's a lot of different areas of town there's, a lot of there's. Just a lot of offers a lot of different options in this market, and. If, you don't know what you want. It's. Going to be a difficult process and it's gonna be a frustrating, process for, even your real estate agent trying to. So, if, you're clear on what you want. With the right person you, know and every deal there's hiccups, there's challenges, or, things you have to overcome doesn't, matter where you are whether it's here in the u.s. it really doesn't matter there's always going. To be some obstacles when you're doing the deer and. I think if you know what you want and they work. And, you have the right, yes, and. You understand that you have to embrace a different you know system yeah, because the. System that would change based on your expectations. You have to just like anything after. And. But working with the right people. Just, be open-minded, that's. That's, a good insight and in. A world where, you can want. Anything, how, do you figure out what, you want. Well. Again, you know you really, have to know what's important, for you I mean, we.

Knew When we were coming down here that we wanted to have a little colder climate, metagame. The valley, gets. Pretty warm during the day and. It. Could be pretty noisy sometimes too, so you. Know we knew we wanted to be up in the mountains we knew that we wanted to have older. We. Knew that we needed a certain space requirement. We knew the they needed to have certain amenities so. That you know we can bring. The kids down and they can. So, we knew some of those factors, and some of those things and then, after that it identified okay we. Also want to be in kind of the safer part to town as well you know there are security, aspects, in the building, just, for peace of mind and, and. Then you start kind of putting together your list and as you put together your list, I think options start streaming, and kind of streamlining, and streamlining, and, you, come up with that you know formula, and I've, met a couple. Of. Neighbors and I, think there are community. A couple, of older. People. That we've met as well and they're back and forth from the US as well which I thought was pretty cool. And. They. All seem to love. They'll say you came, to a great place he's rebuilding. Everybody. Has been in her. You see me here, here so it's. Been nice, nice. Would, you recommend staying in and they're being be to get a feel for some of the areas first or did you guys do that when you came down I gotta, say I not. Because, you're here but the, life, of Arby's, I think are a lot better than some of the other ones that I've tried let's, continue, Sam, don't live in fog calm, if you would like to rent one of those furnished, apartments. There, are, available I think we provide, a bit of that. Consistency. That you can expect from a hotel in. The Airbnb experience. So what, was your experience yeah. So you know we we, did we did we tried we stayed in several, everybody's, to kind of move away from the hotel see. And, they're kind of a lot of the properties that we've stayed at or some of the public we stay that way this, is not really. Like. You. Know it could have been furnishings, it could have been the apartment, size is it quick enough. But, we did try that a little bit so. I originally, met Larry in January. When, you came along for the Catalina, investor. Expedition. There you. Know he's someone. Who has really done due diligence in, terms of you, know getting, to know Columbia, sometimes. There's. There's, definitely a honeymoon, period when, people, come to Columbia for the first time and they they fall in love instantly. But. There are some realities. To living in Columbia, that you do have to get used. To what. What downsides, have, you seen so far in terms of that. Columbian, lifestyle. Well. I mean, I, think, the city's really congested so traffic. Can be you know harm would, be tough sometimes, we're. Gonna go out here and you've. Got to be a person aware of everything that's surrounding. You and what's going on and I've never had an experience here that I can say I felt unsafe, at any point. But. It's something that you have to be aware of all the time you have to be on your toes. Be aware of surroundings and, as they say here, no, papaya, right and I know. That Papa right so. You. Know that's that's a little bit of an adjustment period of Khmer where you got to kind of focus on that a little bit but, the. People are just just, so different you know people the base here, is different people are very warm and welcoming everybody is you, know just trying, to go out of their way to kind of be you know I don't. Know just helpful to you and. I think that just, makes. It makes, it incredible. I think, you've got some footage so I'm gonna roll some of that footage now yeah. Hopefully. Then I'm sure it's not as good as yours am but I mean I'm glad to share whatever I have there, so. I did. The Karla henna trip in January. Mm-hmm and that, was an absolute great time really. Got not pretend I've never been in Fernando before really, got an opportunity. And, now I did this trip to South. Gar to come here. And. I gotta say it's been incredibly, eye-opening, and it's I'm so glad I won. I have, a complete, different appreciation, for coffee and, coffee farming, today and understanding.

