The Shocking Florida Machete Murder

The Shocking Florida Machete Murder

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This. Week on BuzzFeed absolved we take a look into the Florida machete murder about Thalia pond South Winsley in our continuing, exploration into. Why Florida is the way that it is it, is a unique place with some funny stories coming out of it they have the magical world of Harry Potter or, the is it the Wizarding World what about Miami Beach baby yeah, sure Miami Beach never been yeah. You don't seem like a Miami Beach type anyways, we're here to talk about a machete murder and also, we have talked about Florida in the past we investigated, that lady who exploded in her living room I loved, that lady, you, did I mean I didn't know it. Was the size of a tiny little teaspoon, or a tea cup anyways. Let's get into it, born. Into a life of privilege, Adelie upon sale Linsley was a former Broadway actress model, inventor. Real estate agent and author, she. Was according, to her detractors, in the Orlando Sentinel a sharp tongued aggressive, woman who quote would not have won any popularity contests. End quote, indeed. In 1970. At Bally I ran for Florida Legislature, and lost, I. Feel. Like a mark of true success is when you have detractors, that's. A wonderful thing like when you get haters oh yeah that's like a the. Old way to say that yeah yeah yeah I would love some haters yeah. I'd love some haters too why don't you take a long walk down a short pier, I like it well that's too general, and too, hypothetical I like what he gets pointed, like oh I hate his stupid beady, eyes. Rooster. Rooster. Look. At that a little surf wave on his head I'm gonna go I'm, gonna get my little boogie board and surf that in the morning, in 1973. Adalia. Married James Linsley, a real estate agent, and the former mayor of st. Augustine, Florida where italia' lived at the time while, they were married in September, by the next January, the two still lived in separate, homes, Elia, was trying to sell the house she was living in and didn't, want to leave it unoccupied before. Moving to her new husband's, home she, never got the opportunity now. It is funny that they are both real estate agents, and they cannot sell their house. You. Know you know maybe. They're just not that good at their jobs or maybe. Just maybe no. One wants to live in Florida I'm just imagining a bunch of people going do you you need a buy a house here's like I'm a real estate agent - do you want to buy a house here and that's just a big feedback loop I see whatever I ask your real, estate agent selling.

Real. Estate to other real estate I. Know you're ripping me off but I already have asked on January. 23rd. 1974. Between, 6:00 and 6:15, p.m., the, 56, year old Athaliah went outside to, walk her pet blue jay Clementine. She's. Taking her bird for a walk I loved that I had a wonderful little bird I understand, we all know you kept your bird in a freezer for two years the ground was hard we couldn't bury him yet for two years no it wasn't two years it was just over the harsh Chicago. Winter when the ground thawed we buried him in the garden we all know you ate that bird, we. All know ate a parrot, you did date, a parrot I loved him I'm done talking about my parrot. Not. Entertaining, with this. On. Her porch she encountered, a man wielding a machete who, proceeded, to hack her to death by. The time police arrived, athelia, had been nearly decapitated. Police, chief Virgil, Stewart said quote she, was dead when we got there she had, been badly butchered, her head was almost cut off and quote, clementine, the blue jay was, never seen again do, you think, this. Person maybe. Was. Clementines, original, owner and just wanted to the bird back I did not consider that possibility it's, actually not even in my theories well. It. Wouldn't be the first time you've glossed, over things well I do think, it's a bit of a jump to say hey that's my parrot I think, your head doesn't look good on your shoulders anymore so we know you're not one to jump to conclusions I don't do, haughty you, use only if I have some facts behind a big boy. Take. Away a. Neighbor. 19-year. Old lock McCormick, said he could hear a Dahlia screams from his house when, he went to check on Italia he discovered, her butchered body he, told police he saw a 40 to 60 year old man. A white, shirt and dark, pants walking, away from the house a witness, reported that there was blood in the grass quote, leading, all around the south side of the house and quote, at one, point a police, officer ordered the ambulance, attendants, to hose down the blood that, fly in the face of like, crime scene investigation. This hose everything. Maybe. Let's get this evidence out of here all. Right now I could think clearly. The. Sheriff offered a $500. Reward to, anyone with information on, the case On February, 17th. 1974. A County, mechanic, named Dewey Lee said, he'd searched the marshes, one mile from Linz Lee's home and discovered. A machete, and a package, containing a bloodied white shirt dark, pants a watch, and a pair of shoes after, a Thalia's, death Frances. Bemis a 70, year old retired department. Store public relations, exec and fashion, consultant told. Her friends that she knew something about the murder Bemis. Who was reportedly a friend, of Italia's was even said to have been collaborating with a writer on a book about Italia, after her death she did not seem afraid when Italia turned up slain telling. The st. Augustine record, quote I think st. Augustine, is the safest place I have ever lived I go out walking at night and will continue to do so I went out walking the same night that the murder took place end quote, I don't know what I'd make of that if you if this grisly, murder had occurred and, will and a woman just proudly, proclaimed, like well, I'm not afraid, maybe. If she knew her, well it's, her way of saying like well she must have been into something dirty baby that.

Kind Of stuff doesn't happen around here and let me show ya I'm gonna go on a walk right, now yeah Frances, indeed, continued to go walking at night including. On November, 3rd, 1974. A little over nine months after Italia, was murdered the, next day not far from where Italia, was murdered a man, walking his dog found Frances, dead in a vacant lot oh, no. What. That's unfortunately. The old picture, app on Frances Bemis oh oh. You. Know she, died doing what she loved she, did died. Doing what she loved, and look if, you're an old lady and this killer has already killed an old lady with something, as simple as a machete this, is not the zodiac it's not someone who's you, know pulling, a lot of strings and putting a lot of production, design into their work it's just walking up to some with a machete yeah on. The flip side of that - like do you won't challenge them who are you also like, making. Yourself a big man out to be yeah like ye oh you murdered, an old lady with a machete that's great Wow you must be really dangerous man, it's not like he murdered Macho Man Randy Savage out, there it's a it's, an old lady yeah, so. Uh good, for him I guess she, had apparently been clobbered repeatedly, with a stone block. She was semi-nude with most of her clothes having been ripped off though, an autopsy report found no indication, of rape an, account by the New York Daily News noted. That her body had been burned as though, a killer had tried to destroy the corpse. Another. Thing about this one is the the, attempt, to destroy. The evidence destroy, the body by burning it yeah, and then him going didn't, work right, so just, we could just, leave I guess I'll just be evidence, well we already know what they do what evidence hose off. Police. Chief Virgil, Stewart did not believe there was a connection between Francis, and Natalia's murders at the time with, two women violently, dead in st. Augustine Florida in 1974. It's, time to, dive into the theories the, first theory is that Italia's husband, james Linsley was responsible, for her murder, James, was an easygoing, real-estate agent, who had served two terms as mayor of st. Augustine, though, they lived in separate homes James, said they did not have marital problems.

Adalia. However, had sent letters to her sister showing them were having issues quote. Jimmy, is a completely, a complete, liar end quote, she wrote in one letter she also said she changed the locks of her house there, was also gossip, among community, members that the crime scene was hosed down too heck James's involvement, according. To Elizabeth Randall, author of a book detailing Italia's, murder James, complained, about how many rumors, flew around the town Florida. Seems like a gossipy, state yeah, Oh what. Else he gonna do there you're trapped by, swamp. And Gators, yeah, you're essentially just left, to your own devices yeah, why'd you just spread some funny rumors whisper, storm baby, maybe rumors that are rumors like you eating that bird. If. You don't stop this bit I'm gonna you're. Gonna cut my head off with a machete I didn't, say that in testimony. At a dahlias, murder trial though interestingly not, a trial prosecuting, James more on that in a bit James, told the jury that he owned a machete resembling, the one used to kill his wife he, usually kept, it in the trunk of his car using. It to hack at undergrowth, while looking at properties, for his real estate job after, at dahlias murder he turned the machete over, to police at that time, it was common for residents, in the county to own one or two machetes, used, to fight back against, the Florida fauna at the trial James was shown the machete that was used on his wife James. Could not confirm, whether it was his telling, the judge quote all machetes. Look alike to me end quote, I think it's important, to say that because I imagine, people who are watching this they were imagining, Jason Voorhees murdering, this lady yeah but in reality everyone had a machete so it could have been Jim go to church on Sunday, the priest to stand up there with machete he's using it as a pointer yeah using it they're using it throwing holy water. They're. Using it to point out items, on PowerPoint, presentations. Everyone has a machete that makes sense according. To Randall's, book there was a gap of around 15 to 25, minutes in James's, palaboy, it, supposedly, occurred between the time James drove home from the grocery store where he had been shopping with a Dahlia and the time he drove back to his own home Randall. Posits, that James had enough time to drive to Italia's, house during that period. Unfortunate. That if you just have like a 20 minute gap in your schedule where no one's that sees, you, suddenly. You're open to being, a murderer, yeah. That, is true I usually takes me about 20 minutes to cook my dinner usually and because of that I'm a murder you're a murderer the, second, theory is Italia's, neighbor allen Stanford murdered, her in the culmination of a months long feud, according. To the New York Daily News Italia. Loved animals and took many in including. Noisy dogs and even at one point a goat, the, noise from these critters often, disgruntled, her neighbors according. To author Elizabeth, Randall both of Italia's neighbors the Stanford's, and the McCormick's, filed public, complains about the noise in 1972. Resulting. In a $50, fine for disturbing, the peace randall, then describes, an escalating. Neighborly, feud in which italia, outraged, the Stanford's by cutting back their trees that extended, over her property line. According, to Randle Italia, also, planted bamboo across, a city easement, at the corner of the Stanford driveway, which the Stanford's, had the city removed at the, time Stanford, was the manager, of st., Johns County of, which st. Augustine, is the county seat Italia. Had apparently suggested. To the County Commission that, Stanford wasn't. Qualified for, his job appearing. At least four times before the Commission to complain about him that's a strained relationship that. Is yeah. They don't want to be that way to your neighbors, yeah you don't want to have, a little a petting zoo in your, house the thing about cutting down their tree. Her property that's fine so, you would do that legally. You're allowed to manage theirs hangovers, you, can lop those I did have a neighbor who had an overhang, of a lime. Tree it was great because I could go pick a little lime did you ever think about killing your neighbor when he didn't give me limes yeah oh okay all, right, Dahlia. Would claim that Stanford had neglected his duties of maintaining. And building roads, but, her complaints, also, have urged into, the personal, Randle, describes a commission, meeting were at Dahlia publicly, accused Stanford, of putting, sugar in her Cadillacs, gas tank, more, salient Lee she also said, on October, 9th 1974. That, Stanford threatened. Her saying, quote that man threatened, to my life he threatened, to kill me end quote.

Sure. He seems fishy but. It also seems incredibly. Risky to, murder your neighbor especially, after all of this has been public she has in public times, complained that he's not good at his job, yeah every. Human is capable of murder if you push them enough I just don't know if this is enough of a push ok it's, true is that so yeah I, can. I bet, you you would murder me if I pushed you enough yeah probably, according. To Randall mere hours, before a valley is murder Stanford. Had been visited by the Florida Department of, professional. And occupational, regulations at, a dahlias, request Randall. Says they were investigating. To see whether Stanford, was in violation of Florida, state statutes, that's, that's a little fuel to the fire there I don't know if it's enough to push him over the edge it's. Certainly not good it's not good it doesn't look great what I still, wonder but then when people start showing up to, evaluate. You that is true you. Might you might lose, it I guess you can't really like tattle, on her she's. Doing this make her stop yeah, Wenlock, McCormick, first heard a belly ax screams, he, looked to her home and told his grandmother quote, mr., Stanford, is hitting miss ponds all end quote, which was at dahlias maiden, name McCormick. Later explained, that he'd assumed it was Stanford, based on his clothing and the fact that the man was walking back towards Stanford's, house but he didn't see the man's face or really know if it was him the police also noted, a blood trail that cut across her, driveway to a concrete wall that demarcated, the divide between her, property, and Stanford's. Well. That's all not, looking, great that doesn't look good okay, that's a little bit more than hearsay at that point yeah actually. This makes me wonder let's. Say you, want to murder someone, would. It make sense to. Study. Them for a long time you. Know see who's in their life and then. Sort. Of try to disguise, yourself or make it look like you're a different, acquaintance, of theirs so. If I want this lady dead and, I'm she's, got a feud going on with her at the Stanford, right over there he tends to wear these kind of things I'll put those on I'll just I'll put those on dress. Up like him. Wacha. Thwack, run. Through. His yard, yeah, just roll around in the grass yeah his front lawn that blood all around there, of course they're gonna hose it off but it is Florida so you know they're gonna make sure that Bloods really in the grass yeah yeah yeah it's close, to a perfect crime maybe but. It's certainly giving you an edge as a murderer, that is true, the sheriff took McCormack, to a hypnotist. In the hopes of unlocking, further memories, but the results, were inconclusive that.

Sounds About par for the course for investigative. Methods in Florida. What. Do we got how's. The evidence looking well we hosed it all down okay, what, do you want next a hypnotist. Bring, me a metronome. Recall. Dewey Lee had discovered a package, of evidence, including, a bloody shirt and a watch while, the shirt had been sitting in salt water and mud for too long to determine conclusively, if, the blood on the shirt was a Dalia's blood type a forensic. Expert was, able to identify a laundry, mark a Stanford's, name ultimately. However it, was decided that mark was too faint and garbled, to be conclusive, it just seems, like, this, guy murdered. It really does who me is it maybe the fact that the name on the laundry that was found that was bloodied it was his is that is that what it is I just, know none of my laundry's, laying out there. One. I don't have my name on my lawn yeah what is it. Things. Were different I don't know or, he's Andy from Toy Story does, name on everything and. Two I don't, think any articles, of my clothing are covered in blood no. Matter what crime comes up Shane has no bloody clothing and, I don't not, even a nosebleed I was in a church once it happened in a church wall I. Don't. Go to church I was just with one of my friends and he was like he won't go to church and I was like all right man I was like 9 so, you're, telling me at 9 years old you don't go to church the, first time you crossed the threshold into holy ground what. Expels, from your nostrils, yeah. They, ran out of tissues, mopping. That up it. Was wild. That sounds wild more. Damning for Stanford, was the watch which, a jeweler identified, as Stanford's. Stanford. Claimed that after the murder he had discovered his watch was missing Stanford. Was indicted for the murder his, friends and fellow church members, raised, $20,000. For his bail and an estimated, two hundred and fifty thousand dollar Defense Fund which would have the same buying power of more than 1.3, million dollars, today as a, quick sidenote at the time of francis be mrs. murder stanford, was out on bail with, the money raised by his friends, stanford, mounted, a formidable defense. Stanford's, defense posited, that sheriff, Dudley Garrett Dewey Lee and natalia's, husband, James Linsley had all worked together to, frame Stanford, quote, isn't, it strange that all the deputies and trained police officers, didn't know what to look for or where to look for it and without, stopping Lee, went right to the spot walked, up to the bank and there it was I submit.

