The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

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Sir, have you had anything to drink today. Nothing. That's. Beer sir. I definitely think, you're an EEPROM I under arrest you're free to drive drive let's. Go. In, this epic four-part, series the try guys will test what it's like to drive under the influence four. Different ways we're getting drunk we're getting stoned we're getting sleepy, and we're gonna be texting, we're doing this specifically, to show you why, you shouldn't do this and we're gonna do it safely. Science, ladies and gentlemen, barely. Sighs. Who. Is crushed, you crush the dark. DUI. Driving. We're, here at the beautiful Irwindale, Speedway we've. Got a closed course, set up and we are gonna get, irresponsible. Educational. These scientific, explorations, that we do with real-life applications, are some of our favorite, videos produce, because we're educated. The children, you hear that all of these things are bad I don't know how bad because I've never done them I don't do well that's not true actually I've kind of done them all I. Guarantee. You every, adult you know has probably done at least two out of the four things we're testing yeah I've definitely had, a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine and then driven home to tell us about some of the dangers of DUI, driving, we are going to talk to a traffic cop and I have 32 years of experience, seventeen and a half years recently overseeing. Traffic, crimes many many collisions. Investigations. Involving a pair driving as well as a doctor who is also an addiction specialist, I think it's a good public, service, type of experiment, because driving doing any of these things it's going to impair the person's ability, to drive. Safely, gentlemen. Gentlemen we have to get drunk yes. Legally, too drunk to drive a car we've done a few videos on alcohol before so we know how many drinks it takes against drunk therefore we're gonna drink what we personally, elect to yeah yeah. We. Gotta take to the course to see how we do like normal human, beings since, this is science. We are going to be doing a control, I'm completely, sober gonna, try out the course. Wow. Today. We are using my. Car because, my car is the most new I don't know why Keith is letting us use his car I think that's a horrible idea. Let. The record show we've designed the course that's difficult when sober, first, we, open on a straightaway, then an easy, left turn that goes into a serpentine, we stop at a stop sign at a four-way intersection, take, a simple, left turn into a. Lane, change then. We go into a stoplight or at least someone holding a stoplight because we tried to buy a stoplight which ones find one and, it was expensive, anyways. Then, we continued on to a fork in the road at one point we'll have to put the car in reverse we. Continue on to a couple of hairpin turns and then the road narrows, and narrows and narrows until, the. Car can barely fit we finished with a straightaway and then finally, a parallel. Parking challenge and of course there will be a couple, of surprises along. The way all. Right this is my sober run here. We, go. Who's talking so much what do you think he's saying um you know as the best driver of the tries, I feel like I'm gonna nail this course the try guys are all actually pretty great drivers, so if you see us fuck up in these videos it's because we're fucked up. Yeah, he. Could have made it but, you know what he was better safe than sorry if. I make mistakes how embarrassing. Because it's my car maybe he'll be more careful cuz he doesn't want anyone to hurt his car yeah I'm. Doing great sweet all right. We shall proceed slowly. There's. Somebody putting this baby in the car without me looking he's driving so slow now with the baby it's not just my own life I'm taking behind the wheel my, whole family's really ill of man that's outside he's trying to take this with speed now that's. Tight I am an excellent driver I am a terrible drinker Wow. He. Is the best driver oh, my. God I, hate reversing, like this weirdly this is one of my favorite things to do just because people look so sexy when they were bears I. Thought. I could do it we're gonna be measuring two things one, how, long it, takes us two, how. Many cones. It's. Physically, impossible to. Get through that's how Wes was born okay.

Right. Look this is very funny though I get it yeah, I, felt. Like it was a pretty good representation. Of, typical, traffic obstacles, you'd have but just condensed into a small course how am I supposed to do this haha, you're drunk or sleep-deprived, or anything since I was sober I was able to do it all without hitting any cones I really can't imagine this being much more difficult, regardless. Of what substance you put into me we'll, see I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the fact that drinking, and driving is not a very safe thing to do and in fact leads to many many accidents, and even deaths in this country. In. The United States over ten thousand, four hundred people die annually, as a consequence, of impaired. Driving before, people go out to celebrate we ask them to think, how they're gonna come back home safely, we're doing you know why you don't do it. So. Alcohol is a central. Nervous system depressant and it's, going to slow, the brain down take we're on The Bachelor, he's getting really drunk and then like all I had them go after the same person do you for a sec oh wow this might be the alcohol talking, but. I think. We really have a connection hey, Keith can I borrow you for a second I don't really like the way that Ned told you guys I mean I could tell that you weren't into it yeah. I. Haven't, picked the final one yet Ned you're going home. I. Used, to not drink very much and then I had a baby, now once the baby goes down for a nap mandatory, three. Glasses of wine here's to Ned's, wife what am I like drunk, I'm very, loving. Oh my, god. I. Just. Want a party let's amp this up guys, I have a really low tolerance to the time that I drink too much I guess stomach ache go go go but. Everyone's. Different and some people are much more sensitive, and can be impaired at a lower limit I feel like the times that I actually get the most drunk is when the cameras are rolling for try guys video so you ever play. Drunk. He's like everybody's, friend, I mean Keith in general is everybody's friend. Whereas. Some patients, who, are more chronic alcohol, abusers, can have a higher limit, in their blood but still seem, like they're pretty sober, so it really depends on the person Eugene had the most eight, or nine drinks that's so many and thirty, minutes, I'm. What people call an avid. Alcohol. Enthusiast, when I'm drunk I'm. Confident. Does everyone here know of big dick energy is once we start to get to about the legal limit which is 2008, then we start to see coordination. Problems, pretty. Good problems, with judgment, depth perception, can change. As. The, person drinks more and more this is going to get worse and worse back. I hate. Working with you. Let's. Drink, some more drinks. Wait. What. One we have but we gotta drive now we'll see you on the rig where we got to breathalyze one more time point, one, two, oh. We're. Ready to drive before, the traffic stop actually, occurs we look for indicators, of how this person is driving sir have you had anything to drink today well, you, know I had a couple glasses of wine yeah. Have. You been drinking today. Science. A good, court then I'm gonna be mature. What. We do is the, field sobriety test a person, is gonna walk a line as the windows to the soul, seven. How many of you think. One. To. Baby. Baby. My. Friends are drunk round the designated, driver is, hot. Also, there is a finger to nose. Elevate. Their foot six, inches off the ground oh it's okay. One. One thousand, two one thousand, seven one thousand eight, one thousand, from look at me go guys I'm crushing this. Right. Now. All those are indicators, of that. Person is able to drive, a motor vehicle safety, I can safely say you're, very drunk.

Ready. To dress. What's. Up my name is Zack and I'm too, drunk to drive so today, I'm. Gonna drive babies. Are you safe is your seatbelt on, so, safe I feel like I'm at that party where you have a lot to drink and then you hang out for an hour and you're like yeah you know what I think I'm okay to drive it, was just a little beer no. You can't drink at the beer. I'm. Tipsy. That's, what I would say right now I would say I would be tipsy watch your most drunk friend fucking, nail this drinking. And driving is 100%. Preventable, you choose to, drink and then drive I don't even know how dangerous I am right now let's, find out bitch. Let's. Go. 100%. Preventable. Let's. Go. It's. My car alcohol. Actually. Decreases. Your ability, to make good judgments in, your frontal, lobe the cortex, the part of your brain that helps, with decision making I here we go we're gonna drive done. Here. We go so we all have normally, a nice filter, that's going to say you know what maybe we shouldn't do this or maybe we shouldn't do that. Nice. And safe but. Not too slow because I don't want people to think I'm drunk but what happens when you start drinking alcohol as that filter, starts, to get diluted, and go away would. You drive right now like for real for real I would drive right now Oh. And. We're, able to sort of say oh you know it's okay let's go ahead and do these things that normally, we wouldn't want to do. I. Think. Any adults, who tells you that they have not pushed it just a little bit is lying to you I'm gonna stop even though I don't have to. I've definitely been. In that situation where, I go out I have a drink or two and I, feel, fine and then by the time I get home and I'm pulling into my driveway I'm, like oh boy, I should not. Undermine, the intersection, okay, nobody's, coming this way. What. Are you kidding, me. That. One real the cone looks good the car looks good I mean I think a lot of people, do this because, it's really hard to, gauge your own sobriety. I just knew this guy I know this guy he's always spectra with me everyone so it's like Keith just seems normal and I could be like super, fuckin sloshed everybody's like he's fine Wow. Fucking. Doing great I'm not proud of it but I've driven drunk before you, fucking, ready bitches let's, say we're all bitches when I'm legally drunk we've tested and proven that I feel, sober, which is dangerous Eugene has this Eugene drinks Eugene no Center Drive. Okay. Mike don't get, yourself. Jack. Drives, talking, on the phone, stresses, me out, Eugene drives listening, to loud pop music stresses. Me out Keith drives like to safe stresses. Me out put, your head down let. Me see it my backseat, be, careful, high five yeah, hey. Cheryl. You have a while your question, is Oh. Fuckin. Up my car. Won't. You back that thing up Wow you, were fine mama watch your back. You. May not be able to determine, where your lane is going to be you're going to be weaving, throughout, the lanes right I hit Cohen. No and, oftentimes. If you're really drunk you're gonna fall, asleep you're in the intersection, right. Impairment. Affects your reaction, time. And. They cause traffic, collisions, because of that. Before. People go out to celebrate we ask them to think how they're gonna come back home safely use public transportation user, taxi, do not drink and then drive now of course there will be a couple of surprises along. The way Oh God. We. Got a dog on a skateboard. Dog. Skateboarding, I would never hit a dog. Stop. Hitting start hitting. Coach. What. What. When. There's a loss of life we, have to respond, and knock on the surviving, family members door and let them know that their loved one is not gonna be coming home and that can happen to anybody.

That. Gives us motivation, to do what, we do and try to save lives by, doing enforcement. By doing education. Such as this video oh the dogs fine. Look at the dog get, out, of here. My. God. You. Guys ever know, anyone who got into a drunk driving accident oh yeah well that's a lot heavier of a subject to turn to but they say no else we're gonna talk about it they died, yeah that's what happens when you drive. The. Dogs over on that side I know I think the diversity god stop, fucking. Up my car, bro, the closest that came to me is a drunk, driver hit a car that my sister and her friends were in yeah everyone was okay so they got lucky yeah I had a couple dangerous a couple kids my high school got drunk driving accidents it really also depends on the age so a younger driver like 15, 16 17 would. Have even more of an effect because they're not used to driving it's not such an ingrained habit, in their brain. About. This car, crashes, are the number one. Cause of accidental deaths, for our young people in this country we need to do everything we can to prevent them okay we say that. We're. Good to go the, consequences, of drinking and driving are very very serious first the driver is gonna get arrested, is gonna lose his or her freedom I want to do this thing without fucking about the vehicle, is going to get impounded, the driver, license, is going to get suspended the, insurance, cost are gonna increase. Also. Telling, your employer, that you were, arrested for drinking and driving and that may have implications as, a condition, of your employment the, monetary, cost is, well, over ten thousand dollars taking, everything into account. This. Is a big game. Stop, dude stop fucking up my car. They. Can make out I wanna make it parallel, park this bitch, driving, is very complex, so, although we get used to it and it becomes a reflex after, time we need our vision, we need our hearing we need our coordination, if you don't have all of those things going on you're not going to be able to be safe on the road. So. Whatever ones final thoughts. That. We all crush it I think I can fight you right now if you needed to my reflexes are good did I hit a couple of cones maybe. Did, I finish, the course in half the time yeah, doc, seemed okay I've, skated away from the accident that went exactly according, to, plan. What. Happened. The. Morning after driving, drunk I feel I, don't, even remember everything, about the drive you know I couldn't, tell you all the things I did wrong I remember, feeling, just this surge of confidence like I have never felt before this, was funny and fun because it was a simulation but each, one of those cones that could be a pedestrian I'm hearing what I actually did during the drive and it's so different from, my memory of the drive in my mind I, did. Pretty well but. If you look at it I was, a nightmare. And also, my friends were there, it's. A pretty dangerous video, when you're driving it's not just you everyone, else is on the road too and even those mistakes for like small things initially like clipping cones, or clipping, corners, when you're drunk and you hit something, it's a DUI, it's, a $10,000. Ticket and you go to jail there's just no excuse not to take. Nuber or a taxi, if there's no safe way to get to it from wherever your party may, be today's a party, you drive drunk once you, do great you have this undeserved, confidence, for being drunk now you've tricked yourself into thinking that you're good to go, this.

Scar Is from a car crash that I was in when I was in fourth grade, no one was drunk that was just a normal people driving 30 miles per hour and I almost. Nothing. About a car is a game, if used incorrectly it's, a weapon, it's not just here's. A video, slap. A bandaid, on it everyone's, good we, individually, as people who do drink need to examine, the way that we approach. Our confidence. And pride when, we're drunk and I think this video really, helped me to change. The way I approach, my own drinking culture and, I think that's something I have to do in a life change I think we all knew going into this video this, was gonna end up bad but, we also wanted to experiment some other things what's it like to be high and driving, sleep-deprived, and driving to text, and drive three more videos to examine and compare what it's like to be under the influence and behind the wheel click that subscribe button, someone's, gonna get hurt you want to see it. That. Is par you for a second I think I've fallen in a deep hole and I need a strong man with a rope and I just feel like that, zach is not in it for the right reasons remind me of your skill set dental, hygienist assistants, what I thought.

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"What dog?" What a mood.

"go wild, daddy" Xd

Obviously don’t drink and drive. That’s so stupid. Your drink will spill.

My mom used to always be like half drunk when she drove but it's all over now.

Vines I think The Try Guys can relate to drunk Keith: *FUCK YA CHICKEN STRIPS* Zach: Excuse my potty mouth- *SHUT THE FUCK UP* Ned: I’m washin’ me and mah clothes.. Eugene: -looks at empty shot glass- this bitch empty *YEET*

Eugene is big dick energy

I drive like a fucking god drunk, and like a secret agent stoned. This is false

I nearly lost my sister to a drunk driver just 3 days ago. Thankfully shes fine now but this video made me so anxious and tense. I just cant imagine what would happen if i lost her... thank you guys for bringing awareness to these issues!

Eugene was fucking ready to go when he was drunk

I’m watching this video while drunk, I totally empathise with these guys right nows m

Ned is going to come to his sons prom when Wes is a senior and show this to his whole grade. I know it

Are these guys gay? What the fuck

When I’m drunk nobody can tell

You guys should do a plane flying simulator with out any experience

Someome: uhhh, do you have a problem with me?(attitude) Me: 10:30

I love that you’re doing this experiment

A couple years ago some friends and I went out for drinks and when it came time to go home I made the choice to call an Uber as oppose to getting in the car with them ... the next morning I was told the car was wrapped around a tree and not one of them survived. Please be smart when going out!!! Never get into a car with someone who’s drunk.

