The Work Day of a Passive Income Entrepreneur

The Work Day of a Passive Income Entrepreneur

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Good. Morning, my Charmed, Ones so, today, I have, decided that I'm going to do a a. Work day in the life video, as. A. Passive, income entrepreneur, so that's why you are, with. Me right now in bed. Lucky. You at about, 10. O'clock in the morning, because. We're gonna go through a my entire workday now. When I got up this morning I do, want to say that I felt a little bit embarrassed because I woke up at. Like. A little bit after 8:00 and, then. Needed, to start doing my meditations, and normally. I get up at like 6:00, 6:30, and, put on my meditations, and then, I'm able to actually, like get out of bed by like 8:00 or 9:00 and be downstairs in my office but. I have. Been as you know if you've been listening to my previous videos working, so hard and like so, diligently, for. The past a few weeks that I am, trying, to now keep myself from. Getting. Burnout, and in. Order to do that like the days where I feel like I just need, to sleep I just sleep so. Yeah. I felt a little bit embarrassed, that like oh great you like ruined the start of this day but then I was thinking about I'm like well it's all about you being a passive. Income entrepreneur, right and that's. One of the benefits I get for, working, for myself and, dealing. With passive income is that even, though I am running a business and people who run a business need to wake up in the morning and do their work I have. Amazing. Flexibility. In the, time that, I can do my work and I really. Create my own schedule so the day is where I feel like laying in bed I do. Today, was in the day that I felt like laying in bed actually I literally just woke up later and I. Still felt super tired and I put on my meditations, and I did about, two, hours of meditations, so I, did, that because I felt, like I, just. Really, needed more, because I woke up like very tired very, I just felt very drained so, doing, two hours of meditation might, seem a little crazy but. Sometimes. That's what I do and I. Thought I would share with you first I'm sure some of you are gonna be curious as to what. Sort of meditations, I do I've. Talked in the past about loving, those brain, wave and meditation, apps I will, pop them up on screen right now so you guys can see a picture of them I think they're called like binaural. Wave. Programs, I forget what they're called but, I have a couple of different apps that I use but. Actually those weren't the apps that I used this morning I, actually ended up using some, recordings. That, I purchased, from like, Apple music or the iTunes Store from. Dr., Joe Dispenza so you guys may have heard me talk about dr., Joe Dispenza already, I'm sure I've probably mentioned, him but. He is someone, who is, a doctor. Who actually studies. A lot, of the metaphysical concepts. Like. Meditation. And like, Law of Attraction and positive thinking in a. Scientific. Way and basically he's you know been able to prove that meditating. A lot of the positive visualizations, and things, like that really have a positive impact. In your mind a body of spirit etc so I have a couple of his recorded. Guided. Meditations, on iTunes. Apple, music whatever that's called and so I used, his chakra. Balancing. Meditation. He doesn't call them chakras, though they're called energy centers so it's his is called the blessing of the energy centers and then, the other one I used is called tuning, in to new, potentials. I think I'll try to find links and leave them down below they're. Not cheap they're like 10. Bucks each but I think they're worth it and I use them a lot and it, helps me you know keep, my vibe high especially. On days where I literally wake up feeling, horrible which. You know was pretty much today so okay so, what do we have in store for you today right now as you can see I'm in bed, I'm hoping my robe isn't like opening up I'm in, bed in my robe I just pulled my hair down and kind of made it look nice because I'm not wearing any makeup I'm.

Gonna Go into, my bathroom now and do, my hair and makeup really quickly I'm not gonna take you along only because I know that's just gonna add to this video and it might already end up being a long video so next. Time you see me we're gonna give you going down to my office together, and doing, her a little morning routine and starting. To, plan the day and do some work okay. So my, hair and makeup is done I just. Put my hair up and a, little top knot and I'm. Doing, this like new thing with my makeup this week I don't know if any of you saw the. Last episode of, Game. Of Thrones but. In the, funeral, scene, I feel, like Daenerys Targaryen had, like there's, a burgundy, kind of eye and I really liked it so I've. Been kind of trying to mimic it and what. I'm gonna wear today I'll give you a little TD, black, jeans black. Sort of like with, these like the chiffon II blouses. I really like these when, the weather is like in between meeting, long sleeves, and needing short sleeves because it. Covers you and yet you know. They're. Still lightweight so you won't, like sweat okay, so we're gonna go ahead and head, downstairs to my office now you're. Ready to go tight. Okay. What. I'm. Taking. Your dear sweet time sir. Just, gonna sniff. That's. It you're not gonna go outside. You. Have no squirrels to yell at no. Territory to mark. Okay. I, guess. You still want your treats though right. Yeah. Typical, okay. Okay. So we're now down in my office and there's just a few things I want to talk about before we jump into my. Work Jay number. One Oliver. Who, is my palm plant behind me he's. Dying, as you can see there's like browning, Leo's, I don't know what to do about it I don't know if I overwater, him or I don't understand what I'm supposed to do because, he's my first plant like this really like one of my first plants ever so I just won't let you guys know if you see that you're like oh my god that plants dying I know I, don't know what to do if you know what to do tell, me I don't, know what maybe I'm supposed to remove some of his leaves.

