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Japanese. Horror has a distinct. Identity, that sets it apart. Where, Western, horror films, tend to lean heavily on immediate. Action, shocking. Imagery, and surprise, moments. Meant to startle, the audience. Japanese. Films generally, rely more on psychological. Horror a slow. Burn that eventually consumes. The viewer inspiring. An all-encompassing. Long. Lingering, sense of dread. Unlike. In Western war and especially. In modern films of the last decades, J, horror films usually don't, try to jump, scare the audience. Instead. The horror, often originates. From something, that subconsciously. Resonates, with a viewer, ideas. Images. Feelings. That, stick, with you long after watching, it. One. Of the most prominent, themes, you can find employed and a horror is the intersection. Of fear, and technology. More. Than a few Japanese horror films have explored, how technology. Despite. Bringing about our hyper-connected. Society. Can. Also bring, out the worst in us. As. We all know too well, these days technology. Can, isolate us, toy, with our sense of reality and, inspire, sinister. Obsessions. It. Can drive us to commit acts of violence against. Others. Or. Even ourselves. This. Is, the, story of one of the greatest Japanese, horror films ever made. Satoshi. Khan's, 1997. Animated feature, perfect. Blue. Perfect. Blue is a dazzling. Piece of animation that, explores, issues of Faina. Identity. Female. Agency. And. Mental, illness. It's. Also a story about people. And. Culture. How. Exactly. Did we arrive at this moment where, technology. Has come to dominate our lives and, why, does this new connectivity seem, to be, paradoxically. Making. Us more isolated. And unwell, than ever. Perfect. Glue was created by the legendary, director Satoshi, Kon who is responsible, for some of the most highly acclaimed anime, ever made if. You're familiar with his style you, just intuitively. Know, when, you're watching a Satoshi Kon movie he, brings a kind of razor, sharpness, to every, aspect of his filmmaking. Writing. Directing. Art. Character. Design and most, of all is, editing. Kon, was such a masterful. And accomplished, director you could easily spend an entire video say just discussing, his technique if. You haven't seen it already every. Frame a painting did this wonderful video on the filmmaking, of Satoshi Kon it's well worth your time and it's a great appetizer. For what I'm going to explore in this video. But. In order to decipher. The message and meaning, of perfect, blue we, need to take a trip way way, way, back in time to. The faraway distant. Era of the. 1990s. This. Name. By. The dawn of the 1990s. Japan, was in a position of unparalleled, economic strength. Less. Than 50 years after the country had been devastated, by World War two, Japan. Had reimbursed. From the ashes as an economic, powerhouse. One. That seemed destined, for global. Domination. Beginning. In the 1970s. The country experienced, an economic, bubble driven. By the hyperinflation, of. Real estate and, stock market, assets. The. Value of Japanese, assets, kept going up up up and the, combination, of cheap credit and lose monetary, policy, by the Japanese, government meant. That every, market, in the world was, flooded, within. This. Period in Japan was known as the bubble caking, the bubble, condition, or bubble, economy. During. This time one, of the main drivers of the so-called Japanese. Miracle, was the country's, advancements. In consumer, electronics and, computer, technology. Computer. Systems like the PC, 9800. And. With it early forms of the Internet to the Japanese public many. Years, ahead of the West. So. By the time the Western internet was in its infancy, Japan. Had already seen the rise of its robust, culture, of bulletin, boards, anonymous, message boards and chat services. With. A bubble, economy in bloom a networked. And high-tech, Japan, had risen to become a global, economic superpower. Many. Of our most enduring tropes. Of a hyper advanced, and Japanese, dominated, future, are rooted, in pop culture of this era. But. The influence and importance, of this period, of history stretches, far beyond, just consumer, electronics, the. World began, to truly believe that Japan was, at the forefront of a bold new, historical. Era where. Man-machine. And network, would become one.

Writers. And futurists. Offered us tales of a Japanese, dominated, future, a vision, that became to be beloved by the world and still endures, to this day. Many. Of our most popular depictions. Of transhumanism, the. Merging, of humans, and machines came. Directly out of Japanese, technological. Progress and, the, pop culture inspired. Japan. Was the first country to successfully. Make bipedal, robots. There's. Still the best in the field of Robotics and, Japanese. Cartoons, played some part in that they. Did. Japan. Was truly, riding, high in these heady times the. World believed, that the Japanese, miracle, was the key to the future, of human, progress we. All need to start acting more like the Japanese or, so, the experts said the Wizards. Of capitalism. Believed that the good times would never end, it would only keep getting better the. American, economist, Francis Fukuyama, even wrote a book called the, end of history and, the last man and, he cited Japan, in support of his thesis he theorized. That at long last we had reached the end of, history and, that, humanity's. Future lay in the kind of ultra, deregulated. Market, exemplified. By Japan. But. What happened next, nobody. Saw coming in, the blink, of an eye everything. Changed. Japan's. Economy began. To overheat. And inflation. Ran out of control. Investors. Panicked, and rapidly, pulled their money out of the country by. 1993, the, Japanese acid, bubble had almost entirely. Evaporated. Wiping. Out the equivalent of trillions, of dollars in wealth. Indeed. To this very day japan's. Nikkei stock market. Has never reached the heights it attained in 1990. It. Was the start of what is known as the last decade, with, Japan calls the 1990s. And. Has the bubble economy burst, the, dreams of a revived, and dominant, Japan went, with it leaving, behind a ghost that still haunts pop culture, today, in. The. Wake of this collapse, and, as, the country entered the second half of what would become a decade-long, depression. Strange. New, currents, began, to emerge in Japanese, society as, the. Country, slid further into the last decade, of the 1990s, Japan saw. An ish social, phenomenon, burst into the mainstream.

The. Otaku. An. Otaku is a young person, and it was always a young, person, who has an obsessive, interest, in pop culture and, computers, and this. Passion often, goes hand in hand with a complete, lack, of social, skills an. Otaku, is a guy like me who likes japanimation. Not. To be clear the term pitaka has come to define a broad range of interests it, can refer to anime. And comic, fans video, game players toy, collectors. Music. Aficionados. And even complete shut-ins, the, so called hikikomori who. Shun all human, contact in favor of living their entire life, online. Otaku. Is in the literal sense the, Japanese word for another person's, house, historians. Believe there was first coined by the humorist, and essayist, Akio Nakamura, who used otaku, as a synonym, for, unpleasantly. Obsessive, fans of anime and manga the. Term stuck and it grew as byword among Japanese, subcultures, and phantoms, but. In 1989, the. Word otaku would take on an entirely new and, darker. Meaning. - Tomo Miyazaki a mild-mannered. Photo, technician, in his mid-twenties, was one, day discovered, to be the perpetrator, of sickening, acts of rape, pedophilia. Cannibalism. Vampirism. And necrophilia. Against, for random, young girls. Miyazaki. Was also an obsessive, collector of movies, and anime. Among. His collection, of nearly, 6,000. Videotapes, investigators. Found that he had intersperse. Pictures, and footage of victims into, some of his cassettes of anime, and slasher, films. Miyazaki. Had made himself the, star of his own twisted fantasy. World and. He. Had used pop culture, and technology. To. Do it. He. Was known in the Japanese, press and subsequently. In international, media as the, otaku murderer. And, Miyazaki's. Story became the main inspiration. Behind the book perfect. Blue complete. Metamorphosis, written. By yoshikata, Takeo Qi which, was published in 1991, and followed by Satoshi Khan's movie adaptations. Six years later. Perfect. Blue tells the story of the fictional, popstar, Mima kitty with the lead singer of the famous idol trio champ. In, the omaima's achieved, massive, popularity, as an idol singer she, resolves to quit cham in order to become a serious, actor, as she openly yearns, to be free from the limitations, that are imposed on her by her a good girl persona. Now. An idol, is like a supercharged. And distinctly, Japanese version, of pop stardom. Beginning. In the 1970s, and 80s, female Japanese pop stars became high-profile. Celebrities, in their own right an, idol could be a singer, a dancer and. Actor, or some combination of all three. By. The 90s, the idol phenomenon, had diversified. Quite a bit now Japanese, screens, and airwaves, featured, idols with a wide array of talents. The. Idols of the 90s for example tended to be quite a bit younger than their counterparts, from the 70s and 80s and they, also placed, a much greater emphasis on being outwardly. Cute and wholesome. Solo, angst or on the decline of the 90s and many idols instead chose to join together as multi member groups practice. Who still see today across China, Korea, and Japan. Many. Japanese idols, also became famous for their work as voice actors and anime and video games singing. Idols have given their vocals to some of the most beloved theme music in anime, history. Idol. And, otaku. Two. Of the foundational. Phenomena, of modern, Japanese pop culture, they're. Also the first impressions. On the viewer as perfect, flue begins, right. Away the movie is setting the stage for the audience that. Its outset perfect, blue is asking, you to consider the duality, of these images and whether they might be in any way connected, Mima, leaves Cham to start a new life as a television actress and her resignation sparks. An immediate, uproar, from the group's passionate. Male fanbase. The. Backlash quickly, escalates, NEMA. Receives, an anonymous fact. From an otaku named me, mania, who accuses her of being a traitor. Shortly. After that a maniacal Chan fan mailed an explosive, device to, the set of numerous news show, injuring one of the crew members. The. Past, that, meaneth thought she had left behind has come back to haunt or present. But. NEMA remains undeterred. As. She struggles, to adjust to, her new life as a serious, actress, she, lands a string of roles in show was about sex crime, and murder. In. The. Hopes of jump-starting. Her career, by taking, on a truly provocative. Role NEMA. Agrees, to play a rape, victim in an upcoming episode, of a TV crime, drama. There's. Very little nudity, or actual.

