The Vanishing of Flight 370

The Vanishing of Flight 370

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Just. Let me know. 3:7. Funny. Malaysian. Addictive, at zero, temp I. At. Kuala Lumpur International, Airport. A Boeing, 777, is. Preparing, for departure. Already. Malaysian. Airlines flight 370, row it's a daily passenger, flight between kuala lumpur malaysia and beijing, china. 42. Minutes past midnight flight. 370's, given clearance to the port on board, our captain zaharie Ahmed, Shah first. Officer, Fariq, Abdul, Hameed 10. Cabin crew members, and. Less. Than an hour into the flight the, plane is cruising over the South China Sea, at an altitude of 35,000. Feet the. Night sky is clear, and the, weather is calm. Flight. 370, is then instructed to signal, air traffic control, in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, as it is about to enter Vietnamese, airspace, the, flight controller in kuala lumpur. At. One. Minutes and 43. Seconds, later the, aircraft, suddenly vanished, from radar screens at kuala lumpur Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok. This, form of positional, tracking depends, on a signal, being emitted by one of two transponders. Aboard a plane and so, its disappearance, would suggest both, transponders. Cease to function or. The system, was manually, deactivated. By someone on board all. Subsequent, attempts, to contact and ascertain the whereabouts of, life 370, are unsuccessful, the. Aircraft, has seemingly vanished without. A trace after. Missing its scheduled, time of arrival in Beijing some four hours later flight, 370, is officially. Declared missing and in, the wake of that announcement, the most expensive, search, effort in aviation history is. About to commence. The. Search was initially, concentrated, around the location of the flights disappearance. Between the South China Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand the search area was soon expanded, however after the Malaysian military disclosed. Additional, information. Unlike, the radar system employed by air traffic control, long-range. Military, radar, does not rely on transponders. But used reflectance. To track the position of aerial targets, a review, of the data collected by the Malaysian military revealed. That moments of the contact with flight 370, was lost the, aircraft, had deviated from its scheduled flight path with a subtle turn to the right followed, by a prolonged turn to the left they, are crafted and flown back to wards, and across the Malaysian Peninsula before. Turning right near the island of Penang it, maintained, this northwesterly.

Heading, Until it escaped the radars coverage, over. The next few days the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal was, scoured by a multinational, fleet, of aircraft and vessels but. There was no trace of life, 370. Meanwhile. Investigators began. To analyze the aircraft's, satellite, communication. Records like all modern airliners. Flight 370, was equipped with a satellite, communications. Terminal, or SATCOM, to send and receive transmissions. To, and from the ground prior. To departure the SATCOM terminal, had logged onto the satellite, network and established. A connection with a ground station in Perth Australia, that. Station, then maintained a detailed, record of all the incoming, and outgoing, traffic, between, it and flight, 370, this, is what it contained prior. To the flights disappearance. Over the South China Sea, everything. Appeared to be working as intended then. At some point during, this portion, of the flight the, Sat comm link was severed for. Whatever reason, the terminal, cease to respond, but. Three minutes of the flight vanished, over the Andaman, Sea the, terminal, requested, to log back onto the network the, SATCOM link was successfully, reestablished. And was not disrupted, again until, nearly six, hours later, when, the flight is presumed, have crashed due, to fuel exhaustion. During. These final hours, two attempts were made to contact the plane via satellite, telephone, both, calls were acknowledged. By the SATCOM terminal, and would have been routed to the cockpit, yet. They, went unanswered the terminal, had also responded, to five automatic. Status, requests, in short, if the ground station had not heard from the aircraft, in over an hour, it would transmit the signal to confirm the terminal, was still online while. These transmissions, did not contain any information about the flights position. Investigators. Were able to measure the distance, between the satellite and the aircraft at the time of each transmission, based, on how long it took those transmissions, to be sent and received this. Generated. Seven rings, of possible, locations from, which seven of these transmissions. Are thought, to have originated, by. Taking fuel consumptions, speed and other factors, into account flight, path analysis, indicated, a most probable, origin of the final transmission to, be somewhere, along this arc in the southern, Indian, Ocean the. Search effort shifted, accordingly, and as the region fell within the jurisdiction, of Australia, the Australian government, took charge of the operation. Over, the next few weeks the, search area was progressively, refined, to account for oceanic drift, as well as improved, estimations. Of the flight path but. This part of the southern Indian Ocean is so, remote, it took six days just. To get there a new. Fleet of aircraft and vessels gradually. Covered more than 4.5. Million, square, kilometers. Of ocean but. Fly 370. Was nowhere to be found. If. The. Impact, with the ocean had been sufficiently, forceful, it was possible, the resulting, sound had been recorded, by underwater, listening, devices known, as Hydra phones this, possibility, was investigated. And for Hydra, coup stick monitoring. Stations, had recorded, something. While. The timing and direction, of the sound were recently, consistent, with a final satellite, transmission, the, estimated, origin, was not the, sound was in all likelihood caused by nothing more than geological.

