The Ultimate Bridal Business Blueprint - Step 1 of 9

The Ultimate Bridal Business Blueprint - Step 1 of 9

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Hey. Guys welcome, welcome. Welcome welcome, spiral business, TV. I am your host dawn, rose today's. Video. Is the first of a nine part, series I'm. Doing over the next three weeks called. The ultimate. Bridal, business. Blueprint. And I'm going to take you through, the. Blueprint. That I use, every, day to build, my wedding, business and it's, come, from, the. Years, of experience that I've had and also what's, working right now when it comes to building a successful business obviously when, I started, way, back when there. Wasn't all YouTube. And, Facebook and. Instagram, but, I have. Created a, blueprint. To. Take you through. Starting. Your, business and then being able to, build. Your business up. As. As quickly, or, as slowly, as you want to do so. And. Welcome everyone to the training, I'm just gonna let facebook do its thing I'm gonna do my checks make sure everyone can hear me so, if you are coming, on please say, hello. I would love to hear from you say good morning to you it's a very dreary, day here, in Melbourne Australia and. We've. Gone from it being like really bright and sunny yesterday and then outside. Right now there. Are a few dark clouds, around, so it's a pretty miserable. Um, but today, I want to take you through my. Blueprint. For. Creating. Successful Bridal business, I'm gonna switch over to my. Screen, as, well so I can share with you you can also get a copy of the. Ultimate, Bridal business, blueprint, if you actually type in the words in the comment box hey. Barbara how are you if you actually type the word blueprint. In the comment box. Then. You, can, hey Doug good morning then, you can get a copy you'll get a message. With a link to. Be. Able to download the, blueprint as well so it's a nice. Heavy, work, Brooke Burke it's about I'm. Gonna say 12 to 15 pages of. Blueprint. Of creating. About a business so you should love that guys so, watching, on the replay, still. Stands. If you type in the word blueprint. Into. The comment box below this video, next this video wherever I am on your screen, type, the word in blueprint and it will, get. Your details from you and you can have the blueprint, sent to your inbox, alright. So, I'm. Thinking that we are live and we are good to go this morning so. Today, I want to just take you through the. Beginning stages I. Wanted to show you the blueprint, I want to explain, to you what it's about I want. To show you my money, roadmap. As well as to how we move up, how. We move up my pyramid my as. A hey Tina morning down I. Want. To show you how we move up and the. Pyramids. To be able to, make. More money in our business, and we'll get to, then a position, where actually.

My Friend Tina here is on where you are actually being able to recruit staff and you're able to expand, your business and be able to go, into premises. And things like that so good we all have to start from somewhere and so this blueprint, is designed to get you from where. You are right now so those of you that are even new to the industry never, even done weddings before this is totally for you for, those of you who have been doing weddings maybe for a while but you're not quite, seeing, the. Traction, that you really, really want in your business it's not quite, taken, off for Sabah do it is one word dialed blueprint, is one word just. In. Small letters it should just send it to you does, that mean oh hey Melissa, good morning. So. Just let me know guys that should just automatically, send you a message a message a, message with. A link and then, you can um you, can, get put pop your name and email address in and I can email it across. To you. So. Let me know that that that. Happens, that. Should work alright awesome I did test it last night so she should, be working fairly well, alright, the first thing I want to do is I'm gonna I'm gonna go on to the blueprint now so when I switch, on my screen. And. You. Can then. See. The. Blueprint, itself, so, let's bring it up on my screen. And. That's, flick, you guys over. Alright, so, you should, be able to see where I am here this is what it's going to look like, and. This. Is my. Blueprint. Now some of you may be familiar with there, some of you probably seen it before um. Most. Of you. For. Those of you that are, already in my become a bride magnet program this is gonna be a very simple. Very familiar, site to you because this is what I use to, write my program but, basically. It is called. Become, a bride record the reason why I call it becoming a bride magnet is because I feel, like right. The beginning of our business, we're kind of new, not knowing where we are and, you. Know we're not quite, attracting, Brides continuously. The right there knots kind of sticky and the thing with the magnet is that's really strong so it's it's pulling, us towards them so and I. Created. This kind of roadmap of this, blueprint, to. Take you guys through but. What. People most of the time they don't realize is is that when they are creating. A business they kind of do things a little bit haphazard and, what, you need to understand, is that without the fundamentals. Without the foundations. Of your. Just. Make that a little bit bigger without the foundation of. Your. The. Fundamental. Sides of growing your business like, for example, your sort of branding, and you, know you're identifying, your target market your bride target, market et cetera without, all of that the rest of it is. It's, no good to you because you, need that solid foundation, basically. 80%. Of what we do in our business starts.

