The Successful Business Story | Interview with Alex Kain

The Successful Business Story | Interview with Alex Kain

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Hi everybody and, welcome to. My channel again and, in. Today's series of taking, the leap I have my good friend here Alex, Kane hi Alex. So. Alex is, someone that I've known for almost a, decade, and, this. Is back when I first, started my first business and I have no idea and he still remembers, me as this lost girl but looked like she had potential, is what he said to me, and. Now that we're speaking again, I thought I'll interview, him to learn more about his journey in business because to, be honest he's probably anyone that I've known that has been like. From school I've always been in business he didn't like in the corporate world as like most of us so. Here. Today is Alex, talking about he's. You, know different various, ventures, and different businesses, and inspiring. Us to take the leap and to, you know pursue our dreams and business Alex. First, of all can you talk me back into your childhood, yes and you mentioned that you worried. Entrepreneurial. Selling, love potions, tell me more about. Yes. That's true I was selling love potions, to the boys in, urate, I think, for an $8 of bottles and. My. First yeah some people do lemonade, stands I had love potion, and it was was, made out of some route 33, some, old spice a bit of talcum, powder and, yeah. And. What, got you to think, of that idea and, what did you have an entrepreneurial, family. Background. No, no absolutely. The, opposite but I've always, been intrigued, in, in. Business, and wanted, to aspire. To that my, my, father was a watchmaker. So. You know certainly, different, different kind of role but yeah I always, knew I wanted to be ambitious and and do something, what was it about business that do you feel inspired was, that the money or, was it well was it yes, it was probably, lifestyle. And, the potential, to do, something really good and improve. My. My personal, situation so. I think, my first love, back in those days was, acting, drama, Wow. Yeah, why did you let that go what well I mean I don't think I really did I mean I took it on board I did school. Plays and things I also did, went on to do TV and, some film and and commercials, and stuff so I did a bit of that and later on I did stand-up comedy, as well oh really. Surprised, me. Always, definitely I wanted to be a necklace so when I actually left school I did one semester of uni then I was doing psychology, and stuff to understand, what's the motivation behind being a character you know and all that but. After one semester I left I said that units not for me it, just was tying me down I wanted, to become an actor so. I. Left. And of course it's very difficult to become a professional, actor so, I ended up taking lots, of interesting. Jobs. You. Know 7/11. Working, in a bowling, alley, I drove. A funeral, car I. Did. All sorts of interesting jobs, just. Try and make ends meet a little bit while I was see, what I was doing and then, probably. I. Was. A private investigator, as well. So. Tell. Me more about your first successful business, what was it and win with it I guess. My first business, was probably, setting up a theatre restaurant show. Right. So I approached. A pond. And I said can I use the space and I did that and I ran that for about three months and it was it, was successful, from the point of view of bringing an audience in but it made. A loss so and, I thought oh wow so it's not that easy to run you crazy there's. A rude awakening so. Then I went on to take on a job was a sales rep for a few years just to. Pay back the debt and do all that sort of thing. Because. That's what you got to do yep, I did, that for five years, and, whilst. I had a bit of a knot in my tummy because I knew this is not me it's not what I want to do I knew it's what I had always have the dream so the next thing that I'd because of my interest in in, television. And drama, when channel 31 the community, TV station, opened up here in the mid 90s, I got with, that and ended, up becoming their, first, sales. And marketing manager for a couple years consulting. To them so. We're still sort of doing what I like with it and in a business way yeah. And, that was the beginning of the internet at that point in time and I dabbled, a little bit there and, when I finished up there I did a short stint working in a dating agency. It's. A real, life. Story you know lots of interesting, adventures, that's how it was for me and then but when I finished there I said now I want, to I. Want to do something for myself and, as I, say the internet was just starting, off and I thought well maybe I'll become an Internet service provider, and I, didn't really know anything about it so I looked at other internet service providers, who were operating because it was really in the very early days with. Dial-up, and I, found, one and I said can I use your equipment and just rebadge. It resell, a pre market under my own brand and that's basically what I do I become a virtualized.

