The Proven Plan to Become a Millionaire

The Proven Plan to Become a Millionaire

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Do you think you can become a millionaire well. I think you can so, keep watching and, find out how. Well. Hey you guys I am so, excited about, today's, show we are going to talk all about. Millionaires. That's, right millionaires, it's pretty fun topic, so, we're gonna have my friend Chris, Hogan to come on and he is a financial expert and, he is now an expert, in this, space, some really fun stuff going on I can't wait for you to hear all about it and, we're actually gonna bring on a guest as well and talk, to her and hear her story about. How she is building wealth so. You hear well if like I'm saying that word a lot and you're probably, in your mind thinking. Stereotypically. What, wealth or what a millionaire, looks like and probably what I think of sometimes right you, see a millionaire will. Say Exhibit A this. Is Lauren when. It's a call for Lauren I have no idea who she is but she looks awesome and you probably have, seen a Lauren maybe, on Instagram, or maybe in your life you have a Lauren and Lauren, and, her husband, do, really, well they. Drive awesome, cars they go snow skiing every, summer they go to the beach twice a year with their family, you, know they were there making together like, two hundred and fifty thousand, dollars a year they just bought a house that was worth like, two million dollars, like I mean just she's, rich, like you would look at Lauren and be like yeah yeah y'all are doing really well like you're rich, yeah. Then. You. See Jane I calling. Her Jane I saw her picture earlier I was like she's a Jane super. Sweet likes Jane's great right, feel, like you, know she you, know her clothes are pretty average just they drive used cars they, live in a pretty modest, home her and her husband together, they make $90,000. A year so pretty. Well but nothing. Like extravagant. What. If I were to tell you that, actually Jane. Is, richer. Than Lauren, because. Here's the reality you guys it's called your net worth your. Net worth is what, you own minus. What you owe equals. Your net worth but. We don't know here about Lauren sweet Lauren yeah she's looking good on the outside terrible. On the inside, everything is on credit cards they, have car loans they, have a mortgage they actually put nothing, down on that brand new home they buy and you think that they probably paid cash for it they didn't they put nothing down because they had nothing they, live paycheck, to paycheck they have no investments, they have no savings they, are stressed, out that. Is Lauren Jane. Jane. Well get. Out of here Lauren Jane, is actually. Amazing because they, have a paid-for house they just paid off their house they have no car payments, they save for retirement. So technically James net worth is more than, Lawrence and. You guys like this is like not, what we think of is it like again, I keep, thinking over and over again like we. Always see a picture of someone and we automatically, think oh I bet they're really wealthy but, the people that are actually wealthy. In America today you don't even know who they are because they're not on TV and it's not all this glitz and glam so, for you guys not, only do I want you to get a positive, net worth but, I want you to start building wealth, so that you can change your family and. You can change other people's lives because we say to, live like no one else so later you can live and give like. No one else and I don't want you to miss this point that, debt makes you look a whole, lot better than you actually are, and I. Learned this first in high, school. I. Remember. Being, in high school and there was a girl I went to church with and, she. Had a brand new car like when we turned 16 it was a nice, luxury. Car brand, new car and she, was the friend that always just, like had all her outfits put together like I really got to the movies and like we all wanted to go to her house like where her clothes cuz she had the best clothes she, had amazing. Purses, her, house was gorgeous. It's like she had everything all the time like she was just that friend I had in high school and I. Remember thinking all the time she's. So rich like they have to be so rich they had to be so rich well, one day we, were talking and there was a concert coming up is there a group of us at church so I wanted to go to this concert and the, tickets were like a hundred bucks so, not.

