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The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Chicago || Gatekeepers

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My. Buddy Justin, here lost a bit so, that means you're getting something and this should be fun oh man, how, to make the best of a situation that's. The first thing they went to my head. Right. There so, let me break it down for you the past ten years I've, been traveling the world tour, managing artists, and showing them the best spots I know. That, anywhere you go you need that solid connect, we've, taken submissions, from people claiming to have the keys to their city now, we're traveling the country to take them up on their word I'm. Justin, Lezama and this is gatekeepers. So. I've just arrived, here in Chicago, also, known as the Windy City when, you think of the place you think of deep-dish, pizza the, Sears Tower maybe, Wrigley Field I'm, gonna flip it upside down because I don't want to be a tourist I'm here to meet dick Lloyd he, is the founder, and creative director a fat Tiger workshop, a streetwear brand here, in Chicago, I'm depending, on Vic to keep me warm and show me some dope sites. I'm. Big Lloyd been. In Chicago all, my life I know everybody, and everything pretty much I get. These calls all the time of people asking me what to do in Chicago so I know for a fact Justin's gonna love it gonna be fun, it's Chicago the. Right way. How. You doing Justin. Big. Thanks. For having me I haven't been here before so this is a great start, Fat Tiger workshop so this is like our shop boutique creative. Collective this, is like our little accessory, section we're doing like a setup this weekend, we're gonna be doing some custom things, just kind of set up with a heat press and I noticed, some, Japanese, art I noticed some inspirations, coming from a lot of different places we, are heavily, influenced, by tattoo, culture Japanese, culture, like my brain is sensei, I grew up doing martial arts so that's a heavy influence on me yeah just been like trying to put all that stuff into everything, we do the deeper thought with art gives it leverage and it gives it meaning so yeah that's we try to do we try to really have a soul Chicago, is a very blue-collar city so, you know we want to be like footwork and press even better it's, got soul so yeah just in this workshop, room so day, to day usually we have this set up as a classroom, but, we have used this room to do activation, with a movie, we've done it for chances. Charities social works that's. Pretty cool I mean I love the shop but, I want to see the rest of Chicago, and I'm. Hungry hey, no problem I'm about to take you to amazing burger, probably, best burger in the city that's burger in a city yep that's, burger in the state best.