With, That foundation, right I, think you can probably see my cursor. Moving on the screen there but this bit here this first three steps of my. Blueprint, my. Students, need to will need to spend eight percent of their time really. Getting this really now in this because the rest of it comes easy once you really, understand, your bride you really know who it is that you're targeting. And. Everything. In your business goes towards, that one bride everything, else falls into place everything, else comes, easy, so. Let me just walk you through the, blueprint, and then I want to just talk today a little bit about dream. Brides and how we find our dream brides and sort of how we target them but I've. Split this up into three. Parts and I've used this kind of. Relationship. Analogy. Just because it's kind of a because we're talking about no, attracting, Brides but also because I want to show you that there is a relationship, that, we all have with. Our customers. Now. I'm, just going to. We. Want seconds. Overlay. It's it's a panic I've got here. Now. I know. That you guys can't. See. Me at the moment. Just. Trying to see if I can get my cell phone to screen but maybe not. Alright. Never mind you. Don't need to see my face okay, alright, so I split up into these three sections so we've got the first section, is what. I call dating, so you know how when you first meet someone and you're really getting, to know them you're getting to know what, they like and what they don't like and you're, just really just trying to find your feet with that person, and it's the same in business we need to get to know our customers. We need to get to know our. Brides if we don't know, them if we don't really. Start. To understand, our customers, then you know you can't build a relationship with. Them so we need to and all you build a relationship it doesn't work right it's the same in in, in life so. When we're looking into, our business, the first thing we need to do is we really need to know who it is that we're going into business with do we like these brides are, we going. To be able to achieve the, looks that they want every single time is this, bride right. For after we right for them do we you, know to ask as much now I know that, if you're says all you know I can do any hair and I can do any makeup, look and that's great I know that we, all can we're all trained to do any makeup, look that anyone. Wants us to do but the problem. Is is that when you're trying to please anyone. And everyone you have a very, very unclear. Brand you have a little bit of this a little bit of that doesn't make any sense so you need to build a foundation, with. Your clients, really get to know these brides and date, them right really, learn and understand, about the client that you are loving. Working with and you can you know look after so well and that they're going to then tell everyone. Who. You are what, you do and why, they should, put cute that's all going to come from this first, part of really understanding, and knowing your, bride and then being able to mirror. That in your business now the second, part I go I talk, about that as being you know unknown, - then stop creating that bowels around ourselves right this like that really oh yeah they're great or we found, a little bit more about that business you know you start, creating it a name for yourself now.

The Second, part is engagement, so obviously, we're starting to get a bit more serious, with our business and our brides because, we, really understand, who they are we've already done that the hard part the dating, part date is always hard right got a kiss a few frogs frogs, before you find your prince and everything you, know so we've done a lot of dating we've we've worked them out but now we're in the serious, side of things we're thinking to ourselves right I really. Need to become engaged with. My Brides right I really need to start communicating with. Them they need to know that, I am the one for them and you, know they're the ones for me and this is where we change our mindset here, because we go from being a, freelancer. Which, there is nothing wrong with being a freelancer. But we go from being a freelancer, as in people giving us work to, becoming a business owner where we're actually going out onward getting work for ourselves and this is probably another. This. Goes in in turn in this way because you, know once you understand, your bride and you know your bride you then know how to. Communicate, with them right if we haven't done our homework first we haven't got to know them we don't know anything about them how are you going to communicate. With these guys how you're gonna become engaged with them on social media how you're gonna become engaged with them when, it comes to your email, marketing how are you going to engage them to actually, look at your website you. Know be. Interested. In the things that you do and you sell, but. You need to do, this this is all about changing. That mindset of, I'm not I'm no longer waiting for work to fall in my lap I'm gonna create this business and I'm going to make money doing it, so. Engagement, being, that second, part the, second step, in. Our in the whole process, of you know becoming this bride magnet, is really, really. Important. To know that you have to then get serious, about getting serious with your business now. The last part, marriage. It's. Kind of like the happily, ever after, of the business it's, about going from, then. Season. Almost so having that seasonal flow of clients, where your booking Brides possibly. With. In. In those peak seasons, to actually, becoming, what I call a bride magnet, where you are always. Attracting. Brides you're, having that revolving, door prize where one bride leaves and you've got another one in its place next year so, that sort of marriage part that's all to do is how, everything, looks how it all ties together so, is, my is. My branding, on Pine Point and is it reflecting.

