The Profit - S6 E3 - Santa's Toys | Digital Marketing Business Breakdown

The Profit - S6 E3 - Santa's Toys | Digital Marketing Business Breakdown

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So, so, we, got another business breakdown, I know pretty exciting right and we've actually we've. Gotten some really good feedback, yeah. We talked to Corey right yeah. And and, I'm gonna I mean from, Corey's bagels who are our, last of Corey's bagel so the first business breakdown was for Corey's bagels in Chicago, shout, out to Corey Kaplan, and we. Heard last name great, last name spells in with a ki Massey I think we're brothers from a different mother I think but he. Actually sent us a care package which, was awesome yeah and that's gonna show up right here behind us but I had the bagel chips I have to tell you they were the best bagel chips I've ever had okay we're down here in Florida and my wife like we went on a little mini vacation to, Orlando, yeah no, joke, she, brought the bagel chips with us they have like traveled, around Florida. Because she loves them so much so shout, out to Cory thank you and here. We go business breakdown number two we're staying with the profit yeah we love the profit Marcus lemonis again is great disclaimer, we're not affiliated with CNBC the, profit, anybody, who's anybody we are just two marketing, guys all. We want to do is make sure that you guys can get a better idea see, through our eyes our, lenses, of how. These businesses should, be actually. Using. The, Internet how they should be leveraging, digital media, and digital marketing in, order to grow their presence, and grow the revenue yeah exactly, yeah, really what it comes down to right yeah more. Money it's, all about the money in business right capitalism. Today. We're talking about Santa's. Toys, Santa's. Toys and what. A great name if. It. Makes you happy you know and you think about it anything that the episode, made you happy I know let's. Talk about the. Episode so. Jake you tell him about the episode so, I watched the episode last night and you know a couple things came across to me Santa's. Toys is small business in Santa. Claus Indiana and, then Crichton yeah basis of Santa Claus Indiana. The couple were from Pennsylvania. Originally. And they, moved to Santa Claus Indiana the, as they want to have, a new life for their kids and for themselves and so, they started the toy shop I mean it makes perfect sense right, twice shop Santa, Claus Indiana yeah, great idea yep so, they had a store and I think it was open for about, a year or so before they contacted, Marcus and, you. Know, he, went over the numbers and the numbers actually weren't that bad I think they turned a profit of what, $60,000. Or something so yeah yes that's a, small. Business in a small town you know it's themed yeah I mean, that's that's really good for a lot small businesses yes so you, know the fact is they weren't doing that bad but they knew they wanted to take that next step they didn't know how to do it they didn't know what to do they're. Very conscious. As far as their expenditures, which Marcus goes over quite a bit in the show and you, know they brought him in and I think he had some really great insights he, did that's, what he does that's, what the profit is all about is he's taking this business that needs, help that you know they know what their their core functionality, is it a core functionality, it's what you do best it's your product or service what, you offer so they knew the. Toy business to an extent they have. Done a really good job filling it up granted, the experience. When we talked about the episode - there, are cameras everywhere because, they didn't want shrinkage, right, but what, do you understand which is totally understandable but, in a toy shop you got to have shrinkage I mean that's just that's what it is you're gonna and shrinkage, is when you know it's loss of product, either by damage, by theft kids.

