The SECRET to BLOGGING FOR MONEY is Not Hidden From You!

The SECRET to BLOGGING FOR MONEY is Not Hidden From You!

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Hello. Everybody. Tonight. We are talking about blogging. Okay, so. Go. Ahead and let me know your burning, questions, about blogging, so. Whenever. I talk about blogging. There's. I mean there's seriously. So many things, that you can talk about whenever it comes to blogging but. I always want to talk about it as it relates to building, your brand, and. Quite, possibly being, an income, stream and really being whatever, you need for it to be okay. Whenever, blogs first started, people. Were very I. Don't. Know they, treated, them like they were online. Diaries. Of sorts. Which they really kind of are right, but, they can be strategic. Also, so, they don't have to just be you. Know some, sort of. Just. A. Sighting. Of your, day or of your week or something like that it can actually have a strategic, or a strategy, behind it which, is what I absolutely. Suggest. So. With. Blogging. And. Ask your questions, as you have them because, it really like I said it's a huge, topic. Okay. If you're, in Cedar Rapids I, have an event on Saturday, where I'm gonna be talking about monetizing. Your blog okay. In the best way possible but. Tonight, we're going to be talking about like the generalities. Of blogging. So. Some. People do. A blog on their actual website so let's say that you are a. Let's. Say that you're a local, business okay. Actually you know what I'm gonna say, maybe. You're a network marketer, because I think that a lot, of even, if you have a local business a lot. Of local businesses also are. Network. Marketers, in some capacity. Like. Maybe they've joined in with something right, and, maybe you're wondering how, you can, parlay the, one. To the other let's talk about that tonight, just, until anybody, has any questions, okay so. If. You're a network, marketer, then, what, you would do and you're already you have another, business or something or your personal, brand what, you would do is you would have your, regular, website like. That that talks about, you. Know the services, that you offer and, things like that and then, depending on where you have it hosted, then. You can throw a page a blog page on there so say you have like a WordPress, website you'd, be able to just very easily throw, on a blog page right because that's one that's. The inner workings, of WordPress, it was built as a blog. And then people have sort of. Manipulated. It to become this other thing where you can make a static website of it but it was built to, be a blog it does blog very well so. Hey. Cindy hey Sabrina so, um. So. You can set up your blog page now, the things that you would want to blog about. Those. Are going to be things like. Topics. So what when I first, got. Into blogging it was, blogging for SEO, and if you're not sure what SEO means that, search engine optimization.

So If, you don't know much about me, at all I am an SEO. Nerd. Like. Of the highest-degree. Like. I can, I I. Am. The person that. Reads. The. Like the articles, like this about. New algorithm. Updates, I'm the person that sees an algorithm, update before it's, even reported. To anybody, where I'm like oh I see what they did they're like that's the that, is how I nerd out on SEO, okay but whenever you are. Whenever. You're blogging. Basically. The, blog is is. Putting. Volumes. Of. Information. Behind your, website, so what that means to you and especially now. Especially. Now, that the algorithm. Has been updated, to the point that it has now. Blogs matter, more, than they have ever mattered. Before okay. Because what the spiders, and their the Google spiders they crawl websites to find out what's on them right whenever. They, go to crawl a web site they're. Looking, for, blog posts they're, looking, for you talking, about, the, different, topics, that you say, that. You have something to do with okay so before, you. Were able to sort of get, by with. Saying while I do this service, and then kind of showing up under that service, because you said that you did it okay, now, because. Google. Once for, for. Their searchers, for the people that are coming to Google they want to make sure that they're getting the. Right website, right. Away or else people will stop using Google. The. Whole point right so. So. What. You do is you blog about those. Services, that you do okay. So. Whenever I say you blog about the services that you do say, you, work, on cars, say that you fix cars or you work on cars, good. Things for you to blog about in that case would, be. How. To it, would be how to stuff, because that's what people type in this. Is people typing by the way. This. Is how that goes. So, like how to. How. To fix, your radiator, on a budget, that. Would be a good title how, to. How. To fix. A flat tire on, the side of the road. Like. How to, you. Know you you get what I'm saying right like you, you would write blog, articles, that's, satisfying. What. Somebody. Would be typing, into. Google so as soon as Google, knows that that article is, out there and is under your name and is answering, what this person. Asked. Google's, gonna be like Bing best. Match and whenever, you get enough of those best matches. Then. Your, website, starts, moving, up because. You, are the best match now the way that you could shoot. Yourself in the foot by doing that is, by. Sit. By putting that title, on the article, and saying this is what you're going to get and then, not really answering. That question because. What's gonna happen guys. It's called a bounce rate what's. Gonna happen if somebody's gonna get to that page quickly.