Over Everything, that I do in my business is it reflecting, over my, website over my social media am i creating, content. For my Brides that's going to be relatable, to them that matches my brand and that attracts more brides and then, eventually. Once, I've got that sorted, and everything else is in place and I'm actually, in a really good place everything, is going well now, it's time to put some money behind my business and I'm ready to, now build, more. Momentum. By. Actually, doing things like advertising and, so many stylists. I see they, try to, kind. Of run. Before they can walk so they go I really need to brides I'm gonna run some ads and then wonder why it doesn't work and, it's because they haven't done the basics first so you need to look at. Doing. Each, step. Or each oh I pulled it up a pillar but. The dating, comes first you're, getting to know them then engagement, getting serious, and then the marriage is like, keeping things going having, things ticking over this is what you concentrate, on once you've got everything set up in the first two major parts, of your business then. You can concentrate on, social, media and you know driving, people, to your website and looking at getting, more. And more brides coming, through the door, alright. So that is my blueprint, in a nutshell what I'm going to do is I'm going to take you guys. Step-by-step, through this so today we're going to talk about our. Dream brides and then with each day we're going to talk about each part of the blueprint so I can walk, you through what, it means to be able to create your business, now, when I move further down again, this isn't a blueprint if you guys want a copy of the blueprints, you can just use the word blueprint, in the comment box or you can go to Bridal. Business school com4 it's a blueprint. Now. Let me go back to my sheet, I'm just gonna scroll down here so there's a whole thing about how to use the roadmap and everything but I want to just come. Down here, and. I just want to bring up one screen this bit here so this is another thing I want you guys to be aware of it's my profit. Roadmap. Now you can see I've had this around for a while because it's still under Dawn's Bridal army over there, so guys you know that you can find everything. At Bridal business school calm now but I've, been teaching this for a while inside of my programs, because it, really, helps, stylus understand. Where. They are one. Of the fundamental. Things that they need to, move, forward, and. Perhaps. What the things are that are holding them, back so. If, we look at the, bottom, layer of my pyramid, I call it pens over time is kind of like you know sticking, her knowledge ease here I'm. Calling it pin so, basically, this is where you. Have maybe just started. In your business you. Are, maybe. A little bit unknown, you, are you. Know you're you're, on the right path you know that you're loving weddings but you're not really doing enough right now so you're kind of calling it alive so you're doing maybe one wedding month this might be for those of you who, literally have just started, in, business and. You haven't been going very long so you just think yeah I love doing weddings this is definitely something for me but now where, do I go from here. The. First thing you need to do is really define, so this is about that step, 1. 2 3 in the blueprint, so it's that dating, pew you really have to define, your. Brand. Guys. In. Fact this is probably more, steps 1 & 2 you want to define your brand you need to clarify who. You are as a person you, need to clarify who.

You Actually want to attract, in your business if you guys need help with that you know you can take, my quiz and you can go to Friday business school com4 slash bride, try, but and you, can take. The quiz and it will tell you the type of bride that you attract start there. Then start learning, all about that right so you have to clarify in. Your mind in your business who it is that you're going to attract like I said you try to attract, every single bride out there you're not going to have a very succinct brand, when. You find your flow you'll start to realize that the bride you attract maybe, one specific, type of bride mainly, but you'll attract certain elements, of other types of brides and we'll talk about that in just a sec all. Right so you need to define once you've defined you'll then find it once you've defined your bride a little bit more and you're starting to realize who it is that you're attracting your business you're going to move up and you're, gonna start to to strive to, be better because you're gonna start to get a little bit of kicked into these weddings, okay, and. I call that sticky tape so we're kind of you know we're getting a little bit better than just a pin that you can just pull out you know we're we're kind of sticking to Brides a little bit now but. What. Happens here is that you. Kind of start to feel maybe a little bit. Overwhelmed. And frustrated so you feel like why. Is that that I am getting a few Brides but I'm still not getting enough it's still not enough for me to make a living on it's still not enough for me to you. Know quit my full-time job which I know a lot of people would love to be able to do this full-time but they just think I need a day job I need to be able to earn money because you. Know three weddings a month is not enough now. For you guys what you need to do is really plan, so. This is in kind of step three of the blueprint, step three is all about being able to map your business out what. You'll probably find, is is that you need to get clear on what it is that you're providing, for your brides and how. You can, make more, money doing, that and they'll talk to you about that in, video. Three, and, a. Three-wheel. It will look at a plan, for. You to, not, just have. A bride and book them in for 12 months time and earn money we're gonna look at how we then fill in the gaps right we need to map out your business, and your services, and your products so. That you'll always kind, of sell it without. Being sleazy, without, being salesy. Alright, moving. On once, more we then get to a point where you start surviving. So what. You'll find after a little while, you know what I'm doing pretty well I've defined my brand I am attracting. A good amount of brides but you're. Probably going to be finding that your profit, might be regular now some of you will I'm thinking most of you watching this video um.

