The Plague (and how it Scarred our Myths and Culture) ✯ Monsters of the Week

The Plague (and how it Scarred our Myths and Culture) ✯ Monsters of the Week

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A. Thick. Plume of smoke, rises. From the town square. Securing. The carrion, birds circling, overhead. Poor. Souls, huddling, abandoned, houses and, darkened, alleyways. Desperate. To stave off the inevitable. The. Cries and moans of, the dying, echo. Of the cobblestone. Pavement, a. Silent. Horror stalks. The streets of this town. Wagon. Wheels sound, a crack, crack, against, the streets they, bear their cargo, Walmart. Carts. Littered, with corpses, carry. The monstrous victims, to the charnel pits and mass graves, that have already claimed, half, of the town. He, always begins, with a cough. Fever. Vomiting. And, a, mysterious loss, of blood. Soon. The victim is consumed, by the monster, the. Slowly wastes. Away to a mere, shell their, former self. Donald. Is left behind. His. Death. The. Rich and the poor the, young and the old the. Sinner are the same no. One the same from its rough. The. Plane, has. Come to town. You. As, long as human, civilization has, existed. Disease. And sickness have, been our constant, companions. Early. Humanity, faced many predators. None. Was, more dangerous and, mysterious. Than disease. For. Prehistoric, humanity. Sickness. Was as common, as it was terrible, and frightening. All. Those early, human, fears, gave, birth to the, many folk, tales and myths surrounding. Diseases, and mass, epidemics. Demonic. Possession, a cold, magic, and monsters, of every kind are all connected, to this primal, human fear, of infection, and bodily contamination. With. A benefit of hindsight it, might be easy to see these tales as mere superstition. Run amok, but. For pre-modern, humanity. Plagues. Were biblical events. That could decimate the, population and. Looking. Back through history we, can see that mass epidemics, are often pivotal, moments. Microscopic. Invaders powerful. Enough to bring even an empire, to, its knees. Now. Generally, the word plague, is used pre interchangeably. When talking about epidemics. And mass outbreaks, of disease throughout history but if, we want to get real technical, about it plague. Is actually, a real, scientific. Term in the medical profession, it. Refers to the bacterium, Yersinia. Pestis a hardy. Little bacillus, that's responsible, for some of the most devastating, epidemics. Of all time. Ksenia. Pestis is responsible. For one of the most severe, forms, of pneumonia, the. Pneumonic plague a. Bloodier. Respiratory. Infection, which literally, devours. The lungs of its victim. Left. Untreated the pneumonic plague has a mortality rate, of 100%. Yesenia. Pestis, also, gave birth to the septa semuc plague which is transmitted. By bites, from infected insects. And vermin, septicemia. Invades. The blood of its victims. Hijacking the body's blood clotting, mechanism, and causing, infected, areas to rot and decay and, like.

It's Cousins, it is completely, fatal. When left untreated and. Finally. Ksenia, pestis, is the cause of the bubonic plague which. Inflicts, horrible. Painful, swellings. On the bodies sensitive, glands, in the neck armpits. And groin. Recurring. Throughout human, history the. Bubonic plague has, been responsible for some of the most infamous, and terrible. Mass epidemics. Ever witnessed. The. Most well known outbreak. Of bubonic plague was, the Black Death the devastated. Medieval, Europe, but. The very first bubonic, epidemic. Ever recorded. Took. Place almost an entire millennium. Before the black death on the, same continent, the. Plague of Justinian. By. 541. Ad the. Roman Empire was well past, the height of its imperial glories, it, had been divided into East and West for more than a century and a half, while. The western half of the empire began, a slow decline almost, immediately, after this split the. Eastern Roman Empire thrived. At. Least for a time. But. In 541. Ad, scattered. Reports of mass outbreaks, began, to reach the court at Constantinople. The, grand capital, of the Eastern Roman Empire. First. It, took Egypt then. Syria. And. Turkey and. Eventually, Constantinople. The threshold, between East and West itself. Within. The space of only, one year, an estimated, 25. Million, people lost, their lives to, the plague of Justinian, about. 15% of, the world's population at. The time and, the. Disease would go on to double this death toll and flare ups that would recur, over the next two centuries. The. Lightning, fast spread, of the plague was, surely, a cruel and bitter irony for, the Romans the. Disease was able to spread so quickly precisely, because, of, the Empire's highly, advanced, infrastructure, highways. Aqueducts. And whores proved, as effective, at transmitting, disease as they were at moving people and goods, the. Enemies of Constantinople. Took notice of this moment, of weakness and, were quick to seize the advantage the. Goths. No. No not, these Goths, these. Goths, the, Gothic, war with the Eastern Roman Empire found, new momentum thanks, to help badly the plague and weakened, Constantinople. And its armies. As. A rule of the Empire could no longer maintain, control of huge swathes of the Italian peninsula perhaps. The ultimate symbol of how far, the legacy, of Rome had already fallen. This. Quirk of history, human. Interconnectedness. Is both a strength and ultimate vulnerability. Has defined, our anxieties. Around mass, disease, down, through the years. The. Proverbial building, blocks of our civilization. Could, be the very same thing, that brings us down. In. A. Good thousand, years later the, same fatal, pandemic, would sweep across Europe, once more but. This time at an even more terrifying, scale, it. Is hard to overstate the, sheer havoc. And terror that the Black Death, wreaked, on Europe, and the world, an estimated. 50, to 60 percent of the population, of Europe perished, along with some hundred, to 200 million, people across both Europe, and Asia. It. Took more than two centuries, for, the world's population. To recover from the mass casualties. Caused by the Black Death. Europe. Was utterly, devastated. From. Madrid, to Moscow. Every. Town bodies. Piled, up by the thousands. Plate. Riots, starvation. And widespread. Social collapse, became regular, facts, of life the. Healers of the time have no explanation. For what, this disease was how. It spread or how to prevent it and with, no way of knowing the cause the, kings and Lords who ruled this era were powerless, to stop it from spreading a great. Period, of mass unreason. Gripped Europe in superstition. And dogma ran. Amok, in. Turn peasants. And the nobility of like turned to divination. Astrology. And religious, dogma, to try to make sense of this senseless. Catastrophe. In. The wake of this great unraveling. Europe. Experienced. An unprecedented. Wave, of fanaticism. And, religiously, motivated violence. It.