Violence, Shown in this simulated, rape scene and yet, it feels so visceral, and despite. Being animated, almost. Real, it's. One of the most graphic, and disturbing things. I've seen in film. At, first the gambit seems to work mimas career starts, to take off but. We see that despite, her denials, she was completely, unprepared, for, the trauma this rape performance, would causing her the, scars it would leave on her psyche. And. It isn't this exact, moment where her present, is most in doubt that, she's confronted, by a strange, vision, from her past an. Ethereal, apparition. Of her flawless idol, self in pastel pink and white an. Illusory. Embodiment. Of her previous life, that, mocks her by nonchalantly. Skipping, and gliding, across the nighttime streets, of Tokyo in her despair. Her. Roles as an actor begin to bleed into the real world and, she becomes increasingly. Unable to distinguish. Fantasy from. Reality as, she. Continues, to grapple with her traumatic, experiences. Her, reality, begins to twist more, than disintegrate. And. At. The same time the. Dream NEMA takes on a life of her own. This. Illusion, of her self haunts, her like, a waking dream. She. Stars to believe that she really wants. Stopped, attacked. And sexually violated. That she is the, character, she wants portrayed. All. Moving, accelerates, to a breakneck pace as, it reaches its climax, Nima, begins to experience, events jumbled. Fragmented. And out of order, shocking. And dramatic, revelations, are turned on their head and revealed, to be just dialogue, for another one of her TV roles. Us. Turned into a textbook, unreliable. Narrator, and the viewer can no longer be certain whether what the scene is real or just, a TV program, is. A remarkable. Breaking, of the fourth wall that also aligns the themes and plot of the movie with the audience's, emotional, journey and it's. Just one example, why perfect, blue is such a masterwork. Of horror cinema. As. She continues to spiral, downward, NEMA, submits to further sexual, degradation in, pursuit of her career the. Dreamy, mom, becomes even more assertive. Haunting, Nima's every waking moment and, worse, still a stalker, killer is closing, in on her leaving, a string of grisly murders in, his wake. Until. Finally, the tension, becomes too great to bear these. Dueling. Delusions, these twin, madnesses, collapse, in on each other and shatter completely. Perfect. Blue is the dark and sinister side to Japan's perpetually. Cheery idle culture, it. Is a fable, about the human cost of hyper capitalism. And pursuit, of perfection or, people become commodities, for public consumption. Like. The bubble economy that, birthed it the. Idle celebrity, is ultimately, a hollow, being. When. Faced with a slightest, bit of pressure, it. Will suddenly. This. Last part is a great segue to discuss one of the film's most critical, themes, female. Agency, and identity, in an oppressive, world, perfect. Blues plot, tone and themes make it almost. Disingenuous. Not, to look at this film through the lens of feminist. Theory over. The course of the story our protagonist NEMA is largely portrayed, as passive. And lacking, in an agency, and autonomy and. By that I mean that NEMA, as she's, shown in the movie appears. To have very little direct, control, over the course of her life when. It comes to her career, NEMA, is totally, and completely, differential. To whatever her managers, tell her to do and. As she makes the choice to set her personal, life aside in order to advance her career she, puts herself at the mercy of these seemingly, a militant, forces. The. Questions about female agency raised by perfect blue are a brutal. Verdict, on the state of japan's idol industry, but. Even more critically, for this angle of analysis, is crucial. To fully illuminate, one of the film's central themes, by. The 1990s. The expectations. Around the behavior, for Japanese, idols, have changed. They. Were now expected, to be stereotypically. Feminine and, cute, and both appearance and presentation. Idols. Were highly, infantilized. In Japanese media with the most popular, idols celebrated, for their childlike, and vulnerable, behavior. If. You're a devoted, fan of anime, and this probably, sounds a little familiar. These. Stereotypes, around aisle behavior, also informed, what we know as the saccharine.

Sweet Moe a trope. But. In perfect blue this mixture of femininity. And infantilization. Is, a stinging, indictment. Of the dark side of Japanese, kawaii culture an. Idol. Is in essence, totally. And completely, defined. By the role she plays the. Demands, of the idols career dictate, how she spends, her free time she, can be friends with who, she can date and even, what she can eat in that. Sense it's only natural that NEMA desired. To break free from her career as a singer, and begin, a new chapter in her life. But. While a story of perfect, blue may be distinctly, Japanese, and tonin character, it's every, bit as relevant, to how the world views female, pop stars today, Britney. Spears Christina, Aguilera, Rihanna. Miley, Cyrus Selena, Gomez Ariana, Grande all, of these celebrities began, their careers by first establishing, a squeaky-clean, public. Image as pop star and just, like Mima all of, them suffer trials, and tribulations, that led to a bad, girl phase, whether, persona, became more explicit. More provocative. And more sexualized. And. After that these, stars all underwent, highly, publicized, rebirths, where, they reemerged. As fully formed, adult celebrities, in, many. Ways the story of the modern celebrity, is the, story of perfect, blue an endless. Cycle of self-discovery. Trauma. And rebirth, and all. Of it performed, for the benefit, of an omnipresent. Consumer, audience. Now. The movie is direct, about, this theme it, isn't trying to obfuscate the, message or hide things from the viewer. The. Message, is clear in order, to become more adult. And achieve. True career success, aspiring. Celebrities, must first, submit to an external gaze, of society, a society, whose viewpoint, and voracious sexual appetite, is explicitly. Understood. To be male. But. This way of thinking is. A trap. Surrendering. Your own agency. And self-determination can. Never, lead, to empowerment. So. As NEMA surrenders, more and more of herself to her career she, becomes increasingly, engrossed, by what the outside world thinks. About her and expects, from the idea, of the person she represents. As, it is for example embodied. By the message, board posts, of vitriolic, fans, and. As. She the, actual, person, behind the idol struggles. To please everyone, and meet, the expectations of those fans, her. Own sanity, continues. To disintegrate. As. A young woman NEMA is in the period, of turmoil, and constant. Change but. Within her career and her personal life. But. Rather than, living as a complete, autonomous. Person one. Able to make her own choices with, her own agency she's. Perpetually, boxed. In by what, someone else thinks of her or wants, her to do or things, she should say to confirm, the idea she embodies. NEMA. Is caught in the paradox, of that age-old, trope, the. Madonna, whore, duality. As a. Woman she's, expected. To maintain an, impossible balance. Of behavior. Virginal. And pure and one moment but. Then the drop of the Hat totally. Objectified, and sexualized. It's. A bizarre contradiction. That women still must grapple with today the, expectation. That they must be all things, to all people at, the same time, always. Pleasing, never. Contradicting. Never, arguing. Never, asserting, in oneself, always. Defining. Yourself on, someone else's terms a, commodity. To serve solely, for, the gratification of, others, a. Culturally. Predetermined. Path to, complete, alienation. And. Madness. Burr getting close to final, and perhaps most critical, theme of perfect, blue but. First. We. Need to go back. To. The beginning. Remember. That brilliant, opening scene, we talked about earlier one, of the most interesting. Visual, cues here, are the fans at the Cham concert, a, faceless. Undifferentiated. Mass, of, humanity, staring. Bank blankly, those on stage is, the. Relationship, between creator, and audience, in the modern age captured. And crystallized. In, a single moment. Under. The stage lights a performer. Who is expected, to literally, bear it all and put their most intimate, self on display, for the viewer to consume. And. In the opposite, side of the four stage lurks, the unknowable, and inscrutable, monster. Known as the audience. This. Moment is both expert. Foreshadowing. And an, expression, of perfect blues most relevant, and frightening, theme the. Relationship, between audience. And creator. And how. A hyper technological.