Activity, Flight. 370, was also equipped with two underwater, locator, beacons, which had a battery life of some 40, days and as the deadline approached in early April signals, with a pulse and frequency, somewhat similar, to the signal emitted by the beacons, were detected, at depths of up to 3,000, meters an. Autonomous. Submersible. Then spent weeks scanning, the seafloor where the signals had been detected but, no wreckage, was ever found. And. Nothing. Would be found until more than 16, months later when, a discovery, was made on the opposite, side of the, Indian Ocean on the, 29th, of July 2015, a group of people were cleaning up a beach in réunion a small island to the east of Madagascar. When, they stumbled upon this 2 meter long metallic, object, covered in barnacles. Aviation. Experts quickly identify, the object, as a section, of an aircraft wing it known as a flaperon, upon. Closer inspection, internal. Markings, including dates, and serial, numbers conclusively. Ascertained, the flaperon, belonged to, flight 370. Even. Though Reunion, Island is some 4,000, kilometers west of the search area and more than a year had gone by since the flight disappeared the, location, was consistent, with simulations, of debris dispersal, patterns there, was now tangible, evidence that flight 370, had crashed somewhere, in the Indian Ocean the. Discovery, of the flat prom prompted, numerous searches, along beaches and shorelines, of southeastern, Africa and at least 31, additional, items of interest have since been recovered, and examined. Some, of these items include a, section, of the outboard, flap from the right wing a. Piece. Of cowling, from one of the two engines. A partial. Door from the nose landing gear a. Section. Of the vertical, stabilizer and. A. Mangled, casing, from one of the embedded headrest monitors. 18. Of these items, were identified, as either likely, highly, likely or almost, certain, to have originated, from flight 370, whereas, only three, could be confirmed the, remaining 11 could not be identified there. Were no traces of an explosion found on any of the debris tested, nor, was there any evidence for fire except. For three small burn, marks on one of the unidentifiable, items. The. Search for debris was further aided by earth observation. Satellites, analysis. Of satellite imagery, from March of 2014 and, covered, a number of images which appeared to feature man-made, objects, floating on or just below the surface in the southern Indian Ocean however. The images were not nearly sharp, enough to resolve any identifiable. Markings and, multiple. Searches notwithstanding, this. Debris was never recovered, a satellite. Image taken mere hours of the final transmission also, captured what appeared to be a contrail. Some distance, away from the search area a later, analysis, however concluded it, was most likely a shadow from, a somewhat linear cloud, formation. The. Underwater, portion of the search continued, for months and eventually years before it was finally suspended, in early 2017 by. Which point some 120, thousand square kilometers, of sea bed had, been scrutinized. The search, effort was then resumed, by an American salvage company known as ocean infinity, but after more than a year of searching they, too came, up empty-handed, unless. The final, resting place of flight 370 can, be located, it may be impossible, to determine exactly, why it crashed. Nevertheless. There. Have been no shortage of theories. On. The day of the disappearance, two of the passengers raised suspicions. State boarded, the flight with stolen passports. Which, immediately prompted, concerns of, a hijacking, but, investigators were unable to link the two men to any terrorist organizations. And soon, determine they had traveled under false identities, because they were seeking asylum not, due to any nefarious intent. Similar. Suspicions, were raised on one of the passengers, were identified, as a flight engineer who, might temp assess the necessary, expertise, to take control of a Boeing 777. Apart. From the 239. Persons, on board flight, 370, carried nearly 11 metric, tons of cargo among. The items listed, on the flight manifest, was a shipment of lithium-ion batteries. Which, led some to suspect a fire, might, have broken out mid-flight, for. Instance the crash of UPS airlines flight, six in September of 2010. Was, the result of a fire that was ignited, by a pallet of lithium-ion, batteries, another.

Potential, Source of ignition would be an electrical. Malfunction, the crash of Swissair, flight 111, in, September, of 1998, his, thought had been caused by a fire within the electrical, wiring above the cockpit the, fire damaged, and disabled, multiple avionics, systems including. The transponders, and zaqqum. In, the case of life 370, the sudden loss of communication, and subsequent, deviation, from a scheduled, flight path, might, have been a direct response to, a fire the, two pilots, may have turned back towards Malaysia to attempt an emergency landing, at, the nearest suitable Airport, but. No, such attempt was ever made instead. Of line 370, kept going and remained, aloft for another six, hours. Some. Have theorized the crew might have been incapacitated by. A sudden or gradual, loss of cabin pressure for. Instance when helios airways flight, 522, failed, to pressurize in august of 2005. The, pilots, quickly fell unconscious yet. The aircraft, continued, to fly on autopilot, for more than two hours until, it ran out of fuel airline. Pilots are of course trained for such an event in the event of cabin depressurization an, automatic. System is designed to deploy oxygen, masks to give the pilots enough time to perform an emergency descent, to, more breathable, altitude, the, data recorded, by the Malaysian military radar dust, indeed contain altitude, information but, it is highly, inconsistent. In fact the Boeing 777 is, incapable of performing the, extreme, altitude, fluctuations. Recorded, at one point the aircraft exceeded, its maximum, operating, altitude by, more than 15,000, feet before. Making a 50,000. Feet nosedive, in less than a minute attempts. To recreate, these maneuvers on a flight simulator were, unsuccessful, and, thus the data was deemed inaccurate, and unreliable. If. Flight, 370, did lose cabin pressure at 35,000. Feet and the pilots were incapacitated. Before descending. To a more oxygenated, altitude, it might explain, why the aircraft remained, aloft for as long as it did what. Is a bit more difficult to explain however are these, alterations. In, heading, flight. Simulations, have established that the aircraft, must have been at the manual, control, during the initial, left, turn, as the bank angle or inclination, of that turn must be on the limits of the autopilot, subsequent. Turns however could have been either manual, or automatic but, for the autopilot to have made these course corrections, someone, with a requisite, knowledge must.

