The Only SWING TRADING Strategy you will ever need!! || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

The Only SWING TRADING Strategy you will ever need!! || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Do you job? or are you a businessman? or are you a student? or a housewife? We all, the categories i have mentioned, we all have work to do, no one is free So there is a trading style in which you don’t have to sit in front of screen all day That if this happens then do that- That is called intraday Everyone is not capable of doing it Plus, people say it is a little risky Yes, it's risky because it has more involvement Plus, we have to give more focus So see, the better form of trading which is called swing trading That you- you know, you make your criteria And when those criteria meet, then you can put alert also By right click in trading view- it's simple by right clicking on add alert You can put alert If by doing this the alert rings, you have to take an entry straight away How would it feel if it works like this? It'll be great So guys I am I have already given you great intraday trading strategies Like VWap which has millions and millions of views Bank nifty super trend strategy it's an awesome video And then moving average strategy also I have given you Great strategy I have given you so now I am going to give you a Great strategy in 4 hours timeframe in which we Fibonacci numbers 1+2=3 3+2=5 5+3=8 8+5=13 13+ 8=21 Like this these are called natural numbers fibonacci numbers It's not fibonacci retracement, it's fibonacci numbers So by using fibonacci numbers, by putting in moving average By applying some set of rules, little bit technical Not very simple like 2+2=4 obviously I have made a strategy which if you see like this This is not understandable this will not work If after sitting my all rules, my all steps If you follow them correctly, only then will you understand I want you to sit down have a pen and a paper Watch the video write down the rules Then Come on, let's talk about this after outro Let's start video Hello everyone so let's start the video Like I said, it is an awesome video one such strategy which I can’t call as just a simple price action definitely it has some segment of price action Has some segment of moving averages? and some segment, most of the segment is of retest so a swing trader should work on retest itself as we all know so let's start it is an awesome strategy and on the whole whole YouTube you can check anytime if anyone shows some strategy to you Tata steel happened on 10th, on 2nd SBI, reliance on 3rd If show to you like this Like a presentation which is given also but I, even if I gave you the vwap strategy, I did the whole Bajaj finance if did EMA, then did so by grabbing the same stock In the bank nifty strategy, I studied the bank Nifty strategy for a long time with you today also I’ll follow same situation first I’ll tell you the clear cut rules after telling you clear cut rules On Tata steel and zee I have worked hard on these 2 and on the rest you'll do it For the first time I'll be working on 2 stocks Because this video is going to be very long Video is going to be long because we’ll focus on not just one, but on Every entry every exit and on every stop loss So for that we need to create some rules before that Today was expiry day for 3rd march So I’ll show you I mean to help you and this video will be enjoyable for nifty bank trader Today I made a long entry over here and made a loss I here- a good support is formed here After forming a very good support when market gave break out here, I took a long entry here And here my nice stop loss got hit nicely I faced loss This was my first trade the reason was consolidation Near yesterday's high and from there a breakout of small range Plus, there it was a break down like this and support from 200 moving average as 50 moving average so this entry was very good But unfortunately stop loss gets hit Second trade- I should take 2 trade of the day I have shared this today in my community post too Like this if you haven’t seen it Here also I’ll show you here we get one - since morning, bank nifty was weak than nifty break down market takes support from here one time this will actually start from here start like this this will start like this this is the best example market consolidates in a small box and takes resistance from there itself Breaks one moving average And after breaking, when one more red candle is provided, so then it is confirmed that bro, done we have to sell 2 candles come together after retest lower high is made here and we enter here market take rejection draw a line on the low of yesterday there we fix our target market The rest- the market went down more but that is not my concern that I have to take that itself I'll finish this here. Ok? This was a bonus part That I have given at first, nifty bank nifty intraday strategy to work on 5 min time frame So now we come to our real strategy So our strategy on this strategy This strategy is 4 hour time frame Fibonacci EMA strategy Now you’ll say what is Fibonacci EMA, what are those? Ok I’ll tell you so let’s start first of all Let’s start let me tell you what are the things which we are going to use First of all, we use here Fibonacci numbers Fibonacci numbers what What is Fibonacci numbers let’s see once? We say Fibonacci numbers to these These are Fibonacci number These are called natural numbers as well So I 55 and 13 55 and 13 going to use So what we’ll do we’ll use 2 moving average 55 moving average and 13 moving average We’ll use 2 moving average Ok so it is simple How you get out moving average Here you’ll right EMA you’ll click here on one you’ll put 55 number and on another you’ll put 13 number That’s it this is our step number 1 After this we’ll use So first of all we’ll use EMA 55 and EMA 13 After this we’ll use pivots Here also we’ll use pivots, Fibonacci pivots And on Fibonacci pivots we’ll set time frame on monthly Ok this is a swing trade strategy Ok now after this we’ll use time frame of 4 hour Now why 4 hour time frame 4 hour time frame because 4 hour time frame is big time frame And smaller than daily So what is daily time frame daily time frame is very big time frame And hourly time frame is smaller time frame So that’s why I am giving you a strategy This is made for our what is made for our our tools are made These are the thing that we are going use in our strategy Now this what are our rules now our rules are