The Next Cryptocurrency Coin To Go To The Moon?

The Next Cryptocurrency Coin To Go To The Moon?

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What, is going on snipers, Nayeem a little baby here I hope you're all enjoying your date today let's go ahead and just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency, content. And analysis, for today this is gonna be an exciting video and a continuation, of our video we posted about a month ago if you don't remember the most undervalued coin, of 2018. Being, the by Nancy Koehn where is only about. 10,000. Satoshis and you can see now we've, surpassed, that, and we're now heading towards 16,000. Satoshi's and forming, this beautiful, cup and handle if you don't want a cup and handle is you can see it's a continuation, pattern and an indicator of a breakout and the best way to indicate this is the right hand of the diagram, showing low trading volume we're seeing that here with this negative divergence the. MACD, about, to start turning to, see that buyer, sentiment. Come in and with, the RSI, heading, straight up I believe this is gonna be the next breakout, and we're also gonna be talking about a verge. Asking. Me anything, with the CEO, of verge coming, up this week we're, gonna be allowing. Each and every one of you guys to actually submit questions, I already put the link in the description, it's on slide, o which is SLI, dot. Do and, then you can go there and type in T eight one eight and join, this and go ahead and ask a question or even vote on current, existing. Questions for, me to ask the, CEO of verge coming, up around this, Friday so it's gonna be exciting and I also got a little bit of some extra information is on the phone with. You. Resistance. So what will draw here is the Fibonacci retracement, this helps a lot with predicting, potential, resistance and support levels and I'll take it from the top here from this breakout all the way down to, them this area here I typically, find some really good patterns, when we do the Fibonacci in this manner you can see we just broke, through new, zones in the Fibonacci retracement, heading towards, this point six one eight and you can see how with, this breakout initially, we were seeing some resistance, here we broke, right through it and now we're seeing even further, upside and what's really cool about this is we've, broken, this huge resistance of nine thousand so now the next, real resistance level, is right, around that ten thousand or nine thousand eight hundred dollar mark and I, think we'll definitely see resistance, there but it's not going to be the end for Bitcoin, in my opinion, knowing, that we're above the 200-day moving average, as you can see here the 200-day moving average, depicted.

Here We've bounced, off top of that and in my opinion that's a very bullish sign for Bitcoin over the long term and we are expecting a pullback this is actually what we drew out several days ago and it's following, exactly, what we predicted as we went ahead and broke right through that sixty and it's exciting to know that bitcoin is starting to head up and not only that we're seeing a ton of institutional. Investors come into the market as we've talked about in the past now, what's interesting about. B&B. In my opinion, just, to kind of touch on this is the, fact that they've announced today, that they are allowing individuals. To go ahead and convert their. Decimal, coins over to B and B this is a big deal some, people might not see this is a big deal but in my opinion it is because who here gets frustrated. When you have like point zero zero zero zero one icon, or point zero zero zero one stellar or point zero zero zero on a OS right let's see what the live audience say you guys get like frustrated, when you have these point zero zero zero zero decimal. Coins of course we do it's not something, that is so. User, friendly and, Finance. Is obviously making improvements. They're going on their own blockchain, soon there's so much good news here for the by Nantz coin and it's so undervalued, in my opinion, it's forming this beautiful cup and handle it's looking a lot like what Els formed, before seeing this huge breakout, you can see EOS did the same exact thing it went up it formed, the cup formed the handle, and now it's to the moon so in my, opinion with AOS it, seems such a high. Amount of exuberance, I was actually talking to a friend, of mine who, knows, the EOS team, and the founder and they're. Making a lot of moves. Right now and I'm gonna tell you what they have not even spent any money on advertising yet. And when. A lot, of these ICS are coming out and they're theory and platform and realizing how slow their blockchain is a lot, of them are gonna start transferring over to the, EOS platform in my opinion, James. Greenways saying I don't seem to have a convert, to B and B option I'm sure they're rolling out slowly, but the point is they're rolling it out Richard. Said yes mo, discuss says I hate it, Jose. Says I have a ton of stat oh she's just sitting there yeah, it sucks right but, now they've come up with that solution in my opinion that's a very bullish move for, the by Nance coin now in, other news here check this out pretty. Big deal, Bitcoin. Dot-com. Roger mr.. Versi, owns this website right he's you know Roger burr all about Bitcoin cash check. This out what do you guys think about this Bitcoin, bch, Bitcoin, core BTC, I think, that's extremely, misleading and. In my opinion a lot of people have been asking me about what I think about Bitcoin, cash and if, you guys watched our video yesterday we talked about how, the. Bitcoin. Lightning. Network in the past two weeks has already doubled its, amount of transaction, volume and it, is working extremely well and in my opinion when. Bitcoins, lightning, never comes out I just don't know if Bitcoin, cash is necessarily gonna be deemed, as something. That has any sort of intrinsic value if bitcoins, core. Coin. And development, is already going towards that Lightning Network implementation. That's going to already fix, the things that Bitcoin cash is supposed to fix for, merchants use so in, my opinion, this, is not looking so good for Bitcoin, cash especially, because they're doing this this is extremely misleading in my opinion you can trick a lot of people by, doing this especially people just coming into the market I think this is completely messed. Up Chris Green says F Roger ver well, you got to be nice here Roger Byrne has done a lot for the community and remember. Roger ever was part, of the early, contributions. Of the development, of Bitcoin and he's, a very important figure and role model but end of the day you, know I just don't know if I can agree with what he's doing here with Bitcoin comm especially with that prominent, of an in this marketplace but, with some other good news here Bitcoin is becoming a regular market, alternative, Forex if you guys don't know my story I started in traditional markets I started in forex and now, that I'm seeing articles like this come out it's, so fascinating to me and it makes me so much more bullish, about this whole market in general knowing, that we're under five hundred billion in total market cap whereas residential, real estate is a 20 plus trillion, dollar industry and, gold, is a seven trillion dollar, plus industry a lot higher than that so that, is so, bullish.