Burger In the state cuz all the best food is in Chicago I believe that was good. All. Right first up I'm taking some one of my favorite spots mini mutt a lot. Of people honk him that's, a real Chicago thing. So. How hungry are you pretty. Pretty hungry okay, so we're gonna do a kind of Big Damn get, my man feed here right so I will, order the MOT burger de bares burger, everything, wings then, we're gonna order to be, small fries you know the secret item. No. Right on can't get a name for the order big. All. Right so my, burger, my burger so, y'all can see it it's. The mop burger there's, no, sauce, II, think. You saw oh well I'd like a gravy on there something yeah. That's. Good I like. That heavily melted cheese. There's. A tiger towel just in Tokyo okay, and, those are popping everywhere yeah, I'm pretty much heavily. Covered with, tattoos when I got one I just started keep it keep. It all going so, you know hopefully we get, tattooed with you on this trip oh yeah yeah. Is. Down this, is the Bears all right. Just. A tasty burger honestly I was expecting, like here's, the cheese beard like this felt like some style to it it's, not like your everyday burgers, to me it's like when I want to take somewhere like it's a special burger. Hmm. I love. Chocolate shakes with burgers. Winners. Almost here but we're gonna drink these milkshakes, like a summer you taste it so that's the off the menu what's up the media this is a the B small fry so it's Jack food carnitas, egg on top some jalapeno, peppers a cup luxurious, egg yolk kind, of let it get in there you know that sauce, is nice mm-hmm, nice choices. These. Are everything like everything so it's got to give the idea like everything, bagel okay, you know. I'll. Put mine into the key sauce oh well that's good now, I can taste that Asian fusion yeah you see it a little bit there with the wind. Some. Guys just it's, just an innate how's everything been you having a good time I really. Love like there's, like little hints like you get to taste fusion, in it but it's not overwhelming if I get on all the food which I found anything very impressive, thank you that means a lot and what what made you hop into burgers yeah so other restaurant, is Mott Street, we randomly, put a burger on the menu someone, challenged us to make a burger it took sauces, that are already on a menu the hoisin. Miso. Butter and, we have to put it all in a burger and it's. Really beautiful. Hence. Mini lots happen, so I mean definitely honors something the food's amazing this is a different part of Chicago that I haven't seen yeah I love it awesome we know we love hosting we love hosting people look at their hands dirty yes the mouth dirty so thank. You. Thank you. When you see that he has some food in his mustache I would think so. Got. It got it yep I'm mustache like I loved, it I think the word of the day is nuanced, all. The food had just enough flavor, to make it perfect. I'm excited to see what he has next, so. Next up I'm gonna take just into a really really cool bar he doesn't know it when you go there they do magic tricks at the bar came wait second a real. Cool spot let's, check it out I guess it's freezing, Oh surprise. You got to figure out how to get in here. Six. Six six six, six not that, working. I. Don't. Know I dialed six-six-six on the phone but, I mean I tried, everything they. Hear somebody talking yeah. I think you hear somebody just. A had no clue how to get in I think, he rang the bell a hundred, and seven times thinking that somebody was gonna let him in. Imagicon. Stole that big nice to meet you sir can I get started for you just look at this three interesting men you got how, Houdini died. Mm-hmm be thinking I think I'm gonna go with the smoke and mirrors I know what I want. And. I'm on the search of just great old fashions, sure yeah, is it good here I got you yeah okay, I think, he's testing, my my, tolerance. Hey. Smoke. And mirrors old, fashioned hey Cheers. Chicago. That's. Smoking how. Are you guys doing I'm good how are you good you wanna help me with some magic yes we do step right up. Now. I don't use trick cards these are real cards it's all sleight of hand all the cards are different and, keep your eye on the card all right there it is who's in the center just see it jump oh it's. Under the box Hey. Lost. In the deck. See. The Box move yeah I did not underneath it inside, this time. This. Is three under, the cup is number four did you see number four. If. I lose this the. Billiards. Ball and the, silver, ball that came out the cup were probably the most impressive I know, Justin, had a good time he's somewhere right now probably, a steal drinking his cocktail, I have, not been to a magic place like this, I found it super cool and unique that you can just roll into a bar and a speakeasy vibe and, just hang out you got some magic, you got some great cocktails.

Thank. You that was a great way to start a night think about the bathroom it was freaky I definitely got a photo in there so everybody come to the Chicago magic lounge you've got to check out the bathroom yes like freaky. Okay. So I got a perfect place for us to eat drink in the night let's. Get it let's go you ready let's go I'm up. All right so I'm taking you to my spot that Dilton wicker park we bout to meet two of my friends Joe, Fresh good cliff Skywalker, has, some good food and drinks, awesome let's check it out. Welcome. To the Delta. I'm. A good Detroit style piece of like right here. Little. Food cuts or dope yeah. I've. Been to Chicago so, many times some, of the best restaurants not, even locally. Or in the country in the world are here I think this is arguably like the best food city they almost spoiled because they get to be like they get to live here and be in this like it's a beautiful thing, I think we wouldn't be where we get in life with wonderful Chicago is like keeping us grounded you know and this speaks volumes, with our entrepreneurs. A lot of guys open up the restaurants, and everything we're like all a big one family whatever. Okay. So. Chicken. Liver mousse phase the, Delta might. Be one, of the best meals I've had in a long time they've, taken everything that is good tamales. Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fries. Like everything they had normally. You'd be like I love this they took it brought, it up a notch just. Like music sometimes, with food I like when I eat food they're in math week that, puts me back into the place no matter how good I'm doing their life how bad I'm doing their life day's gonna have like three successful days I'm on my own or just like I signed a contract or something yeah I try to go to the spots that I had when I were like younger that's why I love Patty Mills so your mother would make me some burgers and just smashing machine bread because she ran out of fun yeah yeah so she'd be like you know some everything. That's. A mess cow honey you could taste the mezcal through everything if you like some smoky, smoky. Yeah. We gotta pass it around like a blunt so, there's like this must draw I'm agree i'ma blow take it.