Are Gonna play with toys are gonna break them right that's just what it is but, he came in and really evaluated, and he found that they. Have a good solid business they've got a great theme they've got a good name really a good stick yeah, and they. Just have to leverage it properly and one, of those channels. To leverage it is online yeah and, I think actually one of the best points that he made early, in the show was. You, know the business was using Santa's toys net, not. Because they couldn't own Santa's. Toys calm, but. Because they wanted to save I'm with $10 a year or something it was it, was that completely minimal so yeah. And the, point that Marcus, made is, nobody. Uses net you can own the dotnet in for dat - you're calm, but. Owning that dot-com is very very, true. Okay. So what was the offer that Marcus gave them right so the offer of the Marcus gave was 75 K and that, money was intended to be for the store to make it you know feel like Christmas inside, as, well as the online store, okay so 3075, for the store 37, 5 - the online store yep ok, so. What we're gonna do is obviously we can't look, at the store. But. Let's take a look at the online store, today and let's really figure it out from a perspective. Of two dads yeah that one of my presents, I mean granted past, Christmas time it's past the holidays but two dads looking for toys that's right and I'm not great looking at toys so this would be a good experience there you go all, right perfect so right now I pulled up just a quick search for Santa's. Toys, unfortunately. The one thing I'll tell you is they're. Number one for that term which is very good ok right so, they show up number one for. Santa's, toys and they also have their listing, on the right hand side so. Take. A look at their listing and they have 84. Reviews what do you think 84. Reviews is not for two years of business it's. Pretty good but sometimes instead I know they haven't really focused too much on. My. Business at all and. On Facebook they have 52 bones okay very, good so not bad good good start for sure all, the information is correct Santa's. Toys, location. Is correct good. Information, anything. They could add okay, so Jake I. Like. That smile. Remember. When I told you that I. Am. A national speaker for Google and get your business online I think you've told me I'm. Leaving, tomorrow on a trip oh yes, yeah you should know that I should I'll be out of office various. But. So. One. Of the big things I look at always is Google my business it's, like that's, like potatoes. Right so, let's just take a look I just want to dive into their Google my business a little bit more we've. Looked at the reviews, they, have 84, reviews on Google 4.1. Stars good. Yeah what. I'd like you to do is we click on the Google reviews for a second sure I want. You guys at home to be, thinking, about not. Only how many reviews you have but what you do with them, because digital. Reputation is not just about amassing. A huge number of digital reviews, or Google reviews or reviews, on TripAdvisor. Or Facebook or whatever it's. How you manage. Them so how you respond, to them and also, how you promote those reviews, afterwards, so. One. Thing that that, we're seeing and these are pretty, recent, reviews a month ago about a week ago and, this. Episode from what I understand, I mean, these episodes are filmed over multi, month six months nine months like, they have to record 70, plus hours of footage so, there's. Been a long time since the episode aired and since they've made the changes to. What. I'm seeing here is they have pretty, darn good reviews, right, okay okay, couple, bad ones here and there yeah. It's. Not really fair here's, a great example about yeah this. Right here by Evan. Johnston, they're applying over there yeah as you can see from the show, there. Are people that are just going to be trolls they're going to go in and they're gonna give a negative review because maybe they didn't like the episode they didn't like the people whatever and that's, not fair but. Here's, an opportunity for. Santa's. Toys Santa's. Toys should actually be managing, these reviews, and go on and say you, know we don't remember having you but please come back and we'll give you a magical, Christmas experience, so, even on those one-star, reviews I was like oh people are going to look back and they're, gonna say how, did the business respond. To this review right, and on all these positive reviews, I want. To see response and so on, what does it say thanks, so much, okay. Thanks. So much is the. Response to the review now. We. Read the review I'm not gonna read the whole thing love the store blah blah blah this.

