The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Premiere FULL EPISODE | “The Crown Isn’t So Heavy”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Premiere FULL EPISODE | “The Crown Isn’t So Heavy”

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All right the astrology, guys here, he's, pulled all of your charts Kyle is Capricorn, what, will get you the most worked up is when someone is being treated unfairly, yeah. When. You do get upset it's almost like a tidal, wave. I'm. Gonna freak them out all, those, are fighting words for, me that, is some white people stuff. This. Season, on the Real Housewives of. Beverly Hills. Buy. Myself a car to feel better. I've. Never been with a girl I've only been with a couple, judgy was, he was a pregnant. Woman. I hope. It's not Alba I love charmer Denise. There is a side, of you that is hidden oh. She's. Not who, she pretends, to be, Susy. That. Is a huge, thing to say. Don't. Try and destroy my family. What. If she's manipulating. Me you, sent a cease-and-desist. Who, told you that. You're. So angry. Around. Here there's, more than just dresses, in everyone's closet. The. Secret, to life dance, like everyone. Is watching I, won't. Settle for anything less than, everything. Life. Is an audition and honey I am, getting, that part. You. Never know what to expect when. I'm expecting. Break. A leg not. In these heels honey. My. Life may not be a fairytale but, I'll always get a happy ending. I, have. To pack the North Carolina for New York then, back to North Carolina but I still have room for my bags on my shoes where. Didn't I go work we. Got this, but. It is Fashion Week okay, these these, these oh my god I've got to stop with all these bras I mean, I only have two boobs. You. Got everything packed got. Everything packed I'm getting anxiety just, watching, you pack. Once. A year the ladies of Beverly Hills packed, their bags and. Head to New York City for Fashion, Week, it's. Like an annual pilgrimage. You. Want to get your best clothes you want to be dressed up is good the main quarters that it's the closest, that some of us will ever get to a religious experience. New. York Fashion Week is just something you don't want to miss. But. This year is different for me because I, am, actually, one. Of the designers, look, how pretty this is well that zebras amazing, on the pink and I had the brilliant idea, of creating. A line and then. Debuting, it at New York Fashion Week why. Would I do that to myself, you could have 15 professional. Models and then denise is walking, to, eat teddy. Lisa, rinna, Erica. Yes. What are you wearing. All. Black. Oh. Right. Well. I will see you in New York I cannot wait this is gonna be epic girls, trip. I. Used. To be a model when I was younger but. If I was not in Kyle's Show would I be going to Fashion, Week. I'd, read through. I'm. Not shocked though. I. Think. You can powder me just a little bit like on the t-zone after, system edge do. You up your game for Fashion Week absolutely. You do. Hello. Welcome to the tower they look to the other palate funny I need the dinner manager to. Meet. You he's, right way welcome, to your corner, sweetie so nice this. Room is gorgeous so. This is the room for your daughters and, this is your bedroom here, beautiful. This, view is gorgeous high. Rise how high up me where don't, down. I don't. Think we've had it performance. To go this fast well, you went from doing our tour which is an hour show, and this is a fashion show it has to be nailed in that one moment that's, the pressure my. Head, Fashion. Week and Erika Jayne it's a perfect marriage all, right you've missed us is of the dark I'm gonna kill, it. We. Got invited to go perform at the V fowl show which is a blog, showcasing. Young emerging designers.