Have Programmed it to do so the, only other alternative is. That the aircraft was in fact on the manual control. In. Late, June of 2014. Several, news outlets reported, that the special investigation. Had identified the captain, of flight 370 as, a prime, suspect a search, of the captain's home went uncovered a flight simulator which, supposedly, contained, a suspicious, route which, ended, in the southern Indian Ocean, at. The time there was no official, acknowledgement, that such a route had been recovered and a lengthy, public, report issued by the Malaysian government in 2015. Made no mention of such a discovery then. In 2016. Confidential. Documents, pertaining to a forensic, examination, conducted by the Royal Malaysia police in, May of 2014 was. Leaked to the media these, documents, made it clear that such a route had not only been recovered, but thoroughly examined, soon, thereafter the Malaysian government confirmed. The existence of this simulated, flight path and this, is, what it looks like. It. Should come as no surprise that, many regard, this as damning. Evidence of, premeditation. But. According to investigators. It is not quite so evident, the, data recovered, consists, of seven coordinates, -, in Kuala Lumpur. -. In a strait of malacca. One. In the bay of bengal and. Two. In the southern indian ocean the. Data was reconstructed. From a file that had been automatically. Generated, and saved by the simulation, software, a month, before the incident however, it's, not clear whether the coordinates, originated, from the same flight session, in, other words it might not be correct to simply trace a continuous, line between these seven coordinates, as they could be from separate, sessions, the. Forensic, examination, by the Royal Malaysia police simply. Concluded, no, activity, captured, conclusively. Indicates any kind of premeditated. Act pertaining, to the incidents of mh370. Even. So the similarities. Between the, simulated, routes and the presumed, route of flight 370, directly. Influenced, the search operation, Australian. Investigators, considered a possibility, of someone deliberately, extending. The range of the flight by, gliding the aircraft, of the fuel exhaustion if. So the plane could have travelled an additional, 200, kilometers. Alternatively. The range could been reduced, by a controlled ditching prior, to fuel exhaustion while. Ultimately deemed unlikely these, two scenarios did, affect, a search effort. If. The, captain steered, fly 370. Of course with intention, of crashing, in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean his, motive, is an even greater mystery. Sahara, Ahmed, Shah was 53, and married, with three children he. Had more than 18,000, hours of flight experience and, a spotless, track record, investigators. Found no evidence of, financial issues, and his monthly expenses, before the disappearance, indicated. Nothing unusual he, had no history of mental illness nor, had he displayed any recent, changes in lifestyle, or behavior, he. Was raised on the island of, Penang, which has led some to speculate, the flight second, turn to the southwest, of Penang was, the captain getting a final, view of his hometown some. Believe a hijacking, could have been politically, motivated as, a hari was an avid supporter of a democratic opposition leader, who was sentenced to five years in prison mere, hours before flight, 370, to call others. Point to unconfirmed, reports, of marital, issues but, this is contradicted.

By The official, investigation and, disputed. By family, members, the. Only real inconsistency, noted. By the final, report is that the captain failed to repeat the assigned radio, frequency, during the last verbal, communication. It. Would have been standard, procedure, to repeat, the assigned frequency, as the captain had correctly done a few minutes prior. Whether. This omission is indicative of anything but a mistake is, anyone's, best guess, by. All accounts captain. Zaharie was an affable and well-respected, pilot, who was passionate about aviation as, evident. By the photos, and videos, he shared on social media hi, everyone. This is a YouTube, video that I made, as. A, community. Service. The. Copilot, was found to be even less conspicuous. Fariq. Abdul Hameed was, only 27, and due to marry a fellow pilot he, had nearly 3,000, hours of flight experience although. Only 39. Hours in this type of aircraft much. Like zaharie Fariq, had no financial mental. Or interpersonal, issues of note nor, was there any evidence of conflict, between the two of them some. Questioned, the plausibility, of a pilot instigated, hijacking, due to the apparent lack of interference. By the other pilot, well, when Ethiopian, Airlines flight, 702, was, hijacked by the copilot, in February, of 2014 he, did so by merely waiting, for the captain to take a bathroom, break before. Locking the cockpit, door behind him the, copilot, was then free to divert to Italy bound flight to Switzerland to, seek asylum. The. Only noteworthy piece, of evidence in regards to the copilot, of life 370, is his, phone you, see when the confidential, documents, were leaked they also confirmed another long circulated. Rumor namely. That the cell phone tower had briefly established, a connection with an iPhone, 5s belonging. To the copilot as flight 370, approached the island of Penang according. To investigators, it was not a phone call as has been widely reported by the media but, merely an automatic. Location signal, why. This information was, omitted from public, reports, we. May never know. So. What is want to make of all of this on the one hand the simulated, flight path seems, suspicious on, the other it is difficult to cast any substantial, doubt on either of the two pilots character, it is, equally, difficult to, deny a hijacking, is consistent. With the available evidence then. Again were missing, some quite major in literal, pieces, of evidence the, final.