Isn't An opportunity, this, is an SEO opportunity. Number one because whatever you're writing is attached, to a five-star, review, on Google this. Is all content, that lives inside, of Google, instead. Of writing, thanks, so much three, words to a multi-line, review, they. Could have written thanks, so much for coming to Santa's, toys calm, or Santa's, toys and Santa Claus Indiana we. Really appreciate that you love the store hey next time you come check out our line of blah blah blah toys, we'd love to show them to you and provide you with a magical Christmas experience. Yeah. Sounds good I just saw your eyes like yeah, shoot up right it was good because as two, dads that. Are looking, for our kids for. Toys if I see them right that and I'm like dude. I'm gonna put love into, this experience, they're gonna make sure that my kids have the best Christmas or whatever else they celebrate, they're. Gonna have and they're gonna enjoy it and even if you're not you know buying online if you're going to the that town to check it out and you go and look at the online reviews, for all the different places you want to go to you're, gonna stop there because it's like well they did a great experience I wouldn't think my kid they care about their customers and, that's what people are looking at a lot of people over 50% of, consumers, are looking at their responses. To their reviews as much, as the reviews themselves yeah so if we're looking at why don't we click on photos if we're looking at the Google my business profile, sure okay. We all the new store pics the new store pics great, there's the old one, that's. The old store that's the old store we remember that from the episode old. Store mm-hmm, and these. Were posted so you can see at the top left if you just mouse over that you, can see that they were posted by Santa's, toys so it's not a user-generated photo, so, they could actually curate, these and make sure that their proper photos right. If. Good. Volume. Of photos I personally. Here's one thing so I'm gonna give you a special, tip here's a here's a nugget or gem for you you, should always be posting up new photos if you're, a toy store you have so. Many different photos, you can do toys. With toys you can do just specific, SKUs right, so, what. I would suggest for, a toy store or something that has a store, that has a lot of products be posting up at least 5 to 10 new photos every month absolutely how about Santa holding. A toy and giving, it to a kid even just the Santa Club yeah right, that's all you need just to, cut down costly cool Santa, Club or, so 5 to 10 photos so they should they have a really good volume I'd like, to see more photos on there ok all. Right so let's go back to the search page. All. Right so we're back we talked about the listing a little bit now can we talk a little bit about organic. Listings we did this with Cory's, as well and, there's. One thing that I'm noticing that it's. Bothering, me what's up that. First listing, you said that they that they you know they're. The top of organic, search for. Santa's, toys which is a branded, search right, a direct, search because people know the name, what. About the title, of the page. Santa's. Toys LLC, well. That's the business name sometimes the page title of the page can be different but we'll see that once we're getting to the site okay we'll get into the site that's fine but even the LLC. It's it, feels a little I feel like I feel like I'm you know if I buy the wrong - I'm gonna have a lawsuit on my hands like. Elves come down on me seriously, with contracts. So. Just. Just for me being, just, a regular dad like, okay this a little formal but sure sure okay and, what about the. Description. The meta description join. Our nice list for exclusive, deals and new releases probably. Not the best one it doesn't really talk about the toys or anything else it's it, looks to me because, it has so much more subscribe, to our mailing list subscribe, it's not a curated description I'm just pulling it for the page pulled it from the footer yeah okay, so again, yeah. Opportunity, missed, opportunity. Okay now. I searched. One other term just cuz I was curious not. Thinking they would probably do that well and. I searched for Christmas, toys right.

Probably. Probably. More common search term again in this toys again to, Dad's looking for toys right it could be any two parents, if you have kids best Christmas toys best Christmas toys or whatever but that's what, we would maybe we would start with right so, I mean obviously you come here and the first thing you see is Walmart and. All the big you know the big stores, not. Seeing Santa's toys although I didn't really expect to see it so. Kind, of what that leads me to believe is. Maybe. Search optimization, is, good. For them and certainly is relevant, at some level mm-hmm, maybe not the most important, thing and the only reason I say that is because they. Would have a really hard time competing with the Walmarts in the world in the Amazons of the world okay look well let's let's, take it one step further so it's. Very localized, business, it's in Santa Claus Indiana what, if we type in Christmas, toys Indiana, it's, a good point let's try that. There. You go okay. So. What. When you perform. A search on Google its, localizing. Based off of either your IP address, where your computer is right or on, your phone it's, either triangulating. Because, of the cell towers or whatever Wi-Fi, on so, because we're, in Florida it was just showing generic. Results. Right it was showing results, for localized, Tampa Florida but. People. Might be in Indiana they, might be searching around Christmas toys in Indiana maybe they want Indiana themed toys who knows but, they might type in the state if they, live in Indiana right they might type in Christmas, toys near, me and, we're seeing a lot more there's a lot of research from Google, and think with Google that people are typing in something, near me yeah, so we're all the time yeah I do it all time too it's just easy, so Christmas toys near, me then. They might show up right exactly, and the other thing I was thinking of too is I bet, you they get a lot of repeat business and actually Marcus mentioned us on the show that's why we were so adamant about doing any boxes, and things it's, that repeat business somebody, shows up from out of town they, go to the story they have a great experience yeah, and when, they do that then they go online and they want to have you know continue that experience, hey I found these really cool toys there I couldn't, find anywhere else you. Know I'll go there rather than going to Amazon and that, loyalty so there they're building, and bolstering that customer, laurenti so not the best SEO maybe but maybe, local SEO isn't so bad it's pretty good sounds good fair enough cool. So so we're. So. We're here we're here we're on the search engine results page we typed in Santa's, toys because W watch the episode, let's. Go to the website all right sounds good, so. I haven't pulled up here and the. First thing we were to look at you mentioned before about the pay Channel mm-hmm. Santa's. Toys LLC. Feels. A little cold it. Feels really cold yeah, that. One, when we build websites for our clients, I never. Like including, the business entity no it's who's. Gonna call it unless you're special Santa's toys especially Santa's, toys if it's a lawyer fine. If it's like you know certain things that judge those designations, I mean.

