The Secrets Behind Trading For A Living With Darren Winters

The Secrets Behind Trading For A Living With Darren Winters

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Hi. And welcome to the Spencer lodge podcast, I'm, your host Spencer, Lodge and today we had the great fortune of, interviewing, Darrin, winters a phenomenal. Trader stocks, currencies, commodities, you, name it this guy knows how to trade not, only is he got a great story but, he teaches people how they can make money trading, on the markets, this, get stuck into this right now cue, the music. Jarrid. Winters. On. The show thank. You very much for coming up as oh really yeah I've never ever seen you in real life apart from today the first time I've seen you stand on stage represent boy, you were impressive, thank, you yeah it's a fun day today it, was yeah I. Mean the value, that you bring to people when you talk about how. You trade do you make it seem so easy is that, because it is or is that's because you're a master, of making things like these, that. Definitely can be a lot easier than, most people who, kind, of struggle and try and do by themselves it seems anything in life find. Something that works copy it keep it simple repeater, yeah. So it can be very easy if you learn the right things how long have you been teaching people to trade. Must. Be getting. Over 20 years now I think so. Yeah it's, a long time so. When did it start was one of the journey begin for you in terms of teaching, though I mean must have come from a place of being a trader yourself for the first place yeah and yeah so to, to, get on to the actually teaching, it was kind of by accident so my story super, briefly was. Found. I wanted to get rich I had no money I was in debt all kinds of things and I. Found some of the best trades in the world well champion, traders, persuaded. Them to mentor me one to one learn what they were doing copy them make millions of pounds, and. Then people, saw my life like, massively improving me. Buying all these expensive, things going on super holidays and just said what you're doing and, I said I'm trading there as a trade and they're like can you teach me, got my mates around my house taught them to trade and it, kind of grew from that and then I accidentally. Ended up teaching a group, of people and they they were like oh you should do training courses and so, I kind of go into doing the, training for more and more people isn't, there's naturally, when we go to school subjects, that we kind of lean into because. We naturally, have an interest in them and like them and so the, whole mechanics, of learning about it is, a lot easier it's almost like I suppose stuff, jumps out of the the work book at you much, more than some other subjects, where you're sitting there scratching your head thinking you know chemistry, and the periodic table for me was just one of those things I don't get it is. Is, this a subject matter that just came natural to you. Suppose that you picked up a because you have a great interest in it I. Think. I think not not at all actually I, didn't, have any, particular. Interest, in stock market or finance, or the economy I was literally.