To You that Dewey Lee put it out there that morning end quote. The defense posited, Dewey Lee as a scammer, while he was on the stand a defense, attorney asked, Dewey quote, isn't it a fact that you were looking for a spot where nobody could see you put that stuff in the swamp end quote. It does seem like they're desperately, grasping, at straws yeah. Because, if you were trying to frame someone you would want it to look that yeah I mean you'd go overboard you probably, you'd probably try a little too hard to make it a little too obvious looking this is confusing, I got a feeling it's gonna end up unsolved, we'll see key, to the defense was the testimony, of one Adele McLaughlin, a data, processing, clerk and neighbor who was riding her bike past at dahlias home at the time, Adele, testified, that she had seen Dewey in a dahlias yard less than two hours before the murder took, place after, two and a half hours of deliberation. On February 3rd. 1975. The, jury declared. Stanford, innocent. Afterward. Sheriff, garrett told reporters quote yes, I think Stanford did it I signed the complaint against, him and I don't concur, with the verdict and quote, there. Is something weird to be said about a. Town. Believing so much that this man did not do it they literally, raised. 250,000. Dollars and only, deliberated in the jury for two and a half hours before saying yeah he didn't do it if I murdered someone in the entire town was like no. He. Didn't. How do you like this is this. Is this rule he earned, enough goodwill tickets, yeah to cash it in for that card. Like I've been a great guy my entire life and then you get that tenth punch and it's like all right here's your freezer Shetty, is, your machete f-1 murdering, you get a free one in, 1974. In a span of less than 10 months two, women were violently, murdered, by hand in the same Florida, community, the person responsible for either or even both deaths, is a mystery, could, it have been a disgruntled husband, a fed-up neighbor a scheming, mechanic, or someone, else entirely. The answer remains, unsolved. I. Think. It was the neighbor look. I'm, a simple man I see, a trail of blood going to someone's house even, if they didn't do it come on you're, going to jail I think, it might have been a random person all right it just seems too obvious okay, there's. A paper trail of their feud why, the hell would he be that dumb rage, you know lust, rage, rage. Just just just building, up. Bursting. Out well I've never really got on that angry I don't really have that capacity it's building its building inside, you everyone, sees it that's. Great, oh man I can't wait for Krakatoa then. I'll. Shudder I hope no one's in the way.

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Do you ghoul boys think that they should have held the trial out of town or state since the town seemed to all think Stanford was innocent? It seems that this wasn't a fair trial for the victims. (Love the show! Keep up the great work!

Not a question, but I love you guys so much

You spent a lot of time discussion theories on Athalia's murder, but didn't really touch on Frances. How would any of these suspects connect to Frances? If they don't, what theories are out there about other suspects in her case?

post mortem: whens the next episode of the boysenberry boys? love you guys! #shaniac #butscaredlikeaboogara

What’s your favourite video you guys have done ?

Does any of this ghost and murder stuff ever get to you?

I think you would study someone if it was a neighbour and you wanted to kill them. You would want to know their routine to give you as much as an alibi as possible? Maybe try and play it off from being you and divert it to someone else? At this point it does point a lot to the neighbour, but would you really be so risky to kill someone so close to you ( literally) for thoese reasons and not think they’re going to be suspected? Obviously not as they went questioned and it’s never been solved

You guys should cover the case of Brandon Lawson. There's even a possibility with it the cops covered it up by editing the 911 call.

Shane looks like a real detective. Those specs make him look old. In my opinion it's Athalia's husband who murdered her and took the right opportunity to frame Stanford for it.I mean it can't be a coincidence two friends dieng the exact same way, could it?? It also is definitely a crime with motive and not a crime for passion.

Ricky Goldsworth as a serial killer what would be your victims' profile? How would you target or select them? What would be their commonality? Kindly put this out so the public can be warned. #postmortem

#Roastmortem Honestly there could be sharks in Ryan’s hair because of that wave, it’s a quiff and a half dude. Somebody needs a hair cut big boy.

Can you do an episode on Madeleine McCann -would love to see your take on it

Are you guys going to continue this format next season with the alternating supernatural and true crime, or are you going to go back to the regular format of a true crime or supernatural season?

Why didn’t they use fingerprints? #postmortem #boogara

Alright guys common, ik Floridans wild but do you really think we would kill our neighbors because they own a goat? No instead we just get the city mayor to get them shipped off to a slaughter house (it happened to my friend)

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I would love to see you two investigate Old Melbourne Jail. It has a few ghost stories and it's where Ned Kelly was hanged. #postmortem

What about Miami Beach baby?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network #PostMortem Clementine the blue jay committed the murders

Let's all bring up Shane's bird

Could the Florida Machete Murderer beat the Axe Man? Seems like a cinema-worthy showdown to me.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network why does everyone want to write a book about this case? I mean the friend who walks at night was gonna write a book, and then that other chick wrote a book. What is it with Florida and murder books??

+BJ Reo exactly what I'm thinking! Makes me wonder if at that moment.. Shane was indeed pissed off (for real!)

For post mortem: in regards to Frances Bemis’s death, do you guys think she was murdered opportunistically or do you think that she was murdered for a reason? She didn’t seem to have any obvious connection to Athalia (other than her helping to write a book about her), so I don’t really see the point of killing her unless it wasn’t related to Athalia’s murder. It all just seems kinda weird, especially since the method used to kill Frances was completely different. Love you guys! #boogara #ripshanesparrot

#postmortem if only shane would really think that hard after waking up and doing his hair

I think the whole town was in on it. I think it is a little bit suspicious that the town raised so much for a bail case. I also think the police were in on it too. That would explain why they hosed down the evidence. Though they might have felt that it was wrong after words. So they prosecuted the man that they knew was responsible. So the town all pitched in to save him. #postmortem

No one: The watcher: HaIL MmMEeeeee!!!!

We need to know more about Shane’s bloody nose story

Your mum gay #roastmortem

no one: literally no one: like not even ryan: shane: "thwacka-thwack!" #postmortem

#postmortem, hey, is ruining history ever coming back or not? Its bean a year! #allhailthewatcher

Do the disappearance of Kortne Stouffer in Palmyra PA. It’s really strange and the timeline is eerie

God bless Florida...

Rayn has started to suspect Shane is a demon

Taking those limes was illegal Ryan!

#postmortem I think that who ever killed Athalia just didn’t like her (for whatever reason) so killed her as just a one time thing then heard Frances saying that she wasn’t scared and the murderer got mad so killed her. #shaniac

#postmortem for postmortem- i personally think the neighbor did it. we know that he heard the screams of athalia and knew that he called the police. in that time span, he could’ve walked inside after killing her and called the police which is why locke saw a man going into his property. i think he might have also killed frances because of how frances stated her opinion in the article. she might’ve had her suspicions and knew it was the neighbor so he killed her.

c'mon now we've all see the vvitch, if athalia owned a goat then y'all know it was the goat that killed her #postmortem

Where r all my Shaters ???!!

Did you think the bird did it #postmortem

I personally think that it was her neighbor. If you think about it, in the beginning it was stated that she wasn’t the most popular woman in that area, but her neighbor wasn’t the same way. It could be thought that maybe, just maybe, the town liked him so much that they decided to post bail and defense for him just so they can get rid of her AND keep him in charge. Maybe the town just got sick of her so they did everything they could to keep him out of jail. #postmortem

I’m literally watching this right before I travel to Florida

14:59: "thwack-a-thwack" a new onamatepia for my daily life

POSTMORTEM.... Howdy from H-Town Ryan and Shane. Doing a great job and you 2 make a great team. As for my question I was just curious if they investigated Dewey? I mean he did find all that evidence. Which seems to br very convenient. However instead of conveniently finding it to frame someone maybe he conveniently found it because he had hidden it aftet killing the ladies. Then when they came up with a suspect he decided to "find" the evidence and pin it on the suspect. Besides you just know someone named Dewey is up to no good!!!! Ive got a fever and only one way to get rid of not cow bell. This fever can only be fixed with new episodes of THE HOT DOGGA!!!! #ghosts are real # Bring Back The Hot Dogga

anyone else from orlando here? lol

we aren't all bad ok

#postmortem why have a pet blue Jay? Those are not birds to normally have as a pet. It's like having a pet crow

My great grandmother used to put my initials on my socks

shane: yea I got a nosebleed in a church once haha Ryan, who knows about the demon Shane theories; ...interesting,very interesting

Shane is getting very suspicious

more #supernatural pls

You guys should do the missing person/possibly human trafficking unsolved case of Madeline McCann

Next episode: The death of Shane's bird.

Shane went to church and his nose bleed. Shane is a demon. SOLVED

Visiting in Florida rn, thanks for the absolute scare.

*plays "St. Augustine in Hell" by Sting*

i love ya’ll guys tho

Nobody cares where's ruining history

#postmortem I think that maybe, because this lady was allegedly sharp-tongued and quite generally disliked, maybe this was a community thing? You know, nobody really liked her, so they held a secret meeting at midnight one day and decided "Okay, right, you can marry her, then we'll make sure nobody buys her house, then someone kills her when she's out walking her Clementine, then we'll just f*ck around and pretend to investigate so as to keep up Global appearances but, meh, who really cares? As a community, we're just a happier group now." #maybe #goodepisode #welldonedudes

Me a Floridian : O:

If Stanford knew Athalia was trying to sell her house, I don't see why he'd murder her because she'd be out of his hair soon and he wouldn't have to worry about jail time. #postmortem

oh my god. shane's a demon, he got a nosebleed from going to church. LOL

For #postmortem : Shane, why did you eat your pet parrot?

Why have they not done a madeleine mccann series!!! I need that

Ryan seems like a serial killer more and more each episode or should I say Ricky

Clearly it was actually clementine the bluejay all along. Why else would she flee the scene of the murder?

#postmortem If Stanford was the killer, why would he kill her friend? Was it because she dismissed the violent intentions of the murderer and hurt his ego? Or maybe she discovered that he did it and was about to spread the word?

It’s wasn’t her husband because there would of been blood on the drivers seat and it said ‘he had enough time to drive there’. As Shane said the neighbour was probably framed, and anyone can write anyone’s name on the label, but the key to who murdered Frances and why was anyone going to do so. I feel it’s more likely to be a rival author in that genre. A wanna be Detective. #postmortem

My cousin stabbed a man 21 times for stealing his cat so I bet the machete man just wanted his bird back

Dang ok... come after us Floridians :’)

I wonder how long ryan spent on practicing saying February and then still got it wrong #roastmortem

Why does Shane have a pen and notebook

What if Clementine bluejay was like "YOU TAKE ME TO A WALK EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I AM A BIRD! I FLYYY! UGH! Where is my machete now? Unbelievable, these humans, not knowing respect, *mutters aggressively to her self as she almost decapitates her owner*" Ps. I love you guys sooo much, Shane's humor + Ryan's fear = gold on sight Still a boogara and a shaniac at heart :)) and here's my question: who would most likely would be the killer in the killing of Athalia?? #postmortem #postmortem

I love how both Ryan and Shane are so chill with killing each other

For #postmortem: OKAY, but what about Clementine the bird? I'm telling you, this bird knows something...

Hey Shane, thousands of people already believe you're lowkey a demon, that bleeding in a church story doesn't help

I love how they add “(wheez)” in the paragraphs


shane really is the demons boi

Shane telling us that he got a nose bleed in church really isn’t helping him fight the theory that he’s a demon #postmortem

Anyone else from Florida?

Welcome to the #RoAstMortEm or #roastmortem if your as boring as Ryan. Quick question why hasnt Shane changed his name to Ashamed because obviously his parents should be?

I love Shane too much but I'm willing to make the sacrafice. I-I-I hate you Shane Madej!

Do a episode on the death of princess Diana #buzzfeedunsolved #loveyouguys

Supernatural *Kellie Castle* Ipoh, Malaysia

Do you think both murders were connected? How did the trial for Frances Bemis go? Love from London :) #postmortem

Can't wait for the nosebleed in the church to be added onto the long list of reasons Shane is probably a demon

Maybe Francis was into it with Stanford. It might be the reason why she was all relax and not fricked out? But after a while, Stanford decided to get her out of the way ? Maybe she tried to blackmail him or threaten him or he just did it to save his name from any possible danger...#POSTMORTEM #post_mortem

I have lived in St. Augustine my entire life and have never heard of this!!!


Asking the internet for haters/detractors? Are you sure that's a good idea?

Ryan your eyes are like small marbles, Explains why your eyes seem to be poppin' out every time you're scared. #Roastmortem

#postmortem so i assume now it's more or less confirmed that shane is a demön?

Old women in church dont run out of kleenex they just realized he was evil and left him alone. LOL

I have a theory.. I think her bird did the murder.. You know, she took him for a walk, so maybe the bird didn't want to go for a walk? #postmortem

U usefull

#Roastmortem: Shane you loved your parrot. But did your parrot loved you back??

My wife and kids wonder why i take 20/30 mins in the bathroom, only peace i get to watch you guys!

They should've talked a bit more about Frances' murder as well. Any connections made between the two murders could've cut down the suspects list.

Shane is literally a demon

Florida man hoses away crimescene to think about crimescene

"They were both real estate agents who could not sell their house" Ah. I see they went to the CC Tinsley School of Professional Irony

Okay but what happened to the Blue Jay?

Maybe the bird???!!! #postmortem

Ok, but, do we need to send ryan limes so he doesnt kill his neighbor??