There. You go get, in there it's, smoking. Royalties. Yeah. Oh hey, guys thanks. For joining me thanks for having me hey you can take the blue one. I. Am. Okay. Drinks, are strong here I've, been drinking I think I drank the fish boat it was four of us by myself so I'm feeling uh, wavy. I, feel. Like we all hit it off we have some good conversations, Vic's crushed on the itinerary I'm. Totally looking forward to tomorrow I'm, cold. Going, back inside. Right. Now we're in Brownsville, you know this like the area I come up in are we going so everybody's, busy talking one of my good friends she runs it wake us up, Melissa. Justin, Justin Melissa yeah that's a nice to meet you have some coffee all right everybody's, busy yeah well I want to test the spot out so I'll definitely do some. Drip so the kool herc and I will have a Pete, Rock cappuccino, okay. You know usually on my day off I get up early and I come over here we, chat it up and we just kind of hit it off when they came to like just talking about music, and stuff I'm fusing, like music, with coffee. The experience, it also featuring, different Roasters, from, different parts of the United States it's kind of like a DJ, setup amazing. Grace' turntables. You know and a microphone, and the records rotate which is really the Coffee Roasters they rotate records, and coffee go well together they, really do thank you you know all the entrepreneurs in Chicago it's a good community man I feel like everybody supports, each other and kind of helps and try to lift up because. Like we all come from like a common place it also helps cuz everything's so quality, everything. Is good is, the best part and this is just you know this is a part of it this is a start like so free Stan hello, ELISA get, her thing off the ground where everybody's, busy Cory was coming up with this concept he, was gracious enough to just kind of let me be a little business in a big business even. Though we make two different types of things potatoes. Coffee, tying, it all together it's all tied together so, let's get some fries hear them clanking around back there that sounds great I'm starving coffee makes you hungry yeah. Looks. Good so, we have a creamy, chicken alfredo free, and in our wing free featuring our boughetto sauce so it's our mouth sauce this looks dope so how does a, Belgian. Dish turn. Into some fusion in Chicago a where does this come from, so, for some of our travels, we bought it back as a concept, and we want to bring the fresh fries but then we want to give it a scale. So we gate was edit proteins. - if you got a Chicago, classics, like the the Wayne freak which is a play. On the mouth sauce and Chicago, and then the creamy chicken alfredo which is a classic this is next-level this, is next-level yeah awesome, man thank you for having us thank you guys thank you. Oh dang, I'm. Not even a big fan of alfredo pretty, good really, good yeah definitely, a good cool tasting salmon. Oh wow. You. Know this church salmon is probably my favorite really yeah, oh good to know yeah, drunk salmon is like real I'm down for jerk anything okay, jerky, you tell her he wants to jerec salmon. I. Mean. The chicken in the salmon cooked perfectly, definitely fool did it get too cool - then we even eaten so much it has been so good but, what do you guys got to do around here you want to like go ice-skating in, Millennium Park not, done that there is this one place I've never been in I always, pass it though and I'm possibly think it's an activity, that we, can do that neither one of us has done before maybe we can put a little wager on it oh I'm, always down for some betting okay.