simple We use this for entry EMA 55, Ok This will be made our step number 1 Ok, this is the step number 1 that we are going to use EMA 55 as a filter as a filter or basically entry criteria But this our entry our entry will be, see every time I show rules by writing very simple Video feels little slow then suddenly become fast When it is fast then many people get miss out That you said wrong here and there because You don’t listen rules here, so carefully listen to these rules Write it later Entry criteria is retest Retest means we always ignore first entry And when second time it gives confirmation That ok the way you have decided according to that is happening So we enter this is our entry criteria So exit criteria we have 3 exit criteria The number 1 exit criteria is simple 1:2 Risk/Reward ratio in which minimum your reward that would be around 7 to 8 percent around 7 to 8 percent very good target I feel for swing traders number 2 exit criteria for us that is monthly pivots that is monthly pivots or rather I should say yeah monthly pivots we can book I have so we have we have now 4, we have 4 exit criteria ok number 3 criteria now you’ll say 4 exit criteria entry has only one see you people psychological series I have made remaining videos will be coming in that said very important thing everyone is dying for entry criteria entry strategy No, one cares about the exit but money is made when you exit the trade so for you swing trade is there so where will be exit giving you 4 criteria and among 4 you have to choose 1 and run toward that every time 3rd criteria if you are short term trade so you’ll use EMA 13 To train your stop loss and book your profit trailing and book your profit If you are a short term, short term means I don’t want to hold so much I can’t hold you say 1, 2 months 3 months So sure no problem 13 EMA cuts, you’ll exit And 4th and last criteria is EMA 55 that is entry criteria when it’ll break Then we’ll exit then we’ll exit so this is midterm investment For midterm traders that means those who have courage to hold the trade for 2-3 months These people will get at least one minute, the highest profit which have gone Gone for 60 70 % By doing trail you’ll never get loss Every time you’ll small profit breakeven or big profit Monthly pivot is fixed pivot Pivot come, do exit RRR 1:2, if you take this You are consistence trader but I say See all 4, you’ll understand it Now after listening all this many people would be worried How tough this strategy is But it's ok, you trade oversimplised way So why not you see one advance level strategy Which I promise That rule I say one time I’ll use it every time I’ll not change the rule 2nd thing Tata steel I’ll do in Zeel too So that it doesn’t seem like just I have done in only one I’ll do in 2 you do in 2 You post the result in comment How it feels what it feel We’ll talk in comment, ok So let’s start the strategy So I have the written the rules of strategy in front of you Ok I’ll put all these rules over here Put it here So that whenever we fell like to see it So we come here again and see it, Ok let’s start time frame is 4 hour How we put on pivot Fibonacci come to setting In type there will be traditional In type we’ll do Fibonacci In pivot we’ll do auto daily weekly- monthly Here clicks ok Pivot has made Ok, it will be not done like this If you want to do back test It's written 15 here So make it 100 So it provide data pack for 100 days I have taken 100 days data So this pivot will be visible like this even now So these are the three indicators which will be used by us Nothing else Come on let’s start 55 EMA is the most important indicator I have made it thick over here by going to style Are you seeing thivkness? I made it 2 So that it is visible separately Black color separates it Now what is the entry? 55 EMA when it breaks And the first entry will be ignored So I though how much data should I take? So what did I do this is what May 2020 starts from here So we observe that First of all This is the first example Observe attentively The entry starts here Breakout done Closing should be provided Closing is provided Now I said What did I say? First entry Each and every time you should ignore First one should be ignored always You should say that this should take a proper retest now And for me to know what happens here So as it goes for taking retest I didn't receive any solid candle Like the Solid candle here I didn't receive any solid candle even now I received a red candle The moment i got the red candle was received The effect is over, I am not looking for anything now I'll tell retest to that When the market without closing down, provide a big body candle A good body candle This is a wick Wick candle It's a doji, I will ignore that So the effect is finished I am not finding anything Again I am finding a new entry Again I achieve a breakout Ok I am in My entry is activated Now the entry is activated Now, the Second step retest Now look at the market Look here, it did not close not even once But retested 55 moving average And big body green candle was provided Well done guys This our first entry criteria And we will do every time like how we did right now So keep stay with me This is going to be my entry now So here I will include long position Where should I add the stop loss? Recently Obviously, we should put it beneath whichever body Under that body I am able to see two more wicks So Underneath these 2 wicks, let’s add our stop loss Now what did I say Now i Will show you here again What all 4 entries We had exit criteria What are the exit criteria’s? 1:2 Ok Firstly, it was 1:2 Look, do we receive 1:2? Am showing you like this for once Every time I cannot show you like for a child So look attentively 1:2 come let's see 1:2 is formed here So we can exit here Traders those who want to finish by taking 1:2 Finish it What did I say Even which will remain 1:2 Minimum your 6-8% Will be 7-8% This is around 8 If the candle itself closes, then we get 1:2 around 9% Till candle closes you will take, It's an obvious thing So 2.2 So what happened Our first exit is cleared. Did you understand our first exit? Ok? The first exit is done Secondly, monthly pivots Now let's return Can we target monthly pivot? So if we go to monthly pivot Then we will come here First indicator will be utilized by us Monthly pivot Now see If its monthly pivot, then here it is Monthly pivot's R3 If R3 comes, then it means it has 3 pivot in this Will book profit 1:2.86 done