I'm Not, sure so, that's. Just the way that is right now also. I do not like to have the lights on in my office if I don't need them on so, as you, can see I've got like natural light coming in through my. Like double window right here and that's generally enough light for me to work throughout the day especially when I'm wearing my glasses I'm able to see I don't have to squint or anything like that so I really don't want to have to turn on my overhead lights so the lighting right now might not be the. Best but I think you can still see me fine I just want to address that because I know that in my normal sit down videos my lights are on but when, I'm working throughout the day my. Bulbs, in my office are bright daylight bulbs, that's one of my like here you go if you're an entrepreneur, or want to be or you have an office in your home use. Bright daylight bulbs in your office because it's better for your eyes but, I just. Like to keep like no the lights in my house are on right now I, just like to keep the lights off I really, like natural, light coming in and as long as I can see and do my work that's, what I do so we. Are now here in my desk is I just said already let's keep repeating ourselves like so everyone loves and you do that and I've, got my planner here and I have to actually start in the next part, of my day which, you might think is planning but it's not because. I actually have in here I don't know if you guys can tell I have. Two books in here the big thick one you guys might recognize as my planner but, the, other little one, is. Actually, a new. Offering. That I've got my. Hi vibe Bible, so, I just, recently announced, this over, on Instagram I hope it's not backwards. Flipped, with this vlogging, camera I don't know what I'm doing. But this is a manifestation. Journal, so as part of my like morning, routine, I like. To spend a little bit of time doing this, journal, so this is basically it's a 90, day journal to raise your vibration and manifest, your desires, essentially. You guys this is a loosely, guided, journal for, people who want to kind. Of integrate. Journaling. With, gratitude, journaling, and manifestation. It's, loosely guided, because there are some prompts, in here and I might as well just show you guys I'm gonna skip past where I'm already at. It. Starts, with a. Weekly. And I'm gonna try to get to the next week here you another, week it. Starts with like a weekly two-page, spread, where. You fill out, different. Prompts. And you can see like you can select the day and month, so this is like undated. Like reoccurring. And like I said 90, days it's about three months of. Entries. So, you've got a place to put your mantra. Or an affirmation, what. You're manifesting for the week how, the, manifestation, makes you feel right, because if you know anything about Law of Attraction sort, of things the. Feelings the most important part how. I'm raising my vibration, so things you're going to be doing to make sure you stay high vibe science. And synchronicities is where you can actually like document, things that you might see happening, that are like showing you that your manifestations. Are coming to fruition and then, executing. On this week this is like a little, task. Check, box this is for like reoccurring, sort of high vibe things that you might want to be doing or just like important, habits, that you're working on so. You fill that out at the beginning of the week and then, every day there's one sheet. That. Says but what I'm grateful for today and, aligning. My thoughts and actions so, you have an area to do a gratitude. And you have an area to do, a gym like sort, a loose journaling, whatever you want to do and it's. For the purpose of helping to align, what. You're, feeling how you're you know what you're thinking how you're feeling with what you want to accomplish.