Who. We the windy Apple the longer you're out here the easier gets I guess yes it does but you said you want to drink do, something competitive, so. How about curling, curling yeah. My, dad's gonna love this all right here we go a good time, Kazu tiger keeping with the tiger thing there you go all. Right it's warm up. Its. Yelling hey gentlemen are you doing I'm fat Justin, Justin, hey Vic nice to meet you you guys ready to curl yes we are all, right step up here don't. Worry you can do this with a beer in your hand hey I'm fine yeah it's. Almost encouraged, perfect so I mean I know it's cold here in Chicago so it makes sense to have some curling outside but what made you hop in on this we have another bar called paddy Long's and, everyone. Would always get excited every four years when curling came on the Olympics we'd all become curling, experts we have this giant beer garden, and we thought how can we possibly utilize, this space in the winter and you. Know the crazier the idea sometimes the better cheers gentlemen feel like you yep thank. You sir all right so you're ready to be competitive we're gonna be competitive well, we've been talking about tattoos, so much I feel like the, winner gets, to pick the losers tattoo, okay, that's easy for because I know I'm gonna win so how sure Hey fine. Let's go. Who. Goes first red, goes first, that's me. That. Might be it oh. Hey. It. Looks like the one that's. Clean. One. Point blue yes. Oh he. Might have got it. Hold. On official, ruling right. I. Know. That we want to do something kind of competitive, so Mia you know just thinking like edge stuff out so I think that this was a good opportunity equal. Ground. You're. Ready for this head to toe. In, the side first. Red. Wins, red. Wins red wins. Good. Game took 3.5 oh. Haha. I got you how's the gay one though okay, this is a good game okay here's first, time curling, is definitely, harder than it looks it was good time I would say, curling, 's equal to, bowling, and better. Than cornhole, I said, it you. Seem like you know you're a good sport a bets a bet it's good that you're gonna honor it a bit that's the least I can do, but hey, I had fun it was worth it you know so where should I get this tattoo I'm. Thinking pinky oh yeah pinky yeah beside. You something. Cute yeah I. Mean. It. Could go different, ways like you know I'm guessing if it's cute, he's not gonna put cut my pinky so I got, that going for me. The, poop emoji. How. Think it's hilarious. So. I'm gonna take Justin to my favorite tattoo shop Great Lakes tattoo one of my great friends runs, the spot it really emerges, the idea of like vintage Chicago, and amazing. Tattoo, art so it's a beautiful place so I can't wait for you all to see I. Didn't. Know your curly me neither, I'm. Obviously great in my. Buddy Justin, here lost a bit you don't seem excited about it I think you know I'm getting Justin's. Getting a poop, emoji. Monkey. Yeah that would be his gift of losing. Because he played like Wow, yeah we're, doing this love you boy. A soft, piece of tissue right there. Man. How. To make the best of a situation that's. The first thing they went in my head looks, very very quick yeah definitely, cute Justin. That's. Right. It. Was hilarious. It's. Like every, time I think about it I just lamp you know but it actually doesn't look bad so you know I feel like he got a cool. One out the way anyway today, I got a poop emoji on my pinky.

And. A. Pretty dope Tiger in my arms but this is a great tattoo experience shops beautiful, oh. It's. Just a tiger tattoo is amazing I got one myself mine's on my hand so you know now, me and Justin Brothers we saw a lot of tigers on this trip Tigers a sign of strength, Chicago is a strong City. Okay. Perfect, I'm glad I got to this show Justin around spots that up near and dear spots to me but also getting the experience some. New things with Justin, so I think it's a part of a, pretty, cool friendship, Vic, crushes. A gate keeper I could, have thought of a better way to have done it and I'm glad you had a great time during, a football energy power of the Pooh okay. Safe. Travels. A mama. Wearing to the airport, Chicago. Is definitely. A city of what-you-see-is-what-you-get. The community, is so honest, everything, they prove they prove themselves first, so you can count on everything being quality, Viktor an awesome job of showing me around to, me the places that I otherwise wouldn't, have found on my own well. There's a little bit brutal but, like, he said and we experienced, it builds character. This. City has, definitely, left its mark on me, literally. This, is gatekeepers, I'll see you in the next city. Subscribe. For some more episodes go to YouTube check me out in Honolulu, Denver, New York.

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this series is so awesome!

The magic bar is corny

I can't stand fusion food. Give me a good burger made with French technique, don't give me alfredo frites. This episode was a boring hipster trip, trying too hard to not be at the touristy spots. I've been to Chicago many times, and they didn't do it justice at all. So many great fun restos, bars, and activities. They hit up none of them. Also, I think the host is hit and miss, but this "gatekeeper" was a fail.

Kimski in Bridgeport- probably the only Korean-Polish fusion restaurant in the country.

Ricobene's, for the breaded steak sandwich

Where are you from?

That burger at mini Mott is really really good

That’s definitely NOT the best burger in Chicago. Definitely... I’d rather goto 5 guys. The best burger in Chicago is au cheval

hipster douchebag

All chavel shits on mini mott


Don't sleep on the root beer float.

Mot burger is the shit I love going there

Well. Chicaago is definitely known as a "food city". Chicago has some of the best restaurants. Atlanta, Denver, etc are not known as "food cities"

Spring, Summers & Fall. But Winters Catch 22 degrees Cold.

It’s not in Chicago but Johnny’s Ice in EP

Got him drunk and tatted after lol

@jmoneymurda THIS

@schaumburgviking THANK YOU

@Jose b

@Jose b When did Des Plaines and River Grove become Chicago? lol

This was a great episode!!! I know some great places to visit when I go back home!!!! All new to me!!! Fat

@Justin Lizama Chicago wasn't built by hipsters.