And 10-11% id my target is booked here Is it visible to you? 11% near about target is booked Second entry is also fit Very nice 3rd entry criteria is EMA 13 to trail Short term Now you will say I don't want to hold for long I want to trail but I am not exiting I'm not even exiting on this I want to hold for long So i have to open 13 EMA And here will be your exit Can you see, somewhere here At this place you will exit Or on this candle This candle When market opens this closing was obtained and here you can exit Or you can exit somewhere here then also from here to here If the closing is provided by the day's end, then also you own 9.1% Very nice right So what can you see? 3 exits I have told you 3 exits were perfect Let’s see the 4th exit 4th exit was 4th exit was for midterm traders Who can hold Long trades too They can only exit when EMA is 55 gets cut So When will EMA 55 get cut Let's see there So here see the market opens But on the closing I have to take action It opened here and the closing was given above Market didn't give closing at all Market didn't close till when? Till here it didn't give a closing If you are a midterm trader Then you'll see this And it's not like that once it's done l am showing it Like this you will see often If I make an entry here So this is my exit over here Just one minute Our entry takes place here And this is our exit That is around 40% So for midterm traders 40% target is here The person who achieves a second trade in this strategy right And trend is strong Then look what was my entry I let the 55 EMA breakout happen Then I said I want a proper retest Retest means Don't give a closing downward If by staying up retest is done And a big body candle Big body candle means a big candle Don't have to enter in Doji and all If one body candle is given, then I will enter So here that itself happened Here our I'll remove all this, I Don't admire garbage Look look What did I say the first entry is here And it goes down Second entry doesn't go down Then I get a retest I have to enter, you got it Ok let's move forward Now just as i move forward that was for them till there For those short term traders Who catches the 3 entries at the beginning Those who booked in Pivots Booked on 13 EMA 1:2 When will they get their next opportunity? Now the next opportunity will arrive when it will touch this again Touch EMA Sometimes it will arise from 1% EMA and that will be considered as touch It touched properly for now and sometimes it's so close to the EMA so we will consider that as touch What will we do in that? Will open month lypivot and see Which places were important Now from here I am removing two things Ok now it touched this It touched here And made a green candle Entry activated? Entry is active What was the second step of confirmation? Entry's trigger end Trigger is active Entry isn't active Proper entry will be active when? When a retest takes place, ok This took place ok now I am waiting Can't make an entry on the red candle Can't make an entry Cannot Ok got the candle Did you get the body candle? entry shouldn't be made on the Breakout Should wait for Retest And in retest we won't take a bullish entry on red candle And will take a bearish entry till Green candle Will enter at this candle So this is going to be my candle Here I will make a long position Where will put stoploss Underneath EMA there is a wick very near to Below theEMA So I'll consider wick also for stop loss Will add stop loss under this wick? So like my criteria was 1:2, will complete? Look my First criteria 1:2 is complete Look those who are risk/reward traders Done Great entry great exit Here every two days red candle is formed For this trade to achieve it's not like Immediately it took place This is also achieved within 7 days 10 bars mean within 7 days it's done So it is achieved within 7 days Ok What about the monthly pivot traders who perform target trading? Those performing target trading There trade is going on, Ok? There trade is going on Those monthly Those pivot trader's stop loss is an obvious thing that it is included here Their trade is going on It didn't breach, so i won't exit So this is Here monthly pivot's target hit Here the target hits Or else here the target hits So the 3 targets are gained by a pivot trader in the coming month If you perform Pivot trading Then if you have entered somewhere here if you have entered- where? you made your entry here, right? So you get a target of 20% within 42 days So within almost 2 months you fetch 20% good for swing trading, I believe Nice right? Till now all the examples are set What about the short term traders who says? Help me move out I don't want to take a big loss Big loss also cannot take place Our stoploss is the max that will happen. But I don't even want to cut my profit 13 EMA trader Made an entry here and you exited here And by making an entry here you immediately came out of the trade You made an entry here and you came out here Then also you are getting 3% So I have shown all the 3 entry exits All 3 are in your hand All 3 Look at the 4th one 4th one is going on 4th one is going on It may happen you couldn't enter before And entered here Till it doesn't break in 55 Until then you don't exit You are a businessman, you have Money You won't feel like want crying each time Place it and leave That's it for you If you are a real swing trader who wants to hold the trade for 2-3 months Alright? Will keep simple rules Won't change Ok 13 EMA is out Rest are in the trade Ok? 13 EMA is out and all the rest are inside the trade So now let's find for 30 EMA So when will the entry arrive When there will be a pullback Look it took pullback Very good It took Yes, now It took pullback and made it green Made it green Made it green and now comes the retest Dude look retest Alright let me remove this It seems a lot of rubbish I'll close it Dude, it didn't take retest Not even once It didn't take retest in the past This here in front of us Will start Monthly pivot for this situation When I see that my stock is moving upward And one retest when I One min, let me remove this rubbish Ok now look Here Such an example is coming for the first time and this is a long video if interested in trading, stay with me Learn gradually Let's start look Here, we didn't receive pull back Alright? Got this, the second one didn't arrive So I opened Pivot and look on monthly pivot got support Support and this a breakout This becomes my entry why? I am looking for a retest either from a 55 EMA And Otherwise if I don't receive in 55 EMA Then I am look for pivot This turns out to be a retest in pivot Happened Definitely happened This is my entry criteria See, By the way, everyone's within the trade Only one person is out of the, who trails The rest- 3 people are inside the trade even now For them, there isn't any problem But those who exited, you are getting an opportunity again You enter here So if you enter here once again And it's obvious that 1:2 trade isn't taking place 1:2- Yes, 1:2 trader can also happen Where will you add your stoploss Underneath this candle Below his candle If done so then you have to add at least underneath these two Like these Underneath these two Because this becomes- Look market stopped here So add a but below that Then you see that 1:2 might have also exited Will They get a target? So if I make a trade of 1:2 Then 1:2 is definitely obtained Look, 1:2 is obtained here and we move out from trade from here Alright? we move out from here To this place, 1:2 work is done If we trail from 13 EMA Then I am out from here So I entered here This place and here I exited So again we got here 7% 1:2's people 1:2's people I told right? 1 0% 7% - 8% got 12% Again a great entry Now I will close the pivot Alright Now let's move forward Here I gained entry It exited there itself now all exited those exited there 13 EMA also exited Just now the 55 EMA person who entered earlier They also made an exit OK great This exit is also and entry for us Now tell me one thing, bro what is now required? now we require entry EMA broke? Yes, EMA is broken Entry trigger? Entry triggered Confirmation will be gained on what? On retest Now, what will be retest? If red candle broke And came like this and give a red candle bro So what i see here instead of red it gave Instead of red This was right it gave a closing above Finished Trigger I am finding nothing Again I am finding an entry Ok now what? story ends Now this Now if it moves up then should i find for buy? And if I go to find buy Then It will give a closing below So buy's part is also finished This is a very interesting part The way it moves, in that direction itself the story starts And confirms retest This is an apt holy grail For swing traders Not so very easy for the first time I have spent a lot of time developing the strategy if you can give me your time Then give You watch and learn And then let's talk in the Comments, what you felt and understood So for buying -, I gave a closing below So sell Entry activated Triggered Now we do sell entry Provide it me bro Look it didn't give a closing above and is giving red on red candles A gave good red candle My entry is triggered here I hope you understood And if not I will provide you full examples You will get to understand Here our sell entry is triggered Where? Here our sell entry is triggered where shall I add the stop loss? on above of this Obvious point Here I told you already, if you are a 1:2 trader Here, your 1:2 hits Finish it and exit And now I say who are you? You are a pivot trader You made an entry here You are a pivot trader You made an entry here You open pivots Now open pivot and see Look your pivot target hits If you exit here, then also 5% and if you exit here then also you'll get 9% and trigger- And you don't get anymore You should book here- exit here You shouldn't wait here So use this 13 EMA Here bro, use 30 EMA and close the pivot If it's like that So all those 13 EMA trailing traders They receive a 6% target How did you feel? Felt good simple criteria, nice exits and those 55 EMA traders didn't exit, they are hold until 55 EMA come out Alright so the first entry was here Where will be its exit? The persons who holds 55 EMA, His exit will be here, This place he will get less this time 2.89