In My opinion, you can see here in this article at the end it says Kryptos, are entering the second stage with the big player starting. To move in and that's what we've been talking about for quite some time your Goldman Sachs hiring. Their vice president, head of digital assets, market this is a big deal the fifth largest bank of the United States has finally, stepped into the crypto space by making their first hire for a cryptocurrency unit, Justin, Schmidt Schmidt, what. A Schmidt Justin, you're such a Schmidt. That's a funny last name I've always laughed, at that last name I like it if your last name is Schmidt you're, such a. Justin. Schmidt has been a crypto traitor for more than a year why am i highlighting, more than a year because guess what for those of you just now coming into this whole. Industry. This whole market this whole community right like, everything, is going to the moon and everything is going great well yeah I mean II OS just doubled, in the past week so if you put in a million dollars you just made a million dollars right so that is a big deal that is a very bullish market that's a big opportunity but, I think there's even a bigger opportunity in the industry itself for those of you that might not be as you. Know, trading. Savvy and just want to take advantage of the industry and as a whole there's, gonna be so much job opportunities. Coming in this industry and if I were you I would highly recommend starting. To study and understand, the blockchain and the cryptocurrency market. In general and with that being said why don't we just give away a book to help some of you understand. It let's do a live book, giveaway and we'll, do a simple question, here I've talked about this in the past but we always talk about the RSI, right let's. See who pays attention here. On snipers tube what is the RSI stand, for let's see what the live audience says what, is the RSI, stand for very simple question we've asked this in the past but let's give away book. Somebody. Says you know everyone let's like the video and get to like, 200 likes before Nayeem gets online, RF, dusty, absolutely. I would very much appreciate alike, and, that, would be awesome, Ryan Ross says yes ESS I love books let's. See William, Sanchez says yay free book well. What does our size stand for Ryan Ross you one brother first one I saw says, relative, strength index we, didn't spell it right but I never said you have to spell it right so good, job Ryan Ross that's a book for you send me a message on twitter at sniper's tube and if. You, guys want books we're giving away books for, the next 7 days straight, on our Twitter it's a sniper's, tube and we're, gonna be giving away some really cool books even principals by Ray Dalio which, is a little bit more of an intricate book this one as well, mastering, bitcoin for those of you a little bit more advanced, I wouldn't recommend this if you're just now getting in to the marketplace but, with, that being said check. This out here so I saw, this article here Goldman Sachs inches closer to launching a bitcoin trading that's and it correlates with the article previously, with the golden math Goldman, Sachs hiring, somebody for their cryptocurrency unit, but what's cool about this is if you see here if the bank goes ahead with this concept institutional. Money can send massive, shockwaves, throughout the industry everything, that we're seeing right now in the press is about institutional, money coming into the market and that is exactly, what we're seeing at all these blockchain, conferences, and all these events that I'm personally, attending, I'm seeing, a lot of institutional, interest I'm seeing, a lot of big-time investors. Looking. To get into this market and that's where the market is going to start doubling, in size if you look at coin market cap right now you, could see total, market, cap right now at four hundred and thirty four billion dollars, whereas, it was under, three, hundred billion a couple, weeks ago that is a big deal here, are some of the coins by the way that I highlighted, for, today's. Video as being, less. Liquid. As other coins in regards, to all of the money that has come into the market recently and we've. Been doing this for a past, couple days and it's been working really well we actually called out neo finance, coin we called out the. SIA. Kinda, silica, breakout and it was just by utilizing this strategy, and what I'm seeing right now is a couple coins right now that aren't seeing as much exuberance, as others AOS completely. Overbought 80%. Of in the last seven days Bitcoin, cash 90%, of it was a hundred, percent yesterday, so I see a lot of uses being completely o but but, Bitcoin, probably, being the least overbought, coin right now only, 18% up in the last seven days in my opinion I'd, be the most bullish, about Bitcoin, so if.

