The REASON Bitcoin BTC Crashed 50% | Worst Drop In 7 Years | Bitmex Plustoken Manipulation?

The REASON Bitcoin BTC Crashed 50% | Worst Drop In 7 Years | Bitmex Plustoken Manipulation?

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Down over 50%. And. I've. Done some very extensive, research. Over the last 24. Hours, to, go into some extreme, depth of the, real reason, why Bitcoin, has, seen a major, sell-off, breaking. All resistance. Breaking, all support, levels and we're, going to be looking at several, different things, but, we're gonna go into the core reason. Of why. Bitcoin, is seeing the self because it's beyond, the, coronavirus. It's beyond, the, national, emergency, was that was this declare, today in the United States but we're gonna go in to the derivative, exchange, market, alongside. With the plus token scam, that, we've all been familiar, with over the last year, or so and then talk about the last remaining, support, level for Bitcoin because as you can see we've. Even, pierced, through the 200, week moving average already. Seeing price levels below that and that, is a level, of support that we've never broken, in the past in the, history of bitcoins, price Ashlee action as you can see we've never went below, that level I believe once. We've whipped through that level but, no actually, you can see here we've never been, below that 200 week moving average that's, actually where we found a bottom, in our last bear market and so we're gonna be taking some questions from our live audience and I'm not gonna go into too much technical analysis. Just because this, is more of a fundamental. Aspect of. The market as you can see with, traditional, markets looking, really, good as Friday's. Closed. Was. Preceded. By the, National emergency, declaration, that Trump, had announced. Obviously. Trying to ease the, marketplace, and we saw a nice comeback, for stocks so, we can expect some upside, for a Bitcoin especially, as we go into the root of this issue you, can see here we're. Gonna be talking about Bitcoin, possibly. Going to 0, if bit. Mex didn't. Go offline and this is really the core of the issue that we're going to be talking about and then we'll go into crypto derivatives, what that means and then look at the plus token scam, that some of you guys have heard of, in the past year so as they have been moving funds and slowly, selling, off funds but, this, may have been a big dump, for the first time that we have yet to see, from, this, wallet. That obviously, comes and is associated, with this plus token scam that, originated. In South, Korea, and really affected, the South Korean market, so. First, and foremost I want to talk about this 200. Week moving average of course you, can see right now even with price action around, 5,400, we are currently below, that 200, week moving average and we want to stay above, that for. This weekly candle. Close because we've, already pierced, through this moving average and that in my opinion is already, a worrisome. Technical. Indicator, for me personally, because I take, wicks into consideration. However, we have to understand, the reasoning, behind this, huge sell-off and it was really a multitude, of things including. The. Global. Pandemic. And then, of course we. Have the. Other aspects. Of the market that we need to talk about because there is a big issue in this market and it's something that I've talked. To you guys about in the past and it's the fact that there's, more derivative. Trading. In, the cryptocurrency market, and then there is spot, trading, and that becomes, an issue over the long term as you, guys can see through, this article crypto, derivatives, a corner, of the market or the market itself when, you see in this article it says here as the, derivatives, market has grown exponentially, we have now entered a period where, the underlying physical, exchanges, are much, smaller, than derivatives, exchanges. It has become tempting to try to manipulate the less liquid underlining, exchanges. To, yield some profits, Trading, the derivatives. And what's, very interesting about. This article, is if, you, see the title of this recent, headline that came out yesterday it says your bitcoins price might, have gone to zero if bit Mex hadn't gone offline and this is a perfect, example of why. Having. More, liquidity on derivative, exchanges, than spa, trading. Is an issue because in most asset.