It's Not bad obviously we we found the search they're not doing that bad locally, which is a good thing they're doing well for Santa's toys so the company did a great job, as far as that's concerned I think I probably would have changed it to Santa's, toys and then include the location probably, okay you know maybe something else about Christmas, okay, so Santa's toys Christmas experiments. In Santa. Claus Indiana yeah exactly. And then we also mentioned, about the Meta Description right, so. To. Find it they. Don't, have one here is, really what it comes down to hmm. They. Don't have a Meta Description site so what it did was it just automatically pulled in the text of the page which, was like the footer text but, rewind. For a second, hmm he. Spent 37. Thousand five hundred dollars on a website right. Something. Like that was 25 or 30 - okay 25, 25, fine more, than. $500. Sure on a website, and it, doesn't have a good, meta title and Meta Description yeah. I would, expect that to have been done I mean especially it is a Shopify, site so it's. Easy enough to do that okay. So. Missed. Opportunity. Yes. Listen. Can be fixed easily right, a few keystrokes ya think when your site at home it's one of those things no, matter what platform you're on it doesn't matter they have ways and pretty much every platform now to change the page, title and align, it with the text of the page as, well as the Meta Description and do the same thing yep okay. So, the research, so big, suggestion here is update. The meta title and meta description, of the page that it really gives off a more friendly, Christmasy, vibe right exactly, there's more you can go further in depth but that's sure those are the two main things sure, all right so looking at the site what, do you think I mean. It the colors okay so color scheme yep they've, got the really, cool, avatar. Of Santa. Claus and the elves I love that. Hmm. I. Like. That Santa. Loved that the. Puppets thing is I mean I guess, they sell a lot of puppets sure. Learn. About learn about Santa. That's. Very cool and then they have a sign up for email which is good it's good that they have the email address and. It's, join, our nice list so it's not just like subscribe, to our email join, our nice list for exclusive deals and new releases which is good I want. To be on the next list fun right it's fun it brings you back to being, a kid okay. So let's. Start at the top sure so. I think overall I mean if again. We were talking about this a little bit earlier you know these, guys online are competing against Walmart against, Amazon, against all these different people so, I totally, get this site is nice. It's. Not Amazon, nice no obviously. Cuz Amazon's spends. Billions of dollars right, yeah so it's it's good and probably their target market my guess is people. Who came to the store people, who've seen the show and they're, going online to be part of that experience yep, part, of that promotion engine, right so it needs to be good enough that they can go and find the toys that they you, know want or would, like to see what. Do you think does it do that I definitely. Think it does that what's at the top there's a little bar. At the top. $5, shipping $5, shipping on $25. Plus total order, okay. So not bad so one, of the things that we've seen in our experience, is if you actually tell, consumers right, away what they're shipping is going to be you. Drastically. Reduce the attrition or the loss of customer. When they get to the shopping cart yeah no one likes adding a bunch of stuff the shopping cart and then see oh it's gonna be $15. I mean 15 minutes just go to Target yeah exactly, whatever right so that right there I'm good yeah I'll prime it I'll price I'll just search, for the toys I found here good price exactly, so, right, there that's a good, job, by them using a top.