Scan, And be like nope, not what I'm looking for and bounce out okay, what, a what, a high bounce rate, means, to Google is that, you are misleading, people okay. And they're going to call you spam in one way or another and, the best way they know how is to, push you down on the search results, okay so that's, that's. What you need to be careful of whenever, you're doing that so the best way, to make, sure that people aren't bouncing, up at the page as soon as they get on to the page first of all first, rule rule. 1 of. A blog is that it needs to be. 300. Words. At least 300, words or else it's not going to even get cataloged. Right it's not even gonna it won't, even Google. Google, don't care right if it's not 300, words it does not matter. I'm. Jessica Google, will be Bing lol exactly. Yeah. Because if if. You're not getting what you think you're getting you're, going to stop going to that search engine, and yes, Bing, does that Yahoo did that Yahoo got bought, out oh. Gosh. Is it a year ago now so, it's that hopefully. Will change but. Yeah. We, all know those search engines we don't go to anymore. Right, and. We don't go to them because whenever we search for something we do not get, what we are looking for and if we think about it, Google's. Whole if, you because, you always have to follow you, have to follow their, business plan or your perception, of what their business plan probably is or at least that's what I do, because. That's, what I do but. Whenever. I think of Google I'm like ok where, where's their money where do they make their money they make their money off of people spending, time on there they, make their money from ads, right. That was the first moneymaker. Was ads so, that was people people, had to be coming to the search engine in order for ads on their search engine to even matter right, so, so. That's we, they need to make sure that people keep coming to their search engine which is why the. Algorithm. Just keeps, getting better and better and, refining, and refining on. Good. User, experience, and. Making, sure that the person that's typing, in the question, gets to the answer, immediately. Okay. Or else they're. You. Know they're out of the game they're out of the game that's their entire that's, their livelihood right there so. So. Yes, always be thinking about that always be thinking about that think about what. Is, going to make your website more relevant. To. To, the people that it needs to be relevant for right you don't need to be relevant for everybody, because everybody isn't your customer, but. Make sure that if you haven't done the, the dream client. Exercise. If you're in the inner circle make sure you do the dream client exercise, if. You're not in the inner circle then you should be. I. Also, just started a new tier that's seven bucks right now so there's really absolutely, no, reason that you should not be in there over, 80 courses, and one of them is the dream client make sure that you take the dream client course so you know who you're talking to and you, understand. What. What, they need to be hearing from you and what questions, you need to be answering, for them I'm going, to tell the people that are coming on Saturday, there. Is a a trick. That I use to. Find those. Questions. That, people are actually typing, in there's a trick, to that okay and I will be telling people on Saturday there's your cliffhanger, there's the cliffhanger, right there so if you're coming on Saturday you're, gonna get a trick to, find out all. Of the. Questions, that you're ever going, to need to answer like, it's it's amazing. I love it I love it I love it so. But, you do need to know who your dream client is you need to know what you're talking about but, we will will.

