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Future millions, of Americans, and citizens of other countries around the world are going to lose massive, amounts of money and wealth meanwhile. Others are going to become very wealthy, during, this same period of time so. How can you protect yourself and your family and set yourself up to be on the winning side of, this great transfer, of wealth keep, watching and you'll discover the answer in the next few minutes we're. Also going to reveal our secret trading code that has generated a 97%, win rate I'm Eric holmlund, and on behalf of my partner's Robert Maude and Paul counts we want to welcome you to this very important, presentation let's. Look at some facts fact. Donald. Trump was elected the 45th, President of the United States of America this, is not gonna be about politics, in this presentation, as neither for nor against, Trump, we're just stating the facts here here's, another fact, mainstream. Media got it wrong way. Wrong for, an entire year they were saying Trump wasn't going to win and they've, been wrong about a lot of other things too haven't they as soon as Trump won the election they started making predictions about what would happen to the stock market and really, it was only a matter of hours before those predictions, began, to be proven, false. So. I think you would agree that we really, should not be taking advice much. Less financial. Advice from, the media right, still. We can make some educated guesses, can't we how, about inflation, or hyperinflation. Many. Well-known and highly educated economists. Are predicting massive. Inflation so, much so that the term Trump flashin has practically, become a household, word now. There are some facts that point to that kind of scenario in fact. In Trump's, victory speech he said this we're. Gonna fix our inner cities and rebuild, our highways bridges tunnels, airports. Schools hospitals. Etc. In, other words Trump's, plan is to spend trillions of dollars on a large scale stimulus, program by spending that money on public works now. Here's an even more important, fact the. Federal Reserve is already. Leveraged, a hundred, and ten to, one we. Could get into a lot of details about this but basically for, every dollar the Fed has in the bank they, have a hundred, and ten dollars of debt you. See this is by no means a problem that Trump is creating, it's, a problem that he's inheriting, and it would be the same problem regard list of who had won the election and. By the way I got that number directly, from the most recent balance, sheet released to the public by the Federal, Reserve showing. Over 4.4. Trillion, dollars of liabilities, and only, 40 billion of capital, now, I applaud, the Fed for being transparent, enough to release their balance sheet each quarter but, this is a very extreme, situation that, most of the public has no idea, about they're. In a much worse position today than they were when the recession of 2008, hit on top, of that the, private, banking system is totally over leveraged again - that's another fact, meanwhile.

The Fed keeps printing new money again. It's a fact they've. Added over three point nine trillion. Dollars, of new money to our money supply since, 2008. So, we're already in the middle of a totally unstable, monetary, situation and under, the new administration the, Fed is likely to print trillions, of dollars of more money and again, that's not really Trump's fault we'd be looking at the same problem if Hillary had one but. It's the perfect storm for hyperinflation, if that. Happens you can kiss the US dollar goodbye and our economy will essentially crumble, suddenly. The dollar could be worth almost nothing, imagine. Waking up one day and finding that a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread costs, thousands, or even millions of, dollars most. Americans don't think it could happen but it's happened in other countries over 50 times in the last hundred years and the, conditions, are ripe for it to happen in America now. It's not a fact that that's going to happen but it is an educated guess that's being made by many experts outside, the mainstream media, and there are also other facts, that are pointing to the possible collapse of the US dollar that again have nothing to do with Trump and his plans one. Of them is the International, Monetary Fund also known as the IMF for decades. The USA, has had the most clout in the most voting, power in the IMF which, has helped ensure that the dollar keeps, its global importance, and thus its value. There. Are 189. Countries in the IMF and it, is a fact that the, balance, of power is shifting this. Year right, now out, of the hands of the USA, and into the hands of several. Countries who. Would band together to vote, against, the US dollar and when. The world's economy, decides to separate, itself from the US dollar the dollar will fall, there. Are plenty of countries that would love to see an end to global dependence, on the US dollar not the least of which is China as you, can imagine they, would rather see the yuan be the strongest currency, in the world as you. May also know China is the most populous, country on earth and is quickly rising, to potentially, become the world's next superpower.

