The ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED to trade forex using MT4 or MT5 apps on mobile devices

The ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED to trade forex using MT4 or MT5 apps on mobile devices

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Eating's ladies and gentlemen, this, is some sort of a play video, because I realized, that when, I started, with the first video you. Just found things. As the, you, just saw me doing things so, in this video I'll be showing you how to add, codes, or, currency. Pairs or how and also. How to remove, them when you want to add, a currency, pay if, you look at that top right, corner, you'll see some sort of a cross. You press. The plus, on that cross then. Depending, on your broker you you, will see multiple. Folders, or single folder, like in this case, then. You enter, then. You select on the. Currency. Pair which you want to be added. Then. You select and if you go back you'll see the currency, pairs are they so. If you want to delete. Go. Go. To the top right corner once, more there's, some, sort of pen or pencil, place. On it then you'll see a beam. And. Plus on that beam then. Select, a pair you, want to remove. So. We will see that these pairs. After. Selecting you click. On that pin, then. Those pairs are moved, this. Is how you add, or. More, space, greetings. Ladies and gentlemen, this is really, me, this is the first out of five videos which I'll be doing trying to summarize the, already summarized, content, in our PDF, and. This. Videos, I'll be using a demo, account for. Demonstration. Purposes. This. Is introduction. To Forex, Forex as, you may know is foreign, exchange, we exchange. Currencies. We deal with currencies. What is a currency, you may ask a currency. In simple, terms is. Money. Used, in a particular country, or, union. Let's. Take a practical. Look at the screen let. Me remove, all, these other things. Will, be using. Euro. USD that's our currency. Pair. Our currency, pair so, you will use D as you look at it you'll see that it consists. Of euronews. D those. Are individual, currencies but they came together to, form a currency, paper ministry, so. You, say, currently, used in be, used by many countries in the European Union while. USD, is a currency used in the, United, States of America, this, means that anyway we are comparing, the, economies, of, the. Countries, in the European Union and the, United. States, so. A currency. Pair every piece in your code you are in this case is a base the. Base comes first then, the code comes, after. The piece or last and USD. Will, be a. Good. So. How. Do, how. Does this, currency, pair move okay. If. A base is stronger, than a code the. Currency, pair all right, if. A cool. Stronger. Than debase the. Currency payable. For. Let's. Try, a practical, example. Let's. See. You. Ust. Let's. Make it. Man. See, this is. Me. This. Is his loop. If. The man is stronger. Than. The load, human. Race, but. Then if the loop is stronger, than the men they. All fall I hope this makes it I. Hope. You can get this example, if. The man is stronger. Than. The load. This. Whole thing that. Means that the man can. Carry, the loop because. He is stronger than the loot but then if the load is more stronger than I mean the, mankind can, carry the loot therefore. They will both fall just. Like if you, is the stronger, than you, the. Currency, paid the entire currency, pay, go. Down, but. Then if you. Stronger. The newest T the. Entire currency, pay, all. Rise. So. This. Is an explanation, of, how the code and the piece. Affect. Each other, the, start of a code or the start of a piece how, they will affect the overall currency. If a base, is. Strong, the. Paralyzed. If, a base, is. Weak, the. Peril fault cause bottom it can that means the, code is stronger than the base because if.