Like A ton of free concert okay so like it was a hundred bucks so I get it it's like kind of an expensive ticket for a high schooler but. That's what it was and so we all talked okay y'all go ask her parents the next day we were all talking and she, said the, words oh well, my mom said we can't afford it this month and. I. Was like what's in. My head I was thinking like I can't, afford it like you're driving a brand new car, like like, your Gucci. Bag cost, thousands. Of dollars like, Kim, and Lee I was like what do you mean you can't afford it I went home and I was telling my parents about it at dinner I was like yeah she can't go because her mom said they couldn't afford it and my. Mom said, something I'll never forget she said Rachel this may or may not be her case but. Remember debt, makes people look a whole lot better than they actually are, so. You guys that's the reality of the world we're living in whether, it's the Instagram, life you're looking at or the fashion blogger or the friends you have sometimes. The, parents that they put on it's, not the reality like what's in their bank account is not true what's in their investments, may, not be shown because they may not happen he cuz they spend everything they make so, again building wealth I'm gonna tell you over and over again it's going to be boring, it may not be flashy but, in the end you're actually, going to be able to live and give like, no one else so that is why I'm so excited that coming up is Chris Hogan, and we, are gonna talk all about this, topic of millionaires, and building, wealth because he's the experts and he's brilliant, so check, it out. All. Right the time is here, the, man the, myth the legend. Fellow, Ramsey personality, and financial experts Chris, Hogan is here Chris welcome. Well thank you so glad you're here I've, been waiting on my invitation. I keep hearing about the Rachel Cruz show and I thought maybe my invitation, got lost in the mail if, I heard that voice like take, me on your show yes. But. No it's fantastic it's, a beautiful set and I'm excited to be here with you well I'm glad you're here well Chris and I have worked together for many years now which is awesome actually our desks are right next to each other so, I feel. Like I know you so well and I know all the work you've been doing all these years but the work you're doing right this minute is really exciting. And I'm really pumped for and I want everyone out there to know what's going on because not, only do you have a new book coming out but she did this whole research, survey. All about millionaires, in this whole episode we're talking about how to build wealth and what, does it look like to be a millionaire and you're. The expert now you know it all well listen, we really dug, in you know and this not just me this is the team so, we commissioned, the largest study that's ever been done on millionaires Rachel, loved it we've studied over 10,000. So a lot a millionaire so this is not like you, went and grabbed like four people that day well did, you do it like this is like legit yeah we didn't do a focus group where you find kids no no we did a study so much so we commissioned, a company a research, firm to help us because. We didn't just want to get people that know who Dave is who Rachel isn't Chris's, right, we wanted to get out there and find out the reality, every day people what, is it and so studied over 10,000, of them and I have to tell you the, findings, of the research the. Stats that we have the, stories, and even, the myths that we end up busting it proves, that the American Dream is still alive and well Rachel it's, available, it totally is I love it and so that's the thing is there's so many myths around. This part of our lives right because it's like you, hear millionaire, and you have all these you know these thoughts of what a millionaire is it's, not always true the time it's not and so we actually sent our very own George Camel, if you watch the Dave Ramsey show on YouTube George. He's, a great one doesn't just. Put him in your back pocket, he's just the greatest, thing ever so, George, went, out on the streets you. Everyday people their, opinion, on millionaires. So here's what they found, hey guys George Campbell here I'm in downtown Nashville to figure out what the average person thinks, about what it takes to become a millionaire let's, do this what, do you think the normal careers are of the average millionaire doctors.

Lawyers. Singer. Or, Beauty. Star business, and investing, tech industry, it assume finance, TV. How do you think most millionaires got, their money partially, inheritance. A good salary per year to invest you. Can't become a millionaire, unless. You have the money to do it inherited, it I think a lot of it has to be luck there's, one way to become a millionaire, what, percentage. Of millionaires, do you think inherited, their money or got some kind of trust fund 30%. Okay. I'd say 80 50, percent at least 70, percent what. Would you guess is the average income of, a, millionaire oh I couldn't even guess I know Kylie Jenner makes a lot of money Kylie, Jenner that's who I think of two hundred thousand three hundred grand a year at least 250 thousand one hundred fifty thousand, do you think you could become a millionaire in your lifetime probably, not it would be nice but that's not gonna happen no unfortunately, not no, way. That is like classics though right like, those responses, I'm like that is that's the stereotypical, response, of what you think millionaires, are all about it really is Rachel and and no, matter where you go you, can go across the country and if you grabbed everyday people off the street and you ask them those are the kinds of answers you're gonna get because, that's what people truly believe, is reality yes so one of the myths on there that I would totally believe if I wasn't in my line of work and knew the reality is people. Just inherit their wealth like you know you think of the Kardashians, or like Paris, Hilton's. Right like you think of all these like famous families. And that's, who the rich that's who the millionaire's are that's, not true, no it is not the truth the, inheritance, is actually a very small percentage, and yes some of the people you named you're gonna hear about that and it happens but for everyday people few, there are very small percentage, of people that get any kind of inheritance, at all and even, if they do Rachel, what I found in the study is that even if they did get an inheritance that was so small it didn't cause people, to become a millionaire and so it's this mindset they're self-made that's self-made. That's the exact, term that I so, I want people to know this because now what you have to do as an individual, is make a decision, and begin, to work a plan that puts you on that path it doesn't matter what mom and dad left you or if grandma and granddad left you something you, still have an opportunity yeah yeah your destiny really is in your hands and the other thing that would, make sense to me again if I didn't know the. Answers of all of us but, is that you need a high paying salary, right cuz me I'm like oh it's math yeah you make a lot of money you invest a lot of money and you're gonna be wealthy but, a lot of these millionaires did not have high paying jobs necessarily. Rachel they really didn't and people believe that that you need a high six-figure, income and so if that's the case people that are making the average income or less, than that then they think it's not possible and again in the study we found out the truth it doesn't take a high income what, it takes is someone that is committed and focused and they tell their money what to do okay the last myth that I have I've heard people saying people have told me this you know someone said oh yeah well you can only become rich if you just do what. Rich, people do, in secret like there's all these secret. Things that, millionaires, know about and they do him but they don't share with the rest of the world it was so tired conversation, about that with me and I were thinking well no. They. Don't that's not luck and it's not all these risky, crazy, secret investments. Right well people believe that they think they need to create something right, or take some kind of high super, risk with a cryptocurrency, and you know we've known about these things and you have to be able to do that in order to become a millionaire again. Not true it's a myth, yes and the problem is Rachel with some of these that we've covered if you tell a myth loud enough long, enough people.