We Were to do a Bitcoin technical analysis year we're going to a little bit more depth but now we kind of skip that you can see we still have a little bit more some, room to go here with this RSI, once, this RSI can start to head up past. 70. That, is when it will get into its overbought, range so, let's go ahead and reinsert, this RSI, standard. There so you can see we still have a little bit of room to go I still expect this to start going up I am sending up some trailing stop losses to ensure, that, as Bitcoin starts to go up I am by the way hedging against the all point marked it right now with Bitcoin because as you, can see it is probably the best hedge against Bitcoin right now being that it's only 18 percent up versus, the majority the market over 30 percent and then the minority. Of the market over 20 percent like steam for example which i think is completely undervalued. Right now and when altcoins, pullback I'm gonna be looking at some of these coins I have not yet seen these exuberance, like. The finance, coin amiss go steam V chain nem, me o litecoin, Bitcoin, because of the fact that they, are not. As overbought. As some of these other coins whereas, the majority the market right now even if you were to look at the RSI, is over, 70, which means that, the whole markets, overbought and we are due for a pullback because there's always going to be people taking profits nothing, just goes all the way up there's always fluctuations. If you don't know how market cycles work this works in the. Long term charts and this also works in a short term chart right this is a one-hour chart in a one-day trying in a one-week chart markets go like this up and down right, sometimes, there's trends, sometimes there's downtrend, but the end of the day it's an up-and-down, motion, and, that's how markets work so you have to be able to play those ups and downs if you are swing trading unless, you get in your long term positions. Somebody, says neo /, EO s I don't know yo S is making some big moves man Brock Pierce, is killing, it him and his wife she, also has her own coin, called. Sensei. And that's also a really cool coin as well they. Basically put value, on human intelligence, so let's. Pull up more of this technical, analysis here so the next resistance, really is around that 9800.

Level And you can see we've, broken through these Fibonacci retracement, levels just kind of sewing right there was actually removed this to give you a little bit of a better perspective of what we're watching here so we, actually went ahead and did not form, that cup and handle that we initially, said there was a 40% chance that we'd form we went right through that in my opinion that's extremely, bullish for. Bitcoin, and at, this point I am expecting, a little bit of some further highs but, as this MACD, starts to get a little bit more over stretched, in my, opinion we're gonna start to see a little bit of some of some. Profits being taken because you can see here we are starting into this buy zone but, typically once we get here there's gonna be that pullback and in my opinion you're seeing here there is a pattern here of this positive, divergence for, me with this MACD so I think what we're gonna see with the MACD instead of it going straight up being. That a lot of people do want to take some profits as we all know I think we'll see a little bit of some upside but I think what's gonna happen is it's gonna curve back we'll see a little bit of some downside, and it's, going to follow this pattern right here and that would be the most ideal scenario, to walk, into June with. Possibly. Seeing new, all-time highs with Bitcoin surpassing. 20,000, and it would be if it followed this pattern and that would make a hundred percent sense as more retail investors, push into the market as a more institutional, money puts input pushes, into the market and that's what I'm expecting here so let's. Talk about some secret, news that I got about. Verge so I had, the individual for mine geek give me a call yesterday and, I want you guys to understand, the verge team is not that big, therefore. There's not gonna be as much of a, community. I guess. Update. You know on a constant, basis, like you see with these larger teams like ripple for example that has over, 80 90 employees so. When, you're talking about a coin like verge understand, that they are making some big moves I was talk to this guy yesterday I was like man a lot of people my comments, were kind, of putting Virg down and I, was pretty bullish about Virg once I made the partnership I thought that was a great idea I was like man Manero would love to be accepted, by you, know the largest adult entertainment company in the world so I'm like what type of daily transactions. Are you typically seeing in mind. Geek in general he said over, six hundred. Thousand. Dollars a day in, memberships. He says they convert over 30%, one-third of the. People that come into their. Traffic, so that's, huge, I mean that was a number that I wasn't even aware of not, only that he kind of mentioned, in the phone call well verge, is actually working on a partnership coming, up at the. End of April, that they're gonna announce soon so once. Again this is a half, and a half trusted, source this was just the conversation I had and if he's watching this video I mean you told me this so I hope this is fine that I say this but you, know I think that's pretty cool knowing that they have that potential partnership I think it might have to do the mobile game company that they were talking about previously, and the, reason I'm mentioning all this is I saw this post here and I got 78, up votes and I was like why do I address the information that I have just I could provide more for the community so in my, opinion verge is going to see some exuberance, soon it's been completely, oversold, we're looking at some of these points here at coins that have been oversold sorry, we had a trade alert for Virg recently, and that wasn't going so well unfortunately but I still, think it's a coin to huddle because, understand. Use cases went up and verges better now, than it was before and bear, to look at verges ta here you can see here we have this huge drop, and now we're starting to consolidate, forming, this descending, triangle, so you, can see these, descending. Resistance, levels and then, we've got this. Flat. Support. Level and if you don't know how this pattern looks I'll go ahead and show you exactly what this pattern indicates. Here and, by. The way this is our discord. The link is in the description, here but they're sending triangle here is typically when you have these descending, resistance levels and you. Have these levels, of support so in, my, opinion it is showing that it is forming. A very, bearish pattern however I just don't see it seeing much more downside, you know a lot of times when these type of patterns form sometimes.