The Base, is weak, it. Has to be regarding, something and. That something will, be the base and, this. Currency pair it. Has a price that's. Why you may seem low and high high. Is the price that you'll get for by. Then. Low will. Be will be the price you get for sin they, sometimes refer. To bid. And ask the. Difference, between these two will give you the, a spread, that's, it for the first video, this. Is, video. I will. Be dealing with a, chart. Time frames how, to play citrate, types, of waters and lot sizes. Since. In. The last video we talked with currency. Currency person, all those things, right. Now I, have, a single currency pair, meaning. That it will be easier. To. Navigate from. The. From. This window through, the, chat, window so if. You have many currency. Pairs. Simply. Click. On the currency. Pair any other currency pair then you'll see a set of instructions. Then, go to open, chat because you want to view the chart as, you look, at the bottom. Left. Corner you. Will see that the. Highlight, was moved from those. Form. Of arrows to, form. Of candles, so you can easily, navigate. They. Let's. Look at the chart on the chart you will see. White. And, black. Things those. Things are called candles. Those. Things are called candles, they represent. They, are some, sort of visual, representation. Of price. Of a currency paid in this case the price of your. Use these are presented, using these candles, the up and down movement the buying in silly, -. Elimi talked about in the. First video, this, is where the. Presented. Visually. So. You will also see. The. Red horizontal, line, and also the blue line that, the. Cell line. On the byline like. We, also talked, about in the PDF if you need one. Finishing. This. Email. PDF summarized. Many, things, look. Good, right. Now. Did. You. Release the each one. Means. That. For, each and every, candle. To form one included, or taken out meaning, that each and every candle that you see on this chart, it. Opened. Included. Within the. Proximity of, one ow, the time interval is one meaning. Each in every candle isn't one. Hour of price movement if. You want other, differ other timeframes. Simply. Press. Anywhere, on your chart then this cycle. Up here then, you can select a different time, three or. You can if you look at your top right corner you'll see sort. Of clock. If. You click on it it'll should be time frame from one month from. One miss or one minute to one month if, that's. The five minute, time, frame meaning, I can go take. Five minutes to open run inform, then. Thirty, minutes, and. One. Day and so forth now, let's go through. Placing. A trade if. You still, look at your top, right can, I see, some sort of a small. Page with a cross in it you. Click, there you will. See an. Instant, execution instant, execution is. Placing. A trade same. Time that means it around the trade runs same time if. You don't want a straight, line instantaneously. You. Will click, on instant execution then, select, those types of limit. Then. Under, day you will see a lot size this. Is what we call a lot size you, can increase. Or decrease, a. Lot size by. Certain. Factors and. You, can choose whatever a lot size which, your broker, will allow. You to be able to, be. Able to. Run. A tree so if let's see the. Note size you. Want a ham 100. Lot and. You see that you might reach it it, might take forever to. Reach a hundred might. Do it manually, by, pressing on. One. Then. It will appear, then. You simply put in hundred thousand. Whatever. Ten, thousand whatever desired lot which will allow, you because, they're sometimes a lot. If. You increase a lot size the. Trade. Might not be able to be executed. Because it's bigger than your account so, be informed. Before, choosing the. Lot size because, there's also risks, and all those with. Our peers, have talked. It we've, talked about it in the PDF so. After selecting the lot size you can choose.

Depending. On your analysis, or the signal, that you've been given, and. Whether to, by yourself, as you, look, at the bottom of the screen there are two options sell, in written by in blue now on, the next video we'll be talking about take. Profit, and stop, losses right. Now it's ten. Thousand. That. My appearances that's, what I was talking about, this. Is a quick, tutorial on. Demo. Trading this is a demo, account, as. You, can see, okay. So we. Have your codes the, codes are your currency pairs as you can see and I could have. Usd/cad. All, those we have the rules for. Each and every code a high those. Are the bid and ask the. Difference, will equate, to a spread as you can see them so. If. You. Want to, trade right, now because my, giant. Connection, is of. The. Order is not highlighted, for. No, the option is not highlighted, for a new order but, then if you want to trade. Certain. Pay you, will click on it. Then click, on. Your odd but, right now we want to go to the chart so, go, to open, chart and. Looking. At the chart, what. You have to note up, there, on top. Right of. The screen. You. Will see this. Serves. As the order, the. New order, the one who passed there and this, is for the time frames, this. Is for the sorry. This is for the pays. These. Is for the indicators. And this. Is for what you call that case I you use it to measure the price, or. Certain points on the graph, okay, let me just try, and, use them the. Order, is not. Highlighted because of maintain connection, and it's the weekend so current. See, some McCraney only cryptocurrencies, are the, ones being triggered on weekends so. As you can see the timeframe on up here. The. Pair's will appear. At. The different, indicators. Pull. Up here. This. Is the case I'm, moving it so