Gave Birth to superstitions. And bigotries, that lingered, well into, the Renaissance and beyond. Minority. Groups like Jews and Romani were singled, out for persecution, in. Many countries escape. Goats for the plague. And. Even simple skin conditions, like acne and, eczema came. Cause for suspicion and, scorn and for. Accusations, of heresy. You. Of. Course. There have also been massive, Oh Deming events that are every, bit as epic, as the bubonic plague even if they aren't plagues, in the medical, sense, the. Collette's the epidemics, of 1545. To 1548. Were caused by a viral, hemorrhagic fever, that is believed to have killed, 80%, of the native population of, Mexico, at the time. Some. Of the worst demographic. Devastation. Ever recorded. Coming. Just a few decades after, the bloody and brutal Spanish, conquest, of Mexico in, 1519. The coca, Litzy epidemics, were a final, killing, blow to, the region's indigenous, peoples. For. Most of humanity the, fear of a mass outbreak, of disease is, not even a distant memory. Plagues. Have persisted, well into the modern era, exactly. One century, ago this year, a strange, and deadly new, strain of influenza, began. Cropping, up around the world, by. Early 1918, World. War one was winding down the. United States had formally, ended the war and the German Ottoman alliance was crumbling. Mass. Outbreaks, of disease during war were nothing new but, this, time, something. Was different. This. New pandemic dubbed. The Spanish, flu was swift vicious, and deadly. Despite. The relatively, high quality of, medical care available at the time the, Spanish flu still had a staggeringly. High mortality rate, up to 20%, in, some regions, and. Unlike the pandemics, that came before it the. Spanish flu was well and truly global, in scale. Europe. Asia, the. Americas. Middle East Africa. No. One was, spared its rough, the. Onset, of the disease was, quick and the, symptoms were, severe. After. Infection, a perfectly. Healthy person could. Be dead in less than a week, this. Disease was able to spread at a breakneck, pace thanks, to the morals, of humanity's, new industrial age. Lower. One is considered, a pivotal, era in history a time, when the technology, of industrial. Manufacturing. Was turned to, the art of warfare, resulting. In mass slaughter, on a scale that had never been witnessed before, those. Same technologies, were, awesome, an ideal vector, for, the spread of a pandemic. Soldiers. Moved across battlefields. And massive, troop formations by, truck and train spreading. Disease to the living and dead alike, food. Was scarce now. Nourishment, among both soldiers, and civilians, made transmission. Of the disease that, much more easy and. Once. The scale of the outbreak became clear, six, soldiers, were herded, together onto trains and forced, into crowded hospital camps. With, a disease could fester, and spread, even more rapidly. By. The time the, dust had settled some. 75. Million, people around the world had lost their lives to the Spanish, flu. The. Morgues were packed almost to the ceiling with bodies stacked one on top of another the. Morticians, were day and night you. Could never turn around without seeing a big red truck loaded, with caskets, for the train station, so bodies could be sent home. Though. The Spanish flu itself is considered by many to be something like a forgotten, pandemic. Thanks to the fact that was strongly overshadowed. By the events of World War one the, scenes of devastation birth, from this epidemic, have haunted our collective, memories, for the last century, even, in areas where the actual, number of deaths was low the rate of infection was, aggressive, enough to leave permanent. Scars. Towns. Were forced, to close down schools and government, buildings and. Shopkeepers kept.