Fandom, Has permanently. Blurred the lines between the two. As. With the movies other major, themes, this, point is delivered, explicitly. To the audience through dialogue, spoken by the characters once. Again there is no office keishon, or trickery here the movie is telling you bluntly, what it's all about. Just. Awesome. I see, them. Yeah. Yeah your assume it's get understand. Canada, you could be the work the mother that's to. Drive this point home the, film makes extensive use, of reflections. Images. Of mirrors, the, windows of buildings, and cars and, the screens of TVs and computers. Reflections. In perfect, blue represent. The unconscious. Mind the, cell that is hidden from everyday, society. Lurking. Just, below the surface but. In. The right moment, and when. Viewed at just the right angle these. Illusions, leap out of their confines and take on a life of their own throughout. Perfect, blues the audience, comes to understand, that reflections. Are a doorway, to a realm of illusion, a symbol. Of how easily our, sense of self can, be twisted, and shattered. But. We also see that these illusions, are no more or less real when they're transmitted, to us by a TV or computer screen, rather, than reflected. In a funhouse mirror, when. Another person is simulated, for us right in front of our eyes and, in extreme detail. Our. Psyches, invariably. Fall prey to the illusion that what, we are seeing is real and we, start to act as though we're forming a real reciprocal. Relationship, with the object, of our affection. But. These images are illusions. And they are not real they, are one-sided. Obsessions. And the object of our desire has. No real way of interacting with us or returning. The sentiment. In, the psychological, literature of the 1950s, as researchers, were observing, the effects of the mass adoption of radio and television across society, this phenomenon, came to be known as Paris. Social interaction. Americans. At the time came, to believe that mass, media personalities. In TV and radio were. Their close personal. Friends, despite never having interacted. With them sounds. Familiar. Thank. You so much. I know scope JFK, Wow. $25. Man that's so generous I love you for this as, a matter of fact you have earned the Buddy Thumb we're officially, buddies now. But. Perfect blue describes, something, different, something darker. A shared. Delusion that is only made possible by, the emergent of new and highly advanced, consumer, technology, like personal, computers, and the Internet this. Might sound like something out of science fiction, but has actually been a well-known psychological. Condition, for nearly two centuries. The. French behaviorist, who discovered this condition, called it fully adieu, madness. Of to or a person. Suffering from a delusion or, a psychiatric. Syndrome, spreads. Their condition, to another person, almost, like an infectious, disease modern. Psychology, describes this phenomenon, as shared, psychosis or. In, the most extreme cases mass. Hallucination. Just. As Mimas otaku, fans, are obsessed, with every, single career, move she makes she, too becomes. Obsessed, with how she is, perceived, by her fandom, their. Obsession, of her, becomes. Her own. But. This notion of shared psychosis takes on an even darker twist, in the movies finale, where we learned that the true antagonist. All along, was Mimas. Manager, dreamy, the. Most caring, protective. And motherly. Figure in the entire film was, hiding, her own sinister, secret. When. She was younger, Harumi herself, failed in her career as an idol, now. She's. Living vicariously through. Mima in the hopes of getting another, shot at, her dream. While. Her name dreamy, is a, quite common feminine. Given name in Japan if you. Mirror. It it. Becomes the mirror. Me3. Mirror. Ramie, are. You. Me. Really. Lived out the phantasm, of her unfulfilled, past, by masquerading, as the real Mema and she, constructed, an elaborate, fictional. Online persona, to complete that fantasy. She. Tried to turn, this delusion, into reality, by killing, everyone who she believed was responsible for, me must ascend to the poverty, her, manager, the, writer of the TV show and even the actors, involved in the episode. To. Me became possessed by, her old life as an idol and was able to infect NEMA with her delusion, thanks to the interlocking. Technologies, of consumer, electronics mass. Media, and the Internet and as, we see from the fallout, of me manias, online, message board posts, roomie may have shared her psychosis. With far more people than just me. Mommy. And, Mima the. Past and present of the japanese idol industry, trapped, within delusion, and haunted, by images from their past. But. In the closing, moments of the movie and that brilliant. Climactic. Instant in which Mima dances, in front of the headlights of an oncoming truck, we. Come to understand, that she was never in, any real danger, this.

Mima Was really roomy deep. In the grips of psychosis. It. Was only by saving Rumi, both, symbolically. And literally, that. Mima is finally, able to break free from this madness. She. Must save herself, from. Herself. Perfect. Blue suggests, to the audience that obsessive, fandom, is a grotesque perversion. Of humanity it. Is, a distorted, and hyper consumerist. Reflection, of the real human, emotions, of love kindness. And devotion, it. Can never be anything more, than simulacra. A distant. Shadow on the wall of Plato's cave. The. Only way forward is, to find the strength to shatter this black mirror completely. Otaku. Were an extreme, social, outlier, when perfect, blue first came out in 1997. But. Things, have changed quite a bit in the 20 years since then haven't they because. Something, has finally, come to pass that none, of us could have predicted not. Satoshi Colin not Francis, Fukuyama not even Billy Gibson themselves, this, one coming. Thanks. To the power and pervasiveness, of the internet but taku style fandom, has completely. Consumed. The globe these. Days pretty, much everyone, under 40 who grew up in the industrialized, world is, some form of otaku depending. On their preferences, they. Might be a traditional. Otaku, obsessed, with anime, and video games or they, might be a more mainstream variety, of atacó with for instance encyclopedic. Knowledge of, sports, statistics pop. Music, superhero, movies you take a pic in. Our modern-day, hyper, consumerist. Health space, ultimately. We, are all, otaku. We. Are all participating. In online fan communities, constantly. Plugged in networking. Among fellow obsessives, on social, media on message boards and common, sections, news aggregators. At home on our computers, or on our phones and tablets while on the move no. Matter what you're into there, is an, online subculture. Out there just waiting to pull you in and consume. You. Your. Consumer, identity. Does, not just happen at random anymore. It's. Being cultivated, for, you there's a digital tribe, of marketing, space to occupy, inhabit. And carry, as your banner into the battlefield, of the open market. Fandom. Is no longer the exception, it's. Become an exploitable. Commodity. For mega corporations. As fans. We are evangelist. And, we are all, of us now, living, in the state of perpetual. Hyper-reality. Once. You've seen perfect, blue you. May find that this strange horror depicted, in this film has in the two decades since it came out become. Uncannily. Familiar. And all. Too real. Every. Day of our lives is, perfectly. Blue. But. The Sumana, die up there is not saying no. However. We may interpret his remarks, one, thing is clear, he, understood, at least in part the difference, between his, make-believe, and ours, for. Example Baron, some. Deep-seated, suspicion, made him see in you an enemy and in, his habit of mind that enemy was given a name from his world of fantasy. A. TDP. Nanny. Hello. And, welcome. To my internet, homepage. This. Is Ragnar. And this. Is a special, thank, you to my biggest fan and. Margaret. Strong. Adriel. Eric. Flit, mr.. Berg Adan Shawn. Quigley, Zach, Lord, bloody. Me about you nema, kiriwe. Awesome. Moccasin. Chin. Hansen, Dennis. Prefer called Casper, ROM a, skull. Failing, days. Enix. Vincent. Kavanagh. Levi. Molars. Omen. Bazan, Bella max. Herbert, Matt. Davis. Cameron. Richter, meadow. Reno. Jacob. Wood ward, Michael. Drill oh no. Ilan eat alimony, more. Artists are Dez Steven. Bischoff. Carlos. Volare. Emmett, are slut go Lucas. Adam. Birth, dunkeld. Martin. Schmidt, Augustine. Bodega, Adam. Cross Danny. Sandal, trans. Hallett miss. Fed. Joker. Zero. Anonymity. --kavitha. Evan. Tickford, Nathan.

The Grand, Brian. F Kevin. Age young Nicholas. LaRosa pool, wagon. David's. Allen AK and, Gehenna. Malin. Can. Tom poor Dom sure. Lake Chuck. Taylor, Dominic. Hit hide back off, Liam. Jones, we, found Nestler David. Nadal, Ryan. Hailey, Lord. Inquisitor. And Chris. Until. Next time. Sayonara.

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Holy God, I didn't realize you looked like that

I got chills watching this and I think I disassociated a bit but in a good way. Excellent work.

This guy's interesting. Another good channel to subscribe to.

Holy shit I just got Perfect Blue yesterday and now you're putting out a video about it. Is this actual reality?


wow what a video

the main thing that i'm getting from this is that my dad is a sports weeaboo

I dont belive, I was raised to serve and think. I will show you how fast we can turn this otaku crap down again. We just have to push the speed a little bit higher, Accelerate!

Im always floored by the work you put into your videos.

I hear your bloodlines background music 33:00

27:24 I Would legitimately buy a shirt with that design on it. But on another note, I would love to hear a Youtubers opinion on their viewers/fans. Like do Youtubers see viewers as just fans, or employers of sorts since some do donate to them monetarily via Patreon. Another thing I always have wondered, do any YTs actually converse with fans besides the occasional comment reply or shout out? I love the idea of having an online community, but is it really a "community" if the reason for the community, have no idea they exist? The line between creator and "fan" is so blurred now that Youtube continues to change and I guess I would love to hear a Youtubers opinion on all this.

Is this the "feelz equal realz" argument?

Perfect timing, just got the bluray of this in the mail the other day =D One of my all time favorites.

What’s up with the ending? You ok bud?

Was that a JoJo reference?????????!?!? P.S. This video is amazing!!!

27:23 Holy shit!! Is that a motherfucking Jojo reference???

27:27 So can you fire off the cap of a coke bottle to break a cop's fingers ?

I'm a RagnarRox otaku now. Sorry :(

Interesting choice to use Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines OST to close out Folie A Deux, some points quite appropriate.