you can see I can use it to check price. Yes. And, time at the same time the. Music check price and time so. This is, basically. What team we support. Then. When. We go to. Time. Frames we have different. Time frames from one minute one month time. Frame shows. You, how. Long each candle. Will take for one minute it it won't mean that each and every candle you see on the time frame on the chart, is. One minute it takes one minute to form includes four, right, now yeah, yeah if, you can look you. USD. Each. One. Sorry. It's. Euro USD. Each. One. Each. One means. That each and every candle here takes. One approximately. One, hour to, form running. Clothes so. If. I try to zoom, in here, means. That. This. Candy, took. One hour this. It took one hour all the movement. For. The entire Kendall it, happened, in an hour for, a one hour time frame, then. For different time frames you just, click when you on the screen or, click on this clock then. Carry. On send. Another video. Feather. Breaking, down this. Demo. Basics okay, we, will be dealing with euro USD. Okay. You, have, most. Likely passed. The stage so we'll, go straight into things open chat and we'll. Be looking at time, frames right. So. Time. Frames. Show, as. I. Spoke, in our. PDFs, as, we spoke in our PDFs time. Frames, so. Show. Specific. Candles, for a specific time, free and, a candle. May time frame, will. Mean that for. That particular time, frame that. A. Period. Was. What the one candle, true, to. Open running. Truth so meaning air for that particular. Time frame a candle. Performed, for, instance right now we are on the one hour it. Means that each and every candle you see here. Took, one hour to form. This. Can took. One hour, this. One took one hour each in African. It. Took one hour to reach the, high. The. Low they. Opened, all those things if, you know about candles you know that it will open it, will run it will reach. Its highest point, it will reach its lowest point then, it will have it loose so. This. Is for the one hour means. Each and every candle, that means you mean and. Do. This means. Each, and every, candle this candle, took. One hour this whole distance I can go to an art form this. Entire Kendall took this is an hour's, work of price.

This Is an hour's, movement, of price for. This single candle, that. Let's go to another. Timeframe. I don't know maintaining a connection of, so. I don't know if the. Other chat will load. They are not looting. But. Then this. Is the. Kind of for one minute, exactly. The same principle applies, for five minutes, you. See each and every candle will, take that or if you, zoom out you'll. See that they are not the same and we, have this vertical, breaks, on the, chart. My. Brush is not working. Correctly okay we, have these. Vertical breaks, on the chart, these. Vertical breaks. Represent. The. Day, meaning. That ideas, and at the moment you see this. Line it. Means that, a day has. Ended so. Candles keeping, our, crossing, over, to the other side means a candles for a new day so if, you look for five minutes. Cannot. Be zoomed out anymore, this. Is this. Pitch. In this area. It's. A single tea, this. This. Is. This. Is. A single, day from this point to. Here it's. A single. D. That. Means all the five minute. Candles. Sorry. That means these are all, the, five minute candles, for, one day 24, hours so, if you, increase. The, time frame you'll note that the, candle, the candle. Decrease. In number, you. See now the the. The. Area here on the. Has. Decreased. The. Area is shortened, the, area shortened, if. We continue. Increasing. The, time free, the. Area the candles and the area decreases for, the day. Each. One they, decrease. Each. For you. See the number of catalytic, the, number of candles decreases, and. The. Area for. The day also, decreases. Denis is that going, to h4, and, the. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. These. Breaks. Is, like vertical, lines here they, no longer serve. A purpose of. Being. Teased, they, say they start saving on other people's so, that is for another day to do we. Were discussing about time. Frames. That's. How time frames work and. A candle like I said we'll. Take that specific, time frame to open. Run include. Each. And every controller present. That. Certain period. Ok. Let and. If. You. Noticed. And. One mid Kendall, there are many unity. Because. And, for this. For. This for a, single. For. A single. Five-minute. Kendler you, will have for me. Five. One-minute. Candles. And. So. On, for. A 15. Minute Kenya. Sorry. For. Kenya. For. 115, can you. Live 15. Monument candles, and. Three. 5-minute. Candles. So. I should making and so forth that's, how our time frames work we, are still on demo in this video we'll be discussing, stop. Loss and take profit. Others. This. Is an introductory. Video, so I won't. Be executing. This orders, on this video, and our. Main, focus will, be on, a. Bi position, for this video. The. Other videos will contain a, further, information. So. As. Applause. Okay. Before you get into things know that this orders, are executed. Automatically. For, in case you are not around, to. Close, the orders. Manual. Issue a stop. Loss will. Be an order, that. Will limit your losses or. Stop. You from incurring, further losses on. Your, open. Position, or trade while, at a profit, it's the opposite of the, stop order don't. Take. Your. Profit, on your behalf, going, to stop. You from incurring. Further. Profit, how bad is that okay, so let's, focus on. This. Chart, here let's, say you're in a pie since you're dealing with buying, this video. When. You do your analysis and. Predict. A rise in the market. To. Be in this direction then you'll buy the.