Their Doors bolted tight. Hospital. Workers were unable to care for the sick they. Weren't nearly enough gravediggers, to care for the dead leaving, bodies to pile up in the streets a dark. Mirror to the worst days of the Black Death and. Once. More the technology. Of the Industrial Age became tangled up in these horrors. Drains. And trucks transported. Huge numbers, of corpses, for internment, and giant, steam shovels, were developed, to dig out mass graves. These. Ghastly, images. These scenes, of pure horror, would. Last a profound, impact, on the artists, of the era and on, humanity's. Collective imagination. Because. Throughout history and, with the Spanish flu in particular, disease. And plague has always given, rise to folklore. And legends. Of, dark monsters. And. Even dark magic. For. A, record. Of history. Plagues. And diseases have. Been intimately. Connected, to humanity's, fear of monsters, the, occult. For. Ancient and medieval humanity. A plague, was an event that was positively. Mythological. In nature, an act. Of terrible. And random, destruction, caused, by fickle, and malicious, God's. Plagues. Feature prominently. In some of the earliest stories, recorded in. Greek mythology the arrows, of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, were said to be responsible, for sudden, mass outbreaks, of disease. The. Capricious, cruelty, of the gods made, manifest. Pandemics. Also appear in Christian mythology in, the, Book of Revelations, one, of the Four Horsemen, of the Apocalypse is, named pestilence. So. Called for the plagues he will bring in his way during the final, days of humanity. During. Those days people, will seek death but. Will not find it they. Were long, to die but. Death will elude them, the. Book of Revelation, chapter, 9 verse. 6 and. These. Biblical fears. Were then literalized. In the form of giant, lizards, basilisks, and. Dragons. Many. Reptiles, are carriers, of bacteria, like Clostridium. And salmonella. Generally. Harmless, to the lizard hosts but positively. Deadly, for humans, so it, was no great leap for dragons, to become the embodiment, of the wanton, destruction, visited. By a plague for similar, natural, disasters, a, devours. Livestock, it raids villages, and it ravages, the countryside. And the only thing, left in its wake is a pile, of burned, corpses. It's. No coincidence that, worm. The, most common, old English word for dragon. Was, also a synonym for the carrion, worms that, feasted, on the sick and the dead. Dragons. Appear, in many European, tales and legends but, perhaps the most famous and enduring, depiction, is on, a national flag that is still flown to this day the. Flag of Wales in, the. Medieval Romans, Lud and the fellas two warring, Dragons, bring plague, and devastation, to the Isle of Britain, the. Red dragon, representing, the Welsh and, the white dragon, representing. The anglo-saxons. The. Cries and shrieks of these creatures were, so powerful, they. Echoed across the, countryside, and, cast a pall of plague across the land. Men. Lost their hue, and their strength, women. Lost their children, young. Men and the maidens lost their senses, and all. The animals, and trees and, the earth and the waters, were. Left barren. And. Myth. And folklore plagues. Have also appeared in forms, that are a little more familiar. Witches. Warlocks. And, other, practitioners. Of the occult. With. Only a rudimentary understanding, of. Biology and the natural world pre, modern humans, were quick to assign magical. Superstitions, to all kinds, of unwellness. Early. Christians, and pagans alike, believed that dark forces, were always lying in wait ready to, inflict pain and suffering, at a moment's notice. Insomnia. And sleepwalking. Were believed to be the result of occult forces either, through, the dark designs of a magician, or through, literal, possession, by a demon. The. Hallucinations. And mental instability brought. On by intense fevers, were similarly, dubbed an affliction, of the devil and were believed to be the result of dark magics. Entering, the human body. It. Was believed that in exchange for their occult power, witches. And warlocks had, to sell their souls and allow their bodies to become vessels, for demons, and dark forces. This. Hose for unclean, spirits, the very act of practicing. Black magic brought. With it disease, and plague, and, this. Relationship, between magic. And the spread of disease, is similarly, rooted, than many ancient, mysteries, surrounding the, occult.

For. Anthropologists. Of early humanity, the word witchcraft. Doesn't, necessarily, refer to pointy. Black hats cauldrons. And broomsticks. Witchcraft. Can also be the very aura and, atmosphere. That surrounds someone. Who is in tune with the invisible magical. Energies, of the universe in, this. Context. Witchcraft. Is the ability of these gifted, individuals. To literally, impose, their will on others, to, use their feelings, of wrath jealousy. Bitterness, and, spite, as a weapon, that infects, their victim, and causes. Them to suffer physically. In. Other words. To. Inflict a plague. While. Occult magic and Dragons are considered, to be mere legends, these days the. Human fascination, with disease, has endured well into the present. Indeed. The most well known monster, and pop culture today, is probably, the zombie, a, perfect. Encapsulation, of our fears of bodily, contamination. The, devastation, that pandemics. A week on society. You. Can also see our ancient, fears of disease given new life in the body horror genre. Violations. Mutilations. Of the human shell play, on the same primal, anxieties, as the play. The. Fear of losing control of ourselves our bodies, invaded. And subverted. By a monstrous, force that is beyond our influence. Maybe. One of the most intelligent, works, of fiction with a subject, of pandemic, diseases is. Pathologic. The 2005. Open, world survival adventure, by ice big lodge. It. Thrusts, the player into a remote city in the Russian Tundra that falls victim to a faceless, merciless. And truly unvanquishable. Foe. The. Spread of a highly contagious disease that. Decimates, the population, unless the players face an overwhelming. Avalanche, of problems, that such a crisis, evokes. Superstition. Erupting, and fear breaking, out among the populace. Political. Intrigue, and subterfuge among, the powers that be fueled. By the instability. Of the situation.

The. Town suffocated. By a debilitating mass. Panic and hysteria and. Now of all the players can choose between three, completely, different character. Archetypes, that all experience, the events from their very own distinct. But ultimately, futile, point-of-view the, true strength, of pathologic. Nonlinear. Storytelling is, how it manages, to render the, plague itself, this ungraspable. Catastrophe. Of seminal, proportions, a villain, that utters no word and can never be confronted. In a conversation. Or confrontation. Pathologic. Makes this the actual, central. Figure, the true protagonist. And antagonist of. The story it, lets us experience, firsthand, how. People in, dire, times, and, facing, a hopelessly, deadly. Threat like a devastating. Pandemic that, is too eclectic. To make sense off turn. To superstition. Occultism. And myth in order to give their worst fears, an actual, face how. When is too hard to bear fact. Gets rejected and replaced with fiction, in order to cope with a hopeless, situation. Pathologic. Is the player a literal. Front-row, seat during, the birth of mythology, the, anthropomorphic. Conception. In utero a monster. One, of flesh and blood that, embodies, the debilitating fears. Such, a pandemic, strikes, in the hearts of its victims, a. Monster. Created not. Unlike it used to be with one of our ultimate, representatives. Of these ancient fears, surrounding pandemic. Diseases. The. Vampire. Cultures. All around the world maintain, legends, about creatures that drain the blood of the living. Some. Hold, that vampires, are sorrowful. And solitary. Creatures, that forego in contact, with the outside world. Eternally. Tortured, by their desire for blood. Others. See vampires, as apex, predators. That relish. Their midnight hunts, from food or sport. But. However you look at it the, modern incarnation of, the bloodsucker, is intimately. Linked to our fears of plague and disease. Vampirism. Is literally. A disease, spread. Through infection, a bite. From a vampire, infects, its victim, causing. Them to lose control of themselves and, be slowly transformed. Into an undead creature of the night themselves. Bram. Stoker's, famous, novel, Dracula the, proverbial, Bible. Of vampire, lore touches. On many of these themes, in. The epistolary, novel, Dracula's, predation. Causes, his victims, to waste, away lose. Their minds, just like the plagues that haunted, the nightmares, of the people in those days but. Ultimately, it was freely, given, mon house, 1922. Film Nosferatu. Itself. A plagiarism, of Stoker's, Dracula that. Cemented, this connection. Between vampires. And disease. The. Titular vampire. Of Nosferatu is, a pale elegant. And emaciated, figure, his, deep-set, eyes and, spidery, limbs. It's. A picture-perfect depiction. Of a play victim and at, the same time the, archetypal. Vampire, in, the. Story of Nosferatu, the, vampyre, Count Orlok arrives. By shipment, a fictional, German, town of Bisbal. Arriving. With him a small, army of rats which brings, plague, and disease to the hapless, village. Stoker's. Estate sued more now for plagiarizing, Dracula. And ultimately won in court, more, now was ordered to destroy all copies of. Nosferatu, but. A handful, of reels survived, and the film has endured as a highly, influential, masterpiece. Of early cinema. And as one of the first and greatest horror films ever made.

