The Truth About Elite Fin FX - get the facts from a REAL Trader.

The Truth About Elite Fin FX - get the facts from a REAL Trader.

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Hey it's Michael Mansell, and in, this video you're gonna see an interview, that I did with a, guy that is very, well respected and known online, especially. When it comes to money, related programs, like investing, in the forex market cryptocurrency, and, other brokerage, firms, and such so I when. I saw what he was doing I had to get him on a video and interview, him myself, to, find out exactly, what. He was doing was. Legitimate. For one thing and actually working, I had set up my account and I was testing out on my own and when I saw, the results. I just, had to get him on to, a video, to ask him some questions and some hard questions that a lot of people I'm sure like yourself, might, be asking about this program and so I would I decided to ask those hard questions myself and get his take on it firsthand so here's, the video this is the interview that I did with him so, enjoy that and if it's something you want to take part in there's a link below here and you guys can get started as well but here's that video. And. Online anchor, today and anchor. I had to come to you cuz you know I've seen, you doing some stuff there just. Some of the posts, that you've been making some of the proofs things even putting out there so I had to jump in there myself and test it out so I wanted to bring you on this video and kind. Of get your take the. Real story I mean is this real I mean I've, been testing it and I'm blown away by the initial, results that I've gotten with the money that I've deposited in but. Tell. It to us straight here on coming is is this for real it. Looks like good to be honest huh. I mean. I, got hit by a close friend about, four. Weeks back when you. Know the whole company which. We're talking to lighten effects they, were in a sort of pre-launch, and, as like I locked in I created a free account I started going through the corporate emails I spent some time in the corporate telegram, and, that's like interesting, so, I got in I started. You, know with a small money then, I braided myself, and yeah. So far I think the company is like three weeks old at the time of us doing this soon fall and we. Have been getting paid everyday and some, of the teams I got in they have been upgrading their accounts, no complaints, there and. Yeah man things are looking good to be honest yeah. And that's exactly what I'm experiencing. On in, my account as well and I've shared with some of my friends and and the same thing is happening for them as well so on that, front I mean I'm, really impressed initially, and I'm typically, I've kind of stayed out of the forex, market the trading market for a little while here because there, was some stuff you know in the market that just you know was, okay but nothing really great, so this, is the first thing that's really come along that's gotten my attention to be honest, yeah. And for me what I'm seeing is two, things here in. Terms of why people are liking it number. One is what you know a lot of us we know that crypto, you know crypto currency as a concept, I mean. That's, still the future I still very strongly believe in the potential of blockchain, and Bitcoin, and a lot of all coins there but, then it 2018.