Classes Like gold for example there's always more spot, trading than derivative. Trading and so there's a accurate. And clear spot, price, for. That asset and so you can see here with this article bit mix may have pulled their exchange, offline out of fear their liquidation engine, could collapse the ex METU s the order book all the way down is zero under, the false flag of hardware, issues, and so, this, becomes a snowball effect what that basically means is somebody. That has a large amount of Bitcoin, and remember. We just talked about the plus token scam right over. A hundred, and twenty three million was. Moved, since. Bitcoin recently, hit ten thousand, again right because Bitcoin went back up to ten thousand five hundred recently, and since, then we've seen over one hundred and twenty-three million Bitcoin move, as that, happened, from this plus token scam and so, this is why this all is correlating, with each other but if we go more in depth into this article you can see it says before. Bit Mex went offline the price of X BT USD crashed. Ten percent below the spot price and the funding, rate collapsed, to one of its lowest levels. On record. If you guys don't know we, actually saw the most amount of liquidations, ever in the history of the, cryptocurrency derivatives, market yesterday when, we saw this big drop so you can see here it says the. Funding rate collapsed, in one of its lowest levels and records shortly after Bitcoin staged a sharp reversal to the upside during, the forty minute window the leveraged derivatives, giant, was offline, and so, you can see R says the timing of this rally took bit Max's momentous, cell, wall off the market and loud Bitcoin, to, recover and interestingly, enough Bitcoin, didn't respond to this theory saying, insane, is right Sam, you know better than a deal in this type of conspiracy, theory especially since you operate a platform, however, we, can only take that with a grain of salt knowing. That this, is an underlining, issue that has plagued, the market, for quite some time and, so understand. The snowball, effect here when you have a large amount of Bitcoin, and you go on to a spot, exchange, where, there's less volume than into the derivative exchanges.

You, Can easily manipulate price, on the spot exchange which, then translates, into the derivative exchange, and when you've already got all of this Bitcoin in bit, Mex going. Long with, leverage, and price. Starts to rapidly. Decrease. You start to see liquidation. After liquidation, of accounts, therefore. Snowballing, more, and more liquidations. And therefore. This theory, has come out saying bitcoin, could have possibly, went to zero or had. Seen a more catastrophic, drop if bit, mechs hadn't gone offline, and so I think that's a very interesting, theory. And I think it exemplifies. The, true issue that. This, market, has which is the fact that we see more derivative. Volume. Than we do spot. Trading so I'd love to hear you guys's opinion on that for, those of you to understand, this situation I see we have a ton of people on Christmas thank, you guys for being on I know it's a little bit late crypto brand in the house Hector marina master. Benny fight, house productions. Let's, see here Christopher's, is yet nearly every exchange has access to leverage trading now a year or two ago this certainly wasn't the case, absolutely. Malik says could you cover the bitcoin monthly chart we. Can definitely go into a monthly chart i think, that's a good idea you know monthly charts. Are interesting. You can see here even with this fifty, month moving average we broke through that average, of, course, looking, at this chart it looks like the, capital tation that we saw, the. Drop that we saw here in november, of 2018, where we did eventually find a bottom and I think that we've found. A temporary bottom, for now and I say that because a lot of this is going to have to do with the, major, world market, indices, because, as you know we've, followed. The sp500, quite, closely over the last few, weeks and of, course, we saw a record. Close here the Dow almost, 2000, points up on Friday just, in the last hour of trading, as Trump. Announced I'm. Sorry announced, the national, emergency, and so, interestingly, enough as we head into the weekend where we typically see more manipulation, in the crypto markets we are hoping, to see, some, upside. And of course we want to move above that tuna reef moving average which we've really been flirting, with and if you guys look at this chart here and we draw a vertical line here at that 200 week moving average you can see we've been going above, and below, that over, the last few hours in the last few days flirting. With this price action and so, we really want to stay, above that instead, of staying below that you can see that dotted line here representing. That fifty week moving average we want to stay above, that not below that and right now it's just flirting, with that fifty week moving average but. Unfortunately. We have to look at the facts of what possibly, could have caused this, major. Sell-off. And you can see here that plus token scam, that.