I think the addiction dr. Is addicted to MnMs

I know everyone is commenting on the drinking driving junk but can we take a look at the doctor persons tie look at it it's the peanut mm

A drunk driver driving a semi truck almost rolled over the car me and my friends were in

I got in a car once with a girl and I had no idea she was drinking (I was in the back and it was dark) but when I finally realized what was happening I was so anxious and scared. But I couldn’t just get out of the car in the middle of the highway at night in the middle of nowhere. That was terrifying

You are just shit drivers sober Drinking helps you hydratate And drive better

Totally worth it

The docs tie thou, it's just

What I love is that Keith was so pleased with himself for balancing so well on one foot, he turns and they're like ABSORBED with the tray of macaroons and he just puts his foot down and yells, "YOU HAVE MACAROONS?!?!?"

Not exactly the most scientific with the added distraction of the boys in back but not in the control

This will be a long read, but it's WORTH it!!! Do I have a story to tell about what NOT to do if you drink and decide to drive like a fktard... This happened back in the early to mid 1990's. My Sister and I had decided to meet at a clue we used to frequent called "Blue Planet" here in Houston,Tx. I arrived about an hour or so earlier than she did, and that night they had .75 CENT drinks..ANYTHING YOU WANTED!!! So needless to say, I had had about 6 different drinks before she got there w/her then baby daddy. We started dancing and having a good time when this married Man asked if I would dance w/him and I agreed although I told him upfront I was married, and ALL we would do is dance! He laughed then said he was just there on business and needed to de-stress a bit. So we dance for a bit and had a nice time. We decided to take a break from the dance floor. He offered to buy me a drink for dancing w/him and I accepted. the problem was...We were in a VERY loud club, so when we walked to one of the bars, the bartender could barely talk w/you and vice versa. There was a group of ppl standing there w/shot glasses of what looked like a clear liquor, so I yelled to the guy "I'll take 2 of those"! I got the drinks, thanked the guy and after drinking them both down I headed back to the dance floor....God was I EVER SO WRONG!!! I had already had about 6-8 drinks and then , and I added 2 shots of Goldschlager w/REAL gold in it on top of that shit! Idk how long it was, but in mid dance I abruptly stopped, stood straight up and announced "I gotta go, NOW"! I found my sister told her I was leaving, then promptly walked past 2 HPD Officers!!!!! So much for doing their job! Anyway, I got into my car, and her boyfriend asked me if I was ok to drive... I looked him in the eyes and said that yes I was and that I did that all the time, and he let me go! I literally CANNOT tell you how the fuck I got from Richmond avenue, all the way to I-45 and west road...A LOOOONG ways away! My sister claims they followed me most of the way and that I was speeding up then slowing down and swerving a bit! Somehow I made the tight turn from 610 to I-45 and BARELY missed slamming into the barrier and possibly falling over and killing other ppl in the process. My thing back then was I would eat either before, or after drinking to minimize the hangovers. Than night was no exception. Idk how I didn't get busted tbh! But I exited my street and went to a McD's. I knew I was GONE when I fell asleep in my car in the driver through like 5 times!!! I got my food, and by the grace of god I made it home. I crystal clearly remember calling my sister and leaving a voicemail telling her I'd made it home ok. She claims she never got it, but I KNOW I left that message. anyway, I had an obsession w/eating LOTS of cherries from the bar,. I'd been home maybe 20 minutes, ate some of my food and felt instantly sick! I didn't even make it to the bathroom, I spewed all over the hallway floor by the washer/dryer, and left it there till the next day. now this happened not too long after my mom died so I drank quite a bit back then. anyway I woke up late the next day, and when I came out of my room all my dad said (we were living w/them to help care for my Mom while she was dying of cancer.) was "Looks like a drunk parked the car"! I also saw ALL the cherries and other food plastered to the floor outside our bedroom. When I went to look at my amazing camero I got after a car accident (Not my fault! A Woman pulled out of a parking lot fast and slammed into my passenger side door throwing me into a ditch. Dislocated my right elbow, broke the equalizer right thigh, broke the steering wheel w/my chest (seat belts were not a law back then!) and now I have a permanent hairline fracture in my breastbone. thus if I ever need to have CPR done on me, they can break it easily!)...I realized that somehow not only did I park half in, half out of the yard/driveway, I missed hitting his car by inches! The hangover was brutal, but it taught me that not only could I have killed myself, but I could have killed someone else, or worse and entire family. Other ppl drive now if I ever decide to drink again which is literally next to never! but I digress. If you do one SMART thing in your life, GIVE YOUR KEYS to someone who can drive you home SAFELY! Trust me you DON'T want the repercussions, the fines, or the SHAME of a DUI on your record!!!

The stories in this this comment thread is so sad.

I honestly would love to be on the other side of the party

Is it just me .. i dont think ill pass even sober... The cones looks so confusing


Oh gosh, I'm worried for the bb birbs but also I know it's gonna be high hilarity. Their mums are gonna be... well.


wtf, you guys call U turns hairpin turns?? what a dumb name

My inlaws were hit by a drunk driver years ago and my mil was left a paraplegic.

But when you listen to eurobeat too much You will in the drift course Here if you want to hear one

Eugene at 11:01 is honestly such a mood HAHAHAHAHAH

“This is one of my favorite things to do just because people look soooo sexy when they reverse.” Oh, you do, Eugene. You do.


0.08 in America huh? The legal limit in AUS is 0.05.

I never drink and drive and I am an above average driver. Just not worth it.

9:31, Keith is so cute. Look att me go guys, YOU HAVE MACARONS!?!?

Good for u guys for leaving buzzfeed and making content on ur own

I really hope this experience as well as all of the comments and stories from viewers is enough to make people think more about their decisions. My best friend got hit by a drunk laywer in April. I lost my best friend before i even finished my first year of high school. This was a rough video to watch, but thank you dor making it.

"My friends are drunk, I'm the designated driver," "Designatedly *hot* !"

"Uhm you know, as the best driver of the try guys-" Spot on impression

Genuine thanks for making this series, I don't think a lot of people understand how dangerous driving under the influence really is.

“Can I borrow you for a sec?” Lmaooo

Can you pls do a video with Saf

That's why Uber was invented

Other try guys has cup of alcohol Eugene has entire bottle Edit: wait what if you had to be drunk to drive so then if you didn’t like being drunk or alcohol and stuff you wouldn’t drive so less people would drive which would make less pollution :P

reminded me of MYTHBUSTERS

If you guys don´t try pole dancing I will kashoot myself

somehow all of these videos are super homoerotic

@10:57 HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE do i see an m&m tie??? that is straight up adorable... now back to regular programming

12:51 -"You fuckin' ready, bitches?" "Yeah, were all bitches..."

How does one even text and drive? Like sometimes my friend stext at intersections but like don't you need your hands to text

Oof! My nards!!!!

keith is a better driver high than sober

I love the doctor's M&M tie. lol

This video is so well done! It’s entertaining and it really leaves the audience with the message that they shouldn’t drink and drive. It starts off with the guys having fun and then there is the really emotional part when they run over the dog and talk about people that have been killed in drunk driving accidents. Really educating and really entertaining! Love you guys for doing such a good job

Is it just me or did I already see this like 4 months ago I'm so confused

wisconsin has very very light laws on drinking and driving

Did his frontal lobe tell him to wear that tie?

“I never usually drank but then I had a baby” mood

I’ve driven stoned most of my driving life and I found I drive better


Soooo...Mythbusters has been gone long enough for everyone to forget that they already did this.

This is my favorite video on the internet. I loved the dog part

4:04 the guy running in the background is me running away from all responsibility

Anyone reading this, please don’t ever drink and drive

“I drive just right.” **rams into cones**

love all the try guys video!!

Anyone else think the doctor looks like Brent Spiner?


Excellent PSA!

they need the drunk jack: the ultimate hands free device for any impaired driving, guaranteed!

This made me laugh so hard

4:21 yes they do i thought i was the only one that thought that

MacarOons? Are you guys having MACAROONS?

I like that you're convincing people to not drink and drive, or at least trying to that's great. But they way we went about this is terrible. There is so much bias in what we did that it is a terrible reason to be convinced. It's a great thing that we're trying to convince people that driving drunk in incorrect and causes danger to ourselves and others. But the "test" here controlled so few variables that it's not meaningful.

What do you think they do after this? Just very drunk in the office?

It’s really hard to gauge how much of a pussy you are... practice makes perfect, you fucking pansies!

You crushed the dog. What dog lol

12:54 "Yeah! We're all bitches!"

As a science experiment, there weren’t 3 drunk people distracting the driver in the car during the sober test. This experiment definitely holds truth but it could’ve been a little bit more accurate by just testing the drunk version with only the driver in the car

7:24 Yes, we do, Eugene. Its you.

9:55 Lol!

Sober Zach.... nice guy good boy Drunk Zach......BADBOY

Best job ever you get to drink, get high and you get to do it with your friends ;!

Please, does ANYONE know the song at 7:51? It’s been driving me crazy ever since the video came out.

I am loving that doctors tie

“You hit three cones, that could have been guess at her wedding!”.....”They were cones!” #weddingsinger

I’m so distracted by the doctor’s m&m neck tie

I would buy alcohol that Eugene sold

KEITH: are those macaroons? you guys have macaroons?

I’m worried about Eugene. I hope he’s not being as unsafe as it seems he is. The world needs his talent and style. I lost a friend who was a “professional drunk driver”. Her 3 kids no longer have their mom and her parents no longer have their daughter. My brother is diabetic thanks to the impact to his pancreas during a D&D accident. My naturally tall, athletic brother now has to deal with testing sugars, insulin, a bit of a gut, and a crap immune system . Be careful y’all.


I honestly always plan to steal peoples keys when they are drinking and might drive home


15:01-15:10 are you sure about that?

I was a passenger in a car hit by a drunk driver. I was 7.

“some patients who are more chronic alcohol abusers” *immediately cuts to eugene using the breathalyzer*

but i couldn't drive this course sober?

The dog on the skateboard has me literally laughing out loud in a hella public place. I can’t.

The doctor chose an interesting day to wear that tie

“Go wild, daddy!” Okay Eugene.

How controversial


driving under the influence driving


I mean ... I really really like the accessory on Eugenes shirt collar...

Get rid of alcohol


omg i have the cup zach was holding, i feel special

According to what this guy says you need to be a safe driver, I wouldn't even be able to drive safely while sober

Sober or drunk, most people suck at driving. The driving test needs to be amped up so you actually need skill.

I want that m&m tie

The traffic light was expensive but you could rent a whole speedway? xD

Do a Texting while driving one!

Interesting statistics but... are they just for the US or do they apply globaly?

Zach: Nah, I fucking nailed it!

I’m very unloving

Never jealous

Big dick energy

Eugene:You’re fucking ready, bitches? Zach:Yeah, we’re all bitches. Me:

7:21 to 7:25 they all got that radiating out of them

"I can safely say that you are very drunk" " *Ready to drive* "

The alcohol limit in the caribbean is four times that .35.. Catch up boys

The owner looks so big next to his car

Love the music, good video :)

Big dick energy

crystal dahmer I died when he said that

I loveeee the doctors tie!!!

Low key looks like fun

My dad was killed February 16th 2008. He was 29 years old, I was five. Some dumb ass was driving home drunk as a motherfucker and I lost my dad that night. Thank you so much Keith, Zach, Eugine, and Ned for showing people how dangerous this shit is. It means so much to me, I hate people and have no respect for anyone that says "it's OK, I've only had one drink." It doesn't matter, One IS ENOUGH to intoxicate you, for some people. I hope all four of you learned that this stuff isn't a joke and you never drink and drive again. For your lives, or others.

I too am an avid alcohol enthusiast

“They die?” “Yeah, that’s what happens when you drunk drive” That sounded so much like an adult explaining it to a kid

i literally don’t know why but i feel so sick and uncomfortable watching or reading about or listening to ppl drink or do drugs. i don’t know why. i just feel so eeeeeeek but anyways

My cousin was killed by a drunk driver. So I'm glad that you have all these facts and hopefully people will change their minds and never drink and drive.

The legal limit in Australia is 0.05

Eden Styles ye

I can’t understand how people think that driving even tipsy is okay. I can look at myself and realize that my reactions are delayed and I love my life too much to put myself at risk bc I know I am not invincible

lost all respect for Eugene

14:24 LeT mE dRiVe

Instead of some of the videos they show during drivers ed they should show these, it literally gives the same information and is more interesting

Ned please see this Do you ever watch old videos of yourself on YouTube and think "Wow, one day my son may see these."


The doctor reminds me of the comedy teacher in Borat

Wait, did Eugene say big dick energy?

veronica stephens yes , yes I believe he did in fact say big dick energy

You should make a series of Barley Science

One of my uncles was killed by a drunk driver and my sister lost a lot of friends throughout high school to drunk driving. I refuse to drive drunk or let anyone drunk drive my car.

7:23 i love eugene so much

Are you guys going to do a hangover part in the series?

Eugene, I’m worried about you.

This really helps me a lot since I’m taking driving class and learning about what i should/shouldn’t do while driving.

"wassup guys my name is Zach and i'm too drunk to drive so...I'm gonna drive."

For a minute I thought you said Urbandale instead of Irwindale because that's where I'm from

at 15:08 why did he speed up to like purposely hit a dog? Like you guys are trying to prove a good point and thats really good because no one shouldnt drink and drive. But you guys are over exaggerating some points and trying to hard to prove a point

LOOL “chilren”

okay, like, that tie tho

“What’s up I’m Zack I’m to drunk to drive..... so I’m going to drive”

My dad was killed in a drunk driving accident when I was 6 weeks old so it’s nice to see someone showing the effects to others. Stay safe everyone.

The one thing I hate about this video, those red PLASTIC cups, I mean, they legit just killed 20 sea turtles right there

Anyone else thinking of Jim lahey? "I'm right in the pocket bud!"

“I’d never hit a dog never hit a dog” *Hits the dog...*

Ned is so cute

my mom is a former alcoholic and once got a dui after getting drunk at one of my swim meets and hitting both cars in front and behind her trying to parallel park. pls don’t drink and drive. you’re all smart enough to know not to. be safe i love u

In my opinion anyone who drinks and drives is an idiot and should have their license taken away for longer than they do or even permanently, and they should be charged a lot more than what they charge now because when you make the decision to drink and drive you’re both effecting your own life and basically saying you don’t care about the people’s lives around you and if someone demonstrates while driving they don’t care about the safety of those around them they are a danger on the road. Drinking and driving is pretty much staying that you’d rather kill yourself or an innocent person rather than paying a few dollars to take a bus or some money to take a taxi.