Has Been a dull year pretty much for crypto currencies, a lot of businesses around crypto, currencies, I personally lost a bunch of money and, stuff, like that and things were getting done but at the same time for. X which is a hundred, bigger market, than cryptocurrencies. Which, has been there forever and, I guess it'll, be there forever, you. Know because the currencies, are not going anywhere soon and US bureau impound all, this you, know there is always an opportunity to make money in forex so, you. Know it so what I see is like in my circle. Of influence and in circle of influence of lot of my leaders, this, was a welcome break because, a lot of us have been doing business opportunities. And other offers, in the cryptocurrency niche, which, we're not giving that with results in 2018. To be honest but then Forex. Is something which is like a little bit different and it's. Scatting everyone's attention so that's one and second. Thing what I realized was in the market, because. I after. Getting involved with elite I started, studying what's there in the market, I believe there are I, mean there are a few companies in forex, in the biz op space but, a lot of them are about AI, and, BOTS and stuff like that and my personal experience to be honest with that was not very good. I remember, there about ninety days back I got involved in a BOTS company and, it. Was more like friends and friends and friends it was not like a biz op and stuff like that there, were even more trust, and I, personally lost around $20,000. Man the bot was good we, connected it to a great broker but I think the volume became too big and it was taken for a ride by market, makers so when I looked at the light and I realized that, these. Guys are manual traders and there's. A reason billion-dollar, banks hire manual, traders and. They're showing verify trades and stuff like that I kind of like this was more convincing Queen yeah. And remember, there was the first like objection. If you will but I had was this isn't a bot is it because I've experienced, the same thing, what. I found is BOTS will be good for maybe a month. Two months and then, if there's a market shift they don't have the intuition of a human being to, make that shift, they. Can only operate out of a pre-programmed, state so, unless there's somebody, constantly. You know pre-programming. A bot at the end of the day about is only as good as the human who originally programmed it so and what I've seen with a lot of those programs is they initially program it and then, they set it and forget it and I'm like you can't do that in the Forex mark it's constantly, shifting so that, that, was a huge selling point to me initially. Was that there was the human trading aspect, the. Second layer that I really liked was the mt5. Connection. Because I in the past I had leveraged. Empty for mp5. Is really slick, I love, the mobile app so, tell me a little bit about that and how people, can actually see those the daily trading actually, happening in real time, awesome. Yeah so I mean anyone can download the mt5 software, it's it's, a mobile app you can download it on Play Store, Google. And company. Almost on literally, every single quadrant, email, of theirs and. Maybe we can put the details somewhere, below, this video or somewhere in the email or something, they, give the login access now these are not access. To actually, make trades, on their account but this is more like an investor's, password, or in other words like a view password, like you cannot do anything in that count so you can actually view the, the trades, you can see their track record let's say for the last four months how, much money they have been trading with how much money they have been generating every single day some, of the withdrawals they are doing and stuff like that so you kind of get a overall picture on how, the mathematics is working, yeah.

And That's what I really love it I'm actually showing here on the screen right now so you guys can see like that, app in my hand right now that's, exactly, what. I'm doing every single day and what happens a lot of times and I've done in the past before I've just you know dumped two, thousand, ten thousand whatever into, a Forex, account that was a, bot, thing and I, would check it every day but all I could do was just check. And see did. We you know win or lose and a lot of times it was only like for the the week the month and so it's really like. Past action, of like what happened versus real time so I love feeling. Like I've. Got that real time connection, to, my personal, traders. That are doing the trading and doing it while I go about my, day because and then I actually can do trading conquer but I don't enjoy it it's not something I enjoy sitting there and watching the market watching the numbers and watching the news and ah shoot, me in the head now that's just not my pace I'd rather be in front of you, know people and help them out and grow in their business so that's why I love the, referral side of it because I made, to help people and do what I really love which is help people generate. Additional income, online and in the process, I'm generating, some great for extra turns as well absolutely. Man and what. Appeals to me is the. Mathematics, which i think is pretty pretty, top-notch they're, not like. Forward. Promising, and under delivery I'll say they are under promising, and over delivering so, what the company says is in all their official, communication. Is let's, say up to 0.5%. A day they don't even say it's 0.5 they, say up to 0.5. Which. Means and they do it Monday to Friday which, means in a month it will average out to me let's say anywhere between 10 to 15% and when you look at their forex trading records you see they're, clearly averaging. Almost, on a daily basis, or 1% sometimes, 1% 1.1, 1.2, maybe, on bad days 0.8, 0.9, so they're always making, kind of money which, which, is you, know helping them sustain they're able to pay out and at the same time the whole affiliate, number which is about 14 - sad so, you, know so it's easy so the numbers which, means you'll now make total sense right. And a lot of people don't think through, that and I don't fault anybody for not thinking that far through but it's something that you and I do when we look at programs like this because, we come from more of a business mindset. We look at it and say wait a second, is this company. Theoretically. Sustainable. Obviously, we can't predict the future we. Can't you know all we can do is share information, based on what's working right now but, when we look at the numbers like conquer just explained there is that, they, are, not only making, enough money to, deliver, what they're promising they're, making more than that which is a good thing you know I had somebody that they say say, well what do they do with all that you know extra money they made in the day that they didn't pay out to in returns I'm like that's helping the company grow and sustain you want a company be cash, flow positive and, obviously. I'm a time again the norm has been let's, promise way up here and then the, company, at, first might be making it here but then very quickly, they're struggling, even, to. Meet what. They promised, so there's an excellent point because if. They're if they're doing way better than what, they're promising and delivering to their clients, then, you've got that extra feeling.