For The day so it, is you know just like traditional journaling, it's a little bit guided, and it's definitely, focused more on the idea of, manifesting. And going. With the flow and raising. Your vibration just becoming, a better version of yourself so. I really. Love this because I have, struggled to be a journal, or in the past because I just find like a blank page is so intimidating to me so, I designed. This and I'm so, happy with it because before the actual printed versions came I was like using printouts. And I, was, loving it so I'm, gonna go ahead and do, my journaling. For today. Okay. So that was the. Journaling so it doesn't take very long at all and I actually do want to go in and check off. Things. That I did okay. So. Now. That journaling, is done I'm going to go ahead and put my high by Bible back inside of my little binder thing here and of. Course I will, leave a link down below to where you guys can buy them on Amazon it's, really. Affordable you guys so, I definitely think, if you're interested, or if you feel like this is something you might want to try out I think. You should go with what your gut says and give, it a shot because it really is very very affordable now. We're gonna move over to the planner, okay. So I. Have. My book marked. Off here I've. Got a little mark so it, is Tuesday. And you. Know what well we've got while I have the planner sitting like this I want to show you guys I get, a lot of questions about if, my planner, stay, is open and, as. You can see I'm, not touching it all it has is a clip here for, like marking, the page and, it's. Open, so the, planner the charm like master planner you can get it to stay, open like without a big fuss so. I'm gonna go ahead right now and put, in my, top, three for the day okay, so, today, I know because I already kind of marked it off a little bit I have. A little stuck sticker here that says passive, income often so. The thing that I am going to be working on today is this under way that I'm like only in here a little bit let's see trying. To get a little bit of planner a little bit me I have. To create. A passive. Income often like, a content upgrade a little, free download, and. I'm. Gonna do that today and so. I'm. Gonna go ahead and put on here create. Opt-in. I. Also. Need to, set. Up, the. Landing, page for it, and. Do. The marketing, for it. I'm. Just going to be things like I need to make sure I fit the graphics made for it. And a. Blonde. I might do a blog post for it as well yeah so that. Is what I'm working on today and I thought that that was a good thing for me to work on today as I do. This vlog about being a passive. Income, entrepreneur. If you see me like looking like I'm touching something I'm adjusting the camera on the. Camera angle here because I have like this, crazy, leg little camera that like attached to my phone in it I have. Like a control over it but I have to like touch it but I want to make sure I stay in frame so, yeah, I thought that doing. My passive, income opt-in would be a great thing to show you guys today because I'm, a passive. Income entrepreneur, and I thought it would be very, timely, for me, to be kind. Of showing you that process talking, about that now, I know I talk about my business a lot but I don't normally, get, into details, of exactly the, things that I'm working on and, obviously. I think you guys will understand that that's just because you know for reasons of running a business you don't always want to like talk about everything that you're doing publicly. Right but. For me also I will say that I struggle, with sharing, a lot of the things that I work on because. Of that whole me, being like a rebel personality. Type I think, I've talked to you guys about this before Gretchen, Rubin her four tendencies, it talks.

About You know what your motivations, are for actually getting work done and things like that and staying. Accountable, and I'm a rebel, personality. Type which means that I. Don't. Like to talk about the things that I'm doing like I have to keep it secret and I, also like. Shun, anyone's, expectations. So if someone says to me like oh I think you should be doing this as like a business, person I will. Generally, have the reaction, of laughing. Hysterically in their face because that's. Just like my reflex, because, I'm a rebel right I don't like doing the things people tell me I have to do I like, to follow like my own path and obviously that's. Worked and obviously. You know this idea of manifestation. Sort of things goes into that as well because I really do think that there is not any, prescribed. Way that you come to success it's all about following your gut and doing what you think is right and I. Would say that being a rebel has helped me with that because it's really forced, me to rely on myself because I have. A hard time relying. On the ex patience, of other people okay so let's go ahead and talk about this opt-in that I'm creating why, I'm creating, it how it fits, in with my business so. I'm gonna create an opt-in called five passive, income strategies, that, work and essentially. When I say opt-in this is going to be like a digital download of PDF, that I am going to share, with my community, I'm sure I'll have it linked in this video if you're interested and I'm, probably gonna do a blog post about it put, it up on my shop as just a nice free, thing to give people information, about. You know starting, with passive, income whether that's because they would like to create a business out of it or if it's just to add more, money in their life there's, a way is to add passive income even if you're not running a full-fledged business, so the point of this is that I'm creating something free that has value. Sometimes. They're called content, upgrades, where. You're actually providing, additional, resources, and. You. Know information. On a topic when, people opt-in or provide. Their you know email, address to you so that you can stay in contact with them so I have to put this together today and then, once it's created I can promote. It I can share it on social media. Put it up on Pinterest, all, that jazz and hopefully. It will generate some new you, know audience members, for me because people will see it if they, find it valuable they, will stick around and, be a member of our community or hopefully. Become, a customer, of mine eventually, the. First thing that we need to do with this is to actually create the. Often. The actual, PDF. Itself, and in. Order to do that I am going to be using, I, think I'm going to use my. Yeah, my what. Is it called pages apples, pages, now, although I generally, create a lot, of my. Downloads, and printables, in Adobe. InDesign this. Is just a document and, it. Doesn't, need to be. Super. Fancy it just needs to have all the information in, it that, people. Are looking for and, all. That jazz so I'm. Gonna go ahead and get started on this and then, kind. Of once it's done I will come, back and show you maybe like the screen of what it looks like you, know all that jazz and then you can also, watch me putting together the. Landing page and you. Know doing some marketing, graphics for it I'll create like a screen share of ScreenFlow, for, that. Okay. So here is what, the document, looks like it's nothing special it's a lot of you know writing, and, information. And strategy, but, basically I go through the five methods, I share, some, programs. Or platforms, that you can join in order to get started with the, methodology, and then, I provide, the strategy, for maximizing the, earnings so. What I'm going to do right now is I actually have to export. It to a PDF so. If I want to make. A PDF that I can share with people, this. Is how, I do it okay. So the. Good thing about this I think I mentioned earlier is that I also need, to do a. Blog. Post for, this, often. And you, know what I've decided to do because I didn't have like a actual. Final. Idea put together I think I'm gonna take like the introduction, and then. Like the points the five, methodologies.

