the sims is getting ridiculous...

the sims is getting ridiculous...

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Agh! What is going on here? Stop! No no no, I'm scared. Oh, that was creepy. Hello my friends and welcome  back to the nightmare legacy   challenge. Sorry, I just clicked on this  and looked at the pictures down below,   look at the dad! Oh no, it's because he's  in the athletic career and so he's a mascot   right now. Not for long though because he's  about to be an elder and he's gonna die. If you forgot, we're planning on short lifespan,  hence the nightmare portion of this series. Everything happens so fast on short lifespan.  He's only gonna be an elder for five days,   so as soon as he ages up, we're  basically doomed. All bets are off.

Oh no, not the noise. And it's storming, oh god. Okay, well,  basically Chaz is gonna be an elder today.   His wife Terry only became an adult  yesterday, so she's still got a while left. Alex is freshly a teen and our future  heir Anna became a child last episode,   so I will link the past episode and the playlist  down below if you want to watch to catch up.

The other update is that we got a  dog named Worm. So now I have a dog   named Worm and a cat named Mr. Wiggles, I  don't know, it's really bizarre, I know. Mr. Wiggles did uh, run away, and only just came  back, so I'm trying to make him like me again,   but I think that catches you up to speed. The storm is really a bad omen,   the fact that it's storming like this  just as the episode is beginning, oh no. Well, the other thing is that Alex kinda started  flirting with this guy Kaden, which is actually   kind of exciting. And his best friend Nathan  Landgraab is here. I was thinking about dating  

Nathan Landgraab for a while and then I was  like, I shouldn't date my childhood best friend,   that's too easy. But this whole time we've been  kind of like, ooh, they're besties, maybe they   could date later. Because he's a Landgraab, we  could marry into the Landgraab family, you know. And maybe I'll ditch Kaden for  the Landgraabs again, I've kind   of really gone back and forth about this, I  wasn't sure what the best thing to do was. I didn't want to go for the easy  option of just dating the friend,   but you know, he's a Landgraab  so like, it's probably worth it.

Oh no, utterly disrespectful. Chaz may simply  be cheering the team on from the sidelines,   but he takes the role of defending his team's  honor very seriously, and would you believe it,   the visiting team's cow mascot is dancing  right in the center of the field tugging   on its udders in a show of disrespect. The  only thing stopping Chaz from rushing the   field and starting a fight is knowing that  the stands are filled with innocent children   who are just there to enjoy the game. Will  Chaz set an example or set the right example? We can fight the enemy and gain fame,  but lose reputation, money, and be fired,   or ignore the mascot's taunts. Wow,  that's a tough decision, you know.

Um, I think I'm gonna ignore the mascot and  not lose my job, I need to retire so I can   get a pension. We can't have him quit.  He's probably gonna retire soon, but. I really like Nathan Landgraab, should  I reveal my crush? That seems like a   mistake. I'm gonna do it anyway. Oh  dear god, maybe I shouldn't do it. Just as I tried to, the ground catches  on fire. Okay, do you want to try again?   Ask risque question, that doesn't seem  like the first thing you should do,   that seems like a mistake. Oh, it didn't work. Oh no, oh, and Chaz is home. Oh, that means  he's gonna age up, oh no. Careful, get inside. Your costume's like a lightning  magnet, I'm worried about you.

Okay, I think I'm gonna age him up. I  don't want him to be sad from having   his birthday forgotten, so I'll probably  make him a cake and age him up myself. I'm trying to like, delay him aging up, but  I also know that I should probably let him   celebrate a little bit because I don't want him  to be so sad. He can't spend his last days sad. The fact that they're all just dancing, oh  my god. Sorry, the lightning scared me again. I don't like the storms in The Sims, I don't  like it one bit, it's too loud, it's quite scary. Alright, add some birthday candles,  come on buddy, have a great birthday.  