Start To believe it so I want people to hear the truth and understand, what's available so, they can decide for themselves in their legacy I love it because not the risky investments cuz we always say you know and what we teach when, we teach people to invest, into retirement we, say all the time like it's boring like it's some exciting stuff but. It's the diligent, when you do it over and over and over and over that's the car well and you know we tell people to what don't invest in anything you don't understand, yeah so you need to be able to explain, it to a 10 or 11 year old that's, the basics, because, we don't want them take twos crazy, risk right you've worked hard to make this money now, I want people to make their money work for them I love it okay there's some fewer questions and, I usually grab fewer questions from my facebook, Sara, asked, if someone, can spare $100 a month or whatever amount and they're just getting started where should they put the money we, know baby step number one is to save a thousand dollars right, because when you have that money tucked away now, you don't have to use that and you don't have to go see a bank or you don't have to get a credit card right so let's say now that she's already got that in place now, what well I want her to use it to attack debt right baby step number two and then baby step three is to build up a three to six month emergency, fund get, that in place and now you're ready to go with what I call the wealth building steps you, want to start to put, that money aside to, be able to allow that money to grow for your dreams later I love it so good okay and for all of us investing, stuff you guys go, to our smart Wester pro if you go to rachel cruise comm look. At that because these are people that are that can really help you with your money they have the heart of a teacher not the heart of a Salesman and they're awesome because again the investing, world like what we're talking about it's. Intimidating and, I were even wentz tonight when we first sat down with our SMART bus rowing first got married and like combined our money and he was talking to us a few times I was like can you explain that again you, could explain that again and even as Dave Ramsey saw her like there were things that I didn't understand, and I made him keep explaining it until I grasped it so don't feel stupid, yeah ask question.