Bar Now. One thing I would say is this that's. A really prime position for other things a lot of times on the sites that we build yeah, well actually put up join, the mailing list join the next list because, it's a lot of space appear please it to anything by there's a lot of space it's within Shopify, and Shopify, has the ability to customize the template the, look and feel of the site right for. The amount of money that was spent all, I'm gonna say is this I would. Have used, this vertical, space a little bit better, right. I feel like for, that top bar get. People to subscribe to the email yeah okay here's. Something I watched the episode you watch the episode last night go to Santa's toys calm because you're excited to see what happens so you forget, about it yeah then another, prophet, comes on then billion dollar buyer comes on then you, know the next Gordon Ramsay show up bar rescue whatever else or whatever other shows Game of Thrones is coming up all these movies you forget about Santa's toys right how do you remember Santa's, toys how does Santa's toys make, sure that you remember. That it's good they have the email signup it just goes all the way the bottom there's all the way the bottom play and you're banking on someone scrolling all the way, down, and really, wanting to join it really, really hot either nothing, so, using, a pop-up which we have some people think is annoying I get that that's fine but, sounds sort of Bulacan that's proven to work some sort of motion even that top bar tip might, be able to slide down yeah we can do that too yep so, let's. Just say that this is a missed opportunity here. To capture, that traffic and, convert them right away to, someone that wants, to actually, learn, more and stay in the fold absolutely, yeah it's all about that rekey business I shouldn't. Bring people in especially with the show I mean serious and we're in January, right when are we gonna be shopping for toys especially, November. December exactly. So you love to get you know some of the business over the rest of the year yeah exactly. So then. We've. Got the the logo great I feel. Like you could put something that says, the 25, you know $5 shipping 425, somewhere else on this site, and still. Accomplish. What you're trying to do they've, got a nice navbar, not, to clutter clear yep.

Okay. You. Can find, all. Different kinds of things all different kinds of things their board new. Rivals. Bestsellers. I like that mm-hmm, so. You can see what's selling the best, sale. About. Us I like that too a lot of people like to go to websites and you'll find this on your own site when you look at analytics about, us is one of the most popular pages and all sites people, like to find out about the business who you know who's running it know how to buy for exactly. All. Right so taking. A quick look at one of these pages now this is a Shopify, site the. First thing I see and this is very nitpicky very. Nitpicky look. At the size of this image and then look at the size of this image. Look. At the size of this image and look sighs this image it's. Just a little sloppy so. The, way to combat, that is to make sure that if you're using some, image, editing software make them all squares the same size exactly, right, yeah just make them all the same size that way you don't have that issue but I totally agree because the prices, are off the the, product, title is off so, it's not a seamless, user experience now, on mobile this would be different because it'll all be stacked yep but how. Many people are visiting the site on desktop too and let's say somebody comes here randomly, is just thinking about buying from Santa's toys any. Kind, of little thing that's different and not Amazon, asked is a, point of is this credible, do. You do you want to put that kind of that mindset in the customer like wow, they didn't do that is this custom is this you know business, legit is my toy going to come broken is it gonna come come. Of course my credit card gonna go exactly and those, are all things because, we can't go to Santa, Claus Indiana we. Want to make sure that we're having the best experience. We can so. That we're, sonata' maizing this website experience with the buying experience with, the receipt experience, of the product, and ultimately the experience of our kids opening. Up that gift and thinking oh my goodness dad where'd you get this yeah let's. See how it looks for a specific type. Of toy it's. Just a baby and toddler sure, you've you've attalia to. Swear. By A to Z so alphabetically, a to Z, we. Got numbers showing up first fine okay. I think it's just it's. Fine right, it's fine but most people aren't gonna sort by Z they're gonna use a site search tool right and they're not gonna go through, seven pages they're. Gonna get bored and be like I don't know where my. Thing, yes, so. Some of those sorting options could be removed right yeah, or, to figure out you, know how people are searching and doing some research about how people are finding the toys on, the site and then you know gravitating, towards that mm-hmm so. Thinking, so what you're really saying is think. Their. Parents they have two kids who are older right, but, think, like a parent, or gift giver an aunt or uncle or grandparent, whatever how are they going to be searching so right going, into these this. Is minutia, and we get it's minutia but they're doing a great job yeah they're doing a great job but this is very granular for, a reason, because I'm. Not gonna sort by A to Z so, if you give me more options than. I get overwhelmed. It creates analysis, paralysis analysis. Paralysis guess, what I'm frozen, I'm off the site I'm going, to somewhere like Amazon, which, all these small business owners that's. Included we don't want people to just use Amazon, all the time we want them to shop from us we have to give them a good user experience I really take notes from Amazon because they've done so exactly, I mean they know what they're doing obviously yeah so.