We Talked about says your crypto researcher, estimated, that a major market, sell-off was possibly driven by the plus token scammers liquidating two hundred thousand, Bitcoin on the open market and keep in mind this article, was February, 11 this was not yesterday, or today this, was almost a month ago talking. About if. My numbers are correct the 200 Bitcoin estimates reported, earlier this year were correct and market impacts will continue, for, some time and, so, that, could have certainly. Have been what caused. The. Major sell-off yesterday, in the. Derivative, market that spiraled, into an uncontrollable. Sell-off, and then, not translating, into the spot price of Bitcoin, and you can see that analysts believe that plus token sales are one of the primary catalysts, for the seventh month long market, downtrend, that began after bitcoins price reached 13,800. On June 26, 2009. Teen now understand, this isn't all doom, and gloom here, because, when, we look at other markets, and how they've matured we've. Seen, things. Like this in the past as a matter of fact when, we go into this. Article here where. It talks about derivative, exchanges, and we, go a little bit above. Here you can see I believe, it says this in this article but it talks about the. Traditional markets here also experiencing, a derivative moment. Back, in the 70s, and so understand. That's how markets mature, but of course we don't want this to take 40 years to mature for the cryptocurrency market. But, this, is the underlining, issue in the market and something, that is not only going to work to our benefit, but can also work to, our favor to the upside, so understand this. Is not just a. Fearful. Sell-off but this is more of a fundamental. Sell-off that has to do with this issue of derivative, market trading and spot trading and the imbalance. We see with, volume, on those. Exchanges. And so understand. That, plus, token still, has 60 1000 undistributed, coins here March, 12th 2020, this was an article written two, days ago and so. Knowing. That they still have a lot of tokens, obviously researchers, are keeping, track of when these tokens are being distributed and then eventually onto exchanges, for liquidation and you can see during the times that we see price. Levels of Bitcoin dropped like in February and in, January, we start to see less distribution. And less sell-off but, of course it seems as if what had occurred was, you, know whoever these guys are saw. Legitimate. Sell-off. Of Bitcoin, due to what's happening, traditional, markets in feared. Bitcoins, price going lower and they wanted to cash out more and so they went ahead and, did. The unthinkable which, was cash, out in large amount and then, affecting, derivative, markets and they could have even had their own shorts, in the market manipulating, the market as they, sold off on spa exchanges, bringing the price down and then winning on both ends not only in the.

Spot Price but also in. The, derivative, market because of course their initial, intention, is to liquidate, the Bitcoin into cash but, then from there they have leveraged positions, open on spikes, on, derivative, exchanges, they, are controlling, the price at that point and they're able to bring it down even further so, it's a very interesting factor, and a, part. Of the market that I personally, want, to see gone. Very. Soon and so, of, course. There's. Nothing wrong with a $5,000. Bitcoin at the end of the day I don't mind Bitcoin, at 5,000 because at the end of the day we trade Bitcoin yes. We have long term positions, in Bitcoin but hopefully you have a dollar cost averaging, technique which means you benefit, off of times like this because, now your dollar cost averaging, is. Substantially. At a, lower price, when. It comes to your average price, per Bitcoin due. To the fact that now. We're getting Bitcoin at such a discounted, rate and that's, exactly what's happening across the board in all asset, classes not, just crypto, currencies, but we're seeing that with, the major, indices. We're seeing with commodities, and even real estate investment. Trusts are seeing. Major, sell-off bonds. Anything. You name that, has acted as an investment vehicle is seeing, a sell-off right now due to the global pandemic, but of course we're also going to expose other parts, of the, market that are in. My opinion, I, wouldn't. Say failures, but premature. And in the cryptocurrency market, one part of that is the, derivative versus, spot exchange, its issue and that obviously was exposed, and, pretty. Much took bitcoins, clothing, off yesterday, and said, hey you. Know this is an issue and this is what this type of issue can cause and and, in reality it's, more amplified. Volatility. Being that this is a less than a trillion dollar market, versus, these traditional, markets that are over a trillion so I'm. Hoping this really shed, some light because I did a lot of research on this for you guys to. Really give you guys some, clear, and concise insight, on what's, happening so if you guys appreciate just. This you. Know this information I'd. Love to hear your comments in. The chat don't. Forget to like the video david, says anything is possible. Crypto. Rents is not crypto but I believe it, to be giving fear to all markets can we look at the S&P and its major trend, line support from 2008, that's, possibly, breaking yeah. Well understand, technicals, are not really, in play, right now as much as fundamentals.