Report Issued, by the Malaysian government in 2018, could, not attribute, the loss of communication nor. Diversion, of life 370, to a malfunction. Instead. It is believed, that someone manually, manipulated, the aircraft, and its systems, for instance investigators. Believed SATCOM, was manually, disabled, by a sudden, and prolonged, interruption. Of power then. Once power was restored the terminal simply, rebooted. Likewise. The alterations, in handing are believed to be the result of manual, inputs, with. That being said that, the uncertainty, of these findings, are repeatedly, emphasized, due to the limited evidence available and, the report does never explicitly, state, the flight was hijacked in, fact, no real conclusion, is reached. Both. The Malaysian, and Australian. Government, agreed at fly 370. Crashed in the southern Indian, Ocean but, at the cost is indeterminable. Without the wreckage the location, of which has managed to elude some of the foremost aviation, experts in the world as well, as an impressive arsenal, of cutting-edge technology, for more than half a decade authors. Aviation. Experts and independent, investigators, have all chimed in to offer their own thoughts, and theories as, to the nature of the crash in the location, of the wreckage some. Believe there was no crash but at the aircraft was shot, down by an American, naval base in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the satellite, transmissions, were then supposedly, forged, as, part of a massive cover-up, others, believe the aircraft, turned right towards, India and traveled as far north as, Kazakhstan. Completely. Undetected. Debris, was then supposedly, planted, along shorelines of southeastern, Africa as part of a massive cover-up, another. Theory suggests the aircraft, was remotely, hijacked. And, rolled by someone on the ground while. Bowing in other companies have experimented, with technology, that would allow for an aircraft to be remotely, controlled no, commercial, airliner, is known to be outfitted, with such a system. Nonetheless. Conspiratorial. Side the assumption at fly 370, flew in a straight line and, at the constant, speed of the turning left towards the southern Indian Ocean might, simply, be incorrect. In, early, 2018, a, French team of independent, investigators. Proposed an alternate, flight path whereby. An attempted, landing and Christmas, island led to a crash site much further north, than, the region identified, by the official, investigation. While. A surface, search of this area was conducted, about a week after the disappearance. The. Underwater, face never, reached this, far north. As. Of. The making of this video the search operation, has been suspended, but, there have been talks of potentially, resuming, the search for. Now it seems the, vanishing, of life 370, will, remain, a mystery.

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I'm pretty sure the pilot committed suicide, the plane passing through his home town after the detour is a dead giveaway. To all those thinking the pilot didn't show signs of any change prior to the flight, I once became suicidal and no one knew it not even my family, I had come to my hometown to bring my life full circle, even hours before the night I had planned my suicide I went to my aunt's and no one suspected a thing, except for my cousins toddler child who kept staring at me. Hometowns are very sentimental for suicidals I guess because people want to bring about a full circle when they die sort of like saying "I never wanted to be born, so I'll kill myself by my accord where I was born without"

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See you in 3 months

your video is dope,,,,, in a certain way, and it made my aviophobia strikes back again!!thanks! i might need a shrink for this now!

Try to redo top 10 about portal but try to get some new information

My question is: -Why didn't any of the passengers do anything ? They must have noticed the sharp turnes and flight taking longer then it should. Why didn't they call anyone for example ? It might be a stupid questions but maybe someone knows the answer.

Didn't they find the black box from this flight? Maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Great video LEMMiNO! loved the simulations :)

what if one day far in the future this plane suddenly appeared and landed. all people on board still alive and at the same age as a result of time travel

Why doesn't this dude have more subscribers?

What an interesting topic, let's see if in another couple of years this mystery is solved.

Half the comments are about how LEMMiNO is back and not about the vanishing of the flight..

Great Video, keep this stuff up. I'll be waiting for more quality content!

Holy shit news channels in Singapore are STILL chasing theories and false leads on MH370 its damn scary

Yay he's back

That’s 140 people on board

I love the quality of this video.

Detta är så löjligt bra! Fortsätt så!

why is there no top 10 facts 2019

do my essays lmao

you seriously need to be more recognized by others, your work has always been a treat for everyone to watch and enjoy, and when you said "lengthy" and how much data you recovered from it, just shows how much work you've put in to them, keep up the nice line of work man!

Yes new vid

Top quality content here. Thanks for your effort.

Hey bro watch yo jet.

They should Air this on TV.... oh wait... Nobody watches TV anymore.

his videos are literally elite and sharp and just beautiful to watch ♥️♥️

and he is back!!! lemmino we missed u!

literally the best channel my eyes ever saw on youtube ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


There's so much I've now learned about this disappearance that no amount of traditional media articles and news coverage could've ever provided me with. Thanks as always for these wonderfully researched videos.

what about plane black boxes? do these just stop existing sometimes? all seriousness though, i thought they always emit a signal??

Pilot: Haha watch me do a donut spin Co pilot: Pilot: Pilot: shit, the steering wheel broke.

Watching this a few days before a flight... This feels like a mistake.

4:02 tf, whos man did that

I got No notifacation


Been here since his name was top10memes lol

Your thumbnail looks more innocent than what the video is about.

Only LEMMiNO could make a video this great. Absolutely loved it man, great as always!

I think flight 370 crashed because the pilots heard someone in the cabin playing It's Everyday Bro. The pilots got a mental breakdown followed by seizures and death. Leading for the plane to keep moving on the autopilot and exhausting it's fuel.

Lemmino: *releases plane vanishing from malaysia* *MALAYSIA FANS HAVE JOINED THE SERVER*

Amazing video right there! keep up the good work!

This is called a successful hijack

The Location Based Service that connected to the pilot's phone was probably him looking on Google Maps, trying to find his old town or street from the air.

A new video from lemmino is always exciting

im from malaysia

As a Malaysian watching this from Kuala Lumpur...

I closed Latina for this .