Moment, The market goes in, a direction, you start seeing profit, but. The moment it goes opposite. To your direction, you. See the losses so. This, is how your stop loss and your take profit or, well you are in, a buy position. You. Are in a bad position right. Then. Your. Take profit will, be set from any point, and, so. Whatever. You desire to set it but then it has to be in favor of your position. In, order for it should be take profit, and then, a stop loss will. Have to be set in. The opposite direction of your trade I hope. This makes sense so. For a pie that means your stop loss will. Be any point, from, your entry, point let's. Say this is your entry. Point a. Stop. Loss would be any point from, entry point going, down for, a buy position, then. Your take profit will, be any point from an entry point, going. Up. So back, again and, this. Time around, we'll be dealing with a. Drink. They'll. Be dealing with a trail. Stop, so. We have what we call. Negative. Stop. Loss and also positive, stop as the positive stop losses, deadly. It's. A stop loss with you who to protect, trades. Which other it in profit so right now let's. Focus on, this. This. One here so, of. 3.75. Standard. Lot so. What. I will do. What. I will do. Is. That you will choose a, price. Range. In. Which you, know that usually, when the market goes to. That point it. Means. Now. The trend, might be. Professing. Or it's an extended, retest, so. You just want to receive something, for in case it. Goes that means to because a, trying. To avoid as much losses, as you can so. This is 30 0.75. So. The price. Will be let's just select. Above. This week here. 1.30. One seven five four is it he. Did this. So, you'll adjust your. Stop-loss. So. That is there your stop-loss is. So. Even, if. The. Trade is to go against, you. You. Have now secured, a certain, amount of it, won't be the same as when you're cruising right now because. If you check right now the. Profit is around. 456. USD. So. If it goes to if, it happens to go at least you and hit. That. Trail. Stop you might find that your profit, is around a, hundred and something or 200 in something so, this. Is for a case whereby you. See that the strength the trend, is still continuing. Trying. To stall in continuation. So. You want to maximize your gains, while. At the same time. Limiting. Your losses because. If like, I said if it goes against, you you still. Have some. Profit. Pocketed. You, have guaranteed, profit, right, now you have guaranteed profit. But, then there's no chance to. Gain. More, so. The disadvantage, is that if, it goes against. You, then. Hits. Your stop-loss you might find that you have less, of profits then. You. Could have gained, when you're closed, right, now. But. Then at the same time that, Vantage's that if it continues, if then to give more and you at, the same time three, you extend that trail at the same time extending, that.