Come on, that crime scene photo with the woman on those insane high heels is REDICULOUS

#postmortem : according to the theory, shane being a demon gets another point.

#roastmortem Buzzfeed Unsolved? More like Shane and Ryan talking about how to get away with being a murderer for 6 minutes straight


Shane relax the parrot has ceased to be. The parrot is no more.

Who wanted to get rid of the evidence ? TWICE ? CASE SOLVED !

At 10:17 they said,"James's" while it should be James'.. ..

Machete: owned Blood: hosed Watcher: hailed

1 like = 1 F for Florida man attack victims

For all we know, it could of been a serial killer or psychopath like Ted Bundy.

#postmortem They let the most important witness slip through their fingers: the bird. There was a study that animals do react negatively to someone who abused their owner. They could have solved this with that damn bird, but let him sail off into the Florida sunset.


Clementine the bluejay went missing? all hail the watcher I guess

I bet Shane got a nose bleed from picking his nose.


Ah, the beautiful sounds of murder in the morning

Why do you guys assume that the two murders are related? If they are, what is the motive for Stanford murdering Bemis? If they’re not, what are the other theories for Bemis? Was there simply not enough evidence to deposit any theories? By the way, I’m pretty sure Ryan thinks Shane is a demon now, due to the whole nosebleed-at-church thing.

The is probably the worst thing on YouTube, their acting is awful and its so boring. Who makes a 21 min video these days? disliked. Un-subbed. (Come on guys, Shane wants his haters!)

Please investigate this:

for roastmortem: I have a feeling this detective gig is gonna go far for you guys, hopefully very far, very far away at least. so far away we won't have to see those bug eyes or disgraceful hair anymore... that's the dream

every time ryan says february i laugh inside, only because he tries so hard to say it correctly and i’m proud of him

It is really stanford becuase why would u hide something that where anybody can't see #postmortem

Have any of your shows resulted in any case being reopened or lead to any people coming through with more information from your exposure?

Growing up we lived across the road from a church. The local priest used to come over to talk to my dad. The last 3 times I ever saw him I got a vicious nose bleed every time. I just avoided him after that


Anyone else notice how Ryan pronounced "February" in this episode? Has he been practicing?

So what about the other lady ?

i feel like ryan is just pronouncing february a different way every time now

Can you please cover the burari death case 11 members of the same family were found hanging in their home No one knows what happened or why it happened If it was suicide or murder is unknown

For postmortem: Was Florida really that bad that you needed a machete to get rid of the Florida fauna? It seems a little much for getting rid of undergrowth

Can you do princess Diana please. As a British person and a step dad who believes that Diana was assassinated by Charles or another royal member . I think that this is important to investigate, they said it was an accident but I know that quite a few believe that Diana was murdered and that the crash wasn't an accident. I know I'm rambling but I believe that it needs to be investigated by none other than the ghoul boys. I love you Shane and I'm a #shaniac and I kinda am a fan Ryan. I do hope that you read this although it is unlikely. I'm doing this anyway so screw it


Possibly murdered for loving animals too much ?? Sounds like my kind of lady

Love this Unsolved series! You guys should do a video on Kendrick Johnson, since there are so many theories surrounding that case.

Its gotten to the point where Im excited for the postmortem for the sole reason of freerangegrass

#morosemortem Shane, I’m really sorry about your bird. I’m sure you cared about him very much. Shut up, Ryan >:(

No theories?

Nobody gotta talk about how Athalia was engaged to President Kennedy's big brother?????? And it kinda seems like her husband did it

Frances was too casual about her "friends" death, defo think she did it. If she goes for nightly walks then being out on the streets on the night of Athalias death isn't out of the ordinary for her, doesn't raise suspicion. I reckon she did it and someone found out subsequently ending in her own murder. #postmortem

To kill Athalia and then Frances seems like it’s a person that knew them and obviously had a vendetta against them and since frances was going around talking about Athalia seemed like she was getting too close or she knew something to be brave enough to go outside. Both of the murders were very violent too... doesn’t simply seem something like a neighbours feud.

I have a suggestion for another video. I was wondering if you could make a video about the Philadelphia experiment also known as project rainbow. It was a military experiment in the 1940s where they tried to make a boat invisible but some rather strange things happened such as crew members mysteriously getting stuck in the ground

So an unpopular woman is murdered, seemingly in a crime of passion in the middle of the day in like, the Florida suburbs and no one knows who did it but the evidence is like a big, bloodstained yellow brick road to her neighbour. Also she was trying to sell her house to move in with her husband, but it was full of rescue animals and she'd recently changed the locks to keep her leech husband away. Hm. thinking emoji. I think it could have been her husband, colluding with her neighbours and her friend Bemis, but Bemis being old and gossipy couldn't keep her mouth shut so they shut it for her. ps. whens the worth it/unsolved crossover, asking for a friend.

#postmortem Well that's what Francais gets for talking too soon. Otherwise, be careful what you wish for.

Shane is a Demon, confirmed

Shane looks like the writer dude from the Haunting of Hill House

Clementine did it..

Wait a minute...You said she was murdered in January, 1974, and that she claimed her neighbor threatened (or as Ryan pronounced it, "threaddened") her life in October, 1974...Did we just veer into the realm of BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural?...

*Florida man incorrectly uses a machete*

For Post Mortem: I believe that the bird, Clementine, did it. Maybe he had a vendetta against her for bringing in the loud dogs and goat I mean c’mon he was never seen again? The perfect crime #postmortem #birdcrime

Things I learned from this video 1: never move to Florida 2: Shane is totally a demon(16:36) And... 3: Shane ate his pet bird

As a Scot, I used to always get really confused when Americans would say pants, but I sorta got used to it. But when Ryan said the guy saw the murderer in a white shirt, (that was cool, cool, alright) and dark pants (nope, that was not cool, very uncool because he is now out, doin' the murder in his undies). #postmortem

“Anyways we’re here to talk about a machete murder”. Smooth transition, Ryan. Smooth.

I don't understand why Ryan starts with what the episode is about?? I mean, he should start with "Today we will be giving you 21 minutes and three whole seconds of happiness and joy!"

Have you guys done kurt cobains death conspiracy that it was Courtney love?

which weapon, an axe or a machete, in your opinion, is the better murder weapon? #postmortem #shaniac

For Post-Mortem: Everything points to Clementine. He was the last to be seen with her and he disappeared right after her murder never to be seen again?? He's probably living it up in South America with some parrots right now. I'm pretty sure Blue-Jays have famously machete-like talons too

For #RoastMortem : Ryan, if I didn’t know what you looked like and had only heard your voice, I would assume you’re a cartoon GOAT. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took your shoes off and you had hooves instead of feet. When I hear you speak I have to clear my own throat, somehow hoping it’ll help clear yours and make you sound less like like a farm animal

I once had two high school drama teachers. One had been teaching at my school for a while, and the other was younger and new. The older one had a wacky sense of humour, and was continuously cracking jokes. The new teacher was always trying so very hard to keep up with the old one, and was constantly making terrible forced jokes heavily based off the other teacher's. That is all I can think of when I watch this show. Shane is the old drama teacher, and Ryan is the new one. but I still love you both boys #roastmortem

Reading this comment was such a waste of my time

I’m honestly just waiting for that mannequin to randomly move closer and closer towards them and Ryan freaking out because of it


for the postmortem: was the guy in the white shirt who witnesses claimed to see walking away covered in blood? a machete murder is going to be incredibly messy--that shirt would be more red than white. if it was clean, the guy in the white shirt is probably a red herring

Another episode enjoyed. However, you guys did mention that the victim was murdered on Jan 23, 1974...2:32....and the at 12:39 of the video you mentioned the victim complained about her neighbour on Oct 9, 1974....which is long after the victim's death!

16:58 Ryan coming to the conclusion that Shane is actually a demon

#roastmortem how did it take this long for Ryan to say February right?!

#postmortem Can you do the death of actress Sridevi sometime? #roastmortem. Ryan looks like my pinkie and Shane looks like my thumb after I have changed a tyre?!???

For your next unsolved episode how about Aarushi Murder Case in Delhi

Unsolved Mysteries: Did Shane really eat his own parrot? Let's find out.

#postmortem It’s not a question, but at the bus stop today, I saw a man who looked just like Shane. The only difference was if you took the top and bottom of Shane’s head and just squished it a lot- no big forehead

Ryan is being so mean to Shane :(

How they’re literally always joking around with each other

For post mortem. What the hell is the faceless statue behind Shane?

Uh... Ryan? Buddy? Please never call Shane "big boy" again. I can hear the jackasses that ship you two getting all hyped up, and it's not just because I've been awake for 36 hours in an apartment with no heat, no wifi, and a busted smoke alarm beeping every two minutes.

"A sharp-tongued, aggressive woman who 'would not have won any popularity contests'." I didn't know I was Athalia Ponsell Lindsley. I do have a pretty neat machete though.

So Shane was possessed at the age of 9? or was he exorcised?

The bird did it

My favourite part about them washing the evidence away is that the detectives were literally late to the scene because they were at a forensic evidence conference

You guys should do one about the case of Brian Shaffer!

Post-mortem: I feel her unhappiness in the marriage was possibly not something James was aware of. The fact that he handed in the machete makes me think he wasn’t guilty. However, the alibi gap worries me a little but also like? Why would he wait to kill her? Why bother going grocery shopping together and then kill her? Waste of groceries. Also Stanford threatened to kill her? And he was questioned at her request hours before? The witness thought it was him? HIS NAME WAS ON THE SHIRT! THE WATCH WAS HIS! He done did it. Dewey just didn’t have motive so nah.

I had a nose bleed at my grandmas funeral

Leave Shane and his bird friend alone!

This episode was trash

12 months in a year, but all BuzzFeed crimes happened in FEBUARY.

For the postmortem: I don’t have a question, just wanted to share that I got my acceptance letter to UCSD for Marine Biology the same day this episode came out.

Ryan's become so sick of being made fun of for the way he says February that I bet he went home and practised for the episodes

please do an episode on the case of Amanda Knox !

god, stop with the motorsport manager music already

#PostMortem In this episode, earlier Shane admitted to possibly kill Ryan if pushed enough, later on, Ryan says "No matter what crime comes up, Shane has no bloody clothing." Where is this even going boi?

Was Frances Bemis murdered because she was like this community is too good for something bad to happen and the murderer took it on his or her ego and to prove her wrong, him or her murderer Frances?


Where are my Floridians at?

Why would anyone after murdering just go and keep stuff in the wilderness. Wouldn't they instead burn it off to get rid of it!

Alternative theory: It definitely seems like the work of Axeman Jr., also known as Mr. Machete. Athalia probably didn’t play Machete’s Mambo, so he murdered her. He just wanted somebody to help him forget those murderous urges by cooling him off with some chill Cuban dance music. #postmortem

#postmortem what's the oddest case you ever researched?

Hey Sarge…we found the killers dna AND weapon over here!! Sergeant:Ew…Gross!! *HOSE IT DOWN*

Can you do the stone man killer?

the real crime here is that you completely missed the opportunity to name this episode "florida man murders with a machete". do you know your memes, boys? #roastmortem

#PostMortem Question for Shane: Tell us more about the parrot! I'm not sure if you already have before, sorry if you did, but when did you have it? How old was it as well as you when you had it? etc.


Do the story on the 25 scientists who all researched the same thing and then all committed suicide or died in mysterious ways right after!

Poor Shane. You can tell he really loved that bird.

You guys should review the 1997 Chion Sisters case! It's kinda interesting!

the voice audio changing at 7:48, what was that about?

For the postmortem: what does it feel like to be a meme? Referencing the connecting the dots one. Love you guys!!!

church nosebleed=more evidence that Shane is a demon??? #roastmortem

16:40 , the moment Ryan knew his suspicions about Shane being a demon were true 17:02 you can see him actually thinking about it and how to exorcise him I swear ksjfdhfkh

#postmortem I'd like to know why nobody seemed to investigate Frances as a suspect! Especially after she was loose-ended!

I'm still waiting on you guys to cover the West Memphis 3.

For #Postmortem for Shane when are you bringing back the hotdog saga? What happened to the rest of the crew after Gens death?

I feel like Ryans forehead gets bigger and bigger in each episode

why the hell it was a hypnotist instead of a Truth Serum ,,,more murky waters...

Are they doing crimes now??? What happened with the ghost, demons and aliens????

Should I be watching this at 2 in the morning? No. Absolutely not. Am I? Yes. Absolutely so.

Next on Buzzfeed Unsolved: Shanes Parrot. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

#PostMortem Are you sure that Clementine had no part in this?

obviously the infamous Florida Man must be behind this #postmortem

#PostMortem I have it ok here is my theory It WAS JIM FROM DOWN THE STREET

Shane: I don’t think i own a single article of clothing with any blood on it. Well you have about a 100% chance of one or more articles of clothing having blood on it if you are a woman, about a 25% chance if you were an outdoors man, and a 15% chance if you were a cook. So overall blood on clothes isn’t necessarily incriminating, especially depending on the evidence provided.. let’s continue...

#postmotem I think she was killed because she was a powerful woman. Women in power are still described that way by the media to this day. Women are often described like that when they act the way a man does in business/politics. We don't know why she disliked Standford so much, but perhaps he was the kind of sexist man who constantly belittles and degrades women. If she was constantly fighting to keep this man out of power, then she probably had a good reason. If Standford got off of the murder that easily (thanks, white male privilege), when all that evidence pointed toward him, he could get away with anything. He seems like just the type of guy, beloved by conservatives whose dirty deeds come to light, and they would rather protect him than face the truth. I think he knew he could get away with it because Florida in the 70s would have never liked her because she was a woman who wouldn't stay in line. (All the gofundmes that get set up for people like the Charsleten Shooter etc.)

I’ll support the parrot theory until the hot daga comes back

Shane “Parrot-Eater” Madej

I live in Florida, and they are w e i r d

Buzzfeed Why: Florida

I thought he said tinsley. C.C tinsley

pensacola anyone?

Talk about bible john

It would be nice to talk about unsolved crimes around the world instead of only focusing on the US. But great videos though, keep it up!

Are the shaniacs still a thing?