They Don't, necessarily go, the, way you might expect them to go right and in, my opinion there's so much upside, potential here for a verge because it had all these higher price levels before this partnership, so, there's no reason for it to be going down so in my opinion I'm still very bullish on Virg regardless, of the descending triangle I think that, knowing, that we had this huge upswing. In price we might need to wait for this MACD, to see a little bit more of some sellers, get, rid of their positions, before seeing that swing but I think that is gonna be a swing stone I think it's going to be a large swing you can see we're starting a head back down so in, my opinion this was probably a bad trade alert and I'm, being honest yeah I don't make the best calls always I tried, best and at. First, we saw I thought you know we saw a double bottom here in RSI but obviously it's starting to go further down so, I would probably let go of your position at this point it is forming descending triangle that's just a straight truth it was a bad call on my end and I'm sorry you know I I, made, the call - you know I lost a little bit - on that but my stop-loss was already triggered you, can see we're forming the descending triangle or most likely to see further downside, but I'm still very bullish about verge right I'm expecting, this to start going a little bit like that maybe, finding, a little bit of support along I Fibonacci retracement, but if you pull up the 1-day chart you can see here in, my opinion will most likely bounce right, on that either this. Previous, support level or right. At 40, because 40 is where we bounce with the buy nance coin and that's an own level of support with RSI because, anything under 4 would be extremely bearish so I think the correction, will take it down to 40 and we'll possibly see a balance there but, at this point I wouldn't get a position in Verge I would wait especially with the altcoin pullback that we're expecting but, once that pulls back I think that, it's going to be a coin to get a position and for, the long term knowing that they are establishing these large partnerships. Tony, Corona says mad props bra props. For what Thank You Jose, Saldana says apology, accepted.