Go Through that anyway. So I so. It needs to be you need to have at least 300. Words on your, blog post and also. Hey Colleen also whenever, people are scanning, the. Whenever. They're scanning the article, itself, make, sure that it's not a big, block, of text. I. Think we all know what I'm talking about here like a big paragraph. Of text because, if you have a big paragraph, of text the. Reddit term is TLDR. Too, long didn't read right like that's how people, are so even, even, if it's got the. Exact. Information that, somebody, needs from, you they. Will never, ever know. It cuz. They're gonna bounce okay, so what you need to do is you need to put it in like. A list form, okay, so maybe maybe, it's five things, they need to do so number, one and even, put a 1 next to it and then like I sort, of a header like a you, know something. That when they scan they're like oh that's, the first thing that you do and so, it sort of defines, what, they're gonna do like. A headline, and then. Under. It just, put short little paragraphs, if you have to you know you're going to explain. Deeper. What, they need to do but sometimes, people, can just scan and they're like okay I need to do that I need to do that I need to do that that, is going to keep somebody on your page a block, of text a paragraph, of text will, not and I guarantee, you, of that okay. Also. Be careful and, I'm I'm big into affiliate. Marketing I love it love it love it. But. Be careful, with. Those. Man. It's like Adsense, I don't think Adsense, is a thing anymore. It's, the embedded. Trying. To describe it to you guys here it's the embedded, like sidebar. And. Header. At the top that. Have ads so. Like ads that just like scroll, through sometimes, they move there, they're usually Google, ads in some way where they they, follow you around with, your cookies and yadda-yadda. Your. Website, is yours, let's just talk about this for a second your, website. And your. Blog is. Your. Space. Okay. Whenever. You put those little ads on there there's two things that happen one, thing is it cheapens, your message a smidgen. And maybe a lot it depends on what you're doing so for the auto mechanic it's not gonna cheapen the message as much, as somebody. That maybe as a life coach it's. Gonna really, stub, your toe if you're a life coach and you have that that, stuff, going on there it's really just like a mix of energy, that is like like.

No No no. So. There's that and then, also you. Don't make, much off of those anyway, right so not only are you stubbing, your toe energetically. With the whole like just, not, looking, right and. And given somebody like a weird feeling, about being on your site not, only are you doing that but you're not even really making much money off of it the the good of there's other affiliates. Out there that you can make more money off of again we'll talk about it on Saturday, well, but there's more that you and then, those affiliates, those. You can weave into. Your actual, articles. So, let's step back again, one more time I want to reiterate it your website, is your space. Okay. Not my, space okay. But, it's it's actually your, space it's, your space to do whatever you. Want to with it it's, your space to be you for them to understand, who you are to get a good feel for you, and any, of these ads. Embedded. Ads are just, simply. A distraction. You guys and it takes away from your message so please, please. Don't. Use, them unless. You need the pennies that they're gonna serve up for you, because. They really, don't pay out enough. To be worth. The. The hit on your message that they give yeah, I hope that that makes sense. So. Okay. So I think I got that point across so so, with like good affiliate, marketing, that, is where, you. Affiliate. With, products. That you actually use, right, so not so, on those sidebars you're gonna have whatever show. Up you don't even know sometimes, you know it's just something, that's been chasing, this person around that now they see on your site, still. Chasing, them around, but. They. See, what. What you can do is you can actually align, and I'll show you on Saturday. Aligned. With different, brands and. Maybe. Do reviews, on products. And talk about why you use. Things or just say it and passing, and then have a link for it those are graceful ways, of doing it because it's not you're, not really trying to sell it it's just that you use it and, you. Can make money from sharing, it so why wouldn't you right it's not like the person spends any more money by, clicking your link that's, just that this big corporation. Has, to pay you some, of the money they were gonna get anyway, right so why not, do it why. Would you not do it but just don't do it in a gross way people. Do it in gross ways all the time and that's just and and that's sort of like a grace that people have to learn we. Will be talking about that again on Saturday, as well if you are in Cedar, Rapids on, Saturday. You need to be and you're interested. In this you need to be at my class let, me put the link, in here for the class actually SuperDuper, quick. Gtp, let me know what questions you guys have - cuz I am talking a whole lot. Pretty. Sure that's it I. Don't. Even know my own link sometimes yep that's it, so. That's where that's, where you go it's gonna be at the Dostal house for anybody that's wondering. We're. Gonna go over, affiliates. We're gonna how to choose an affiliate, how. To how. To be able to actually. Become. An influencer. And. Work. Your brain and without. Even. Having any followers, to begin with okay, cuz that you can rise up out of nowhere, okay. It all depends. On on. What you already know, what you're excited about and owning.