People don’t want to live in a state where people throw gators into drive thru restaurants when they’re mad.

Florida is florida, just go with it


Do the Montauk project next it’s pretty interesting

#roastmortem I love Buzzfeed Unsolved, especially Shane Madej and Vegan Brawny Paper Towel Man

Did they not investigate if there was anyone who hated both old ladies? #postmortem

What if this is one big elaborate scheme done by this Florida town to boost tourism numbers? I mean, people would wanna go see the place where all this stuff is happening. I dunno. Love you guys!! :)

I know this doesn't relate to this week's video but... for the @postmortem: Why does Shane's face look photoshopped onto his body at @3:28 in the latest Post Morten video. Maybe he is actually an alien? Actually it is much more likely that if aliens were to exist they would be microorganisms. #Shaniac. Shane's body is probably just too lanky for his big fat head. Speaking of microorganisms though... Hi Ryan. #roastmortem

ryan i think u should stop bullying shane abt the bird. it was his pet and u saying thst he ate it is mean

For #postmortem I would really want you guys to make videos of *SOLVED TRUE CRIMES* . Yes i know your channel is “buzzfeed UNSOLVED” but i really believe that most (if not all) of your viewers love to hear stories of true crimes, whether its solved or unsolved. Love you both! Love all your shows! #shaniac when with others #boogara when alone

Bwahahaha.. ryan's thinking face when shane told the story of him bleeding while in church.

Feb-uary Ha I'd like to see you try saying my name @ryan #roastmortem #boogara #freerangegrassisbetterthanhotdaga

i think shane is replacing the hot daga with freerangegrass

Mum just said she'd love to see the boys do a recap of GoT

bruh i’m going to florida next year i’ve been trying to believe pitbull in that it was fire but...

Blame the bird

Have you guys seen the sequel “the California Weapon Death”

100% its a ghost. How would you explain them hosing down the evidence. A demon possessed the officers and told them to hose it down to cover it up. I think every unsolved murder has been done by some kind of ghost or demon. Any thoughts?

I’d like to see an episode on the Lake Bodom murders!

Maybe Indians know about this case, Arushi Talwar? There is a film on it too. It's really very complex and still unsolved I believe.

Big boy??? Dude, cmon. -_-

Do the Long Island serial killer next

Poor Ryan. Too many February murders. The killers have gotta be more considerate.

11:24 just like Carolyn in American Beauty

1950–1999Edit Jack the Stripper, London, UK, 1964–65. Zodiac Killer, Northern California, USA, 1968–69. Bible John, Glasgow, Scotland, 1968–69. Monster of Florence, Province of Florence, Italy, 1968–1985. Freeway Phantom, Washington, D.C., USA, 1971–72. Alphabet murders, Rochester, New York, USA, 1971–73. Charlie Chop-off, Manhattan, USA, 1972–74 Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders, Sonoma County, California, USA, 1972–74. The Doodler, San Francisco, California, USA, 1974–75. Ann Arbor Hospital Murders, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 1975 Flat-Tire murders, USA, 1975 Gypsy Hill killings, San Mateo County, California, USA, 1976. Oakland County Child Killer, Oakland County, Michigan, USA, 1976–77.

"In our continuing exploration into why Florida is the way that it is" -Ryan.... Boom Florida roast #roastmortem #nothanksflorida

#roastmortem ryans hair is mount everest pepepepepepepe

Athelia: *dies* Watcher: IT WAS ME! ALL ME! I DID THAT!

do the case of William Tyrell

#Postmortem Obviously, it was an extreme bird's rights activist. "How dare you supress this independant animal by walking it!"

are yall going to hunt more ghouls soon???????????????

Nice to hear that Ryan has started saying February right

To support Shane and his poor bird! I had a Cat pass away in the middle of winter! I live in Northern Canada so the ground was frozen solid, and was that way for quite a while! I put my poor kitty in an old freezer until the ground thawed, so I could bury her in one of her favorite spots! #loveforanimals #frozenground #kittypopsicle PS: It would take a lot longer then 20 minutes to chop someone up! Almost decapitating a head would take a lot of time and energy, even with a machete! Also, since the citizens used them to clear brush/fauna who is to say the machete used was even sharp? A few good whacks in some dense weeds and it would dull a blade! So with that theory, it would take even longer to hack someone up! 20 minutes seems a little rushed for how bad the body was! Also with the neighbour theory ..... they were getting rid of her! She was selling her home to move in with her new husband ..... why would you risk getting sent away for murder when you are so close to being free of the awful noise and neighbour!?!

Do the ice box murders

I’d say for most certainly is WAS a disgruntled neighbor who did it and he was so well liked that he got away with it , kind of like the episode where the town ganged up to kill that really mean guy they were all just like “we decide the rules here mmmkay” #postmortem

Please take a look at the Denis Martin case, there a lot intriguing facts and mystery of the case.

Never knew wheezing accurately until Ryan showed up LMAO! #roastmortem

Idk if this is a south thing or if he’s just saying it weird but “Threatened”?!!!!!

do the case of lavena johnson!!!! she was a private in the us military who was murdered but her death was covered up and ruled as a suicide!!!

Florida man tells neighbor he will kill them with kindness , procceds to attempt murder with a machete named kindness

#postmortem What part of Chicago are you from, Shane? Careful, there is a right and wrong answer...

Could you guys please review the mystery of the dissapperance of Dale Kerstetter ?

LMAOOOOOO "Hey, that's my parrot." I think your head doesn't look good on your shoulders anymore"

i swear to god EVERYONE in florida lives their life like it’s GTA or something

Post Mortem: My theory is that Dewey Lee was hired by the neighbor Stanford to kill Athalia. It would be enough motive once she crossed the line and he was visited by the state. It would make sense that Dewey would then find the evidence himself and why the witness on the bike saw him in Athalia's yard before the murder. Dewey would have walked toward Stanford's house after the murder to let him know the job was done, which would be what the other neighbor McCormick saw. Stanford then threw Dewey under the bus at trial. Love you guys! ❤

You should do an investigation on the Jamison family, I find it kinda creepy but interesting at the same time

#RoastMortem Shane, i really hope a ghost eats your big head off just like you ate your parrot's. AND Ryan, i hope you drown in a pool of holy water and stop mispronouncing the easiest words ffs.

st. augustine is on the atlantic coast not a swamp but okiiii lmao

#roastmortem Are we just going to ignore the fact that Shane might be a damn ghoul demon? Walks into a church and nose leaks like a faucet? Long arms? Check. Pointy ears? Check. Slightly hunched over? Check. Loves the dark, brings him peace? Oh yeah, check. Pointy slouchy nose? Check. Pale skin? Check. His beady EYES! Check!!! All jokes aside, Ryan totally lost 50% trust in you after hearing that. Did you NOT see that look in his eyes? Don't blame him. Not a good sign if you walk into a church and you just bleed out. Just saying. Shane, watch out buddy.

at 2:28 ryan says that athalia was murdered on jan 23 1974, but at 12:28 ryan says that her neighbour allegedly threatened to kill her on oct 9 1974.....did i just catch a buzzfeed unsolved error? :O

Maybe the husband and neighbor were in on it together...

"When he didn't give me limes, yeah" lol

You guys should cover the Haleigh Cummings case. It’s got drugs, lies, drama, and a missing 5 year old girl. It happened in 2009 in Satsuma, Florida in the same county I lived in. Someone I went to school with was actually related to the Haleigh, so this case hits close to home. Everyone has their own theories about what happened and who did it, but I’d love to see you guys’ theories.

This is nothing like woods Allen movies

Which no one on YouTube deserves to watch

Whats the point of the story of another murder?.

You should do the Kaikoura lights UFO

Man I wish you guys could post m PK re of thses types of vids n keep up the good work btw a hippo would ficma bear in a fight

I miss #roastmortem

Damn, that hair is A-1 fam.

"Hey that's my parrot. I think your head doesn't look good on your shoulders anymore."

Not sure if its my eyes or computer but y'all look like you're sitting in a room full of smoke! contrast is super low

just looked at my hand and remembered im smoking a blunt and realize it is definitely just me. oops

Unsolved is the only channel I’ll watch owned by Buzzfeed Anymore

If I am ever killed in a strange way, please let it be in the month of February. I would like to hear Ryan unable to say it, one last time. #shaniac

I’m starting to think the guys actually don’t like each other very much.

Shane is a snacc.

#postmortem hi my name is Josh and conveniently the Texarkana phantom killer postmortem was posted on my birthday so I enjoyed a buzzfeed postmortem video on my birthday but anyways I was wondering why would a mechanic be searching swamps ik it’s to search for clues supposedly but wouldn’t you search like trash cans or dumps but the set up feels right to me because a husband would know the schedule of her wife and her friend and maybe just maybe the Friend was in on it too and her saying she was gonna keep walking at night might seem suspicious so they killed her too to get rid of a “loose end” that’s my add on to your theory love the good work guys also if I can make a suggestion for the supernatural season maybe investigate the cucuy or a mythological child kidnapper anyway keep up the good work and take care (repost my bad).

Hiya Boys, The aspect of the case that struck me the most was the fact that the forensics expert identified the laundry mark as Stanford’s name. Even if the mark was too faint, it’s remarkably convenient that the expert recognized the mark as Stanford’s. What do you guys think? Can’t wait for the next episode and thanks for all the laughs. #Postmortem #Shaniac #Boogarish

Florida is chill Jupiter quiet and sketchy place depending the location

Sounds like a case for C. C. Tinsley

#PostMortem I lived in FL my whole life and it sucks never move her it's hot humid and the people don't know how to flippin drive p.s/ #RoastMortem why the f*ck is there a roster on Ryan`s head p.p.s love you Shane

You could do an episode on Franklins lost expedition, or the mistery of the ship resolven which was found of the coast of catalina without its crew.

"what else are you going to do there?" 8:45 this is true, florida is full of snakes and gossip, gators and swamps. - sincerely a floridian

Can you please do an unsolved episode of bunny man bridge in Virginia?

Okay but is anything really shocking in Florida?

for the postmortem: it was the husband, & here’s why. if someone that i had a long feud with showed up on my porch with a machete, i would go back inside. but if it were my husband, i would probably stop and talk for long enough that, by the time i realized what was happening, it would be too late. athalia trusted her murderer enough that she didn’t think she had to defend herself—she probably thought james was there to trim her weeds or something. also, what if james and bemis collaborated on the murder (because bemis was writing that book and was going to profit off of it), but james got worried that bemis would talk and decided to kill her too, just to cover his tracks? bemis would have known he committed the murder, which would explain her statement about why she was not afraid to walk outside, and she would have trusted him enough not to suspect anything when he approached her with a stone block. just a theory... i love unsolved & you guys!! #fansincedayone


you should investigate the Berta Caceres murder case!!

#roastmortem my dad hates Ryan's voice when he reads. Whenever he hears it he says, and I quote, "He's just doing it to sound smart."

Ahh! I haven’t even watched the video but as a Jacksonville Florida native and resident, whatever they say about Florida is probably true. It’s crazy here.

I had a pet bird, too. It was a badass cockatiel who earned the respect of my cats. He would peck at their paws when they would get on his cage. After a short while, they left him alone. Even when we cleaned his cage, they knew better than to mess with Bandit (that was his name). He learned to call all of our animals and would taunt them. I think he enjoyed being the boss. He died of old age at age 31. We threw him a badass funeral and played bird themed music from the hymn "I'll Fly Away" to the Skynyrd classic "Free Bird." It was an awesome tribute for an awesome bird. He loved head banging to all kinds of music during life. Shane, what is an awesome bird story you have your late parrot? Did your parrot headband to music or have any fun quirks? #BadAssBirdPets #Cockatiels #Parrots #FreeBirds #HeadbangingBirds #MetalBirds #PostMortem

having enough "good person points" to cash in for a murder is the plot of one of the episodes of the anime Kino's Journey and it's a very interesting ep

Could you guys please cover the case of the execution of Agnes Magnúsdottír?

You guys should look into doing the lemp mansion curse from St Louis MO. It's super well known here but even then ppl don't really talk much about it anymore. It was a huge deal a generation or 2 ago and my sister and I were just talking how it would be cool to see you guys dig into it.

#postmortem Athalia was killed while walking her bird? The bird was never seen again? Conclusion: it was the bird. Thank you everyone, I’ll be here all week.

I live in Florida. I don’t want to live in Florida.

When are you guys going to visit more locations? I don't enjoy watching these as much as u going to the places :(

14:46 Reminded me of the anime Erased

The real question is: Who is the enigmatic Florida Man?

Y'all, I JUST moved to St. Augustine. Why you gotta do me like that?!

look at that little surfboard on the top of his head. i'm going to take my boogie board and surf it in the morning.

if it makes shane feel better, my pet beta fish that died many years ago is still indeed, in my freezer .

Couldn’t it have been all three of them working together? The mechanic just got blackmailed into it somehow

*only if I have some facts behind it big boy*

Shut up bert and ernie or is it the old men in the balcony?either way shut it.#roastmortem

6:58 wrestling reference lol

ryan seems totally convinced that shane is a demon... and honestly? same.

why don’t police look into the other similar murder at the persons of interest and see if there’s any connecting suspects???

More evidence Shane is a demon

I'm sorry to do this but my kitty has been having seizures the past two nights. His blood has back fine so the next step is to do a MRI. Unfortunately I need 5,000 for that which I don't have. If you could please share this link or donate one dollar I would really appreciate that. He means the world to me and I just want to help him.

*_shane is a demon confirmed_*

Plot twist: it was the goat

They should've put Stanford in the confinement

it is 3am? yes am I going to watch this and not sleep tonight? yes

Hey! Buzzfeed Unsolved, how about adding Spanish subtitles to your videos? I would love that and thank you for reading :).

#postmortem what happened to the narration in 7:50?? The audio was suddenly sounding different compared to the rest of the narration

can you guys do a video on Jam Master Jay from RUN-DMC?

Can you please solve the murder on Olof Palme the former swedish prime minister.

can you make a video about the lake bodom murders

Please do the Yuba County 5!!!