At School, looking. For what's. Gonna make me a lot of money in the easiest possible way and my, parents both, teachers, school. Teachers and I. We had a big family I've got two sisters a brother and, my, parents definitely, weren't weren't, wealthy we were we, were okay but they couldn't I could see they couldn't afford a lot of things that we probably. They would have wanted to give us and if I K I've got I've got to learn how to make money I've gotta be I want to be rich when I'm older and I was looking for what would be a good way to do it see. Movies we stockbrokers, make. It lay somebody I thought actually that looked looks good I'm good perhaps. I go down that route so but, I had no interest in the subject apart, from I thought they had made me a lot of money Wow. Did you go to university I did, yeah I actually I. Studied. Engineering. Well actually I studied engineering for one year was. About 40, hours a week study, and I. Thought wow no way I've come to university to have fun and party and I, switched courses actually did well in my first year of engineering but I went to Koreas and I said look I want to swap is. The arse of the quiz I said what which, course has the least number of hours study like. We're not gonna we're not gonna let you swap because of that as, is tell whether they're, like computer science seven. Hours a week I was like okay I'm coming on that one this, was my. Switch courses just because I thought, in life, I know you knew University, of course is good for some jobs and you've got to do it but my reason for going there was purely social I, wanted. To be an entrepreneur I wanted to do, investing, so, I thought I'm not gonna I'm not gonna need my degree education, but I want to have a good time so minimum hours study that, would be nice. You know I mean I interview a lot of people and there's a lot of this kind of rags to riches story that I hear or the born, with a silver spoon in their mouth and and, everyone's. Got a kind of a justification to, each of those types of backgrounds, and they don't then there's the people that life. Wasn't so bad but, it wasn't amazing yeah, and what's. The story from coming from there and for. You to say I wanted, to make a lot of money mm meant that you must have been influenced, somewhere, and, by. What. Money could give you yeah. Can you remember back when you were younger to to what that was I think, just I. Said. See my parents as, teachers, working really hard and, teachers. It's a tough job a schoolteacher because, you you're working all day and then you've got homework and you got you got to work a lot, and I saw them working really hard and, not making much money and I thought I've been there that's, not our life stick you got to be you did this had no free time and not, much money and I thought I don't want that for myself oh. Maybe. That's part of what motivated, me I just. Somehow, I got in my head you're, only around on this earth for a certain amount of time you, better make sure you make the most of it and really, go for it and I yeah. Kind, of I got this in my head at school for some reason I'm not entirely sure why though isn't it typical. No, not difficult, and it said my parents weren't weren't investors, they weren't entrepreneurs, they were just regular. Teachers. But. They they encouraged, me when I came out with my crazy ideas, I'm gonna do this I'm gonna go, and learn from these investors they like yeah go for it sounds, great and so, I think it was nice that they they, were open, to that you've, got brothers and sisters yeah, so two, sisters brother and, what kind of things do they do so. Because I do what I do I've taught them to train which, is kind of my. Brother, taught. Interest rate about 15 years ago and his. Lifestyle, now, since. I taught him this he spends five. Months a year skiing, snowboarding bought, himself an apartment, in help do Aires in France, beautiful, apartment. Incredible. View he. Spends five months a year in Portugal, windsurfing box of big filler in Portugal swimming pool he's out there now and he, spends two months a year in Poole Harbour windsurfing, board an apartment Poole Harbour that's.

Because I told him to trade hey. He's. Like even this week use of the phone to be saying come on come on a Portugal, it's beautiful, out here was. Like yeah that's good for me you got that. Thank. You or do you remind him now he does, thank me he knows he knows it's because of what you tore him yeah, sisters. Sisters. They. One, of my sisters really loves this stuff, my funny funny thing is one, of my sisters she's really. Into horse-riding and, he'd always wanted to set up a horse-riding. Retreat. I suppose and, through. Doing this she was able to buy a field sapper. Stables, get whole thing going and she said to me Darrin. I don't love trading, but, I love the lifestyle that's given me which. I think it's cool I mean you don't have to love it who cares it takes my, in total. My investing now takes me 1-2 hours a week and I, say I'd do whatever I want so yeah. But yeah my sisters they enjoy, what they do mean I. Mean. Now now now, that I've done it for years and made, a lot of money from it I enjoy it because you start to associate, you. Make lots of money doing this and is really, fun for me now for. Me I think there was always a. Bit. Of a boring subject, yeah. Yeah well I would I what I was, learning, about that kind of stuff it okay because it was it. Reminded. Me of math okay, yeah. Kind. Of depends on the teacher I did yes. I quite, often even, today because, I was given this talk today quite, a lot of people came up to me afterwards and said oh I'd. Always thought it was so complicated and I I know we've been like really intimidated, by it but hearing you talk I get, it is like so clear, and so we say part. Of it's down to how it's tall I think when, you look at the, China. And the amount of retail investors, they are that compared. To institutional. Investors in the West yeah. Looking. At that percentage, of retail. Investors being so high it's. Almost like you. Need to find a, bigger, platform to, be able to teach what you teach than, the platform that you have because you've got a message of, basically. Teaching people how to make money on the markets very simply, hmm, and most people I know for, sure most, people will, go oh that's. Not for me I don't understand all that that's that's that's German, you know that's gobbledygook, and the. Way you but I was watching you position it today how can you get that message to more people yeah you're on a stage and you're in front of you know thousand, people yeah but.