Of Security, because hey, you. Want the company being profit because, if the company's on profit eventually, we will not be a profit, I mean, absolutely I mean I always say it's, a business and no one is here for charity and, we want to make money at the same time you want the company to make money and if you look at the model the numbers if they make ten thousand dollars they pay out five thousand, dollars in improper. Sharing, and they pay another fifteen hundred dollars in commissions and they keep that thirty five percent thirty, thirty five percent with them that's a pretty solid business model which in last four years yeah. Yeah absolutely and you know one disclaimer because I come from you, know a realistic. Viewpoint I'm very positive about things because I always really like to lead with an abundance, mindset and, things are always going to work out but, you know the, reality is is we are dealing with live forex. Markets, and. And investing, is a risk right I mean that's that's something that we all need to be aware of that is we're putting money in that we're putting it in at our own risk that's how I entered, it into it that's how everybody that I've referred is entering into it so that's just one thing that like we're, real about this right I mean we're not like promising. Like some get. Rich overnight thing, this is a you, know long-term, thing. Absolutely. Man I always tell people two things but, any, market in the world even real estate never, put your bread and butter money so always in less what you can afford to lose we call it the latest money or the casino money number, two I mean every investment, in the world is you know it's it's unpredictable for example I'm saying in Dubai right now and I was just looking I own a couple of condos here I was looking at the properties, of my condo on the internet and to my harder they are like thirty percent less than what I actually bought for in. The real estate market right. I'm. Like if I want to sell now I will be selling them at a thirty percent loss obviously I'm not selling house holding them for a long time but, yeah and forex markets and crypto markets are much more dynamic and there are a lot of different things. Which happen in, the market so so nothing is guaranteed in, that way but at the same time things are looking good that trap regard is good the last three weeks of performance, it's all good yeah. Yeah absolutely and, I let the numbers speak for themselves. Because. We're. Both you know in this just like you would be coming in to it as well so, if you're watching this video you're looking at the information on this page we're, just out there sharing the word of what's working for us right now so. We. Do encourage everybody, to review, the information that's on this page here get, started with us we've got a Facebook group that you can come in and join and. You know communicate. With the other people that are in the program and we all help each other out, let's, talk a little bit about the referral side of it because what people are layering. On that additional income on top of the 4x return so what are you seeing there oh yeah. That's I think it's pretty massive so, in total what they pay out is, 15%. It's a pretty, fixed amount for, every dollar which they take in you. Know they could give other 15% now eight percent, goes to level, one by level one I mean the, person who introduces, the investor by. Then, there's I think three percent level two then there is 2% level three we can always attach a link somewhere, below this video to the complan but its total fifty percent so eight three two then, I think one one our, percentage, then for the last four five levels 0.25 percent or something yeah. That's just. English, meant but it's on the repeat investment, also so, the way I look at it is when you're building this business, as a professional, network marketer internet, marketer. You, know franchise, business whatever you want to call it every. Single. Downline. Or person, or referral you do it's, like creating, a you, know a bucket of money it's by creating a pipeline of money because, you get paid on their first purchase and, let's. Assume they're making money every single month and the company is around for years so, natural, human tendency is, each one even I am upgrading my account I started with twenty five thousand dollars of my own investment, and I'm happy with the performance so far for the last two weeks and I've ever built in my accounts or thirty thousand dollars so my sponsor, got paid on the twenty five thousand dollars eight percent and then on the five thousand dollars another eight percent so it's a continuous, non-ending.