I'll Say one more thing about the site and one. Thing I think is is very interesting, especially for you. Know kind of this business and the fact that they're on the profit and everything else you. Know you mentioned up here and I just thought of it gift. Cards, mm-hmm. Somebody. Sees this you know sees this show and they. Have a grandkid. They. Buy a gift card yeah, so their son or daughter can buy their grandkids. You know a couple of games and make it be a part of the show exactly, exactly how, excited, were we I'm just going back to as I'm like a fanboy, how. Excited, were we when we got the Cory's care package and I know right that's really, good we, were like kids because, we were now a part of the show and everybody was so like my wife was so excited, so excited yeah so, it's, the same thing if you could be a part of Santa's toys it's you pretty cool that's pretty cool right so definitely, I think gift, cards like they have it they were smart and bestsellers it's the first product. That shows up and when you look at the gift card it's, like. That can be totally branded that could be branded definitely. You, know what click on gift card for a second cuz we did harp on Corey's last time. So. We've got a ten dollar gift card I don't know what ten dollars is gonna buy 25, 50 100 okay they do have the different quantities and, the, different values that's good deal, of the day I don't, even know what that's about. Hmm. So. There's no explanation. No, explanation, I think it's ten dollars still for ten dollars no is 10 10 bucks 10. Bucks my friend what, I would maybe though, one, thing that I'm thinking, suggestive. Selling so. Suggestive, selling is when hey you're telling people what they should be buying yeah, you're, telling me to buy a $10, gift card I would have it at 50 I would have it at 50 and then have, the other values because, 50, bucks you're gonna be able to get a couple toys right. And. Maybe cover shipping yeah, there you go. We've done SEO we've looked at Google my business we've, looked at the website right, one aspect of the website that we find very important, because of, the retention mechanism of, it is email marketing and you, just signed up for the email newsletter there. You join the nice list what, does it say thanks. For contacting us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We. Didn't contact them we can contact them and I just joined the nice list I feel. Like there was something like cool page about. Hohoho, or like elves like jumping around or something, celebrate, that I just joined the nice list not I just contacted, you thank you so much Evelyn please, send, me a Danish Ennis coffee it's, like small but it's the small things but this this is a big, session a small thing, that's a big smile I'm not on the nice list I'm on I'm in some, system, somewhere and now my emails floating around okay so, we, join the nice list and we.