How. Can you multiply, that out how can you you know scale that yeah I mean the, kind. Of obvious way to scale it would be just, having it as an online resource which. We do we've got an online resource but, it's. Not our main thing that having. Someone with you in person is. It I think it's always more powerful even, if it's in a training course environment because they come out ask you questions you can sit with a helperman, so I really. Like that but to reach millions. Of people obviously it's gonna be some kind of online training. System, training program, which, I said we do have part, of that but we always try and include a bit of live stuff as well, but. Yeah it's, fun I think, hope that thing that thing with e-learning you're, right you know learning as some of that from promoting from a webinar or from from from videos, online for some, people they don't need to be in a room with a teacher but for most of us it's. Still like a bit of personal contact you know the I mean we do webinars, actually. Do a webinar want. A kind, of big webinar once a month where. I actually go through and find go through real charts real trays and just go through say in all my analysis, saying hey this what I think of this this one's probably gonna take off and and that's. Really powerful people, seeing me doing it in front of them live, going. Through choosing, trays and things that that's super good. And. So you basically, left, University and you made a fortune overnight, and you lived happily ever after, yeah. We're, sure, along. The way you're out of University, you learned straight has it been plain. Sailing apart. From the odd hiccup here and there or have you had no no not all not all and I think for most entrepreneurs, investors. Is, never, straight. To that maybe but for, me left. University, didn't. Want to get a job I did I got a lot of really rubbish jobs to start off with just to kind of take over while I was looking something worked in McDonald's, way. To the factory soldering, circuit, boards. You. Know I was working around a farm picking vegetable, pull up leeks in the winter freezing. My hands off and worked, in a bar, but. In my mind that, that wasn't the job that was just to keep me going. Start. The business with to my friends to, my university, friends can be a software business travel. Management software, and. Just. That became very successful we're actually the, number one in the UK in. One stage for travel management software, and. Then, we went bankrupt. We. Over expanded took. On too many staff to compete fancy offices and we were we were kind of novice business people so, we didn't we didn't really know what we were doing we were just lucky for the first bit of it went. Bankrupt caught. Her a million-pound there, personally. I was in a lot of debt and, we're basically screwed and. At. That stage I thought I just. Started learning the. Stock market investing on the side of running. The business and it just, started going well and I thought oh my god are so good timing, I've, now got another stream of income to. Try, and dig me out of this hole, start. To start trading ups. And downs like. Most people when they're learning made some mistakes lost a bit made a bit the. Big difference, was when I decided. I was going to find the best people in the world and copy him and. I just went. Out there shows a couple of the actual world trading champions. Found. Them and said look you've. Got to teach me and, it wasn't quite that easy a lot. Of persuading but they've. Gotten to teach me and I just basic copy to copy the strategies, apply. Them and from. There from real. Struggling. That's. About 50 grand in personal, debt went, on to make millions of pounds pretty. Quickly over the next few years it's. Funny isn't it how you went out and copy people it was successful, at it I I say to people all the time just copy what I'm doing yeah, you don't have to be original yeah. If. What I'm doing is the right thing for you just copy to steal it you know I don't mind just copy that it's exactly fine with me and I suppose that you've.