Thinking. That most of you that even read the blueprint, you're going to identify with. One of these three, areas. So. Some of you may be doing a good 10 weddings and lunch he might be doing okay you might be earning, a reasonable. Wage maybe it is the full-time thing that you're doing but, what. You may be finding here, is is that you're not able to get past it so you're still a one-man band rate, maybe or you're yourself and you sometimes contract, in another a hairdresser, another makeup artist to work with you but you're probably at this point still, thinking, to yourself oh I can't, do any more than what I'm doing right now because, there's not enough hours in the day or, I don't have enough weekends, available. Or you, know I'm double booked as much as I can be and what. You're probably finding here is that you, may be getting a, good amount of inquiries. But, you may even be losing, more inquiries and, you're actually taking on and you're not really sure why you're not really sure why maybe, even, paperwork, started to slip a bit because you know you're kind of busy with the day-to-day staff, of actually doing. Your business and, the. The running of your business is kind of falling behind so, this. Is where you need to start streamlining. Because, you probably do have more time than what you think you do but it's, all about being able to streamline, your business and do what I call automate, so there are things in our business, that we can set up on, autopilot. To be done without, us having to worry about it it's just set up it's like set up and go and you'll. Be able to generate. New, brides, on you know maybe you're busy just at the weekends but you're you'd love to be able to do Thursdays, and Fridays weddings, this, is what's going to help you it's going to be to automate, your business and to try, to. Attract. Brides, into different, you know times of the year and we. May even look at this point at using some kind of paid traffic you may have tried paid traffic like Facebook as maybe it's failed maybe a chasm. What. I want to say in here is if you do resonate. With either, of those three layers the. Reason, why you haven't, quite made, it to that magnet, part where you are you, know you've got that big, income, that great reputation you're. Perhaps you know building, teams you're getting business. Managers, and business coaches, that the reason perhaps why you haven't, made it any further than that is because some.

Somewhere. Amongst. Those three layers something. Is missing so, it might not just be that you've got to that, glue where you're you're, surviving you're doing pretty well for your business but you may have missed a few fundamental. Things back, in that sort of pin, part, so packing that defining. Your black brand maybe that's all we need to do so hopefully, the, blueprint, is going to help you guys give. You those keys that help you with those keys to, actually, being, successful, in your business, alright, so let, me go around let. Me go down here I'm gonna just go, straight, down and we're going to look at our. Dream brides and our. Target. Market, and, branding. So step. One is all, about really. Defining. Your Brides and really understanding. Now those of you who have been with me on, bootcamp. Before you, please you, know you guys will be familiar with some of this stuff so I, always. Say that there's six personalities. Of brides and you only need to attract, one of them and like, I said before the, reason why we only attract, one bride especially. At the beginning and it's, I I, know I get pushback from stylists, all the times and they're saying but I don't you, know I don't just do natural, I like doing heavy, eyes and I like doing smoky eyes and I like doing it you know glam, bride here and there that's, great, the problem, is is that when a bride is, looking through, your portfolio or, let's, say Instagram. Being your portfolio, if they're, looking at all these round and different brides with all these different you know faces, of makeup, they're, gonna be looking, down well you know yeah she sort of does what I want but I'm not really sure and yet if, for, example you. Are attracting, the boho bride and they go onto your Instagram, feed and everything. Is all about the boho bride who. Are they going to burn they're. Going to go the one who really knows has staff who matches that bride and who you know can clearly, do, everything, that you need them to do so when, you're looking at attracting, a bride when you're finding your target, market. Of brides right, at the beginning define. Who that is now, that will mature and, it will change. And. And. You'll find that you'll have elements, of one, bride that will interact. With. Elements. Of other brides but right at the beginning go, with your gut instincts so if you haven't done the quiz Guyanese go to the quiz, bridal. Business School calm for such Brides tribe, because. That will really help you just get at least get started out you can download and. This. Is the front cover of my PDF so you'll download the. PDF. For it it just gives you some kind of words and some general. Looks, as to what that bride is into, and then you really, need to just define, that bride you really need to understand, them now I'm. Going to flick over onto one. Of my favorite. Slides inside. Of a. Link. Camp, because. Let. Me see. Boot. Camp, oh no that's not the one. Give. Me a second guys I want to go, into boot camp. All. Right this one here this is the one I want to go into. So. This is one of my favorite sides inside of boot camp because I think that it kind of opened. Up everyone's, eyes to, saying okay I have this bride and, you.