It So we'll get into that too but um, oh. It. Mike said the link was there already, fair. Enough fair enough. So, let me know what questions you have because, it is. 6:18. Right now I can, keep talking about blogging. Let's. See so 300, words that, they need to be at least 300, words. Make. Sure that so if you already have, a business or if this is for network marketing. You. That. You are in alignment with with. Your message already right make sure that it supports, that a. Really. Really, cool thing that you can do with blogs is, you. Can you, can take questions that, people just ask you all the time this is something that a lot of people miss hey Tish a lot, of people miss this one where. People. They. Ask you the same question, all the time like they always ask you the same questions. You always hear the same thing over and over and over again I know it that's it everybody. Is this way and what. You can do is make, sure you take note of those questions, and write, a blog, about it and then, you can even make a video, about it put, it on the blog or. And. Now. We'll talk a little bit about sharing, the blog into, social, media okay because whenever. You write the blog you don't just set, it and forget it right you make sure that that, you get it out there so people can then consume, it right so. What, you would do at that point is so say. You wrote, a blog about. A. Question. That somebody asks you a lot, then. You. Would put. It into social, media with. Like, maybe create, an image in canva, like a graphic, and canva, maybe, put that, that, question. Like maybe it's FAQ. And then, put the question, on there and then, say get, your answers, here, and then, and. Then they'll click through to the blog to actually, read through the answer, and as, always, guys, whenever you are writing, blogs, do. Not forget, your, call-to-action, okay. And, your call to action, is asking. The person to do the thing we, cannot, assume. As business. Owners, as bloggers, as influencers. We, cannot, assume, that people. Coming, to our website are, automatically. Going to know to do, the thing, whatever. That thing is we cannot assume, that and we should not assume that you know why because. They are just like us and we, are distractible. We. Get. Distracted by, day to day life right I have a three-year-old, I'm, distracted. On the regular, like, I am constantly. Distracted, okay so, I might, be reading a blog that I am so, crazy. Into. And I want to keep learning more but. Then you know she goes, and does something and I have to get, her out of the street or whatever is happening, right and then, all of a sudden I have, completely. Forgotten. Already. About. This thing okay. So what we want to do is as soon as, people. Get on to our page we. Want to let them know of, the, thing that they can get from us also okay. So I you, can basically the, the best way in my opinion, to do that is to, have a sidebar. And it, always has your freebie, now if you don't know what I'm saying whenever I say freebie. Again. You need to be in the inner circle okay, everybody, needs to be there but, you. You. Need to create. Something, that, you give away in exchange, for, an email, address okay. And then. You. Can continue, your conversation offline. Off. Social, media with them off of, your website, with them. And then, through, email, marketing which, we go into as well right because that's that, is. Your. Treasure chest that, is like your that's, your fan club, right like those are the people that dig, you, okay, also, don't feel bad if people unsubscribe. That's a natural attrition, thing, whenever, it happens, just be happy, that your that your, email. List is getting thinned, out to just the people that are paying attention I promise. You that matters okay. But. Okay. So that is that. Is the social media sort, of that's. The way that you share a blog well, into. Social media and then, also get. People's. Continued. Attention. Okay. You, can also do, this thing I'll, just keep talking you, can also do this thing where you. Put a pixel, a view content, pixel, on. On. That. Blog page itself, and then, you, will know when people have been to that, blog page okay. There's. Also different, well. Nevermind. I'll get into that's a little too deep I don't want to freak you guys out I've already gone into a lot I don't want to freak you guys all the, way out I don't want to like just drop so much knowledge that.