Yes this incident

Just as i thought Monday couldnt get any better LEMMiNO uploaded :))

I work at Ubisoft and I would want this guy to make a documentary about behind the scenes here (including all dem secrets xD )

Lemmino’s voice is the ultimate clash between relaxing and eerie

Your videos dude, they make me happy. No matter how dark the subject material is, they just light up my day. Keep up the good work

Meticulous research combined with amazing editing. Another typical LEMMiNO video :))

All those people... just... gone...

I still remember this story because I’m a malaysian. And this is one of the most infamous mysteries I’ve known

I can't express how much I absolutely love this channel. Every upload is like an event.

AYYYYY a new video! thank you so much!

I was literally on a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia when you uploaded this...

the way you say Perth and break your accent is so weird

See you all next year everyone...

Why is there a delay for the captain to remember the name of his plane ? 19:00 This delay is consistent in numerous occasions 1:21 2:06

Being an aviation geek i can tell u there is nothing abnormal in that. listen to other atc recordings and u will see many pilots like that

+Ben Close It is almost as if he had some other higher priority or he was distracted, this is pure speculation of course ! Maybe that's how he is in all his flights

Abhinav M Good spotting! Could be either he’s nervous or oxygen deprived.


A great video with extraordinary quality!

Whats up orang Malaysia


What about the semiconductor company that lost more than 10 experts (and co-owners) and the only remaining owner was alive on land ...


Jag älskar dig

Plot Twist: They stole the plane, took it somewhere else and sold it

this is the type of thing where your imagination is the limit when theorizing what happen

Just lemmino

_Lemino uploads a documentary_ Youtube recommendations *_im gonna pretend I didn't see that_*

Helios aircraft depressurized. Hmm

i love u

Seven seventy seven

Lmao why is this trending in gaming? Regardless, amazing vid as always

Welp see you again in 6 months i guess


Ååh fan vad man har saknat content ifrån dig hhhh

IMO the plane was deliberately vanished and the search budget was marked up so it "really did missing without chance of finding".

Well we all know if we do not get paid.... W E . D O . T H E . W R O N G . S T U F F

This is the best channel in YouTube, keep up with the good work!

Simply brilliant.

You’re voice soothes me

Quality and hardwork put in the video is amazing!


FINALLY A NEW VID I was from the top ten memes days and recently if you make a vid it just makes me so excited because i know it will be amazing

The quality in your videos, man I can’t describe it

Imagine finding the black box of this plane.

18:52 If this was the only anomaly with the captain's behavior and a hijacking is one of the most probable causes of the crash, couldn't this be him trying to give the air traffic controller (and also to have an audio record since he knows its all stored automatically) a hint of abnormal behavior? And since many of the failures of equipment were most likely caused by human intervention and the experts themselves say it could only be compromised by a person with good aviation knowledge, I think the hijacker could potentially be the engineer guy at 12:04 , who was also a suspect but wasn't analysed in detail by investigators. It would also explain why locating the plane would be so hard since he knows the most about probes.

the question is who get the benefit if all passenger died or missing and never found again? yeah we know.. but without evidence its impossible. Edit : if they use MKUltra then there will be no evidence. Deep mind project..


Holy shit, your video quality keeps increasing!

Y is it 50 on gaming trends

I are gay

you should have your own tv channel.

The best YouTube channel

LEMMiNO's videos always make me feel like a detective when I'm laying my fat ass on my bed

RIP crew and passengers.

The underwater audio recordings gave me chills.

The plane at the start wasn’t even a 777 but anyways great video

This may be a seriously dumb theory, but throughout this video I kept on thinking that maybe they tried to go to space, but failed. Because first of all, when the flight reached their maximum altitude at 58.200 FT (14:09) , they did that huge drop in around one minute, because the flight wasn't able to fly higher. And as a captured it, the pilot was around socialmedia, maybe in some kind of way, like using the deep web, he had managed to contact people and told them about the plan, therefore the passengers using fake passports, which also is connected to the deep/dark web. This is just a thought of mine, but maybe it is something we can take further, it may be worth keeping in mind. Great video though as always! Keep it up!

my aunt friend was in that plane rip to my aunt friend;(

This Channel has come along way from meme videos

*It is already the end of the video?*

Mysteries are the best, I’d be glad if you made more! Also, +1 sub.

The only thing that kind of goes against hijacking/suicide is the fact that the passengers and crew apparently didnt react to it. Im assuming the flight crew and the cockpit stay in close contact so having little response will cause alarm and having the flight time extend the original perceived flight time to Beijing could also cause alarm. But you cant say anything with certainty

Prolly bad comments at his youtube videos made him suicidal.

God man I enjoy your vids. Plus your voice is soothing and just so calm.

Professional video . As a Chinese , I really appreciate what you've done.

I still believe someone shot down the plane and refused to admit it due to a potential deadly mistake (mistaking it for a hostile aircraft) or human error during the search (someone overlooked a critical detail). There is no way an aircraft can go missing in this day and age.

Love your vids can have enough

For those who were wondering why the copilot's location was transmitted onborad. So, the copilot's phone transmitted an automated location signal in which wouldn't be affected by airplane mode. Even in airplane mode, the phone would still emit quick transmissions in certain peroid just to make sure the phone is traceable by the authorities etc or just lets say your phone and data including your location is not really your own, even when your phone is turned off, as long as the battery installed.