A 6th grader from my school died because his dad was drunk and collided with another car and the son died while the father is in the hospital

so nobody’s going to talk about how Eugene look at the camera at : 5:12. & 5:17 !?

i learn

I can't parallel park sober. Can't imagine trying to do it drunk.

i likeh how the doc has a m&m tie

Zach: I’ve kinda done almost all of these Police: *Open da fuck up*

Where did the macarons come from?

“Go wild daddy”

I died when i say them roll the dog

The doctor looked a little bit like the legend himself Robin Williams


is this legal

Love you Eugene.

Avid alchol enthusiast has AA in the name lol Seems like a good educational series (and reason to get messed up at work lmao)

The doctor has an m&m on his shirt

I dont trust Ned at all.

Can I borrow you for a second

“does everyone here know what big dick energy is?” -me getting ready to say i have the biggest dick energy in a room of people i met through friends


Why not rent a car, save Keith worrying.

Just think about the innocent victims who have died or suffered from the mistakes of those who chose to drink and drive. Please be responsible.

16:40 where are 15 and 16 year olds allowed to drive? That just sounds dangerous. I've always felt the driving age should be raised from 17 because that's generally the age kids are the most reckless and, for want of a better word, stupid. I know 16 year olds can drive if they are disabled and as a result have difficulty getting around, but that's not the same as generally allowing kids that young to drive

that’s my granny’s car

Driving drunk and hurting yourself is one thing, but the chances are big you are harming or even killing another innocent person and that makes you an asshole. There is no excuse to drink and drive.

Keith drunk he said macaroon instead of macaron

So baby = drinking problem

This shit is hilarious!!! I love the Try Guys!!

What was the name of the song at 8:00 minutes???

drunk try guys are the best try guys

No cones were hurt in the making of this video.


6:06 why did this turn into a reality show so quickly?

Those are macarons you maca-morons

Eugene sucks

5:47 - 6:02 Omg

Try driving when you have to poop

The best part of it are zach's reactions


Drunk Ned is the most annoying person I've ever encountered.

"does everyone here know what big dick energy is?"

Driving under the influence is selfish and never a good idea. It is never just your life are risking, any life on the same road as you is at risk because of a decision you made. My cousin killed an innocent man who was on his way to work because of his reckless decision to drive home drunk. That family lost a son, husband, and father and my aunt almost lost her son. My cousin is now in prison facing the consequences of his decision and it will follow him forever. My aunt doesn't get to celebrate holidays or birthdays with her son for a while, and it is always a sensitive issue during those time. My cousins son is being raised without seeing his father, and that innocent family will never be same. Eventually my cousin will get out of prison, but that man will never live again. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! If you are going out to have drinks make a plan ahead of time on how to get home safely.

Glad they did this to spread awareness. Drunk driving is one of the most selfish and arrogant things you can do.

I love how everyone seemed so drunk, then there's Eugene.

I did drunk driving before and have no memory of it in the morning I don't even know if I've killed's a fucked up thing to do.

Somehow ned looks drunk or high even when sober anyway

Wow...I can’t believe Ned came for Keith in this vid. Do more plz

i love how the doctor had a m&m shirt

“You have macaroons??” Hahaha What the hell?

drive,drive,drive, lets go lol

15 traffic cones sacrificed their lives for this experiment. Don't drink & drive. R.I.P. cones

My mom and I were t-boned in a hit in run by a drunk driver. Luckily we were both OK and the only injuries were from the broken glass.

Hahaah “mandatory, three glasses of wine” that’s fooking funny mate, my mam drinks one bottle of wine a day on the night then goes to sleep then the same next night. All day every week. Fooking Americans think 3 or 5 glasses is a lot and drinking a wine bottle is a alcoholism, naaah a wine bottle a night or 2 on a night out is normal in the UK. Weak drinkers. US alcohol tastes like piss and is light, come up north to Yorkshire and get some real lager, bitter, beer, ale down ya then we can talk

When I was 16 (legal age to drink in the UK, 21 in USA ... that’s shit) I mixed whiskey, ale, lager, bitter, cider and drank 10 or 11 of those at a party. I mixed because I wanted to see what would happen, I normally don’t do that, I usually drink beer and cider. ( only mix two no more) When mixing you get drunker more than if you drank 10/11 of the same thing or 10/11 of 2 beer and cider, but when you mix a lot it’s like drinking fooking 15 cans or more, it’ll fuck to up. The Germans, Australia’s and the British drink better than you American cunts.

If the backseat people hadn't said to stop they wouldve drove past the stop sign should have marked it against them

I usually don't find him attractive but damn Zach was looking good in those trousers.

moods 2.06 and 2.07

Try guys need to try autocross.

Zach screaming while everyone was hitting the dog is priceless XD

Australia's limit is 0.05 so we saffeerrr

The doctor had a yellow M&M on his tie! :)

80% of this video is Keith telling not to fuck up his car God bless

Keith you heathen those are MACARONS Macaroons are the coconut ones

Just don't do it. Even a short trip. I got hit head on by a guy who drove drunk to the liquor store to get more. Hit me doing 60, driving the wrong way down the road with his headlights off. He then proceeded to get out and run a block until his girlfriend picked him up. The best part was that the cops found the bottle he had just bought opened and partially consumed in the passenger seat. What a champ.

Why the fuck did they do the control test without the guys in the back? Did they not account how distracting three other people can be in the talking like that??


Is the doctor real or actor ????/

take a shot everything Keith screams "stop fucking up my car"

Wow the homo really comes out in these guys when they have a few, hey?

I love ned sooo much

Take a shot every time Keith says STOP FUCKING UP MY CAR

They aren’t doing it right, I do this all the time lemme show you how to do it right! lol

10:27 “I don’t even know how dangerous I am right now. Let’s find out B I T C H” *slams car door*

My problem is I'm so uncoordinated when sober I would fail the walk a line and one foot thing. When I'm drunk I am legit afraid of cars, like I think they're going to kill me. Don't know why....

Dr. Wrong way wrong with you need hearing to be a safe driver. Deaf people are more safer while driving than most. Smh

Dead people 100% can drive^^^^^^^^^^^^

I love that you guys are doing this to educate people, great idea!

"Be careful. Wow, you're crushin' it though."

"GO wild Daddy!" -Eugene sober

Did anyone else just skip to where they started driving drunk?

Zach is so precious omfg

Drunk Flirty Ned is best ned

Every single one of them have that one drunk voice everyone gets when they get drunk

That doctor really needs to ditch the tie.

If you're drinking, you should have a plan to get yourself home that doesn't include you behind the wheel of a car! Zach said that he believes every adult has pushed it and if we say we haven't, we're lying. I have never pushed it. The thought of losing my life, or worse, taking the life of an innocent person has always been too much for me to stand! If I don't have someone with me who can drive (someone whom I know isn't going to be drinking anything), then I just don't drink. It's not the end of the world. I would rather miss out on a night of partying than take someone's life.

I just wanna say this was funny ash

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE, but people DO look sexy when in reverse. God damn.

go wild daddy

Ned is me

you gUYS HAVE MaCaRoNs????

This is the saddest party I have ever seen

Truly, the inconsistency in censorship between videos makes no fucking sense. Stop it.

But, honestly, I've never driven drunk before. I've walked a couple miles home completely sloshed though.

Better the dog die than me. I'd run over a dog.

I think Eugene is my favorite drunk.

16:06 to 16:07 had me dead

Let’s make something clear, there are plenty of adults who have never pushed the limits. What Zach said was incredibly inaccurate and damaging to young people. Please don’t think it’s normal to push the limits, it’s incredibly irresponsible.

Like a month ago i was crazy drunk. Hopped on tinder cos yano, drunk. Jumped in my clio and before i even met another car i clipped a ditch. Must've rolled 6 times at least. Don't drink and drive.

13:40 HAS ME WEAK LMFAO! Ned was wildin’

It’s true that it’s hard to gage your own sobriety, but the solution is so simple: don’t drink when you need to drive, don’t drive when you drank anything alcoholic.

No Eugene, not every adult has done “at least two” of the things you’re testing... I fucking hate people who drive under influence.

I’m honestly hoping that when Wes is older he finds this specific video and is like

I'm glad you guys made this video and I hope people don't drink and drive. Driving is a major responsibility to yourself and others. Be careful

They should shave off all of Eugene’s hair

Was the doctor drunk because that tie was one BAD decision

Keith: ned ned ned, ned stop, ned stop!!!

Im so happy you got a non white cop to speak for you guys. Not so much happy that you found a white doctor... like get diverse. Plz

Ugh I wish I could date Keith

US drunk driving culture is so bizarre hearing them all admit to having done it, Eugene saying he would drive in that state, whats wrong with you all?! I've never once had any of my friends or family drive drunk or admit to driving drunk we just get a taxi or public transport there and back. Theres an unspoken one drink rule if you are driving at least in my experience. Not enough to have any real impact. its just so alien to hear the way they talk about it.

What drunk Eugene personally do we get today

Wait they’re all gay?

Yoooo the thing Eugene said about looking sexy while reversing is sooo true. Every time I’m in the car with someone and they’re reversing like that I’m like

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Oh yeah, it’s BuzzFeed, I forgot...

Also, I don't think the control was accurate because they did the control alone, in the test they were drunk AND distracted because the other 3 were in the car.

Starting to think Ned and Eugene have drinking problems o.O

I was almost killed by a drunk driver who was driving (and speeding) on the wrong side of the road when I was 22. If I hadn't swerved at the last second into the ditch and hit a tree instead, I am confident I would have been killed. I was also nearly in ANOTHER head on collision by a speeding drunk driver who was driving ONTO the interstate on the EXIT ramp while I was getting off it. I had enough room to get out of the way, getting stuck off the side of the ramp, but it would have been BAD if things had gone differently. Both these drivers were caught, and hopefully they learned from those mistakes. If you drive under the influence, you could kill or permanently injure someone, and you will have to live with the consequences of that for the rest of your life.

Dogs get hit by sober drivers all the time. How bout a video for dogs about not running across the road?? How about that!?!

i died @ 3:25

These guys just want to die, don't lie to me

Nothing against anyone but I hate Toyotas

I love how they talked about the people they consulted, the number of drinks they took, and even the course of the road!!!! A lot of detail!!!! Yey methodology yey much science ~

So these people got paid to 1, day drink.... 2, day drink on the job..... 3, break the biggest driving law there is.

Was a really good moment

0.08 is the legal limit in America? That`s so high.

This whole video gave me anxiety, especially Ned driving.

I feel like the try guys are like the real life version of the guys from the hangover movie lol. Great video!

Is nobody gonna comment on the addiction doctors tie?? No one??

Last year was my senior year of high school and we had 3 people (one sophomore, one junior, and one senior) die in two separate accidents. The junior and senior were both my friends. And my junior year my older cousin (who is a severe alcoholic) almost died in a drunk driving accident. He went straight into a concrete barrier on the highway. Completely destroyed his car. The responders on the scene said he shouldn’t have survived. I live in fear everyday that I’m going to get a call like I did that night, but with much worse news. The point of this post is please please don’t drive while under the influence of ANYTHING. If you won’t do it for yourself, please do it for those who love you. It WILL devastate them.

is Ned actually Will Arnett?

a kid from my high school got t-boned by a drunk driver and died on impact. every time i think i'm "OK to drive," i just remember his poor mother's face when she heard the news. please don't drink and drive. it's never worth the risk.

I have been in a party with not-too-sober adults, but this is a whole new level of crazy stupid drunk driving.

I kinda want to try this.

I need help.

I'm only ten years old.

What if you can't stand on one foot when your sober?

" I know this guy, he's always fucking with me" 12:36

I like this video because it mentions how car crashes are the number one cause of death for youth. In Fresno County we have an organization called Youth Leadership institute and it's what the name suggests. It's all youth base with adult allies working by ourside. In YLI we have smaller programs, one of them specifically is called Friday Night Live and it is also youth based but at high schools. And I was part of FNL for two years. What I learned was that the media or the world wants to blame the youth for their wrong decisions but the reality lies on the environment they live in. The environment being the heavy alcohol advertisements on liquor stores, media, parents, etc. So what we did was we created a policy that demanded that retailers take down 15% of their alcohol advertisements. It was passes on the January 1st 2016. And of course we are looking for other ways to prevent underage drinking here in Fresno but we do want to expand to other cities/communities. Many people want to say oh you guys just want to make people stop drinking. The reality is that we don't advocate to stop people of legal age to drink. But obviously I ,personally, don't stand the idea of drinking alcohol for fun or as a problem solving method. it's those 20 and younger who we want to help out. And I really love the work and the people. So the doctor who shined some light to that issue is my number 10 favorite person.


What did we learn? Ned is repressed and needs an outlet lol

15 YEAR OLD DRIVERS!!! Wtf is going on in America

Eugene is like me, drunk but still normal. This seems fun to try on a closed course.

"does anyone here know what big dick energy is?"

the doctor's tie is the ugliest thing i've seen in a while

Zach... that's some comb over you're rocking now...


Zach's reaction of the toy dog getting ran over is priceless

Where was this filmed

can you really trust a doctor with a giant yellow m&m on his tie though?

Ned’s suit is sooooooo nice! Where could I get one like this?!

they all look good but Zach looks SO good in that suit

Ive never driven drunk but ive been a passenger in the car when the driver was both high and drunk.

I dont think I could do that track sober...cones confuse me when there are that many

"does anyone in here know what big dick energy is?" LMFAO

how crazy would it be if they combined all 4

When I was 10 in the middle of the nigh there was a humongous crash outside my house. A woman and her friend have been out drinking all night they had open beer in the car and they ended up crashing into my dad's Trooper. The driver totaled both vehicles. She got out and went to our neighbor's house to ask for help; she was so drunk that she didn't even remember she had a passenger and it wasn't until the neighbor walked outside that he discovered there was a second person involved. The two women never spoke again. The passenger had to be taken to the hospital in the back of an ambulance there was a dent in the windshield where her head hit full force. The friends sued the driver for damages and for injury. A my father kept getting called to court even years later to be a witness. I remember finding medical supplies in the house for my parents to administer irfst aid. They didn't want me to come out and see what was going on. Ultimately I got sick of being cooped up and went outside. I remember seeing the beer cans on the floor of the car and the innards of tacos scattered all around and the dent in the windshield with blood still in it. please if you choose to drink or smoke or to get high or to do anything that alters your inebriation level please get someone else to drive you home grab a hotel room grab a couch it doesn't matter just don't drive.