Honey. Erika Jayne is still performing, she's still saying yes. I'm. At the Barclays Center during Fashion Week and that's big until. There's something bigger that comes along. Hi. Honey, hey baby, how's it going kids are great to, the farming to it Sam he was like oh my god I miss, a home-cooked meal so. Aaron. And I have been through so much, in our first year of marriage. Fires. Happened, I don't think we're gonna be living back here very soon we, were living in hotels, for four, months, now we're back in Malibu, I still, do not feel settled but we, are still having sex every day so that helps - did, you get my naughty selfie, I sent you. How. Are you I. Know. Alexia, just got here she was on the red-eye right after you I know you're tired and if, you say no I totally understand, I really, don't know what to do with the styling the models. All. The samples, their pictures. When. We decided, to do a fashion show I wasn't, really grasping. What, was. Going to happen New York City these, are the things I don't know visit, or don't know I'm supposed to decide this but. Now that I'm here, I am. Scared, when I think back to your fashion. Show you seemed very calm this. Is backwards. Should be lined up just pull, your boobs in yeah, honey has done it so many times what, can you do it one more time and let me know how it goes I. Don't. Know Erika's taking them somewhere but I need you. Oh. My, god you're a lifesaver thank you. Would. It trip me without a spring. Come. On Denise get, the back well thank you all for coming. Tonight. So when I was 18 I moved to the city and did not go to college I moved, to New York with big dreams and started. To audition and try to get jobs that like everybody else the rent was due and, my, girlfriend, said you know what there's, this place it's, kind like a nightclub you should come with me and we come out to Jersey and I'm like this is a strip, club. No, it's, a go-go bar and I was like oh okay, so, I could did it for almost like two years I don't, know how to type I don't know how to be a secretary I know how to sing and dance baby I did, not know that I had no idea.

I. Know, the, reason why I couldn't come in yesterday I had, the mediation, finally, you, know the Beverly Beach. You're. Involved in her ongoing lawsuit with your business, partner, he wants a certain amount of money the judge has ordered mediation then. We finally, came to a resolution I think everyone's just like you know what let's just come with the yes I. Know. I've. Lived with this lawsuit that, I couldn't express, my frustration about, for, so long but, both, parties gave, a little bit now. It's, finally, over. Is. It wrong to grab a New York hotdog on the street cuz I'm now stuff now I'm thinking about getting a pretzel. Hmm. Could. You pay me back for that pretzel. Thank. You thank. You let's do this honey. She. He was at a clothing line for many, years and then I have my own very specific ideas so, right, now we have merged, our ideas, together, look how amazing this honey. Look who. Ever print Caesars I mean, the printing. Machine is yours I want, to not only have it online but, to have it in boutiques. And big, stores Hotel. Gift shops and everywhere, I'm, so excited oh wow. There's a lot in here holy, moly, is this all of yours, yes it's all ours, I've seen things I didn't know about this whole rack is concerning me to be honest these are known so. Hard on that one how, do you have a line that you haven't, even seen, the pieces, what is this I didn't, see that's pretty either I mean I don't know what this is what, you just woke up and said why don't I just throw my name on it it'll be a success is, the first time I'm seeing that one I thought we're only doing a straight on I did this afterwards right and I don't like these buttons yes, I'm an amateur at this but I've been working really hard so, we have this in another color I love, animals, I love color and I love nature so I will take a bunch of snapshots and. Send them. To shahida this one I love love love love love and poop, it shows, up in my mailbox with a sample it's, exciting. No need for experience. Or, know-how, that, doesn't work on me because of my boobs but yeah yeah but you're, not wearing all the pieces and I know of course Kyle is freaking out just now, she's doing there's, a lot of pressure pressure. On me I know I know I know but I'm getting anxious. Coming. Up. Once. One of my kids found my vibrator, my bad. So. We have this in another color I don't know why this green thing is here fashion show is tomorrow I know I know I know but I'm getting anxious how's, everything going. Eliminating. The things that I don't want about it's just really important, for runway that it, doesn't look like you. Know a run of robes or around pajamas, if you can just help me to say what you like and don't like that I can pull that. Home. Base over there okay. Kyle's. Team look, like they are about, to explode these are no Kyle, you don't like that black robe to stand out like a sore thumb because it's only one well. Because you have a load of prints when you have a solid, that breaks it up and I'm just thinking I've got a save Kyle's fashion show from. Kyle it's, so cute on you. Okay. Good, we'll find like a great belt yep if we need it thank you for coming my blood, here. We go I love this so. Cute, isn't that cute, so you it's, grace ago brought, like a red pump we've got red pumps for days here's, the thing you've got a great team yeah great team if they know what they're doing, they're gonna get the show in order it's essential. To have the right team and to trust your team. Or. Worry however. Too. Much trust and, you, could find yourself in a frivolous lawsuit. Thank. You so much bye. I'm. So, pissed right now, it's. Gonna be amazing, it's, stressful I don't want to have something. Out there with my name that I don't love exactly. One on the parking lot is full for. The record it's noon oh my, god. No it's not this, summer we've all grown closer as a friend, group I've opened, myself up and shared things about, my life shakers. Oh my. God but, it also makes me nervous it, makes me somebody I used to date in here you know. Nothing. I. Don't. Know how it's gonna be received oh my god are, they gonna be accepting, it's, like The Sopranos.