Just Checked and we. Haven't gotten any email yet so a welcome, email I would, think I'd get in welcome emails or maybe even a series of emails series, of emails which is called a an autoresponder, a trip marketing real so real simple to do mm-hmm and we, do have we're gonna have some more videos on drip marketing and other responders the importance, of them oh my god right, now easy to use - yeah I joined the nice list Santa, should send me a letter right away welcome, me, to the nice list then. Santa, should tell me about all the different perks, I have of being on the nice list ask my kids names Santa, should ask my kids names, to personalize, it so that you. Know our kids now are getting direct. Emails, from Santa, right and then. Santa is going to send me an email showing me some of the best toys that my kids would like because not only is he gonna ask for, the names but, their gender yeah then. From there Santa's, gonna show me some of the fun things that he's doing at the North Pole and how, hey if I jump back on the website I can see a special, page that's, only available and people on the nice list keep them engaged we. Just built an autoresponder I know right so. Okay, welcome you're welcome, join. Our nice list Frank. So. Okay we, we. Went through the email and the. Last thing that we want to look at is their social media right. And I'm assuming that since they put good. Money into the digital presence. Of this business they're, gonna have a good social media, well. I clicked it didn't pop open to a new tab, I just, went directly, to the page so what does that mean it's explained twice, so what that means is so, it's. Still in the same tab that means I can't go directly back to Santa's, toys calm let's, say I wanted to go check on social media for a discount, or whatever, to, go like the page I have to hit the back button to get back to the website I can't just another. Tab right so, that's that again is a different, opportunity because you want your, website to stay open in one of the tabs as long as possible because light happens right things happen right and all of a sudden your, attention, is just drawn somewhere else well, you keep tabs open that's what people do so as you're closing tabs you're like oh I forgot about Santa's, toys and then you go back and right see what you want to do technically, right is a blank, target that's right you want to open it in a new tab or new window or in HTML terms, blank, target yep Wow, okay so right.

Away They're using a video at the top oh that's. Kind of cool that's very cool so they did a little video they have some snow they're showing it a little slideshow of the, that's. Great yep. Very. Cool very, cool they're leveraging, Facebook's. Cover, video which. I like okay. So looking at Facebook you. Know I, I, want to say that they have, spent good time here recommended, by 75, people that's great that means 75 reviews that's great they have videos on there they're, posting frequently posting, frequently in January okay so. We're seeing a good cadence, a good, frequency, of posting. Listen. It's offseason this. Is where they, should be putting more time into social. Media they should really be as we, said think. Of different ways that you can showcase the, products to drive people to the site and to buy from the site birthdays, are happening, all different, kinds of events are still happening, even though it's past Christmas, time so, we, want to figure out different ways to really make those products, heroes, on social, media. Still. Like we did in Cory's and go check out their photos and their photos. Okay, so we're looking through their photos and they have you. Know alpha on the Shelf they've got some, different product photos that they're using they're using stock photos from the manufacturers. Of the toy companies, which, is totally fine here's, the thing if I'm. I'm. Signing, up and I'm trying. To have this Santa, Clause experience. Nowhere. Do I see Santa. Claus doesn't, exist Santa. Doesn't exist loyalty. Card, values. Exist and bunnies. And such boxes. Go. Invest, or use, here's. Here's my suggestion, if you, have a themed, business, go. By the Santa Club go by the Santa costume, from a costume store and just be holding the present so that Santa's involved, somehow. You. Know it's. Scott right Scott's the owner I think so Scott. Dress, up as Santa and have the gifts and you guys just take photos. With, the family whatever you want but Santa, there higher, I'm sure, there's a Santa Claus impersonator, in Santa Claus Indiana who, is off right now who needs some work have, him dress up and showcase. All the president's own toys yeah haven't, have them take a tour a virtual. Tour with Santa Claus and let. Me see that on social media right let me see that on the website right, here's.