I’m literally watching this while drinking

13:02 "dranks...." laura lee anyone? Lol

“I will never hit a dog “ *hits dog

Yet people still drive drunk/high. Go to any concert afterwards when everyone is going home, there will be a herd of drunkies on the freeway. It's frightening how often this happens.

Someone I went to school with, a friend, who was such an amazing person! He was on a bike, and was a hit by a drunk driver. The driver actually had a suspended license, and had been charged with 5-7 DUI’S. My friend died. The driver had actually bribed to a gas station he had hit deer.. leading to them check, and he’d hit a person. From then on.. I vowed never to drink & drive.

When are you going to boot camp, or actually sky dive

You can still party without drinking I don’t understand why everyone sees that as the only option. I live in a village so the taxi are twice as expensive to go the same distance so for the most part I just drive there and drive back unless I can get a friend or family to give me a lift

“That’s how Wes was born!” “Okay, gross.”

Normally love try guy videos but I don’t know if I will continue to watch. Wasn’t impressed that the guys said that they’ve driven drunk before and that Eugene bragged that he was basically an alcoholic and that he confidently drives drunk.

Go wild daddy

Ok guys i need the song playing at 7:50 !!! Shazam and SoundHound gave no results :'(

Thank you so much for doing this. It can't be said enough to not drink and drive. A week ago two of my friends drank and drove: both were excellent men, one died, the other is now in jail for manslaughter of his best friend. Drinking and driving is easily one of the most avoidable causes of death and accidents. So thank you for making this :)

Did anyone see Zach accidentally punch Keith in the face at 18:19?

Loved that the tree where sitting together in the back

Things is...despite this being one of the worst ideas in the world, the other try guys in the car were distracting the driver too much.

So weird that .08 is the legal limit. That's a really high amount.

12:52 you fucking ready bitches?! Yeah we’re all bitches

It's hard to tell when they are drunk or not because the try guys act like children all the time

That sexy Eugene 7:58

I haven't had a drink in 3 years. 3 years of a clean conscience. 3 years without feeling paranoid each time I saw a cop car when I was out drunk driving. It's worth it, folks.

I feel bad for Zach. He's had so many diseases and injuries. Yet he's so brave. I admire him.

4:03 why am i lowkey turned on by ned

Better than any D.A.R.E. ive ever watched lol

Wow. Now I am going to drunk drive! that Alison’s dad?

At 14:30 Keith is thinking why didn't we just buy a cheap car for for this test

The nonchalant attitudes in this series are a little unsettling... they’re all kinda acting like it’s no big deal that they frequently drive while drunk, high, or texting

7:56 Zack looking too cute.. Very informative concept

10:37, drive drive, drive, drive, drive let’s go!!!

When Ned started driving I died

I don't know how seriously I can take a doctor with a giant m&m on his tie...

are we ever going to talk about eugene's drinking problem or no?

The American BAC limit is 0.8? Wooowwwwww

Who puts downs all those cones. Damn you must have lots of time on your hands.

In reality drunk driving is even harder than this because it is in broad daylight, most drunk driving occurs at night, when your vision is impaired.After a wild drunken night-out the darkness around you mixed with your impaired reflexes and the fact that the darkness makes it easier for you to get sleepy/besides the obvious exhaustion from your drunken endeavors- , are a deadly combination, drunk driving is no joke folks.

My older brother was killed by a drunk driver who was 2x over the legal limit last year. He had no chance of surviving. Please don’t drink and drive and ruin people’s lives because you think you can handle your alcohol.

Love u guys

You should do a make THE best Wine, beer, cider or spirit competition like the bread baking competition you had a while Ago!

Ned has “My Wife” Keith has “My Car”

Stop fucking up my car

"i drive jussttt right" cuts to Ned going too fast...

Ned is the worst drunk driver I think

In Norway you're allowed to drive if your alcohol lvl is 0.3%, as long as you're not influenced. Cos to be sure, don't drive after drinking.

If Zach texts while driving all the time, then he is absolutely not the best driver.

Ned is the most noticeably drunk

It concerns me that Eugene has driven drunk. How often is another question. I have a friend who died in his early 20s from drunk driving. I was hit by someone under the influence at 28 and I no longer have use of my left arm, permenant nerve damage in my legs, had a partial shoulder replacement in my left arm which is rare for anyone under 50 and 28 is practically unheard of. I've had 2 more replacements because of infection since then. Looking at another surgery soon Im 32. This is forever it doesn't go away. I haven't had a pain free day in almost 4 years. I CAN'T hug my kids with 2 arms, I can't get a job, I can't get benifits because I don't have enough work years because of how young I was. It's scary to think what will happen if I didn't have my husband and he recently lost his job of 12 yrs along with our ins. Please think about that when you do those things.

4:58 wait they were sober???

Eugene for sure has big dick energy!!!

Has no one seen the doctors tie? It has the yellow m&m as a doctor.

7:23 me in school

I wanna see them drive drunk and stoned

I'm honestly surprised... and a bit taken back by... the fact that although Eugene knew people in high school that died in DUI accidents, he still chose to drive drunk. That is really, really a shame.


Scientist: "~SOME~ people who are ... Chronic Alcohol Abusers..." Camera: *aggressively zooms in on Eugene*

I'll watch anything if it involves you guys drinking!

i loved this video up until dude said “you need your vision, your need your hearing in order to be safe on the road.” that’s blatant ignorant discrimination against DEAF DRIVERS. deaf drivers are legally allowed to have their license so why not be inclusive? tons of people believe that they should not be allowed to drive but why? deaf people aren’t talking on the phone, aren’t listening to podcasts or loud music and are able to pay close attention to the road. wtf try guys!

As someone who has personally been affected by drunk driving, and texting/distracted driving, I thank you for doing this. Recently, I was rear ended on the highway by someone who was texting & distracting. There is nothing funny about how dangerous any of these activities are, but it happens ALL. THE. TIME. Please be safe, everyone. Think of everyone in your car, your families, of the people sharing the road with you, and all of the people they all have waiting at home for them. NOTHING is worth more than someone's life.

Eugene has a daddy kink, confirmed.

Omg the cone sound effects I- *CONE HONK* am- *CONE HONK* sO dRuNk *HONKKNKNNHNOHKNOKHONKOHNK*

I was pulled over once and passed all the tests until they told me to recite the alphabet backwards from the letter r to g. With that said, with the advent of Uber, Lyft, et. al., there is no reason to drive home drunk anymore. Pick up your car the next day.

Too much soy in this video

They better friends than mine lol

can we all just appreciate the doctor's tie?

“dui driving” “driving under the influence driving”-ned 2k18

put yo head down and let me see out mah back seat

okay so we're supposed to just trust the opinion of a doctor wearing an m&m tie?

When I was very young, one of my mum's friends lost her son in a drink driving accident. I never forgot that. Where I live locally, every year for high school students the emergency services have this whole day presentation including a realistic reenactment of a crash (a beaten up car, arresting the drunk driver, injured passenger being carefully extracted from the car, 'dead' bodies being placed in body bags etc.). When I was in the last year and taking drama, I volunteered to act in the reenactment as a 'dead' body. When it started the services play a real phone call that was recorded of a real crash through the speakers, and it was the phone call of the very crash that my mum's friends son died in. It was so traumatic just hearing it and reliving it all over again. So everyone please take this seriously cause you never know who might end up in a serious crash.

Ned and Zach look so good in the suites oooooooof

Idk why but Ned reminds me of will arnett except with hair and a less deep voice lol

Am I the only one who loved the doctors tie?!?!

Ned was a complete disaster Never ever let him touch the wheel even when he's tipsy

I loved ned innthis video

'Does everyone here know what big dick energy is' me trying to explain anything that i found on the internet to my friends.

those were macaRONS not macaROONS

Zach: NED Eugene: NED Keith : MY CAR, MY CAR

I love there adorable suits


I can feel the fandoms screaming at the bachelor scene- the ships can’t deal

Why they sound like the Characters from Big Mouth

“put yo head down so i can see out my back seat”

How can anyone take the doc serious with his tie

Honestly, these guys all seem gay to me, and this course is SO unrealistic.


RIP Keith's car. Do not drink and drive.

I had an ex boyfriend die from drunk driving. He went home after work, had a few beers, then a friend of his texted him saying she was too drunk to drive and needed a ride home, he told her he had a few drinks but she insisted he’d be fine and pleaded so he went and got her. On their way to her house he lost control. He didn’t make it and she had to go to the hospital for serious injuries. This happened in November 2011 and I got that call when I was going home from my nephews funeral. Even if you mean well, please don’t risk it.

My life was destroyed by a drunk driver when I was 17 years old. I also had 2 close friends killed by drunk drivers. Please don't drink and drive. You don't have the right to destroy someones future.

Next: The Try Guys try to drive sleep-deprived, high and drunk

Who would have thunk it, the Asian was the better driver

Driving while on meth

Here for the Bachelor jokes

On Labor Day I lost a family friend to drunk driving. He was speeding on the other side of the road and crashed into an oncoming car. I also lost my dog in an drunk driving incident. I was walking my dog then my dog saw this other dog. He went to run across the street to go towards the other and then a car hit him. If you know that you’re drunk please don’t drive. Drunk driving can kill you and what ever you hit.

“Don’t kill Mike” “Alright Mike don’t GET yourself killed”

I still like how they tape over the logo but you know exactly what it is

These guys are pussies can’t even drink and drive

Zach is zaddyyyy ♡

I can’t take this doctor seriously with that tie tho

It’s so weird. Comparing sober to drunk you can tell from the eyes that the consciousness is diluted. Like they’re only half there.

Eugene is so gorgeous man I’m so ?!

Eugene is so fabulous

In response to Zach saying every adult has pushed it a little bit (11:55): wrong! I am 32 and I don't drink at all and therefore have never driven drunk. I have been drunk once in my life. It was dumb and I never did it again. I stayed home that entire one time. So no, not all adults have pushed it because not all adults feel the need to drink.

Dude I’d fucking fail a sobriety test if I had to balance on one foot even if I was 100% sober.

just a lil psa. Eugene is a snacc

Eugene is so cute he’s just like me kinda

Ned and zachs face when eugene is driving lmao I feel like they're either genuinely annoyed or super focused on not being sick

Now drive while on LSD

These videos are bullshit. You could barely do these being sober.

My husband friend was taken off life support a few days ago. He was hit at 110 mph by a drunk driver going the wrong way. The drunk driver was fine. That's the reality.

when the sign popped up I thought it was filling up with piss XD Edit: Ned should never throw a party with drinks at his house..., and ned Is blowing through the whole track...Ned should never bring anyone with him at a real road

does anyone here know what big dick energy is

I've done 3 out of 4. 2 when I was a teenager...alcohol and when I was an adult...I have to get to work. And the 4th, texting...never. As a result, as an adult, I am positively anal about my driving habits. Ever since I had my daughter (entirely too young), I have an absolute 0 tolerance for even slightly impaired driving. I make no apologies for my inflexibility.

My dad died in a drunk driving accident 2 years ago

“DUI Driving” Driving under the influence driving

My brother was killed by a drunk driver two years ago. He left behind a wife and three small children. For the love of all that is holy, do not drive drunk. Get an Uber next time you go drinking. Don't take away someone's parent/spouse/sibling/child.

Keith drives like, to safe, stresses me out- wow

Can we all address the elephant in the room? That doctor picked the absolute worst tie ever made in the history of mankind

Why I only and only will drink coffee

Zach looks so fucking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this legal?

The try guys are full homo when drunk

“Nothing about a car is a game. If used incorrectly, it’s weapon.” - Zach That’s something I always tell my friends when I’m teaching them how to drive. My biological grandmother died because a drunk driver hit her car then sped off. She died when my mom was 12. I won’t bore you with how tough it got for my family after she left us, but that choice that man made 30 years ago took away someone loved from our family. You wouldn’t want it for someone in your family, don’t let it be someone from another family.

“Hey my name is zack and I’m too drunk to drive. *So I’m gunna drive* “

The way Keith ran over the dog was very distressing because that's how my dog was run over when I was a kid.

The try guys go to a haunted house? Anyone?

next, the Try Guys try Tik Tok

What's the song at 7:50 !! I need it :(

Oh yeah I've done them all... I'm 13

If I know I’m going to be drinking I don’t even drive myself to the bar so I’m not even tempted to drive home, I always use an Uber or Lyft. I know 2 people who died on different occasions from drinking and driving and another who was seriously injured

(Ned) I don't even know how dangerous I am rn but let's go BITCH

"Not too slow, cuz I don't want people to think I'm drunk" is exactly the kind of thought you have while driving drunk xD

I'd love to see these same tests with a team of women as the subjects. I wonder how much the results would differ, if at all.

Y does the doctor have an m&m logo on his belly? lol 10:56

So the try guys are some homosexuals?

let’s find out... *bitch*

People forever find a reason to turn an educational video into a jab at personal faults and nitpick at stupid shit said. Shut the fuck up.

lmao this too hilarious... but drunk driving is never ok! great job on the educational part of this video guys lol

zach- "naaahghsjkgjw i fucken nailed it" CRYING

“when i’m drunk...i’m confident” - *cut to next clip* “does everyone here know what big dick energy is?”

How about you get Eugene some help. He’s clearly a functioning alcoholic who brags about the “multiple times “ he’s admitted to driving while drunk. Not cute.

"I would never hit a dog" speeds up and hits dog

when Eugene said exactly what Zach said

4:43 Eugene: That’s how Wes was born... Keith: ok, gross Eugene: Right, Look see *procedes to cry like baby*

when i’m drunk, i’m... CONFIDENT *does everyone here know what big dick energy is?*

I feel like drink driving is more common in the US and this coming from an Irish person. I can say in my 8 years of driving...I never ever drink and drive. Its actually a bit taboo here in Ireland

When you was paralyzed twice and have alot of neurological issues and will for sure fail all of those test.

PuT chO HEad DowN


Not proud of it, but one time I was (drunk myself too) but in a car with a drunk driver who was convinced that he had sobered up enough. WELL, he wasn't. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Nothing happened, thank god, but I just felt incredibly stupid, irresponsible and ashamed after it. Never, EVER drive drunk or get in a car with a "sober enough" driver. Never

Zack are you ok? You're talking like an alcoholic and I just want you too know that we care.

Imagine if they had to drive stick shift instead of automatic

Plz ban cars. They are worse than guns.

Keith looked betrayed when the others brought out macaroons.

What if Ned’s kid sees this in a couple of years lmao

I do wish there was a censored (language) version of this for audiences who may be sensitive to the high levels of swearing (church youth groups, schools etc)

Nefeli Malfoy Xaxxaxax.

the Try Guys are so gay for each other i sweaaaaar to god

I love them so much omg, the commenting as one is driving is so funny

How much money m&m

At some point you guys are going to have to try addressing Eugene's alcoholism.

