The Only Option Trading Video you will Ever Need || Secrets NO one Tells You || BoomingBulls

The Only Option Trading Video you will Ever Need || Secrets NO one Tells You || BoomingBulls

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Hello guys. My name is Anish Singh Thakur. And finally I bring to you, the most awaited video, infact the most important video on Options trading. If you are trading Options or planning to do it, then this video is very important for you.

In the starting 5-7 minutes, I have covered some basics. But after that, there is very important information, for every trader, for all Option traders. Even I, myself, enjoyed a lot while making this video, like- wow! What analysis is happening! So, guys! I want you to be serious. And watch this only when you have time. Don't waste this knowledge today. Don't do things like playing and forwarding it.

No, no! Don't do that. Please, if you have 30 minutes of your life, then only watch. Like it and add it to 'Watch it later'. If watch it patiently by putting on earphones. If possible, watch it in a laptop and not in a mobile phone Because I've explained a few points in this. So, if possible, watch it in a laptop or in a big screen. Okay?

Alright, I'll meet you in the end of this video. I've to tell you a very important thing. Very very important! I'll tell you. Let's start! I'll tell you what. Basically... Let me clear a few things about Options. The basics of what exactly is Options. What are Options? These are called instrument.

It's a type of instrument to trade, okay? In detailed term, it can also be called as derivative. What is derivative? It's something which derives it's value from something else. Okay? Something which derives it's value from something else. How does it derive it's value from something else? What does it mean? It's quite simple! If we are having a note of rupees 2000 of the Indian government.

Basically it's a paper. Right? It's a paper. Right? But the actual value of this paper comes from the governor of RBI. It's written like- I promise to pay the bearer this amount. So, basically the note of rupees 2000 is deriving it's power from RBI. Simple. This is called derivative.

In a similar way, Option is not some option. It's not something else, but it's always made up of some assets. Okay? Made up of assets! For example, What all assets make Options? It can be made up of currency pair, like USD-INR. Options are made up of many other things too. Like, Index!

It's made up of stock. But we'll discuss about Index and Stock. You can trade in Currencies as well. It will help in that too.

You just have to know the correct strike price. How to do that? I'll tell you. What is strike price? I'll explain that too! Alright, so let's start this quickly. Watch the other video too. I'll not explain in details here. But Options are of two types. 'Call' Option.

'Put' Option. CE is Call Option. PE is Put Option.

If you think that market... will be bullish... If you think that market will be bullish, then what can you do? You can do either of the two things. Either you can buy, CE. Or you can short, PE. If you 'Buy' this, you'll only have to pay the premium of a small amount.

It'll be approximately around 10-12 thousand. We'll get that of Banknifty. It's a 'in the money' type. If you want to Short, then you'll have to pay the premium for Future You may check the premium amount yourself. You'll find out how much it is. The amount required to purchase future lot, the same amount is required to Short the Options.

And you'll have to pay that amount. So, these are the two ways. If you feel that the market... How do you think the market will go? If you think that the market fall down. Then what can you do? You can either... Do what? You can either...

Buy... A Put.... One lot. This also comes under lot, just like Future lots. Okay? 25 from Banknifty. 75 from Nifty. 505 from Reliance. SBI's... You can check SBI's future lot too.

I'll not go in details. Because you can know these things by yourself. Understanding the concept is more important, so let's try to do that. So you can either Buy a put or you can Short a call. Okay? You can do both. So, we've learned this basic thing. Okay?

Alright. Whenever we choose some Options, how is it written? It's written like this, Reliance... A name will be written, along with the Strike price. 2,000. Let's say, 2000! PE or CE will be written there. And an expiration will be mentioned too. Okay? PE or CE, and a date too! That will be it's expiry date. On that date that particular Option will expire.

So basically, in all the stocks in India there's a monthly expiry date. Okay? Monthly expiry. Monthly expiry. The last Thursday of any month...

The last Thursday of any month... That... That will be the expiry date. For example, the last Thursday of this month...

It is on 31st. Okay, so it's 5 weeks. So, on the last Thursday of every month the monthly contracts of all the stock expires. Be it SBI, Reliance etc. You can Google and check the list of FNO stocks. All these expires. Okay.