I think it was Frances and Alan were in on it together. I think he was upset that he was caught and that she wasn’t or that maybe she had evidence against him and so when he was out on bail he murdered her. Like what did he have to lose at that point. It’s so weird she boasted about how safe she felt and that she was on a walk that night Athalia was murdered. Which would imply she didn’t have an alibi either.

*Let's demand a separate unsolved series just for crimes committed by Florida men.*

#roastmortem Ryan kinda looks like Hairy Hold from food fight in this video tbh

#postmortem you know what sucks? I was born in February (:

Everytime I see both your hairs-lines it just reminds me that I’ve been watching this YouTube channel way too long #roastmortem

The men had each other's backs. They aint gonna snitch.

#RoastMortem For the next episode how about you look into the unsolved mystery of who keeps giving Shane pets!? Seems like a bad idea to me. Also Ryan, Hawkeye called, he wants his hair do back.

Come on folks, Florida is not that bad. There's been plenty of cases where the evidence has been distorted or tempered with. The only reason so many stories come out of Florida is because of the Florida Sunshine law. BTW thanks for creeping me out of one of my favorite cities. St. Augustine is beautiful and full of history.

Ryan, what Shane did with his parrot is not weird! I had to do the same thing with a pet fish and a pet rabbit because the ground was frozen! Lol #postmortem

Not to be super nit-picky, but you said Athalia complained about Stanford's death threat in October 1974 when she was murdered in January 1974. Nbd it just got me confused before doing a quick cursory google haha

Not one to jump to conclusions just shock theories.

Imagine being the dork who can't pronounce February

lemme be real, a hypnosis type treatment for ptsd (or other types of trauma related stuff, idk i just have ptsd lol) called EMDR is used to help unlock memories that the persons brain has almost like, squirreled away or repressed. so the hypnotizing, at the time yeah thats sketchy, but now not so much #funfact...ish

no body: mr.Stanford: “wacha Thwack”

#postmortem what were the sizes of the clothes? i feel as if the investigators would have put that in their report, if the sizes were legible.

maybe the bird did it

It sounds to me like it was the neighbor. It was definitely not planned though. He was probably out doing yard work with his machete (like everybody else in florida?!) And saw her with her bird and just went into a rage. Nobody plans to kill someone wearing a white shirt.

"i LOVED that lady"


I am using this as my meat beat back up video

I love your beady little eyes and rooster wave, Ryan!!

woah i just thought of something cool what if there was another category for buzzfeed unsolved okay hear me out "BuzzFeed Unsolved Internet Mysteries"

I had a good bird once too. I didn’t have to wait two years to bury her after she died though luckily....

13:10. Shane answered with no hesitation. What does this mean

#roastmortem Y'all look like you would be murdered just for your hair gel.

You should really look into the Steven Avery case

Very funny, great episode! 5/5.

Shane, you have fans here in Chicago! "Love you, love your show!"

Just waiting for them to do the mysteries in Mineral Wells, Texas the famous bakers hotel

#roastmortem I want to hear how ridiculous Ryan sounds when he says "threatened" out loud again

id like to point out that its pretty common to own a machete in florida. I live outside of tampa and anyone that lives near woods, which is at least 60%, owns a machete so you can cut underbrush in the woods.

You guys need to do one on AJ Lufkins Sisseton, SD

#postmortem really late, but you guys should make an unsolved episode for shane’s bird

Please cover the case of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos

at 9:05 when shane looked into the camera i swear i saw the devil in his eyes

“A goat!” Like come on man, goats aren’t that weird especially the more rural you go. Heck man, I own a snake #postmortem #roastmortem

#postmortem I live in Jacksonville Florida and let me tell you It's a very interesting place, swamps, murderers, Disney World, drunk people throwing gators in drive-thru windows. Would you guys ever come down here?

On the next episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved we will investigate the death of Shane's Parrot

I can only imagine Ryan looking in the bathroom mirror and just saying _February_ over and over again until he gets it right.

im honestly living for the background music of this series

Ryan's hair looks like someone shaved his head, put all his hair in a bag, covered his head in glue, and then sprinkled the hair on his head.

This season the music is so frickin creepy

yeah being from Florida we don't claim the killer

Florida man strikes again

If the guy that the 19 year old saw was real, why would he describe his shirt as white? If she was killed so savagely why would the shirt still look white to the eye?

I know it isn't exactly a murder but u should do the unsolved mystery of the Mona Lisa

7:46 Mic change

The bird did it!

You guys have a whole section of the post mortem dedicated to insults and you want more haters?? Are we not good enough for you?? #postmortem #roastmortem

Please please please go to Skinwalker Ranch and do an investigation!!!!

please do the disappearance of johnny gosch PLEASE

Ryan, is that the shirt Kristin chose for you? It looks good!

As usual stellar police work

#roastmortem why does ryan's hair look like the top of a rooster's head

What if clementine killed her?...

Do an episode on THE REAL GEE MONEY. There’s many theories upon his death. Nobody has been been charged with his murder. It would be highly appreciated! (:


Similar story to Shane’s, when I got baptized (haha that was a weird phase) my nose started bleeding

Can you do the Baba Yaga next for supernatural?


I live in St. Augustine and it’s literally the weirdest town I’ve ever been to, Florida man is real you guys

Suggestion for Supernatural: the Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina!

Do a story on Robert The Doll in Key West Florida.The story is very creepy and spooky and the house that it happened in is still there in key west and the hauntings of the jail house there too!If you were wondering yes I am and still live in Florida but I now live in Tampa or what I like to call “trampa”!

But who would ever hate the ghoul boys?!?

Florida? Safe? Buddy have you met the Cubans??

I would like to see you guys do the unsolved mystery of El Paso couple's 1957 disappearance.

how would one go about getting employed by buzzfeed? #postmortem

Take look at this site. I think you should look into this case #justiceforalissa

Clementine is an animagus that escaped the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and proceded to be captured and sold. Clementine killed Athalia. #forthepostmortem

I want them to uncover st.agustine’s secrets. Like that town is covering something up.

Hey so an unsolved mystery of the csx 8888 runaway train

Cover the Madeleine Mccann case?

its not much of an unsolved thing, but the stories of the Jersey Devil are so scary!!

For post mortem: Shane, do you have any pictures of your parrot? I love birds. I have two budgerigar parakeets and they’re the best little idiots ever. Also, I don’t think that you ate your bird. Maybe Ryan ate his dog, though, with that evil grin he had when he said rip.

#postmortem how long until Ryan shoots Shane with his holy water gun? I MEAN, SHANE BEING A DEMON OR NOT IS THE BIGGEST MYSTERY ON THIS CHANNEL

#postmortem Shane: Gets untimely nosebleed Literally everyone else: DEMON SHANE!!!!!

I like these, but please visit some haunted places like before :)

We are crazy. Florida people are :D

16:50 = shane is a demon confirmed

hose it down

As someone who lives in St.Augustine I can say every still owns about two machete's each XD

its official shane is a demon

ugh i live in florida and i hate it so much lmao

I watched this video in the middle of the woods at night but at least I’m not a old lady

Shane is a demon confirmed @ nosebleed at church story

you guys should cover the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion

I think it was Stanford because everything kinda leads to him like blood stopping at his him and his shirt having his name on it so I think it was him

I just found 5 seasons of buzzfeed unsolved on amazon prime video, I had no idea you guys had expanded out onto other sites, that's so cool!

Damn shanes eyes really be getting smaller in every episode

Something about this cause seems... off.. as though there is evidence that just seems very misplaced or overlooked. What if it was someone that really just didn’t like her that just decided to off Athalia? I mean even the paper read “she wouldn’t have won any popularity contests”.


I appreciated the little summary of each suspect at the end of this week's episode. I always forget what the heck I've just watched so it was nice to recap! Thanks

The butler did it.

I listened to a podcast about this murder a while ago and I’m convinced that Stanford did it, especially because his daughter said he ran out of the house just before the murder and came back with bloody clothes. #postmortem

Actually what Locke McCormick said wasn’t anywhere close to hearsay. The only way that it could be is if the grandmother was testifying to it, but even then it falls under an exception 803.1 being the present sense impression exception. Hearsay is defined as an out of court statement used for the truth of the matter asserted. Because of the exception in 803.1, this is admissible testimony. Sure the “Mr. Stanford is hitting Mrs. Ponsell” thing is kinda iffy, but all the other stuff, the things that made him say that, aren’t hearsay.

for the postmortem: Athalia's friend seemed pretty smug/arrogant about the whole thing. I know that if one of MY friends had been brutally murdered, I wouldn't be bragging about the fact that I had yet to be brutally murdered in return. Maybe Frances was in on the murder and thought she was in the clear, and then the murderer/conspirator thought she knew too much and decided to tie up loose ends.

Shane really is a ghoul I mean only a GHOUL would be so against ghosts & demons being real. ALSO your nose bleed inside the church with your friend..... GHOUL #postmortem #boogara #StillLoveYouBoth

#PostMortem Do the murder of Bob Crane, my grandma watches Hogan's Heroes every night along with Perry Mason (even though she's seen every episode already). His death was strange and sudden and still unsolved to this day. Love you guys, #Shaniac all the way (sorry Ryan, it has to be this way :( )

Ricky goldsworth likes limes and shane is actually a demon in disguised SPREAD THAT GOSSIP PEOPLE

It's confirmed, Shane is a demon XD

florida is a crazy place, you can literally do a unsolved series just on that state alone forever

We had a neighbor who hated our dog. He even called the sheriff department and tried to get her taken away. He was a weird guy and I always got a weird feeling from him. This story makes that experience even creepier. Also there was zero justice for Alathia. I don't care if people don't like the way you talk, they shouldn't be able to machete murder you and get away with it.

HEY GUYS! The Onion did a review of Coco that might have connected the dots to the Natalie Woods drowning. You should watch it and let us know your thoughts! Check out the Onion's review of Coco #postmortem #conspiracy

For #postmortem. Hey Ryan for next season of paranormal you guys should go to Flordia, go to Harry Potter World, and try to find Athlias ghost. She's probably flying around playing the part of nearly headless nic.

Plot twist: Shane and that one other guy (?) are just serial killers who take a laughing at everything and use investigation of murders to further their tactics and prevent future (and any) mistakes within their plots.

Ryan and Shane, you guys should check out the haunted diner in Santaquin, Utah called Leslies Family Tree

You have to do the murder of Jill Dando, so many theories that all seem possible and so much crazy back story.... unsolved still after 20+ years

Athalia's problems with her neighbors sounds like an episode of Fear they neighbor from the ID channel

Roast mordem: it looks like both your foreheads grew two inches

Big boy

QUESTION: Do you think that machete murder is worse than exploding?

Why a machete as a murder weapon? Was this a crime of passion? #postmortem #shaniac

Florida Man...

Still waiting for the French people dancing themselves to dance episode

#roastmortem I bet you guys know about not being able to do your job #yallcantsolve #cantfindyourbutt

Shane got a nose bleed in a church

How could Athalia have made a complaint about an event on October 9, 1974 when she was murdered in January 1974? Maybe you mean October 9, 1973?

Please do an episode on the smiley face killer!

why do I keep myself up at night watching these videos love what your doing keep it up

Up Next Assasination Of Martin Luther King Junior

@ 9:04 Shane kinda looks like a bird. Roasted bud.

For Postmortem: Since Jack the Ripper was recently solved, will you guys do anything to add on to what was recently discovered? Also, what happens when you call Ricky something other than Ricky, but something that is close? Like for example, Micky, Ricardo, etc. Love ya guys and keep up the good work!! :3

Y’all want haters

I think the ghosts hate you for all the mean things you say to them

*casually pulls out machete to greet neighbors

Skin walker ranch in Utah. Aliens. Check. Ghosts. Check. Government strong arm. Check. Ancient Native American folklore. Cheeeeeeccccckkkkkk

if one of the bun boys goes missing, i think we should start the investigation by looking into the other one #postmortem

I still think the bird did it.

@buzzfeedunsolvednetwork what if its a murder on the oriental express situation where the whole community came together to kill the women? And stanford was just the one who was chosen to kill them?

Florida’s very,,, interesting.... ppl say it’s “messed up” it’s INTERESTING WEIRD or wathererdmeejejj I cannot talk today .-. It’s nice Yet tho everyone wants to live in Florida Btw THAT POOR BLUEJAY XD CLEMENTIME

BuzzFeed Unsloved Network: Just a hunch but I believe there's two people involved that could've done it ,the neighbor and the husband rating only on evidence and common knowledge of the human mind who do u believe has the highest percentage of being the killer, tell ur opinion and not the facts from the case files

Do an episode on the jersey devil!!!!

Perhaps the sheriff secretly hated Stanford and was trying to pin the murder on him. Maybe the sheriff killed Athalia, dressed like Stanford. #postmortem

Florida is fuckin WILDIN

*psst* Shane ate his parrot pass it on

9:29 “at that time it was common to own a machete” what do you mean at that time, i’m a floridian and can confirm it’s still common to own a machete

Eyyy I live in St. Augustine, I’ve heard this story before

My boyfriend is a hater, apparently he hates Ryans voice and thinks Shane looks like a Guinea pig. I do catch him laughing sometimes though. Love you guys!

Do the missing 43

I live in florida and it is CRAZY

I have a feeling it was Virgil. He had them hose away the blood, after Frances claimed the area was safe, she went on her walk and got murdered, he claimed the two murders weren't connected when they clearly were. When the box got taken to the police, I don't think Virgil mentioned anything about it or even cared to look. That's just my theory though.

Probably Dewey, the dirty mechanic ;)

evidence continues to amount in the demon shane theory

You are correct no one should want to live in Florida I hate it here

#RoastMortem: not a full on roast but that comment about Shane that said "he's hot but in a rat kinda way" is still my favourite thing

How long was Ponsell screaming before McCormick came over to check? I feel like it would take a few minutes to hack someone up and almost decapitate them (Not having done it before, I'm just guessing) Also, they hosed down the evidence?! smh, what is the deal with these old school police departments?

as someone who has lost beloved pets before, i didn't find ryan making jokes about shane's parrot very funny :(

if you get your clothes drycleaned they put your name or a number that they can identify you by on your clothes! I work for a dry cleaners thats what i assumed a laundry mark was.

The parrot did it.