Still one of my all time favorite youtubers Ragnar! Your channel is such a gem and I hope you keep the videos coming! It seems so rare for channels to upload content with so much love put into it. We appreciate what you do man

16:53 whoah!

great to see you're back

RagnarRox covering Perfect Blue? This should be amazing....

I love your videos. Not only are you incredibly intelligent with great sources to back up your points, but I love how well you empathize with the people who suffer in these stories. Your balance of intelligence and empathy is my favorite thing.

I watched Perfect Blue before watching your video and I must say, However the paradox unfolds before us there is no don't that no matter how hard we try we cultivate our own reality. Just the fact that I saw a post from Twitter that first lead me to this video to which curiosity got the best of me and lead me to watch Perfect Blue. Only to have an epiphany! You are indeed a very good story teller and I do like your subtle ques within your video(very nice touches). So, I guess what I am trying to say is ... in a sense you are putting yourself in the shoes of a "pop idol" by making this video? To then have us, "your fans" applaud what a great job you've done with the video. I had this abrupt and subtle thought when you started reading names from your Patreon page. I'm not knocking your video or anything like that. I'm just trying to provide context I guess for a "deeper meaning".

My girlfriend and I watched it once a few years ago and in the theater. Both times the movie was too relatable for her and made her cry hardcore both times. This movie is incredibly terrifying for people with bipolar and dissociative disorder because the extremes it portrays these emotions. This shit feels real to them, I don't know any other movie that can invoke that feeling so accurately.

i think perfect blue is one of my favorite films... even though i've never seen it aha

Well...that ending certainly was grim. And here I thought the worst thing about modern consumerism was that it's slowly bleeding the many dry for the sake of the few. Turns out the things we love secretly want to eat us alive as well.

This video made me reconsider the way I present myself online. This is one of your finest videos Rag. Keep up the good work.

The otaku murder case in general is really interesting and disturbing. I felt dirty after researching it. :\

This type of movie is more relevant than ever......

As of writing... 1.2k likes and only 13 dislikes. That’s when you know the video is on point

You, are a badass sir.

I think the rape scene as a trigger for her psyche becoming damaged is the weakest area of this movie. It's not believable that she has a complete psychotic break from something she knows is not real. Another event occurring to drive her to that point would have been better suited.

RagnarRox: But first... Me: *let me take a selfie* RagnarRox: ...We have to go back to the begging of the movie. Me: aaaaaaah :\

Holy cow Ragnar, this was an incredible ride. You have definitely outdone yourself, terrific work!

Damn. That was a ride.

Satoshi Kon and RagnarRox. What's not to love man?

I was eating food when you talked about the otaku killer.... I couldn’t even swallow, I had to spit it out.......... FOR FUCK SAKE!!!! DX

Well done sir! You have given me a lot to think about. I shall look with renewed eyes both on the film and how I consume media.

You put some surprising work into some of those transitions. 33:44, and the way the audio eerily drops away in 26:24

Holy instant sub. Great voice quality and production really has me unable to close a usually too long 40 minute video. You rock dude keep it up.

Ragnar, Perfect Blue has been one of my favorite films for a long time and you just changed the way I look at parts of it. Thank you for this.

*Start waving glow sticks furiously*

Everytime I see you in a video it puts such an interesting perspective on this ultra analytical voice

Amazing video. That end has me in chills. I am simultaneously amazed and disgusted with this world.

Aside from the wonderful essay itself, the editing is mindblowing.

The username I_noSc0pedJFK almost made me fall of my chair from laughing.

Your videos have legitimately become events in my life to be lauded.


I love the fact that you are appearing more and more on camera. I think it helps a lot when dealing with heavy topics in videos as it creates more of an empathic connection between the video and the viewer; sort of a "Here, guys, this is gonna be heavy, but we are gonna get through it together". You're awesome, Ragnar!

Wow Ragnar! I loved this format! amaizingly produced and one of my favorite movies of all time, i appreciate your video a lot , thank you so much for this!

Love editing, narrative and voice. Amazing video overall. Nice job my "parasocial" friend!

Given that there were stories about fangirls killing themselves over Rudolph Valentino's death back in the 1920's, I would say we haven't come that far with stupid shit like this.

For me, what scared me the most about this movie wasn't just the imagery, the use of color red, or the...screwdriver scene...but rather the music. It's a perfectly good representation of someone slowly descending into madness.

Impressive as always! As a huge fan of this movie, I was excited the second I saw this in my notifications. I'm happy to see you've taken the time to dissect the movie to show how many amazing little details are hidden, making me want to rewatch the whole thing again!

That demonitization was inevitable but your quality cannot and should not be censored. This was a brilliant look into a real masterwork, and I agree that it's only become more relevant on a global scale as time's gone by.

Man you are just brilliant!

TFW the Doppelganger and major plottwist passes by unmentioned despite being a major point of the isolation cast upon the workers by superiors (managers... *wink-wink*)... Nevermind, great Video :)

By far, this is one of the most disorienting animated films I have ever watched. It's visually perfect and its themes are immortal in regards to how fame/social pressures destroy a person's mental stability. Also it really illustrates how horrifically women are sexualized in the entertainment industry. (side note;OH SHIT THERE'S ALSO TETSUO THE IRON MAN OST MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO. Excellent.)

The end of the video literally made me laugh. Good to have a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I love perfect blue. I've always seen it as a psychological thriller but now that the idea that everyone is an otaku is an undeniable fact, It definitely is a horror movie.

Brilliant and insightful as always. Perfect Blue is a poignant and darkly realistic movie, you did really well to explain it!

Omg that scene from Kairo ruined my life for about six months.

Great video, as always Ragnar

your vids keep getting better and the subject matter is very close to my heart... cheers!

Another great video. I've never heard of perfect blue but will now watch it due to your analysis. This seems like a stimulating watch.

oh no, am I an otaku?

the timing with the mima patron in the end was cool af

Great discussion of a great film! Well done!

This is a masterpiece of an essay. Perfect Blue is one of my favorite horror/psycho thrillers of all time. You did it true justice.

omfg I'm so excited to watch this

People capitalizing on fandoms and consumer identities sound a lot like 'Cultivated Identity', something Peter Coffin talks about quite often.


Sitting watching the start, see footage of Perfect Blue, think to myself that looks like Paprika, and sure enough it was the same artist.

ive had a disassociative identity disorder for a long while and ive never seen a better representation of it than this film. everything said here rings true on a personal level but also of our modern society, culture, politics, everything. ive slowly learnt how to deal with my disorder, it feels like the world is gonna have to learn soon too. as always, love your content and would recommend serial experiments lain as an existential anime follow up, would really looooove to see a vid on that in the future!!!

Holy shit, didn't expect to hear SMT music here

Sorry I'm just to tired to see this right now, but tomorrow I'll watch the shit out of this!! And I will god damn appreciate it!!

You create some really amazing content. Thank you so much. I feel like I learn so much by by watching your shows

this video reminds me why this channel is my favorite. thanks for all the videos which helped me greatly in my studies on art! truly thank you!

feels bad that i can't help you on Patreon. but will do when i can

I hear that bloodlines music bro.

I felt both utterly silly and galaxy-brain at the same time when I found how well the Malkavian theme fit when talking about Rumi's psychosis. ;)

I gotta admit, I'm not an ardent gamer or a major horror fan for that matter. But my god I love this channel. The sheer in-depth analogy and intellectual disections of a genre of entertainment that seems trivial to some, is truly impressive and not only that, very interesting. I love your fascination with the human psyche and how far it stretches, coupled with cultural observations. It's nearly like studying cyber-anthropology or something! Fair play man keep this work up, love every minute of it!

Yooo loving the Vampire The Masquerade-music around 31:30! Your videos are always interesting to watch and well constructed, good job. I don't really watch anime but this film was def worth seeing.


I gave a legit Arsenio Hall "whoop whoop" and fist pump when I saw this in my feed. Fantastic video!

RagnarRox oh I’m sorry I had the wrong concept , thanks for making it clear

So real talk about the dark side of idols and entertainment is a no go but radical feminism videos are OK for YT?

+Enttey Demonetization doesn't mean it's stripped of ads - it means that about 95% of advertisers automatically will be considered ineligible for this video (or rather the video ineligible for them to advertise on), which will result in about 1/20 of the revenue it would usually generate.

Incredible video, it's such a shame that YouTube demonetized you for making a great short doc about Dark Blue & Otaku. Hope you keep making cool stuff.

Literally fuck youtube. We need a mass exodus.

I've been waiting years for someone to make a video like this about Perfect Blue. I'm so grateful that you took the time to analyze the film this deeply. You have an incredible way of presenting information and holding your viewer's interest. I appreciate your editing style and narration style very much. The production value of your work surpasses some of the documentaries I've seen broadcast on TV. You should be really proud of what you do.

very insightful commentary of a great movie full of themes to analysem and very clever meta "gags", the first of which made me stop to like the video. enjoyed every minute. thanks for making this.

The style of this video is just fantastic.