Since the investigation is suspended, it's a great opportunity to for the enthusiasts to try to solve this mystery by themselves. They can succeed and as Einstein once said a problem created with a mindset cannot be solved with the same. A new perspective might help this problem. I wonder what was told to the family of the passengers. Did the airline declared all passengers to be dead or not.

the simulated flight path from his flight sim to him somehow "forgetting" to repeat the frequency as protocol dictated I feel as if the captain was playing a larger role in this mess, the investigators found something but subsequently covered it up by order of the higher ups and everything is charted to remain a mystery

11:35 BUT THEN...

aye nice to see the place I live popping up every once in a while, the most isolated city in the world, Perth city.

I made this comment on another video bu this is my theories so far (please comment what you think and why or why not any of this is valid) the only "non malicious" possible theory i've got is the fire theory, causing a power out and causing them to fly out to sea but that theory is flawed IN may ways. For example the "rebooting" of the satcom system and the two turns rater than one. my best theory is one I commented on a previously seen video and is as follows. definitely with you on this one because the first maneuvers the plane makes are way too intentional looking I think we might even be able to piece together a guess of a story as the plane flies past his house he realizes his fellow pilot is in the restroom (or otherwise occupied (or he wacked/incapacitated him)) he makes a split second decision to end it(thinking split second as there was no evidence he planned this at all as the police looked at his personal flight sim records), also realizing a radio hand-off would be a great time to "sneak away". he turns the plane out to sea in a an attempt to get out of radar and ground visibility range and pulls the transponder/transmitter breaker out to kill it. he then proceeds to direct the plane out to ocean and sets the autopilot to that heading. he then proceeds to de-pressurize the cabin, suffocating everyone, so nobody could break down the cabin door(hence the un-answered satellite phone calls(there is a phone in the passenger cabin)), leaving the plane to fly on autopilot. After 7 hours of flying the plane runs out of fuel and power to the whole plane is cut, cutting power to the satellite beacon. This causes the plane to switch to emergency batteries and the apu is started(thee is an auto start feature for the apu right?), this causes the satellite beacon to re-boot sending a login request. The plane hits the water moments later and sat communication is lost. Q couldn't the other pilot or passengers broke down the door to regain access, and dosn't the other pilot have the key/code? ever since 9/11 pilot/cockpit doors have been extremely well reinforced.I would take a significant amount of time to break it down, and the other pilot might have been incapacitated in the cockpit

Wherever the plane ended up, I'm so sad for all the families that lost their loved ones aboard this flight :( And all for what? If it was a hijacking, where is everyone?

Where have you been???

so aliens gotcha

...after a century.... He has uploaded, the legend has uploaded.

dude the fact that the mistery is unsolved really triggers me


For my birthday, I wished that we would uncover the mystery of flight 370 ._.

The MH370 may have found 2 suspicious conclusion rn, it is that the terrorist attack and the pilots, somehow that the satellite had capture the plane that its flying to the Africa and it dissappear all sudden


Absolutely amazing quality.

Nice documentary. Thanks very much top 10 memes

i live in Malaysia and i really sad about those kid who is waiting for their father that never come back to their home , the incident happen when i was 12 damn its 5 year from now on.. feelsbadman

Can someone provide the name of the narrator? I like the accent.

Great work!

it was alien. bermuda triangle enlarged

Pilot took that plane into the ocean full throttle.

Bro they got isekai’d in mid air

Oceanic Flight 815 ........

I think this is the only content on yt that deserves pay to watch because it's so well made



They fell asleep

Alright, this must be the best-made video on YouTube.

not just humans get vanished even planes get vanished, wow thanos...

_Obviously one of the pilots fell into lava in Minecraft and went into a fit of rage_

What a video, ok guys see ya in 1 year


Is it that stupid MCAS thing again?

"Oh boy. I sure do love being a passenger of Malaysian Airlines Flight 730 on the 8th of March 2014!"

Don't say Boeing Seven Seventy Seven again.

It's weird seeing my city's name in one of your vids

That's what baffles me about this. The plane was equipped with an underwater beacon. It's like some disabled it because they would have found the plane before now.

This is why we sub

Oh shit here we go!!!

Its the Black *holes* Fault

Good job

Jesus, i remember the dumb headlines and anchors on CNN talking about the moon but outside of that the story was lost to me with little media coverage.

Fucking Aliens

Oof, Fariq was about to get married. Can it get more heartbreaking?


Gear video

Quality over quantity as always, I love this channel

Amazing video! My condolences are with those on board the aircraft.

Probably got hijacked and then the hijackers crashed it into the ocaen

You never disappoint

Greatest content creator on YouTube. Certainly.

probably somebody was checking their social media, which led to malfunctioning. perhaps more than 1 person was doing it

this fucking video is 5 years old and comments be days old lem must be good videos


hell dude if you just turn off the radars and just fly to the antarctica and calls it a mystery

Top 10 facts Notre dame?

