The Tools I'm Using to Expand My Business Dynamically Sn 4 Bonus Episode 3

The Tools I'm Using to Expand My Business Dynamically  Sn 4 Bonus Episode 3

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hello everybody welcome to the crystal crawford show i am crystal crawford and um this week's episode is called tools i'm using to expand my business dynamically oh my goodness so so much is changing for me i know that's a shocker nothing ever changes um i just got off of a facilitating and talk to the entities class we are just fresh off of a choice of possibilities class facilitators and heading into launching your 500k business which is this incredible six month adventure with me and your business and everything you want to create and so i've got a call tomorrow that you can access at source even if you're listening to this in the future i want you to have this but i thought what i would do to kick off that call is to share with you kind of my own personal set of tools and questions that i'm using right now to expand my business hi leah hi alexander hi kathy um and we just got off a call of my monthly membership salon de la consciousness where we're studying and really looking at one of the keys to total freedom which is 10 second increments of choice and you may think that that's not a business conversation but i can promise you 100 that it is because that key is about knowing that you have infinite choice and when it comes to business how you wanna the one thing i see all of us do at one point or another is we make decisions about what's right and what's wrong and what can be and what can't be and what we should do and what we won't do and so we judge ourselves and our business out of existence and what i'm constantly playing with in the creation of my 500k business and beyond is what's possible beyond that so i made a little list today let's see if it's still relevant after doing this call let me just pull it up but i guess what i want to start with that's not even necessarily on my list is that the primary energy that i'm being right now with everything about my business and everything that we're putting out into the world is as the source of what this is what's next that's primarily where i'm functioning from kind of all the time as the source of what this is what's next the second part that i am added i added and i'm just with all the time i'm like it's constantly running around in my world is if i were the source of a million dollars in revenue or greater what would i choose and what would i be aware of what i've discovered personally about business and so many things but it's that if i don't choose to be the source of what i want to have as my business it doesn't exist and in the beginning of any business you really have no idea what the you're doing and you don't really know what you're the source of and all you really have are like a few pieces of the puzzle and you're just sort of like slots slash you know bashing away with these few pieces you know instituting stuff that you think you might like and then you don't like that then you change this and that's how business goes um so if that's where you're at keep going because what what that does is choice creates awareness and that awareness is invaluable so i've been bashing away at this business for like five years now and so i've got a lot of information and created a lot of success and a lot of you know connections with you guys and et cetera and so i'm at i'm in a place now where okay so the new play is discovering like what's beyond this okay we've reached a certain level of success okay cool what's beyond this who else can we reach and and what's interesting to me about being here is that i don't any longer have what i had in the very beginning like i'm not there's not that need of money going on anymore we've created money we have money it grows all the time the business has money i have money okay cool so that you know motivating energy that i used to use a lot is not really there anymore i have used enough access tools that i'm pretty relaxed most of the time about business i have planted enough seeds that there is usually a harvest to be had and and i guess i want to tell you that because when you're first starting you don't necessarily have all of that going for you right you're doing a lot more planting you're instituting a lot more things that will allow people to find you you're nurturing and bio-energetically feeding a lot of those people so there's different phases to where you're at in business and what's really required of you but i'm kind of at this phase this kind of cushy phase which is like okay cool you know money's not that hard it's kind of easy i could keep coasting guess what gets destroyed when you start to coast your entire thing you've created because i'm going to give you some information about yourself you don't like maintaining you like creating and so uh so that's what i've been doing is i've been stimulating my creative edge now business never creates from in the way that you think it should it always creates from what you are and the gift that you are and the things that come natural to you for example it's very very natural to me to do these videos and do these shows i love it it's easy for me it and a lot comes out of this andreis for example is incredible at talking to people he commerces and chats with people one-on-one in a way that i've never seen before so his bars business that he's building now is creating in a totally different way than my business is creating and the same is true of you it's like there's a way that you have about you that is very natural that will institute a business in the world it as you create it you're going to discover what that is it's not like you're going to know what that is before you start you're just going to kind of start and like you know slosh some paint onto a canvas and there you have a business so you know if you haven't started yet pick a place and just start but as you're going you know blah blah blah i've lost my point so back circling back around to some other part of the conversation um for me personally the motivating factors have really changed and this constantly occurs when you're in business you create from some energies and that works for you for a while and then it seems to stop working and so you then can either go into the judgment of that which i've done or you can really look for and stimulate your creative edge in a different way and so where i always go to is questions and one of the ways i get a sense of what questions i can ask myself to stimulate my creative edge is um i start to look at what i might be putting outside of me like what i might be looking for outside of me so let's say i'm looking for growth in my base for example so it's like if i want to reach more new people is that something i'm putting energy into or is that something i'm projecting and expecting