Market went sideways So you can choose According to me I guess in the beginning I'll tell you what I personally do or What I'll do personally I developed this strategy recently some days ago Have done some backtest and did some water test and I have done backtesting in detail So what I have thought for this is- When 1:2 takes place minimum After that only I'll trail That trail kicks out very fast Like there was an example It was kicked out fast After 1:2 if you trail then will get out earning something So don't rush to trail Once 1:2 is done, add 13 Don't be tensed for 55 So you You can take your own decision Alright guys Come on ok Over here Now let's make it fast OK? Now I hope you all are clear with the rules of strategies And now let's work a bit fast This is done an entry took place it's done Then the market touched here Again market touched So that's all Now all those watching from outside will think entry triggered This went and took resistance now what do I want? retest Here came a retest candle and I have to short here Here I'll go for short And my first stop loss hits here I will short here and it ate my stop loss Ok stop loss was formed then how much was it? We will add the stop loss here If we enter this, then above this candle around 5% My 4-5 % stop loss will hit here 4 Because it's an obvious matter for me if I want I can be a miser And keep my stoploss here above this of 3% But you'll place above the moving average so 4.8% target's stop loss will go here So the first stop-loss is formed after 2-3 targets It turned out to be good It's also proved that there's no strategy in this world resulting in 100% Every strategy is there And It will take It will have some Some ratio where fail will be received So let's start Same thing Look, as it gave a closing outside gave a closing outside Hit stoploss Gave sell entry now sell entry triggered Retest failed Gave buy entry Ok now provide buy retest Didn't receive buy's retest here I am getting a retest Of Buy So how's it known Near to EMA right? Check Near to the EMA 0.7% 0.8% Near to 1% we will consider this as a retest That bro, It's a retest here my entry triggered And waited for retest Here it retested I got confirmed from this candle The candle went out of the zone Now you will enter this Why? Because the retest was gained now We were waiting for the market to come and take a retest Not to move near theEMA and give a breakout We will enter the trade here Here we will enter Will make a long position This becomes my whole entry I'll add the stoploss below this candle's wick So if you see my 1:2 So my 1:2 is formed here itself 1:2 is formed here itself If you add stop loss below EMA Then also you will achieve your 1:2 easily 1:2 can be achieved easily now I tell you to observe the power of 13 EMA trailing Pivot people Pivot people, look at this You get the whole pivot target here Made an entry here 3 pivot's target By taking 3 pivots target, even if you leave the trade you gain 10% Which is a good swing If you take futures, options directly Perform in cash 10% is very much dude in heavy quantity 10% is great to earn in one trade And if I talk about 13 EMA Look, why this Fibonacci number of 13 EMA and 55 both works very nicely together You look, you look A wick was formed here itself And gave an exit here What a nice exit over here Even if I am even trailing an EMA of 13 Can you see its benefits? 1:2 happened right? Now say you won't leave 13 EMA You'll leave the 13 EMA here 46% So what a result! We obtain 46% result here And that is very nice I think That’s it Now performing so, fetch out as much examples as you can ahead You can take out as much as you want You will have a lot of fun Come on let's see then also So now let's move forward now let's move forward Video will be lengthy I hope my subscribers doesn't mind the length of my video but with its quality And with this hope, I'll make more long videos I thought to leave that and come to zeal So that you don’t say you work on only one stock Will do talked in the end of video that you’ll do optimization with backtesting So this is a little different video than usually I made But still it is work day so little hard work is must Now here sell entry get activated. sell entry activated