Except for the index, Nifty and Bank Nifty... There used to be trading in Nifty earlier, but not any longer. So, there's weekly expiry in Nifty and Bank Nifty. When does it expire? On Thursday. So, it expires on Thursdays. Okay? Weekly expiry. Now, going ahead.

Going ahead from here. So, we got 5 trading weeks in this month, right? So, I hope you understood about the expiry date. Weekly, for Nifty and Bank Nifty, all others, monthly. Okay? Yes, there are monthly expiry for Nifty and Bank Nifty also.

You can trade in that as well. If you plan for long term vision. Or, if you want to do Swing trade, you can try doing that. Okay? If you want to continue upto 31st. Okay, so I've explained about Reliance and 2000 PE. What does it mean? Whether it'll go up or fall down.

I'm expecting that it'll fall down. Let us understand, that the current value of Reliance is rupees 250. Taking this as an example only. Okay?

Otherwise, let's just check the exact the value. I am bad at remembering the exact numbers. And it's not even important to remember the numbers, but the concept. 2005, okay?

The current value is 2005. So, exactly Reliance today is at rupees 2005. And those who already know this, stay with me.

I'm about to share a very important thing today, related to Strike price. Okay? Very important thing. Explaining a little bit of basics is important for the new viewers. So, that they too get the idea about what exactly it is! So, it's 2005...

Currently. Okay? Now, first of all, let's understand about Call. What is a Call? It's when we think the market will go up. So, we must understand three things. In the money, Out of the money, At the money.

What does it mean? In the money... At the money... And Out of the money. Okay? Forget this for sometime. Try to understand about 'In the money' and 'Out of the money'. What is 'In the money'? Whenever I'm saying something, Whatever I'm...

saying by learning, If that already has happened, then that's 'In the money'. Okay? Reliance, 2000 CE... What I'm trying to say is, Reliance will be above 2000.

When it will expire. What's the current value of Reliance right now? It's 2005. So, is this statement correct? If, whatever I'm saying is truth, then it's 'In the money'.

If, whatever I'm saying is not correct, for example, if I choose a different strike price here... Same, Reliance... A call of 2050. Then what this will be? So, this is... What? Reliance will be above 2050. But, is it? No, it's not.

So, what is it called? 'Out of the money'. Okay? Now you understand 'out of the money'? So, let's take an example of Put as well. How to do that? I'll write... Reliance... 2000 PE. So, what do I mean? I mean, Reliance will be below 2000.

I'm saying that. But, is it correct? No! Reliance is above 2000. Then what type of Put is it? It's 'Out of the money' Put. Okay? 'Out of the money' Put! So, what will be 'In the money' Put? Can you guess? Can you guess? Give it a thought. What will be the 'Out of the money' Put for Reliance? Sorry, I mean, what will be the 'In the money' Put? Whatever you say, must be correct.

So, if I consider 2050 PE, is it below that? Yes, it is! So, what will it be? 'In the money', Okay? Whatever statement I'm giving, if that statement is correct, Then, I am... 'In the money'. And if my statement turns out to be incorrect, then it's 'Out of the money'. Simple! Okay? Now, let's take one more example.

So, for Reliance... What will it be for 2200 PE? Is it below 2200? Yes, absolutely! So, it's 'In the money'. Okay? Let me tell one more Strike price. Reliance...

Two... Zero... What will it be in 2100? What will it be in 2100? That too will be 'In the money' Put. But, there's one more thing which falls in between. ATM, 'At the money'. It means, the closest one. Like, if it's 2005. What's next to it? It's 2050. So, it will be 'At the money' call for 2050.

And, what's on this side? 1950. A Put of 1950. So, it will be it's 'At the money' Put. Okay? If you didn't understand 'At the money', leave it. Not a problem. But, you understood 'In the money' and 'Out of the money', right? So, the center one is called 'At the money', which is exactly to it's left and right. The one, which is about to happen, we'll call it as 'At the money' Call, And the one on this side as 'At the money' Put. I hope I was able to make you understand in a short span of time, what's 'In the money', 'Out of the money', and 'At the money'.

Let's take another example of Nifty, quickly. What's the value of Nifty? If we look, it's exactly at 13513. Okay? 13513. So, tell me, guys...