Or. They gonna pass judgment. I. Love. Strippers but I like to go to a strip bar where they actually take all their clothes off it's, not stripping if you leave your bathing suit on. I. Can't. Millia. Doing. That I just. Can't quite picture Erika, doing it like this young 18 year old same, age is Amelia, cray. Just. Do it maybe, if I grew up with wealthy parents I wouldn't have been working at a place like shakers but you, played. The hand you're dealt. Hi. The. Towers at low ten your talents, we're so happy to have you I'm, should. Be fun, I have, a love affair with New York City I love the fashion I love, the people and the combustion, it's just, beautiful, chaos to me being able to move to New York City at 17, years old to begin my modeling, career made, me strong. As. I know I can handle anything. Even. Those damn housewives. Wow. I won't, use the kitchen. I. Could live like this always. Acting. Was just the next step. Coming, to America was. My first real, movie but, my Greg out role was definitely, the Jamie Foxx show I get a lot of guys that come up to me go you were my crush. And. I go work. Come. On. Here. Let's. Meet up I want to see what you're doing we'll meet for a drink, Vanessa and Erica may, meet us later. Wow that drop is a lot yeah, thank, you. Thank. You, right. Over here ladies enjoy. Thank you so much, can. I get a sonido. Swap out on me. Garcelle. Is the, same girl, I met, 20 years ago we, did a pilot together never, went to series but I loved her, and we've Jaden touch over the years oh you. Did the whole. Sorry. We. Just shot the tequila all right you, gotta catch up, school. I'll have a soda, with, lemon okay, in your lover husband. Am I the only thing of what I am for. Now for. Now as, a single, mom my time is very limited I have twin eleven-year-old, boys they are amongst, they, are smart, and I share them with their dad it's busy, the, sex life not so busy we, were talking about dating when you have kids, Oh. Once. One of my kids found my vibrator, in my bed. Like. Your shoes those boots were they going, I. Took. A black vibrator, because I was going to New York I was thinking urban no I'm kidding. Well. I'm from Haiti but I grew up in Massachusetts, I was seven I didn't speak a word of English it. Was the dead of winter I had, never seen white people. My. Mom left us in, Haiti and came, to the States so she could make money and send, for us so, that we could live the American dream and I'm, living the American dream, that's. Me straight that's, how I learned English. That's. How you make an entrance all, right I need a shot yes you do because they there oh yeah, are you into human eat to yourself Oh. Shoots. It's not a sipper, and we're gonna take it we're gonna take it yeah.