Watching before my early morning flight to Singapore


This animation is beautiful.

you deserve more views my guy

Someone paid these guys to crash the plane, the location signal was send as a conformation and the plane path was already simulated. There was someone in that plane that wanted to be removed.

what are you stupid ? just ask the pilot smh

An interesting tidbit my mum found out through meeting a judge who'd overseen some part of the case, at the evening shindig of our street-party a few years back. _Allegedly_ there was evidence that the plane had flown _upside down_ at some point to block it's transponders from transmitting to earth, as from what I recall the transmitters only sent signals from one side of the aircraft, or something - I don't remember too well myself, she told me this in like 2015. It's possible that would explain the erroneous altitude readings from the Malaysian Military radar - maybe the signals were confused by the aircraft transmitting data in the opposite direction? I know you'll almost certainly never see this comment but it's something weird I thought I should mention. I might ask her again about it, but she doesn't want me telling anyone - apparently that one detail is somehow really important and very hush-hush.

why would she hide this information ? there's literally no reason. unless it was a massive coverup as some independent investigators are claiming. may i ask more detail ? just throw everything you have at us any information is good information

I remember there were speculations about religious motivations one of the pilots could have had. Didn't see this mentioned here, was that BS?

both pilots have arabic names, and btw lemmino's spelling of them is absolutely halarious XD. but if they really had terrorism thoughts why in the world would they sail to the indian ocean ? shouldn't they keep going to china's capital or somewhere else where a terrorist attack would result in MUCH more casualties taking in that china has very low religion percentages and it's one of the most crowded areas in the world. would be a perfect place for an attack if you ask me. so why would they take a 180 degree angle right back to their homeland ?

I guess you can say this is a... Pilot episode

LEMMiNO i have a suggestion for an interesting topic for a new video: the Luther Blissett Project. Not only was it a fascinating mistery, it is probably behind the conspiracy hoax of QAnon which became popular last year. I really hope you see this comment and decide to make a video about it, since unfortunately it's not widely known outside Italy.

Dark Event but Lemmino makes it soothing

I'm guessing part two will be about the Twitter voicemail

high quality shit my man

You need to get on Youtube Premium!

this content is the same level at youtube premium content if you ask me, but for free !

I don't think I should be watching this considering im flying to South Africa today :( wish me luck guys xD

maybe lemmino would make a video about your flight someday XD

Great Video! from Malaysia

Better explanation compare to the Malaysian government.

May as well be a crash with something

Love your work, you always tell everything in detail and your videos are simply perfect!

Yo man, these documentaries are great and all, but um... where is Top 10 Rage Comics - Episode 23?

You take time to post a video But they are worth it and your hard work is clearly visible Btw love your style of talking and editing

hi am a malaysian thank you for making this video.

Its MH370 but thank u

what ? isn't it MA370 standing for MALAYSIAN 370 flight ?

I Love it

Visual animations are amazing

I still want the 2018 top! I don´t care if it´s 5 months late

Great Video Lemmino, what about the passengers in the plane other than the two suspect. There are rumours saying there are phone signal of a few passenger. Also interesting is if the plane is intending to get as far as possible it wouldn't make a ditch after the left turn too.

no time to talk, LEMMINO posted another video


My country bruh We still looking for it

What’s seeking asylum?

you have google, figure it out.

I remember your name when I first sub to you and it is Top10Memes

Remember when I was 9 years old when this happened. As usual, every morning we would play the national anthem, state anthem and the school song. Cause of the event our school didn't raise the flag and play the music. To honor them in the disappearance. The school was kinda quite, a little surreal.

BBC needs to hire you!!!

I don't know how you manage to keep such a good quality. Looking at how much research and attention there is in this video, it's completely okay if we only get one every once in a while :) Hope you still enjoy making videos, because we definitely do!

I am malaysian and I am asian. Rip my people in Flight 370

lol of course you are Asian... cause you are in a country in Asia... *Facepalm*

Rip MaHang SanQiLing

Ayy youre back

They need to add a box similar to the black box but better. They need to make it to where it has its own power, and make it as explosion/water proof as possible.

I know exactly what happened. Message me if you'd like to know.

shit im calling the CIA. why would i message you the cops would take you right out of your house for questioning

How bro

Why didn't they just check the server record then ban the greifer oml, smh, bruh.

This is the greatest mystery in aviation history

Great video ! Love to see you upload

The transponder should never be manually disabled under any circumstances. They need to update this in future models

I think the fact that the pilot followed that route on a simulation is enough proof he did it on purpose

how about mh17? a commercial airline got shotdown months after mh370 disappear seems fishy too

At least my city/state (Perth, Western Australia) got involved in something important

I think the terrorists did some work

oh shit never knew perth had anything to do with it lol. Any perth fam here?

someone literally commented the same thing right next to your comment. go to the comment section and select new until you find him XD

Next vid should be about the Vietnam war.

I'm a Malaysian who have relatives working at the Malaysian Airlines company, it was quite a tragedy and a devastating blow hearing from the employees close up

I feel like the show “Manifest” might be based off of the disappearance of flight 370. If you happen to start watching the show cause of me, you’re welcome

why wont they look underwater

slap a bluetooth tile on every plane


*seven seventy seven* ouch.

If only you posted more often my dude! amazing!

How are people so smart???

Do a Video of MOSAAD please!

does Lemmino just wordplay of Let Me know?

Ahhh yesss. He's back, baby!

Guess I’m not sleeping tonight

Ooh yeah its that time of the year for a Lemmino vid... Great as usual


Why don't they just find the plane?

If your reading this sophisticated seagull you’re gay lol


Good video

Lemmino, the only youtuber I actually go out of my way to pause adblock before I watch a video.

it may not be in our lifetime, but it is only a matter of time until we find the wreckage. just like we did with the french plane

the wreck is GONE. completely disintigrated in the ocean and parts of it floated to shore on multiple beaches all around the indian ocean, satelite pictures showed extreme amounts of wreckege floating around in the area. basically whatever is left of the plain it's now a million pieces

It could be in a parrarel universe and that it might of slip to another universe? (Just a Theory)


F*ck, well I need to stop watching these videos before I go to sleep, cuz I'm too paranoid to sleep now

Wait...Why is this trending on Gaming?

i had goosebumps when hearing to hydrophones

Arthur Curry would have come in handy in this rescue op.