Stream Of reference right and not just on your directs I mean it's your response is pretty happy and I know you're happy with me because I'm out there referring other people as well so, it's. Going down so those reinvestment, isn't just on your direct right I mean that's on the whole it's. On the internet recently my, team I think is around. Five thousand people now in the system that's spread, across 15, levels so you literally, get paid from, 15, levels deep, which makes this a very attractive compliant. On on. There every single investment, and on the repeat investment, which is pretty crazy yeah. Yeah it is and I love, that aspect of it I'm a huge believer and, I. Have. Multiple, streams of income coming in every single day and so whenever I can. You. Know do, a program, and refer a program, that has multiple streams, of income already, built into it that's, like two, for the price of one because, the product is generating, me money and. Me. Helping other people get started with that product is also making, me money but not only just myself money, it's making our team's money and this is I would say you, know this. Is probably one of the most duplicatable. Products. Because most, people think oh I really should have like, my money should be going to work for me I shouldn't just spend my money on stuff that I then collect in my house I should be putting my money to work for me whether it's $500. $1,000. Or $10,000. How important, is it for us to put our at, least a portion of our money to work for us. Absolutely. Man I mean I, think, I was reading in, a book by, Tony, Robbins or, someone I think Kiyosaki, I mean you gotta have different buckets of money you got to have a bucket for your you, know saving so you gotta have a bucket off your spending, and then you gotta have a cash per bucket so you got, to I mean, no matter where you are and you're like right now you always, want to make money in your seat I mean that's the number one secret or wealthy people. They always think, about ways in which how, they can make more money even. When they're sleeping, acid, money whether it's real estate cash. Flow producing. Forex, assets for its investments, and stuff, like that so always always your brain always have to work towards passive money and I think this is a great opportunity, for all of us to do that yeah, and diversifying, that is really good as well that's something you've learned as I've gotten older is really diversifying, where, my ass are where my buckets are and not putting everything in one bucket so if you're sitting there putting all your buckets in say, your you know your retirement fund. Or your pension.

Plan Or your 401k. Even as pensions anymore I don't know if, you're putting all of your but you know all of all of your trust in one, form. Of income, either currently, or future. It's. Really risky especially in this data especially, when there are so many opportunities right. Now we are living in an age right now where there. Are just ridiculous. Amounts, of opportunities to generate, income. Streams, online and this is just in my opinion just one facet of it but it's a really strong and important one and I, actually tell, people this quite often I've learned to diversify, everything, except. For my wife she's. The only thing I'm gonna be oh. That's. Good that's good, so. I'm, really excited about this program really excited to be working with you you've, been absolutely, great to work with I love what we're building in terms of our team and our community, the. Tools that we bring and. In the referral side of it you know that's that's an option if you want to if you want to get in and put some money in that you're willing to invest, into. Elite. That's, great if, you want to go on and then share that with other people while your money is going to work for you you start generating some more income, isn't. There an option to even reinvest, the Commission's that we earn for referring other people oh yeah. So in the back office in. The dashboard once you create a free account you, can go and you, know and we forgot to touch on the, best thing the company gives you $20, just to create a free account. Yeah. No matter here watching this video make sure if you press the button and go, and create your free account now that they don't just give you $20, that you can withdraw I think that would be stupid but at the same time what to do is they put $20, in. Your training account so just for creating an account just for submitting, your details, don't, need is thankful, and they'll give you $20, in your training account and that $20. Also is making you little money you can loosely scale, it up and make. Bigger money I'll say there are three kinds of people who will do this I mean three different kinds of people we have the investors, so no matter you're a small investor, you are a medium-sized investor, or you are a big investor, elite, has the capability. To accommodate. You number one number two you. Know people who are newbies, and struggling affiliate, marketers, struggling, instant marketers, and you, want a program in 2019. Which can help you pay your bills it can help you anywhere you know make anywhere from that's $1,000, a month extra to $10,000. And trust me it's very very. Very easy to do that delete, spinner packs I mean in two weeks, knowing. Disclaimer, my results are typical, you. Know but I'm already averaging. Tonight I think I made about eleven thousand dollars now in the last fifteen, or sixteen days so like seven or eight hundred dollars a day which. Is which is which is pretty cool pretty cool and for, the serious people serious, marketers serious, builders because, we are getting paid on the first purchase, on every single repurchase, I mean, this program is serious this can make you serious, six or seven figures a month also right. Yeah and it's and. It's not like we aren't gonna do it we're already doing it and we're showing this to you because we want you guys have opportunity. To do it as well so we. Give you our results, and obviously there are results and we can't guarantee they're gonna be your results but you guys are no different than us we just took action, we win we click the button we registered, we'd be positive, some funds into our investor investment. Accounts and we started sharing our link with other people that's literally all I've done I've, done and. I pronounced how many people I've referred I think I'm number three right now in the past seven days and they they're.

