They Lied to Us! Confronting Financial Health [NIO Stock Analysis]

They Lied to Us!  Confronting Financial Health [NIO Stock Analysis]

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felix here guys and yes every dated and I'm gonna tell you why before we do that as always guys there's no financial advisors just only in I will try to make it despite my slightly just a second it's let me show you what I've got in store for you there is serious misinformation ad on YouTube night-night my surprise to you but the scale of which has surprised me know when I'm going to set the record straight there we also number to TV credits for nio and why that's going to be a big we can explain dep club and the European headquarters and I'm also going to give you my free investment tip of the day and I'll try and make that a daily thing that I said of course going to look at the technicals for nio stock price is going now I've been telling you that I said there is only this coupon for the options trading and you've been bumped email to truly appreciate it complaining that you want that coupon for the Masters and I said no and no no no I said no again and have relented I'm sorry guys I'm weak you got your way now applies to both courses again yes it will and Sam will complain about that but most of you probably happy so that's the end of it applies to both so if you want to build some true wealth now let me show you what really irritated me today well before I do that even if you're not ready to make an invest in yourself go to my website go to cadham sign up to this free mini-course on stock investing it's really useful and it's absolutely free there is no catch you don't have to do anything you have to buy anything just signed up to it if you like it you know I'm not going to say so but there was no obligation I've just signed up for it and enjoy the content now was annoyed me this video here nio ships 50000 Cars 2 Europe that irritated me severely why because it is as far from the truth as you can be in when I show you why now I'm not bitter that financial health this channel has the most subscribers the me 28000 which I am very happy for them yes I truly am well so yeah just get it I'm very happy with people doing well even though it is a bot reading out news articles and throwing in just images in the background people seem to enjoy the content which is Which is something that I should have learning from that's not really I do miss you express the bitterness of a serious note 50000 cars I mean seriously ok let me show you why that is so nonsensical and yet irritating so for example heal my last 2 yesterday or none of the flooding issue that one of you got me people is Road financial health just posted a video saying nio Cent 50 thousand vehicles to Norway can you verify with their container records is that the case their production abilities must be more than 10000 a month and obviously I replied Michael and I said no it's complete gibbet and I've been walking with a hide my reply was Apache was in the most the most polite ok you go on my patreon and you click on Leo and you scroll all the way down then you find the delivery records here there are then here you can see them so in the last quarter second quarter of 2022 we are expecting around well we had about 22000 cars in all of last year nio delivered 43000 cars their factory at present due to chip constraints cannot put out or hasn't been able to put out more than 7/8 and 9000 cars a month where do you suppose the 50000 cars came from there is simply they had enough chips to make them there isn't a battery capacity at to make them there isn't factory capacity to make them the factory at the moment could make £15,000 a month it could in theory make £30,000 a month by year-end on double shifts bed that it hasn't happened yet and definitely isn't happening now how many cars do you think Norway imports and Google ad import sorry no wave car market size gay Norway by 141000 Cast last year's all passengers two cars together will do very well but are they going to have like more than a 30% market share no it's just nonsense and why is it nonsense because they shouldn't have added the key they should divide 50 cos we saw that photo and you can count the red least 10 rows of 55 wide as possible 50000 cars definitely 100% not possible so I don't know how they operate the channel maybe they have such a smart algorithm that actually also writes the the headlines it hasn't actually possible and maybe it is literally a a bot who doesn't understand the difference between 50 and 50000 but it is total and utter nonsense that I felt the need to set that straight and get my griddle out on that one so guys absolutely not true but 50 cows worshipped in Norway and in not substantially more than that ok so I've ranted enough on that one out let's look at Redditch trading so China's just officially launched TV credit rating and that is a good boost for nio and I'm going to explain to you why guys and it's actually serious money so in 2020 and 200000 credits now the time they Wentworth very much but now the same credits are worth $450 a pop is 90 million for last year now is making a bad price as many cars this year as they were last year they are likely to earn credits tried it answer the simple mouth that so they should get about 4 and 1000 credits this year and that will be worth if the prices stay the same 180 million-dollar and that believe it or not is it about half of the capital expenditure for the year and that is truly astonishing again if you go to my petrol and you look at the last discounted cash flow model here it is and you can see on here so you can see capital expenditure for this year is 2300 B million is that is 3 x 215 that is 345 million inch a capital expenditure is is 400 345 million so 345 million is capital