Take. Profit, you. Have said. Now. We'll be dealing with taking. Passion. Profit. Will be dealing with taking, passion. Profit taking. Partial profit, is when you remove. Certain. Position. Or certain lot size or a portion, of running. Trade it can be in loss or in profit, so, it will depend whether, it's in loss and profit and you'll have, your reasons for taking, that Paschal, profit. Or partial, loss if the trade is running in a rose so. Right. Now let's see your, trade. Like. I currently, I mean and, you see that it might reverse, you did you understand, you see that mattre patent there's a potential chance for it to continue so you want to be part of the move but then if it, goes against, you you want, to be safe because you have removed a certain portion so. What I will do is all go let's just, take, one trade. Yeah. 4.7. Both, size. Okay, here it is, so, what you'll do is you. Go. Like you're closing, then. About, if you look up off its 4.7, that's the lot size so, what you can do is decrease, the. Lot size and. You. Can't increase, it so you the crease button look as I decrease the road size. The. Profit, also. Decreases. So. You can choose. Which. Amount, you want to take which lot size which, profit, you, want to take and, also, which. Profit. You want to leave grinding. Out which portion, of the, treatment, you want to leave running. So. Just. Like that. But. Then it should be noted that you can only take. Less. Than your current lot size not more so. Let's just see. Point. Let's. Make it five. Six. As you can see that's the the profit which. Is left to me. And. If, you go through. My. Order, you can see. That. What's. Remaining, is this from that four, point seven five this. Is the amount which is Remini, so. This is how you take, partial, profit. I'll also. Update. You on how to take. Know. Not how to take how to trade sorry how to clean your, veins. I, will. Be dealing with the, execution, of this top presenting, pre take, profit orders but, then they will be for a buy position, if, you might have noticed in the past we use I use specific, colors, primarily, red in green because, I knew that we'll be needing them as we. Proceed, with. This. Videos. Okay. So let's get into things, if. You look on your screen right now you can see the radium green which I chose I used. The red for stop loss because even, now stop. Loss is, it's. The, red on. The left and tick. Profit is. In green it's on your right, the. Tick profit and stop-loss, will. Appear the same for a by. Position, and sub, position what I mean is that those. Colors will only speed. So. Whether. It's a buy or sell it will be determined, but by, the figures. You put in. Those spaces, okay, for now you will see since. You'll be doing, for. A buy order you will see a buy order remember the stop loss most people over Enterprise the movement on the left I put. Figures. Which are below, the enterprise numbers, which have been or price which is below the a. Current. Market price yes. We can call current market price a bi will be highlighted, in the cell will, be blinged, out. And, it's. Like that for. Everything. Actually so. Let's. Not waste any further time, let me check their current. Market price it's like that so you see at the bottom everything is blanked out so. What, a place, in there for stop-loss will. Determine, whether, my order will be a buy or sell it also saves us guidance so. Since. We see a buy we, will place in numbers which are lower than this price you. Have to know about the points and peeps points, our, peeps.

Times. 10. Then. Peeps, are points divided. By 10 that's, what yeah so. If. I said, if. I insert a lower number than the market price you. Will see, that. By. Will. Be highlighted, to show that this is a stop, loss, then. The moment, I. Said. A higher. Number, than the. Market. Price, by. Still, violated, just so that this. Is the t profit for you by, then. You see like, then. Your bodies open for a body. Then. The next video we'll be talking about the. Stop. Loss and, take profit for, is the Lord now. We'll be dealing with the stop, loss and take profit, for, a sell, position, I. Realized. After losing, the order that I didn't the previous order that, I didn't, show. You how. It. Was sit on a chart just stop, loss and take profit for, a buyer but then I will, show you with this, sell. Position. So. I. Realized. That. The. Lines. A stop. Loss and take profit the, red and, green. Lines are, not evident, on my, videos. But then if you. Enter. Your trading. F and. Try. To open an order you will see them they, will be visible on your screen so. Right. Now we are dealing with. I said for, a cell it means that the. Stop-loss will be above. The. Market price and, the tariff, it will be below the market price so. We still click on plus. Then. Let's. Just choose, a price which is. Above. The. Market price you, see cell is automatically. Activated, and. Let's choose a price which is below. You. See cell, is they sit, still that further the tick profit and stop-loss in. Order, then, click on cell. It's. Done test. The cell position and when, you look at your. Chart. There. It is. I've. Put them very far let's. Go to tea there's, your stop-loss. Your. Stop-loss is here. And. You. Remember. With a cell if it goes down to hit your take profit, and. Then if it goes up it, will hit your stop-loss, that's. What this orders, are. Therefore. This. Is how we, move. Stop-loss. To, positive stop-loss, or what we call a trailing stop. We. Will do. One for GBP, Aug if. You look at our chart at. First my stop-loss. My. Stop-loss is. This. Below my entry, like, most. Applause, right. Now we'll be dealing with a positive. Stop-loss, positive, stop-loss, I'll, be somewhere here, positive. Stop, loss on function. Ok. Not functional, self. As protecting, your profits in case, the. Market decides, to go down like right now it's still in profit right so. If. It goes back and. Hits, the positive stop-loss. I will, have made this. Profit, here. This is the profit out of meat. I've. Secured, my profit but then I just at, the same time I still have chance, of gaining more profit as you can see the trail is still in my favor, but then if you decide to go against me then, that's why I'm, a, bit safe, this. Is, it. Live. Account, okay. So what you will get. The price which you want your positive. Stop-loss should be and set it on there you might, choose any range. Which. Satisfies. You so. I will go. With, one, point eight, one remain. I'll. Go to my chart one point just. One. Point, I have. A problem of food eating, one. Point. One. Point. One. Point. Modify. My order, then. The, side of the stop-loss remember, this is the saddle suppose one point, each one. As. You can see my progress directed. Me how. My stop wasn't a profit must differ from the market price so, I click modify. The. Orders modified, if, you go back on the graph you can see my stop-loss is now above the entry. And that I am in above in a by position. We. Are still on them. In. This video we'll be dealing with, diamond. W, formation, we. Have. Two. Types of formations and, in those formations we. Also have, two. Types of this. Formation so it creates for because we have the. M. And. We. Also have, the. W. But. Then do. The M&W.