I Appreciate you bringing that up because smart vessels they do have the heart of a, teacher that means they want to help you they're not trying to sell you stuff so, if you have questions ask them I promise, you they're not judging you they're there to help you absolutely, all right Julie you said how, often, should I check my investments, once a year or more often well I think anytime, you're looking at your situation you want to check investments, every time that statement, comes in the mail you, should be getting something from your 401k or 403b each and every month take, a look at it but Rachel I want people to hear me don't, freak out right, investing, is like riding a roller coaster right you ride rollercoasters lover do, you sit, up. I'm. Not sitting up front I sit in the back I need some time yeah. But. Listen investing, is like riding a roller coaster there gonna be some ups and downs but here's the deal when you're riding a rollercoaster as long as you have your seat belt on you know everything's gonna be okay so my reality is as investing, is a lot like that but when you have a smart vest or bro in your corner and you're investing, in things that you under and you, can relax right, and take a deep breath so look at it each and every month but I want you to meet with your investment, professional, at least quarterly and if you're married you and your spouse need to go in for that meeting so we're talking about it getting on the same page and any questions, that need to be answered get, answered, in front of both of you I love it hey Cory asked how do I even start, I'm a few months away from completing baby step 3 and don't, have a clue where to start or even how much to start with oh this is fantastic so this is somebody that has paid off debt right, so congratulations. To you I'm, very proud like seriously. It's a big deal - fancy he'll need to be encouraged, I love, that you do that on your show yeah you've done a great job what I want you to do is take steps now to start to prepare for your future so, that could mean if you're working you, could start to put that money aside in your 401k if, their employer has a match which means they will match how much you put away up to a certain percentage, yeah right and if there is no match then let's put that money in and then as you start to grow and you gain more income you have an opportunity, to use the 401k but also don't forget about Roth Rachel, Roth is my friend I mean I may name my dog Ross you, know why because you're talking about tax free money right you've, already paid the taxes, on it this money is gonna grow and the government can't touch it anymore that's right all right Daniel asked how should i do retirement, investing as a stay-at-home mom, 15%. Of 0 is still 0 smiley, face so, is it 15% of my husband's paycheck, should my husband, and I put a higher percentage, of our money into his 401k at his job is there. A better option than a 401k okay well first and foremost your, job being at home is a very, very important, job you. Allow your husband to be able to work and do what he needs to do yeah so Rachel the first thing I'd want her to do is to start to use a better pronoun, we right, she's saying his and my oh it's we together, and so.

My, Friend Chris Hogan says we need to be more French that's exactly, right speak, we not, me that's right I'm proud you give me credit. Listen. But listen it's so important, to be able to to really know that you're working a plan together yes and so the 401k, and them going to sit down with a smart, vessel bro they, both need to go husband, and wife yeah right because this is their this, is their thing but here's another thing that can happen because, they are he's, working and there's income and they're filing taxes together they, could also sign up for a spousal, Roth IRA, she, could have this account in her name and that, might make her feel better even though it's all for the family people, want to know what they're doing but here's another beautiful thing if she's doing a side job or, she's doing anything else she could also direct that money to a Roth IRA to, allow her to save so the biggest thing for this is if they're saving in a 401k together, this is their money this is the family money so they both need to be involved, in the meeting with the smart Wester and any tweaks moving forward okay and something else I see say at home mom's skip, is life, insurance moms, out there even, dads but especially you stay at home mom's make sure you have life insurance I was, like to tell stay-at-home, moms at least half a million dollars on you because if something happens to you your family has to be taken care of so make sure go to Xandar comm, check, it out Winston I use dander but again I see a lot of stay-at-home moms and they're like oh no I don't need life insurance I'm like no, the work you do at home like you said it's so important, that you and your husband has to fund that if something, happens to you so make sure you get it do all youths answer absolutely yes in your your job as a stay-at-home parent has value yeah that's stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads if you're out there so you definitely want to have that in place because guess what life's gonna have to go on you're gonna have bills you're gonna have things you're gonna need to pay for let's, make sure you got it some money put aside term, life insurance with, Xander they'll help you out and they'll walk you through any questions you have exactly, right okay last question sarah said where, is the best place to start learning about investing, any good, books to start with I have a horrible financial background, and know, nothing about investing, we're in baby step 2 and I am a planner, I want, to start doing research now.

Well. I love that you want to learn and, I'd say you could start off with the book the Total Money Makeover you. Know that is book that that Dave's book it's the number one bestseller and it really starts to break down kind, of the principles, and then there's another book out there Rachel have heard about it. It's. Called return spark it, is a book that helps people chase, down their dreams and go. After things they're going to. Show. Chris. Hogan show where. Where people are allowed to call in I take callers. Because, I love people and I want them to be able to ask me questions and I want to be able to talk with them but no listen, it's an opportunity, to grow in knowledge and, I think it's really important, for us when we don't understand, something we tend to stay to ourselves. That's dangerous, so. Reach out and listen, our team has all kinds of resources your, show my show is an opportunity, out there to learn and so I just encourage you get plugged in talk to people have, a conversation and don't ever feel like your, question, is is, dumb because, there is no such thing people, need answers and that's what we do we hope them and again we're honing on this you guys but it is it's so critical. Because investing, again it can be an intimidating topic, just like yes and so, find someone that does this day in and day out those are our smart investor pros check them out and start on the road to investing, so you can become a millionaire, I hope we didn't even plan that that's very good all, right coming up next we have Elle and she is here to share her story and to gain a little bit of knowledge from this man are, more, of how she, can invest wisely and become a millionaire. Landing. And cooking meals for the family can, be stressful knowing. What I'm going to cook having, all the ingredients and, making. Something everyone, will love is a balance yet that's why I use, home chef, they delivers straight to your door and get this the, ingredients, are pre-portioned.