I_noScopedJFK - ouch

The company controlling their lives also goes for male idols the contracts are quite sickening from dating to where they live it is complete control

Drinking and watching this is not a good time. But the video itself is amazing. It does make me take a double take at the reality we live in now, and how invested we are in pop culture. It's eerie , but true. The usual feeling I get after watching a RagnarRox video. I enjoyed it, thank you for your time and patience when making this video. Keep on going on!

I really think the usa could benefit from an impresdion ( NOT remake/adaptation) through the lense of american star culture

Loved this video and the movie it freaked me out at first, than made me stop and contemplate my life lol, great job

I am very glad you divided the video into multiple titled parts. It can be incredibly frustrating if long video essays don't do this, as it can be somewhat difficult to follow along. This is a great video, and I very much enjoyed to see you in front of the camera again. Unfortunately, I'm not in a spot right now where I can support you on Patreon, but once I can I definitely will. You deserve all the support you can get for everything you do.

Holy fuck. I'm a straight man, but damn Ragnar's hot.

Great Video, just a possible small nip-picking @ 3:53 The move tittle seems to be missing an E in word actress.

This was phenomenal. I forgot how deeply this film disturbed me... You brought it all back, and showed how it’s only getting worse. Thanks, I guess?

The thing at the end was killer dude! I loved your credits incorporated in the anime like that. Well done! Love you content! Have a blessed day, my dude.

best youtube channel ever

How do you cope with being our Idol in one way or another? It must feel very uncomfortable to be admired by people you will never know.

Come on, ragna, you fuck! After that rule of rose video of yours i can only watch one of your releases with full atention (i mean, it has being like that since i've subscribed, years ago, but, after rule of rose, things got serious) otherwise i'll get pissed off with myself! I'll have to watch this one tomorrow, goddamit! Fuck you for being so brilliant! That being said, thank you so much for being so brilliant! Keep up the splendid work! And forgive me for not being able to contribute with the channel through patreon, hope i can do this one day, tho

I saw this movie because you mentioned it in one of your previous videos, thank you so much for sharing your kowledge!

Great content as always. Perfect Blue has been sitting on my 'To watch list' for quite some time now, sadly I could never find the time to watch it ... Although after seeing this I am definitely making it first on the list. I am also very interested in your analysis of Ergo Proxy, it is one of my favourite psychological animes, and I would love to hear your interpretation of it.

Have you seen Serial Experiments Lain?

Thank you for this level of analysis - it's truly a work of brilliance

Good sh!t, man. That patreon shoutout tho xD

I have a sudden urge to create an account called ICameWhenYouShotMe and crash into one of your streams

I always read the part where Mima agrees to do the rape scene as a way to push back at her old manager's patronizing statement that there's no way a pop idol like her would do something like that. Even if she didn't really want to do the scene, she focuses on "not being an idol" rather than what she genuingly wants

keep going man, your content is amazing.

Wow....well done.....also, I need a drink. I almost forgot about the umbrella.....nope.......*horror filled and empty look*

Perfect Blue is my favorite movie, so I always love to see people talking about it. Thank you for this!

This is 1000% amazing to not only watch but hear the history of why it happened and how it connects to our lives today.


gr8 vid

This being one of my favorite movies I thought I was ready for this, I was not ready. This was too real, even for me.

I watched this movie when I was a kid. This was during a period of time in the late 90's early 2000's in which the Argentinian market started to get their hands on VHS of really serious and adult anime movies and it was trying to shove it on people's faces to show that "Hey, not all cartoon are for kids". I think I was like... thirteen or something. It was a spanish dub (from Spain, not latin america), so a lot of the expressions got a bit lost because I didn't understand the inflections of the words or the sense within the scene. Now, I realize that I did understand the words, I was just too young to understand the actual message. Actually, I'm wondering why did I watch that movie being so young. I have recommended this movie to everyone. To watch it at least once. I dunno why so few people seem to know about it's existence. For me it was really awesome from the psychological aspect even if I didn't completely understand the meaning. As usual, Ragnar, you have shed some light in this precious cornerstone of my childhood. Thank you.

its all otaku now!

Amazing analysis, please Deadly Premonition forgotten gems.

Fantastic work! Thank you so much for the video, Ragnar :) Grout's mansion OST for part III was a very delicate touch while explaining Folie à Deux phenomenon. Also cheers from Russia^^

The whole Rumi -> Mirror thing seems a bit far fetched, but makes more sense if you consider that in Japanese miru (見る) means 'to see/look'

Love it, even though it left me feeling scared and depressed.

This is one of your best works yet!!! I love the amount of detail you put into your videos. The content was very interesting and relevant. As always, it is a pleasure to see your face!

Outstanding analysis Ragnar Very well put together

This video showed up in my recommendations. I generally don't watch anime, but I think I'll watch this one. Aesthetics and paranoia feel remind me of giallo films.

This vid made me realise that the 90s were basically 30 years ago...

..... :D does it come, i made the 3rd place on ur biggest fan score in this video? ....dont get me wrong - i kinda like it very much :) ...peAce :) Dennis

Jhony Depp talking about anime for forty minutes

Listening about the background and history of Japan's technological boon and its inevitable collapse would usually be dull; however, you've managed to present it in such a way that is not just interesting but more impressively, ominous. The picture of bright cheerful Japan rising into a technological utopia that will never stop growing is in contrast to the economical reality that we all know to be true: what comes up must come down. And the higher it gets, the harder it will crash, and crash Japan did. The farcical cheerful cuteness of idols and the isolated obsessiveness of otakus are the result of that broken fantasy. Just as I found the history of Japan's Lost Decade ominous so too did you manage to recapture the fear and fright of Perfect Blue in me despite me already knowing the plot. 21:06 So much of this is just cringe. I love cute moe anime girls and their antics, but that's fiction-fantasy. Something like that does not and should not be imitated in reality and forcing that on someone just sets me on edge. Heh, while I dislike toxic feminism, I can't deny that there isn't a spark of anger in me towards the contradictory and controlling demands society sets upon them. Huh, never noticed the Rumi and mirror connection or even the obvious R U MI? one. I believe your final point has what I feel to be your video's best quality: the ability to be thought provoking. There are many types of horror, but one I feel that is most frightening is the enlightening one-the moment when you realize just how ensnarled the spider has you in its web. This video posited several remarks on the nature of humans and their relationships through technology that I honestly can't tell if they're positive or negative. The Twitch clip is completely cringy, but that's really how things are. People donate to streamers and/or creators because they feel a connection with them and want to get their attention and be noticed, and that's both frightening and somewhat sad. The lines between creator and audience is blurred and tangled, and the connections are not solid but illusory built only on not who the person is but what the person shows themselves as. But at the same time, this condition has formed the backbone of an entire industry that I quite enjoy and don't wish to go away. Then there is the nature of us being "Otaku". I find it revelatory that you expanded the definition beyond that of anime/manga/video game aficionados and included everybody who possessed an intense interest or hobby. It makes you realize how many people have become invested in pop culture-I use for lack of a better word. And so many people have become entangled and obsessed with their interests. Technology and social media outlets have become the foregrounds for people to form communities around these interests, yet people diving into these new connections also, in some form, isolate themselves further. It's a contradiction: people become connected with other people of similar interests but also lose themselves in these connections-incomplete as all they share is that same liking-which in turn isolate themselves from the world. Is it good or bad; I don't know. All I do know is that it's somewhat frightening to see how far down the rabbit hole we may already be. Random notes: The Every Frame a Painting shout-out is something I appreciate just because it was his video on Satoshi Kon that got me interested in Perfect Blue to begin with. Pity they're no longer making videos though. 27:24 I spy with my little eye a JoJo reference. Honestly, this got a good laugh out of me. The music at the beginning of the Perfectly Blue section, what is it? It sounds oddly familiar, possibly because of its similarity with SMT III's Staff Roll.

ragnar, those are some amazing mustaches

picture of doryan grey on steroids

I love this channel so much!!!

The quality of your content is unbelievable

Serious whiplash with how serious the topic is, and then how hilarious the outro is using the same subject as the video body

You did a great job with this video. You went deep! I particularly loved how you satirized the fact that WE are part of YOUR fandom and feel like you are our buddy! I was dying from smiling so hard!!!

Ahhh, that SMT: Nocturne soundtrack is fantastic.

...... Johnny Depp before he got creepy?

It is extemely rare for me to rewind and listen/watch something again (music excluded) in the midst of overwhelmingly shallow content on this platform aimed at endless and fast consumption. And YOU made me do it! I never heard of madonna/whore duality before. Yet it seems like I should have so at least I listened to the point again to get better grasp it. You've broadened my horizons today mister Ragnar. Thank you for that. I am really glad to see your videos evolving and getting better and better as time passes.

Perfect Blue is simultaneously horrifying and beautiful. Just like this video. Excellent job! ^^

Great video.

Love the mention of para-social relationships!! As a graduate student in psychology i wish there was more discussion on it, especially considering the already high number of internet celebrities rising.

It truly is one of the most relevant issues of our modern age - one that's far too often underestimated.

This is great. Great talk, great video. Thanks for sharing.