1:07 *keiiith what the hell

Don't just listen to the way they talk about drunk driving in the beginning - yes, it's bad. But please, listen to the end. They learn from the experience and they do stay in course with the intention of showing just how bad and dangerous drunk driving is

I feel bad for Kieth. I mean, couldn’t they rent a damn car


7:24 *thank me later

ok when the add for this video came up i literally screamed because the girl who played kitty from Glee was the main person on it

Good to know Eugene puts others in danger by driving drunk outside of this test. Good job dude.

cool series y'all


Eugene at 11:02 looks fucking DONE.

the begining when it says try guys drive drunk YELLOW WAS A POOR CHOICE OF COLOR XD

Can anyone please tell me the song at 7:51 ? It sound amazing and I want to listen to the full version of this song xP, thank you in advance!

Eugenes love for alcohol is just oof

I drive a manual, try doing this shit in a manual lol that's why I don't drive even if I've only had a couple of drinks.

Doesn’t it depend on the person

I can’t balance on one foot sober

this is a great experiment, just one thing I noticed- wouldn't it have been more accurate if the whole course got rearranged each time they tested a new thing? familiarity with the obstacles to expect could have skewed the results. just a thought

Take a shot every time they hit a cone

I feel like it’s Zach, Ned, Keith and then Eugene when it comes to who gets drunk first lmao

Eugene : you ready bitches Zach : *wE aLL ARe biTcHeS*

This series is so great. Thank you for making this!! My grandparents used to drink and drive all the time and they got into some very bad situations. It's never an acceptable idea. Love you guys :D

My grandma died because of a drunk driver

Thank you try guys for sharing

my FIL got a DUI and still drinks and drives. He has 0 regrets about it and 0 care about who he could hurt. He tries to drive my kids around drunk. It's fucked.

I have never had a drink then drove and I'm 28 only reason being if I have one beer I want all the beers

The more drunk they got the more gay they got lol

Keith is so pissed at Ned and Eugene lmao

Eugene is throwing some serious Prince vibes.

Anyone else drinking while watching this

Because of this video I’ve made a pledge to never drink and drive. I never really knew how bad it was.

0:50 driving under the influence driving

At 5:36 Keith and Zach have red solo cups, Ned has a glass of wine and then theirs Eugene who has the whole dam beer bottle this just shows who's going to have more fun at parties

They should make a gay bachelor

Thank goodness in my country (Chile) you can not have any alcohol if you're going to drive. It really makes me mad when people drink and drive, they're just selfish assholes who don't think of others lives but themselves. Thanks for this video guys

ned should NEVER drive while drunk

"let's get drinks some more drinks "

"Avid alcohol enthusiast" - same

I loved this little series but I don’t think the drunk driving test is accurate. In the control drive they drove alone, but in the drunk driving one they’re all in the car. ANYONE (including myself) would be hella distracted with those goons in the backseat. Lmao. They need a do over, and do the drive alone this time.

.08% ≠ .08

I got a dog commercial right when Eugene hit the doll

Others: "Don't kill Mike" Ned: "Then Mike don't get yourself killed"

”I don’t even know how dangerous I am right now, but lets find out bitch” -Ned

8:38 When Ned arguing with the officer. Why it soo Hot?

No hetero but eugene is sexy lmfao

3:25 NO WAY!!!!

“Does anyone here know what big dick energy is?”

100% preventable? 100% preventable?! What if I am at a party and then all of a sudden Jason Voorhees shows up and start slashing people? I run out of there drunk and I'm pretty confident that I Am The Last One Alive. I'm not running home! I'm jumping in my truck and I'm peeling out as I go!

I’m sorry but the doctor casually wearing an m&m tie kills me

They wont feel good the next morning...

Can they show this in health class instead of that terrifying and depressing robin williams documentary?


As Zach tweeted out after the last installment of this series, I am almost positive that Eugene was playing it up that he drove drunk. Because he is such a casual drinker him saying that people would be more inclined to believe him. Do I think he's done it before, yeah I'm sure he has but I am sure he knows now that what he's been doing is dangerous not only to himself but to others. He's a good guy. I'm sure he doesn't get drunk as often as they play it up in videos as well.

“I don’t even know how dangerous I am right now. Let’s find out, bitch! Woooo! Let’s go!” me when I’m drunk

bad editing, had me peeved.

i hope all their insurance companies watched this and jacked up their premiums for admitting to driving drunk

the best part of this is that doctor's M&M tie

In both this video and the driving high video you guys say that the reaction times decreased...but that's incorrect! Decreased reaction times mean you respond more quickly, not more slowly. It should say that reaction times worsened or lengthened or increased, not decreased.

I'm sorry but I see a huge problem in this whole series. For the control you not only drive sober but you're also alone in the car. For the driving under influence you also have three people under influence in the back seat which are loud etc. Which for me is a huge distractment on it's own. Even for a sober person it can be distracting to have people under influence in the car. I know its probably for the entertainment, but I feel like it does impact the results.

5:48 why was that everything?

How do I not see anyone saying this in the comments: the DOCTOR has a M&M TIE on!!!! The SERIOUS expert voice for this video, has a M&M TIE!!!!!!


A good friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver back in high school. I still wonder what life would be like if he had lived.

i almost started crying cause my cousin died in a accident where she got hit by a drunk driver look up Janakae Toinette Sargent and read about her my aunt is kandi and she spoke out i was barely alive and was less than 1 yr old she brought her drunk friend how (she was sober) this was the only reason she was on the road. The 16th of this month (November) is actually the 12 yr anniversary of her death and in january my cousin would have turn 32. I miss you cuz and plz be proud of me for spreading your story may you forever rest in peace, Janakae Sargent.

They just turned gay XD

Do rhythmic gymnastics!!!

technically this isn’t a controlled experiment cause not all of them were in the car when they drove sober. It’s harder to pay attention and to back up with a car full of people

Yes, drinking and driving is dangerous, but they're also driving this course knowing that there aren't any consequences. I doubt this is how they actually drive after a few drinks. Still a great video and important message though :)

This entire video was an excuse to get drunk. We all know it.

My gaydar always knew they were gay.


Why is my favorite part the decals on the side of Kieths car for each guy driving

“Does everyone here know what big dick energy is?” HAHAHAHAHA

i went to the funeral of a man who lost his life when a drunk driver hit his car with his wife and dog in it and he had gotten impaled by some object from the car and ended up dying on the way to the hospital, he was fine and talking to the police when they arrived but once they removed the object that impaled him he bled out and passed away, they said his dog would not leave his side, and i came in condolences because he was the grandfather of a family friend. it was so incredibly heartbreaking even when i never met the man, a call had been made saying a man was sporadically driving, and minutes later he happened to hit their car. it’s so much easier to hit someone else up to help u out and pick u up, or get a cab, or even walk home if need be

I am learning

Proud to say I've never even drank 1 beer while driving

The doctor had a m&m t shirt on under his cloak

this is about a minute and a half of educational b-roll away from being a comedy video about impaired driving. i'm sure this idea sounded way better on paper.

The doctor while respectable, looks like the peanut m&m on his tie. I know you see it too

*does everyone knows what a big dick energy is* Me

I did drive drunk a few times in my 20s. I am very grateful that I didn't hurt myself or anyone else! I have a few friends who drove drunk and lived to regret it. Everything from getting a DUI and then dealing with all of the fines and fees that go with it which did end up being a bit more than 10,000 dollars when all was said and done, to the friend who ended up seriously injuring another friend while driving drunk. Since then the injured friends life was never the same and it took a long time for them to recover. Driving under the influence is no joke, thank you to these guys for illustrating that in a funny way which might actually get some people to pay attention.

omg i pass the irwindale speeday everyday what the

So many tragic stories in this comment section

I love eugene but I'm a bit worried considering that he is Korean and koreans tend to drink a LOT,, and he's far from a lightweight which is a bit scary ,, just hope for the best

EVERY 50 MINUTES?! holy shit...that'sss crazy.

Can anyone give me a good reason that all vehicles don't come standard with breathalizers connected to the ignition. If you want to stop drunk driving, remove the potential for it. It seems like the obvious solution.

2:22 euGENE „Go WiLd DaDdy” i am so done

My uncle died after he got drunk and started driving a little after he turned 22

'because we are educating the children' - keith hahahahahhahahaahhaahahahahahahaha

Im sorry i know this is such a serious subject but the doctor wearing the m&m tie i can not take serious

So I'm just watching these driving videos from the Try Guys before I take driving lessons. I'm not very sure if I would do the same things as these guys do or if I have to drive a car myself... probably better if I go take driving lessons myself, I don't wanna get myself killed.

i think ned is overacting drunk, maybe its to be funny or whatever but he is all over too much

Okay, but can we talk about the m&m on the doctor's tie

It was for educational purposes. I appreciate their honesty. These controlled simulations will make them rethink their choices. Take it for what it is.

Anyone else being reminded of Canada’s Worst Driver watching these videos??

Can somebody tell me the title of the song on 7:52?? Pleease ♡

Ned went full savage mood lmao

Ned Ned my car, Ned my car,Ned my car it's my car Lol keith

"That's how Wes was born" "Gross!"

they shouldn't have done it at night cause as we know, most drunk driving are usually done at night

I take 3 medications that interact negatively with alcohol in my eyes. They intensify the effects so my normal “I can have two drinks and still be sober” has turned to “I’m drunk at two drinks.” Don’t drive drunk and be mindful of yor specific body and how it metabolizes the alcohol. Be safe

I want them to do this while trying to eat too. I see a ton of people eating Mcdicks while driving in dangerous parts of town.

Guys, your major variable in this was having passengers in the car when you were inebriated. Verses sober driving without passengers. Because of the distraction from the other guys you would have done better alone.

I so wanna take the test

I AM a grown up Im 35 years old Zach and I can honestly say I have never driven while under the influence of Alcohol. I dont drink alcohol often like two-three times a year and I dont drink much when I do only one drink per night, I have never had an hangover, and I dont have a drivers licence(it costs too much) but I have had folk thinking Im drunk, because of My actions, lets just say I know how to party and not drink.

When Eugene was talking like he was a girl on the bachelor

“Dental hygienist assistant”

all of the people throwing a fit in the comments about this guy and that guy saying they had driven while drunk before reallllyy need to stop- yeah, the entire point of this video was to show how dangerous driving under intoxication is and yay! they proved it! they know its dangerous! and im sure they arent too proud of what they did!

My dad can do this easy

5:19 Me: MEME RE- Eugene: Round 2! Me: ... He must be with T-Series


Eugene is so right people really do look sexy while backing up haha

Im glad someone can agree with me on driving backwards. People look very great driving backwards no lieeee

im sorry i know this is a very serious comment but i cant get over both the illteration of your name but also the fact that _your last name is _*_mantini_*

Bill BUSTos the cop? LOL

I've done 4/4

13:39 “pUitch yo head down and let me see out my back seat”

that doctor kind of looked like Ned

I don't really think it was helping them that the other 3 drunk dudes were in the back distracting them.

When Eugene tried to disguise his alcoholism as something else. Avid alcohol enthusiast. Sad.

cones are so difficult to drive to. Lines are so much easier. Also who actually physically looks back? Just use one of the mirrors. I usually have enough just looking at my left mirror, (check all the others though!)

They talk so nonchalantly about drink driving like it’s not a big deal which is scary. In Aus if you know someone that has drunk driven you take it very seriously and usually don’t associate with them after finding out. It’s so easy to catch public transport, an Uber or just walk ! Even if it’s a couple kilometres it’s so much safer. I’m surprised that the limit in the US is 0.8 as well, here it is 0.5.

So everyone is gonna ignore the fact that this channel has 4.2 million subs and also has 4.2 million views at the same time

At 8:05 the sign behind is blurred but if you slow it down just enough you can see the words behind it and idk why this was so interesting to me

The fact that Eugene got exactly what Zach was saying word for word right in a mocking way is hilarious

I think this is great. Showing the issues with drunk driving. However, communication studies show that when your peers are doing something, and you hear about it (even if it's bad for society or you) you are more likely to do it because you want to be part of the crowd. I don't have an answer to how else you all could have talked about drinking and driving, but the entire time I just kept thinking "ah, shit people will do it because if the Try Guys did it once, it's ok if they only do it a few times."

I want to point out how many people are like really upset that eugene has driven under the influence like most people have at least once and (at least in my experience) it’s quite common for people to have driven whilst drunk at least once in the past month but I also understand that not everyone was raised in the same setting and has the same views on drunk driving as everyone else... and yes it is dangerous and everyone should try to avoid it but at the same time every situation and person is different

the way you guys are when your drunk seem like me and my friends now sober so I feel its gonna be worse when we can drink

That was my skill when I first got my permit

I don’t drink often but when I do I don’t really get bubbly or super happy or crazy or anything like that. I become super focused and annoyed by people. The only thing I’ve really notice is that I obviously lose mental capacity. It takes me longer to understand concepts and think. I haven’t driven drunk before and I don’t plan on it but I assume I’d be more like Eugene then the rest of the try guys.

when they said chronic they went to eugene

Quotes I laughed at: "Get out from under my car you stupid cones!!!" "Does anyone know what big dick energy is?" "I can safely say your very drunk you're ready to drive" "Watch your most fucking drunk friend nail this" "Ned my car!!" "I'm gonna stop even though I don't have too" "What did that come from? Is that even real?" "We're fucking doing great, are you fucking ready bitches!?" "Go wild, daddy"

"I would never hit a dog, I would never hit a dog" *Speeds tf up when he sees a dog*

See this is why I love them. Only they can make such an educational video without making it preachy or heavy or sad etc.

Me and my sister were coming off a highway and it was one way and a drunk driver came through and almost hit us. he turned around when he realized what he did and tried saying there was no one way sign. We were definitely lucky

Taking the lable off the bottle of what was CLEARLY Bombay Gin... Now that's just silly. LOL!!!!

5:37 Eugene drinking straight from the bottle... LOL!!!!

I think it would help if somebody wasn't yelling in your fucking ear please stop fucking up my car!!

Why can't this video be a part of the drug and alcohol test study?

My favourite Drunk Try Guys is always Ned

I died when Ned called them bitch HAHAHHAHA

The try guys try being royalty

I can't even parallel park sober! How tf would I be able to do it drunk?

Ned: **trying to walk heel to toe** Eugene: baby baby baby baby.. Keith: _oh my god this is crazy..._ Zach: _..what..?_ Eugene: -*baby!* Ned: I'm sorry, my friends are drunk; I'm the designated driver. Zach: you're *designatedly **_hOT!!_* me: -lmao this is the best-

Eugene: **confident stance** Does everyone here know what big dick energy is? Me: i- i just can't lmao

Eugene saying daddy

Eugene is always hitting the dog. Yo Eugene what you got against dogs. Lol

Am I the only one who thinks Zack looks like Squidward with his drunk get up?