Are And so. Today. When Donald Trump announced the national, emergency, made it official he. Really tried to bring. In confidence. For the. Marketplace. Because of the, fact that we're just seeing major. Sell-off and of course the feds announced quote-unquote unlimited, liquidity, to. Off. Balance. This. Sell-off and so that could possibly help markets, but, more importantly Trump is really trying to reassure people, that things are okay he even talked about buying more, reserves, of oil now that oil prices, are low so him. Being a business man that's a smart decision right, people are freaking out because oil is dropping and traditionally when oil drops everything else drops and, Trump. Is like well I think this is a great thing so we're gonna go and buy more oil because now we can put them in reserve so when, people, start hearing like that and they start realizing there's, a strategy, here and that we're gonna be okay we'll start to see more confidence, in mark and the fear will subside, because right now the whole market, is plagued, in fear but that's where we just find the most opportunity. I mean who, here when. Bitcoin was at 14,000, would have wished they had a Bitcoin for 5,000, say I in the chat I'm sure, there's a ton of you guys wish, you had Bitcoin at 5,000. When, it was at 14,000. And so this is the opportunity start, being, able to grab, those positions but, if you were to say is this the bottom, I would say maybe. Not maybe. So it's not a technical. Aspect. That. We need to watch at this point but it's more of a fundamental, aspect and therefore what I would say is have, a strategy, in place and alter that strategy as things, mature, and so to, say that this is the bottom is is. Kind. Of immature in my opinion, because we don't know if it's the bottom because we just don't know the. Overall. I. Would. Say. Overall. We, don't know the overall outcome, yet of this, global pandemic, and therefore we can't predict. The overall outcome of the, bottom of this market, just yet and so, understand. This is gonna be some, it's something that is gonna take some time for us to watch. It's, gonna take some time for it to mature but at the end of the day we have to realize that eventually, the fear will subside, and things, will, go back to normal and of course these in my opinion are, prices, that people have, died. To get in the past for. Bitcoin and now we're having that opportunity to, obtain those prices and, so you, know if you were to ask me will Bitcoin go back to $1000 who, knows you, know if we start to see more and more manipulation, like what occurred yesterday that. Could be a possibility, but I'd love to have a Bitcoin for $1000, and so understand. I'll still be here with you guys I'll still be making videos I'll still be right. By your side helping, you guys trade these markets and, quite. Honestly I'm not going to be stressed, by any of this because I've, dollar cost average, in Bitcoin in a, set schedule for a very long time and I've, only invested, what I'm willing to lose and at the end of the day I follow, my principles and I understand the fact that no matter what happens, things will be okay hey life will go on and, during. Times like this I've, got cash on the side that I've, already. Positioned. Two dollar cost average into Bitcoin and therefore, me purchasing, Bitcoin on the. Tuesday that I always purchase Bitcoin is gonna. Be more exciting, this week because of the fact that bitcoins under, six thousand dollars where it was over ten thousand, a month ago and so when.

You Realize that sometimes. These. Type of Corrections, are the, best opportunity. And these. Type of. These. Type of uh you. Know I would say when. When, the world is all on fear, that's. The time for you, to step. Up and realize that there's opportunity. That, comes from this fear and you, can see when this happened in the past Bitcoin, went down bottom. Right around, $3,500. Just like we hit 3900. Or this recent sell-off and then, of course that eventually, turned into a very nice bull trend up to that fourteen thousand dollar mark and so there's. Still a lot of things coming for Bitcoin the fundamentals, haven't changed the whole thing is still coming and understand. Technicals, are not as important right now as understanding. The fundamentals. Which is the, reasoning. Behind the retail, investor, sell-off, which, right, now people are trying to get, into cash because they don't know whether, they're gonna need it or not as this global pandemic, becomes. More and more widespread and, so, understand. The, technicals, don't matter as much right now as the fundamentals, and for. Me personally I want to see a close on the, weekly candle above that two and week moving average that's, extremely, important, because we need to maintain that level and as you can see on the hourly chart we are flirting right on that moving. Average right now and so it's obviously acting, as a level, in which, a lot of people are either determining. Whether they want to get in or get out and, of course if we were to look at the pattern, here it is a bullish pattern, where we've got this symmetrical, triangle, forming here and so hopefully as it approaches that apex which doesn't, seem like it's going to take much longer it, makes, a decision of whether or not wants to go up or down of course even if this breaks down at. Least we see a double bottom and that would be even. Healthier in my opinion because I've actually got positions, that I'd like to ladder in at these lower levels if we start to see this breakdown and so of course I'll update you guys on discord, if we start to see any sort of breakdown and I'll, continue, to update you guys on discord, as we see more of this mature but I don't, want to take too much of your guys's Friday. Night it's, already Saturday morning, actually 2:30, a.m. here, I just went a little bit over time doing, more and more in-depth, research. On the plus token scam so, I'd love to take some questions from you guys if. You guys want to know more about what, is, happening right now I would highly recommend researching. Some of these topics that we talked about today because, it's a very interesting thing when you understand, the, issue. That we see here with spawn trading and derivative trading and. And how that's affecting, the market especially with you, know scammers. In the market that have this type of liquidity that can be dumped into the market and so understand. You. Know I just, want personally. These you, know these wallets that have all this Bitcoin to just get rid of them already so we can move past this and finally. You. Know appreciate the true fundamental, value, intrinsic, value Bitcoin brings to the table so. Crude. Person crypto, brand says it's less to fill up my 4x4, truck I'm happy about gas being $1 80 cents here in Texas. Mud. Geron says how can I join your telegram, we're. Not on telegram, we're, on discord, its discord, dot GG, slash. Profits. The link is in the description. Crypto. - I'm still mining ETH I'll never shut off my rigs no matter the price still confirm, y'all transactions. I got y'all they. Do crypto. Brand for doing that man appreciate your long time support in the community as well David hooker says I'm happy for it to go lower if it goes to 3,000 I'll load up my bags. Cyril. Line says hi from Taiwan, Nayeem, hope things are going well there in Taiwan. Cyril, or. Curl. Been. Watching a channel since 2017. Thanks for sharing all your insight experience for less absolutely, thank you sir appreciate you. RB. Says Bakht up should, be positive, we'll, see. Miami. Says how they gonna trade stocks if we as closed due to Corona. If. Wall. Street is closed due to corona. Yeah. Well markets, will go on things. Will reopen. Christopher. Says 3 K to 14, K was from plus scam. Token, though. It. Could be you, know and that's why I said it's not just, gonna. Work to our disadvantage, it. Can also work to our favor for on the right side of the table and so, you know even, in our discord room I posted a trade with a very tight stop at 7200, with an entry at a 7000, we lost 3% on that but then as soon as we saw a nice trend, up from, 5,300. We, went ahead and took that trade up to 5600. And that was already a 6%, upside, so we doubled you know we made up the loss and then made up another 3%, on that so understand. You know Bitcoin. At this lower level there's, a lot less risk involved, when going along you know we look at the risk.