Of course sold out now what we need to do Want retest don’t closing above give red candle Red candle given this is my red candle This is my body red candle Sure don’t think small if I do like this so It is very good candle I wanted breakout Go don’t give closing and give red candle Given red candle to me I’ll activate short entry here Here is my short position I’ll put stop loss over my 2 wick And my 1:2 is already been hit 1:2 is done Ok, 1:2 has been hit And now what about pivot traders If we open monthly pivot Near monthly pivot means 596.5 monthly 10 paisa on this ook your profit man obviously book your profit If we here come from p to s and we and we Where we enter did entry here We get 8% I said you’ll get 8% every time I remove this I am 30 EMA trader Ok, I’ll leave here no profit no loss But then also I’ll get 2% profit no chance of loss Again a great trading strategy And traders who hold 30 EMA don’t do this I am telling you 1:2 happens trail 13 trail 13 55 become very long But if you do no profit no loss loss didn’t happened Npnl here we enter here we exit so loss didn’t happened So ok now see you tell when this break which entry activated triggered Buy got triggered now what we need retest That you touch 50 and don’t give closing Retest done long entry we get long entry Of course we get long entry here you’ll click This our put stoploss below wig And check 1:2 if you get it Sure you’ll get 1:2 Got 1:2 what 1:2 If you go to green candle got 7.5% Got everything Now again if you go forward Again here take support and made green candle Ok what is market come to here again with me one See here I exit let’s suppose See 18 EMA, 13 EMA it made me exit Now what I am waiting for after exit you tell I am waiting for retest again it touch 50 EMA It touch 50 EMA yes I’ll take it as a touch Because see this .7% live under 1% is considered as touch Ok so it is my touch green candle say Buy entry is triggered now what we want confirmation who will give that Retest you touch and come upward It touched and came upward from there Doubt is coming we enter here If we enter here This is my entry candle over here So again a long position is made here You can do backtest by yourself This I put under this no problem You’ll put stop loss under EMA Little bit yeah we have reached under EMA And you’ll try 1:2, you may not get it No we don’t get 1:2 here because Our stop loss is big If we put our stop loss here if Genuine stoploss see Logically between these 2 we can put If put here so 1:2 will happen and if we put under this So here 1:1.95