First half I found funny then I realized that one day I’m going to die being hit by a drunk driver on my motorcycle


*Go wild Daddy*

Are we not going to talk about Dr. Raskin’s tie?

"Sir have you been drinking today?" Zach: "Jihihee"

"I am what people call an avid alcohol enthusiast" nah we call that a high functioning alcoholist...

put yo head down and lemme see out my back!

Lmao “ let’s find out,BITCH”

“Does everyone here know what big dick energy is?”

eugene never fails to be sexy

Its sad i have done this before but i drive better drunk then when im not

Technically the control has a variable: the tryguys aren't sitting in the backseat impairing the drivers vision and concentration...

are they bi or just too drunk

They’re pronounced macarOns you assholes

The real crime was driving a Prius

I was just in a drunk driver collision he hit my car head on my foot was crushed & had a horrible concussion I ended up needing surgery on my foot too months later I’m having to learn how to walk again

I hope Keith’s insurance doesn’t see these videos

Nick roll should join the try guys

k seriously not to be rude but what the fuck is the chick who asks them if they are drunk wearing? huge diaper shorts? that is so ugly lol

*does anyone know what big dick energy is*

Y O U H A V E M A C A R O O N S ?

This feels like a “1000 Ways to Die” episode

It's so sad whenever someone is killed by a drunk driver. Don't take an innocent persons life away because of bad decisions

traitor gusy XD

omg the funniest part is at 13:39 man ned lol

So thaaaaats why people cheat when they're drunk

I think because the allowed limit in the US is pretty high compared to other countries people tend to risk it more. I was kinda shocked to see people getting pissed and then driving home the same night when I visited a friend in the US back in the day... I like drinking, but if I'm driving, I'll just have non-alcoholic beer and soda.

Ned is lowkey (highkey) hot

Ned dgaf when he's drunk. The mans alive.

To be honest, this series pisses me off. Y'all don't even have helmets on or real barriers. People could have legitimately gotten hurt. Not funny. I know a guy, I met him when I was in college. He was very bright and sharp. I later learned that summer he went on a vacation with his girlfriend and her family. Her dad was driving, fell asleep behind the wheel, and the car rolled over. The girlfriend was killed, as was her grandmother. Her sister is now in a wheelchair. And the guy I met now has the brain of a 3rd grader. Let's not even get started on all the people who have been killed by drunk driving and texting. What is the point of this video? We already know their effects on driving. Because it's all been done through simulation, and real-life cases. One guy they tested with sleep deprivation, he flat out was sleeping on the wheel. Completely out. Imagine if that happened here in a real car and not a computer screen? This series was not cool.

10:47 Alcohol decreases your ability to make good decisions? Is that why you wore that tie?

M A C A R O O N S ?!

When they showed the obstacle course, all I could see was a bunch of dicks drawn with chalk. XD

My mom and I were in an accident when I was 4. A drunk driver creamed our car, a truck, and a boat the truck was hauling. I was 4, and I’m now 18 and remember it like it was yesterday. It was very scary. The guy didn’t have a license, either. I still remember his name

I do not see why people drink and then drive I lost a dance teacher to a drunk driver who ran a red light

Eugene's hAIR


Why do the sober run with no passengers but impaired run with a car full of people? All these videos are like that. At least make it even. I'd rather see similar testing as opposed to the highway patrol version of these videos to make it appear as bad as possible. Are they making videos for a hipster traffic school? Bill Bustos needs some cheering up btw.

And they also tried to make it humorous.

Are you really trying to justify drunk driving?


why aren't they metioning the facts that the course is ridiculous and driving with a lot of people in the car is hard.

This needed to be more serious. Too much joking around diminished the message

"Try Guys commit felonies"

Alligator skin boots by McCafferty was playing in my head this whole video *twinkle twinkle little star alcoholics don't get far unless they drink and drive let's go for a ride and I hope I crash and die tonight*


All I gotta say is... Thank you Uber/Lyft...When you feel you can't spend those $30 or $50 for the ride, think about those $10,000

Y’all should do Cocain and Xans next

Now I feel a lot better about not having a driver's license

Its true driving drunk is very dangerous and should be done. But this course is more difficult then any real life scenario you would be in. I would probably fail this test sober lol.

Should not*

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Eugene seemed genuinely sad he hit the dog when he was drunk, the mood changed quick.

I love that Keith has such a 16 year old girl car

I think the cones were a little over board most roads are not that curved!I would have liked to see this on a more realistic road test.Why no passenger in the front seat?I am sure realistically you guy's don't drive like that around town.

Try eating and driving!!!

Did someone else see the docs tie

what names of the song at 7:50

Ok so, no one is going to talk about the Dr.’s m&m tie?

Lol, taping up the Toyota emblem. #notasponsor

Ned is really hot I would fuck him

i just wanna get fucking wasted rn (safely)

"Ned you're going home. Sorry, man."

Those are macarons.....

Yoo the fact that when they drove sober they were alone in the car compremises the results. If you drive drunk/high with people in the back, it is way different than if you were alone. Your attention span in not compremised if there is no one in the back. This makes the whole comparison between sober-high-sober-tired, falsified.

I feel like I’m Eugene when I’m drunk

That does look like a keith car

Ofcourse you FEEL fine thats why you shouldnt drink before driving because you DONT KNOW

Listen people don’t drink and drive my friend passed away last month from driving under the influence and flipped her car she was only 19 she had her whole life ahead of her she died around the block from her house

“this is what it feels like when you become one of the drunks” - brendon urie 2018

Eugene:"I am what people call an active avid alcohol enthusiast" Me: Eugene I love you but you are what people would call a low key alcoholic but I'm ok with it because you don't cause trouble so drink away

I love how Kieth was Ned ned ned Ned Ned Ned NED MY CAR

"It's always sad when someone dies, huh? This young man was driving drunk, COMMA... without knowing how to do it PROPERLY." - Deputy Clementine Johnson, Reno 911.

The Hangover Try Guys!

I appreciate you guys showing the effects of drunk driving. My father died that way 12 years ago. Maybe this video will prevent some drunk drivers. I dont want anyone to feel what I feel. I never had my dad see me graduate, he never saw my first boyfriend, he will never see my get married, he'll never be a grandparent. Etc. I'm missing out on so much because of a drunk driver...

What was that song that played in their getting drunk montage (started at 7:52)

I can barely be a drunk pedestrian let alone driver

8:20 that guy sounds drunk

16:40 15?

cheers for this video!

I loved it. I was looking at yellow m&m the whole time.

Zack in that mint green suit though

Eugene looking as no bigdeal when on the thumbnail where they r dringing xD

My mom was a singer during her time, several albums and met my dad at a concert. She also had a Job offer in NYC. during a Tour, snowy day, She was hit by a drunk driver. she had to re-learn a lot of things, how to walk and her voice box and vocal chords crushed. then I'm her eldest, I never got to hear her original voice only through tapes. :( I wish people understand how it is, when you drive drunk.

I would really like to see some bloopers to this

Wish i could do a video with yoi guys .. Love all your videos try guys!

I lost my aunt because of a drunk motorcyclist. She was walking down a pedestrian walk way while holding a puppy she was going to give to us but she got run over... she died days later in the hospital. I never even met her because I wasn’t in the same country as her. Stay safe please

I’m dead

Need is adroble ❤️ so is Zach

My brother got a DUI on the 4th of July

Eugene and I are the same drunks. I wonder if it's because of myself being half-Korean

the doctors tie was my favorite part

Top gear who?

Would it be possible to release a "radio edit" version of these DUI videos? I would like to share them with my students, but I am worried about profanity.

I wanna make one thing clear- Eugene driving while drunk is TERRIBLE. There’s no excuse why you would purposely drive around after drinking knowing what COULD happen just because you wanted to go out and have some fun. That being said-you people are hypocrites. Keith and Zach both admitted to driving while high AND clearly have every intention of still doing so- the majority of the comments gave no fucks about this

This is very informative

I'm too tired to drive at least half the time I've ever driven...yay, late shifts at work

I noticed that Keith’s car reflects his Try Guy color profile.

Eugene at 5:17 mama ain’t raise no bitch

*"DoNt KiLl mIkE, Ok MiKe DoNt GeT YoUrSelf KiLlED"*

I have a scary experience with a drunk driver in front of our car. At least I think they were drunk. We were on the highway on our way home from a restaurant and it was night time. We were on our way home and we were going over a bridge. This person in front of us starts swerving a little bit and my mom is telling my dad to stay back. This little swerving turned into major swerving. We were at the end of the bridge but there was still concrete blockades on the sides of the road. This guy ran into it and his car was getting all scratched up and everything. My mom thought he was going to flip and run into us so we all started to panic. He ran into the wall for a good 5 seconds. My dad got his phone out thinking to call the cops but he still had to concentrate and we didn't know if we should or not because we would have to follow this idiot. We ended up not calling the cops because a few seconds later he turned off on an exit right at the last second. That was the scariest moment in my life and I never want to go through something like that again

They would make a good hangover movie

One day baby wes will go and see his dad’s videos

Can we all just admire that M&M tie at 7:02?

“If used inappropriately, a car is a weapon.” damn

I know someone who watches videos while driving


Drunk Ned: "I'm the designated driver" Drunk Zach: "He's designatedly HOT!!!"

What's the song at 8:00

Wait so who won

4:20 I couldn't agree more, I mean look at you

Great videos. But probably not the best idea to nonchalantly admit to your fans that you've driven drunk.

I got a #savethe100 manitoba driving PSA on this video. How appropriate.

when you're genuinely worried about eugene talking about driving drunk

Keith low-key reminds me of Rachel Ballinger. Not just the personality but the appearance as well.

My brother was drunk driving with 3 friends in the car. He wrecked and he died. 1 of the friends also died and the other 2 friends were seriously injured. Plz everyone take this message seriously. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, EVER!

ned is cute

If you take a shot every time Keith says "guys be careful with my car" you'll be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning before the video is halfway through. I feel like buzzfeed must have at least one company car, why didn't they just use that?

Did no one hear *”go wild daddy”*

Seriously Eugine no drinking and driving Also good for these guys showing how shitty people act on alcohol But on a better note did you all see the tie in the doctor at 1056 love it

Ned is how I would be

5:18 Eugene, seriously.

Neds kid is gonna watch this in some years.

"im way too drunk to drive - so now ...... i'm gonna drive"

I love you guyssss but specially you Eugene

“The dog’s fine”

in my opinion, the try guys tried to influence people by transferring the social value in a unique and effective way, and I think this is good, bcs they directly did that, so they really know what it's like

I can’t get over to the Doctor necktie....

This whole video consisted of the guys just yelling NED NED NED

YOU HAVE MACAROONS? Far out Keith cracks me up

I'm really glad you guys are doing these videos. I hope some smart teachers use them in there classrooms cause I know I would have gained a lot from these when I was a teen

Eugene can still drive cause he’s used to being drunk all the time.

great video from an awareness standpoint but i had to dislike it on principle. Drunk driving is up there with mugging an old lady for me. You are a monster and deserve ALL the fines, tickets, jail time etc. Plus my dad was a drunk and... yeah it's 100% preventable.

plus the blood alc limit is 0.05 in Australia IIRC. This driving at 1% shit is horrrific.

My aunt and her sister-in-law died in a car crash because a stupid guy was drunk driving in broad daylight...DONT DRINK AND DRIVE thanks for the cool vid try guys

Dr. Damon’s tie is giving me life!

Is there a Eugene fan club I can join

You f#ckin up my car bro


Am I the only one that thinks Drunk Ned is so daddy? Fuck xD

Ned: I drive juuuuust right! *says this while they show him swerving in reverse and hitting cones*

The lady “cops” shorts make me uncomfortable. They’re so baggy!!!

Eugine won

My man's name his Bill Bustos, you know he's busting everyone will they DUI

That doctor's tie though. He was saying such serious things and then the camera would pan back...

Xochitl CJ they don’t work for buzzfeed anymore

DRs save lives daily. They can wear assless chaps for all I care. And for the record, I'd wear the shit outta that tie too. Playful ties are the best and one of the ONLY ways men can make a suit/shirt combo fun

My dad was standing on the side of the road and a drunk driver hit him. My father died and that’s why I never drink.

Is no one going to talk about the humans holding signs throughout the course?!?!?!

it's macarons, not macaroons.

I actually thought there was a real dog I was so SCARED

Why is Eugene so hot

I'm excited to see Eugene do this

Euguene is wonderful and we all love him so much, but he is definitely a high functioning alcoholic. He could not stop drinking, even if he wanted to. He's clearly dependent on alcohol, which is very sad to see.

"I drive just fine"

is it just me or Ned just became 10x hotter ever since he became a dad?

What's the difference between every video NOW THEY'RE DRUNK!

I saw a dude fall asleep at the wheel and almost t-boned me before running over a cyclist. Ripped her face off on a lamp post. Just get a lyft or have a soda, the booze will still be there later.

12:54 Zach "yeah we're all bitches" is such a drunk me

I don't even drink, and I would fail the tests to prove it because I'm a klutz and can't walk in a straight line at the best of times

After 10 drinks Eugene looks like he’s sober enough to go to a job interview. Lol

That doctor guy was being all serious but I couldn’t take him seriously because he had an m&m person on his tie.

I actually drive a lot more carefully when I'm high

I’m drunk and I’m seeing this video in 30FPS, thank god for auto correct btw

Eugene: does anyone here know what big dick energy is? yOu aRe thE bIG dIcC eNeRGy

You crushed the dog.

"Does anybody here know what big dick energy is"

Ok 15 year olds can’t drink or drive so that shouldn’t be a problem but sadly it is

If you’ve had ANY alcohol don’t drive. Jeez.

I don’t even know how dangerous I am right now .. let’s find out .. bitch !

Drunk driver hit my fam's car when we were on our way home. I was 4 and even after I healed up, I was too scared to try to stand and walk for weeks. Please don't drink and drive.

the new generation of mythbusters

1 This is my car what are doing 2 Stop hitting cones with my car 3 My car my carrrr 4 It’s my car 5 Dude stop fucking up my car Who am I ?

I’m sorry Ned, you have not received a rose.

Is Eugene gay? I honestly don't know...

“This might be the alcohol talking but, I think we really have a *C O N N E C T I O N* .”

How can Eugene be more confident??????