RIP to Shane’s bird

#randompostmortem #unsolvedchallange :P I will be suprised if you guys find true crime case in New Zealand(also known as one of the safest countries) :P

Roastmortem. I swear to God if you don't bring back the Hot Daga I'm going to sever and switch your guys limbs!!!!

i like how they say "shocking" like its florida what did you expect out of this crackhead state

16:55 ... Shane is a demon confirmed

Shane's hair looks like a mountain

Ok so Florida have people that just keep machetes in there home. Maybe she was just teamed up on and every came to together and killed them. Btw you should go to Zack' s haunted mansion in Las vegas.

Ryan shitting on Florida for 25 minutes

i know this isn’t b.u. supernatural but you guys should investigate Calico Ghost Town

NO , STOP IT , we , well me i dont want this murder stuff bring back the ghost hunting episodes there far better and more entertaining , ASAP please

Florida: The Crackhead state.

What about the other lady that was killed? Any theories on her death?

Ryan calling Shane big boi is just full proof that he is gone and it's just Ricky now

#postmortem So does that mean we can conclude and confirm that Shane is a demon, since he had a bloody nose in church?

"I luved that lil burd" WE LOVE YOU, YOU LIL PRECIOUS BOI

The heat and humidity in Florida fries the brains of residents and makes them crazy. That's my theory LOL

My guy wears white to murder someone. Legend

for #roastmortem: I'm new to unsolved but from what I can tell Ryan and his unsolved team do all the work while Shane cracks jokes. Thats f**ked up Shane.

14:59 the noise from his pen..... Similar to butchering,

Blood spurting out of Shane’s nose in church... The demon theory is coming to fruition.

Please do MH370 and MH17, a lot of conspiracies to be taken into account!

Florida frights


I like your videos :P i watched you for more then 1 year and forgot about this channel ;(

3:14 Ryan says the word arrived like a gps.

I really would never have an alibi. I sit in my dorm watching youtube for hours by myself.


cop's assistant: ah jeez, there's a huge puddle of blood on that person's clothes! They're holding a knife!! cop: ah yes,,, that time of the month huh,,, now, back to my theories

I don’t know if you were planning on doing this at all, but can I suggest a case you can talk about. What about the case in Mexico on the 43 missing students?

16:37 — further evidence that Shane is really just a bored demon in disguise.

#postmortem Nobody : The watcher : There was a watch I did it!!!! ALL HAIL THE WATCHER!!!!

I’m in St. Augustine and the town is pretty safe, but it can be deceiving. There was a lot of Civil Rights stuff down here that the older generation attempts to sweep under the rug. There’s also a lot of haunted stuff here, so the ghoul bois should come investigate

@buzzfeedunsolvednetwork ...... i think the unsolved disppearance of Nan Dixon like 40 years ago would make a helluva unsolved episode. There are twists..turns..theories..and strange "evidence" Aplenty!!!!!

allmost decapitated... weak!!!

_Walking your bird in Florida is so unusual_ *continues to walk down the street with an aligator*

Question for Post Mortem: how are you?

Did Francis have a bird???

You guys should investigate the murder of swedish prime minister Olof Palme! He was shot in the back in an alley at like midnight, nobody knows who shot him and it's been over 30 years since it happened.

Go to Nottinghams galleries of justice

16:36 moment mentioned in postmortem

fauna means animals btw. Think ryan meant to say florida flora, not florida fauna.

But what about Frances???!

This one was good!

I’m a bit late, and haven’t watched the post mortem yet, but here’s my theory: Athalia wasn’t having trouble selling her house. That’s just what she told people. She actually didn’t want to sell, because after she married Lindsley, she realized that he was an awful person, as she wrote in her letters. She may have even been scared of him, hence her changing the locks to her house. Lindsley was having an affair with Francis, which Athalia may or may not have discovered. Francis was more of a frenemy to Athalia, rather than a friend. Lindsley and Francis plotted Athalia’s murder, and Lindsley committed it. He knew about the animosity between his wife and her neighbor, Stanford. So Lindsley stole Stanford’s items, or had someone else steal them, in order to frame him for Athalia’s murder. Standford’s shirt may have had his name on it from the dry cleaners. Lindsley was able to get away with everything, because he was buddy-buddy with the local government and police department. (And/or he bribed them. Or he was cashing in on a favor in which he helped someone else get out of trouble previously by using his authority as mayor at the time. He even could have used blackmail or extortion, threatening to expose someone’s dirty secrets unless they helped him.) Lindsley, or someone else, bribed the mechanic to “find” the box of evidence that would make Stanford a suspect. The odds of the mechanic just coincidentally stumbling across it in a big swamp are slim. And witnesses say he went directly to it, like he knew exactly where it was located. Francis’ murder was definitely related to Athalia’s. Lindsley killed Francis after their relationship soured. He may have wanted to tie up loose ends, or she may have threatened to turn him in. Francis had told people she knew something about Athalia’s murder. And she wasn’t afraid to go out walking alone, confidant of her safety, because she knew it was Lindsley who killed Athalia, not some random killer. And she didn’t think he would ever come after her. Sadly, she was mistaken. I can’t be the only one with this theory. It seems quite obvious. Now to watch post mortem and see if anyone agrees with me!

anyone know about Alfred Lowenstein??

On jan 23 athalia dies Later on october 9 athalia says stanford threatened to kill her (12:36) Im sorry but y'all have to get the facts right

Discust the beast of jersey

The nosebleed Shane had in the church is further proof that he is a demon

17:00 Demon Shane confirmed.

I heard 6 episodes this season? If that’s true this is the last one? Why the seasons get shorter every season? :(

Can you do a video on the murder of Mary Phagan? I want to see what y'all would say about Leo Frank

Ryan: "I bet you would murder me if I pushed you enough." Shane: "Yeah, probably." at this point, im not surprised lol

Isn’t weird how his watch was left in the box. I get shirt and pants they were stained but the watch idk sounds like he was getting framed. But the other murders would be unnecessary unless they became witnesses or someone different had it for them

Ideas for Unsolved episodes: Who is Banksy? And the murder of Dian Fossey


Ryan looks so uncomfortable after the nosebleed reveal

Shane's a demon! Bleed'n from dat nose lol.

So are we just not going to talk about Shanes church nosebleed?

"Every human is capable of murder if you push them enough" that sounds deep, my new quote, thanks Ryan

The music was so creepy for this episode


Do some solved murders

please make unsolved case around asia for upcoming season

I live to see the day they actually solve a murder

Anyone notice that Adelle McLaughlin and jacksepticeye have the same last name

I don't think a paper trail necessarily means that Stanford didn't do it. There are so many cases of women reporting violent men and nothing gets done and the woman ends up murdered.

“Thwack-a-thwack” - Shane Madej, 2019

Aw, Shane had a parrot? I didn't realize I could love him any more.

For the postmortem: if they decided the two murders were unrelated then who did they suspect for Bemis' death? Love the show!

A murder with a machete? It was Jason lol

I used to live in Orange Park, which was near Jacksonville, Florida. I think i went to St. Augustine once. UwU

More evidence for the Shane is a demon case theory I guess you could say that the nose bleed in church is very DAMNING.


u goul boys keep talkin trash on florida we will come for yuh.

As someone who owns dogs and many noisy goats I really hope my neighbors don't kill me with a machete

Man this episode was a wheeze-fest, WE'VE BEEN BLESSED!

the bit about people in florida owning at least one machete is still true actually

If they were trying to frame Stanford why would Dewey have the bloody shirt sit in mud water?

>Florida >Murder >Shocking Ahahaha


Please Please Please go to Fort Bayard Hospital grounds in Fort Bayard New Mexico!

I'm dying for True Crime to cover Enriqueta Martí, the Spanish serial killer who trafficked orphans and MAY or MAY NOT

You should do an episode on the Beast of Jersey. Just beware he is really messed up.

You guys should investigate the disappearance and death of Dorothy Jane Scott!!

Why is no one concerned with the fact that Clementine has never been seen again? That’s the real mystery! #postmortem

Yo finally some representation for my home town! It occurs to me that I shouldn’t be proud of that.

Having experienced living in both FL and CA for over 5 years each, I gotta break the news to ya fellas: CA sucks. In FL you are a hell of a lot better off with wallet health, freedom from overbearing government regulation, and you actually see your tax dollars going to infrastructure improvements. To sum it up: CA is one long overtaxed, overpriced, overhyped, traffic jam waiting for the next environmental disaster in which the state doesn't try to take preventative measures to avoid beforehand. Oh, and then there's 'those' kooks in LA and SF. If you ever want to feel like you're living in a never-ending episode of the Twilight Zone, watch and listen to the beliefs they try and force on everyone!

Maybe, just maybe, it was HABIT from EverymanHYBRID. #postmortem

oh no, she died on my birthday :(

I'm not from Florida, but I visit pretty frequently. Although I don't think they should've hosed down the blood evidence, I think it's possible they did to keep alligators or other animals from coming to the scene. #postmortem

Y'all should investigate the vampire brothers new Orleans

Always Florida.

for the roastmortem: Ryan's smile says he's excited about this case, but the duffel bags under his eyes betray the tired child inside of him

Can you guys do the Whitehall Mystery sometime?

Anyone think they should go to the screaming woods?

Can you do an episode about The Brabant Killers or the disappearance of the Ghent Altarpiece. Lots of love from Belgium.

Stanford got power behind his back

Ryan: only if I’ve got facts behind it Also Ryan: underwater Area 51... that’s all I’ve got on that

Have you guys ever considered doing the Natalee Holloway case? One of the biggest Alabama disappearances ever.

Can you please look into the Hagley woods mystery: "Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?"

Why did she just casually change her locks? Sounds like the husband murdered her to me.

4:32 gives me john mulaney vibes

For #postmortem : The parrot did it. Only Clementine would have sufficient motive to kill her, she probably wasn’t getting him the good bird seed and he did the job as revenge. Birds have a high pecking order and I wouldn’t be surprised if the order came from higher up the bird chain. Lookout bird owners. RIP Shane’s Parrot #shaniac #loveyoutooryan

That's chilling. You know what you dudes should do an episode about at some point? The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser! I'd love to see your analysis on that, Ryan!

So i think whomever killed her definitely had beef with her because they basically decapitated her/cut her head right off, like you have to hate them brutally to do something like that, or they would have just stabbed her or something easier and simpler, so to nearly cut off her head means whoever did it hated her so bad and she must have upset them in some way bad enough to make them want to nearly decapitate her, and i have heard of other cases of decapitations and been told that it actually is really hard to cut through all the bone etc and would take a while and a lot of force and effort. P.S I love the work that you guys do! #inspired#goals#helpingpeople

Sheriff: $500 reward for information on case Me: “SHES A GIRL” give me my $500


Do the case of Lorenzo Gonzalez Cacho in Puerto Rico

The Middle of Nowhere unsolved mystery. The couple went missing. I didn't do any extra research before suggesting, I just read that courage the cowardly dog was based on this

so um... not to nag you or anything, but do guys ever think about maybe getting rid of that mannequin in the background? nothing personal, just don't want my bladder to hose off my pants.

I was watching Sam and Colby and they don’t know anything about ghost and I was like that’s sooo cute. Now I miss Shane and Ryan I wanna watch Buzzfeed so here I am my loves

16:54 it's confirmed. Shane is a demon lmao

i forget to like these because i just move on the the next >_

16:47 *If this isn’t evidence that Shane is a demon then I don’t know what is!*

If you want a tip on 2 Swedish cases, I recommend The Kevin case and The Thomas Quick case. Both involve strange confessions.

Do Marilyn Monro!

This music is terrifying.

#postmortem What about Frances? Did she have any feuds? Why would anyone kill her, I think that just by saying "I'm not afraid, I'm gonna keep walking at night" wasnt what got her killed. AND remember that Frances was friends with Athalia. Maybe someone had something against the both of them

I hate buzzfeed but this and tasty is an exception

“Why Florida is the way that it is” accurate

The real reason why Shane doesn't believe in supernatural stuff is simple: he's a demon himself. He even got a nosebleed in church! #postmortem #shaniacs

Can we have a BUN and GMM cross over? Maybe see the return of Nartufowdy?

all hail the watcher i guess

you should look into the disappearance of Ruth Wilson, she went missing in 1995 and there's a lot of theories including her running away, suicide or foul play (some people even blame her father)

Seriously guys, can SOMEONE please help me recall which buzzfeed unsolved episode was the one where Shane did a back scratch prank on Ryan???? Now I can't even remember if it really is Shane and Ryan. Pretty sure it was...

So if the neighbour killed athelia? Did he also kill frances? What would have been the point if he’d already gotten away with it

“fwaka fwaka”-shane 2019

This is the only decent buzzfeed series.

Another Florida case: Casey lee Anthony

That's a nice head you have on your shoulders

They should discuss the Wineville Chicken Coup Murders.

Shane is demons #solved

Shane, when you walked into that church God was trying to release the demons from your body. There were so many though, that a sneeze was not enough. You had to have a bloody nose.

CoNfused she died 23 january 1974, how could she be at commision hearing in october 74. Was she a ghost lol


How about the Girl Scout Murders of 1977 in Oklahoma

Shane: Eats birds and bleeds in churches.

You guys already have 522 haters

Funny Shane should bring up the Zodiac...I immediately thought hey, Shane with his glasses does look like the Zodiac police sketch!

Plot twist: it was an alligator with a machete.

when life doesn't give you limes, kill your neighbor

Please do the Mary Celeste

When is Ruining History coming back?

took her pet bird clementine for a walk. hahahahaha

16:55 conclusion, Shane's a demon or has been posessed.


you should do a video about missing Amanda Joned and her unborn child Hayden from Jefferson County Missouri the case has been cold for a long time however it seems they are really working to reopen the case

Thats REALLY wierd! I work for "Bemis Farms Nursery" im MA and work for mr and mrs Bemis haha

“i’m done talking about my parrot!”

It just occured to me that we had a murder like this in my area, and the woman was also an animal lover. But in this case she was very well liked, very active in the community, had no known enemies, and was a much older widow. She was very brutally stabbed to death in her home, many wounds, it was a horrifying case. And there was also a male teenaged neighbor who was a witness, but he turned out to be the murderer. He was arrested and charged but never gave the reason why he did it.