Feed Back in 1996. And then tell me more about your current business now and what you love about it and what value does it add to the marketplace, so. So. The current business has been. Operating. About 18. It's. Called human pixel, the name, is meaningful, for us because it really is about we do software, development and. You know websites, and all that sort of stuff and that's the pixel, side but. Really for me what's really important is the human, side and it's really about you know how does what we build impact, the people who use it whether it's the customers, or star for business, owners or wherever what's, you know does, it make sense is it easy to use is. It intuitive, all those sorts of things so for, us it's about looking, at software development, in today's, age with all the resources, that we have but. Again. Bringing it back to people you know just because I can make something should I make it doesn't let. This way and that's really what we do is really take that approach a can we help businesses, solve, all their pain points you know yeah a lot, of what we do now is about looking, at processes. That businesses, have and finding. What's broken and how, we can fix it we, can bring technology. In and help businesses align their. Business. Goals with how they're actually running the business yeah take me back to your, last business so what made you take the leak to this new business like, well. Who came up with the idea and, you know how did it come about I, guess after that I speed, business I went into another startup. I. Set. Up a startup and I ran that for a few years joined an incubator, did all of that and I learned a lot from that and it was kind of like Siri for, dried I was, called Auto and it. Was a great idea and I went through a whole process we. Won the Samsung, innovation, we did exciting. Things but, the end of the day I had to kill it because. Google. And Apple were, improving, their technologies, and they slowly caught up to what we were doing and really at, some point you gotta wave the white flag and, go I got, it I got a bow out right now and I think that's, a really important, lesson to. Know when it's the right time to quit, and it's not it's not failure it is better for me to move on to my next venture than to just assist and persistent, assist with something that I can see the writing on the wall says, I could get lucky but I may not move. On when, I close that down I took on a consulting, role and, was. Head of digital for a company, and, when. That contract, finish, I was talking to my current business partner. And I actually brought him into that business too as a supplier, and I, said to him hey why.

Don't We do this together. And we've. Known each other for about 10 years, and. So. We talked about that and a month. In, away. From me finishing the contract, we had already sort of worked out what we're gonna have and on the day I was finishing the contract, the next day we, were gonna register the company, and, press the Go button, so like knowing, what you know now with all these years of, in business it's like while it's her mindset back then what's your mindset now about the business because it seems to me now you just think business. Is easier problem-solve, start a company right like what. Did you think of business back then I think what you don't know helps. You take steps forward and I think that's a good approach to have but it's also got to be balanced, with a dose, of reality and. You, need to have people around you who aren't just gonna say yeah, that's great just do just do it yes sounds, fantastic. Look. You can have a lots of yes people around you but, sometimes you need people to give you a reality check, I don't think I've really changed I think I was ambitious that you know that eight year old or that young boy selling loft posted, it's still the same guy today, I'm just. Bottling that, love motion up a software, and so like what makes you so different where like you sort, of SATA, business jumped, off it went back to work, a little bit cuts but go back what, makes you gave you that drive to just keep on not giving up yeah because some people sort of take the lead getting. A bit scared. From all, the problems, and then never. Again they even tell themself I'm never gonna I, think that's kind of like having a bad relationship, and going I'm never gonna date anyone it I think some. People do it because they want to leave their job and they just want to go and do something else but they may not have the passion, to do it but it's funny yeah, you know what I leave the bank now and I want to go and set up a cafe or a florist, or something yeah that's, fine as long as you go into it with your eyes open, and understand, you know all the wonderful things that you think well now I don't have a boss anymore, and now I can work the hours and I want you. Know you end up working a lot more and you have lots of bosses, it's just a different mindset I think if you're if your passion if it's inherent, in you that you really love. Entrepreneurship. And business and.