around 1:1.9 1: , a little less you'll get around 1:1.7 nearly So let’s if don’t get, we’ll exit on breakeven Where we’ll leave open this 13 EMA We’ll exit here Every time it cut 13 EMA, you can exit If you exit so here, you’ll get 4% profit In how many days In 10 days- 10 days 4 hours around 4% for swing trader what more do you want I hope you are feeling good watching this strategy Now see here it is very interesting Now again I am waiting come touch and give green Ok given green what is activated now buy It is not activating what has happened buy has triggered Buy has triggered when it’ll be confirming No, don’t go down are gave closing below effect over Now red effect is going now do one thing don’t give closing above It has given closing above over again sell effect again Gave closing below so sell effect come This now down don’t give closing above It has given closing above Effect is over now I want buy This is below don’t give closing down This has given closing below Effect is over now one green came up Now after coming up I’ll get breakout on the far side What I do immediately I’ll wait for retest Or I’ll check on monthly pivot that I’ll get retest I have open monthly pivot now when you open monthly pivot here Wait 1 minute first I remove all this garbage And I’ll bring here open monthly pivot in front of you So if we open monthly pivot So it here see if you come so it has crossed monthly pivot here Took support and did breakout and break the monthly pivot So this is a level which you have to see When trend is positive and increase in your trend you don’t understand that if it’ll give or not then open monthly pivot if break monthly pivot this is the work of monthly pivot Give target and clear this thing also So we’ll enter here when it breaks monthly pivot Here we’ll enter put stoploss here below one pivot And here we’ll see our target 1:2 See next 1:2 is also happened Next month monthly pivot is also achieved And that’s it now here closing the pivot Very long video will be made But I hope you’ll enjoy See 13 EMA when it gives cut here we’ll exit We enter here We enter here Exit here 14% target again a target for all the traders So now close this Now we’ll close now we don’t get entry The 55 EMA those medium-term traders If they earn, they earn a lot Or if it's a small one then they would exit in the break-even So the person who entered here, where will the exit? Any person entering over here will exit over here Again this is a target of around 40% It trails 55 EMA This is not you and me This is that person who's a businessman Indulges a huge amount They deal in cash And cannot change every time In this time, we will exit. Guys, I hope you are learning nice strategy over here Now let me ask you questions What to perform? What enter- What activated? it already exited What activated? Sell Sell activated Now how can we conform Retest Bro, Don't give a closing upward It gave so Power finished Power finished I am not finding anything Now am waiting Waiting for whom? Look here, just like how green gave a closing out here So now, if green gave a closing here, then what will happen here? Green gave a closing then what am I waiting for? Bro don't give a closing downwards Consider this as closing Won't consider this closing Moved out from real close And that's why it doesn't have position to enter green Therefore, it'll enter here dude It'll enter here because here you can see Red gave a closing outside But a very small closing Look here Like green gave a proper closing far in this, above EMA itself It didn't get out of EMA Made above EMA Do you see this? closing outside of EMA I consider here that a closing occurred I don't consider this as closing- it might be in technical terms but not in terms of strategy So come on, no problem Were looking for a buy Found a buy but no conviction Looking at this we got conviction that there's power Power is the main source of the trend Should take the trend in that direction trends Following strategy We will make a long entry This is going to be my long position Stop-loss I am going to keep below my moving average And at least below my candle I will add my stop loss here 1:2 is achieved easily Here is my 1:2 Alright? Other than 1:2 if I try to follow the trend here 1:2 is achieved where? 1 min, will make a long position Look 1:2 is achieved when the market reaches here Where? Here So from this point, what will I start performing? trailing Alright I'll start trailing from this point open 13 EMA Look its cut by the way, but I told you not to start trailing immediately Trail from this point If you do it from this point, then you'll get your exit here So you will exit here So from here you You get a target of 6% Alright? That's very nice Over here now let's close this Again those who booked 40%, who were they? They were long term swing traders If they entered here, they will exit here They earned 17%-18% So look, those people who trail 55 EMA They are earning more money But in long duration 59 days 2 months If you can hold then you can trade If you are such a person who wants to hold for 2 months Then you always enter and exit at 55 EMA breakdown Before that don't exit But sometimes whenever you make an entry immediately you will fetch exit Within 10-15 days with zero amount You'll not earn money You'll earn less And sometimes more amount will be gained Loss is very less Loss is very less 55 EMA strategy hardly faces any loss But yeah Sometimes it happen OK I hope you are enjoying this strategy Ok? Now I ask you, What triggered? Sell triggered Bro, it gave a closing upwards Anyway it's near the EMA, didn't give nicely Still let's consider it as sell If I consider it as sell, It gave closing above the EMA dude Then said sell Then gave a closing above Nothing is there Sell Okay let's short? No Now you You have to understand that here you said sell here Now tell. Is the sell activated? Confirmed? If confirmed, then retest would happen Retest didn't take place Ok now retest took place But if I try to short this red candle then i won't be able to do so It was not a Red candle, it was a green candle So above- Now I am finding for buy Now, for buying, Dude it gave a closing downwards again the effect finished Now I am finding for sell Then dude this effect finished Now I am finding for buy Again the effect finished Now Now finding for buy Again effect finished Look how sideways markets is saving this theory Retest theory you I am finding for sell It gave a closing above Then the effect ended It gave a closing down It's alright Give a retest Ok bro. it gave a retest Did you see? how sideways market saved This said sell, don't give a closing above green It came and gave a closing And said don't give a closing down, gave a closing below Now below- Gave a closing above, Now after above- means gave a closing below Now I am down I am seeing sell gave a closing above was above Looking for buy Gave a closing below It was below look On hearing this- If someone randomly hears this, one will feel it complicated But it's so simple If it was above, then stay above Why did you give a closing down? Since it gave a closing down, I want the retest down again At the same time, I’ll short here Look it's not like I know what's going to happen I'll make a short here Let the stop loss hit Stop loss will be added above this And make a target of, look here, 1:2 Again 1:2 is smoothly obtained And those traders here Let me remove all the drawings Let's remove from here And those traders who want to trail the EMA after 1:2 hits Look, how much % do you earn here? You short here and you exit here You earn 12% easily 1:2 people also gains 7-8% easily Great strategy right? So performing like this, the whole day will pass by But still I want to finish one stock at least I thought of doing both But let's do one thing after finishing the video I will add it to the bonus part or the next time will see, I mean Now let me finish this 2021 December arrived Let's move forward Again I got a new opportunity for sell Now sell Opportunity is gained but now I am waiting for a retest Waiting for retest Retest didn't arrive yet Retest didn't arrive yet Buy arrived Now buy- this here gave me buy Now I said, OK at least you gave me buy, OK? Now you gave me buy, Look this gave me- the right candle didn't give a closing Not even a single right green candle was gained By taking support green candle was formed A very small If I consider this a doji What shall I consider this What’s your size bro 0.4 will at all consider these a candle