That We have here right now with any sort of long especially, when your dollar cost averaging, at this range you, can see a you, know with a long position set, even, at this current price level you've got a very very nice, upside. Here, of 150%. Vs.. Possible. Downside, of even, a 38%, so you know very good risk to reward ratio right, now with, any sort of Long's because, of course even if we start to see lower price action there is that possibility of what could help us break-even at any sort of long position, and so you, know I like, prices at this level you know I'm very very happy for this I'm happy that the markets where. It's at right now I'm happy. About. What's, happening, here obviously. Not as happy about the, spread. Of this pandemic. But of course we've, been through the swine flu we've been through other things similar. And you know we'll get through it as always, Johnny. Smith from Twitter says poor, the scammer so now is the time to buy so. It's plus token so they arrested I believe six of them but. The ringleader, has yet to be arrested and that's why they're still able to move money, and. That primarily happened in South Korea, a lot of people in South Korea were defrauded, from this I'm. Sure maybe even our our. Fan here from Taiwan, has, heard of the plush token but very, similar to big connect but this was the, biggest crypto, heist in history worth, billions of dollars when. Bitte Connect was only around, 200 million at its peak and so very. Very very shocking. Here. Thank. You mr., March, all thanks for your analysis, scalping, period in regards from Finland I love. It flash, creatures interesting, Google trend search I noticed Bitcoin versus gold Bitcoin is trending, better against gold in 2020, or these trends helpful in charting thanks to me absolutely, we've used that in the past when, you search a Bitcoin halvah, ng you. You, know you actually saw a huge increase in Bitcoin halting search trends on Google, during. 2016. Prior. To the 2017. Breakout, so it's. Interesting because you look, at Bitcoin, hovering on Google Trends I employer, to do that flash flush, creatures and you'll. See that it's starting to trend up as it did in 2016. And in 2016, it was a predictor, of the 2017. Bull market so I still, think we'll see a very very nice bull market come from this halting I mean when supply decreases remember. Price is always based on supply and demand those are the two things that matter the most and so. Crypto. Brand says gold needs to hold 1500 is dead well it seems like with golden right now we're seeing a lot of liquidation, which is good I want to see gold go lower I want it to break 1500, and, the reason I do want, that to happen is because right. Now what we're really seeing are the people who were accumulating. Gold from. That 1100. To around, 1400. To 1500 dollar range starting. To liquidate their positions, in gold as it's already acted as a hedge for them and they're already probably, in major profits, and now, they're like well great now we're seeing lower, prices in Bitcoin for, $5,400. I want, to put more liquidity into that or I want to put some liquidity into the Dow knowing. That we're down at 23,000. Where we were at almost, 30,000. A week or two ago and so we. Want to see more liquidation, in gold because, we want to see that. Hedge away from gold and back into traditional markets and Bitcoin, and other. Assets. Here so kitten. Suit says Bitcoin Hoving how LOI yeah you guys always. Make fun of how I say alex, is with intense. QE. Measures, coming just another case in support of crypto principles long term. Absolutely, you know I think that's you know that's why we keep seeing etf's get denied for a crypto right now you, know they. They just don't like, the type of volatility, that is possible, I really, think they realized the derivative, market and the. Spot market, is really. Unbalanced, right now and they don't want to risk that and. So I think that's why we're seeing ETFs, get a client as soon as we start, to see ETFs. For, Bitcoin it's going to start becoming a major asset class with a lot. Of legitimacy. And a lot of backing. And reputation. So that's going to be an interesting time if that happens here soon. Bitcoin. Is not following historical. Technicals. How do you analyze this kind of situation, it's all fundamentals, right now Malik another. Thing you have to realize is when we look at the previous halting in. 2016. Here you, can see here when we go into 2016, in June and we look. At how Bitcoin acted, prior to that whole thing we also saw, a sell-off. Prior, to having and it didn't just immediately, raise in price of course eventually, it led to a $20,000.