So You never end up wasting food and throwing, money away, plus they offer 18, fresh choices, to choose from every, week you'll, find easy to make well-balanced. Meals that the whole family, will love and it, makes me feel like a true, chef at home home. Chef Neil's, anyone, can cook and everyone. Will love visit. Home chef comm slash Rachel today or use the promo code rachel, at checkout and get $30. Off your first order I. Was. Very stressed out by the number when I graduated, college you know it was more than what I knew my starting, salary was, gonna be at my first job. So. My, dad he's a farmer, out in Kansas and in the summer times I would, help drive combine, and tractor and all. You really have to do out in the field is listen to the radio I was probably around, you, know 13. Years old I would listen. To FM radio and then I get, really sick of hearing the same songs over and over again so I learned, to switch over to a.m. and listen. To the Dave Ramsey show halfway through the day unfortunately. I didn't follow the baby steps when I went to college I wish I had so I was, very stressed. Out by the number when I graduated, college now, I get out my laptop and I go, through the exit counseling and, I see this total, and, you. Know it was more than what I knew my starting, salary was, gonna be at my first job I knew I needed to do something and you. Know I remembered, listening listening, to the Dave Ramsey show and. I knew. That it had worked for other people so I just turned towards that and you know I told everyone like I have this plan like I'm gonna pay them off and you know a couple of years and they're, just gonna like sure sure like, I'm, sure you are like good luck and. Yeah. It is possible. So, one of my favorite parts of the show is being able to bring people on, who are winning, like everyday people who are doing this so that's, it uh Elm that, is why you are here thank. You for being on thank, you so el has an amazing, story she, just came to Ramsey, solutions to do her debt-free, scream on the Dave Ramsey show so, you are completely debt-free I am it feels amazing, this, is so great how much that did you pay off 60,000. In a what did that consist of it was all student loans all student, loans so no car loans no credit cards no Sally. Man yes you, have gone through this journey to get to this point to be debt-free and you're 28, years old uh-huh in your late 20s so, like, tell me about this journey like what caused you to get started on all of this I am well really what.

Got You started is just the fear of seeing how much student. Loans I had because. I'm kind of ashamed to say but when I graduated, college and they have you do your, exit counseling I didn't, really know what that final number was going to be and. So when I went through that process and, saw what my, total was and then I saw, what the monthly payment was and all the different payment options I was, just terrified so it's kind of like scared. Into it I was just like oh my gosh I have to do something I'll do anything and so I knew about the Dave Ramsey plan, and I just decided to go full speed ahead yeah it's amazing yeah, so she's a rare bird. How. Much was the total in that exit interview when you were there it would have been high 50s, like why 50,000 do you remember the monthly payment oh my gosh it was like, 500, $600 a month something like that I mean I can't imagine being in your shoes right you're not working yet and here, you see this thing that's gonna be following you for many years but, you made a decision yes, yes so how did you do it what did you sacrifice to be able to attack this death yeah, I sacrifice, a lot you have to learn to say no to, a lot of things um because I mean in college now, looking back I do feel like I was living way above my means and, so when I graduated you, know usually that's the time when you can start to do everything and you know buy. A new car and all of this stuff but I kept I was get their first job. It's. Like so great exactly, but I had, to really. You know I don't. Know scale back everything. And so that was really challenging, but I'm. So thankful that I did was it worth it yes so worth it to not, have to worry about that payment, and you. Know you just have your basic living expenses and, you can, worry about your future rather, than worrying about paying for your past. So. True yes you just freed up a lot of money right right almost $600, a month you wouldn't pay oh yeah right and you said no I'm, gonna sacrifice so, I'm sure, friends were buying cars not, sure friends were taking trips how, did you stay focused on this, well. Actually I got rid of my social media for a while. And. I mean it was great because, I could just worry about myself and. You, know it's. Just like what you teach about like contentment, and everything like that is so important, and um. Yeah. That was just so helpful to me is just like worry about yourself worry about what you have I kind, of started to practice, more of like a minimalistic, lifestyle. Too and later that was beneficial um. Yeah. It's just just, really being intentional with your living really, was helpful of it so this whole episode is, about, wealth, and being a millionaire and, all of this stuff so what, you're doing is you're out of debt you've actually done baby step three which is saving three to six months of expenses and so now you're on to investing, which is the.