I am so happy perfect blue is getting love it deserves

A RangarRox video!! HEEECK YEAHHH

Perfect Blue is a masterpiece, and so is this video essay about it. It feels unusual to say that about something produced for YouTube, but it's true regardless.

Th most reality-shattering moment was at 37:00 Looking at the screen, when the letters fade to black I was left with just a reflection of my own face looking at the blank screen... It was... A sobering thought considering the priming from the previous words.

Aaaaah dude I got fucking chills at the ending

soberbial video, sir

Wow, didn't expect this review to be as good as it was, I am legitimately shocked. Also, WAS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?

I...I want a buddy thumb :(

╱╱┏╮ ╱╱┃┃ ▉━╯┗━╮ ▉BUDDIES┃ ▉╮┈┈┈┃ ╱╰━━━╯

You do an amazing job man fuck YouTube I'll throw money forever to see your outstanding out look analysis of media

I watched this like 15 years ago and i never really thought of it as horror, but then i had a pretty slim view of what horror could be. Never really got what the movie was about back then, but this analysis deeply instilled in me the dread evoked by the movie, especially near the end. No mean feat.

I watch a lot of commentaries concerning movies generally. This is by far the best I have ever seen.

great take on this movie and how relevant it is today. gave me a lot to think about, thanks mate!

the ugly guy is literally me

Pretty damn good video and great taste in anime. Do you have plans to make videos of other anime horror movies or series? If so, Monster is a great piece of psychological horror and feels real, to boot.

Monster is extremely high on my list of "desparately want to cover" I have lots of thoughts on it to share ;)

Perfect Blue is one of my favorite pieces of media ever. And it's influence on some western directors is so clear. Its such a layered movie in a perfect tight package.

There was actually a throw-in chapter that I ultimately decided to cut from the final video where I tore Darren Aronofsky a new one for blatantly plagiarizing Satoshi Kon without ever owning up to it.

This was one of the only movies I've ever torrented, I wanted to see it so much way back. Really thoughtful piece, thank you for this!

This video gave me all kinds of shivers. Well done.

Ok, so, I really want to praise the video overall, but I couldn't help you notice slipping in a reference to John Romero saying 'trans rights' in the stream bit. That's incredible.

I'm so glad he showed up

i never watch this one, i always heard about it tho, but damn that "rape scene" is scary as hell, im legit scared there..

This is exceptionally well made

What was that movie at the first?

Dark Water

I hear you there, placing VTMB soundtrack about! Someone is hyped about VTMB2 I see ; )

This video is really, really, really good dude

7:45 casually chris mindfreak angel shows up

Loved this Ragnar! Never thought of these topics as in depth as you explored them and it was a great pleasure to think about! It was also a treat writing and visual wise.

i put a like and i sub very good perfect blue always been my favourite anime with paprika

13:15 winner

basically modern Kulturindustrie by Adorno and Horkheimer

You should consider a career as a documentarist writer, you seems too talented for YouTube

omg 40 mins let's go

We are all otaku... uh oh. But in honestly another good anime that goes further into Self Identity and the boundaries of self and illusion called SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN. I suggest it

You put a lot of work into this and it shows! Probably my fave so far.

Damn this was fantastic, RagnarRox beautifully edited and scripted Well done

Fantastic video

Did.....did I just see that right? Harrison Ford greeting me with Desu Ne and a cheap Japanese beer? XD Dammit Ragnar, you've leveled up so much as an artist, you even turned into a dashing bishounen mid-video! When you first turned up in front of the camera, I was halfway expecting George Takei to do the dubbing for you, haha. This was such a joy to watch. I need to go see if I can reacquaint myself with Perfect Blue on Amazon or something.

+RagnarRox I agree that they compliment each other, but I prefer Yang in both cases. Minus alcoholism, of course Thanks for the response!

Ahhhh! I consider them 2 sides of a whole. They're like Yin and *Yang* In tiny margins, I _enjoy_ Reinhard a bit more as a character for the show -- and I prefer Yang Wenli _as a person_ minus the alcoholism.

Fuck youtube

trivia: in the end Mima drives an Alfa Romeo 145, very popular small car in Italy in the late '90s. However superb analysis of yours

This is the first time I see your face,and considering the subject matter I was kinda startled

Does someone know the track that starts from womewhere around 34:30? It 's not one of the explicitly listed ones, sadly.

mis felicitaciones al chef por el video


Damn your videos are so good. It's a crime high quality content like this does not get more views. I can tell you put so much work into this.

I prefer nerding out about history, art, food, philosophy, occult, music in video games, books and videos. I dislike sports and bars and clubs and festivities, I prefer peace and knowledge. I love horror. Yet people like me are considered antisocial and somewhat lesser. As you said, everyone is an otaku. Su why some otakus are considered lesser the others? Probably hypocrisy in human nature. Anyway, one of the best videos you have ever made.

Respect man, this one is going to be timeless. Congrats.

This is fucking AWESOME.

34:23 Dat SMT3 music

After having it on my watch list for the longest of times, I watched this movie today just so I could watch your video. And BOY, did it exceed my expectations! So thank you for giving me the needed kick to the butt to get me to watch this masterpiece.

This turned out pretty fantastic!

This video depresses me. because the society that is said in the last part of all we are in an otaku form has only occurred in first world countries.

We're all doomed . . .

Fantastic video. Kept me glued to the screen despite having no knowledge of the movie you’re talking about.

Damn, that´s a beautiful video with a lot of ugly truths.

Great video and very thorough analysis. The conclusion of the video reminds me of the concept of cultivated identity I've seen Peter Coffin talk about.

Always wondered what you looked like! Now where's the accent from?

At the start, when you commented about how Japan thought technology would blend in their lives, it reminded me of the anime "Serial Experiments Lain", and I would like to see your take on it, be it a 40 minute video or 2 lines of text.

Thank you, Ragnar! Yet another great commentary. I was very much intrigued by the meaning of the name 'Rumi' in the movie. I wonder how many similar hidden meanings there are in Satoshi Kon's work.

Thank you! And yeah I'm proud of the work I put out, no shame in admitting that -- I just love what I'm doing. :)

Excellent! You have my support. Here’s another thought on Rumi’s name. The mirror image of Rumi is not “mirror, “ but miru- which means “to look” in Japanese. Apropos, right?

The ending scene with the special thanks is sooo cool. Thank you for this episode. Very relevant.

Miru also means "to look" in Japanese~

@27:23 is this a jojos reference?

Another absolutely fantastic piece of content from you. I really appreciate the amount of work you put into these videos, and really value your intelligence and eloquence. Great work! Thanks! And thanks to all your patreon supporters too.

Your hair looks so nice in this! Also, great analysis or whatever...

Breadtube going strong, baby.

perfect ending!

Someone’s been watching Peter Coffin! Welcome to the breadtube horror niche, Ragnar!

Another excellent video essay, the quality makes it worth every second of waiting.

29:54 God damn man this is funny but so true at the same time.

Even if it is not as creepy: paranoia agent :)

We are all the weeb

Absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, Rox. I'm also absolutely fascinated by Perfect Blue, and you covered this movie with a point of view I didn't see before. Now, I'm impressed, and quite frankly, scared. Fantastic work.

Brilliant piece of analysis, can't understate how much I love this

Finally some good fucking food.

This even tops your brilliant Rule of Rose video. Genius. Also, I just want to say that your comment section speaks volumes about you and your content. You are seriously the ContraPoints of pop-culture analysis.

That shin megami tensei nocturne ost though. Man I just love it.

God your videos are incredible. You're also really freaking handsome? Your research is phenomenal and you portray the content so well with excellent editing. It's always a treat when you upload. (:

Oh god, Crystal Japan, my secret weakness...

Men I fucking love your videos you are one of the bests for me

good god, I'd listen to him read a shopping list

another masterpiece

so basically I am Otaku

Damn, your videos are perfect!

How dare you talk about cultivated identity while surviving in a system that demands it!

Fantastic video!!!

That Rumi bit with the name rearranged is ridiculous. That only works in English...

otaku = hobbyist

You killed it! What an amazing video,

I Love this new medium of on camera narrative you give your videos. RagnarRox has some of the best takes on dark readings of creepy modernized culture and media. Please keep doing these!

I feel like I evolved after watching this. I'm sorry this website can only handle couple vlogs and let's-plays, but thanks for this gourmet selection of dark maturity.

36:00 Peter Coffin often talks about cultivated identity and how it effects us.

Are you going to do a video on Devotion? that horror game is excellent and perfect for the channel. I assume you played it?

Love this film, it is one of the reasons I became an artist. Weird side note, I am meeting the actress who did the English dub voice of Rumi this weekend!

I really really love your channel and all you are doing on it

you weren't a true anime fan, if you didn't do a jojo reference. brilliant sir. lol

Yeah, but I mistook the date. The con she's at is NEXT month. I'm going to many cons in quick succession, I got mixed up. +mino the monster

Dude that is awesome! Will the actress be at a convention or something?

I'm 2 weeks late but you deserve to be praised for that ending Patreon gag.