Bitcoin, When, we go here to July. Of 2016. I, believe. It's like right around. Here. So. You. Can see July. We. Saw initial, peak and, then. The whole thing was right around this area I. Believe. It was right. Around here. May. Have been August, September but, you can see we. Saw initial, uptrend. Downtrend, consolidation. Almost. Like what happened just now big, push down. Consolidation. For some time before we saw the halt vein and even during the halt being it was just a slow gradual, increase before, eventually. Obviously. This was a bitcoins less than $1,000, eventually, we saw tons. Of volatility, and then we saw the. Big big big push up in 2017. And so very very similar, to what happened then you can see it's happening right now where. We saw an initial push up, we. Saw that consolidation. Which saw another big push down and, if. We were to copy history, market. Structure is a very big aspect, of trading and, we should see a consolidation, here possibly upward. Consolidation. Hauling. Comes in May so this should be the hauling and then. Maybe, some extreme volatility, here. Probably. Not lower than the levels are at now probably. At these higher levels and then of course, shooting. Up past. The, previous high so, it's. Kind of what, I'm expecting but, we'll see obviously that's a very rough draft. But. I think market structure right now is very important to watch versus technicals, but. Market structure being a technical indicator in some cases. Mossad, says I think by coronavirus, market seen bottom right now and I think after buying a lot in the prices, they need some, hope and society to come back to market absolutely. I, agree with you hundred percent, what's, up fatal fury, my. Stops this is planned I think we. Can go into a lot of that, conspiracy. Fundamentals. Are still strong once we get rid of the bad actors like the plus token Squad and get past this pandemic we should see some movement I'm gonna end it with that I thank you for saying that Chris I agree 100%, thank. You all for tuning in like the video if you guys appreciate the 2:30, a.m. livestream, if you guys want. More of this remember every Monday Wednesday and Friday we go live will. Be given a book await and one of you guys in the comments below so. We, gave a book away on our, Wednesday video so we'll do another one for this video just make sure to LIKE the video turn on your post notifications thank, you guys for tuning I'll see you guys on the discord, it's, a late night for me we did a lot of research and I'm going to actually be posting another in-depth, update. On our discord, here real soon I know we posted a really nice one as soon as this all happened, but we'll post another one for you guys here real soon because, I did a lot of research but I went through most of it on this video so if you need to reach watch the video feel free but thank, you guys for tuning in great, things ahead do not panic let. The fear move. On put. Yourself in the position of. Patrick. From SpongeBob, put yourself under a rock and then, wake up a year from now and I guarantee you things will be better prices. Will be back up do. Not succumb. To the emotional, aspects, of this market, understand. This is all fear, things. Will be okay things have always been okay have always recovered, and it's. Just a matter of time and so if. I, can give, you one word of hope it's that and realize. That it's. All part of this. Cycle it's all part of a market cycle and so thank. You guys so much for tuning in and until. Next, time we'll, see you guys later thank, you synonymous, alex crypto brand fatal, for your see you guys on the discord, and, yeah. Appreciate. You guys from Finland Taiwan. Sean. Nevin says I'm not watching lives that I want to watch from the beginning, I was in your discord Washington's life we were all freaking out it was a crazy thing I've seen in nine years of trading yep.

I Agree this is pretty crazy but, I like seeing stuff like this is typically when stuff like this happens that, are that's, crazy the downside he sees something. Crazy and an upside so I'm gonna leave you with that we. Saw something crazy to the downside but just. Wait for the next crazy. To the upside because that's coming. South. Africa, I love it, snipers. Out thank. You guys.

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