Main Way a lot of people feel is over, time and you're doing this at 28 years old so my, question to you is like how do you again this moment like do you feel good about where you are financially do you feel like you're putting enough away yeah, do you are you able to see the future at all um, yes, I do I mean, I think I'm in a good spot but, I kind of do feel a little behind because it would have been so nice to just go straight out of college and, be able to just start doing it right away but, you know I think I've done like your riq before, and yeah, are you investing, 15%, right now I am, i yes, I am investing, 15%, but only in my 401k, but I want to invest. In a Roth because, I know like, just go up to my employees, employers, match and then start, investing in the daughter she should take it you should take our journey. You. Know what people, can feel like they're a little bit behind yeah but listen to me you're 28 years old, you got yourself debt free you've got an emergency fund you're ahead of the game and so investing, 15%, your 401k, is exactly, what you should be doing and now you look at and you go maybe you know with some extra I want to do a Roth IRA that's something you can do as well so I want you to take, comfort in knowing you, have worked hard and you've sacrificed you're, on the path to becoming an everyday millionaire, no girl like you are it like your textbook exactly, so I I don't want I don't want to pass too quickly across. The. $60,000. Paid off index a lot of you out there you're in baby step 2 you're working, to pay off debt you're in the middle of sacrificing, so, I'll I want you to. What would you tell someone where they're like okay I I, may be 38, right let's say 38, and they have $60,000. Still left, in debt what would you tell them like that they can do it what's like what's your message to something like that I mean it's definitely possible, I, mean you'd really just have to get intentional, with, what you're, doing and what you're spending like people always talk about the budget is the secret and, I mean it's really not a secret you just have to have a budget. And know where your money's going and I mean that's, half the battle is just knowing where your money's going do, your friends know what you've done yes. They're. Proud of me I think I I don't think a lot of them understood, why it was so important, to me at first but I think now that I've finally, paid everything off and I, think they can see that like oh like that's really cool that she did that it's, such a young age yeah, so um yeah, I think they're proud of me well thanks so much for coming on seriously like you are the perfect example of, what to do because people are in the middle of fighting this battle and they're sacrificing and, you're giving them hope you really are through your story so thank you so much for coming out and you, are a perfect. Candidate for the everyday millionaire like we talked about so I'm actually gonna be a giver I'm gonna give away one of your books I think. That's fantastic. I'm. Signing for you what actually comes out we actually get a copy it's. Not pre-order to give to you al oh my gosh it's so much. Very. Positive things.

Guys. Let's, be real being a parent is hard work. Now. That I have two daughters of my own it feels like the to-do list never ends and if, every parent knows your, priorities, change and, you have to make important, decisions for your child's future that's why term life insurance is, a must from, every parent it's. So easy to get and it's affordable what. You're looking for is 10 to 12 times your annual income to, make sure everyone, and your family's taken care of Winston, and I use Xander insurance, they do all the work for you to find the best prices and options so go to Xander comm to get started on a quote today because. That's who we trust to take care of our family. All. Right my, favorite part of the show she, works hard saving, money special. Edition. Do. I get to be involved yes. Here. We go so Kelly said I sold my Mustang g/t my, baby of 14, years to buy a used electric. Hybrid, vehicle, mainly. Because my husband, commutes a minimum of 45 to 50 miles a day although. A lot of tears were shed saying, goodbye to the Mustang it's, been a huge, blessing with fuel savings, he, can make his hour commute all on one charge and typically. Charges, that at work so we can ride home without using, a drop of gas, we've, saved hundreds. Of dollars a month not having to pay much for gas and when, he has local travel, we throw his mileage checks, toward, the mortgage, doing, this we've been able to up his 401k, contributions. And max, out his HSA. Amazing. That's fantastic, all right Mary said I have been riding public transportation for, almost 30 years that helps save on gas parking, fees insurance car, maintenance and vehicle, replacement costs and my. Company subsidized, over, half, of the cost of my bus, I. Calculated. That it saved us over a hundred, thousand, dollars in the past 30 years and, as. An added bonus I was able to read educational. Books on the bus like finance abuse university. Well. Crystal, said in a year and a half we've paid off 65, thousand, dollars of death student. Loans credit cards and even a car they, sold their house and they bought an upgraded, home we've, also bought a new used. Car for the first time paying. In cash for. Fourteen thousand dollars two. Years before I never thought, I'd go without a car loan we, now have a six-month, emergency, fund and are working on saving for flooring for our new house we're, also working, on moving on to baby step number four within, the next month I hope, to be on baby step six by the new year I love. It it's all simple women it's over, the place yes so great well Hogan thanks for being on the road. I so appreciate it so make, sure you check out Chris Hogan's book it's on pre-order and when you pre-order you, you, get audiobook. EB, buck you get two videos one from me one from Dave yes yes you got to see you guys at the pre-order, of everyday, millionaire. So make sure to do that and thanks to L for coming out and sharing her story and as. Always, remember, to take control of your money and create, a life you love.