Coming. Up Lisa. That's. A Dulce bra yeah, I love, it. I. Met. Sutton about six seven years ago she's, southern, and she lives in LA but she travels, to New, York City for Fashion Week, Paris Milan, and she, buys Couture and none. Of these other hoes do we're, going to the spitting and I'm so excited that you get to come to Domenico's health okay, I'm. Speechless I want it to be honest it's so beautiful, don't ring upon us the best they give me tears for my birthday every bits of you yeah we'll stop it what, does it say about set in the dolce gabbana make a one-of-a-kind piece for her it says that she's read chuny she's, rich. Welcome. To, tote a look, at the view and, the gorgeous okay so amelia. Is over that way a little bit I think Amelia's going to the new school living. In New York Dalila, is now back, in LA so I still, have daughters on both coasts they've just switched. Thank. You for having us this is Lisa her daughter was in the Dolce, show, lovely, to meet you Dominic, Lilith will send her warmest regards. Oh I'm, sad they're not here. Look. At this oh my, gosh. They. Brought this coat that's haunting, me one of a kind that's really, lucky this. Coat it's, like buying a small yacht, so, I'm gonna wait in here okay sighs, ex-husbands. Into Pech funds. Who. Knows like money, stuff right when they divorced Sutton had no idea she, would be set for life cuz there are homes private, jets and I, think there's a baseball team or two or. More I don't know she has a lot of good money. Oh. Wow. It's. Not so heavy. Lisa. Are, you ready for the unveiling yes, I am okay. That's. A Dulce bra yeah I think I'm gonna do a camisole. I love, it, listen, if you're paying that kind of money it doesn't really matter what you look like I love, it the, more over the top the better looks. Great. Excuse. Me. Hello. Pretty mama, oh hello. Ru. Oh. Girlies. Random. Bird dogs for, hair of boots I didn't find him you didn't find out I didn't find anything that was under five million dollars, my, kids go to college I get the book. Hi. We. Open up the dreams cannabis spicy margarita I'll have a margarita neat. You, have cos amigo strapless auto. I. Want, to give you a little heads-up about Jax it's gonna piss you off oh shoot. Really Charlie responded, publicly, What. Did he say Dee and her legal posse, traffic, only in fiction my, day in court is painfully, overdue she's behaving like a coward, and the truth will prevail well you called me a coward and, a liar I've. Been called worse by him actually this is tame and, if you want to know what those names are you can actually just google it Oh. Thank You Sado. That's a Blanco. Oh. That. Is not that is a Blanco, thank, you I know. My ticket. Sorry. This is gave me off her I know yeah. He. Hasn't paid me child support in over a year and he's very lucky because I never took, him to court and, why did I she's gonna it. Is such a toxic, road, it freezes over so much like, anxiety, you're. An amazing, mom you put your kids first you've, taken such the high road when you didn't have to thank, you I've been friends with Denise for 20 years and I, remember. Seeing her struggle to get, her kids in the right school, because, some. Schools don't want the liability of Charlie Sheen so. Done, dealing. With this do you have a lawyer yeah, I don't. Necessarily. Want to go down that road Denise. The, legal process, is not wait for anyone what do they do if I don't show up to court I don't know you. Know but you need to hire a lawyer get, a plan what they're gonna say they're gonna say to go to court let me see if I can find I. Mean, I'm no lawyer but in. Life if, you don't confront, things right away they, tend to grow. Out of your control honey. I have a question, it's a legal question okay, my, friend Denise says, ex-husband. Has filed, documents, saying, that he no, longer wants to pay child support like, does she have to show up or does she not have to show. You. Have to do something I really don't want to walk over there you, got a usually well it's a Saturday, so I'm dealing with this when I get home no we're. Dealing with it right now yeah you. Need to walk upstairs and you need to get a little hear I'm, not getting a lawyer right now I will deal with this when. I get back to LA I, appreciate. The advice. But, if anyone knows Charlie, it's me and I know how to handle it it's not your family it's mine somebody. Must show up to that court date. Coming. Up. And. She, won't have to be there. We pull up my bra straps it's right, here. Did, you do them even so.