There, Are actually multiple ways that China could send the US economy into, chaos, one. Of those ways which would be equally, bad for China is if, China's, economy collapsed. It, would send the entire global, market into a tailspin, and yet. Here is a fact, that, points, to that being a very, real possibility. China's. Banks, have put themselves in a potentially. More dangerous position. Than America's, were before, the 2008, collapse as you. May recall America's, banks were buying up bad mortgages, basically, holding ridiculous. Amounts of bad paper heading, into the recession those. Asset, backed securities were, worth a fraction of their stated value and ultimately, led to a global, crisis, well. Now a similar, situation is occurring in China only worse the. Amount of asset, based securities, being bought by the Chinese banks is astronomical. They, call them wealth management, products, but it's, really the same kind of artificial, stuff that the American banks were buying before 2008. Back. In 2012. Gong, the chairman of the board of the Bank of China said, to some extent this, is fundamentally. A Ponzi. Scheme so. They've been at this for a while now and that's another catalyst, that could bring down America's, economy at, any time in the near future there. Are a lot, of other catalysts, that could lead to America's, demise that we just don't have time to cover some, of those risks, come from the outside like terrorist, attacks some, of them from the inside like racial, tension, and other, civil disagreements, that are already leading to violence, again. We have facts, to look at here if you live outside America, you've probably seen some of the headlines but, if you live inside America you've probably begun to experience, the tension yourself probably. In your town maybe even with your own neighbors and extended, family, members there. Are too many facts, and too many warning signs to ignore it at some, point we, will see the stock market fall big-time.

There. Simply has to be a day of reckoning it's. In accordance with the laws of nature whether, it's a slow decline or a fast crash it will go down and in, a minute we're gonna talk about how to gain massive wealth in the midst of those scenarios. Now. What we don't know for sure is whether, that will happen during Trump's, presidency, you see here's. Another fact, Trump. Doesn't like to lose if you, watched him battle through the election you'll know that Trump. Does not want to see the US economy tanked, on his watch here's. Another fact Trump. Is the richest, US president, ever in fact, he has more money than all of, the previous presidents. Combined. Yes. He's made a lot of mistakes in his businesses too but still whether you like him or not unless. You have more money than him you have to admit he knows a thing or two about creating, wealth and here's. One more fact that we can't ignore the. Fed has proven that they're able to prop up the market and economy year, after year by printing more money in controlling, the interest rates in spite. Of what most experts, predicted, the, market has gone up in the US economy has grown for, the last eight years in, spite, of the factors working against, it I'll say, it one more time a day of reckoning will come but. Is it possible that Trump's administration, could delay it for another eight years it is. Possible. And that, leads me to one more fact you. Cannot, predict, the future that. Is a fact yes. We can make some educated guesses but. No one can accurately predict. The future a hundred, percent of the time back. In the recession of 2008, over fifty trillion, dollars, of wealth was lost most. Likely we'll see a much bigger loss when the next market crash happens, as I. Said in the beginning of this video millions. Of Americans, and citizens in other countries, around the world are going to lose massive, amounts of money and wealth in the, near future, that'll. Certainly be the case if we see the market go down but. It will also be the case if we see the market continue to go up how. Do I know because. Millions of people will be positioned on the wrong side of the equation. The only sure thing is that a lot of wealth is going to change hands, so. How can you protect yourself, and your family and set yourself up to be on the winning side of this great transfer, of wealth the. Answer is to put yourself in a win-win, situation, how. Do you do that you can do it with our trading system called the trading, code which is a completely, unique system. That you will not find anywhere. Else our. Trading code system is designed to generate income, regardless. Of which direction the, market is going but is especially, formulated for the risks that are facing our economy today the. System is designed to profit, drastically. If the market goes down as, I, showed you there are a lot of facts pointing, to that eventualities. And the, system takes that into account but. At the same time it can still make money if the market keeps going up as of, the day this video is being made our system, is outperforming, the market by, 300%. It, was outperforming, before Trump was elected and will, continue to outperform regardless. Of who's elected in the future how, do we know because, the system works in all, types of markets when, the market started falling in the hours after the election, this system, was poised to capitalize. On the downward move it. Just so happened that the market went on a fast upward, move instead which, was not a problem the, very same position that would have profited, from the downward move has profited, from the major upward, move yes, the same position, is able to make money whether the market moves up or down and. Whether there is high volatility, or low volatility, this. Is the one method that can put you into a win-win, situation to, gain wealth in today's, market, we're, now experiencing. A ninety seven percent win. Rate with the new and refined version of this system that's, an incredible, win rate that we've never seen with any other system but. With our system you could even have a losing track record and still make money one, quarter back in 2014. We had eight wins and nine losses but still had a 38% profit, that's, obviously, a lot better than you could do by putting your money into the bank or any traditional, investment. In. A minute I'll explain why we're giving you over a thousand, dollars worth of free bonuses, just to try our system but, first I want to introduce you to the creator of the system, Robert, mod first.