The Process. How it happened, using it it's just a beautiful process coffee, my whole life but I've never been in a coffee farm there's. Some pretty cool stuff. Depending, on the tree. How. Old it is you, can get 8 kilos, up to 12 kilos of, cherries, in. One year ones, in one year yeah 1.2. Kilos. Roasted. Coffee per tree. That. Is incredibly. Steep. To. Pick that coffee. On. Those hills. That's. A pretty amazing I thoroughly, enjoyed, that would. Really recommend, anybody. That's curious and, investing. Or curious, about learning, maybe participate. Tours. Or excursions, that you guys do, because. I mean they're well. To me to great people. Your, company has some person or a talent you know. Ask the questions very knowledgeable, about. It really does. Brought. In kind of yours their, scope, vision, when it comes to. Understanding. What you guys are doing here in India and not, just Colombia I mean I invested, in posit alone so. An investor with you guys they. Lirikh, oh yeah. So. That Puerto Rico on this one that I'm really excited about and I just can't wait for you guys to come on with the next one. I'm. Doing, the breeze that's kind of coming right through the apartment. Here it's awesome how, are you happy would be the new home. What. Were you looking for when you you were looking for you, know please, deliver. Feel. They're windy. To. Come and go outside, you. See this part is pretty pretty, flexible, in that one something. On, it was an actual entrance. To the building yeah, there's a lot of the buildings out of here you like walk in it's like a little hubby, and then you have the elevator it's huh so we definitely wanted something with a kind, of an entrance and, down. Here we had some really nice common areas you know we have a, trampoline. Temperature. Control pool, which is nice especially. As. A steam, room, sauna. I think and. Then on the other side it's, more of an open picnic, area you know just to hang out and maybe. Throw some balls and kick some balls in our heads and, things. Like that so we definitely wanted somewhere, where they can come out here and just drain energy for a little bit yeah you. Know trampolines, are great for that as well what's. The monthly. Housing. Administration. Or, the HOA I think it's like I think it's like six hundred and sixty thousand pesos which is a maybe like around twenty bucks a month and. Just, considering that you have about on. Staff, here there's about six to eight security, personnel, so. You have somebody at the gate at all times and you have wandering, security, staff 24/7. And, everything, is just maintained. Top-notch. I think. It's a hell of a deal all. Right Larry thank you for the, tour for sharing your your, insights my pleasure guys was it a was. This about, you embracing your dreams or embracing your fears, well. I'm all about fears but you know definitely had had, the goal of spending. Some time down here and just kind of submerging. Myself again in the, Latin culture and having my kids have. That experience I think is really. I. Think, it's embracing. Your passionate guys yeah very nice there. You go you, heard from Larry about. You guys to check out our over. 300. Residential. Listings, here, in medicean you. Can check them out at Sam dot, life of our investments. Com. You can also see, some of the investment, properties that we have that it generating, that passive, cash flow so. You can get out there and embrace, the unknown all, right so I'm going to leave it at that and why, not finish up with a epic. Drum shop see, you guys in the next video.

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yoma yama Thank you, I’ve been speaking it since I was 8 and in fact it is very beautiful. It’s also very useful!

ok, thank you so much, don't quit the english Idiom it´s Beautiful...

Ninguno suena como gringo. Sam es de Australia y el otro senor habla inglés con acento medio como hispano. No sé de quién hablas.

Arie Fraiser Love Medellin but comparing IT to NYC and Washington doesn’t make sense

really nice video.good job .but I wont pay that much money for that apartment!!

Qué bueno que no hicieron la compra a través de esa compañía que suena fraudulenta, una propiedad no sube 100millones de la nada. Personalmente prefiero las transacciones de compra-venta-renta directa, pero supongo que especialmente quienes vienen de afuera necesitan un intermediario que les brinde seguridad.

Nice apartment I still feel the brize... awesome

Huy uewon mucho trauma en tu vida ya es hora de superalo. Dime si tu fueras gringo y fueras x ejemplo de LA pensarias algo parecido de los Sudacas ? (x q me imagino q asi los llamarias) Tiempos actuales la globalizacion es inevitable y el exito radica en sacarle lo mejor de ella para beneficio propio. Cambia esa filosofia y mejor comienza a sacar provecho.