to occur or have i put that ball in someone else's court and it's not actually happening right any of those things i'll start to look at how that's working and then if it's not working that's when i start that's when i go okay well if i was the source of this growth what would i be aware of maybe that's one of the things i want to let you guys know about is that you always know how to lead yourself forward if you'll let yourself know and i've only discovered this from like not letting myself know that and then struggling because every single time that i bring the question back into my world of like okay if i were leading this and and sometimes i'll trick myself and go okay if this wasn't my business and i was creating this business for someone else like what would i know because a lot of times when it's yours you kind of go into this weird mind but if it were someone else's you would have total clarity and no point of view and you would just lead it right so i will like trick myself into it not being mine and really look at the energy of like okay if i were leading this into a million dollars a year revenue business which is one of my asks or greater what would i be aware of so you're all going to have to like look at how you need to trick yourself and what it takes to stimulate your creative edge and what you really want to have one of the other things i've noticed about people in business is that we all have different ambitions right so you may have no interest in 500 000 k a year or even a million or whatever you may just want to have just enough to like pay the bills and live happily that's fine too but it's also really important to look at what your ambition is and to get really clear on that because that will inform you know what you want what you're going to put into the world so if what you'd really like to have is like just enough money to kind of live and and be happy in that way then look at how much that costs and what you could bring in in revenue in order to have that but for me personally like the ambition is is is more i really want these tools of access consciousness to be in the hands of millions of people so we just got more work to do right and you can do two things with that if like you can go into discouragement and overwhelm or you can let that excite you and go okay cool well no matter how long it takes we can do that so where do we start with that what's next and that's probably my biggest secret to expanding my business is really looking at myself as the source and then going yeah we can do this okay cool like where can we where can we start with that new surge of energy okay um yeah the other things i'm really doing right now and i'm just checking on what i wrote because this is really good the other things i'm really doing right now are one of the most simple tools that i think we get in foundation i am every morning destroying and uncreating who i was yesterday what my business was yesterday i'm destroying and creating my relationship with money my partner my body every morning and the way you do that is like everything i was yesterday destroyed and create that right wrong goodbye podpoc online insurance boys and beyonds and that's the clearing statement so you can go to if you don't know what that is but i am lit i used to just give lip service to doing this but i'm now actually doing it because what i'm recognizing is if i try to create my business today from who i was yesterday i will fail because guess what i'm not who i was yesterday and and i do i've done that a lot in the past so i gave that up for christmas this year i was just like you know what we're gonna just allow me to be different every day and we're actually gonna destroy it and create everything i was yesterday so that we can have a clean slate to create from right i don't need to do the same things or choose the same things as i did yesterday i don't even need to be the same person and i definitely don't need to be consistent i can be inconsistent and and that's way easier so that's another thing that i'm doing every day probably the third thing i'm doing every day now is i'm asking the question where can i put my energy where's my energy required today where's my energy required there is a long time in business where i did not recognize the fact that i was an energetic being maybe you can relate to this um i was doing business from a lot of doing and a lot of force and a lot of push and you know paid the consequences in my body for sure because force and push really does hurt your body and so i would fry myself out and i was getting carpal tunnel in my wrists and just at my computer constantly um so my body started contributing to what i could choose that was different and i say all that to say that as my body contributed to that and i started to look at that i was going to really need to create my business in a different way that's when being and knowing and perceiving and receiving started really becoming something i could choose and something i might want to look at like what does it actually take to have a dynamically bigger business in a total ease way you know does it if you want double the results do you have to put in double the effort that's this reality that's what they tell you so the reality my reality seems to be different like apparently i can create revenue from what other people tell you you can only create half of what i've created from but i seem to get different dif something different shows up for me and it always has and the same will be true of you if like you shouldn't be able to do what you can do you know what you can produce is different than what people tell you is possible so i started really looking at and choosing creating business as an energetic being well energetic being business is different than do do do business the distractor and plan of business energetic being business is like ask and you shall receive energetic being business is like looking at the energy of your business looking at the energy of what you want to have in the world looking at the energy of what will my life be like in five years if i choose this not how can i create this in the right way in the perfect way in the correct way in order to get sales which i've also done and it's very hard but it's like really really really being with everything and playing with it energetically now does that eliminate doing or action absolutely not there's lots of action in energetic being business but it's not done from i have to do do do do to feel like i'm doing something or proving something or deserves something it comes from all right what energy space and consciousness can me and my body be to receive to be no perceive and receive a million dollar business or greater with total ease and everything that doesn't allow that times the godzilla and i destroy it and create it all right wrong goodbye pop up all night shorts boys and beyonds so i've