It's. Also in the public domain so you can actually go watch it on YouTube right now and. This. Connection, between, vampires. And disease survive, with it Nosferatu. Was, so influential, that the official, 1931. Film adaptation, of Dracula, even absorbed, this detail, about the play into its story. When. You consider the era in which these movies, were created, new, years, after the end of the devastating. Spanish, flu this, link, between vampirism. And sickness, becomes, even more apparent. Europe. Had just been scarred, by the bloody battles, of World War one and at, the same time the, Spanish who had decimated. The population of. Almost every, country on the continent. Leaving, behind scenes, of horror in every, village and City. In, turn a grim, figure, arose from the ruins, of Europe and beheld a continent. Cowering, and fear of. The. Vampire, and. Its plague. Today. The. Zombie is in many, ways the modern, spin-off, of the vampire, a, reflection. Of our anxieties. Over the fragility, of our physical, shell of our, world, and over, how quickly the things we've built can. Come crashing, down. Ever. Since the smash success of Danny Boyle's, 2002, masterpiece, 28, days later zombies. Have become a permanent fixture, in pop culture again. And for. The last seven, years The, Walking Dead has been the most-watched, television show, in the world, socks. Donut. At. The same time video, games like blood-borne, have also carried this pandemic torch into the modern era this. 2015, action, RPG, from From Software's, a masterful, depiction. Of a society, of Flik by a monstrous, plague in the throes of collapse. I. Fear. The, old blood, and. The. Recently released bumpier. From, dontnod, studios, this, mythological, connection. Between the fear of a deadly, pandemic and, vampirism, is depicted, in an even more literal. Way, the. Player assumes the role of a world war 1 military, doctor, who returns, to England in 1918. To find the country gripped in a Spanish flu, and. Amidst this to blow of death and devastation. Rises. An even darker play. It. Is the table of the modern vampire made. Literal, along. With its tangled web, of connections, to disease war. And, social. Collapse. In. The 1947. Novel, the pests, by the French existentialist. Philosopher, and writer of alchemy, the Algerian. Coastal, town of ohan becomes, afflicted, by a deadly, pandemic a new. Outbreak, of the bubonic plague. As. The town's population and. Among, them the story central characters, struggle, to survive and, maintain their humanity in the face of this unforgiving. Catastrophe. They. Can face to face with the cruelty and viciousness that, humans, are capable of in dark, dog times like these, the.

World Had just breathe a sigh of relief was, the conclusion, of world war ii and the defeat of fascism in Europe the. Allied nations gave, out cheers, of victory, proudly. Vowed never. Again. But. Committed who. Can sell that fought in the French Resistance for, many years, during the Nazi occupation of France he. Understood, that these dark undercurrents. War. Famine. Disease. Authoritarianism. They're. Not so easily banished. Those. Eternally. Recurring, veins of humankind. They. Always lie in wait just. Out of sight, always. Lurking, always. Watching, always waiting. For the right moment to strike again. The. Plague will return, as, it always does, it's. Not a matter of if. Leo. Win. Thank. You so much for watching, producing. Monsters, of the week takes an enormous amount of time effort and, resources especially. For, a one-man operation like, my channel so. If you'd like to see more want, to consider joining my patreon, campaign to, support my work there you can, follow the link in the description or click the card that just popped up in the top right it. Helps, out massively, and I'm really thankful to all the people who already support, me there and, a special shout out this month goes out to these top-tier, supporters. Our. Cell markeson, Cantone. Modem swag. Am Chuck. Taylor, Nicholas. Soros a pooch even. Take her Kira. Starr Haku. Maraca, starlets ten. Of Spades Jen, way Morgan. Sickles. Cameron. Richter, makan. Isla, rocks. A classic Susana. Maria, Dominica. Tobacco. Adam. Burr, Vladimir. About you, Casper. ROM Schulich. Under. A tree a cushioned, Jonathan. Urban a trail, Garcia, Liam. Jones, Lucas. James. Lynch, clichy, a Vita. Daily, Nicola. Zell, Malin. Matt. Davis. Julia. David. Nadal the. Melting, squad Sean. Quigley. Angam. Coleman. Vaz and Miller, Nathan. The ground, alex. Lake. Thomasville, re Syriac. Mathiason. Augustin. Ortega. Maxwell. Brown. Max Herbert, rusev. Jones, David's. Eleniak. Cayuga. Martin. Schmidt. Brian, Vieira, Adam. Cross Michael. Spina or the fourth Dennis. Peppercorn. Mr.. Burdon me. Torino, but scale, failing. Milan. Voinovich Sebastian. Garcia, and. Jacob. Wood ward until next. Time, data.