Of All he's not a professional trader on Wall Street, Robert, runs a multi-million, dollar chemical, and water treatment company and is also a real estate broker, and investor, he. Wanted to put his money to better use and started, looking at all kinds of investment, opportunities with, the wife and four kids he needed something that didn't take much time he, wanted to create passive income so he could work as much or little as he wanted so, he started, trading options, over 23. Years ago he, took the concept of trial and error to the extreme. Developing. And testing a hundred, and ninety eight trading, models over the years out, of those, 154, were not profitable, so, he took the remaining 44, Trading models and back tested, them extensively, to see how they would have performed over the long run from. Those he, whittled it down to 17. That he further tested, and then, down to eight winning. Models, and he. Continued to refine those eight into the proprietary. System, that we're gonna be handing to you today, so. When we say that 23. Years and tens of thousands of dollars of testing. Went, into this system we're. Not exaggerating, you. Could spend the next 20 plus years trying to recreate, Roberts, success, or, you. Can take advantage of the shortcut, that we're offering you today and by, the way if you've never traded options before we've got you covered because, we're also including an options, basics, course showing. You step-by-step how, to do this, so. Now I'll let you in on the details, of our trading system as I. Mentioned you will not find this trading system anywhere else it was developed by Robert. Mod and as, I mentioned we call it the trading code but to be more specific Robert, actually calls it the trading code on negative, kurtosis, it's. A funny name I know and, that's why I just call it the trading code but, the point is I guarantee, you've, never seen this one before but the, beauty of this system is that it's basically the same easy trade, over and over it's like rinse, and repeat you. Only have to track one underlying stock, you. Only have to track one or two positions, at a time, a great. Thing is that it's easy to take your whole portfolio to cash and cash out in other words it's, liquid, and unlike real estate or other investments, you can be out of this in seconds, in its, recession proof unlike, a typical business that suffers in a recession, this special, system actually, thrives, it. Only requires monitoring, once per day usually, less than 30 seconds, a day I think you've probably got that amount of time that you can invest in this and the. Market can go up down or, not move and you still make, money. The, system works when volatility is high and when, volatility, is low it. Requires, very little adjusting, it's, really as close as you'll get to just set, it and forget it. And, you'll save big time on trading commissions because adjustments. Are almost never required, the, average trade lasts, approximately 21. Days and. It works using a regular margin, account you don't need portfolio. Margin like you would need with most trading systems it. Even works in an IRA account yes you can use this system to grow your retirement account, and you can manage a complete, portfolio with, this easy, rinse and repeat system, perhaps. Best of all you get to watch Robert trade this system in a real account with real money, and you'll. Learn this system from a concise four video step-by-step, course. In the members area if, you want to you can actually download those, videos and well you may not share them in any way they are yours to keep even if you choose not to remain a member of the site we've. Seen other options courses selling for as much as $3,000. And I doubt that they have the winning track records that this one has nor. Are they perfectly poised for the Trump market like ours is so, this course alone teaching the trading code on negative kurtosis is, easily. A $1000. Value again. It's yours to keep when you take advantage of our offer today for the tiny price that you'll find below this video but we're, not stopping there because we're also including two additional, options courses as bonuses. Today both, of these are also original. Created, by Robert and never released before the. First one is called trading options basics, and it's just what it sounds like this, is for newbies if, you've never traded options before you'll, start by watching this course a lot.