"Jimmy is a complete leach, a complete liar..." *cough* real estate agent *cough*

I had 8 chickens and four of them died in a span of a month (animal attack) and while I was devastated, they were all like “did you eat them?” “Why didn’t you eat them?” And these are pets, like I loved them. And now I have four and people are still like “so when are you gunna eat them” we only have them for fun and free eggs. But it just makes me so frustrated that people think I will eat my pet just because it makes iconic food. Edit: this was to Shane’s Parrot incidence. Around 3:00

"I loved that bird" I felt that

I liked the constant attacks on Florida throughout the whole video


forget “february,” can we talk about how ryan says “legislature”

When you're from Florida XD

men kill women over way less all the time so i really don't think it takes that much or that it always only happens after being pushed "too far". the neighbor definitely did it.

I live in st Augustine and let me tell you... it’s a n uneventful place for the most part

you should do an episode on the lalaurie house in new orleans, it would work for True Crime or Supernatural

Why do none of the theories mention Frances Cary? How is that connected?

Do a Buzzfeed Unsolved video on Robert Pickton and the Pickton Farm

Welcome to Florida lol

Are you guys going to look into Mattie Anne's creature for BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural? I think it's an amazing opportunity!

You guys should do the disappearance of asha degree next

*Anyone else a Floridian???*

I started watching QA of this episode and realized, I haven't watched the episode so yeah, here I am

Born and raised in Florida and Lord we have a weird state! But we got Disney and universal studios so I'm not complaining lol

Look I have to know more about this Parrot. What kind was it? How long did you have it? I, and I cannot stress this enough, must know.

I love my parrot too Shane don't you let Ryan bully you

it HAS to be personal if it was just these two victims

Do the weepy voiced murderer

Why would the husband do it? If he was trying so desperately to sell that house then the last thing he'd want is for a murder to take place on the front lawn, and he especially wouldn't want to frame the neighbours. Lesson no. 1 of real estate school: no one wants to buy a house next to a machete wielding maniac

that moment when you live in Florida and have never heard of these murders

Ah more proof of Shane being a Demon

I live near St.Augustine.... This is sooo cool. I ❤ local stories

tbh i think clementine did it

I’m from Florida and I can attest that we all own a machete.

The Florida FAUNA?! or the Florida FLORA?

"Nearly decapitated" You could have said nearly headless. As like a Harry Potter reference. You had the chance right there Ryan!

Love livin’ in good ol’ chaotic Florida!

You should get a "baby" counter in the video

Lol I remember when there is an episode where that mannequin's head turned and looked at the camera

Could you guys do an episode on area 51 or the Mary celeste

Florida is wild

I love your show, please do the disappearance of Maura Murray or the disappearance of Lauren Speirer, two cases close to me

Finally, Shane doesn’t accuse the killer of being Zodiac.....

I kind of take offense to the Leech comment. Kidding. Or am I?

Thing is, London also has a Harry Potter place, with all the original props and that’s not dodg.... ohhhh

Shane nose bleeding in the church just proves he's a demon

But for now, the mystery about whether or not Shane's parrot was eaten or buried, will remain - unsolved. *eerie music*

#postmortem the blue jay killed the lady


Why would you not of asked the people who visited him what clothes he was wearing ?

16:47 another proof that shane is a devil

asian dude, love the white man!

********FLORIDA MAN*********

The neighbor feud is probably the reason Athalia was trying to move

How do you walk a bird? WHAT HAPPENED TO CLEMENTINE?? Did the bird fly away? Or was it birdnapped!?

As someone from Florida.... youre right

maybe the watcher took the bird ??????????

16:47 ok yeah shane is a demon confirmed

2:59 poor Shane

take a shot for every "wheeze"

all i got from the haters thing is that ryan is definitely into degradation

Please do the unsolved case of the chiong sisters in the philippines

demon Shane gold content right here

And 11 years later there was the golden girls

I just left Florida Jacksonville I stayed in a crack head hotel

Really working on that February pronunciation I see

16:50 further evidence Shane is a demon

Do you know the case about the german Kaspar Hauser? Very interesting! Maybe look into that one in the future?

Be nice to Florida!! Not all of us are that creepy.

Well, if either of you end up murdered, I guess we'll know who did it.

Plot twist: All three of them were in it together and Stanford framed himself.

im from flordia

Sound levels on this video are unreal. I had to keep turning the TV volume up and down. Do better.

Ugh I hate his beady little eyes and rooster head. I'll take my boogie board and surf that in the morning. There ya' go, guys.

Ryan: are you going to cut my head off with a machete. Shane: (weird look) I didn't say that.

I love how this show has just become the boys alternating every episode on being afraid one will kill the other

16:57 Ryan holds his hands in a prayer position because what he has just learned from Shane's bloody church experience

Y'all should cover Albert Fish.

if she was murdered in January of 74 how did she complain about Stanford in October of 74?????

JJ Ryan that’s what I’m thinking

There's a 20 year old unsolved murder in Saco Maine of a 15 year old girl named Ashley Ouellette with some pretty obvious suspects.

I love your show, please do the disappearance of Maura Murray or the disappearance of Lauren Speirer

If you make more videos, you make more money. Interested?

Okay but you forgot that that other woman was murdered... Francis... Why would someone kill Francis?

When you live in FL

i have a wonderful little bird as well shane. and in the victim’s defense, taking a domestic bird on a walk is completely normal for parrot owners :)

Ryan's inability to pronounce February will never stop being adorable

Stanford probably did it. Witnesses claim that Princeton and Harvard where spotted with Clementine. Also, Yale had no alibi.

Greg Howard underrated comment

Please do 7 sisters road near Nebraska city nebraska

oh gawd I just got back from a trip to Florida whyyy XD

I even visited that place too wtfff XD

my sister and aunt live in st augustine so i go down there often and last time i was there i made my family walk a mile from st george street to the house to take a pic of me w the house where it occurred, its a beautiful neighborhood, very expensive houses, gorgeous view, and a weird energy considering it was someone elses home and the house next door was for sale

Instead of being serious about a topic that is serious no you start out attempting to make fun of Florida that trope is old tired and played out, How pathetic are you.

Shane’s nose bleed at church is further evidence that he is a demon

Those four ding ding ding dings at the end of these videos always get me hard

Please do Madelaine McCain's case

All those people died and you laugh and just joke it away.. idk its just kinda weird to me that someone died and you just make some jokes about it.


What happened to Natalie Wood?!?!

Frances: And i'm still going to go on walks! Murderer: *THINK AGAIN HOE*


Is the hotdagga coming back?????? #shaniac #postmortem

18:43 Is Rhett McLaughlin related to Adelle McLaughlin?

“Thwacka thwack”


What ever happen to ruining history? Julius cecear was lit

Lesson of the story: don't take your pet bird for a walk or you'll get butchered to death!

Plot twist: the bluejay did it

Who watches Criminally Listed but still prefers this because of the black comedy?

drunk Stanford?

Shane's so thoroughly bothered by the parrot jokes that I get really uncomfortable during those bits.

Only in Florida


Hi, I know you guys won't possibly ever see this, but this has been a dream of mine ever since I started watching you guys. The most haunted and oldest city in Florida is actually St. Augustine and it would be amazing if you guys went there. I don't live there (I live in southwest Florida) but I did go there on a school field trip and I will forever remember the trip. There was so many supernatural occurrences that had happened to my class on that trip and I don't think I'll ever look at ghosts the same way again. When I had gone I had been a bit skeptical on the topic, even though I have experienced many things that could be looked at as supernatural, but after the trip I knew that there was no way that it was just made up, even so far as seeing a full bodied apparition with two of my friends with no doubt that any of us were making it up (we had explained what it looked like to each other at the same time, knowing that it could influence what we actually saw). Even after the trip my friends cousin went to the same exact graveyard and saw the same apparition, proving further that it was real. My experience in particular was so peculiar and strange that I've never and probably will never go through anything like that again. It would be an amazing thing to see you guys come down to Florida and do an episode on it.


It was ted bundy lol

Please do a Ted Bundy True Crime episode!

I believe the noise of animal could realy lead to murder. Im small countries that has close apartments and etc, theres some cases where ppl were killed bc of probem with noises upstairs

I never understood why people hated Florida until I moved to Florida tbh

I absolutely love BuN, but I don't really enjoy supporting Buzzfeed in any way, shape, or form.

You should do Charles Lindbergh’s baby, it’s really interesting

You wanna know why florida is the way it is do one on pasco county js

as someone who lives in Saint Augustine, I can assure you that if someone said "Hey this person got murdered with a machete" no one would really bat an eye. We've now had worse.

This case is just full of the pettiest people lol

Omg Shane is a demon let’s bring back buzzfeed supernatural and do an exorcism on Shane. This would explain why he’s never afraid of ghost. #Boogara #Postmortem

Florida ain't that bad lol

17:00 Shane is definitely a demon

I'm sorry abisha

your videos make me think about what might've happened in my house before

Could you guys do a buzzfeed unsolved on Robert Johnson, blues musician from the 30s that has been believed to sell his soul to play guitar.

you guys should do the Leo Frank and Mary phagan case. it's so interesting.

If the police had conspired to frame Stanford why would they have hosed away the blood trail that led to his house?

There was a machete murder on the L a few years ago in Chicago. Not sure if it was ever solved.

Do the babysitter murder that happened in the 1940s

Me: likes Shane Shane: I would love some haters! Me: the lighting at 1:16 makes your nose look fake!

I’m from Florida and the fact that some one was going around murdering people with a machete doesn’t even surprise me anymore. We need a machete to chop down the grass in our backyard. Also have you looked at the Florida man thread it’s not even like it’s become a trend to look up Florida man and your birthday literally I’m not surprised by anything that happens in Florida anymore

Shane getting a nosebleed in church is further proof he is actually a demon & the reason Unsolved Supernatural episodes don't show ghosts is because they are too afraid of the Demon Shane. Confirmed.

is it just me or Ryan's voice is really deep this episode?

i live in florida and so much bad stuff is going on lol

6:02 my birthday.

I feel bad for laughing every time Ryan says ‘February’

Or go to Walt Disney world

There's only one murder we all want you to do: *Xxxtentacion's murder June,18,2018 Florida*

*that's a nice head you have on your shoulders*

As for me living in Florida, I can confirm, it's a gossip state.

i live in le florida, we all arent tea cupped crazy bitches (:

Is Jason born

“ *big boy* ”

i'm just here getting a bit sad 'cause this season's gonna be over soon enough but then the thought of the new series will come along makes it a little better. idk why i felt like i had to share this lmao ALSO THAT STORY FROM SHANE??? *HEY DEMON IT'S YA BOI*

Nope not me.

Madison Socha you can look it up too but I’ll shorten it supposedly is haunted and when you drive on it your cars electrical system might stop it lights will dim and when your out of the area will brighten back. A man had a family I think had 7 daughters or maybe they were his sister and he hung them all.

Stephanie Aschoff I’m from Nebraska and I’m so disappointed in myself to say that I have never heard of that...what happened?!?

I had a neighbor who cut down overhanging branches on my tree but it was a thing of spite she only cut the one I use to get to my spot we stopped talking to her after that

You guys should cover the unsolved case of the doodler of san Francisco. It recently as February of 2019, has been reopened and would be a interesting video

wait what she walked her bird ??

Yoooo St. Auggie represent ✌️ Home sweet home

Next season you don’t have to investigate a demon, since Shane is always by your side!!

tell me why I've seen people in Florida walk their birds

“I’m gonna go on a walk right now”

I keep tuning out whenever Ryan goes over the actual story. Not trying to be a detractor or anything! I try so hard to pay attention but I've turned it back so many times - I'm sure there's something wrong with might help if I listened instead of posting this. Sorry... Man, what's up with that rooster cut??

One of my favorite unsolved cases! I actually got to see the house on a ghost tour. Apparently the current owners done like when you get too close to the house.

I'm a detractor of all you people now! You know we're fans, right?

I can’t see someone kill another person over a bird

Damn... All hail the Watcher I guess

I'm confused. At the start it says Athalia was killed in Jan 1974 but half way through the video it says she launched a complaint against Stanford in Oct 1974?!

Great episode! I'd never heard of this case! Can't wait for the Q+A!

I hope they solve the case of the Missing Hot Daga during this post-morten.

I think we have conclusive, definite evidence that Shane is a demon in this episode. What nine-year-old has a nose bleed in church? I think Ryan is on to something.

My dad always told me the neighbor definitely did it. His parents thought so too. They lived a block away from her house.

life lesson, dont live next to ryan, own a fruit tree that hangs over his yard, and not let him take a few fruits



So you won't eat a parrot because you love him but you'll eat innocent chickens and turkeys?

There were some really accomplished women in Florida in the 70s

To bad Shane and Ryan don’t get any haters

Do the case of Madeleine McAnn!


This video should be renamed “Actual Evidence for Shane Being a Demon”.

I'll be your haters if you pay me!

Omg now I’m scared cause I live in Florida

This is a really nice story.

I can't work up much sympathy when bad things happen to people born into lives of privilege.

7:12 why would anyone go on a walk with THOSE shoes? I don’t feel like walking in 4 inch thin heels are ideal for walking..

I saw Jacksonville in the thumbnail and I was like, oh no. I’m from and live there

Everything points to the neighbour. They even hosed away a lot of the blood, which could have nailed the case with irrefutable evidence.

Witness: "Sir we found pools of the victim's blood all around the house!" Police Officer: "Hmmmm gross, hose it down! Now then... back to my hunch"

I have been watching BuzzFeed Unsolved for a few months now and that mannequin always seems to scare me.

7:39 hoez mad

downsides of living in florida : this.

Florida is the crackhead, meth lab state of the US. I would know cause I live there

I would love for you two to come to Florida because it’s really not as bad and weird as everyone thinks it it. I love it here

So this explains florida man

Yo don’t talk about Florida like that. California is booty

Forget the killer I want to know that the bird was okay

I also had my hamster in the freezer for 3 years and my rat for 1 bc the ground was frozen and then we never got around to burying them lmao

the look ryan got on his face in the immediate instant after realizing shane got a nosebleed in church was "wait, demon?"