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20:22 Ayeeeee that 'Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines' music! You just got a new subscriber!

As always a perfect vid and i happen to be reading The Pest right now =) but i am conflicted i want more i hate waiting and 30 min its not near enough but fortunately you do it so well that I'm left satisfied, but for real men you have to do more and more and more and more hahahahahaha all your content its great.

This was great like always!

Great video! One minor nitpick, while pestilences are mentioned throughout the Revelation of John, the 4 Horsemen are Conqueror, War, Famine, and Death. Conqueror often gets replaced with Pestilence in myths that use the 4 Horsemen, probably because its more interesting and inherently frightening.

Bullshit, plague did not touch Poland.

He's back! My how I've missed you, Ragnar

I'm genuinely surprised theres never been a major game set during the period. We get things like Bloodborne and Pathalogic clearly inspired by it but the only game i know is a really bad early access mmo of all things.

There will be a new game in this time period, "The Plague Tale: Innocence" I believe. It's more of a puzzle game though ...

Wow. This video probably has one of the most intricate, and sophisticated understanding of horror, death, and how it is connected to the mind. If you look at religion this way, you can actually make HUGE, and I mean HUGE leaps to understanding them from being a delusional mind control, to the nature of the mind and reality. Religion is just like this video, except it is the archetype of all things, from evil to good. Very, very well done, and very nice understanding of it as well.

time to do a nosferatu run of bloodlines .... that dam it . maybe a run of sh2 or 4 or endeless legend necros

Amazing as always!

Those goths are scarier than the old ones lol

so glad to see you back with another fantastic monsters of the week! this made my day

as always a beautiful video essay! Thank you so much for always delivering top-quality videos. I have read the book La Peste (but in French) and even had to write my essay for graduation on the theme of the black plague and the link that Camus made between the disease and the nazi occupation. Also, if I'm no mistaken, the quote from Camus at the end of the video is the last sentence of the book and a grimm ending that serves as reminder that evil can and will eventually come back

Amazing work! Love your videos!

fun fact: there was a third plague pandemic in the late 1800 in the far east. much of what we know about the plague is based on observations of this pandemic such as the bacteria that causes it discovered by japanese bacteriologist Kitasato, as well as how it spreads which happened to be by rats, though we now know that it's a bit more complicated than that and that it can also be spread by humans which'd explaine how it could spread so quickly during the second plague pandemic (aka the black plague).

After watching this video I want to say....... quality..... FUCKING QUALITY!!!!!

Congratulations! This is extremely well produced, mate!

20:35 Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines music. Good taste.

I like the Vampire: Masquerade Bloodlines music that foreshadows the discussion eventually reaching vampirism. Masterfully put together.

Excellent video that not only educates us but also reminds us of how frail humanity is. At the whim of a microscopic organism, the human race could be subjected to such horrors and suffering not known for a long while. We forget just how truly fortunate we are to live in a society of such highly sophisticated medical technologies and general knowledge as to so far avoid another unimaginable pandemic.

Monthly dose of Ragnar.

Man I just love your voice, nohomo btw.

I can't tell you how much I loved this. This was a enthralling take on how the plague affected history, and one can tell you did your research. Absolutely chilling (in a good way)

Great now i wanna go play vtmb and vampyr again

Well this this overview has certainly been worth the wait.

Timing on this upload is absolutely perfect, I've just started working on a project which involves the plague :) Also, who's that one fuck who disliked this video...

Was so happy to see a new release! And a half hour one on such an interesting topic no less :D Great video as always, well done!

It's always such a pleasure watching your videos, really well researched and your voice makes everything ten times more fascinating. Thank you :)

When all hope was lost... suddenly a new video!!! Woohoo!!!

Love it when a new video comes out! They are always so good!

I died at the goth reference

I love your voice and I love your work!

Monsters or the Week just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work! Plagues are super freaky as antagonists, because they can't be directly fought. You can't punch a disease in the face. But they're an insidious thing that grows inside of you. It's unsettling as hell.

The Plague has basically influenced every monster in the monsters of the week videos you ever did.

There's an earlier recording of the plague in that part of the world called "Plague of Athens" in ancient Greece.

Which track is it at 24:00? I think it's from Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines, but not sure of the track name

Beautiful work!


Hmm.... familiar asmr voice..... Ow.... Ragnar, you're back! That's a good surprise. And as always, next 30 minutes will be good..... very good! How are you by the way? Have you solve the demonetization problem? We've been worried about you! At least I did!

I got a strong Bloodborne vibe from this one, very cool. Welcome back, RagnarRox, we've been waiting!

Brilliant, I'd rather watch this than any documentary on the topic.

12:17 Wait, that's Battlefield 1... A scene from the trailer turned black & white. I don't see it mentioned in the description box.

Me: Sees new RagnarRox video - likes, comments, subscribes and shares. Then watches the video.

Wow, this show has come so far! Every episode is worth the wait, and this is no different.

Oh boi, friday evening and a ragna video. I just need some rain now

Papa nurgle sends his regards

Does this mean we will have a Pathologic video coming soon?

+RagnarRox take your time, and maybe Pathologic 2 will bring the final touch I've been on and off this for a long time; but I'd really really love to. I just want to fight the right angle and not just have it be an incoherent rant.

Nice use of the VtMB Downtown Theme when talking about plague :D

I play it every year! It was your video about it that I first saw on your channel haha Anywho your content is amazing, seriously well researched. Just wanted to let you know that you're great and I believe in you!