You You, don't worry about obstacles obstacles are, just challenges, that you you need to overcome and learn and from you, know they're not they're not things that you say oh that's a blocker a better better, give up now yeah, you. Know and I think that's the difference between someone. Who really, loves, doing, business, and someone who likes the idea. I agree. And I think you have to have that deep. Passion, for it to survive in business to actually like push through all those challenges what's, your mission in life like you know you've been doing different types of businesses, and, you. Know you're still around hustling. Away like what's driving you what's your big mission in life well. I think for me my look, I'm, not trying to be an actor anymore. I'm. Like that with my clients, every day yeah. But. I think for me it's about making, a, difference and, making some. Change in the world and I think I've had that idea for a long time but I think you need to be in a position where, you're. Fully. Self-supporting. And you're okay and you can now do, those other things for other people. If. You're worried about where your next meals coming from it's very difficult, to be able to go and help out of it so I think that. Was the point was to get build business, and get to a point where I, can. Be able to have that impact and yeah so I get look I did have some. Years ago or website, I created for bouche book. And. That, was basically a website where people could make wishes or in need of something, and other people put a system and I think that's. Something. I want to do more of not. So much the wish side of things but want to make some changes, in the world and that's you know to the education, system the health system, and, just the way people. Respect. And treat each other and for me that's that's, a really big goal and I'm, just formulating. How I'm actually gonna attack, that I see yeah, I mean cuz I also agree I felt like if I went back to a job the most I could do is look after myself and, my family you know in terms of the salary that I would earn but, by having a business I have a chance, to. Make a bigger difference recruit, more people that means clean more jobs to people and then with the profits, you can invest. More is that what you're in like you're thinking as well we've. Got great, staff, you. Know all over the world now and be, able to help them out and provide them with a constant, income and I know you do the same in your business, you.

Know Yes, the idea that you're helping a lot of people you're. Not just doing it for yourself you. You, know to help. A wider community oh yeah at, the end of the day people, say that that's a bit altruistic. But it's, not really it's selfish because I feel good what I know. Yeah. Likewise, and I think that's probably like my biggest driver. Because, you, know the many times that I was scared and I want it to go back to a job I felt like well then back. To this little, you know office. Space. And earning this cat. Income, I'm, never gonna be able to do anything with it and I, think just, because my mission, is to help the world I there's. No other choice but, to run a business I think that's what's kept, me on yep. Even. When, I've done like network. Marketing, and that sort of thing that it always comes back to what's your why because, you, know if it's just I want another car I want to build a house or something like that that's. Okay but when you run. Into the tough times in your business then those things you can just walk, away from but if it's like you know I want to help my kids I want to do something deal I want to build something for the community then, you know you feel. Answerable. To that higher authority. Of what you're trying to achieve so. It's a lot harder to just walk away from it if someone, is right now in, that limbo, where they're like my, job. Is sort of like good, it's, not bad I, feel like my calling is to do, something with my life but. It's not so bad to move like what would your be advice T again, I think it comes down to what's your reason for wanting to move if you just don't like having a boss or if you don't like working, under a structure, then. Having, a business, isn't. Necessarily. Gonna give you the freedom that you think it's gonna give you because you, know you as I say you have many bosses, to answer to then so, I think it's about if you're passionate and, you've, got something, that you want to do first of all research, it you know there's nothing you want to do make sure it's viable, there's nothing, worse than leaving something. Safe and secure go to something, that's insecure, but, that doesn't, actually have the capacity to provide you the ink that you need or what yeah, a lot of people do that they go yeah that's great but, when, you do the numbers, it was never able to get to that level that you thought so you've got to just do the research first so make sure there's, a need and make sure there's the capacity, there yeah and, I think once you've done the research then, you've got to look, at yourself and just go do I have what it takes, am i, someone. Who can work on my own or do I need a partner, someone to bounce ideas off, I can work totally, in my own head and that's okay, because I think you need to take stock of yourself and just so you do you have everything you need you know do you have a little bit of money to bankroll yourself, from the wall, all. Those sorts of things I think once you do that then. I think yeah yeah if. You. Take all the button go for it yeah do a bit of due diligence but, I'd be honest I don't usually think that it's still a leap of faith it's, still that trusting. The universe, will take you one step at a time absolutely. The. Universe, will meet you halfway, right. But you've got to get halfway first, if you just sit there with your arms crossed go money, come to you. Are. You gonna take some but the universe, will meet you, but, you got to do some of it yourself okay so now, that you've been in business for almost 30, years if you could do it all again. Perfect. Way like what would be like the three. Things you would like. You would make sure you do - in order to succeed or if, you could do it all again what would it be I think you've got to listen to your heart very few people have become successful, doing something, they don't like or don't you. Know I I. Can't see anyone that's just risen, to the top because they hated what they were doing, yeah yeah, so if you're in that position. Really, listen, to that little voice in your ear that's saying something doesn't. Feel right I'm not in alignment with my true, goals. And, you know I'm not really being authentic, so, that's the first thing so listen, have good people around you you. Know surround, yourself, with people. Who, will. Give you truthful. Answers, but. Who also aren't, going to put you down either, because. You. Know it takes, courage. To go out there and put yourself out there and stand up and we've seen in this country tall, poppies, get knock yeah yeah so.