really been looking at every morning and all throughout the day where is my energy required and where can i put my energy to create a greater result and that's been working oh and you guys want to hear my secret funnel secret to receiving more one-on-one clients this is very secret top secret don't tell anybody i ask the universe what would it take for more one-on-one clients to show up now my one-on-one packages are not cheap and when you raise your prices you probably might run into some points of view that you have well the truth is that there's people that will pay you at anything you charge and so instead of trying to sell packages i simply asked the universe what would it take for more one-on-one clients to show up and i pull energy that's business done as an energetic being and all the time 100 of the time somebody messages me and i end up getting to work with more of you which is just incredible so it's like what could you begin to ask for that could show up what else did i write down oh one of my secret tools that i'm using that i have not even really admitted i'm using is the tool of relax so when we we moved to panama probably four months ago now and in the process of moving i got some of the biggest gifts in regards to creating business that i've probably ever gotten before because in the process of moving here we had to use our time in ways that i just wasn't using before i i had endless hours before we started to move to spend at the computer right so it was very very easy to spend my days at the computer and lots of space and not a lot of kids around and so it was easy but when we started to move i you know there was a lot to handle so we had a whole house to liquidate we had all kinds of things to take care of international move and then when we got here um there was just so much going on and so there was probably three months where i really really didn't work that much and what i had to what i either i had two choices basically i could be stressed that whole time and and judge myself for like not working in the same way that i thought i should and for a minute i did that week or two and that's and then i realized that i could choose that i could choose something else and i could actually choose to relax now man i can't tell you like kind of how hard that was which is funny i realized that that's very ironic that it was hard to relax but it was very very very definitely a different muscle and i don't know that i even would have chosen if i hadn't forced my own hand and was moving internationally and either kind of kind of just had to but there it was and i did i started i just chose it and what that looks like for me now is i don't get up in the mornings anymore with this i should do this and i have to do this and i should do this there are still times i get up and i kind of have a i need to do a brain dump right like i'll just dump out everything that i've got going on in my head onto a piece of paper but more and more and more what's showing up is that when i wake up i destroy and uncreate everything i look at the energy of everything i ask where's my energy required today getting now that my energy actually creates a different result and i just look at what actions can i take that would create the greatest result and that right there is elegance in action so that's a huge tool i'm using right now is relax and when i start to go into which is less and less all the time but if i start to go into that force or panic or control or we need to or whatever i'm more likely now to like sit sit myself down and like go okay cool like what's really what's really required here yes you've decided that has to happen is that true will it create more if you choose it yes or no and what i'm starting to discover is that the things that i've decided i should do are never the things that will create a greater result they're just the things i decided i should do so i'm choosing more and more to still get up and be present with my business every single day and like but more and more to relax with it and go and really widen my focus widen my gaze energetically and go what's really required today and what's going to create what's going to be fun ah yes i think the final thing that i can add to this is that i wrote down here what can i choose that is the energy of what i want my life to be because that the other thing that's shown up since we've moved is that more than ever before living in business are one and that was probably always true but it's gotten more obvious here and you always have a bunch of different things you can put your hand to you know one of the exercises i take entrepreneurs through when they're stuck or looking for cash creation is i'll have them write down like a hundred different things they could do right now if they were going to be homeless tomorrow there's a hundred different things you can do right now to have cash immediately that's a great exercise to take yourself through that's one part of it the second part of it is like let's list all the different like services classes you could create things you could do you know possible revenue streams right so like let's say you're a bars facilitator what are all the different ways you could create money just with that forget all the 92 other million things you could do as a person with a body as a bars facilitator okay you could facilitate bars classes to new people to repeat people you could do bars sessions you could do one-on-one bars classes if you wanted to you could do many people in a buyer's class you could do there's a bunch of intros you could facilitate as a bars facilitator if you're a bars facilitator that's taken a choice of possibilities class then you have the whole cfmw thing going for you there's a bunch of other classes you can facilitate you could do those live and you could do those online and right there you have about 10 to 12 different possible revenue streams just from that one skill set and then we start to look at like you know okay cool so how many people would you need in a bars class every month to like have this monthly amount that you want to have and you start breaking it down for yourself and discovering that maybe having what you want to have as your life isn't that hard and and so there are all these choices in front of you now for me i've got like my menu is much more expanded as a certified facilitator and is who i am i can do 82 000 different things i can invent my own classes i can do all these different things all the time always possible and i can do them live and i can do them online and what's what can i choose that would really generate what i want to have as my life now when you've created yourself into a financially tight situation that might not be as relevant a question for you in that moment but it could be it's like you could put your hand to anything what would you like to put your hand to what's the world you want to