Van a hacer videos para xvideos a Medellín, solo a eso llegan los gringos acá, a culiar prepagos

En Medellín viven muchas artistas de xvideos

Thank u for making great, fun and educational videos.

@G. Martin weird flex but ok

Hey Marshall I miss your traveling blogs.

@Proman I also Love PR but the heat and humidity kills me. That's why I live in the midwest close to the mountains.

John Díaz Armenia Is lovely That is about it unless you can manage yourself properly and not get into the stuff that will get you in trouble namely showing off, dope and hookers. Avoid the big cities, all of Colombia’s social cultural and political problems congregate in one place. Wait til you visit Medellin, the REAL Medellin. You will see what I am talking about pana y que viva Borinquén, that is a place I absolutely LOVE!

@Proman So which cities of the country side you like in Colombia? I'm open for suggestions, just like this guy on this blog told me to visit Bucaramanga. I saw some YouTube videos and it appears to be a very lovely city with less congestion, definitely, my alley!

John Díaz don’t worry about me but have fun hanging out in Guatemala. Traffic and Pollution in Medellin are absolutely horrible!!! The best part of Colombia is the countryside, not what lifeafar is peddling. I would say they actually have a negative impact on locals AND they take advantage of foreigners. They forget people in Colombia get kidnapped for ransom. I doubt they tell anyone that.... as a matter of fact Sam tries to say that Colombia is a “safe” country ... but it is not. El Poblado is not Medellin and it sure as heck ain’t Colombia!!!!

@Proman Just out of curiosity are you from Colombia? It seems that you don't have anything positive to say about Colombia. I'll go to Medellin if I don't like it, I'll keep it moving, throughout South/Central America.

John Díaz Boricua with no accent? Whaaaaat mijo se lo comen vivo como a todos. Not Colombian = $$ so unless you really know how to do it they will charge more. Prices are inflated too... lots of dollars moving in ....

@otashi go I've been watching videos of Bucaramanga. I'm impressed, so beautiful. Definitely on my bucket list to visit this city. Thank you so much for your feedback. #VivaColombia.

@Proman What makes you think I'll pay double? I'm latino, fluent in Spanish without an accent. I don't have any reasons whatsoever, to be speaking English if I'm around locals. Thanks for your concern, but this BORICUA will do just find. #VivaColombia.

Gringos. Get the fuck out of my country you condescending cunts

@RandomSh*t condescension means I "feel" superior to you. Here I am, humbly sharing my personal experience with no judgement of my superiority or inferiority compared to you. You have invented the fact that I 'feel' superior to you.

@Sam - LifeAFAR see? There it is. You are being condescending

What if I told you the condescension exists entirely in your head.

Los gringos son muy bienvenidos en Medellín. usted no los conoce y por eso habla tonterías

@Proman of course

@Proman I .can assure you I know that city better than you do. I like mountains better that coastal cities as well

@Proman yes indeed. I admire the progress of that clean city.

@Proman yes indeed I know there are problems but medellin offers many things like good health services, kind doctors, good organic food, musical events, good and cheap transportation, excellent climate, fabulous country side and little towns with different climates and life style near by. two airports, metro, and it's proximity to the USA is a plus

maria baier you go ahead and rationalize it however you want but it does not change the facts. Have you seen the REAL Medellin????

@Proman no country is safe these days. mass murders in USA, terrorism there and in Europe, France is a continuous target, Turkey the same, etc, etc. Medellin has a very good climate, friendly people, excellent health service, low cost of living,good transportation but is not ideal for many people

maria baier could be from anywhere.... maybe Colombians are the problem for colombia?

maria baier you miss the point lady..... maybe ... have you seen the REAL Medellin??

maria baier true story!!!

@John Díaz this guy could be from Venezuela. many of them are creating real problems for Colombia in general.

@Proman you dislike for that city is clear. don't waste time writing about it. other people love it,many of them foreigners who live there and came from wonderful places

@Proman Venezuelan criminals, armed and on motorcycles are not helping the situation. the USA is not safe either with so many crazies, mass killings, racists, drug consumption in addition to the high cost of living, health, education transportation. Americans are looking for other places to live and are taking their chances. who wants to see Mr. Trump every day???