Of Newbies are afraid to get into options trading, because, intimidation, in fear of what they think it entails for example, they're, afraid of having to learn all the complex, terms and concepts, of options trading trying. To predict which way the market will go and thinking that they have to use technical analysis, chart, patterns, and indicators, not. Knowing what to do when the market goes against your position. Constantly. Making bad trades watching, the money in your account drain. Away in. Becoming upset that, things aren't working for you losing confidence in your trading abilities, and wondering. If you'll ever achieve, your dream of financial, freedom through trading well. Roberts trading options basics, course overcomes, all those, potential, obstacles, and puts you on the track to successful, trading in the quickest, time possible the. Course clearly, explains everything you need to know about options, in plain English so you can start trading fast and make consistent profits. It. Gives you real-world examples, showing you how trading is done and how to succeed in these ever-changing markets, you'll. Learn to execute, options trades like a professional. This course leaves no stone unturned you'll walk away understanding, every. Core piece of options trading you'll, learn all the options trading terms that you need to know and how they work for. Example you'll understand, puts versus calls buying, versus, selling which, to use why, and when you'll. Even discover how to use the Greeks to trade more effectively, this, course completely, dissects, and demystifies. The most confusing, of all options concepts, you'll. Learn the concepts, of volatility, and implied, volatility. And you'll. Learn the mistakes and the pitfalls to avoid while, trading options so that you know what to expect and, how to deal with it if it arises. You'll. Discover the pivotal, component, that can quickly eat up options, trading profits or make. Money consistently, for, you you'll, get a review of different trading platforms, and the best one for optimal, options trading you'll. Learn the option strategies, for consistently, enhancing, your trading profits the. Bottom line is you'll learn the foundation, of successful, trading and acquire a skill that can generate consistent. Monthly income, for the rest of your life this. Course contains seven video lessons, and is a three hundred ninety seven dollar value it's. Yours for free when you grab this amazing offer today, next. We're throwing in an additional options course called the trading, code on earnings, again. It's original, created by Robert and is not available anywhere, else this. Is a specialized, options, trading system designed, specifically, for using, during the quarterly, earnings season using. This unique system Robert's, trading account gained a return of four hundred and forty five percent in, three quarters there. Are some things you can always count on in life death. Taxes. And the fact that companies will report, their earnings every quarter earnings. Season provides, plenty of trading opportunities, that can be exciting, and highly profitable, the. Eight rules of this system will allow you to identify the best, earnings traits that are most likely to yield significant. Profits, this. Is a different, way of trading that Robert developed, based on decades, of experience, you will not find the system being taught by anyone else companies. Are obligated, to report their earnings every quarter so you're guaranteed, to have these rewarding, trading opportunities, throughout, the year every, year and. You can use the same stock options, for every quarter in fact we, tell you the best stocks, to trade earnings, on see don't have to go searching for them like.