"You don't think the original owner of the bird didn't just... Want the bird back?" "It's not even in my theories." Well Ryan... The lost city of Atlantis was in your theories once what goes on in your brain lol

You do not get haters because you are both male in a crap

16:35 We have more evidence that Shane is demon

ok as a floridian i feel attacked in more ways than one

I live in Chicago and when my guinea pig died in the winter we kept him in the freezer until we were able to dig his grave. I know what Shane is talking about.

Why do people put down Florida so much?

Being from Florida, I can honestly say... It is way more messed up here than you think.

Why does all the crazy stuff happen in Florida

Do the Marconi murders

Yeah, everyone has a machete where I'm from too. With no witnesses or cameras, you'd get away with murder here.

You should do a documentary on the Gainesville ripper from Florida

All Hail The Watcher!!!

16:49 further proof that shane is a demon I rest my case

shane wheezed instead of ryan (15:39)? shoOk

i can’t even be offended at this point. florida is wack. i’m just glad to live in miami, at least our rep isn’t as bad shdjd

Shane is the type of dude to poke a rabid hell demon with a stick

you want haters, well screw you!

nobody: ryan: threDDENED

So was Stanford like the town's Gaston? He could go into a murderous rage and the town would like "There's no one in town half as manly......."

Oh so he just magically noticed his watch was missing after the murder? Likely story.

Ryan, a blue jay’s not... not a parrot. They’re corvids, related to crows and ravens.

"hey that's my parrot, I think your head doesn't look good on your shoulders anymore"

Why is everyone at buzzfeed a soy boi geek. Bunch of losers who probably eat vegan, and live off mocha lattes

so what i’ve learned from BFU is that everyone in florida has a machete and everyone in New Orleans has an axe

I wish I could be offended and try to defend St. Augustine, but like, they speak the truth man.

"I loved that lady!" Wtf is wrong with him!

I went to church after a while and my body started to hurt and I felt dizzy. So I went outside and I felt a lot better

St Augustine is like, super haunted, so y'all should also do a supernatural episode on it- I'd suggest the old jail, perhaps. The lighthouse is also super haunted. There are actually a ton of haunted places I'm not even gonna list but like...... please do it. ty

You should make an episode talking about the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping in Mexico

Anyone else think that the author of the book had something to do with it??? She seemed to know a lot about this...a little too much.

What if Frances was the original target, and Athalia was mistaken for her. Frances did say that she was out walking the same night as the murder... And if the were no more murders after Frances it seems like the killer got what he wanted

I think Ryan pushed the parrot thing too far

I think y’all need to make a podcast on iTunes or somethin

im just imagining nearly headless nick when they said her head was nearly cut off. poor lady, she cant join the headless hunt lol

This is even scarier knowing that there was a guy outside my sister's college with a machete- she had to give a witness statement

You guys should cover the disappearance of Lauren Spierer! It’s a relatively recent case.

*T H W A C K A T H W A C K*

You should seriously do an episode of Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein, Also known as the butcher of Plainfield

"I have a feeling its gonna end up unsolved" oh you mean like every other episode of this ever


*thwack a-thwack*

these videos are so juicy but I ALWAYS get so scared

I t s f r e e r e a l e s t a t e.

It's hard to believe either of these theories because neither gives a reason for the death of Bemis

who gave the order to hose off the blood? that could’ve been really important evidence and they decided to hose it? sounds like a cover up to me. also hypnotism is only a state of heightened suggestibility so trying to get the truth from that wouldn’t have worked unless the person wanted to be hypnotized. #postmortem

Explore the Chernobyl explosion!

i mean, a nosebleed when he goes to church surely convicts shane of being the devil. maybe that’s why he so easily calls out to demons and goatmen from bridges.


I have a 60 pound Pitbull named clementine who I also take on walks. Hmm very interesting

Glad I just moved out of Florida

I don’t know why I clicked on this because.... I’M HOME ALONE AND I LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!!

i live in st.aug florida... scary scary lmao


I request an unsolved episode about shane's bird

More Florida people

"Shane has no bloody clothing" Me, a woman: oh no

Lmao this reminded me of a video of some chinese man cleaving up his neighbor with a meat cleaver

You guys should do a video about Mr Cruel, he's a bit like a modern day jack the ripper, no one knows who he is.

Well it is Florida aka the crack head state

40 to 60 ? Really?Couldnt get it a little closer? That would be a really haggard looking 40 yr old or a damn good looking 60 yr old!

this week on buzzfeed unsolved! More proof that Shanes a demon

It was the “bird” It was a government spy going around killing people. #BirdsArentReal

As a Floridian, I can confirm my state is kinda on it's on planet most of the time

I had a neighbor who was angry that our tree hungover her yard, and so like a completely reasonable person, she let herself into our yard and chopped off all of the branches.

You can tell how hard Ryan’s trying to pronounce February good. I love it

Why am I watching this while eating

Next on BuzzFeed unsolved: The Shocking Parrot Eating Murderer

Can you do more cases that happened more currently?

I have a theory!! She hired someone to kill her and her friend because she wanted her neighbor to look guilty. That's why they were dress like him!

I feel like that might have been a little revers e psychology so that they wouldn't get haters lol

Can you guys do an episode on the town of Tracy in California? It’s like a real life Welcome to Nightvale.

Why don’t you do the Murders based on the Pain and Gain films

Do more episodes from different countries. Too many cliché american murders

Florida and Colorado, gotta stay away

After hearing about the bluebird, Clementine, I think the answer is clear- the killer «flew the coop» after creating the (kuck)coup to kill Ethalia

I have my own theory what if Athalia's friend killed her and she got overwhelmed of grieve or getting caught she killed herself

Y’all ever think about how this happened while ted bundy was alive and killing

Thanks for calling Florida “unique”, but let’s be honest here. We’re the worst

Unsolved mruders Asia edition please

Tuva Tarby omg I read a article on him, probably too gruesome to put in a video to be honest.

Should remove the word shocking if you’re gonna follow with it being in Florida, nothing is shocking in Florida.

b i g b o y

Ryan: I have a feeling this gonna end up 'unsolved' *well the series is called 'unsolved' what's new?*

Stay out of Florida, they put tourists organs in chicken friers down here.


Bird hated her like everyone else & so it killed her

Why do I think that case happens in the 50s not in the 70s

Unrelated to the murder case, but I’ve drunk from the fountain of youth and will therefore look like a 12 year old for the rest of my immortal.

I'm from this city. Hahaha


I had my sugar gliders in the freezer for two year. We wanted to throw a little viking funeral on bamboo rafts, but it was too cold. Then we forgot about them. I get it Shane

I swear all the wierdos are in Florida.

Ofcourse it was a Florida man

Nothing in Florida is shocking to me anymore

Fun fact most of florida is made up of people from other country’s and states, only a small percent of people were actually born in florida who live in florida.

Nobody going to comment on how mad Shane looked when Ryan kept poking about his bird

I'm from Louisiana, its more like everyone in New Orleans has a gun lol

What watch model was Shane wearing?

2:43 “We all know you kept your bird in a freezer for two years.” “The ground was hard. We couldn’t bury him yet!” I HAVEN’T LAUGHED THIS HARD IN MONTHS

No one: Absolutely no one: Ryan: Shane ate his parrot

"Clementine, the blue jay, was never seen again." That's a little sus. I'm gonna say the bird did it

"Thwacka-Thwack" LMAO

This story has so many weird names. Locke? Athalia? Although I guess I’m not one to talk

she died doing what she loved


*When you live IN Florida*

i don’t like how close this is to home

I think the bird did it

Miami Floridian here and yeah Florida is weird

*Muders someone in a plain white shirt* What a mad lad

BuzzFeed Unsolved should be renamed to, "How to murder someone 101"

I live in Florida

Plot twist: It was Athalia’s goat

Do ted bundy, i and many other people believe he is innocent

4:47 he says February right!!

“Did u ever think of killing ur neighbor?” “When he didn’t give me limes yeah..”

You forgot to put Florida man

It was cleary the bird who did it


buzzfeed bad buzzfeed unsolved good

Is anything from Florida shocking, things like this happens everyday in Florida

My nose bleed in a church once Ryan:oh my god oh my god finally proof he's a demon

Ryan's not funny! (I'm being a hater)

are we really surprised that it’s florida

Okay can we stop with the Florida man thing? Florida is NO MORE CRAZY THAN ANY OTHER PLACE. The only reason it seems that way is because Florida is the ONLY (or one of the only) STATE with public arrest records. I’m sure Texas or somewhere else is just as crazy if not worse.

Dude totally ate the parrot

is Shane a deman

I love being from Florida

The top half of the faces being censored TRIGGERS ME BRO

"you would murder me if i pushed you enough" "yeah, probably" i actually choked on my diet coke

it seems a lot like a guy who really hated a person was well liked, and so well liked that no one would believe he'd do it. and since he has such a high position, it doesn't seem that weird that the evidence would be conveniently washed away.

Just sayin, yall work for buzzfeed, ya got haters.

Don’t make fun of Florida because I live there

Ryan thinks that it is sad that if you haven't been seen for a certain amount of time he would be considered a murderer. No, its because he thought about killing his neighbor because they didn't give him a lime.

"Used to fight back against the florida fauna" They really just go around killing animals with machetes huh

unmarried until way into her 50s? constant beef with everyone? because she kept a Goat in her House? having a Pet Blue Jay named Clementine and getting Murderedt while walking said blue jay? With a Machete? That woman is serious #Goals ngl

just wanna say its so nice that you guys have captions!

The nosebleed story happened to my brother too (roughly). He never went to church after he was 16 and our parents didn’t make him then my sister convinced him to go. He walked in and his nose bleed for 20-30 minutes. I wasn’t there though so I might not know all the details.

I’m always so pissed at the end cuz it’s unsolved and probably always will be unsolved

this is seriously my favorite series. i keep thinking ive seen them all but then a "new" video from like last year pops up in my recommended.

Shane's OH NO was so genuine I'm crying

Athalia is my friend cuz she love animals and she owned a caddy me too I have a 1980 caddy coupe deville and my neighbors hate me cuz I have three fur babies and I love to feed the wild birds in my neighborhood so yeah she is my soul sister❤️

I'm laughing way to hard for this joke

Who else here from Florida?

am I the only one who thought there was something on Ryan’s head the whole time

“We’re here to talk about the machete murder” Shane: :O

Can't tell if 9:33 is a mistake or Floridians are are actually out there killing the wildlife with machetes.

We need Phoenix Wright to take care of this case with Maya, Mr.Gumshoe and Missile the dog

Do ted budy

Bruh Florida is not that bad

Welp Shane’s demon

My mom was born on 18th February 1974. Just sayin'!

I always try to be mad when people say my state is weird and then I realize I have an 11 foot alligator with a handmade leather jacket name Lenny in my backyard and accept the criticism.

"She died doing what she loved." IM DYINGG

It definitely was the neighbor.

I live in Gainesville, Florida and.....this was post a day after my birthday


how is this not demonized

Please cover the Alistair Wilson murder in scotland

I want a petting zoo at my house

The next episode of unsolved: Did Shane eat his parrot?

For #postmortem I wanna say that it was a ghost. Or maybe an alien abduction. Maybe both!

11:36 - editing error or secret message? *Spends a few minutes going frame-by-frame* Oh... editing error... kinda anticlimactic.

don't come to Florida just don't

next week on buzzfeed unsolved, did Shane really bury his parrot?

"DETECTIVE! We found the killers blood in that hall!" "Hmmm, gross! Mop it up! Back to my hunch!"

I kill

i had a fish named blue hot cheeto one time and i left my window open and he got to cold and died then my mom kept it in the freezer

okay but the fact that Clementine was never seen again almost made me cry.

I think it was a serial killer passing by

Bruh imagine living a long life for it to end by a machete wielding psycho

hosing down the blood from the crime scene reminds me of that John Mulaney bit about old timey murder investigations. cop1:"detective, we found a pool of the killers blood in that hallway!" cop2: "hmm, gross, mop it up! now then, back to my hunch!"

The bird flew too The Watchers house

rocky goldsworth was back in this video

as a florida citizen i agree

I dare you _dare you_ To search up "Florida man (your birthday)" As a former Floridain I am partially offended partially laughing and partially relieved I ain't in Florida anymore

You guys are the murmur mystery Rhett and link

Florida should put antipsychotics in their water

Loch Ness monster

Evidence? Hosed Parrot? Snatched Suspect? Hypnotized Hotel? Trivago

Got butchered by a machete? #AllHailTheWatcher

What if they were all in it?

Wait... but if Alan said they wants to frame him? Why were the clothes found in salt water?


Im from florida and that not how it work

"They ran out tissues"


3:30 .. When he started this sentence I thought he was gonna ask “Do you think the bird did it?” ...

I know I'm late but I have a theary that the killer burned the Francis to destroy his finger prints

Aye Middleburg we made it

"i gotta feeling it's gonna end up unsolved." an unsolved case? on the official buzzfeed unsolved network channel? that's unheard of!

I bet the bird did it

Damn.. so she was hated, he was popular.. I kinda feel like he did it, but people didn't let the evidence get in the way of their bias. Although hosing the blood does seem shady

This guy and axeman are definitely best friends

I was born around Jacksonville Florida. Maybe that explains why I'm the way i am

the way ryan says threatened in so funny “threadend”

"Only In Florida." I had to say it. I'll see myself out...

Florida is full of crack head,pill poppers and there isn't really swaps lol just saying

you guys should do the unsolved death of marsha p. johnson or venus xtravaganza! two lgbt icons during the aids crisis and ball culture.

This was posted on my birthday. Just thought you should know that.

I don't think it was any of these suspects- unless you believe all the murders were not connected. I think it seems logical to place the Athalia's murder on the suspects as it was personal. I mean at the beginning, it appeared to me that it was a personal killing but the other killings seem connected. Athalia may have been the victim of a serial killer.

Excuse me Florida is the best State with are beaches

10 Pm at night.. I live in Florida, got a closet in my room that looks back at me with darkness.. yeah no sleep b

frances: and i’m still walking alone at night murderer: i’m about to end this whole woman’s career

I love watching all these Unsolved episodes and I just think sometimes that they should have snacks when they're talking about theories.



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