And Put that in the blog post and then, add a call, to action to get people. If they're interested in this topic to. Download. The. Free guide with. A lot more information, so. That's what I'm gonna do now get the blogpost started, and then I will, show you some. Graphics, that I make for this in Photoshop. When. I'm done okay so here, is the blog post all populated. I'm happy with this now. I just need to create a graphic. To. Be. Put in here and. I, actually have, a, bunch. Of templates. For. Like. Blog post titles, or I call these Pinterest, templates because they're like optimized. For like Pinterest, but they. Are a whole bunch of different crafts. That essentially. Have like, generic photos in the background and then like different style I don't, know like. Masking. And things, like that for. Meteos. So I just want to look through and you know they kind of have different. Vibes they each kind of have different vibes I. Think. Actually. Yeah. What says passive income' some of our planter related some of them are business-related I, think. Just actually, the keyboard, might be good for this I'm, gonna go back to this one here. Yeah. I. Love. The ones when it's like cut out of. The back so I think I'm gonna. Yeah. I think I'm gonna use this. One. Keyboard. - mm-hmm. And. This is just a JPEG like I made all of these templates, a while ago and I have like the basic templates if I want to add photos. But. Yeah. And this. Basically the way this works is I can put the title here and I can put like a call to action here. Okay. That's. Good did, you need another. Well. This is going on I also. Okay so while that's, working. Out here I also. Need to go ahead and go into, my. MailChimp. And get, my random page set up. Okay. So I, just went, through and, created. The landing. Page so this looks like I have that title here that works very well then. It says add passive, income to your life so I'm down below blah. Inside you learn they basically just took this from this the. Blog post then. People can put their email address name and. Opt-in. To the to. The tool so they're, the bonus right so it. Says send, me the free PDF, so, that, is good to go ok, so, that, is it that is all, of my work for today so we go ahead and chug you know knock, off my top three we created the opt-in we. Set up a landing page we, did the marketing, but the graphics, down the blog post but. A bing bada boom and. That. Is, my. Workday right so that only took a couple of hours I think it took a little bit longer obviously, because I'm vlogging and, I, did, end up writing a lot more, than I usually do for in, opt-in, but. Essentially. What we just did was we created a passive, income, funnel. Which, is exactly what that passive income download, talks. About right so the, systems for making sure that you are continuously, marketing, your you know passive, income or your digital products, that, is what we just did so that's a lot of what my work is obviously.