You Guys afterward, or like what, do I do now, I, have, a tendency to do that sometimes so. Okay. People. Are talking. Hey. Jessica, hi. Terry, Tish. Everyone, asked, me what crystal, should I have I say. All of them lol, Tish, I love that feedback so what, I would suggest for you then, when. You say so. When people ask you what crystal, should I have, then. What. You should do, is you, should just, start blogging about. The qualities. Of the, different, crystals, take one crystal, this, is great for your SEO by the way, take. One crystal, okay let's see like hematite, take. That stone. And then, and. Then talk about all of the qualities, of it all of all of the, qualities, and yes, there, are websites, that, already do that okay, but this is gonna be your, spin on it so make sure that you have your own flavor. To it and it's not just sort of like the the medical. Breakdown, which is what some of the sites do it feels very sterile. So. You can I may have been to them I may have been them been, there, so. That's. What I would do so now you have, literally, just. By watching this video right now you. Have content, maybe, four years, that, you can create okay. Please. Tell me that you heard that. Colleen. I want all the crystals, and Colleen's gonna read all of your blogs. Tish. Oh man I always assume people know what, I do and what I offer that's. And, we can't we cannot, we. Know what assuming, does right we know what it does, so. That's. Make. Sure they that you're making it very very. Very. Clear, to them okay because they just don't have all the time in the world we, don't have all the time in the world so we have to be very succinct, we, have to be very, specific. And. Catering. To what they specifically. Came there for and then, also offering. Them one step further, which is what that freebie, does right, and, then that's a. Communication. Line with us or, with us to them and with them to us I have a lot of people that respond to my emails whenever I send them out so it's in it's a communication. Both, ways which is really fun. What. Time is it oh I've, got four minutes you guys four minutes let me know if you have any questions, I. Got. Four minutes. And. Then. Tonight I'm gonna be over, on. I'm. Gonna be in Sasha's group, tonight I don't know why this video just did this I am. Going to be in Sasha's group, tonight at 7:00, so in a half hour I'm. Gonna be in Sasha dents group and we're. Going to go over we're. Gonna do like an interview, it's gonna be really fun really, fun. But okay. Well I don't see any other questions that, have come up so. I'm. Gonna go ahead and bebop. Out of here again if you're in, Cedar, Rapids come. To the blogging, class on Saturday. It's filling, up kind of fast I'm not gonna say there's like two seats left there's there's more than two seats left it's not that full but, it's filling up faster than I thought it was going to because what. Usually happens, is it'll fill up like the day before because. We all just wait till the last second, but, a lot of people have signed up even before then so it's. It's getting a little bit crazy, Colleen, I want to start a blog but I have so many things that I want to talk about just, don't know if it's. Okay. To talk about them all on one blog or break them into a couple so, when you say all on one blog do you mean all on one blog. Website, or. Or. All, in one blog post because yeah don't, don't. Put them all in one blog post but, I think for the most part depending. On what the topics, are. It. Can probably be all, on the same blog if it's, branded.

Under You if you, Colleen. Are the brand it's. Very, likely, that, you, can go ahead and put all of those blogs under, that and. Then, you. Know the question, at that point is I mean you do need some, sort of umbrella they deep do need to understand, why, they, come to your, blog right, all in one website yeah you can, you can it's, just like. For me I can't do. My, marketing, stuff. And. Then you. Know like so. I use organic makeup, right I can't, do my marketing stuff and organic, makeup on the same blog. Because. The people coming there for marketing. Are not. Coming, there for. Organic. Makeup right so you, can't put, those two things together, so. But, Colleen. From what I know of you. It. All might be sort of in the spiritual, realm. Right so, if you can have something, that ties it together some. Overarching. Idea. That. Ties it together then. Yes, is the answer it, can all be on one website but. If there's no way to really, tie it together, then. Then. That's where it's like well maybe you need to have two or, maybe. You really need to drill down on just the one thing that you want to cover. Period. Right and really focus, on doing that well instead, of spreading yourself too thin, if, you, want to read about spreading, yourself too thin and you're on my email list there was an email. That went out as I was talking actually. That. Talks, about that just a bit so. Okay. Cool, Coleen, gotcha awesome, all right guys well I am gonna go ahead and pop, out of here Colleen okay never, thought about it like that thank you awesome, perfect. On that, note success. I'm, gonna get out of here and I will be back in Sasha, just joined I'm, gonna be back with Sasha at 7 o'clock and her group so, uh see. You guys bye. Bike. You.

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