Good catch ;)

Ayyyyy I hear the OG Pathologic OST sprinkled in here! :D

You missed a very important detail about La Peste, at least, I think you did: The fictional algerian city, and how the plague affected it, was meant to be allegorical to Paris under nazi oppression, drawing ominous parallels between oppression and a pandemic, showing how the most horrifying aspect of the plague and oppression is how it makes men into paranoid monsters

bryant suiskens I think it was about "the evil within". The human Id

Loved the historical flow of this documentary. Tipping back and forth from long ago to not so long ago is a good fear driver.

finally !!! a new video !!!

RagnarRox: Posts video Me: N'YEEEAAASSUH!

Superb video, illustrations, and editing, the only thing that I didn't kinda like was the way you spoke. I know it should be campy, campfire horror story style, but when the video is serious, the voice sounds fake and the inflections are majorly forced, it just puts me off. Just my two cents love your videos, keep it up.

Ragnar please do a video on Arabian Mythology and how it affected the Abrahamic religions

What song is playing at 22:50? It's so beautiful! And I loved the video, thank you!

oh lord, I like this visuals, great work!

Profile pic isnt a furry. You get a sub

This was magnificent. The way you tied everything together, the usage of images and music to create a perfect mood...

Great video as always! One thing I don't like is your voice' inconsistency, sometimes you whisper so low that I can't hear what you are saying even on 100% master volume, sometimes you speak so loud that I have to turn my volume down to 60% to be bearable. Please consider speaking in a consistent volume.

Probably the best video you've ever made.

Thank you Mooz

Not only the content is brilliant, but also the use of VTM:B soundtrack is certainly a delight.

I don't know why I love learning about The Black Plague and crazy enough I'm still little scared about this Black Death

The use of game soundtracks in this vid is so damn good.

The animation on this is amazing honestly you should do cinematic animation for horror games

I believe the end times lasts longer than a lifetime and it began with the plague.

dude your videos are just so amazing they blow me away every time. always entertaining, always deeply thought provoking. without fail they meaningfully change my thoughts and views. you are a master.

Thank you!

Considering the recent news of older diseases returning due to corpses buried under arctic ice surfacing because of global warming, I found this video informative and very terrifying.

Be very very far THE best yt channel when it comes to history and dark stuff! Love your work man!

This channel os a gift from god

Great video! Sorry to nitpick but the mortality rate for bubonic plague is 80 percent with treatment 10 percent. (source: R. Totaro Suffering in Paradise: The Bubonic Plague in English Literature from More to Milton (Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2005),

I love this video so much

Funny that this drops on the day I call in sick.

We need the Immunity Cells of Cells at Work!

Your content is so great and unappreciated, I can only imagine how much time & work you put into it

I love these videos, your channel is the perfect example of quality over quantity. Best way to start the weekend is with a new Monster of the Week.

The King is back

Really great episode! It is always fascinating to see how real events are translated to art as a coping mechanism throughout human history. Your channel is a gem! Cheers

Gotta love the Bloodlines theme in the background ! great video man

I remeber seeing a gameplay of pathologic 2 a while ago since it's in development,glad to see that game lives on!

this is one of the best produced videos I've ever seen on youtube

Are you trying to make me re-install Vampire AGAIN with that soundtrack on the back??

You know it

Such an underappreciated video, very very interesting

I came

Purposeless Rabbitholes he always delivers, one of the best channels im subscribed to

The only thing bad about these videos is the name. Like, why are they monsters of the week?

That bloodborne soundclip though

Ragnarox your work is amazing and an example of quality over quantity ,t you seriously need to consider renaming the series monsters of the month. :]

This is an absolutely amazing video im glad i found this channel im definitely gonna subscribe me and my mom love to learn about this stuff

Monsters of the week is my favorite part of your show

Tremendous work.

God I hate youtube for not telling me when ragnar posts. Even though I've got notifications on. Either way great vid!

The monster Nosferatu was made in the likeness of a jew. The eyes, the nose and the walk all resemble that. As also said in the video, the people believed that the plague did come from jews, so the monster in the movie also portrayed that aspect.

It was a good video.

You should have WAY more views, quality content

I love that included clips from "The Name of the Rose." I thought I was the only who knew of that movie... It's rather good.

Yeah I'm really fond of it, too. It's a semi-good adaptation of the movie, it really does its best; but it also stands on its own. Incredibly atmospheric and suspenseful.

That's 'Lost in the Night' from Theodor Bastard, part of the Pathologic 2 soundtrack. You can find it here The album is also on Spotify

RagnarRox what are you currently studying, what do you have a degree in? Just curious lol

I cannot understand the hype behind this game (yes, I understand that it's mostly hipsters that latch onto anything that they don't understand) it is the most nonsensical and disjointed mess that i've ever played,

You should do SCP Foundation lores

Masterpiece. You never cease to amaze me, outdoing your previous work every time. Choosing scenes you did, you nailed it so hard, that no euphemism can make it sexual enough comparison. Before scaring the sh*t out of you, simply put- thank you good sir, I though I loved you, but this is another level entirely. Of course, I crave more now!


Such a great video, very well done!!

Loved this video!

Gotta correct you on the four horsemen thing. Pestilence is a modern meme invention. The fourth horseman according to the _official_ Bible fanfiction lore is Conquest. Idk why they replaced him, maybe because they don't like seeing people win and conquer, it's also in the original verses of the US national anthem to conquer, yet was never taught to me in school. theory: someone is trying to censor conquest from history.

The anime Shiki also comes to mind. It touches the subject of disease and vampirism in an interesting fashion starring a doctor as its central protagonist. Highly recommend a watch.

Love the Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines background music in the beginning. Keep up the amazing videos.

Woah, editing out of control.