The System we already discussed you can use this one to make money regardless of market direction this system is not based on picking the right direction so you. Can generate consistent profits, regardless of whether the markets going up down or sideways, it's. Concrete trading, rules make it simple and eliminates. All the guesswork for you by, following this system you'll, know exactly when to open, and close, a trade, that. Way you, won't have to deal with any stress, anxiety fear. Or overthinking, this, course includes seven videos plus an e-book with a system and easy written format, you'll. Be able to download all, those and keep them for future reference once. Again this is an original, system that we could be selling for as much as $3,000. We'll, call it $1000, value and it's. Yours for free as a bonus, when you grab this offer today but. We're not done yet because we're also including a 15 page ebook revealing. A little-known, options, trading strategy called the inverted, credit spread, it's. A powerful, strategy that Robert developed, from all his years of trading this. Is a strategy that top professional, traders and financial institutions don't. Want you to know about why. Because. With this strategy. You can systematically, adjust, losing trades and turn them into winners yes, I'll, say it again with, this strategy you. Can literally turn losing, trades into winners. This. Strategy, will drastically minimize, your risk and increase, your trading profits in the. Strategy can also be added to any other trading system to enhance it for more successful, trades this, ebook is easily, a $97. Value and, it's yours to download for free today when you take us up on our incredible. Offer below in case. You weren't adding it up those, courses add up to two thousand, three hundred and ninety four dollars and all, of it is exclusive. It's, never been offered before and you won't find it anywhere else, so. What's, the price for this exclusive, trading system along, with the bonus courses, the. Good news for you is that we're not charging two thousand, three hundred and ninety-four dollars like, we could be it's. Not even one thousand dollars it's. Not four, hundred and ninety seven and. Today. It's. Not even, ninety, seven dollars. Right. Now during, this limited time trading, code fire sale you. Can grab this entire package, for the very small price below this video, we're. So confident, that the trading code is going to work for you that we're letting you try it completely, risk-free with a 100%. Money back guarantee, we. Believe that if you watch the videos and apply this system, to your portfolio you're, gonna be very happy with the results, if you're. Not happy with the results just let us know within sixty days and we'll refund your payment, in full so. If you're ready to stop being on the losing side of the market start making profitable, trades on a consistent basis, now. Is the time to. Take advantage of this special offer just click the order button on this page and you'll be taken directly to the signup form if, the, membership is already full you'll, see a big red stop sign and a message instead of the signup form but, if you reach the signup form you've, made it on time and you can go ahead and sign, up right now. Maybe. You're wondering why are we doing this why, are we letting you grab these trading courses for such a small fire sale price, the. Answer is that we're looking to create a lot of successful, customers. And thus create a name for ourselves in, this industry you. See although Robert has been trading options for over 23, years he's, virtually, unknown, in the online world this. Is the first time he's ever released, these courses, and systems to the public and so. We want your testimonials. And your success, stories, this. Is a massive, industry with millions, of investors and traders and once we've got those success, stories we can much more easily charge, the thousands, of dollars that these courses are worth our. Success, depends on your success so. You can be sure that you're getting the very best from us by. Getting in now during this introductory, special you can grab these courses, for a fraction. Of what they're worth mere. Pennies on the dollars, what you're paying but. If you miss out you'll, have to pay exponentially. More to get your hands on this information so. Don't wait go, ahead and click the order button now and we'll see you on the inside, maybe. You're wondering is this, for me well. If you have any money in the stock market yes, this is for you the, days of buy and hold and watch the market go up forever are gone yes. You can buy and hold for periods of time you certainly don't have to be a day trader but. Without the kind of advantage that we're offering it's very difficult, to know when to buy and sell we're.

Gonna Take the guesswork out of it for you because our system is not about guessing. Remember. This system is outperforming, the market by 300%. And has a 97%, win, rate so. Even if you're a casual, investor, this, is for you and. If you're an active trader this is definitely for you these. Days the markets are often volatile, always, unpredictable and, without, the kind of advantage that we're providing here you. Can lose your money time and time again whether. You're an options, trader a day trader a swing trader or anything, in between you. Need to try this system trading. Without it is like driving with your eyes closed you might do ok for a while and you might even go on a profitable, win streak but, eventually you're, gonna have an accident and lose your money well, we're here to prevent, those kinds of accidents, so, if you're a trader, this is absolutely. For you we're, going to give you an advantage so you can constantly, minimize. Your risk while maximizing. Your profits and, consistently. Make money from the market so, the bottom line is if you, any money in the market or if you're a trader of any kind whether you're a newbie or a professional, this, is for, you you, know we're, really not asking, you to make a major investment of money here I hate. To use this term because, it's kind of cliche, but this really is a no-brainer, I mean, you could easily spend this amount of money on lunch, or dinner today I think. It's helpful to look at it that way because it shows just how, great, of an investment this really, is you. Know you can go spend this money on food that's gonna be gone in a few minutes or you. Could spend it on something that could potentially change your, life for the better you. Could go spend it on a night at the movies or you could spend it on a new shirt or you. Could spend it on music, for your iPod or, you. Could invest it here on this trading system and if you follow our trading system you could have enough money that you can buy those other things anytime you want, so.

If You're willing to spend a little bit of money on so many other things why. Not spend that much on the future of your investments, you know what I'm saying I could. Go on and, on with examples of other things that you could spend money on and virtually. None of them have the potential to change your life like our trading code system, I mean. Are your investments, outperforming, the market by 300%. Do, you have a 97, percent win, rate well. You can get your hands on this system for such a small, price, so. Once again go ahead and click the order button now to take advantage of this special offer you've, got a 100% 60, day money back guarantee, so it's risk-free and you've got nothing to lose all, right this, is the end of the video so don't wait go, ahead and click the order button now and we'll, see you on the inside.

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