One. Post on Facebook one, that's like yeah, you've seen it I mean I've done one, post, on. Facebook. And that, was I think that was about. Eight. Or ten. Days ago now is when, I did that initial post and it's pushing now almost four hundred comments that's how in demand this product, is yeah. Absolutely and well one thing which I like here is that it's very easy to build a business because. The. Company the corporate every. Single day because we can go we can login we can check their trades we can take a screenshot of that and even the company shirts the spring chart so as long as we are putting those screenshots with a little bit of disclaimer you. Know you always have, things, which you can share with your circle of influence in, terms of results and results is what sells people and so it's very easy to build this business on social media right, and that's exactly all enjoy and I'm not promising the, world to anybody I'm just showing them our results, like here this is what we're doing if, you want to do it great if it's not for you no big deal we're gonna do it anyways so you, know that's that's the way that I being able to approach this way and that's how I've I mark, it actually any product online on for as I I just put the information out there I let people make, their own decision, and I can tell you out of all my programs right now this. One is definitely, catching, people's attention, because they love the fact that they can generate that passive, income in the forex market, while they're out there refering, with some people to, get on board with them and then we've got the community to support them beyond, that as well so if you're seriously considering, generating. Some additional, passive income you definitely need to get. Some money into a lead fin FX here and get, that account. Rolling if, you want to take it the next step you start sharing your link you get your link automatically, they don't charge you anymore to have that referral, link and, like, I said there you get $20 just to open, up an account and then there is a believe. It's hundred dollars correct me if I'm wrong on crits a hundred dollars that they have to deposit to actually have that twenty. Dollars the, twenty dollar starts going to work for them but they have to make a minimum hundred, dollar deposit.

In Order for that to start working to eventually. Withdraw. So talk about the the contract, length there a little bit Oh perfect. Yeah so so every contract, and by contract, let's, say every investment, which you make in the system, it's, valid, for six months 180, days right and after that it expires so, let's say it deposit today a thousand, dollars and that thousand dollars it starts to make you passive, money Monday to Friday and. So. You make let's. Say on an average no, numbers of guarantee but let's say you are averaging, 15 percent a month right that's an average so, that's. One $50 so you make let's say 150 dollars for six months it is about nine hundred dollars and at the end of six months your contract where did it stay as expired, and that thousand. Dollars is also given to you but, the daily profits, you can withdraw every single day only, thing is your minimum withdrawal a bill balance which i think is pretty fair should, be hundred dollars minimum dip is, $10, as soon as your balance in, your withdrawal, wallet, reaches hundred dollars you, can withdraw every single day every single day your, referral commissions and your passive profits and your principal within 180, days its return back and then you can withdraw that also right. Or the option to reinvest, it again and do another eight months yeah, that's yes I forgot, to touch on that's in your profile, for those of you who are busy people there you, know you can just go to your profile, and you can select, a percentage, of your earnings so you know you just go to your profile and you will see an option to auto compound, earnings so you can select a percentage, of your daily profit share and a percentage, of your referral commissions put it on auto compounding, and you don't have to do anything then the, software itself compounds, for you so it's a it's, a it's a set and forget business, counting our car why don't you finish this out here and just give people you. Know direction, what should they do now if they're ready to get their account set up what should they do now okay. So step number one is to click the button in this screen let's, say it's click here to create your free account step, number two is to go and actually, create your free account and. Step. Number three is to is to make a deposit whatever amount you feel comfortable with 100, bucks thousand, bucks 10,000, bucks totally, up to you and so. You go to make a deposit section, you will see different payment modes number, one preferred way is Bitcoin. Number. Two is you. Know to paint there the two payment processes I think it's paisa and pair. And inside. Payer there, are multiple, other payment, modes like heavy wallet Yandex, I don't know is there different kinds of options and there. Are always adding, new and new ways for you, to deposit. So just go to make a deposit section, see, which payment mode is preferable to you and make a deposit and start making money, every day and once you're comfortable once, you have the confidence, start. Sharing a reference and make some more money yeah. Absolutely and one, of the reasons you know I actually. Got quite a bit of a Bitcoin. As well and so it to me was a nice shift I was I was really happy to be able to move some of my Bitcoin, where it was at right now and actually put it to work for me as well, so it wasn't it was super fast in my case so if you do have some Bitcoin it was super fast for me just to deposit some and. Run, absolute. Emma you know just to just to touch on that crypto thing I mean, you know a lot and I'm a heavy believer in crypto and one of those hard lers as we can say but, then I so, wish that when. In 2017. When the market was at the top and, stuff like that I would have hashed some of my money in forex and US dollars, and right, now the Galatea's all of us one Bitcoin to go back to 20,000, and 50,000, $100,000.