What will be it's 'At the money' Call? Simple! 13,550 CE will be 'At the money' Call. Okay? 13,600 would be 'Out of the money'... Call. And, 13,500...

13,500 will be 'In the money'. It'll be 'In the money'. And, 13,450 will also be 'In the money' Call. Okay? Very simple! What are the Puts for 13,513? I'll not say it. You guys find it out. If we want to find out the PE for it... You guys tell first, what will be it's 'At the money'? 13,500. Because, it's about to happen.

If it falls, this will happen. What will be the 'Out of the money? If, what I'm saying, is incorrect, then what will it be? If I say, that Nifty, is below... 13,450. Then, what is it? Yes! Currently, Nifty is at 13,500. And I've written 13450, over here.

So, is this correct? That, it's below this? No! It's above that now. So, it will be 'Out of the money'. If I write 13550 PE. Then, will Nifty... It's 13,513 now. So, it's below 13,550. Right? So, it's 'In the money' Put. Good examples done.

Banknifty, Nifty will be quite similar. And those stocks are also done. So, we have just explained 'In the money', 'At the money', 'Out of the money'. I'll bring more videos on Option strategies for you, later. A little bit more advanced ones. Explaining what all happens in that.

How to Short Call and Put, how to buy. How to Short one and Put the another, some strategies like that. Those are called non-directional strategies. I'll make that video later. But, before that it's important to know

which Strike price to choose, in order to buy Options. I'll make another video on Option selling, explaining what to choose, in order to sell Options. Okay? But, the fundamentals are same for all. If you know the topics properly, and your fundamentals are strong... Then, you'll understand it yourself.

Alright. So, let me take you to the most important part of this video. Now I will take you... To charts, where I'll show you... Why... Which...

Strike price you should choose. Okay? Just give me one minute. Alright, so what we'll do now? I'll tell you... If you've watch that video... I want you guys to watch this video after watching that.

May be just pause it, and watch that first. It's a one hour video. Learning may take a little bit of time. But do it. Not a problem. I've clearly told in that video, that you need to buy 'In the money'. But, many of you still buy 'Out of the money'.

As you guys always send me the screen shot as well, right? Saying-'I faced loss', 'I earned profit'. I see everything. Even in the winning trades, people are taking 'Out of the money' Or 'At the money'. Okay! It's your wish. But, today I'm taking you to the most difficult part, which is, choosing the Strike price. We'll take two examples. One, of Reliance.

An example of Reliance. And... Along with Reliance... Okay, Reliance and Nifty. Okay? So, first let's talk about Reliance. First of all, let me show you the two days chart for Reliance.

Okay? Just one minute. Let's open the full featured chart. I've also made a tutorial on trading view. I'll also make many videos on Forex too. Explaining, what exactly are Pips. What and how to do things?

Which strategy is better? I'll share every detail in that, okay? So... Daily... Let me open the chart for 15 minutes. I have opened the 15 minutes time frame.

Guys, look. This is... Let's remove the RSI. So, this is one chart. Okay? This is one day.

Which day is it? Sorry, it's two days! Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday. I have kept the data for just these two days. I've consolidated this. After consolidating the important level, this was a Buy. We've got a target over here.

You should have made a target exactly at this level. And then it makes a double top pattern. I have removed the RSI. But, I'll show it anyhow. Because I know, what has happened that day. Look! You can easily spot, there was a... Fall in momentum. Even when the tops are still the same.

Tops are exactly the same, it's a clear cut Short. Those who have seen my RSI divergent videos and use it, they might have spot it. Even in Nifty. Exactly, in Nifty. It was superb!

It was a perfect divergent, look! The weakness is visible. Obviously, we'll not call it divergent. But, Nifty could not sustain this level. This level. After Shorting this candle once again...

This was our Short candle. And... Even with the 15 minutes strategy... That's in Banknifty, Okay! Yes, look. Even with the 15 minutes strategy, we got an entry point here. And we would get this much target.

Anyways, I'm so sorry, we got lost a little. We got lost from what we were actually doing. I just wanted to show you, the type of consolidated that has happened... On Thursday. Okay? And on Friday, there was a big movement. Now, let's talk about strike price.