Why are you standing there? I'm trying  to get screenshots of my llama birthday! Would you click on this video if that  was the thumbnail? Probably not. Well,   happy birthday -- oh they  put him outside! Seniority. Let me go look at him in  CAS. This is bad. Aw, man. He's so old, he's gonna die so soon, ugh! Okay, just try not to think about it. Should  I have him retire straight away? Probably not,   he deserves to get a little  bit further in his career. He likes his job, and he's good at it, look at  him, see? The fact that he's an elder and he's   only level three, it makes me feel a bit guilty,  I feel like I kind of failed him. That's my bad,  

I'm not gonna lie. Oh no, she's  got work in 29 minutes? Ah! Oh god,   how tired is she? Oh, she's gonna have a rough  night. I totally forgot about that. Okay,   well I let her sleep for like, 30 minutes. Barely, it was more like, 15. I guess everyone  else is just gonna go to bed. Oh no. Oh,   at least at least Terry will get promoted,  right? So maybe she'll have better hours? Who are we kidding, she's gonna have worse hours.  

She's definitely gonna have worse hours.  Things are not looking good. Alright, just   go to sleep everybody. At least then we can speed  through this. Performance gain medium, well hey! Oh, and he woke up because he's hungry, oh.  Because I made you go to bed without dinner,   on your birthday! And then your  wife left you! Aw, man, I'm sorry. She left to go be a criminal all  night. Is there no food in the fridge?   There's no food in the fridge? Ah, now you gotta cook on your birthday? How  about some blueberry pie? See, that sounds fun.  

I actually hate pie. I would not like  that. It does not seem fun to me at all. Oh boy, the lottery day is over, that means  they're gonna draw the winners tomorrow. I did buy a lottery ticket, I had each of the  adults in this family buy a lottery ticket, so it   is possible that we'll win the lottery. If he wins  the lottery, he can quit his job, I'll let him. That is fine. I'll support him in  that. Alright, eat your pie, let's go. You gotta go back to bed. Alright, Terry,   what'd you get? A bonus of 2,200 and now  I make an additional 167 dollars per hour,   but she only works twice a week, now from 8pm  to 3am. That's better, that's better than 10-4.

I mean it's longer, but it's only twice a week,   Wednesdays and Saturdays. That's not bad,  and we got some bars of gold, really? Oh wow, let's put them in the kitchen to remind  my neighbors of how rich and successful I am. Okay, Terry, you gotta go to bed.  You had a rough night, let's go,   both of you. At least they're both  going to bed at 4am, maybe it works out. She's a getaway driver. Getaway Car is one  of my favorite Taylor Swift songs -- oh,  

and their kids are both awake. Oh  no, the kids both woke up already,   literally as soon as their parents got home.  Okay, sweetie, you gotta come use this bathroom. Hopefully you have a fun day at school.   Who willingly wakes up at 4:30 in  the morning. I bet some of you do,   I wouldn't. I'm an 8am kind of gal, and even  that's early compared to some people, so.

Oh, it's Harvestfest, they don't even have  school! They woke up at 5am on a holiday?! Oh, that's stupid. Okay, well  let's put up some decorations,   shall we? I like how the lights look on  this house. And the weather cleared up. He's got a school project, maybe I'll have  them work on some stuff like that. Now Anna  

doesn't have any friends, I'm thinking it  might be fun to try and meet some people.   Aubrie and Naomi seem nice, and they've got  a brother called Milton, are they triplets? Is it weird to make a club of all the  triplets? Is that wrong? It might be,   but it's a nice way to meet people, you know? That gives us a good selection of  people to be friends with as well,   you know, just a bunch of triplets, and  then we can pick the best of them all. Okay, your social need is super low,  maybe you could go talk to your brother   while he works on his project. What if  we had Alex cook the Harvestfest meal.

D'you know what, it's kind of appropriate because  this week is Thanksgiving in real life. I'm   posting this on Monday, Thanksgiving's  on Thursday. Maybe we should do like,   a proper celebration. Maybe I'll have  them like, set the table and stuff. I swear I didn't plan it, but  it did actually work out. Here,  

come set us with a fancy  triangle setting, let's go. I'm expecting a really, really, nice fancy  meal. Oh, that looks nice. Maybe I'll move this   as well, just so we can get like, a fancier  -- maybe I'll put this here. That seems nice.

I don't know. Yeah, set the table!  Should I invite over the family?   Today's mail's been delivered? Oh dear god. Their parents are gonna sleep in all day. Well,  maybe I'll have the son plan a social event   though, maybe he'll have a dinner party. See,  we'll throw a dinner party, we'll have Terry   and Chaz be the hosts, we'll invite Alex  and Anna, maybe Nathan, Fabian can come,   Tabby, Journey, for some reason. Maybe she can  be invited. Oh wait, oh, I started it right now? Oh god, okay. Oh god, Alex, Alex, you're gonna  have to hurry up and make some tofurkey, my guy.