It. Can be an. M whereby. The. First leap is. Shorter, than the second league and. The, W can also have one rather by the first league is. Shorter than the second D we. Can also have an M or but the, first league, is. Longer. Than, the second day and. I tell you by firstly. It's. Longer than the. Second. So. This. Is the M end of you, right. Now we'll be going to the carton looking for them they don't just happen. In. A specific day or. Minute. Or hour now we find them on all time, from timeframes it will depend on your. Style. Of trading whether you'll be swinging inter-entity. Trading, or. Sculpey. A side note on a deal, you, can notice. We. Have an M here. This. Is an M. He's. An M, it's. For a deal. We. Also have one. Check. Is, another, one. It's, for ID. Then. There's, this. Is a possible. W-4. Machine. But. Then you. Have to use a confirmation. Strategies, so. That you can be sure this our this is for seniors those who trade long item frames then, if we go back to intraday, trading, you. Can also spot, an M, here. This. Is an M. And. Let me. Key. And we also have a double you. Also. Have this u, here. As. You can see okay, right now, we'll. Be dealing with. The. Stop loss, for. These M's and abused. Let. Me find. For. Amanda. And M as. Some. Sort of invest W so what I apply to the M also, applied to the W. Let's. Take it as this. Is our M, okay. Let's. Take it that, this is, our. Stop. Loss. Depends. Per se there's, some M's whereby. You find that the second leg is highest. Longer. Than the first leg so if, you put your stop loss around here you see you'll be stopped out so, a safe distance it's, somewhere, here because usually if it stops out that means this is no longer and, there's. A chance that this is no, longer an M. There's. A chance that there's a continuation. There's. A continuation. Because. There are sometimes continuations. I think, it's an M but. Then it's actually continued, if it was just what, we call a retest. On this level so. They, seem a place for that you can rotate. Your screen, if you want to see how to be, for aw. Okay. Now we'll be dealing. With how. To. Put. The trend line support. Horizontal. It Carlos, underlines all those ships on, the. Chart. So. What you will do is you just click. In your niche at then a second pop-up then. You will see these. Ships. Don't. See these ships. Then. Select. Them then. You'll. See vertical line or you, know the channels, whatever. Then depending, on what you wish to use but. Now let me plot, a trend. Line you. See you, will see that it. Kate. Moved. Moved. I was trying to select, this paintbrush, but, then the trend line was set so. Let's try again. See. If. It will also fool me that you've, inserted, this object on the chart let. Me add another trend. Line. Okay. So it, will show with, a blue, line at, the top right corner so. You. Click. Any one decide where you want it, to start then drag it across the chart to, I want it to end I cook, you put, it here. Then. I'll try get. If. It has these three. Black. Dots on it it, means that you can use them, to move it if, you like this, can. Use them a metal, rod moves the whole trend and then, the. Upper, one moves. The upper portion the, lower one moves the lower portion, like that as. You, can see. And. Then. If you want it for administration, let's see you trying to move your screen you see that that reminds you. Click. On it I condemn the total. That. What's all this I hear so therefore. You. Don't move unless you, click, on it again and appear.

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