"The Strain" should've been in the list

You should have a team and an office in a TV-studio. Crazy high standard content.

This is definitely one of the best videos I've watched on youtube for the past few months! Thank you very much for your titanic efforts RagnarRox!!

God is truly blessing you in a mighty! Keep up the great for Him!

This is your winning season in Jesus Christ name!

Like the Vampire:The Masquerade ost

Your videos are artful and sophisticated to the extent it resembles a very well Written story or documentary that never loses its charm.

Wilł you do another death stranding video on the new e3 trailer? Would love to hear your take on the new footage

How did I not see this video until now, a week later? For shame youtube. Love every new video from you RagnarRox, great moves keep it up

Really freaking pissed that this didn't show up in my sub feed. Youtube, you truly suck.

This vid was really cool! I've seen a few of your vid series before (Forgotten Gems for example), but i liked this one too (probably because i'm a history buff as well as a Gamer).

Fantastic video as always

8:00 ost from......?

+RagnarRox, I'm quite a fresh fan of your stuff. You're doing great work. I have only one general piece of critique for you: Your vocal performance. If you haven't, familiarize yourself with a set of audio tools called iZotope RX, especially Mouth De-Click. It will remove involuntary mouth clicking sounds from audio. Those happen quite often in your speech. Also, you tend to speak very quietly. That's not wrong by itself, but sometimes your great texts could sound more convincing if you used your voice a bit more bravely. Well, I think you could compress the dynamics of your vocal recordings as well. That way you can mix your voice with the background music more easily.

You should check the alpha of Pathologic 2

This is one epic video, great job, enjoyed every second of it.

Interestingly you can kinda a similar pattern with the spanish flu of 1918. Suggestions that perhaps the world was ending. But by far the Plague indeed left a lasting impression.

You're the best, Ragnar. I know you've had a tough time ever since the Adpocalypse but I just hope I continue to see your videos long into the future, even if I have to wait a bit longer than we all used to. You're very informative and memorable in your analyses and you definitely know how to edit a video. Cheers.

Very VERY good content. Congratulations and keep it up!!

these monsters of mankind, disease, war, authoritarianism... Are but our inner darkness brought to life, but no matter how dark the night may be, dawn will follow, but no matter how bright our light may be, the darkness will forever lurk. Only by accepting that darkness, and making sense of it, will humanity finally be at peace with those fiendish creatures.

well hello there downtown music

This is the first Video i watch by you Ragnar and WOW this is good. therefor you have earned yourself a new sub among manny i assume.

You aint slick with that VTMB soundtrack

Love your videos. And my ears definitely picked up when I heard the music from Bloodlines. Can't wait for more.

Didn't understand how Dragons were associated with viruses. Why not a giant worm or slug to represent their fear instead?

History or anything about The Original Prey 2006 and it’s cancelled predecessor Prey 2?

Oh...this is actually about the plague.i understand history is important but i'll pass. all that matters is people died,and we learned from it.

This just popped out on my recommended, I'm now patiently waiting for the next upload haha


I just found this channel and to be honest, I have no idea why this was recommended to me but this is amazing. It's first video I've seen and im already in love with this channel

I got so excited when i heard music from Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines. This video was amazing.

You can only become a vampire by drinking the blood of a vampire.

**The Hearse Song intensifies**

Could anyone tell me what the song is at the 30 mins marker please. I find it really eerie and scary

How, oh how, doesn't this have at least 10x those views? SPLENDID WORK.

Just discovered this channel today and subscribed immediately after watching two Silent Hill videos and this one. Your editing skills and writing are both outstanding! Also you know what I'd reeeeally like to see you make a Bloodborne video, about its lore or mythology or generally anything. The game's a bit old but man do I love to see people talking about it...

What about Ebola? That was very recent yet you don't hear anything of it anymore. Can't imagine the problem is gone just like that.

Ö___Ö is that Tale Foundry I hear?

Okay this is ridiculously well done. Excellent all around man this is fantastic content.


the vtmb music in this made me happy, lol

4:00 same song in vampire the masquerade bloodline?

My god the quality of your work is amazing. Glad I found this channel!

Amazing video as always! Love it!!

I sharing this like a plague. This video should have more views, MORE! \(n_n)/

I hear music from The Void and Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. They add to the atmosphere you're building up here.

Your production skills have grown considerably. I'm proud of you my dude.

Grandfather Nurgle will always bless humanity with his lovingly made pestilences.

I like your videos Ragnar, but since you speak in such low key voice, a lower volume on the background noise and music would be appreciated in certain instances.

Thank you, Ragnar.

The Hypogean Gaol song from Bloodborne made me SOOOO happy! Please do something.... ANYTHING about Bloodborne. A great Monster of the Week related to Bloodborne could be in regards of both Science and Relegion. Just FYI! ;) keep up your outstanding job!

Most absorbing half hour I've spent in weeks :)

RagnarRox  Could you tell me what music you are using when you start talking about 'La Peste' You also used it at the end of your silent hill 4 video and I quite like it

The track is called "Tangin (E) (Instrumental)" and you can find it on CD 2 of the Japanese version of the Silent Hill 4: The Room soundtrack. (Or here: )

VTMB music is always a good choice

Hollow Knight also has a major theme regarding plagued and how they effect their environments, but it’s much more literal and blatant.

Very well done, looking forward to more :)

I love to see a new RagnarRox video and this one is a real gem! You've really done a gorgeous job here. Consistently, I find myself bookmarking your videos and coming back to them because you've said something that made me think or sparked off an idea, and I love to foist your videos upon my friends and say "Nono, trust me *trust me* watch this! You will enjoy it." and they always do. You put so much research and thought and work into your videos, and they always turn out to be a treat. Thank you.

this was an amazing video, great voice as well!