It appears that the party has begun.  Okay, oh no. Take a shower, both of you,   both of you smell. And we've got people  coming over. I thought I was planning it,   but I forgot I planned it to happen right now. Oh no. Okay, here. Oh, we didn't win the  lottery. Haruka won the lottery. I don't   know who that is, but I'm super  happy for her, yeah, I'm so glad. Well, this is her brother's dad. She hasn't  actually met him yet, so I had her introduce  

herself. It's probably for the best if she meets  everybody, you know, and now aunt Tabby's over. Wait, Journey's our -- oh, wait a minute! For a  second, I was thinking that Journey was the mom,   no Monica's the mom. Journey aged  up! Journey's the sister. Okay,   so same thing, she's not like, blood-related  to Fabian or Journey, that's her brother's   dad and her brother's half-sister, but  it's all part of the family, you know.

I should have her come meet everyone because no  one else is awake to meet them. Terry, you wanna   come say hi to your ex? Don't eat any pie, we're  making dinner. Threaten him, yeah! Good idea.   Why are you eating pie? Chaz! I'm making food!  I'm angry with you. Very, very angry with you.

Now, if you'll remember, Journey was born  because previously -- so we were with Fabian,   right? We were pregnant, me and  Fabian had Alex together. Well,   my sister -- she's dead, but I had another sister,   this is Terry's sister, who was dating this  woman named Monica. She seemed very nice, well,   turns out Monica was also dating Fabian. We had  this little, you know, love square or something. Basically Fabian was dating my sister's  girlfriend and me. And the sister's girlfriend   was dating Fabian and my sister. And then she got  pregnant with Fabian's baby, that baby is Journey.  

Honestly, the story is quite the journey as  well, but um, that's how Journey came to be. And then my sister died. Not because of that,  she died because I put her in the pond. I sort   of drowned her by accident, it wasn't my  finest moment, but I put her in there,   and then she died after she got  cheated on. It was really terrible. Okay, hurry up. I want the food! Oh, here we  go, okay. Everyone, I have made a grand meal. He's like, 16 -- look, they all started eating  pie! Why are you eating pie? I made this whole   tofurkey. I'm so sad. This isn't like -- what  are you doing? Oh, he he's teasing his sister. Well, I did make a nice tofurkey. Just  for the record, I did do a good job,  

even if not everyone wanted to  eat it, I did make a nice one. Agh! What is going on here? Stop! No no no, I'm scared. Oh, that was creepy. You can tell they're related,  synchronized push-ups. Yeah,  

we really dodged a bullet there. He might be a  cheater, but he also does push-ups, randomly. Big, big, bad, bad, bad problem. We are lucky to  have avoided that. You know what, it is a miracle   the maid's here right now because this house is  a mess. Actually, that worked out really well. I feel bad she's gotta work on a holiday,  but. Why are you sad? Sad words? Oh okay,   well, I'm just gonna end the party. This  hasn't really gone according to plan,  

I must admit this is not really how  I anticipated today going. Ugh okay,   maybe I'll have him be thankful because  then we'll get the thankful spirit thing. Do you want to be thankful too? Yeah? That'll  be so nice of you. I don't like this holiday.  

It never -- nothing ever goes according to  plan in The Sims. No matter how hard I try,   nothing goes according to plan. Just give the  stupid gnome a toy. Maybe that'll help. Come on,   give the gnome a toy, let's go, it's right here.  Appease the gnome, give it a toy, maybe it'll   smite you, it'll be great fun. Oh dear, plead  for forgiveness, please don't kill me -- oh. What did I say about the storm? Oh,  there we go, I fixed it, okay. Sorry,   false alarm. Has everyone had a good Harvestfest?  Have I successfully made it? You're gold,  

you're gold, you're gold,  you're not gold. Come here. Give this one some coffee. There's like, a  guide to the correct answer for all of these,   but I don't ever remember  them, so I just sorta wing it.