@Justin Lizama I think you've missed the point entirely.

@Justin Lizama What do you mean by notes? Things about Sofia? About me? About the show?

​@Justin Lizama Thanks for being a good sport. With written comments it is hard to convey tonality and some things might not come out as intended.

@Mike Randolph It is!

@AllMe Music well put. you're cool.

@Justin Lizama lmao thanks for the shout out in your latest video

​@Justin Lizama As far as my recommendations go, I'd stay away from most places that are part of a restaurant group or use buzz words like "chef driven". there's a few local food journalists you can research to begin exploring "local" spots. I specifically recommend you check out immigrant and black owned restaurants; there are plenty of great cooks and people who' get overlooked because they can't afford to rent space in gentrified neighborhoods. The reality is that food media doesn't acknowledge the systemic segregation and racism that touches the food industry from the back of house to the zoning ordinances that make it hard for cooks to earn a living.

@AllMe Music I didn't scroll down far enough.

@Justin Lizama The new American dream is to tax small business owners into oblivion and ruin The American Dream? You should move to Venezuela where the riots are happening so you can get a taste of reality, spoiled rich brat.

That moustache doesn't look ridiculous, Justin. Not at all.

Mike Randolph ever heard of little village? Also dimos has some good pepperoni and vito and nicks is good too

"Drinks are strong here"

Cool stache reminds me of doc. What a beat idea for a series, stuck in chi for a few hrs, guess I'm getting burgers

@Jose b try Giocchinos in bellwood for pizza and Q'S in Berkeley. Both 5 mins from each other and about 10 to 15 from gene and judes.


@Jose b River grove and Des Plaines aren't Chicago!

What about this was special. Dudes hung out in one neighborhood.

It was all north.

furious spoon in wicker park is always a go to, as is sultans market in lincoln park. nothing compares to chicago’s food.

If i was going to do do it the cheap real way. Id go get some tacos on the southside, id take a walk through humbolt park, id get some cheesecake and an egg sanwich at china town, id go to a dive or go play some pool. Id light some weed and drive down lsd at night

Krekel's has the best burgers in the state!

D'e Khan Oh nice!! Explore Chicago! It's an amazing city! I'm born here, live here and will die here! ❤️❤️❤️

Btw, we don't say "Chitown" in Chicago. Only outsiders do.

@Jose Martinez man im an immigrant but still finding some fab places Im from Aus

D'e Khan Thank you! I am born and raised in the city and I have lived all over this great Chicago and I LOVE TO EAT!

@Jose Martinez right on point

Thrillist I need to take you out my MY CHICAGO!! I have some GREAT places in the city to visit!!

Best seafood Goose Island

There are waaaaaaay better spots that those! You need to come to the south side next time

All hipster spots....

meanwhile in CHIberia yes!

@Donald Washington that's one hood to me. All north connected hoods. I'm from the south side. Bridgeport, McKinley, Brighton.....all the same hood.

He took him to six neighborhoods. Logan Square, Andersonville, Wicker Park, Bronzeville, Near West Side and Ukranian Village. If you're from Chicago, you need to get out more. By the way, I'm from The Austin neighborhood so yes, I know Chicago.

Not summer either. Hell is cooler and dryer

Café Colao! On division st. In Humboldt park. Best Puerto Rican breakfast in the country

Obviously you have to hit up the Rainforest Cafe on Clark

this guy has a very punchable face

Took a girl on a date to the magic lounge. She loved it

Wtf???... Naw... Those new hippie joints... Go back to the burbs bro

Yo next time you come to chicago you gotta check out the pizza at little ceasers

I dont know what it is but chicago just doesnt seem fun to me. Like what do you do in the winter? just go eat and drink? I dont know why, just doesnt appeal to me.

Italian Beef and gyros!!!! NICKS DRIVE IN on Harlem and Touhy will put almost any gyro joint to shame nationally!!! and you cant beef ALS or PORTILLOS!

It's a known fact the best food in Chicago is in the Southside. A shame you missed out on a breaded steak sandwich from Ricobene's, chicken from Harold's, tacos from el milagro, seafood from el Veneno, Korean from Daebak. You'll be back!

Lame ass card tricks lmao

What spots ? Im always looking

With your logic, the 100's are in your hood as well, right?

Johnnies is the spot!!!

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