Let me tell you very clearly, there are two types of values in options. One is 'Intrinsic value'. and the other is 'Extrinsic value'. Intrinsic means the inside value.

It's main value. And the Extrinsic value can also be called as Time value. It automatically starts deteriorating with time.

If, the market is... If, any of our Option is worth 100 Rupees and the market is going on. It went up as well. It went up then down, again up and down, and kept on repeating this, And it closed exactly to the point where the market opened.

So... It should have been worth 100, as it stopped there. But, it became 90. Why? Because, the theta value of Options runs in negative. It's a self destructing thing. That is why, an Option seller wants to earn, even if the market goes sideways.

They have two chances. Either the market trends in your direction, or it went against you, or it went sideways. There are only 3 possibilities. If, it didn't go in your direction, but went sideways, then too the seller will earn. And Option selling is very good, if you use 'Stop loss'.

And... And, you earn well through Options when there's a big move in it's direction. Now, let's talk about why you people face loss.

Which Strike price to choose, in order to avoid loss. We'll talk about that. Alright! Now... I have shown you the movement. Now let me take you over here again. Sorry, over here. Okay? Let me start.

Okay, so let's start Reliance. Reliance Future Option spot. Forget about the Future. We are learning about the Options. I've opened Options. First of all, let me open this chart. This is the chart for Options, okay? Okay, I've opened one chart over here. So, this is the chart for Reliance Options. What is the Strike price? It's 2000 CE.

2000 CE... Which day is it? This is for... Just one minute. Let me see the date. Screen shot... Over here... It's name...

Okay! Screen shot, 12-10. It's of 10th December. We'll see the one for 9th December first. Let's see that first. No! It's of 10th December! Do we have 10th and 11th? Yes, 10th and 11th. So sorry! We'll see it for 10th first. I'll tell you, why there are so many screen shots. First of all, you must be able to see where exactly it opened on that day.

It opened over here. It opened at 2019. So we'll take 2019 as our base value. Because, strike price keeps on moving. Taking 2019 as our base value. And I've opened it for 2019. Now, tell me, which Option is this?

2019. How type of Call was it, for 2000? It was 'At the money' Call. Okay! Okay? It was 'At the money call'. Reliance... Look! Comparing this is really very important.

So that you can understand it very seriously, what to use. Okay, now look at this. Market has opened... It's a 5 minutes time-frame. And there are 4 candles downwards. This is the Option. Market opened, and one, two, three, four, heavy fall! From 85 rupees, it fell down to 72 at the end of the 4th candle.

85... From 86... It fell down to 72. So, how much? It's a fall of 14 rupees. How much percent is ruined? If you find it out for 85 rupees, it almost fell 17-18 percent. How much for fall? Have a look! From... 2022 to 2000.

That is, 22 rupees. Here, the movement was for 1% and the fall was for 20%. Alright? Okay! Good! Good point! Now, this was...

'At the money'. This was just fine. Now, I'll go 'Out of the money'. The Call of 2050... What's it value? It's 'Out of the money'.

This fell down, straight from 82 to 40, It's a 50% fall. This will change your perspective today. See, if something opposite happens, markets falls, call went up, then see...

82 to 40, almost 50% fall has happened. Which stop loss will you apply? What will be the mind set? What kind of risk management and position? Nothing. Let's go for the second example. How's it working? What is this? Just have a look. This is your...

In-the-money call. I would suggest you to buy this or 1900. Now let's see. This has opened around 11...110

From 110 to, this has made to the 4th candle. Are we looking with 4 candles? Let me recheck. I want to be sure. 1, 2, 3, 4. If we are looking for 4th candle's low,

we are checking 4th candle low, rechecking, 1950 CE. It opened at 110. 1, 2, 3, 4. 4th candle's low is here.

But how much? It got closed here. Let's go with the low. It's almost nearer to 10...102. So, how much money has fallen? Calculate it yourself. From 112, it opens at 112 and falls to 101, only 11 rupees.

Only 11% it fell. This is what matters. If a person takes 2050 call, and another person takes 1950 call, he has gone mad, he left trading because of fear. What is left? Shall I save 50%. And even if the market goes up the next day, even if there is a gap up, your mental status will get affected if you are out of the money.