Gone Out and you've learned from these guys that knew exactly what they were doing and all you're just giving it is, that knowledge plus your flavor to it on top of it for young people to learn from it's come I learned from a lot, of the best traders in the world personally. We're like one to one and, they're like they can combine the best of everything they were doing, simplified. It and put it in a way that kind of anyone could understand, because, when they were teaching me some, of these guys they're super good investors, but, they teach me I go and just I've got no idea what you just said I don't understand, a do you think you said and, I'd have to try to figure it out and I think because, my parents are teachers and, they. Were good, teachers I got. Used to trying to simplify, things and, make them clear and I. Was able to take, everything together make, it super simple and and. Now that. I said today when I give my talk I teach. Free. Free training courses for children, to, teach them investing, and. When I first, taught. The, course for children I realized. That even though what I was teaching was really simple it, still needed to be simplified, further for, ten-year-old kids to get it and that was really eye-opening for me and I had to re. Cut, of work how I explained the strategies, and and now, I can teach you to kids and they get it in a couple of hours it's, so easy to teach adults this, stuff but, go through the process kind of fun and talk, taught me how to simplify things even more do. You remember what the worst investment, decision was that you made and. Definitely. Not not for the stock, market or 4x all that side of things there's. One on property, which I remember so. I was looking to buy an office. In. Actually, in Bermondsey in London and I. Did end up buying an office turned, out to be a super good investment, which was fine but. The place I was I was choosing between two different investments. What. The one that I turned down, has. Now got planning permission they've actually finished the build and they've, been a billion, pound, tower, block over here and I could, have bought the plot for 5 million, if. I saw my, god I was, choosing between these two possible. Placid, I mean, I say there's a bat a bad investment, a bad choice the one I thought was actually really good but I think oh my god that was like, a. Billion, pound, opportunity, that I missed, because. I made the wrong choices like. Far. From this yard Tower Bridge and that kind of yeah so so on the drive to my office I Drive, past the tower that, they built. Every. Every, time I go there I care a button to die I like a billion quid.

Best Investment, decision I. Mean. I would, say my. Training and learning. I go, lots of training courses and I get mentored by all kinds of people best. Investment. I've ever made in myself learning, this stuff because, you learn once you've got it forever yeah yeah. Super, valuable and how many people have you now trained. Over the years it must be thousands. Yeah so people. Who have actually seen me in person, for training, is, probably, close to half a million now half, a million people yeah i think wasn't, it so yes. A lot, of people, which. Is it, means it's really nice because when when I'm at speaking in event like I was today and. Usually. Before I go on stage or when I come off on stage I get loads of people come up to me saying I don't know of course I'm making this money um this is so good can I can I take a picture with you to me it's just while you were talking in, the state he came out to me she goes I am one of his clients would, you like to go on stage and be a referral yeah, yeah. I'll get right now like up. Which, is fantastic, I even now, because, I've just spoken to lots of people I would. Say every other time I go out and I'm just walking down the street someone will stop me and say do, you know I've, done this I've made this happen that, that's so good that feels so good to hear that so I love it helping. Helping, people get this stuff when, you're a trader I suppose in teaching what you do you don't you don't, have a retirement do you it's kind of like you never retire and you always retired, it's almost the same I mean this is nothing to retire from yeah I'm. I. As I was telling people to say my current lifestyle, is every. Year I usually take about four months off and I go snowboarding, because I love snowboarding, and. I go all different places went to Japan one year for, a bit heli heli snowboarding. Just, booked Alaska, for next year so get it got, some friends were really into snowboarding as well so we all go out and have a crazy time in. The summer I take two or three months off and just travel around my. Kids my kids still go to school in London so I kind of got be based here but, I love London anyway it's always lively, lots going on it's a great city and when you think about the that. What, are the biggest mistake, that people, make that maybe, sign. Up and work with you as a mentor, yeah, of. Course we all want the kind of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but I know for a fact that doesn't work for everybody yeah why. Does that not work for every where do they where do they go wrong yeah so so the big one when it comes to investing, is I, mean. First of all you've got to help. The person believe, that it's possible because. Then that changed their mindset so they're in the right mindset because, if someone goes into it and they're like oh I don't know if it's gonna work anyway it kind of screws them up straight away so. Part, of what I do, now is it the three day training course I always, do. Some live trays in front of them to, show them that look, this works there's no question about it it works and like today I showed showed the whole audience my trading account for, the last two weeks just. To prove to them that I walk by talking it works oh you've got to get that belief first of all but, then the mistake.