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Step 3: Escape

Save your money even on minimum wage. Start young. I did at 16. You will thank yourself later.

I’m loving this. All these people on YouTube pushing crazy investments, side hustles, while regular teachers and engineers are millionaires. Gives me hope as a stay home mom with a husband who earns good money! Millionaire status in 3-4 years is our goal!

Being poor is a mindset.....Broke, I'm going thru!!!!

+cm g , I'm currently working with a local financial coach & on the baby steps. My level of committment to becoming debt free, will determine how serious I am

+Jo S I don't think it does.

I too am a baby boomer and wondering how Hogan's advise applies to people on fixed incomes

Discipline and sacrifice......willingness to change. Stop making excuses, why u can't move forward. That very mindset is a DREAM KILLER

+Victor Fermin , You are so right....the principles apply to all of us.....? Is, are you ready to do what it takes to become debt free.


She's already MARRIED

Aww my name is Lauren and this stressed me out

+cm g , I'm confident God is going to honor my committment. I may not become a millionaire, but look forward to being "crazy generous". Thank you & I wish you well also.

+Jo S I hope all works out well for you. I've always been on a budget and buy everything cash, but in 2017 we had major setbacks that drained our savings and left us on fixed incomes. My situation does not fit this program. Everything he proposes I've done or is currently doing it. We're just picking up the pieces and making lemonade out of lemons. Again, I hope all turns out positive for you. God bless!!!

Bc it is misleading. Everybody isn't gonna be rich but everybody can he comfortable. To be a millionaire you have to not only work hard but be "lucky."

Minimum wage jobs are for people with no education and skill. Spoiler alert, 88% of millionaires studied in this book achieved a 4 year college degree. You dont sound like a driven person. You sound like someone full of excuses and looking for hand outs.

Net worth is not self worth Rachel. And good health far outnumbers wealth.

#Debt makes you look better than you are. Be like Luxury Lauren or Plain Jane. Plain Jane is more prosperous as her net worth ( =Own - Owe) is positive.

Be committed and focused. Not luck or invention. Diligence can make you rich Be able to explain it to invest in it. $100/month - invest to grow Investors should teach not judge you. Prepare for future. 401k and Roth income. Life insurance - $500k approx.

Finance or Tech Lawyer, doctor, accountant or engineer Not all people are trust fund baby, inheritance, or famous family (Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian)

Depends on what you believe. If you believe taxed will increase then Roth is best. Or If you believe taxes will decrease, pay pre-tax is best.

She blabs to much.let him talk.

That’s not true. That’s an excuse. Building wealth is spending less than you make. These “bills” for MOST, even a fast food worker, tend to include frivolous bills: cable, Netflix, iPhones, maybe even high credit cards (from frivolous purchases) etc. If you develop a minimalist lifestyle for a limited time, which means making small sacrifices now to live better in the long run, and discipline, which means consistency, with time even the smallest bit you start putting in now will have to adhere to the rules of compound interest. Even a fast food worker who makes $19000 a year (start out because they should have a plan to progress in their job or career, a raise, education trade school, community college whatever ). Note: $19000 is smack in the middle of the 2019 national avg for fast food worker salary. If they adhere to the 50/20/30 rule (which frankly they should consider a more 50/40/10 rule with such an ambition), they can manage to put away $15 a DAY which is nearly 5500 a year! Even starting as late as 30 years old, given 35 years to grow, compounded at a relatively safe and prevalent 7% interest compounded once a year, they will have almost $815,000. Assuming this person never decides to start putting away more. Stop spreading that lie and discouraging people! Delineate your statement as opinion! Poor can be a mindset, fortified my behavior !