Ok. So you feel like it's much better than that. Ok? Now let's move on. Do more study. Krithi please change my charger. It's kept over there. Not charging, thank you. Ok. Now look at this. This chart is 2100.

Extremely out of the money. What's out of the money? It's cheap. But it's not cheap. Actually, it will cost you more. Never go for it. This is extremely out of the money.

Where did it open? It opened at 43. How much low it was in the 4th candle? 1, 2, 3, 4. 4th candle's low from 43 to 25. 43 to 27. How much is that? How much is half of 43? Almost 50% fall has happened. Right. Almost 50% fall has happened. So that is the problem. Ok? So, that is the problem with out of the money calls.

Just one minute, guys. Ok now it's charging. Perfect! So, this is it. Now going ahead and checking the screen shot. Now, let's see extremely in-the-money.

Where did it open? It opened almost at 150. From 150, 1, 2, 3, 4th candle's low. How much it opened? Opened at 150 and the low at almost 135. Now you tell me. How much it has fallen? 15%. 15 rupees. What is 15 rupees for 150? 10%.

Only 10% or 15% is there. So that is why I always advice everyone to go with in-the-money if you are new. See, taking out of the money sometimes... I take it sometimes. I take, at the money, out of the money and in the money.

But I have plans to go further, I have to hold on to long trades. So, I don't have any problem even if it fluctuates a bit. And my risk per trade... Don't analyze risk in percentage. Risk per trade, as per my capital percentage, is already set.

If you want, you can also do. No problem But, if you have any problem, or you are worried after doing option trade, then that is the issue. So, you completely stop doing out of the money trade.

We can see here, in the money, we had only 10% fall, not a problem. Closing has also made only 10% loss in your portfolio if the market has gone sideways. Ok. Now let's go to a more interesting thing. And market from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6th candle... From 6th candle to the end of the market. See where it is. Up, down, up, down. Sideways, it's a very good idea.

Now, let us go back and get hold of it. Firstly, let's check what would have happened to extremely out of the money. So this is 2100 CE, which is extremely out of the money? Right? That is extremely out of the money. Market is closed and it went sideways.

It made a top from 34 to 36, and in the same range, it went sideways. Ok. So let's go for the other one. I will tell you, what are the elements you should look for. Now you can see here, in the money strike price.

So, that is in the money. No. This is at the money. I don't want to go for at the money. I want to go for in the money. This is in the money. See, after breaking this pivot, make a hype, that means, when there is a green moment in the market this will show better moment. See how much it has fallen, from 6th candle, that is from 106, it has made a hype of 143. So, how much is that? 37, ok? Almost 35, 37 rupees growth has happened.

From how much? Almost 30% growth happened. Nearer to 30%. Slightly an upswing. Now, I will take you to out of the money. There also, the up is same. Reliance pod has increased, not depending on the strike price. In that, there is 30, 35, 37% growth.

In this, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6th candle. From here if we start, this is the closing of candle, that is from 35 till 38. What had happened? This was out of the money. Yeah. 35 to 38. How much percent was that? How much is that? 3 rupees of 35. 10%.

Only 10% growth. There, we had 37% growth. So, now you see when it is working on your direction. When call is working in your direction, it's not giving you any result even. 10% is this and that one was of 30% growth. When it is working against you, big fall, it gives you a loss of 50%.

And that is giving you a loss of 10 to 15%. You can use your own mind on how to do option trade from Monday. I will explain you lot more things in options, which will help you. Ok? Now lets go to... I hope I made you understand clearly.

Now, let's talk about reward. On 10th, 11th December... Fine. One thing is, we have seen examples for call, now we will see for put.

Here we will see for put. Let's see the example for put. Options. Options.

We will get PE here most probably. Ok. 1900 PE. Perfect 1900 PE. 1900, 1950... 2000, 2100.

This must be 2050. This must be 2000 PE. Perfect. Perfect. Where was the opening done on this day? It opened at 2011. I will consider it as a base. 2011... So this is the spot.

Market opens and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and it gives an upswing. So, market has given an upswing, till 11 O' clock. When it gave the upswing, at that time, what happens to our put? So, let's start. 2011. Which put says what? What about 2011 put? It has not happened. That means at the money put. What is 1950 put? Tell me, guys. It's out of the money put.