I Think you've got to have the courage, to do that but you also want, to surround yourself with people who will listen and, who. Will support, you and back you but will also still give you a dose of reality I think that's important, and I. Think we've spoken about this before that you know the you. Are the average of the five people you, surround. Yourself. With people who lift your average, yep. I'd. Say is dead. A drink, too much we get caught up in day to day life and. You know we've got bills and I got staff marriages stop. Ourselves from, taking, Netley and I think allow yourself, to have that do some visualization. Imagine. What the future could look like yeah, and I think that's why I don't can relate to you because we've got that spiritual, side as well that business side because I've, come to realize that we need both in order to be successful, like it's. Not all about like do this and that and that and then things will work out it's a lot of it is internal. World that we need to manage the visualization. Imagining, and, it's all the almost. Hokey-pokey. Magical. Thing that I think some people some, entrepreneurs. Don't understand, and, look life is not a straight line, you're gonna get dips, and bumps and, all sorts, of things are gonna happen and so, you've got a strata stay true, to your, belief about what you want to do again. Temper, that with a little bit of reality. Don't be, off in Fairyland but as long as there is, something. Real there then. Just stay the course and just, go for it and the, universe will come and meet you and is that what keeps you happy all the time whenever I talk to you so happy is that because, you trust the university looking after you look. I think for me it doesn't feel like work I mean look here I am I'm working from home you know I don't feel like I'm at work I'm, solving. Other. People's problems when. Work feels like work then, that's. What I would question it take the leap do don't think about it yeah. I agree and I think the wiser and, I get the more, I realize life. Is just temporary and, we're just lucky to just sort of get, to play this game of life for a while that we don't know how long and so why, take it so serious, and just do. Whatever we can play around cuz if you buy tomorrow nothing doesn't really matter right like it's it's that's it you can't carry all your riches, with you nor can you carry your worries because there's nothing, left there yeah, it shouldn't, be hard, work and I know that, can be hard for some people because a lot of battlers, a lot of people struggling, but.

In An ideal world it should be it shouldn't be hard and we've all got talents, and we've got gifts and we've got things that we can do that no one else can do in that particular way and, those are the things that we should be you. Know working towards, for ourselves well, thank you so much Alex beer time so just to wrap up your, current company human, pixel helps small to medium sized businesses, right to. Grow their business but using technology and making sure it integrates, well with the. Business model and the the, business goals and in. Terms of everyone else who wants to connect with you who aren't your ideal client how. Do they connect with you what social platforms, are you on. You. Can find me on LinkedIn. Yeah. I, don't play around too many I'm too many social. Narrow. Focus, or. Find, us on human, pixel combat, a you and, you'll. Find more bears there thank you so much for your time and I know you your, goal is to also help and inspire other people to start. A business and, succeed. In life so thank you for doing this with me and I. Will catch you soon and I'll put your details on the links in the description below like. It bye Alex, yeah.

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