Because I don't have physical products, or I should, say I don't have a lot of physical products, although. I do have, some, physical products, that are again are in passive income and I want to talk to you guys about a few, new ones today, real, quick well have well, I've got your here in front of me because, of neglecting, talking about some things that I've been doing but, anyway back, to the topic that is. Essentially, what my work, consists. Of doing. Right creating content, content. Upgrades opt-ins. Get, people to. Sign. Up for my email list join, my community whatever. It is learn, from me and then, I will, then. Sell them present, them with products. And things. Like that that help meet their needs so. That's. A lot of what I do is a lot of content creation and a lot of it feeds into my. Whole. Process, for, a passive, income now. I showed you this morning, my. Hive. I Bible, this, is very, new this just came out and it, is a journal, which we already talked about that so I'll move on but, there are two more products, that I have, created I actually, made these a while ago and I totally never, talked about them I kept, intending, to put them into a video but then I didn't the, first of them is, the. Master plan projects. And brilliant ideas so, many of you guys reached, out to me and we're like Alexis. Can, you make, just, a project planner right or I have, a planner that I already love, but. To make it more functional I wish I had your project, planning system and your brilliant, ideas and that, is what this little book is so, this is eight, and a half by five and a half the same as all of my books are, and. It's the nice softcover. Black. Mat which I love it's my favorite, I know it gets, marks. On it like from, your hands but you can clean them off and, I still think that this looks better than, the. Cover that's glossy, that's just my personal opinion but whatever, teach their own now, in this book you do get the master, you, get a how to use the master private planner and then, you get all of those functional, planning worksheets, so again, if, you don't have my termed, life planner you can still, get. All of those, worksheets. And then, it's essentially, just the second. Two sections, of. The. Master planner. So. Important. Projects. Yearly. Product. Tracker this one is undated, it doesn't have any months on it just like the undated, master planner so you'll add those and yourself and then, project. Plans with notes. There. Should be 40, spreads of that. So. Plenty, of room for you, to do your notes and projects, and all that such and, then, we get to brilliant ideas, which is the, brain dumping and brainstorming, section. You've. Got 20. Brain dump and organize, and act pages. Then. You get 20 brain storms and plan and preps and let. Me just say you guys, these. These. Worksheets, I call them worksheets right because they're like kind. Of like templates, for you to fill out these. Really. End up saving, my, life with my business I use these all the, time I, really. Do it really is, these. Are really tools that do help me to get clear on my thoughts and then really. Drill. Down to what I want to do with my ideas, like this these brainstorm, sheets in this I use. This template, here for, mapping out like all of my ideas it's crazy, how. Much I really do use these and as I say that my landscapers, are care mowing, the front and back yard so if you can hear that I'm. Sorry that literally the guy is literally, edging. Ten. Feet away from me. Okay. So continue on with this you. Also get in the back of here notes pages a bunch of notes pages for you to take. Notes on whatever you need and then of course there's also an index, because again this is, and. You have page numbers in here and it's just an easy way for you to find information, and, organize, information so. That is, the master plan, projects. And brilliant idea so it's the master project planner essentially, and then the last thing that I want to show you before we close out this video was, again something, that was highly requested so. I just ended up doing it it. Is you, got this the workbook, in, a, physical, form so this, is like an 8 by 10 workbook. That you can use it's, all of you got this and all. Of. The. Worksheets so, if you're not familiar you gothis is a strategic, goal setting and planning guide it is one part book. One part, guidebook. One part activities. And, worksheets. And all that jazz, so. Yeah. You've, got the book here just. Fully laid out same, as if you have the digital download. But. This one is, physical, and what, I have here the way I've done this with the worksheets right is I have the worksheets included, as they, are in the book and.

Then. At. The end of the book you actually have, a. Special, link to go ahead and download. Digital. Copies, of the worksheets so you, could technically, just use the book in the worksheets and make photocopies if you are someone, who's inclined to do that or, you can go ahead and sign up to get for. Free a pack. Of the, worksheets, just. Like you would have them if you had the digital version. Of you got this so I hope, that this is. Helpful. For any of you who would like a, physical, goal-setting, guide I also, think this is a great present, to give to anyone especially right, now it is, May, and I, feel like high school students, are graduating going, to college called students are graduating and getting jobs this. Would be a really great college, gift like I really do think it would be and. You know why it's Mother's Day - oh my gosh Mother's, Day is coming up I mean, you could get your mom any of the planners or any of the things she. Might like the hive, I Bible, though like I feel like this would be the thing to give to the mom you. Know because it's all about helping you raise your vibration, and manifest what you want and literally, just like become. The woman you want to be so yeah. Any of these things would be great Mother's Day yes and, everything. Is on Amazon so you should be able to order it real, quick and get it or maybe have it shipped directly to mom now but if you're trying, to get some extra goodies for a graduation, gift this is just like a cute thing to add in you know any of these really would be depending. On the. Person you're buying for so thank you so much for joining me for today's video, I hope you found it enlightening. And hopefully. Inspirational. If you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up feel free to leave me any questions or comments down in the, comment section if you want more of the behind-the-scenes of my productivity life in business make, sure you're following me over on Instagram because they have gotten, back into the groove of Instagram, which, is awesome and if you are not yet subscribed to my channel what are you waiting for hit, that subscribe button for more awesome videos by me and until next time bye. Bye.

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