Love this!


She is passionate!

....and then it's gone because they don't know how to handle money properly.

Rachel- Where is that dress from !!????

Why don’t you educate ppl on the FACT that THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO PAY TAX ON LABOR WAGES. THE GVT IS RIPPING US OFF. Sherry Jackson & Joe Banister are 2 Ex IRS agents that prove it. How much can you save if you don’t have to pay taxes on YOUR LABOR.

I want to become a millionaire. I've been working on my investments and passive income and I just started my channel on personal finance!!

Love your dress!!! Where did you get it?

Isn't broccoli supposed to be kept in the refrigerator?

im from the netherlands. americans are addicted to credit card


a lot of you guys responding to this guy are missing his point altogether.... SAVING MONEY ALONE will not make you a millionaire... sure if you make a salary of X amount and you limit your spending to Y amount to save Z amount after bills and necessities it will take a certain number of years to save up a million. That can be obtainable if your salary is high enough, or it will never happen in your lifetime if your salary is too low. If your salary isn't high enough, then the only way you can achieve millionaire status is by good investing. Only problem is, if investing was that easy to earn money everyone would be doing it. It's not easy, and you have to find the right things to invest in or you might as well be going to Vegas and betting everything on black. Me, I don't need to be a millionaire. I'm 2 years away from being debt free and then I can invest and living in a rural area with a low cost of living I only need half a million to cover my cost of living expenses for 30 years after retirement.

So nice of Rachel to keep sending those plugs for her father's (Dave Ramsey) show.... She never wanted for anything growing up.

I am trying to find a job right It is so hard

Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco I’m 30 and finally able to actually save a couple thousand a month. I was dumb when I was your age. Just stick to it brother.

10:08 Tell that to Trump LoL.

If you're too young to have seen this when it was new, you'll like it now:

At least she dont look like Dave

Debt also helps you get wealthy very fast too, good debt that is. Tell both sides.

Live till 100

I agree. Financial traders must live a basic life; when they do the trades work better. Financial literacy is a key skill too. Attending seminars of the role models are important as well.

You need money when younger. BMW sport with 10's is a nice experience. And 10's do like a nice car. It's just the way of the world......

What a spectacular voice he has! So manly and soothing

Not gonna lie....when I first clicked I was like this is too commercial and cheesey....BUT when she said, "debt makes you look a lot better than you are," WOW....that was powerful. So glad I clicked on your video. Great information. Thank you, taught me a very valuable lesson.

i will be in less than a decade

Hi Rachel Cruze, first time at your channel, great talking, wow, just working on to make a MIllion, and the very good thing is: I live in Europe, I need ONLY "882.765" Euro to be a Dollar Millionaire :))))))) Subed, can't wait for more videos, you are very sympathetic, so u put a smile on my face, all my best wishes from Germany, Bobby

Sell sell..... all these companies because you Rachel Cruz gets a big cut .....tiring ...

@Mark Hillmon Yawn. Of course there's nepotism. Nothing in life is ever fair. Keep complaining because guys like you don't matter in the long run. You'll continue to find things to nitpick about until the day you die. He's better off promoting someone like her who he knows will work hard instead of a numpty like you who just comes off as bitter and whining about how everything is so unfair and disgusting to you.

Income is key for sure but not all of it. My wife and I make annually over 100K. We were broke for years due to spending crazy and vacations. Now we have taught ourselves to be more aware of what's coming in and going out. We are well on our way to being millionaires. Also our kids college funds are growing. So in the end income and discipline are key. Just my opinion. Thanks!

+Georgie Is MGTOW you don't need a certain income, you need a certain lifestyle. The numbers are quite simple. Income only dictates how fast it happens. If it's too slow, GET ANOTHER JOB is a side job. Do the math and you'll see how attainablr it is

+Georgie Is MGTOW It is a Mathematical fact that you must earn above your standard of Living in order to save and Invest but once you understand the math and you are fully committed you will do whatever it takes to succeed Financially! But unfortunately we do have a lot of weak minded people in America today! I much rather be a Dave's Fan than having a Negative view about personal Finance. (My two cents on the subject)

Hi any advice for a single parent?

There's nothing wrong with debt if you have a plan and make investments. I am in debt with a 2018 Chevrolet truck and a small kubota tractor. But i own a business own trailers own two lots

Great content I too thought this was going to be a just another YouTube video on "How to get rich like her" cheesy video

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