Hyperconsumerist hellspace ❤️❤️

That fucking tonal shift at the end. Ragnar, you delightful monster, you just caused and then immediately prevented a mild to moderate existential breakdown. I usually frown on such manipulations but I reckon for your good self, I can make an exception.

I don't know if it's that relevant but you didn't mention the fact that Darren Aronofsky bought the rights of Perfect Blue just so he could recreate the shots of Mima in the bathtub for Requiem For a Dream, the shots of Marion in the bathub are exactly the same, she even screams underwater. You can also see the influence Perfect Blue had in Aronofsky's Black Swan. Great video as usual!

Never got the notification for this

Thanks a lot for your work!

What is the meaning of the movies title

+RagnarRox Yeah the similarities are way too obvious. As I mentioned I didn't know if it was that relevant to your video and I think you were right to cut it out. Still I'd love to see that segment someday haha

The script contained an entire chapter that would tear Aronofsky a new one for lifting heavily from Perfect Blue and other Kon films and then claiming he didn't take influence from them -- but ultimately I ended up cutting that segment because it didn't add anything to the thesis of this (already very long) video and would have rather distracted from it.

incredible amount of work you put in it. I saw the movie younger but I totally missed every points. your video made justice for that incredible oeuvre

you look like a mix between jhonny deep and edgar allan poe

My favourite movie ever.

The ending segment made me feel bad for enjoying this video.

Yet another amazing content, thank you. Black Swan seems like a bad Netflix adaptation compared to this movie.

+RagnarRox of course not. He's an "auteur", and auteurs never rip off anything. They're only "inspired".

Black Swan is in many ways straight up lifted from this film and Aronofsky shamefully never owned up to it.

Woah! This is just insane quality video. Thanks, Ragnar, instant sub

That “Rumi” name breakdown near the end of the Exquisite analysis. The quality of your videos never ceases to amaze me, but the professionalism and production values on this were on a whole ‘nother level! Out of the several pieces I’ve seen done on this movie, this might be the most comprehensive I’ve watched. It’s like a little mini-documentary. lol Until another video on this movie of this caliber comes along to usurp it, this takes the crown as my favorite. Keep up the great work!

Ragnar. Du är helt enkelt fenomenal. Sir, You may have my fedora too.


I've watched this video at least eight times now (and counting) and I still think it's brilliant, so keep up the good work ^_^ - also your editing skills are phenomenal :)

Brilliantly made and done video! I really enjoyed this!

Awesome job

That Nocturne OST

Im always thankful finding creators like you, to remind me why I bother seeking out anyone I don’t already watch


20 years Ago: -I want to fuck a toaster -Shut up, and grow up dude. Nowdays: -I want to fuck a toaster Finds a online comunity of antropomorphic toasters and fuck your life entirely

Genius analysis of a genius film. Never stop what you're doing, or i might dress up as you and start making video essays on the internet, pretending to be you, before murdering you. *cough* i.. i mean.. neat video.. was okay.

I like this movie but I've always hated the ending.

Ingeniously put together, as are all your videos, that I've watched. Level of detail and delicacy - the insights - all these made this video a masterpiece. The amount of work put has to be humongous because these are so high quality. Content delivery was smooth and coherent with some lovely odd spots, like the streaming scene, to make it even better; and I've always wanted to understand more of the Japanese idol culture. Fucking brilliant.

Loved that bit XD

A small tidbit, death stranding’s trailer came out today, I can’t wait for your brilliant take on it Other than that, amazing video

Such a shame he had to die so young. It’s safe to say that he would have gone on to create some of the best movies ever made. Is it true that Black Swan plagiarized Perfect Blue? Also, 12:32 is highly inappropriate for this music. It belongs to metal lol

I could watch and listen to you all day...

Yep, it is. I actually had an extra interlude-chapter in the script going into exactly this, but I ended up cutting it for better flow and coherence.

@Enttey Demonetization doesn't mean it's stripped of ads - it means that about 95% of advertisers automatically will be considered ineligible for this video (or rather the video ineligible for them to advertise on), which will result in about 1/20 of the revenue it would usually generate.

@RagnarRox of course not. He's an "auteur", and auteurs never rip off anything. They're only "inspired".

@RagnarRox Yeah the similarities are way too obvious. As I mentioned I didn't know if it was that relevant to your video and I think you were right to cut it out. Still I'd love to see that segment someday haha

Yeah, but I mistook the date. The con she's at is NEXT month. I'm going to many cons in quick succession, I got mixed up. @mino the monster

35:41 feels so weird when you as otaku do not participate in the social media at all. those things creep me out, not even doing private chats with strangers. love the fantasies and may share a bit of the passion by posting things - but not interacting with others, exactly because of this. to me this collective obsessions are dangerous, remind me of political gatherings *nazi docu's flashbacks* i rather love niche things then huge mass fandoms stuff *shivers* i only write yt comments from time to time x'D

Saddest part about the new copyright enforcement models throughout the internet is that they only work for certain people and properties. If someone was to... I don't know, make a video discussing the topics of my novels or short stories in a video, while showing the text... nobody would be able to move a finger nor claim a copyright infringement has been made. Problem is that this new model just shuts down any possibilities for future, critical debate and analysis of media, which is, as a form of art, in an of itself a kickstarter for debate and analysis. I guess soon we'll live in a world where theorizing and deconstructing movies, songs, poems and novels will be impossible or simply illegal, and everything will be taken at face value with no thought on it whatsoever. This is, basically, a path preventing us from developing a critical thought process. Oh well... we'll have to see if someone finally realizes that taking pieces of a work of art to analyze them and trying to convey the message is not a copyright infringement, but an intended use of any form of art.

Ringu.... Looks like basically The Ring in Japanese.

Am I the only one who thinks Ragnar is oddly seductive and weird every time he presents Monsters of the Week? Dude, it's like you're pursing your lips and pouting while you talk xD (might be an accent thing, I didn't mean to sound disrespectful, since the content and the presentation is impecable. I just find the way you talk quite distinctive)

i love the analysis but not the commentator, seems kinda like an edgy discord moderator,desc&st_dt=&mode=grid&page=1&ref_=ttls_vw_grd

I love this so much, mainly because it focuses on Japan. I know, that's an insanely bizarre statement, but being Japanese, I'm pretty surprised and relatively frustrated with how many anime fans across the world, in a world where we can look at media from different countries instantly, analyze on a global or specifically western perspective with very little consideration for the society in which these stories were created in. A particular example is LGBT representation in anime. The rise of yaoi and BL in Japan has definitely attracted a more progressive young fanbase in Western countries, but when non-Japanese fans discuss LGBT representation, they often ignore the subtlety and interpretational depictions of homosexuality that is seemingly obvious in a society that is still not even close to legalizing same sex marriage. I know that was a bit of a stretch, but it's great to see anime analysis that parallel with what goes on specifically in Japan. Edit: I should also note that the latter half of this analysis branches out to the rest of the world, contrary to what I focused on in this comment, but that's how it should be. If the discussion for LGBT representation in anime looks at representation in general, one needs to look at Japan first, and then branch out. Even though it's so pop culture is much more globalized and intertwined between societies thanks to the internet, we still need to start with the origin, and in the case of anime, Japan, which has dealt with a significantly distinct set of obstacles that no other country has dealt with, let alone in the West.

The Rumi part gave me the fucking creeps 31:10 brilliant analysis!

Anyone has the name of the Pensive Piano music at 34:29?

Perfect Blue is one of the few anime, that I've put 10/10 to it.

We are the borg, you will be assimilated, we will add your technological distinctiveness to our own! = We are all Otaku now! Brilliant this video is amazing

I was watching this in low volume and the monster in the washing machine popped up and I was like did they use to sound effect from metal gear Ray from mgs

So much depth and such a well done analysis on a true work of art. I’m sure you’ve already watched this, but I think you’d enjoy Serial Experiments: Lain. If you haven’t, it has a similar theme to your Part I introduction on 90s Japan culture and it’s tech boom, and how it ignites the imagination of a young mind while mourning the loss of a friend.

RagnarRox Can you do deadly premonition?

Sorry but this made me feel a flash of hopelessness . Im a active consumer of “video essay” that range a lot of topics, so to say the ever present itch to understand the environment we inhabit is a understatement. Mainly In an effort to have my following step forward in life be a more firm one. Thats my current state. And i find comfort in analyzing But this breakdown of Perfect Blue removed all fun in the act of pin point analysis. ( not to discourage the great work of Ragnarox) But this video was extremely vidid and thorough in its leading of me to a end i can not dismiss. The extreme parasite of escapism that holds a dense and heavy grip on our lives. Its unavoidable and inagotable. Its presence simply will not buckle... Im at a loss, to sum. Please I welcome any and all replys.

That's interesting. This is the second time I've seen the book 'The end of history and the last man'. I saw this book referenced in a cuck philosophy video titled 'neo liberalism, world music and corporate aesthetics'.

@Critias Demonetization doesn't mean it's stripped of ads - it means that about 95% of advertisers automatically will be considered ineligible for this video (or rather the video ineligible for them to advertise on), which will result in about 1/20 of the revenue it would usually generate.