Know I know that she likes to have her hair done in it you know in said. So she's about her bride she likes flowers in her hair and I. Know that she likes you know something pretty on her eyes but she likes those bronzy, looks that's all well and good but, you, need to learn more about them when you are creating, a target, market of brides you need to know everything. You can about, them, you, need to know where they live you need to know what suburbs, they're living in you know what states are living in you know is it they live in a small town that I living in the country, do they live in a village you need to know this stuff because, you need to be able to. Understand. That bride so. So. Well what kind of work do they do are they a, nurse, a teacher they, are lawyer what kind of what kind of person, and you actually attract scene where do they shop are they. A tea drinker do they like why not - they're like cocktails, this. This, is just one of those I don't mind guys if you want to take a screenshot of this this isn't in the, blue friend but, we. Take a screenshot of this this is the kind of stuff that you really need to know and learn and understand. About your Brides because, once, you once, you really, understand, your target market, everything. You do you're gonna go back and go but with this bride actually, like this I'm, about to send this post out you know so I've send this email out does, it actually, go back to, the bride that I'm talking to and if you know this stuff about them you're going to know um. I've. Put, here the size of the wedding intimate, or European, so Javier's, in Australia. And it's probably, a global, thing but European. Brides prize with European, backgrounds, they have huge. Weddings massive, weddings, you. Know but then you might find others that will have very very small intimate. No 30. People on a beach type wedding so you need to know all, this stuff if you really, want to find, out who, your dream, brides, are. Target. Market, and understanding, your target market. Is is, huge, in this industry, if you can really understand, them then everything, that you do on social everything, you do on your website everything, goes to, that bride so. Remember. That it's. Not just about, oh yeah I attract, a natural bride and she likes a natural face of makeup okay, well what is it what else do they like what else do you know about this bride it's, really important, to profile. Them now I do have, a. I. Do. Have, some. In the. What's. It called give, me in, the in. The PDF I, do have. A, link. To some free resources as, well that you guys can look at and some. Some. Products, as well so. Dream, brides are, really. Important, I've said here, but. Most of the time that we attract. I. Most. The time when we have a present. Let's say we get a present given to us chances. Are the presence that we think, are absolutely amazing absolutely wonderful. From, our phones and family the reason why they're from my friends and families because they know us so well and it's the same when, you're attracting, your Brides in business if you really, know your Brides really, really well you know and, you're going to know easily the, types of products and services that, you can sell to these Brides that are going to sell all the time without. Feeling, like you, are selling, to them as well I know that's that sounds. You know. It. Sounds kind of in a way too good to be true but it's you. Want prize to turn up to your website you want braids to turn up to your social media and Co wow, she's. Amazing look. At this stuff all she really knows me so well that's. How you sell, okay, that's how you actually, sell. Products, to people, it's because they you know exactly, what it is that they could want before they've even thought.

About It. So. When. You're looking at. Creating. Your business even if you are already, in business go back to, basics, go back to the fundamental. Part of growing. This business and that is really, understanding. Your target. Market. Profile. Your, bride, as. I said if you need help with your Brides type go to write. A business Broadcom, for such bride, tribe. Now if you want to get a copy of the blueprint, you can type in the word blueprint, in the, comment box I will, be back tomorrow, and we're gonna be talking, about how, we define, ourselves and. How, we create a really, clear, brand message so that brides know exactly what, it is we do um, just. You know buy into just, by our introduction. So. I'm gonna talk about that tomorrow all. Right guys I'm gonna be back so there's nine days this is my day one of training thank, you for joining me thank you for those of you watching me on, the replay will, be back again for. More. Training, for step two, in, tomorrow's, video on Facebook, for those of you who are watching on, YouTube. Everything, will be linked up in the comments, below and, I. Look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow alright, guys take, care see you then bye, for now.

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