A minimum candle When am telling this is a candle It is around 2%, candle of 1% 0.5 candle man this This gave a closing downward And gave a breakout upwards Now I have to wait for the retest Waited for Retest, Gave a closing downward It gave a closing downward Now give retest This gave a closing upward Look how it is saving you from choppiness This is only called up down -Up down How is it saving from choppiness? One concept am not saving Retest named concept Don’t know how were you using now you’ll do like this in perfect time frame perfect Fibonacci EMA Your swing trading would be very good Will return to it and see Then it gave a breakout upwards Seeing buy It’s very nice without Without closing below touched EMA and gave closing Retest is passed Will take a long entry. I'll click here see this did you get this? If we come here above 1:2 hits 1:2 hit so i say 5.6

Green candle closed 7% And 1:2.66 Then 1:2 hits then will open Our 13 moving average Here we have to exit Here we made a sell Got buy Means and after that we were finding for buy but got sell And found sell, got buy Nothing was gained Ok nice We reached till date Now what Now it’s like Like buy What about now Not like did that Not like forwarding will help Now say Buy is activated When will it be confirmed When a bit Tata steel will come down And around around will make green candle near to this around 4 hours timeframe You will go long there And if by chance it breaks You will wait rather than opting to sell, you'll wait to get a sell candle I hope guy’s minds on fire now By observing observing But I hope you did understand This helped you Now let me do one thing Fast fast let me In Zeel also I worked hard for you Let me open Zeel and let me show how do we enter in Zeel Let’s watch a recent example Come let’s see If we come here Not more but let’s take an example for here come on let’s take an example for here From here Alright it’s ok Let’s take the example from here I did catch a long entry Not like making any stories I have done back testing since 2020 timeframe You do too Let’s start backtesting from here Ok Here sell, a bullish sell Sell is activated Now do you need to wait for its confirmation For red one No it gave a closing upward buy is activated Right So now one retest is required Didn’t receive any retest It’s far away from a EMA Look is it very far from 1% ? No entry over here Again a sell is activating here Sell is activated but sell is triggered Activation isn’t paving way because It moves upwards Again red candle moves down Now am waiting for a retest and here I get the retest My first sell entry is gained It could be here Let it be a stop loss I don't know what will happen here But still I will add my stop loss here And Ok nice It didn't happen Because according to the rules of the Strategy are same 1:2 is formed 1:2 is formed 1:2's target is achieved here definitely And I am showing you If I tell you to take monthly pivot target here I told you That will work here also Look here Proper S3 target is achieved Here if you make an entry and exit 15% target is gained It’s a recent point Let me close pivot Show 13 EMA, It’s working Look here I shorted here Here I will exit Where? Here I didn’t even give a closing outside For even once doji This also will consider Consider closing, Have to consider Rule is rule If exited because of doji, then 9.78 And if continued then would get 17% here But why will I continue Rule is rule So look this is the entry output which was moving till now Now what should be performed Now what should be performed Now will wait For it to touch and once again it should touch 50 EMA After touching one time should touch one more time After touch if it do retest then i’ll enter So guys what a long time we have spent together for the strategy I wish you understood I wish I hope you enjoyed hearing this strategy But the thing in this strategy was Moving 55 EmA was used Main moving average, this only decides our entry But Entry This triggers entry Activates retest If went up don't give a closing below 55 Give a green candle upward I will enter there If you have a breakdown downwards Do one thing don’t go up But touching it or nearby Give a red candle But there should be some body Minimum above 1% Then will sell Its simple exit criteria Take 1:2 the at first achieve 1:2 will be great Look pivot is near Take pivot as well if you take pivot also 1:2, if you think it is capable open 13 EMA When 13 cuts, make an exit But immediately don’t go to 13 It activated 13 cuts then would exit But sometimes you won’t get a trade immediately Take 1:2 minimum Try 1:2 monthly If monthly also it disappears Try 13 By trying 13, once 40% target is gained Now I told you your task It’s very important A whole I described the outer That you have to backtest and optimize What does this mean This is found in outro But if seemed it would be good So more than views I love seeing likes So definitely shower likes in this video because I literally researched a lot And back tested a lot And forward tested also a lot But it is the working strategy of all the professional Thank you guys let's meet in the outro Alright guys I hope working hard by understanding a lot of criteria you understood That where we have to make an entry And where to exit We can also trail By using monthly pivots we can even book profits By trailing we can drag the 21 moving averages How fast we can accept stoploss In this strategy leave big loss Small loss happen rarely very rarely. Mostly breakeven or small profits