see and and so i let i'm letting that guide me more than ever before um i have an endless number of ideas and things i want to create in the world i have so many different things i want to contribute and and say and facilitated and i have so i have grand notions about what that could create in the world and we could all get together and we could do this thing and you know sometimes that's a possibility that's available and sometimes it's not and so if i don't look at that then i might put my hand to that and never look at that energy and then be busy and doing doing doing doing excited about my thing and maybe nobody's interested and so i include with all these freaking great ideas i have what i want my life to be like because let's just say i have this idea of like i want to really mentor for example the bars facilitators in panama do they want that if i go after that is that the energy of what i want my life to be like it might be and and i'll get awareness if i choose it i get awareness and that's success that is how business is created but if you don't include what you want your life to be like then then you'll exclude it that's going in my quote book if you don't include it then you'll exclude it you're welcome and you may put your energy in places where it it detracts rather than ads and choice will create awareness so choose anything see what happens uh but more and more and more i'm really including okay what do i want the planet to be like what do i want my life to be like and what can i choose to contribute to that and that's really where i'm functioning from and i think the final thing i want to say about all this is like when you do choose something there's a few things that occur when you choose something new and if you already have a business and you're choosing to up level which is where your 500k business that program is all about supporting that choice in your world um when you choose that first thing you gotta get is that right after you choose it it exists it exists that's what shows things up is choice and then it's the the the walking it out the actualizing of it the instituting of it the things you need to put in place for in order for it to show up you know the actualization of of that energy but the other part i want to add to that is that when you choose that it exists and now there's a generative you're being something that's going to allow it to show up right there's a generative process going on very similar to when you're when you when you have a seed you choose to plant it because you want a tree there and you know that this seed will develop into a tree given enough space and time and water and all the things the seed needs right so when you plant it that's you have a tree provided the deer don't eat it and somebody doesn't trample it or mow it you know there's your tree now there's 40 more years for that oak tree do you know oak trees at their like biggest takes them like 40 years to get to that size there's still 40 years to go until that seed in the ground is going to be the tree that you know is already in existence in that seed so what do you do well you've got lots of choices you can dig it up and check on it all the time which of course is going to like up the seed or you can provide for it the most nurturing supportive environment that you could possibly provide for a seed knowing there's deers you could put a little deer fence around it you know knowing that there's a riding lawnmower that just runs amok every tuesday you know you can make sure that that seed has got optimal things you make sure it's got water and sun and all of those things and then you move on to other things and you continue to build whatever else you're building on that property or that reality that you're creating and let that seed germinate let that seed start to poke out of its little shell and like start to reach for the the top of the soil and then slowly eek out of the soil and then pop open a leaf and then as the seed is starting to show itself then you have different choices and different care can be given to this thing that you've chosen and maybe you've got you know a thousand of those planted if you're a farmer you know exactly what i'm talking about and and you just have to at some points let them do what they do so there will be these choices you make that like that where you've planted the seed now you got to let it do its seed thing and just put your attention somewhere else and build another part of it go build a fence in a barn and you know raise some babies and let that thing do its thing and then you'll know you'll know when it's time to be and do something else with that particular thing you'll know and that's the thing i didn't get about being an energetic being in business is like i'm always gonna know when it's time and all i have to be willing to do is show up every day and and let go of who i was yesterday let go of what i've created yesterday not from like you know just just crumpling it all up and going you're a pile of but just from like okay that's what it was and and then stimulating my creative edge for that day and really looking at the energy of where can i put my energy to or what would be fun will be generative what would be like what would match the energy of what i want my life to be like and then just start bashing around and choosing stuff you're the source of everything that shows up in your life and everything that shows up in your business now what would you like to choose next with that where can you start stimulating your creative edge in a different way what questions can you add you know what how much more literally how much more fun can you have because creating your business is also creating your life so what would make that what would be fun how could you do that in a way that really is natural for you and what are you aware of already that's next that you could become willing to institute and be the mouthpiece for what's the planet you want to see are you a part of instituting that are you willing are you willing to make too much money and have too much fun and and how much money would you have to be willing to receive for the planet to change in the way that you know is possible would you have to be willing to have a bigger business have more be more that's the conversation i'm interested in having and so you're invited to a call tomorrow in real time if you're listening to this in the future check out and i'm sure the replay will be there and you're also just invited to look at what's next for you what are you the source of that you haven't yet received the gift and fortune of and what would it take i will see you guys tomorrow and for the rest of you i will see you next week if you loved this show and you get it would be a gift to somebody please share it with them and um how does it get better than this see you later

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