I give them coffee and toys and see what happens,  but it usually works out eventually, so it's fine. Okay, now what. Now what do we do? Well, I was kinda thinking it would be fun   if Alex went out with the Landgraab  boy. I've really done a full 180 here,   but I've decided I think that I'd rather date the  Landgraab boy because he's got money! You know? We need to set him up for success.  And then, and then, when he moves out,   he'll live across the street. His kids live across  the street, it's gonna -- that's what I want. I think that would be really nice if we start  getting our own family in the Landgraab family,   I think that would work out for the best,   so I think I'll be getting involved  with Mr. Nathan Landgraab over here.

Sorry to the other guy, hopefully he doesn't  show up here because that would be bad,   but you know, he'll be fine. Heartfelt compliment,   I don't know, share melancholy thoughts  perhaps? They're getting pretty close. Oh, let's take a selfie. We can put it  on the wall! I've not been doing a good   job of taking photos recently. I've really  kind of fallen off here with the photos. Nathan's gloomy?! Oh, me too! Well, not --  Alex isn't, but me being me. Me is gloomy. Okay, acquired the photography skill. How about we  

exchange numbers because we obviously  don't have each other's phone number,   we've been friends since childhood, I  definitely don't have your phone number. I'm going to embrace him, it might be a bit  forward, but I want to see what happens. Ooh, well. How about a bold pickup line? I never know  like, how to be realistic about this, you know? And I mean that in a sense where like, these  guys have been friends since they were like,   6, you know, so how do you in a normal way,  slowly start flirting? It's gotta be like,   oh hey, you look really nice today, like really  casual flirting slowly turning into like,   I don't know, pick up lines. How do  you -- how do you make it normal?

Oh, not his dad being right here. Oh please,   dad I'm trying to flirt with somebody.  Why does this keep happening? You know, they're not wrong about  the awkward encounter business,   this is embarrassing. Uh-oh, he didn't like it. Dad! You're making it so Nathan  doesn't want to flirt with me!   Oh, it's my sister. She's she's really  stomping around, she's mad at dad too. Oh god, maybe I'll give her a makeover quickly.

A slob and good. I can't believe she aged  up with the same hair as her mom by the way,   that is actually genuinely upsetting.  I am really not pleased about that. I feel like we can keep the short bob,   but we gotta give her a different one.  You can't have the same hair as your mom,   especially when your mom is Monica. Your  mom's like, the villain of this generation.

Oh, I haven't used this outfit in a while, oh,  that's fun. Do you know what, she would have shown   up to our wedding like this. Maybe I'll leave  it on her so that she does because that'll be   kind of funny when we get married and she shows up  in a wedding dress. We'll laugh about that a lot. I don't care what she wears, I'm just  trying to make sure she's got like,   matching clothes on, you know? Oh, I don't care what she wears, I just want  her to have matching clothes. See? Like,  

this is a mess. That's better. I don't  really care, she's fine, just call it a day. I'm gonna be stuck in her household,  aren't I? Don't have high hopes about this.   Just get ready for 15 more  loading screens, basically.

Yep, there it is, wrong household. And back we go  through another loading screen. Play as Alex, ugh. Okay, well if you could leave, that would  be great. Would really appreciate you   stopping interrupting me. I'm trying to flirt. Oh, wait a minute, it's Harvestfest,  my dad's just trying to hang out,   isn't he? He just wants to see me.  I saw him this morning though. No,  

I should hang out with him a little bit, I'll  talk to him. It's just interesting that he   only comes around occasionally, and then he  chooses right now to do it, when I'm busy. I need to go pee though really fast before I pee  my pants, hang on. Hurry up, let's go. Pee your  

pants -- I mean, don't pee your pants, sorry.  I think Nathan left, but Fabian's still here,   so -- oh, I clicked show off selfies like he's  gonna show his dad the picture of him and Nathan,   oh, that's actually quite cute. I'm kind of  excited about this, I'm glad we got to see him. Oh, when did I bring my sister  here? I think that was an accident.  

I didn't know she was here. Oh, now I feel  bad. Okay, well do you want to play on   the jungle gym while you're here? Might as  well because what else are we going to do? Stop making a mess! You can't do that!  Clean it up. You can't just dump paint in   a public park. Oh my goodness, Anna,  you should be ashamed of yourself. Now we have to go home. You ruined it. This is  why we can't have nice things. Now you have to   go straight to bed, so I hope you're happy. To be  fair, it is a school night, so off to bed you go. Oh, look how pretty the lights look in the  back, I want to keep those up year round.  