It’s poison not bacteria.

Around 16:20 into the vedieo

lol, antivaxers might hate this so much

The use of Pathologic's OST was perfect. Awesome video.

Youtube let me down with this one appearing in my subscriptions.

published in August, perfect for October.  Happy Halloween people!

Wow the plague was the real zombies D:

3:46 eiii, vtmb music X)

Does anyone know where the scene from 21:02 come from?

Excellent video!

Content warnings for sexualized torturous imagery in that opener?

Fascinating video with mesmerizing visuals and music. Thanks for sharing!

wow just wow amazing

In my head canon you included the Downtown theme from Vampire: Bloodlines as a small nod to the Plague-Bearers. "Ah, welcome brother! I see you have been enlightened!"

Nice video, but just one thing, you mention madrid around the black plague, but it wasnt founded until almost 200 years later. For anything else, congrats, very entertaining and unsettling.

I have always been fascinated by the Plague (not surprising with that ever useful Medieval & Renaissance Studies second major!) and how it effected society on just about every level and I love seeing something showing how the very concept of plagues influenced the horror genre especially during the years right after one. Briliant!! (EDIT - I was watching Ryan Hollinger and got for the first time how much more powerful "28 Days Later" was in the UK coming right after Mad Cow and Foot in Mouth had caused so much fear and livestock death. Fascinating.)

Very very Interesting! It was really enjoyable learning from this video!

it was jews poisoning public wells, everyone knows this.

17:00 I swear this is music from Dragon Age, but hasn't been added to the description? Beautiful video btw!

Hot dang the editing on this bad boy!

Thank you for your work. awesome videos. your content is very good!

Thanks for doing this. Well done.

amazing insight. can't believe it's taken me this long to find your channel. Quality content!

Another amazing video mr rox. :) your dark video essays are a shining light in my life!

Late to the video, but I love the way you used the VTMB "Downtown" soundtrack during the bit around 3:30, considering the 'plague' questline takes place there, as well. Great video like always!

Good shit.....could you do more on vampyr.....i dunno feels like a gold mine

Wow this is Quality stuff, you got yourself a new subscriber.

You missed 2 things. 1: Poland was relatively free from Plague due to them inviting the Jews, who has a tradition of cleanlyness that Medieval Europe did not have. 2: Milan was also not having the Plague because they burned every house that was affected.

Dude you really make quality content. Please keep doing what you do. ❤❤❤

Ugh please talk more about Bloodborne

What's the name of the song that plays during the author's section at the end of the video? :o

Plague of gripe?

Epidemy is only a tool against overpopulation

I love that you use Vampire the Masquerade's music. Just got chills and memories.

Neil M And why a worm or slug? They’re just as vague as a giant lizard.

Holy fuck, what an amazing video! I rarely ever comment on stuff but this really blew my mind. I wish I had seen this as a child, I'd have loved it. So excited to check out your channel and hopefully discover even more great content!

The white noise behind your voice makes it so I can't hear what you're saying at all.

They fuckin died

I remember reading that depression is actually an evolutionary advantage against plagues and disease. Not going out and not socialising are negatives but in a world with a long history of epidemics they are the people that avoided the disease.

Our cultural discomfort/isolation of the mentally ill, disabled, homeless and criminal has roots in European cities responses to plagues in the 1500s, which came with the birth of the hospital where authorities of quarantine all the above (not just the sick) bc they were considered vectors of plague and divine punishment. Hospitals from that time were in a way the first prisons, some of the first places of mass confinement, though some hospital buildings were actually repurposed leprosariums from centuries earlier. Hopital General in Paris is one of the first hospitals, and they still have the original dungeons n such in the basement where they’d confine ppl

You know, there's no textual evidence supporting the idea that "Ring Around the Rosie" was actually a nursery rhyme contemporary to the Black Death. The earliest mention of the rhyme that we can find on record comes from the 1800s, and then only a little later do we see people conflating it to the famous Plague. I think the rhyme was lent a greater importance than it actually did, because saying "Ring Around the Rosie is about the BLACK DEATH!" is a grim and amusing assertion, that people _want_ to be true. If only for its black irony.

Love the Shakespeare reference with "A Pox On Your House!"

I love how you used the Dead Space 2 Ring Around the Rosie. It fits so much better here than it did there

you had to throw in the downtown music of vampires the masqurade bloodlines, hadn't you? You had to trigger the impulse in me ..the impulse to play it once more. *sigh* ... THANK YOU.

Hello RagnarRox ! I have just descovered your channel and almost saw all your videos. I really love what you do and the high quality of your speach and all the effort you put in your research. Thank you really for this work ! Regarding your video on the plague, which is very well documented, I was wondering if you have forgotten an even more recent case of epidemy, which is HIV. I think it would have fit very well in this video to analyse. Thank you again.

Ah humans, making giant and meticulous thinkpieces, while the viruses, bacteria, and parasites om-nom their way through our bodily fluids.

Great watch

easily one of my favorite channels! the topics are always well-discussed, very well-written and organized, not to mention the editing that grabs your attention. I could go on and on with the music and the amazing topics, but what amazes me the most is the hard work and resource put into every detail, it’s mesmerizing to watch!

Did subbed I guess I made you 150k? Thank you for your material please keep it up!

I'd prefer crazed folklore demons over invisible death worms lol

so so so interesting as always !

great topics man , also great delivery of the goods, yet the performance can be barely tolerable at tiny times during narration. Guess you can blame my toxic masculinity for part of this observation. thanks.

My ears perked up the moment I heard the Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines music in the background. Feels like I'm walking around Downtown right now. Funny enough that there's the side quest about the plague in that area. Surely not a coincidence

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