and sometimes big profits. So what a strategy it was. I wish - I hope that you have understood. If not, then watch it again and if you understood this strategy then now your work is not to apply it Now you have two works- now your work is to Backtest. Backtest means to check whether it works or not. We have a reptile mind, until we don't feel totally secure, we never feel good. You'll feel secure only when we backtest.

Now after backtesting our second is to optimize. Optimize means this strategy when you check it out, it may not work in Dabur because- so that its growth won't stop with it Work in TCS, maybe it won't work in Nifty, because Nifty index cannot provide that much growth, may work in Tata steel. So maybe we have to optimize. Every strategy will not work everywhere; we have to tweak a bit. Major principles are the same, it's not like that with major we get support on 50 EMA. Everyone will take sometimes But in which- optimization. Backtesting plus optimization is your homework for now. For the next one week I want you to understand that when you do it, you'll be confident. And when you feel confident then you'll be able to execute.

So I hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you enjoyed watching this video then I want likes in this video. I enjoy watching more likes than views. like this video I will feel very good.

Finally, I have a great surprise for you people. I am doing Q&A, You'll get a link in the description box. I am doing a QnA, I'll come live. Many will participate I will not be able to give support to each and many questions can be quite simple, means there won't be any questions like that. But there'll be some good questions which people actually need to know the answer to.

Therefore, I am conducting a proper QnA. I'll give you the link to google forms. Click that and enter your name, number-email. I don't need your number because what can I do with your number, I I won't be calling you so I don't need that data forcefully. So enter your name and email ID and enter your question. I am giving you a great opportunity. You make your selfie video, like sir you have a doubt like if the market moves like this RSI, here divergence is made, so what should I do here. With the back camera

you can show the situation on your laptop. You can send in video questions. If you want, you can send in video questions. The video size should be within 100mb. If it's above that then google - compress my video- then some sites would show up, upload it and compress. You can get it done in any format for free.

So you can upload video too if you are not a shy guy. And if you're not shy, don't like making videos like this, then you can write it and send. I'm- I'm not guaranteeing you that I'll answer all your questions. But I'll do as much as possible in one video. And there's no problem with the video length. I can make it 10min, 20min, 30min, 45min, I can make it even 1hr and you know that. Those who send in better questions, best questions, I'll answer them for sure and it'll be very enjoyable I want you to post your questions to the Google form.

That's it. Nothing else guys. I wish you must have enjoyed it. If you want to know which Demat account I'm using then I'm using Upstox and Zerodha and one more I'm going to start using because it has some features, because now most of the brokers would be the same, since SEBI made the margin same for everyone. So a different feature. I'll tell you one more broker, I'll tell you in a new video why I am using it for some softwares. So until then you have Zerodha's link, you can open your account in Zerodha or in Upstox. After opening, mail your ID to

soon I'll be launching my own app where all those who opened an account through me would get a service which will make their trading career easy. Means I don't give out tips, call and all to anyone now. I give analysis only to you, every week, and for my subscribers of technical analysis package of Rs 2999, they get it daily.

So I give out analysis. I don't tell what exactly happens, I leave that to you. But I help you, like instead of scanning 50 stocks, you need to focus on these 3 only. Take action on these and take these levels on nifty Bank Nifty. You'll get a link to that too in the description box, if you want to buy that package. So you can take that too.

The rest, you have this much homework only, you send in your questions and we'll meet in the next video. And if you liked the strategy video, comment and tell me if you need more strategy videos. Thank you so much for giving me so much of love. We are about to hit almost one million. Great surprise for all of you, for one million subscribers.

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