Do, You think so. Look. At this I square you I have the most beautiful girlfriends. Hey. Guys. My. Friends have flown across the country, gardenia. It's, hard to get everyone together, at one time. It's. Like we're home in LA everyone's, just doing their own thing hello. IQ. For my show I'll have a vodka club, soda, three, squeeze lemon, parkus. Out. Just. Like the the lemons out tonight, it to. Be. Going. On at one time I really feel very overwhelmed but. When. I was eight years old I played Lindsay Wallace in the original, Halloween so, it was really exciting when they asked me to reprise, my role in, the new Halloween but. Cutting my hair was the directors, idea because, these, bangs we're not a good look for me I know. For these next couple months you miss Lilly Hart. This mean my husband it's, hard on him too because. I. You more nervous about the fashion show or Halloween, I've, seen I don't never, said that at all I only feel nervous about leaving everybody, the. Longest I've ever left, my family for is for five days. I. Struggled. With that. He's. Probably drunk in his stone. This. Is so annoying. I'm. Good are you can you hold the two parties across the USA, right do you look beautiful, honey oh, well. I just want to check in and say that I love you I'm so sorry that I can't be there today supporting, you make, sure my dogs are safe please. Seriously. I miss. You I'll talk to you later. It's. Always time for a shot. So. Much for having me. Why. Don't you get a drink I want to get everybody. Ready. Walking into this group of ladies I didn't know that it was like, like. A disco, kind of night because I feel like maybe I look too. Proper. Erica's. Dress is a little short, that's. Where I get a little. Judgy. It's. Bending, fenty, no Fenty Rihanna. Fenty if, a celebrity has done, a collaboration, I could care less I mean, if God came. Down and helped. Collaborate, with Tom, Ford on this dress that does not interest me. Teddy. Looks like, she's wearing a black romper. Cute. Can. I give you a champagne. Would. You mind dropping an ice cube in it. Hold. On. There's. No weight or just keeping money in that bag so I don't think she'll be pay me back for that pretzel anytime, soon. Thank. You thank you I'm looking for, place cards, we, don't have. Congratulations. To Kyle I hope, that you're looking around and saying how many people love you and are here to support you. This. Is a really exciting time New, York Fashion, Week on. Behalf of Sheeta and me I really, thank you so much it's a time to celebrate not, just the fashion show but friendship. And life, and, I, think right, now is a pretty good time for Teddy to share something. I'm. Sitting, cuz I'm like awkward. Social speaker but I. Just. Wanted to say. Coming. Up this. Is two sizes, too big this, is like sabotage, Oh. I think. Right, now is a pretty good time for a teddy to share something I. Just. Wanted to say. In. The back of my mind I knew I always wanted to have another baby but I didn't. I. See. Her every morning working, out without fail when. I was pregnant I slept till noon I was vomiting on the subway. Are. You when, my son. Got out of the crib you have the baby gate on the door he, would be like, screaming. And, people would look at me like what are you doing like it's, called training. You. Got to be mean let them cry. A. Southern. Mom takes notion, we'll. Beat your ass with a belt I grew up in Atlanta I grew up in Augusta I can hear it my grandmother was even worse she, would hit me with the flyswatter that, was convenient. You. Know. Hi. Ladies. No. Are you nervous. It's. My first fashion show so I. Don't. Know what glitches and, like things, just back so many pieces you have, show. You know how many looks do we have but the end of the day oh. Well. We just be in one a lot to sit one love is one the way I'm gonna take you to have you naked with only a headband. You. Don't know what I'm wearing. Makes. It a little difficult. Denise, is asking me if we're doing a slicked-back pony, so I'm kind of doing like side parts later doing hi pony show you how many RSVPs we, have. Okay. Bye. 11:36. Hey. What's up so, I don't know what happened, Tracy, oh you know. What. All, day Sam's show. Stopped. When, I went in I was stressed and there was some things I didn't like it's, been crazy backstage so let's not get too ambitious. Well. I will. And. She, won't have to be there I am. Going to avoid her not, because she, told me to because, I don't know what I'm gonna do and there's too much at stake today. Okay. Thanks.