expenditure for the whole year so they're going to get 180 million from the government that is an enormous contribution given the fact of the government is already given them free land free factories in and all sorts of other stuff and subsidies this is a huge huge huge subsidies and again if you go back and look at ok chance have revenue it isn't that much but it's it's pure cash Friday no questions asked profit so it is actually will also make quite an impact on the way we not quite a profitability yet but it'll it'll get us is certainly quite a lot closer and so it's a big one and I think people don't appreciate that isn't any models I've seen and be going to have to start to feed that end we gonna have to start to figure out what how many credits they get overtime and what their worth and we gonna have to add that on top of our share price target because this is a thing I'd like it was a big thing for Tesco right ok so that's one thing and then we've got the EPL club here what is the EPL Cup the EPL club is this sort of tiered super selling membership if you buy a nio and you recommend your friends and they buy nios to and if you buy enough of them and you hit that like and subscribe and then you will join the Felix clap and I just kidding there is in the felix tap it we should start 12 what they're doing is truly revolutionary let me just get the numbers up here so so basically the way you get into that you get a self you have to sell 25 cars for me 25 not as one you ever get 25 if your friends to buy in the members and their who sold more than 160 cars 60 cars which is pretty pretty basically people who earned the most niopoints they get to join this club and and it's so the recommendation thing it isn't I did quite short clear how many you need to just need a lot and then you'll be recommended to join again exclusive Social Club you can get a 10-year membership if you buy an ep 9 which is Academy and a half US dollars that sounds like a bargain the 2020 and the membership is was 450 people and including uses for the top €120 points and the top 30 fastest-growing news it's literally only 150 of them in and then there is a quarterly experience membership for the top 10 fastest-growing user new point earners each quarter against people recommending a lot so let me tell you the average revenue these guys have done for nio had my calculator on average a nio member are you I use a good old calculator it is so very anna-loka and they have brought in a million and a half of revenue each Sophie's really I like I mean they should hire them but they don't have to do they come for free which is just incredible now what they get for that will they get an ep 9 driving experience they can drive supercar and they get some study tools some some trips together and the stand together and enjoy lifestyle things together and I suppose they are actually quite similarly minded people because if you are the kind of person that sells a car for nothing to least 25 of your friends you're probably a fantastic salesperson you're probably is a go-getter antreprenor outgoing individual so you can see them having some good family and his photos I think that's kind of a a really quite an interesting but have not seen a car company that does that people that program that's all very true but still feel that this one's a little bit different now we also have confirmation that the you headquarter is now officially in Amsterdam we got lots of hiring the people looking for property finance European also just after European power company management everything so the rollout is there is probably happening and it angers autoreel confirmation that the Netherlands will be one of the country's getting nios next year in addition to your to Norway and Germany it'll be interesting to see you the others are lovely who was the UK I don't know they given the fact that they put their headquarters in in Amsterdam into the European Union and might go more bits of a Denmark Belgium France or something like that but we will be interesting to watch that over the next couple of months guys I'm sure they're gonna start doing that now what's my free investment tip of the day so it's Downside protection and that's on TV as well no actually really really shouldn't it should actually be something that I hope you guys will find quite useful and this is for my website guys good Academy head over there and take a bunch of all the free stuff that I'm on there and let me explain this little bit here so so let me get a little pan and then I'll be easier ok so say you have a thousand dollars and you're thinking investors into like I grow stock investor cinder something that says little bit more steady like like a Microsoft paper on Facebook now Microsoft your PayPal or something is likely to go up and down say where is a growth stock could actually go up and down 50% in the last few months I say you starting amount of a thousand dollars now unfortunately just as you buy it it happens to be February 2021 and the stalker is there an 50% so now you have $500 left now you're stock recover 20% so you now have 6-months left now recovers another 30% and you're celebrating and then you realise you and you have 7 or $80 you thinking 50% and 30% well why am I losing $220 away maths works because you're capital got reduced these increases in terms of percentage points get smaller and a lot of people don't fully appreciate that so you would actually need to go up 5020 30 and then another 30% to get back to the thousand dollars by you stopped so you need 100 30% upside haven't gone down only 50% and that is something I think not everybody quite appreciate it is risky know let's say we look you buy a blue chip stocks I'm going to pick a blue penny and light blue chip I don't serve mean AT&T I mean more like Microsoft a PayPal