What an interesting Video

Amazing video, great work man!

Excellent video that deserves 10, if not 100 times more views than it currently has. Scary, too. Like... really unsettling to realize how things back in 1997 have escalated to the point where it's so common and mainstream, that otaku culture, like........ whoa...

Ok, i officially have a crush on you.

The presenter looks like Johnny Depp

This is one of the best channels on YouTube and this motherfucker needs more love

This is a 40 minute video of an otaku trying to build premises up to claim that everyone else is an otaku. :^)

I quite enjoyed your analysis but there is one thing that I have to disagree. Like Perfect Blue not hidding anything. It does have details that are pretty subtle. While it does make some things clear, it does leave some details that can say more about the story. Like for example this one I found here when I was watchingt the film: Photo of the scene I am analyzing: In "Perfect Blue", I found this really fascinating detail which is very cleverly done. First, I'll mention the context of this scene. Mima has now show off her body in order to progress in her career and "become more of a woman". Also, keep on working as an actress to take in more mature roles. The alter ego, Pop idol Mima is meant to represent the side of Mima who wants to "stay as a child" and live in her past. Not grow as a person. She doesn't want pop idol mima to leave as she is a part of her but she also needs to stay an actress but Pop Idol Mima wants to reunite and sing along with the ex Cham members and she says that the audience doesn't want her as an actress but rather, her pop idol persona. Now, let's translate what it says on Pop idol's dialogue. First, she says: "What everyone wants is ..." As we can tell, pop idol mima does not finish the sentence at that moment but we later hear the lyrics of the concert with the ex cham members after that unfinished that seems to continue what "she was trying to say". On the lyrics, it says:"... read comics instead of complicated books ...". It's as if the lyrics were finishing the sentence for her. This is definitely done on purpose. If we translate the meaning of the lyrics mixed with pop idol mima's dialogue with the themes of the film, this little moment already says so much. What the film is trying to say here is about how people just want to stay as children who read silly comic books rather than be adults and  read more educative and important books to help them reach a brighter future and grow up into smarter and more mature individuals. This says most of what the film means. People obsessing over things that do not really matter instead of focusing on things that can really make us improve. How we devolve to relive our past rather than advance to the future and make harder choices in life. How we want to stay in a easier life rather than move on to a much harder one. The amount of self-awareness with this film. Also, this is being hidden in a shallow pop song to be sung to a more "immature" audience like the otakus, which is quite ironic. Now, it is not judging all otakus but rather, it is judging those very obssesed and problematic type of otakus that refuse to grow up. Also, given the possibility that that is Rumi is pop idol Mima at that very moment, the song is not just judging Mima's alter ego and toxic otakus but also Rumi's obsession to relive her past as a pop idol in the much more attractive and successful appearance of Mima. I swear to god that Kon is a fucking genius.

I love psychological horror and that's why I'm a fan of japanese horror

8:23 when the fire nation attacked

Interesting video

The Miyazaki story was frightful...


why was your channel demonitized? I don't understand.

Is it me, or do all of the men animated in Perfect Blue look horrifying? Was that intentional, because if it was, it did a good job.

Rumi bit was smart, great analysis .

Your channel is one of my new favorites! Thank you so much for your analysises.

If you want a prominent example of Folie a deux in a criminal case, I highly recommend you look up the case of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, which happened in the UK about ten years ago - One of the sisters was suffering from a mental illness which resulted in psychosis, and this psychosis was shared with the other. The two attempted to run across the M6 Motorway, suffering severe injuries in the process, yet one attempted to fight the police officers who had came to rescue them. After the first sister (who was the most badly injured during the motorway incident) returned to the USA, where she had been living before visiting her sister in the UK, she returned to a normal life, while the other proceeded to murder a man the very next day after being released from custody.

Perfect video for perfect movie.

Ghost in the shell music in the background, love it

I didn't know Johnny Depp liked Perfect Blue.

27:23 epic

I think Serial experiments lain also covers this topic. Though Lain takes a more mc's cult route rather than a cult after the mc

So your saying i can call those people who watch sports WEEBS?

This alsi reflects how hollywood works too. Sexualized and other dark issues as well. I honestly don't know why it is still viewed as Tinsel town. I mean I would love to be a celebrity but all that pressure and knowing those dark secrets, along with the possibility of jumping into the drugs and sex, I couldn't do it. No one should go through such pressure and the issues being a celebrity presents. But, it dose. It happens. Great video

Thank you for putting these videos out for us.

Please more. I just found your channel and watched all your monsters of the week. I need more. I crave more. I’m addicted to the information you output.

The struggle that he describes women have to deal with in society is kind of not true anymore. In "current year" women get to have their cake an eat it too. Honestly. Men have similar struggles and IMO are compounded rather than relieved in "current year" compared to women. Men are taught to be expendable by society. How they have no inherent value; unlike women who have child bearing faculties. They are told to always give their everything to their family even if it kills them or even if they hate it (financial support to spouse/children no matter the circumstance). I know it was only a small segment, but hot damn I am honestly tired of seeing it everywhere. I am tired of people applauding the female revolution while shitting on men. I just kind of fucking hate it legitimately HATE current societal trends. I feel like a black person in the 1950s or some shit. Its crazy.

I liked paranoia agent more

Fuck this video has so many goosebump moments. Well made Rag... Incredibly well made! Bravo!

We are all otaku now. Dude the shudders your channel fills me with. Youre the best youtuber to me these days

This was outstanding watching. The name breakdown got me the most for sure

Now that you said, this movie is from the early 2000s and I first saw it just a couple of years ago, and it still makes so goddamn sense, just change the technology and is feasible

An incredible analysis of an incredible movie. Great job, as always!

youtube needs more videos like this. more content creators such as Ragnar. goddammit it's like watching someone pushing away and burning all the help and all the good things they need and then destroying themselves. it frustrates you to high heavens.

What a thought provoking and in-depth analysis, absolutely brilliant.


只有正确的指引是 没有用的, 我们更需要做错误的事情 满足自己, 或者 汲取教训

赚钱而已,如果非要说有感情的话, 也只有仇视

as a woman this whole video resonated really deep for whatever reason. i asbolutely love this movie and it haunted me for a while after. i remember staying up the whole night after watching just thinking about it all and how it made me feel. anyway, just subscribed and am loving all your content. thank you!!

I have just found your channel and your videos are wonderful but this one, my god. This is a really deep level of analysis. You have my praise.

Why in the world is this video not up in millions of views? Amazing video as always. ❤️

That vtmb Malkavian music tho

that edit at 33:45 was absolutely amazing. big props to you.

yes, that Rumi = MIRU/MIRROR or "R U MI"/Are You Me (as an answer to Mima's "Who are you?") was plain brilliant.. really this video is the best exposition on Perfect Blue.. so many great bits of critical theory here.. but the shocker for me is how the novel was inspired by the Otaku Murderer.. thank you for putting this all together!

I feel like perfect blue is even scarier now, especially because of the level of obsession crazy K-pop fans can go to (obviously they are the minority, but they still exist)


This is the first time I've seen you yourself in a video (I tend to save some videos to binge-watch and don't always watch them in the correct order, so I'm usually late to these sort of things). It's amazing how your mind can conjure one image based off of a faceless voice and then reality turns out to be totally different. I bring that up because people tend to take their view of someone's persona who is famous or that they follow/watch online and sometimes believe it to be the reality. It made me think of how the otakus in the movie think that their one vision of Mima is the true her and disregard that she is her own person with her own personality outside of the persona that she projects. While I have a hard time understanding that level of obsession over idols or celebrities (not quite my cup of tea), I can see how a movie like Perfect Blue can be translated to today's world of "micro-celebrities" that exist online. I'm rambling late at night so this may not make any sense. Anyway, you did a great job with the video, as always. I admire the hard work that you put into your research and scripting. It's impressive, especially at the way you understood and explained the whole "Madonna/Whore" duality bit. Keep doing what you do!

This was SUCH a brilliant video...probably one of my favorite on this platform. I love your commentary on the idol reminds me of the whole K-Pop scene, since some people I know have become somewhat infatuated with the idea of the groups/singers. Your points were very articulate, and your commentary on dissociation with oneself was chilling and hit hard.

I´m so in love with the quality of this video and truly the minute 5:27 took me by surprise. I´M SOOOO HAPPY that you used a clip from Yakuza0 that game needs waaaay more recognition.

Rox, you look like dandelion from the witcher

FINALLY rewatched Perfect Blue and my body is ready for this.

he perfectly describes how something you are a fan of does not even know who you are

Soooo good video

About seven and a half minutes in. Haven't watched many of your videos, but I'm completely enthralled by your content. Gotta say, I did NOT expect you to look like that. You're basically who I would have imagined the coolest dude on Earth would look like when I was in high school. Don't take that as an insult, you still are who'd I imagine the coolest dude on Earth would look like... I'd just dare not admit it lol.

Really enjoyed watching this for research on my own creative projects. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and nice going

How don’t you have a million+ subscribers?? This was so insightful and fascinated me all the way through. I’m so satisfied!!!

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