Colombia is the largest supplier of cut roses to the United States. He got a “rose” of an apartment. Good luck!

There are many Colombians in Orlando

@Proman of course and I find this city offers excellent medical services to visitors and locals. I love the climate and the people

@Giotinez weird flex but ok

Hey I live in Germany and I have a hard decision to make... I am the son of a US Soldier and I want to leave Germany and I am thinking about either the US or Medellin any ideas guys? Please let me know!

Proman And what is the “REAL” in a city? Is the “real” the worst part of it? I live in Los Angeles, California, but what would you consider is the real part of this city; Beverly Hills, Compton, Skid Row (around where thousands of homeless people wander and sleep in the streets of Downtown LA)?

Is sad, so sad. This video doesn't reflect reality.

How could it be educational, if it is just a narrowly minimalistic point of view and experience? Medellìn pardon my words, is a DANGEROUS CITY. if people go there thinking is like paradise, they tend to do silly things and end paying mistakes with their lives in the worst cases. Don't come here. One of my best friends (he was japanese) was killed in "los colores" neigborhood just because he didnt understand when robers asked for his belonging (he spoke little spanish) and was shot mercilessly. All just because they wanted his old motorola. that's why I hate this town. My mom is Colombian, my dad North American. I Live in vancouver, but have a house in Medellìn and a country house in the outskirts which I inherited in Barro Blanco, Santa Elena and with the current local situation, I'm planning to sell and never go back.

@J R Ahh y no se confunda me apellido O D Î O con tilde en la i. REtuercen todo estos mamones chupachancletas lameculistas

@J R Que risa tan hijueputa, de los miles de uribistas que vieron el comentario solo a uno le alcanzò la neurona pa hablar un poquito de ingles, sin tilde, porque estas porquerias de infrahumanos hablan por la ORQUETA. Que fastidio.

@J R Baby ODIO a petro tanto como a Uribe, Petroñera su abuela guerrilla comunistonto mamerto hijuetantas. Vuelva y comente cuando este sentado en un dildo con la forma de MAO dañao hijueputa. Que se creyo estea GONORREA de mamerto. Hablamos cuando termine de descolgarse los testìculos que tiene de amìgdalas, despelotado criptorquido. Loca hijueputa, vos y toda tu puta familia comunista. Confunda pero no ofenda que tanto petro como el praco culibajito son el CANCER de Colombia.

Que mas se puede esperar de un petroñero resentido. Envidia, mentiras y odio

Otro marica aguebado petroculo jajajaja pobre idiota

GReat Price, a price that 95% of Colombians cannot afford -

@Rebelde sin causa comenzado por tu puta madre

Whose reality?

Maìn Odìo Just like 95% of Californians cannot afford to buy a house in Beverly Hills.

Marcolina Alzate no soy Colombiana celos no hay!

Sandra Gutierrez ya lo conozco soy extranjera, y aunque es una cuidad bonita, hay sitios mucho más espectaculares en Colombia que deberían promover! Saludos.

Sam el proximo alcalde de bogota

Looks Beauty....but a lot of noisy out side....not for me...

Sam always does a great job of understanding what his audience wants....these videos are gold!!! Thank you Sam for putting out the content!!! Not easy to do but you make it look easy!

@Angelica Alvarado comenzado por tu puta madre

@Rebelde Sin Causa comenzado por tu puta madre

I thought about full time retirement in Medellin. I stopped immediately after my tax advisor informed me that Colombia taxes worldwide income.

Lo que pasa es que sam promociona su empresa a varios paises y la mayoria hablan en ingles si el hablara en español ningun extranjero entenderia y no vendrian turistas a dejar la platica a colombia......

Felicciano De Las Salas gracias Saludos para vos también , estuve en Bogota 29 años atrás Entonces no pude apreciar bien la ciudad pues solo estuve dos noches Tengo ganas de darme una vuelta por allá el próximo año ,los vídeos son una gran ventana Para conocer otros lugares .mi niña quiere ir a la plaza del palacio de justicia para que las palomas se le encaramen en los brazos

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