It's So nervous right now. Literally. I'm so nervous you have no idea. Oh. My. Gosh, we're. Here we're. Here right it's really happening you like you I love it if my clothing line does not succeed it's not like I wanted me on the streets tomorrow but we, have put a lot of money into the, production, of the show I'm scared. There's going to be mistakes Oh scared people will like the clothing they can go pick the stuff they make change that we're gonna try okay, let's cut my back I don't want people to say what a joke Kyle. Richards, coming in thinking, she could design a clothing, line know. Holden, will come look at the clothes and then get the food eat, an almond. Tree. You're, over here with me and my yeah why are they giving me this, is cute Isis too big I can't wear shoes that are too tight no no can, we put it oh. So. This is how Kyle pays me back for saving her entire show it's just like sabotage. I get, clown shoes. Tracy. So. Um I have a daughter Alexia, ended. Up coming in and she's walking in that now stick so we just have to share the, colors story is because, like we had everything lined up by April clothes would think right I'll be like reorganizing. It okay. 5:30. In the morning like, yeah. Right. So just, let's get through this yeah. Sure. That you knew perfect. Cool. Perfect, perfect, regardless. Of whether you had my daughters in the lineup or not they're, walking in the show and I am not, to be with right now. More. Of your body showing sorry do you want it open your, cheer thing take it off for lunch okay my job is to walk and cows fashion show and do what sell, the clothes will, you try this on for a second right it's not about me it's about Kyle even, though everything's, about me I'm trying, to make. Do. This then. This. Is exciting. Then. We're G 0, r 2 G 1 yeah ok, teddy, so what you're gonna do is you're gonna stop you're. Gonna pause you're, gonna look and. Then you woke up the first runway come on do, I need to walk super fast slow, but are too slow fast. Not too fast so. In. My head I'm a teddy. You better not. Fall down okay. Is. This walk fine. Great. You. Got this you're gonna be amazing thank you so much my pleasure honey, oh that's. So cute. Having. My niece's here means the world to me, Paris and Nicky our style, icons.

Really. And. Of course I wouldn't hurt, having my niece's, put on their Instagram hey, this is my aunt's line do. You like it. Anybody. Who's in the show. Oh my, god where. Do I go again I forgot. Hold. On hold on I just. Got nervous I like funny bullet, I. Need. A, cocktail. Hold. On hold on hold on oh my, god, it. Started. There's, a light yeah. I. Like. I'm going right now. I'm. Getting it I. Would. Have liked to have seen Erica, and something, else I thought, it was a little frumpy looking, there. I said it issue, behind me oh. You. Next, Eddie you got this, here goes the famous teddy walk. Try. To walk better than Kyle's. Dad. Dorie, puts a lot of energy, into looking her absolute, best all the time so, it's no surprise that she looks unbelievable today. This. Girl's been trying to get on a runway for years. Honey. I lived on the floor like, I gave it. The. Show was, a huge. Success. We. Were all so, happy that day it's. It's. Actually hard to even. Imagine how. Terrible things. Would soon become. Mr.. Shi well, let's see if you had been honest, I was honest, no I've been on it I'm. Done Denise, no. I'm God. All. Right I'm good all right set, for an interview talk, to me any Catholic we go to this show you're told all you have to do is, tell the truth and, it's not for everybody. I've. Done I'm not gonna doing this Denise, don't, be through this work, if there's something you want to run from paying so much that's, the worst thing you can do we're on camera don't say we. Sign up to show our real lives you, can't hide anything you're. Leaving my I'm. Sure they'll fill you in okay. Do, I think it's comfortable to talk about my daughter's eating disorder no, but. That's life I am. NOT doing this you guys we've got I'm stopped, bravo Bravo Bravo. I'm out I'm not doing. This Denise. Has a secret and no. Matter how hard you try the, truth always comes out I am. A very. Married. Woman. And. I love my husband, you don't have to explain yourself. Yeah. Did. You see all the headlines. I, bet. You anything she doesn't show up for the reunion oh she's. Done if. You ask me we would never see Denise Richards again. So. Denise, you. Ready to talk about all of this. To. Learn more about the housewives go, to

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