A Question for you. We're. On Facebook mm-hmm. They, just invested this money into a website, right what's. Their call-to-action, button call. Call. Now oh and, so. I have to if. You mouse over it what does it say you'll. Need to be logged into Facebook app on your phone to call. It's. Kind of missed opportunity. It's, a big MIT they're, closed for days of the week right how. Am I going to call them send. Them back to the website so, change that simple. Five four second, fix send. It back to the website to make the money you're, not open how are you going to field calls. They. Have a lot of videos which is great, they're. Using, the same template, which is fine, that's totally, fine they've, got the logo, so they have brand consistency I think, that's. Good again. With. The thumbnails, because you can choose the thumbnails of each video on Facebook as people, of perusing, that's, an opportunity for you to showcase, the preview of the video and get people to click and watch get. More engaged with your brand where's. Santa. Bring. Santa Angela this episode should be called where's Santa. Where's. Santa because, honestly, he's. A figment of our ignant right now, I'd. Say big. Takeaway, from social. Media, let's, see some Santa show. Us Santa, free. Santa, yeah right. Free, Santa free Santa okay, Jake one, last, thing that I want to do is look at Instagram sure, Instagram. Is huge because it's a big driver of traffic, it's, a big driver of engagement, people. That are watching the show people, that are involved they're going to want to go. And see all the different products Instagram, is a great platform, for you to post the products and guess what for, business owners this is a tip so. To save time you post an Instagram you can automatically. Share it to your business page so, now if Santa's holding a toy and you're going to get on Instagram goes. To Facebook now you're covering both boom, not. So many, how. Long have they had the account maybe it's brand new we. Don't know when's, the the oldest post let's look at that. Wow. So. You have Instagram, on your website, you're, showcasing it. Use. It just, use it start, using that as your mechanism, to record photos. And quick videos and then, share them to Facebook it's gonna be a huge time saver for you but, having Instagram, right here with only 4 posts, and you opened up August 2018. You. It's a missed opportunity that, you can really, really grab, hold of absolutely, right, here's, the big one, have. Messages. From Santa go find the Santa impersonator, in Santa Claus Indiana one, of we saw on the show he, was on the show go, find him and have him record. Different videos sit with him for a couple days buy him some beers or eggnog or whatever you drink and, just, have him record videos showing the toys and then, you can post those up on it and they'll they'll, seamlessly, go to Facebook, right huge.

Opportunity. For kids, I watch my kids now I, cannot. Believe the. Amount of video they watch yeah, it's amazing they consume so much video of nothing, but, if they could watch videos of Santa, showing them the toys oh my god and make. Me like a new hit you can make money that way that's, the very good Santa, unboxing, toys and showing them and everything yeah you're. Gonna run your welcome, so Jake, we went through everything, we went through search engine optimization. We looked at Google my business. Website. Email and, social media so much more we can do but so much more viewers, what, we're. Doing a new thing we're not gonna score each one but just overall how do you feel about Santa's. Toys well, I think they did make leaps. And bounds I made a lot of progress after Marcus's, show honestly. I think they did pretty well I think, overall I think they're doing pretty well I think the business owners obviously, you know are very good at kind of conserving, money, but. There's definitely opportunities. So. If, we're looking at it from the business owner point of view I totally agree with you if, we're looking at it that Marcus, lemonis owns 50%, of, the website Marcus. Again. Our. Websites right here just just call us or email us or, go, to the site I'm. Just kidding but I'll do respect to, everyone that we're you know thank you for letting us do this again. Here's. What I recommend. Improve. Your search engine optimization, so cool start. Uploading more photos to Google my business and. Videos of Santa, use, posts, which we didn't even talk about but use posts. On. The website itself try. To figure out some ways to customize it and to capture more emails, with. Email. Automated. Welcome email they are simple and easy and also drip marketing campaigns yes a nice list and make me feel like I joined the nice list don't make me feel like I just submitted it to some to the LLC, not to the LLC, robot and. With. Social media more. Videos more, photos, get, that Santa, impersonator, working, in the offseason and have him work, with you so you guys can get more people to Santa Claus Indiana but. Also sell more toys. So for, the bigger better business Channel I'm Brian Kaplan, I'm Jake burns hey at bigger, better biz we're here to equip you with the tools and know-how to grow that bigger better, business, so, what. We're gonna ask you to do if you enjoyed this video click like below write. A comment do you see something that we missed on Santa's toys comm or the search engine results in disagree, you disagree with us we, welcome it if you're, gonna give us a thumbs down hey, please, give us a comment as well and tell us how we can improve this we're always gonna be working we're not perfect, we're not perfect but we're gonna try to make this a better more value-add channel, and finally, subscribe, to the channel click that Bell because every time we submit a new video to help you grow a bigger better small business, you'll be notified until. Next time here's, to your success hey. Thanks for watching you know bigger better biz is dedicated. To equipping. You with the tools and know how to grow a bigger better small, business it, all starts with you so, if you enjoyed the video please click like below feel. Free to ask questions in the comments and it. Is not too much to ask subscribe. To the channel and click that bell because, you'll be notified every time we have a new video to, help you grow that bigger better, this here's. Your success.

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