Thanks Lemmino, you finally did this..

You can make every video you make creepy and eerie I like it

Lemmino was seriously born to make videos like these

Your video quilty gives me a boner.

Am I the only person with a giant L on the video when I'm in full screen

Totally unexpected but well appreciated! Also you beat Allec Joshua Ibay to the punch. ;-)

hot dang you'r back!

Do a video on the sinking of the mv sewol case

Probably didnt get a good night's sleep

... I was just thinking about MH370 out of nowhere and u uploaded a video. What is this

What if there was an explosion so silent and huge that nobody can detect the frequency nor see it while it exploded mid air that dissolved almost everything

Watching this as I'm about to board my flight

I think it was the main pilot. Human's behaviors is simply unpredictable.

Better than ac-inv

bring back top 10 unsolved mysteries please!

As always another incredibly produced video essay.

My money's on suicide by the captain.

9/11 documentary next???

Shaggy just didn't like the plane, so he snapped it out of existence.

Christmas Island is that the same place where they were talking about someone saw a plane on Google maps in a jungle

if only we saw this shit in school this shit is entertaining

\what if flight 370 was the plane that traveled back in time and commited 9/11 im sorry

Great, great video. I suspect this mystery will never be solved. Even if, by some miracle, the CVR and FDR are ever found, there will be no answers to be had.

MH370's copilot sounds like Janusz Korwin-Mikke

You're a God

Disappointed you didn't come up with an worn conspiracy theory, that power outage could be alien caused and then transponded to the mothership over the Indian ocean

This is much more interessting and well made than actual documentaries back in the days. Your videos are always a pleasure to watch.

Anyone else just love his accent?

This documentary was a delight to watch and extremely detailed! See ya'll in three months.

This is some X-files shit right here

The Reason MH 370 Disappeared because the Chinese shot it in West Philippine Sea *jk sorry for the joke tho*

Why is this mystery almost similar to the game forest??

Plot Twist.Plane is still flying

That guy looks like ricardo

at least the vid didnt' say we have found the mh370 " i will shit the fk out" cuz its come in media not on tv news or anythin.....good thing ur video is very interesting to watch.....and all details record from the flight were mostly true..........but its the first thing i thought tht it turns to south after indian ocean and i was like "mind blown" im clueless again.......XD

Hey are you still making top ten facts

Amazing video! Great job with the research and effort you put in to make this video. Thank you for making such an engaging documentary!


Very well done!

Amazing video as always

Malaysia Airline: Exist Indian Ocean: It's _free_ real estate

probably aliens

Plz make a videos on law of attraction

As a Malaysian, I think America had hijacked our plane because there is some kind of technology that China bought and is going to Beijing and USA don’t want China to have that technology so they hijacked the plane and go to the military.( sorry for my bad English)

Maybe all of those things happened

Yeah, because I wasn't already scared of flying xD

holy crap this was so good


okay YouTube....i finally watched it and gotta admit it was great!

This is great production!

Breath-taking amount of details! Really astonishing work of research and dedication to create this video. Congrats!!!

I’m sorry, but I still can’t click on a 30 minute, documetary-like LEMMiNO video with out remembering this channel used to be called TopTenMemes.

LEMMiNO I remember you since I was eight years old and I see making amazing videos you make great videos make sure to keep it up.

What makes Lemnino's videos different than the other videos? They always seem to be higher in quality than the rest

What about aliens?

Just your intro gave me goosebumps. Incredible production quality.

my god. Ya tuhan.

You didn’t have to make this into a documentary

I remember when I used to watch you when I was like 7

To be honest, this is one fo the best documentaries about mh370 and he took less than 30 minutes to explain all the stuff. Animations are also solid which makes the viewer to continue watch the video.

What if someone saw Flight 370 from ground crash?

Its why i don't fly with terrorist airlines

I can't shake this sadness off from watching this documentary and finding out that 239 people on board have vanished with M370. So sad. :(

Anyone remember when lemmino used to post rage comics

Twenty-four minutes after months of waiting. But the quality is unique.

Decent Video, but you neglected one very plausible theory; that MH370 had enough fuel to make the Republic of Pakistan and safely landed there. The small parts found were planted in the same way in which you described the Kurdistan theory.

You should be on Netflix. This is brilliant storytelling.

You sound like Gus Fring lmao


this is so sad

what if the REAL aircraft never turned?

What if the signal was heavily modified

I am so scared

Still think the Malaysia gov is hiding things

If more comes up on this topic I think we would all love you to make another video on it. Fantastic video as always, keep it up.

min 2:31 moment MH370 vanishes (I believe it was a UFO abduction) min 4:00 Military radar no longer tracking MH370, rather a UFO.

Happened during my birthday while watching the movie Non-stop about plane hijack and I'm malaysian

I bet you this will cause better technology to be developed for deep sea machinery that can locate and extract planes/ships/artifacts and so on.

Worlds best stealth jet

Tooo sooonn

Some of your best work, your graphics were perfect well done

100,000th like!

5 years ago? I was just 10 when that happened, enjoying minecraft, though i remember seeing this in the news. I never really thought of it.

that 326 like to dislike ratio though...

Great video! The maps really made the events better understood.

Lemmino great video, would love to see a documentary with your style on Ancient Egypt, I think it would be wonderful.

Damn, you make every topic interesting and enjoyable, how?

F*cking aliens dude BET

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