D'you know what, I might just leave these  lights up because they kind of fit with   the vibes of Oasis Springs, and they're  really nice. Like, that looks really nice. Oh, wait a minute, The Sims just announced a kit! Hang on, I have to stop recording so I can make  a different video. I'll be back in a second. Okay, I'm back, sorry. I had to make  a video about the Modern Menswear kit,   they just announced it, so I was recording  in the middle of a recording, but I'm back.

Before I was rudely interrupted by another kit   threat, I was having my sims all go to  bed, so I should try and do that some more. Oh, you know what I should do while I'm here,  troll the forums. She needs to get her mischief   skill higher for her aspiration, and I feel like  she does deserve to achieve her life goals, so.

Okay, I'm just gonna go to bed though, I don't  want to be awake anymore. I relate to that a   lot in real life as well, I'm not gonna  lie, but I just want the morning to come. What?! Fully rested at 2am, no, I'm cheating  her needs down. No way. Go back to bed. Come on,   fully rested, almost 6am. That is a good time  to make it to. You don't often make it that far,  

usually you're up at like, four,  so this is probably for the best. Okay, come take a shower. Oh, you work at noon?  That's not bad, you can have a nice morning,   we can walk the dog. Oh no, we broke this  too, that's fine, I'm rich, I can fix it.

Okay, time to get some -- no,  don't order delivery, oops. Time to get some leftovers. Let's go, come on,   grab a snack, come on. Thank you. You  too, let's go everyone, snack time. No, don't cook, leftovers. He's glitching, did  you see that? He like, teleported! That was scary.

Hang on, it's getting a bit bright in  here. I feel like I have to close the   curtains sometimes so the lighting's not weird. Okay, do you want to make me some  snacks please? Oh, look at him,   his back hurts. He's on his  way out already, I can tell.

Eggs and toast. Look! Oh god, the bar is  already so full. Look at this. Days left:   six including three and a half bonus days? Oh,   that was a spoiler. I feel like I  shouldn't have looked at that. Oops. That's a mod called MC Command Center by the  way. Okay, we actually have some time then,   false alarm. He'll be around for a bit.

The bonus days come from things like, the active  trait, the fitness skill, stuff like that. Okay, you really, and I'm not kidding,  really need to come hang out with a dog   because I have absolutely failed this dog this  morning, and I do not want it to run away.   I am gonna be so sad if this dog runs away.  Talk to, pick up, get to know, I don't know.   It is weird-looking, isn't it? I like that I've  got a weird dog though, it means a lot to me.

Where are you going? Do you want to   train? Do you want to roll over?  Train to roll over. Oh, it put -- ah! You pooped on the deck? Why did you  do that? Oh boy. You really can't   trust any of these people, can  you? Okay, whatever, it's fine.

I think as soon as Chaz goes to work, I'm probably  gonna have Terry go steal some things. I know it's   bad, I know it's wrong, but I think as soon as  Chaz leaves, I'm probably gonna go out and steal. Not because I don't want Chaz to know I'm  a thief, but just because like, you know,   he'll be gone, so I'll have all the  day to myself. He's also a thief,   they are both kleptomaniacs, so that  much we have in common, actually. You shouldn't be working out, you're gonna  die. Elders can die from being over-exerted,  

that's like, a pretty common thing.  If they woohoo, if they work out,   they get uncomfortable and they can die! Alright, I might go back to the Landgraab's  house. I know they're my friends, but they   do seem like a good option for stealing. Oh, I'm  too zoomed down, aren't I? Hang on. Did I fix it?

Okay, what can I take? Something small that they  won't notice perhaps? Why can't I take any of   these things? Oh, I can swipe a chair? That is not  small and not noticeable. What is wrong with me? Is there anyone here that I  can mess with? I know -- oh,   it's my son's friend. Oh, I'm  gonna embarrass my son now. Hey Nathan, it's me, Alex's mom. I hear you two  have a little thing going on, that's really sweet.   Oh, could you imagine? This is terrible, this  is terrible. It's like, the last thing you want. She's gonna like, tell him. She'll be like,  my son talks about you so much. Oh no. But   what she's actually doing is like, claiming to  be a criminal mastermind, instilling him with   false confidence, I should stop. I shouldn't  mess with him, this is bad, this is wrong.