1900 put is extremely out of the money. So, let's go to out of the money put. This is 1900 PE How did it upswing in the market, guys? Do you see. 1... Slight back. Little high and then what happens? What is happening? When it is out of the money, market goes down and then comes up and goes down. Oh. So sorry, it's right. How did it do?

It's a fall. I am so sorry. I got a bit confused because of the system. Accurate. Here, the market has gone up. Obviously, it is against the put. Market has to fall down. If this is up, then market is down.

How much has it fallen? This I have to check. This was almost for 20 rupees. Opens here, then it comes here. But it opens here. From 20 rupees,... has fallen to 15 rupees. How much the value has fallen to? Almost 25% has gone. It has become 15 from 20. Ok. It has become 15 from 20. 25% fall. Now, let's take the example for in the money. So, in the money is 2100 PE. Right? 2100 PE will be in the money. This must be 2100 PE. Ok, so how much it has fallen?

From 115, it has come below 100 to 97. 115 to 100 is 15 to 17 rupees fall. How much percentage has it fallen? 15 to 17% ok. When you buy put, you expect market to go down, the market goes up. There you are loosing 30... 25 to 27 to 30%

25%, sorry. Here 15%, 17%. There is a huge difference. 25000 loss or 17000 loss. This is much better, right. Which one? 2100 PE. When you shot the market, you stay in the money. Now, let's go for the next move.

Then market consolidated, then suddenly, their was a high move. 19. At what time? At 2 O' clock. 2, 3, 4, 5. We have 5 candles. In the 5 candles, the move is now on your side, it's a good sign.

The move is now on your side, at 2 O' clock. Now, let's find out what's the condition over here. This at the same time, went up from 107 to 143. 107 to 143, how much is that? Subtract it, we have a movement of 36 rupees. 36 rupees. Ok. Now, it's 36%.

And what about out of the money, 1900 PE? It has went up from 17 to 30. Now you can see that, this is the trick. This is the only trick when you go for out of the money.

When do you take it? And people like it because it happens twice in 10 times. So, out of the money people think they have earned a lot. But the stock market is a different place.

Here, we have to think more about losing than earning. How can we stop loosing? Right. This can be a motivating factor for some people.

A few people may get motivated. You can take out of the money, but don't put all the money in out of the money option. You can see... Because the market has fallen from 2000 to almost... It has touched 1950.

No. It has touched 1975. The sudden fall has made the option almost double. Directly double. And this happens very rarely.

And if you want to double your money from out of the money, then you have to find a setup in which you will get a bigger fall if these things actually happen, or you get a bigger boom, a bigger break out. If you are expecting such a huge breakout, then take it and hold it, even if the value falls down. You have to understand it zero. Even if not zero, 50% stop loss becomes 60% stop loss out of the money. You have seen that, it's over with a single move.

So, here, out of the money has made your money double, it has given you 30 to 40% growth. Now, what did you understand, guys? When out of the money will reward you, it will reward big. Now, I will close the screen. I think you have understood, what I meant, the main concept. If you want, you can watch this video again.

But whatever I have made you understand in this video, is best to my knowledge. Ok, now I will close it Now let's talk. So, now you understand when it is about risk management, according to risk management, in the money is best.

Because you can always trade. But some days, very rare days, when you expect a big fall, when you have some kind of strategy, some kind of setup, where you know, if we break this level, we can get a bigger fall, or if I breakout, I will get a bigger fall. Then you have to hold on your out of the money till it gives you a bigger fall. Isn't it? That is the power of out of the money put or call. It can double your money, but it will only happen once, in like 10 trading days. So rest of the 9 days, you will loose your money.

That is why, even if you want to do, invest only a small percentage of your portfolio, in out of the money, that too, rarely in super setups. Mostly, if you want to trade options, don't worry, you trade options, but you stay in the money. So, what will happen? You will never lose a lot. But you will make some good money.

Not very good, like out of the money expectation. Then it will become like gambling. But, hedging. Hedging is a technical word. Hedging means to move ahead by saving ourselves.