12:55 literally me and hell yeAH IT IS

this comment section is depressing af

Who did he choose? Zach or ugene?!?!?

the dog skateboarding, reference to himym? lol am i the only one the who think is it

Oml their so gay when drunk

5:48 - urm gettin a little close thar

Zach in the back of the thumbnail

*Over doses on skittles*

I’m not justifying any behavior, but I feel that it is wrong to criticize people for what’s they have said in the video without a full story. Particularly Eugene’s comment on his drinking habits, he might enjoy drinking but that does not make him an alcoholic, alcoholism is a form of an addiction.

"Everyone drinks and drives" No. It is a desicion you make to get in that car and risk killing a mother or a child or a dad or an infant or yourself. Disgusting. I have NEVER drove drunk and never will.

15:01-15:08 hit hit the dog anyway

How does Eugene manages to look everything he does so damn sexy?

*The Bachelor : renewed*

The DUI Guys

It looks like a "Eugene is in Rebab" Try Guys video is pretty much inevitable. LOL

When i used to drink i could have 12-15 beers or a few bottles of wine or most of a bottle of vodka and everyone around me always asked why wasn't i drunk. I never slurred my words or staggered about, but in my head, I knew i was semi-drunk. The same with weed i just can't get high, script meds are the same they have little to no effect on me. God help me if i'm ever in a hospital as they will have to get the hardcore shit out for me!

15:05 I can never stop screaming haha

*I can safely say the your very drunk,ready to drive* - something a real officer will say

If I hit the dog while driving drunk, I probably would have stopped the car and cried

Eugene looked so hot while smoking marijuana

eugene saying baby over and over again is by far the greatest thing

“ Lets find out BITCH.”

Well shit. If I was given a sobriety test sober I’d still fail. I’m so clumsy and uncoordinated

The dog

My parents own an electric car with scanners so the car would stop before it hit the dog

why can’t Zac ever wear a suit correctly.....the shirts under his blazers are always lacking

ned is so funny wth

I think Eugene is an alcoholic

How come no one is talking about Fall out boy playing at 7:55

Oana Apetrii I don't know tbh

What is the name of the song?

oh cmon ned XD

That Keith/Ned Moment is honestly such a romantic vision. Ned is a really good actor.

Lmao when the macaroons came out

I would luv to hang out with them got a little sad towards the end :( but we should learn from this

I love that doctor's tie


We should start a go fund me for Keith’s car lol

bruh i can’t even do this course sober

10:30 is a whole mood

Dude i cant even pass a sobriety test sober, lol

if Ned isn't gay I'd be surprised as fuck

so im sorta new watching these videos and im a bit curious. i remember Eugene saying hes a part of the LGBTQ+ community... does anyone know his sexuality or if he has specified?

Why do these guys get so homo when they get drunk? It's scary how 2 of them even have wives/girlfriends.

Waiiiiiiiiiitttttttt.....!!! Did Zack/Zach say that he got the scar from 4th grade???

Keith: “STOP FuCkInG up my car bro!”

Woow nobody passed even Keith who tried really hard.

As my drivers ed teacher loved to say: "CONES' LIVES MATTER!"

Drunk Ned with the messy hair and slightly unbuttoned shirt is lowkey hella sexy

I've definitely driven sleepy before but that's less because I'm irresponsible and more because I'm just usually sleepy

That doctor looks like robin williams

I don't dare to drink and drive. If I lose my license to drive, I lose my job and that is not worth it.

“Yeah we’re all bitches”

There was a Jägermeister-Ad interrupting this video. What is that supposed to mean XD

Drunk and sexual...Lol I interesting

Good PSA!! Thanks for putting out safety and if you so much as saved one life, one accident then you’ve done your job and did it well!! Peace!!

If you're impatient 9:47

Why is Ned lowkey hot in this video wtf

Even sober I would fail the balancing on one foot test

Anybody else notice the M&M on the Doctors Tie

You guys vaped?! Omg... I'm unsubscribing. Totally gross and unhealthy

how did keith get his license

The former tenant in a house my mom and I rented ended up killing a mom and her 3 kids in a drunk driving accident on the freeway, we met him when we went to preview the house and like a year or 2 later he was on the news cuz he got drunk asf when his gf turned down his proposal and decided to rage drive his way home from the bar, the asshole lived and an entire family died (note: we knew it was him because it was a gray Maserati, not the most common car, we noticed it when we first came to the house and when we heard the new my mom jokingly said it was him and a then they revealed his name and picture and it was deadass him)

It's noon and they're getting themselves drunk oml...

OML I thought the dog was real for a sec

4:21 this is one of my favorite things to do because people look SO SEXY when they reverse. HONESTLY!!! I SWEAR ME AND EUGENE ARE LIKE TWINS!!!


when ned explained the road I was like 'now they definitely goin lose the challenge' 4:02 Ned looks hot XDDD

"Let's find out bitch"!!!

try prison

5:55 date someone who looks at you the way Ned looks at beautiful Keith

I love how high ned and drunk ned are, like, polar opposites

High on heroin driving

Someone: so, my idea is we drink some alcohol- Eugene: I'm in.

Noone is a great drunk driver, Eugene.

best episode of the bachelor i've ever seen

I like, really want the doctor's tie.

17:42 did he say "this is a big gay agenda"???


Personally I have never gone driving high or drunk. However, as a teenager I can definitely say I have friends who do and I can also say that sleep deprived driving is pretty much on the daily

Are we going to ignore the fact that the doctor has an M&M mascot on his tie.

Can we just talk about how shippable the moment at 5:54 was?

Eugene acts gayer than me when he’s drunk lmao

Fucking Ned lmao “DUI driving”

Why did they use their plastic surgery photoshop photos for the case file things?

I love how the doc is so serious with m&m tie

I just feel sorry for the person who took their time to put up those cones

The doctor is talking about serious issues but I can't take the m&m on his tie seriously. LMFAO

11:02 Eugene looks like he’s going to kill someone

I died at 7:21

i love drunk try guys they r just so funny



So and so in my family drives while HIGH i mean HIGH i think shes more focused but she hate drinking so i think shes fine there

1:21 Me: my mom hasn't done this.... coz she doesn't drive

9:01 Eugene. What??

5:50 oh god here come the ships

Eugene's hair in this video is so perfect.

10:29 thank me later

All of them went from straight to gay Except Eugene

16:50 that got me way more hyped than it should’ve

*ned is so hot*


Zach telling Ned that Keith doesn’t want him was everything

I'm sorry but the dr whoever it is look like an m&m

Ned in the future: was dont ever drink and drive Wes: *pulls up this video* Ned: go to your room

Ned reminds me of jake Paul during this vid a little

Anyone notice the Doctor's m&m tie.......... no just me.....alright then

2 shots of vodka

I feel so bad for Keith's car

"Keith drives TOO safe"

i burst out laughing when eugene hit the dog

I first thought the cops name was "Ball Bustos"lmao

Eugene is the King of Alcohol

I always thought my dad was a great driver but the stories told about what my dad did as a teen and the fact he always says that he doesn't get a motorbike because he'd probably kill himself because he has no fear of speed.

and the only thing isee the people drive is just texting but thier mostly driving

in sg(singapore) its like oh i drink... want to drive welp nvm cant because im drunk

Zach is the perfect saucy babe

I’m curious if your drunk and high at the same time

No one worried about eugene pretty much admitting hes an alcoholic. Those subs and likes are more important right?

I love Zach's laugh

*I can safely say you’re very drunk*

NEVER hit a dog...RAMS THE DOG.

It's rare but oh, the more Eugene drinks the sexier he gets.

“Ya were all bitchess” lmao

Not to be that person, but I seriously can't find it- anyone know the song at 7:50?

*does anybody know what big dick energy is?* i do. please help me.

wait 15 year olds can drive?

Love these guys!

Why does Keith’s car only have one Keith on it

“Physically impossible to get through” *”that’s how wes was born”*

That’s doctors tie was the best!

that doctors tie :)

I love how there's a drunk driving ad before this video

“You fucking ready bitches?” “Yea we’re all bitches”

Y’all should try asmr

The cop's name was literally Bill "Bust us" lol

Eugene: That's how West was born Me: Ok...

I love how when Eugene had to touch his nose it looked like his was on the stage of Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Guy: you chose to drink then drive 5 mins later Dr: Alcohol prevents you from making good decisions I'm so confused?

JUDITH] My life started when I went for jog And spotted you in the park Sitting with a dog So I stoped and asked, "can I pet your dog?" (spoken) And so there we were, me and this golden retriever, basking in the abundance of sun Austin provides. And suddenly you blurted out (sung) "This isn't my dog, actually It's my friend's dog, Sheila I'm taking care of her while he's away She's on a lot of medication" And I laughed, and you laughed Saying you didn't wanna be found out when you asked me to coffee That there was no dog I said yes and you said, "I'm Jase. What's your name?" And I heard the perfect opportunity To be someone else entirely Free from my history For one single cup of coffee I would be Natalie (spoken) Obviously that's not how it went down. One cup of coffee turned into two bottles of wine, three desserts and staying up talking until four in the morning. Too late to backpedal. Too good not to keep going (sung) It felt like my life, but a better version With you in my life, I was a better person I heard music in the words you were saying Melodies with no band playing For the first time I was in love And I loved who I was with you All the mundane shit I used to hate Like recycling plastic and flossing every day Making breakfast, paying bills Watering the plants on our window sill Was invigorated with your sense of wonder Pillow talk, afternoon walks Holding hands in the parking lot of Home Depot Dealing with inevitable misfortunes that were barely manageable Like that time we accidentally hit a squirrel with your car That was an unfortunate anecdote Do you know what I mean? It felt like my life, but a better version With you in my life, I was a better person I heard music in the words you were saying Melodies with no band playing For the first time I was in love And I loved who I was with you My parents finally tracked me down After years of jumping from town to town They found you and me Men in suits at our front door Asking you about Judith Ford And I knew, instantly They say before you die Your whole life flashes before your very eyes Well, it didn't the first time But this time I heard each and every lie I'd ever told you I tried to cling to the life I'd made together with you So I did the only thing I knew how to I denied who I was, because I wanted to keep my life But the better version Natalie, your wife She was a better person I memorized your voice And how you say goodbye But you never said goodbye You never said goodbye And I held on to our life And who I was with you Who I was with you Who I was with you

Eugene’s face when taking the shot is how you know he was sent to Earth to fuck up people’s lives.

“Avid alcohol enthusiast” soooo alcoholic

Eugene, I love you so much. Please never drive drunk again. You are a terrible drunk driver.

Ned: “when I’m drunk I’m loving” Me: *squeals!*

that doctor talking about drinking interfering with your decision making skills when he's wearing an m&m's tie...

I need to know where Eugenes suit is from?

5:37 this is so off topic, but the doctor is wearing and M&Ms tie

I remember when I was in my teenage years, somewhere from 12 to 15, I refused to get into a car with my dad being drunk and driving. I said that I would only go with my mom driving and I’m glad I did. The one time my parents refused to listen to me and just physically made me get into the car and drive like that, we almost crushed into a tree. My family realized how right I actually was by being what they at first called “paranoid”. After that my dad never lets himself get into the front seats when he is drunk and would rather let my mom drive or order a taxi.

M and ms

Lol the doctors tie haha


I love Keith's and Ned's laughs!

my siblings and I decided to have a competition to see who would get drunk first and yes we were given parental permission to do this the oldest to youngest goes by 16, 15, 13, and 9. youngest lasted 2 drinks, oldest lasted 4 drinks, second oldest lasted 8 drinks, and me being 13 I lasted up to 30 drinks. I last longer than my parents in getting drunk even, if someone tried getting me drunk it would have to be like 100% alcohol and about 20 drinks.

take a shot every single time keith says something about his car getting messed up


Plot twist It was all water

This was entertaining I just wish it was taken more serious. I feel like in a real situation they would have at least tried to pass the sobriety test. This just seemed more focused on trying to be funny than informative. It was funny though!

Conclusion: Ned is a bad drink driver

All the damage is made to the car would be paid off by the end of the series because all the money they made they could use to fix the damage

Just realised that they're all probably driving a automatic so they're not even thinking about changing gears

Keith-marijuana Eugene-alchohol Ned-sleepy Zach-texting These 4 episodes are just the try guys personalities

Ive driven drunk many times and im 18 im not proud im just retarded

Reminds me instantly of THE HANGOVER ! 7:51

I don’t even know how dangerous I am Let’s find out bitch

10:27 I don’t even know how dangerous I am rn. Let’s find out *BITCH!* *WOOOOOOO* Let’s *gO* drive drive drive Let’s go! *Sits in the car for two seconds and BURSTS off*

That me when I’m not drunk. Cuz I’m just a 13 year old.

You shouldn't drink and drive? Look at them though they had so much fun.

“Parallel Park this bitch”

Whats the song at 7:52?

the editing of this video is incredible

Ned drives like cruella de ville

What I think is BS is that you can get a DUI for sleeping in your car in a bar parking lot. Like...what? Cabs where I live are like $30 and we don’t really have Uber or lift...and maybe every person who might give you a ride is unavailable. Why punish people who are at least trying to do the right thing? Also...I fail those field sobriety there are people who can stand on one foot without falling over? I don’t get it.

So, I went and did the 'heel to toe' walking test in my room. When I attempted it, I wobbled back and forth and nearly fell over several times, grabbing onto my bed to keep me from falling. I'm under 13 and I have NEVER illegally gotten drunk or anything else like that, and I was wide awake when I attempted it. I basically proved to myself that either I'm clumsy as frick, or I somehow feel and act drunk at random times.

Thank you that somebody who's telling the truth I hate when people saying no I didn't push the limit bullshit

Eugene you look fabulous when you were doing the the finger test when you're drunk you guys are awesome and I'm so glad you guys have your own YouTube channel and I you guys are doing this to show the use the consequences as better to take a taxi or Uber or Lyft then to take an innocent life

Why does the doctor look like the m&m on his tie

"Drunk Keith is everybody's friend!" *Later* "Zach, I hate working with you."

"does anyone here knows what big dick energy is" EUGENE

Lol ...these guys are funny. Also "mention of big dick energy" he says he gets super confident when

How about the try guys drive while high on meth

Am I the only one who can't take my eyes off the doctors tie

This was fun to watch but so scary IRL.

My boyfriend was an alcoholic and did not drive because he was so scared he would hurt someone while driving. Ironically, he was hit by a tractor-trailer while standing on a street corner, sober. He was killed.

Please be careful on the road. My mother lost her dad when she was 10. The driver that crashed into him was drunk (according to the evidence on the cctv )and fled the scene. My grandmother took care of 7 kids on her own, and honestly I'm tired of my mom blaming the accident and the trauma to treat me like whatever like she was.