That People make sometimes. Is they, let their emotions take, over and, with. Investing two big emotions are fear and greed and they've. Got rules and they've learned the rules they've been on the course and they know what to do and they'll go into a trade real money and they go okay I know I should do this but. It's. Gone down a little bit and I know I should get out there but, I'm not going to because, I don't want to lose that little bit and it will go back up and I'll. Leave it for now and then toss a bit further in like okay. I'm definitely getting out now and they're drops so, is its, emotions basically, motions. Take over fear and greed and they break the rules and. Then, there those. Are two characteristics, in human beings are very very powerful, aren't they yeah you, know you. Seriously. You know you need to, manage someone's psychology, around there the opportunity to make money everyone's greedy about that, and. Not wanting to go out when it's going down I mean I know as, you explain, that to me I almost felt, it it's. Back to me it's that strong but the thing the thing with a stock market is its is, kind. Of set up in a way so. That what we naturally, want to do we. Will do exactly, the, wrong thing, without. Without. Like training and following rules people generally do exactly the wrong thing which. Is why a lot of people are going to investing, lose. Lose money unless they how to do it properly I think I don't know if you were listening when I statistics. I said 95%. Of trades and investors lose money and I, said when, I heard that statistic I got excited because. I thought where's all that money going to it's going to the 5% who know what they're doing so, if I can get into that 5% it's gonna be an incredible amount, of money coming in my way it's, because, most people naturally just. Do the wrong thing so. The way that I've tried, to check. People do it properly is when I've taught them all the rules and what to do I say, what you're gonna do is write. Down these, most. Important rules on a piece of paper stick. It on your desk just, before. You're about to do a trade you got a tick off each of these things and if. You haven't take them all off don't do the trade because, then they they're forced, to follow these rules instead of going, emotionally, making decisions which, emotional. Decisions when it comes to investing is not not a good thing so do. You think it's possible for everyone to make money, if. They follow rules yes with. Investing, the. Thing is you getting probability, on your side no. One will, make money every time, but. As long as you're making money more than more. Times than you're losing that's it that's what you're after probability. On your side the more you trade the more money you make and yeah. That's that's what all the strategies and techniques, are aiming, to get probability on your side how. Do you compete, with the the world of digital, currencies, Bitcoin, everything else nowadays, is that part of what you have to consider or do you eliminate I, mean, I the strategies that I teach can, be used to trade crypto currencies Bitcoin, and theory among all these what.

I Say to people is to, be careful because they're more, volatile, bigger, price moves which means they're more risky, because. You've got to have your stop, to, protect you further away in case it just deserve some big move can, make good money using them and I have I've made money as they've gone up I made even more money as they came down but. I'd say with a small part of your portfolio because, it is higher risk, but. Yeah I mean they're fine is it's not it's not really competing with stock market, it's just another another. Investment it is the majority of your advice work, and focus. And the training focus on the stock market or are you focused on commodities, hands off commodities, and everything and, everything. Because I, personally. Try. Best in everything so stock, market Forex, commodities, indices. Yeah. Whole, lot really and crypto of course yes. It's almost, almost, exactly the same strategies, work across all of those because. The. Price movements, you see in charts, is due to mass, human psychology and, we're. All trading the same thing so it's the same psychology, repeating, the same patterns that occur. Yeah. So you can apply it to anything my audience in Dubai I think, would. Benefit. From sitting. In a room with you and they're. Listening to you teach that kind of stuff they use, someone that travels outside of the UK and you can teach this kind of stuff yeah, yeah yeah, you, know quite, powerful I mean Dubai not, more teaching I just really liked you buy, but. Yeah absolutely of, course it would work, and great enough, to remove a couple hundred people that I that know. Me and just sit down and teach them what you know yeah absolutely yeah, be very up, for that it'd be a great thing to look to do good how can people get hold of you yeah. To get a hold of us probably. My main, website Daren winters calm, right, I'm just Daren da Dada la en winters. WI, NT. Er, s comp, and it's got all my details and everything can stick, you on yeah okay we'll put that to the to the link of the podcast as well spinning for it yeah I know that your office Father's, Day like it is to. Say. Thank you very much taking the time to talk to me it's been great to Angie today and now I've put a face to the name. Yeah, thanks for keeping investing, simple for me to understand - yeah great well great to meet you and thank you for bringing. Me on the podcast Harry yeah thank. You.

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