Well, I only have to be here for 42 more  minutes until I can steal something again.   Insult his house. Your house would be  a lot better if you had less stuff. 19 minutes, okay. I think I'm gonna take  this chair next. They'll never even know.   Let me attempt to swipe this, come on, come on. Forget the TV, we're swiping. Thank  you. Oh, and it's a Friday night. We could go have our son go on a date with him!  Oh my god, should I do that? Could you imagine:   you're Alex, you get home from school, you  walk across the street to your bestie's house,   but your bestie is also almost your boyfriend.  You knock on the door, your mom answers the door.  

Your mom has been there talking to your crush  all day, and stealing their chairs. Oh god. That's so embarrassing. I'm getting like,  secondhand embarrassment for him, and he's a sim. Okay, he doesn't like me that much, but I  might send him a happy text just to see if   he invites me out, you know? Test the waters  -- oh, it worked. He wants to get coffee!   Yes! This is what I'm talking  about, make 'em come to you.

Oh, I forgot this place looks so dumb. It's  because it doesn't have a roof, so it like,   looks like it's outdoor  lighting, isn't that weird? Well, hello Nathan. Nice coat, where'd you  get it? Try to cheer up. Wait, why is he sad? Is it because my mom was mean to him?  No, you don't think his mom died,   do you? I'm sorry to bring Terry here, I need to  -- oh no, Kendra's an elder, but she's not dead. Okay, sorry, I got nervous. Is it wrong to  try and flirt with him? I know he's all sad,   but. Oh, it was wrong. Oh, this is so  embarrassing. Why does no one like me?

Oh. Nathan doesn't feel right  about all these tricks and games,   should he turn a new leaf and  accept that he dislikes mischief? Oh. Yeah, can't say I blame you  for disliking mischief. Well,   I have to try and be nice to  him now. What are you doing?   She's chaperoning the date is what she's  doing, and buying cannolis apparently. And my dad's here too? Oh no, it's  a family affair. We got dad here,   mom came, this is why he can't date anyone,  it's because he makes it so awkward.

Well, and now this guy's in the  bathroom trying to cheer himself up,   what am I gonna do, go in there  and talk about fishing? Yes, I am. Oh, he came out, it's fine. I didn't  have to follow him into the bathroom,   thankfully. Maybe discuss sad mood? We're both having a bad time,   so it's okay. Terry! Why are you making  this so hard for Alex? I feel so bad. Look at this guy's mustache! I love it. I  want a mustache like that. Well, not me.   I don't want a mustache like that, I think it  would be itchy, I think I wouldn't like that.

But I want to date someone who's got  a mustache like that. In The Sims,   not in real life, again with the itchy. But in The Sims, it's fine. Just pixels. Why! And then his dad comes and sits  right in the middle of them.   Oh my god, you are making this impossible! Can you believe -- you're trying to be on a coffee  date and your dad comes and sits in between you   and your date his parents are like, dead set on  making this impossible, I'm leaving. I'm leaving.  

I can't. I can't do this, I am going home, I am  getting out of here, there is no point in trying. Okay, well I have returned home. I didn't  even get to buy any food at the coffee shop,   I'm just gonna come get some food  in the house. We have food at home. Oh, Nathan wants to come over? Oh!   Well, yeah! Maybe this is gonna work  out, he invited himself over. Okay. Well maybe, happy Friday night, maybe, maybe. This  could be good. And he's dazed instead of sad. He's   dazed because there's a juiced ordinance, so  everyone is drunk all the time in this town.

I really should cheat that away.  Chaz stole something again? Oh jeez. Okay. I think I might save this beautiful date for  next episode because we can have a wonderful   Friday evening together, hopefully with my  parents not there. I'm gonna go somewhere,   we'll take them on a date to a restaurant or  something, I don't know. We'll figure it out,   but I've had a lot of fun playing  this today, I hope that you did too.   The playlist is of course, as always,  linked down below -- oh my god,   now his sister's here. Why is -- he's got so  much family. Everyone's just everywhere. Ugh,  

anyway, with that being said, I will see you  all tomorrow. Bye everybody. This is a disaster.   I can't get over his dad just sitting in between  them on the date. Are you like -- are you kidding?

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