Eugene really didnt do bad. I hit a dog sober so thats not a good gauge

thanks for educating us kids

14:32 whats that scream

“100% preventable” this man has never been in an unsafe situation (party gone wrong, creepy man) while drunk

Zach is my mood

Now remember to drive with a stick shifting...

In Scotland you can't have any alcohol in your system while driving, makes it difficult if you've been out the night before but its helped cut down on dd incidents, theres really no excuse to drive drunk its so dangerous

I hate this biased crap - even before they started they said they are doing it "to prove why you shouldn't do it" well, here's an unpopular fucking opinion : guys have better reaction times and driving skill with a slight buzz on them than stone cold sober ... it just is, it always has been. Fuck this pandering to popular belief PC shit. thanks and go fuck yourself.

10:18 Sounds like my mom.

After Eugene hit the dog he seemed sad the rest of the time....

The whole tone of this video kinda worries me. I get it, they are entertainers and they need to make the video funny and they were drunk, BUT like the whole tone of the conversation in the car made me uncomfortable. I am an alcoholic and the way Eugene was so casual about his current state, while driving drunk, reminds me of how I used to be. I appreciate that they made this video because drunk driving is a huge problem and the experts they had were amazing, but idk the whole thing just made me feel like I needed to go to a meeting. Maybe this was just triggering for me.

“I would never hit a dog.” to “I don’t fucking give a shit” *smashes dog*

Ned worries me. Hes very aggressive when he drinks.

"Get outta here!" kicks dog to the curb! Hahaha

Watching this while drinking and driving. Cheers

I laughed so much the whole time Ned was driving but Eugene really seems like a functioning alcoholic. I feel like the try guys need to address it with him as a friend. He literally said he would drive after 9 drinks that’s crazy!

Eugene looks sooooo much like Miguel (miguel with long hair tht is )

Senior year of high school, a girl I was friends with died in a drunk driving accident. Her mom was intoxicated, so she was the designated driver. As she was driving home, a drunk person was heading straight for her. She swerved to avoid them, and she died. This happened during Spring Break. She would have graduated high school three months later. Don’t drink and drive guys.

You are *such* an idiot! What are you saying??

Well shit, okay.

Eugene is always a model and when all mere mortals act like dumb shits at the god mode level of drunk, Eugene just goes further into that flair that he has and brings it all out. That being said, the stats about DUI's were terrifying certainly an eye opener.

You guys should also include what it’s like to drive while crossfaded

8:01 is that Fall Out Boy?

never mind, it's not

My dad freaking texts and calls Like if your parents do the same and they don't listen to you

lol keith is the most loved try guy

these days drunk driving accidents should in theory be less. We have uber and lyft now people. safe ride home with the p push of a button

Eugene is me

Eugene is the type of drunk I am, Ned is the type of drunk I like to hang out with

You guys think that "Bill Bustos" was really that cops name or the Try Guys just being funny

most people get clumsy when they drink. Eugene gets sexy.

“Put yo head down so I can see through my back seat”

my sisters best friend died on thanksgiving day

I guess this is sort of a cultural thing. Admitting to drinking and driving where I'm from will be a form of social suicide. Not acceptable at all.

Do with the motorcycle

does anyone know the song at 7:51?

They act much gayer

Why do they make it like Eugenes drinking is a good thing? It can become a problem.

I've never driven drunk but been in a car with drunk drivers many times as a dumb teen. So basically it was the same shit.

Can we talk about that doctor's tuw?

Try driving while under the influence of an opioid

"Ok, gross." My love life in a nutshell.

Why were their "The Bachelor" impressions so accurate? XDXD

It's not really a control if there are varying factors, such as the fact that in the control they are driving alone and have a full view of the rear window, whilst when they r under the influence they are sitting in the back

Um I don't think everyone needs to be freaking out about the drinking and driving in the video. Yes I know what they said but who knows they probably only said that for the video to exaggerate who they are and stuff. For example Eugene is obviously an alcoholic but after watching a lot of their videos you can tell how exaggerated they make their personalities. It makes you kinda think his drinking might not be as bad as he puts it out to be. But also I guess it's just what I want to believe. My dad was an alcoholic and he has a liver disease that only gets worse and worse until your liver eventually fails. There's no cure for it. If I'm correct it's called "Cirrhosis of the liver" I just wouldn't want Eugene to ruin his life for the future.

I'm immune to setting drunk.... Yeah don't make sense but I'm strong enough to not get drunk.

Love the try guys, but everything the doctors say is so obvious and common sense statements..

They should have called this video "Keith Has A Panic Attack"

Tbh I lost a lot of respect for Eugene. It's so disrespectful for him to brag about being an "alcohol enthusiast". My brother got hit by a drunk driver when I was 3, I don't remember anything about him because I was so young. Every day I miss him and wonder what my life would be like without him. What's even worse is he did so much for everyone, even the country. He was in the navy, he was a firefighter for a few months after that too. He was a good soul and didn't deserve it. Don't be a Eugene. Be safe. Don't drink.

To everyone shaming them especially Eugene, they aren’t boasting, they are trying to normalize it, etc. They don’t have to normalize it considering it already is normalized. Like sure when we hear it and the stories it doesn’t seem normal but it happens all the time now. For them to say the amount of people who drink (even the tiniest bit) and drive was slim would be a lie. For them to say that they haven’t drunk and driven would also be a lie. They’re being honest about their experiences. Eugene said himself he isn’t proud of it. But you gotta remember the brain works very much differently when intoxicated or under the influence than when sober. That’s why they’re making these videos. Why they talk ab the mistakes they’ve made (something so totally normal and human) so that the viewers don’t make the same ones. Love not hate. You shouldn’t be demeaning to them and appalled by then when they’re being vulnerable by admitting their faults.

I have never been driving drunk, not even pushed it a bit. If I know I will be drinking I dont even bring my car. Only if I know for certain that I can stay the night. If someone offers me a drink I will only drink that one drink and not a drop more. But then again I've been biking drunk before

Here in the UK, we get a ton of messages and stories about drink driving. I don't know anyone whose ever been in a crash personally but please never never get in the car, even after just a little bit of alcohol. You could ruin your and someone else's life forever, don't take the risk, EVER.

I actually want to try this, not on the actual road though, but like a simulation like them. Mainly because I never drank and drove nor will I.

Ned’s reaction is so funny

Imagine all 4 at the same time

Got a little long and boring

I was cracking up for the first fifteen minutes, and then I was just appalled and ashamed


They should have brought Ned's wife Ariel and Wes XD

As serious as this is… I lost it when the dog just stopped behind Keith and he just slowly ran it over

“whereas some patients are more chronic alcohol abusers” * camera zooms in on Eugene *

Their hangovers are gonna be a pain

eugene really showed his gay side in this, lOvE iT

Eugene looks good ashhh

I’ve never done any of these I’m 12

Driving drunk is absolutely not okay, if someone comes to my house for a party, I’m taking their keys and they’re staying over or getting an Uber.

Ive driven high, texting, and tired. Not good ideas

Only a month or so after we all graduated highschool a new adult ready to start his life died in an accident. Because of this a new law in arizona was named after him. Joes law a driver must be tested after an accident that lead to a death.

You really can tell there drunk

this is normal for Eugene. drink driving.

I am glade they are trying to raise awareness about an issue that has impacted many people including me. I feel bad for those that have to experince this kind of loss. Thank you also to the cops who try so hard to prevent this type of accident.

omygoawwd thatfUcKIngDoG HahahhaHHaHahah

5:47 OMG! I was not prepared for that

My mother almost died because of a man who was drunk driving. It’s changed our lives and hers forever. Considering my dad died in a car crash, it was beyond scarring. The man died and I have no remorse for him whatsoever, and i would like to mention the people behind my mom were in a tiny car and they would have died if my moms giant car wasn’t there. Thankfully they only had a couple teeth missing. If you have more than one drink, don’t drive. It’s that simple. If you’re high, don’t drive. If you’re tired, pull over or don’t drive. And if you’re sober but you’re getting distracted/crying/mad, pull over and compose yourself.

That's the part that's tough. No one in my immediate family drinks. My husband and I have only had alcohol from using mouthwash, and spitting it out. Now, while I understand texting and sleep deprivation are not safe. It truly is frustrating that we NEVER drive drunk, yet we can easily become victims. And not only that. I am so scared that one day, a drunk driver will someone in my family and kill them. I worry that drunk driver will beat him/herself up over it the rest of his/her life. Given, they never did anything right, but what if they just go downhill from there, that'd break my heart.

I think driving sleepy is the least safe. I’ve driven after some drinks and I drive better than when I’m sober. Bothe hands on the wheel and under the speed limit.

Hearing the legal consequences said by the cop just might as well end your life right there Wow

I've had a couple of beers and driven to work.

*go wild daddy*

L. ETT FI?,nd out BI ! Tch

Eugenie crabs

4:20 was thinking the exact same thing lmao

Eugene is amazing. I love drunk Eugene. Drunk Eugene is my spirit animal. 9:16

I regret watching this, I already hate driving and this doesn’t make me want to drive at all

Let’s talk about how the Asian is the best driver...

Literally NEVER driven after drinking. It's easy to gauge 1 drink= no driving, it's not that hard. I worked in an ER and got to watch 2 children die because some asshole drunk driver hit them, so yeah don't do it.

Why does this doctor look like Glen Stergis from Super Store

As I watched the video, I realized Eugene might have drinking problems

BTW, Eugene... Dude, calm down on the swears! There might be children watching! (Not)

Whose your favorite try guy drunk? Eugene - 1 like Keith - 1 like Ned - 1 like Zach - 1 like None of the above - 1 like Whatever - 1like HAI PPL - 1 like

I really appreciate that you're raising awareness around this subject. I got news today that my friend's mum died when a drunk driver crashed into the side of her car. she was an amazing woman with three children. If you're reading this please don't drink and drive.

16:17 keith said drink drunk

#1 cause of ACCIDENTAL deaths in young people . It’s sad that many people die on purpose... can’t say I haven’t had thoughts though...

What about the try guys bury a body

anyone else really love drunk ned

Right? I don't believe this is boasting. Rather then hiding stuff from viewers, they tell us. They dont *have* to tell us, because we are just random strangers on the internet. Its not our lives that we can control, its theirs. Yet they speak of their falls, man up to it, make some fun of it for youtube, and become stronger. So much

It's waaaay cheaper to call an Uber than you know pay a fine or some hospital bills and insurance and God knows what else

10:29 i died when he said this!!!!

I recently lost a friend because of drunk driving and she had just turned 21. don’t drive even if you don’t feel drunk ... anything can happen. It’s not worth your life or anyone else’s.

Ned went sicko mode

Am I the only who got slightly triggered when Ned said "DUI Driving". Driving Under the Influence Driving!

my favorite part of this video is when Eugene just went “does anyone know what big dick energy is”

why does Eugene find literally everything sexy?

ned haha

King Of Sludge You mean Eugene, and that's a stereotype lmao

Preach. The same goes for all of the guys in all of these DUI videos. They are saying these things for transparency and to serve as an example for the many people out there who do these things. At least for the Try Guys, them doing these experiments made them more conscious of their driving habits, and if only they were impacted then the world would be safer. But I'm sure others got a wake up call from this as well. Imagine being the kind of driver Eugene was in this video, or the kind of driver Zach was in the texting while driving video- you would feel hella guilty when they started messing up, accompanied by the words of the doctor and police.

One time I got really drink like fucking wasted and I was at my friends house. Her parents came home early. They didn't catch us drinking but they walked in on me in a very revealing tank top crying about my problems to my friend. She was relatively sober. They just said sorry and left. Later I had to go to the bathroom and I was even more drunk to where it was hard to walk straight. Her mom was in the kitchen making dinner and I had to walk through there. I face planted right in front of her (she doesnt know English well) after helping up she smelled me and said "um drunk?" And I go "yes ma'am I drunk a ton of water earlier and I am very sorry for the water bill. Mu guilt about this was consuming me and I am so sorry but I really have to gi to the bathroom" I then got stumbled/ran to the bathroom, puked and cleaned myself up. I walked out and she said nothing and I just walked back to the room with my friend. This was years ago and to this day I'm still proud of that answer.

“I would never hit a dog” *Runs over the dog*

The Dr looks like David Cameron

Big dick energy is RM and Jungkook

Is it bad that I’m 16years old and I get drunk from 7-8drinks

Drunk driving? Pff. I'll do you one better: Not owning a car and using public transport. And waking up the next morning wondering how the hell you got home and how the hell did you managed to get so many bruises.

Okay but why does ned look more attractive drunk? Lol

My dad drunk drove and nearly killed a lady. He was in prison 10yrs and died in jail. This happened when i was 3. Ive done a lot of bad shit but drunk driving is not on the list. Thank you for this educational video. This is the best thing you can do with your influence. Yall fucking rock!

I don't ever need to worry about drinking and driving cause I don't drive. hurhurhurhurhur

cAn I SeE yOu FOr a SeC- All the try guys to Keith

Ned's cheating on Ariel with kieth

ned is so funny drunk

unlike the buzzfeed, the try guys channel have both entertainment value and educational value.

Eugene - " I'd never hit a dog " *hits and crushes dog*

“Did i hit a couple of cones? Maybe! Did I finish the course in half the time? YES!”

My co-worker Kylee Mullen passed away with her fiance on October 23rd 2018 because of a drunk driver and it sucks. Now her 3 year old son has no parents because of someone driving drunk and at least they tested it off the actual roads

master of the challenge aka Eugene

Eugene is so hot drunk.

I’d just like to share how my mom got pulled over for a breathalyzer test because she had stopped over to the side of the road and the test thing went off although she hadn’t been drinking. She ate a croissant and apparently that made it go off

*YoU gUyS gOt MaCaRoOnS?!*

Did anyone notice that the doctor was wearing a m&m tie

Some advice for new drinkers: Don't drink on an empty stomach, the food in your stomach will soak up some of the alcohol, thus reducing the effects of drinking. Know your limits too!

there was actually a wreck this past weekend in blue springs (i live in missouri) where there was a 15 year old and two 16 year olds that all died in a wreck. the 15 year old was driving, which is technically illegal in missouri

Both my parents smoke, for 5 years ive wanted to tell them to stop.

I love how that doctor had an m and m tie

Ned was so much more fun

"macaroons" Keith I love you but I WILL fight you you have added an EXTRA o

i took myself to hospital from drinking too much, imagine me in a car

drunk Ned: TOO FAST High Ned: TOO SLOW

Is anyone else unable to find a difference between sober and drunk??

At one point we've the Doc saying important stuff and the try guys being the try guys when drunk


I've never even eaten a rum candy, or a Bailey's chocolate and driven. Just me? Okay.

Let’s see Ned Zack and Keith act more crazy when drunk and Eugene gets more sexy crazy. Is that even a thing?

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