But Guess what no one knows what's happening I mean even at, the point I'm shooting to zoom which, point is again down today I think it's at thirty five hundred dollars whereas ten days back it went back to four thousand and now all that puts are saying there's, a chance it can go down to three thousand, or twenty five hundred dollars a night where, if it goes through those levels it can go straight to two thousand dollars also, so, remember different buckets hedging, those things are important, that's exactly, the same we didn't talk about that but that was exact same logic I had was that I would, like to take you know thousands, of dollars right now shifted, over into the forex market, because, that's it when, I do that it converts directly into the dollar amount when I deposit, it into my elite, account and that's. The amount that it's in there now working. For me for the next hundred, and eighty days so, even if Bitcoin, goes down to say a thousand, dollars and then eventually goes back up my, money stayed the same through, that six month period because, I had it going to work for me at the dollar amount that it is now absolutely and I mean in crypto encrypted. It's very clear signals, we, had definitely, not out of the beer market go up in the long term like 2021. 2012. E12 housing and stuff like this is there my personal prediction, is. Disclaimers. I think it will take us another one or two years to, come out of this beer market, and then get into the you, know the bull market so, if Forex is making you daily passive profits money, look. At it as a way to, accumulate. More Bitcoin because now you can use, this money and every, time between prices, are down you can buy buy buy every time it goes down so it's a great way right, yeah absolutely and there's actually a link, on this page as well if you don't have any cryptocurrency or any Bitcoin you wanted to pause it that way and you don't want to deposit through, any other method, there's actually a button down there you can instantly set up a wallet gets you know buy some Bitcoin, directly from your bank account or credit card and then, send it directly into your Forex, account so we're trying to make it, as smooth as possible for, you because you, know the sooner you get started the sooner you start getting those daily, returns. Monday through Friday absolutely. And, you're. Not there no matter from where you're watching this video. You know you can mean any country, in the world any. City in the world you are you're, eligible to do this business yeah. Yeah, I love it it's it's it's, not isolated, in any one business because, it's. It's so global, soap I think. That's giving you guys a real, good insight, we wanted to come to you just you know very candid, and real and let you guys know why, we took action and now it's your turn to, take make a choice and for you to take action so if you're ready to get started set up your account and claim that $20, you can click the button below there set, up your account that'll, get you inside the system you can check it out and then from there you can choose to make a deposit and get, your account rolling and, then you'll also get access into our Facebook community group, where, you can ask any other questions that you want needs so Ankur why don't you close this out there and we'll let them get to it right, awesome.

Guys So yeah let's let's do it action time click the button for your account and, I'll see you somewhere. On the beaches of the world let's, do it you, guys soon bye bye.

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