or something and you again for $1,000 in so that so that goes down 5% and you have 950 doors then recovers 2% taken with a tenth of the movement brighten Titan to be out of there so you and at $969 another 3% and then you are a 998 so you're down to yours same price movement 10th of the movement and you only need to get the make the stock move another quarter of a percent to be back where you started so this simple lesson is protect your Downside if you lose substantial amount of money it is that much harder to gain back where is if you have a core fundamental portfolio that doesn't move that much and that's what I do so I put lots of money and do things I've PayPal and Microsoft and Facebook and things like that I do it every every month and I tell you that all the time on the on the discord I've just bought my cold but will you again and do it all the time it's pretty boring and it does sound boring but when you get into the compounding when you look at these companies in you appreciate that they are growing 25% itchy appreciate that they have margins that are very very good to have massive free cash flow that is a as nearly guarantee to stop prices going up you can get and they might not go out 50% of 15% of 20% of yeah but doing that every year without the massive drops is worth a great deal of money and that's why I do it doesn't mean you should never buy growth stocks but I think it does mean that you should have a big chunk of your money in something a little bit more solid and I always say I know some people don't like to hear it but anyway go to the website and sign up before the minute and I'll send you some more useful information that ok lastly what did I promise I promised a technical analysis is good we write it down because otherwise I might forget now what have we got here with with nio interestingly the highest today was pretty much would be flat the day before 4740 because also exactly the share price of day before so we are hitting that plateau there and about 4740 and today and recording is Primark at guys so you give me for what's happening afterwards but I think it's still useful to go run through it because there is bad news coming out of China the education sector is getting hammered because well they making another profits and the government basically seems to think that education is a public good and yeah you can make maybe some money but you can't make that much money and the service you are providing is making education more expensive and therefore people are going to have left children and that's against the notion that the government wants so therefore they should you put some pressure on that and then at the same time GD the sentiment that I'm feeling here in Hong Kong HDD is is is really not not popular at present so I think that's all also going to drag on for quite some time and I think we can get some NASA finds there so Chinese tech stocks whatever they are going to have a chat and chat few few weeks in months ahead that's the way I will see that now what are the actual child says we got that nice by signal here while we were on the life call from the hours I without purple line crosses the horizontal red line which is a 50.9 here come down a little bit it hasn't gone delivered I would my 12th given the strength of the pre market is over we might sort of pop back down the way we did a few days ago momentum is basically laughing out at pretty much zero so not a lot going on there so I therefore think that we are we are interrupted our otherwise rather promising looking a 4-day they streaky with the slight smell of yesterday and I possibly another sell-off today on the Friday so I'll be a little bit cautious the only positive cider is that the volume yesterday was quite a lot smaller than on the Green by day two people sitting on the sideline people and buying I think that's really was holding that to a few people selling will therefore make the stop move quite a bit but you know if you and all that sort of stuff is quite powerful than the short-term and you have to retake a call weather in the long run you think it's a great company and where the you know I did do you form a long-term buying plan for this kind of stocks and I do now then then then look for opportunities that at the moment to me this looks more like a side with wobble or rather than something else really going to shoot up so I think we might wobble along a little bit more guys now on the beginning I take advantage of that you force me into 29% people in Builth Wells is now available again for the Masters Dog and the options trading course and and go go on my webs side and you can see all the courses that are in and everything all the offerings and candles and everything as well and of course with that you join the private discord group where you can ask me anything you want to get out of the community anything you want so if you are ready to make an investment in Your Wealth Building and in your trading and then you join us otherwise take advantage of the free stuff on Goat and either way I truly appreciate the joining guys I thank you very much for watching that you're heading that subscribe button apologies for my frustration at the beginning of the video I get a little bit sometime some people but stuff out that is so blatantly in obviously false where one single Google search would have told you that so I think YouTubers we have a bit of a responsibility to put out stuff as correct and incorrect stuff we need to correct it and I've made mistakes I do always put my hands up and say sorry guys again I kind of wish that those guys are going to be same thing they probably won't because it's maybe the board doesn't have feelings but either way guy thank you for joining and see you on the next one

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