If FII's, Institutional investors, they buy a lot of things in cash. They buy the whole portfolio in crores, 5000 crores. So they do buy a little put option. Even if the market falls, they don't want to sell them, they just need to hold it. But they make money from this, then they buy and then they cash it.

And then the market goes up. They always buy puts to hedge their calls. Like, that is a different concepts. The hedging, strategies, straddle, strangles, iron condor, a lot of things are there.

I will make video for you all, slowly, slowly, slowly. I will keep posting videos which will be useful for you. Ok. So most of them requested me to explain about option series to beginners. Now I think it would have surely benefited the advanced people also who are trading now for a while. Why out of the money, in the money concept is there? Ok. I hope this video added some value in your life.

And I did something good for you, for your trading career. On Monday, you can experience this own your own and you will understand why I told you all this. Ok? So, one more important thing, guys. Important thing is...

Thank you. This video is over now. On 17th and 18th...Today is 12th right? I am going to Forex expo. Forex expo is happening in Dubai. So, I am going to attend that. And I am also going to shoot it, and I am also going to make a vlog, vlog out of it. Vlog. What is vlog?

I have a channel Anish vlog. I will share the link in the description. Or you can just search for it. Anish vlogs. Subscribe to that channel. I will upload that video in that channel, you will like it. And forex related new videos are coming up in this channel.

So, better you subscribe both. In that, I bring lot of new things. Like, how's my normal life going on. Where do I go? What do I do? Little funny elements.

A bit of travel, fun and I do some other... I am doing a review on books. Actually, I have started with 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I will make 14 videos for this 7 Habit book. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2. So, you can watch that also. You will like it. And you can watch motivational videos, travel, fun and everything.

If you want to stay connected with me more, you can connect to that channel. Else this is ok, you can stay here as well. No problem. But if you want to be connected more, if you want to see more of me, then you can go ahead. And forex expo, and I will do review on trading books. And obviously, I will post it in that channel. I may post it here also. Let's see. Ok? Thank you so much, guys.

It was wonderful to make this video after a long time for all of you. And I think I will make a lot of good videos. Ok. Thank you. So, you have watched the video. I hope you might have had fun. Wow. Why in the money benefits are in risk management and out of the money benefits are in gambling? For those who want to double the money, take revenge from the market, which is not possible. So, please, guys.

Do not trade out of the money until you are very sure. Until you are getting the super setup. Like mine, which I have made for my personal use.

When I have this, I can take a lot of risk. When I have this, I can't take risk. This is how I have made my super setup. You can also make it. If you have a super setup,

only then, you go for out of the money, and you should have the holding power. Secondly, those who are doing trades on regular basis, please go in the money. You know why. Ok. And I have already shared with you all the important details, but I will like to tell you once again. I am really going, and I am very excited to attend the forex expo. I don't know, so many companies will be there.

So many traders will be there. A lot of traders are already coming to Dubai. I have seen their stories. Most of them have reached Dubai to attend that.

So, I am also going to attend it. And 2 days, I will there for 2 days. I will meet people, try to understand their strategies. How are the traders outside India? How's their mentality? So much of stuffs we will get.

I will record all these things. Subscribe to Anish vlog channel. You will get all the good contents over there, and you will surely get to see this vlog over there. Ok. I hope you will see me in the Anish vlog videos, and also, I am making some book reviews there and will do review on trading books also.

So, this was the important thing to tell you, and thank you so much, guys. We literally, guys... From 5,10, 50k subscribers, we reached 100k subscribers and now we have reached 167k subscribers.

and it is increasing. Thank you so much for the love, guys. Thank you so much everyone. After so much of negativity in the world, you guys like my video so much.

I am really great full to all that. Ok? So, I wish, I would be able to see lots of likes for this video. And I will get good comments. And people who do unnecessary comments, you, if you want to comment, then do, no problem. It's your life, your phone, do whatever you want. But we will remove your comment, and will block you.

You will not get good content. What will you gain? Nothing. You will face the loss. I am here for a win win situation. Not a win loose. I am not here to make you loose, I am here to make you win and to take you along with me. I hope you will take these things seriously.

Comment with love, even if you don't like. Ok then, bye, bye, bye. Please share this video, if you like this video, and definitely subscribe and like the video. I will see you in the next video, guys. Bye.

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