Thank You Peter, says I like your approach Thank. You Marc says it's okay we all make mistakes you guys are awesome give me a hug give, me a hug how about this why, don't we do. Another book giveaway by the way if you guys appreciate, these live streams I'd really appreciate you. Liking, this video takes, a minute to just click the button and it really helps out with our exposure, on the channel and we want to grow this channel as large as we can obviously because we can provide more value and it can get me into doors that I typically can't get into and bring you guys more information, right maybe. People are going to stop giving me information if they start realizing I release all the information, but who cares, Steven IGN says lost, 8% on Virg I saw, it left a comment about descending, triangle and no one engaged ouch yeah. Well, thank. You for posting that Steven hopefully, somebody was. Safe from that Andrew, so this is your great thank you brother so, why don't we do a book giveaway here what does the MACD, stand for let's, see if people know the MACD, Stanford I've talked about the MACD before the. MACD, this. Is the MACD, what. Is the Maki Maki D stand for. Somebody. Says been two months names still no book mike wiley send me a message on twitter at snipers tomb we have to find out what's going on sorry, about that, Pranjal. Pondy says can you do a technical analysis on Tron please yeah, let's do it we'll do a TRX, technical, analysis we'll take some user requests as well so we'll do some user, requests, ta before. We end this stream and let's. See who wins the book here Robert. Moving average Convergence divergence. Congratulations. Robert send. Me a message on Twitter. A sniper, student will verify your account on YouTube, and get you that book. Luisa, B is saying David Berlie says moving average Convergence michael, says moving average. Somebody. Says McDonald's. Erik's. Well says McDonald's. Ha that's. Hilarious, so let's do a Tron technical analysis we're seeing quite the bit of exuberance, they have their main net coming up so, it's expected for us to see any sort of exuberance by the way if you want some food for thought any time a main net is set to launch. It. Adds a ton of intrinsic value to coins that's why you CEOs. And Tron, breaking, out but when, we pull up this chart here on the one day you can see with the RSI we are completely overbought, here so if, we look at the 60 you can see out it acted as some resistance, we broke out of that we saw this huge breakout you can see here we saw a little bit of a curve here but. It wasn't enough to take Tron, down and went straight through, now these overbought, levels and at this point it is seeing, a huge, huge. Rise, in price remember, you can never determine magnitude, you can always determine price movement so it's, show it's showing here based on the MACD there's probably gonna be some more upward. Price action because, you can see that curve starting to occur you've got this positive, divergence here, with a very thin. Correlation. Which is amazing, because that means that we'd, most likely see this MACD, follow this type, of trend which. Is very very bullish we, can start to see the the. Bullish, histogram. What, the buyers coming in right now now if, we were to pull up the one hour and. See, here actually. Let's see where we bounced off of in terms of moving, averages yeah we bounced off of that 50-day we shot right up in my opinion there's way, too much exuberance, right now to justify. A position right now and. We are approaching this known resistance, level so. If you look at this resistance, you can see we have this resistance level forming, right, there's actually a really strong one right here it. Looks to be right around, three. Hundred and eighty, three thousand, Satoshi's and, what's.

Also Interesting, is, it's forming, this very big, cup, and handle as well so. That would be interesting to see if this were to, actually go like this this. Would probably be the best time and get in right let, it bounce off that resistance, let, that handle form that. Handle most likely find support, right here where we saw very strong resistance and we saw a little bit of support here and then, that would be my entry point so if I were waiting. To get a position in Tron I would wait for that handle to form we're expecting, some downside, with altcoins anyways so we might as well let that handle form let, it bounce off that support, line which, was, previously resistance. If you guys know technical, analysis, previous. Resistance levels typically act as future, support levels so I would say that's the best way, to handle the Tron. Trade. Right now so any other requests. Before, we wrap. This baby, up, by. The way if you guys want, to ask a, question for the, CEO, of, Virg. Who, has been to jail I think over. Seven times then. Go ahead and go on our, SLI. Dot, do the, link is in the description, then you can type in our code. T eight one eight and you, can see people already asking, questions, people, are asking questions, for, the live stream on this but we'll, see the best questions we you, know up voted the most so I, will ask Justin any question you guys submit that gets a lot of uploads somebody. Says XRP Stan, Smith says XRP, Satoshi Yoshi says B CH John, Doe says e TN John Doe I don't think trainee of you has an e TN char James, Greenway says x LM I love, stellar Chris. Green says allegedly. Allegedly. Yeah, exactly, that's what I heard so that's why I said allegedly, thank you for adding that word I didn't use the word correctly, Allen, says hain item can you confirm that is that a cup and handle forming on the 88 daily, that's, a quick confirmation. Let's give a quick confirmation to our buddy here our buddy. Allen, Billick. Know. This would be a bottom, so rounding, bottoms are a little bit different with, a rounding bottom you're, coming from a descent, right so, instead of the cup and head or coming from a breakout you're coming from a descent, so you can see here this is a beautiful rounding, bottom. Very, very beautiful rounding, bottom actually you can see here we've, come from this descent. Right. Here and. Will. Most likely see this start to drop an expectation, of all coins dropping to I think, will most likely see, support, right around two. Thousand seven hundred and sixty one Satoshi's being that we found some strong resistance here previously and that's where we found initial support here as well and once.

This Forms, in my opinion, I think we're gonna be rejected once again here I think, the rejection will occur right around thirty, six ten so. I think we'll see a rejection to complete the, formation. Of the handle once, that handle forms I think that's going to be the best entry point once again to, then go, ahead and expect. That break out for. Cardno, so hopefully, that assists, in some way but, this is a rounding bottom not a cup and handle Allen hopefully. That helps out, sterling. Says beautiful, bottom, thank. You, Tony. Kuroda says if you believe we are due for altcoin, pullback. Should. I weigh on adding to my B&B position, I think, B & B would act a little bit different BnB is a anomaly. Right now being remember B & B was going down while all coins were going up look. That B&B, was for, the most part going down so, it did not see the exuberance, so it's actually the opposite, I think it would be a hedge against, the pull, back just like bitcoin is almost acting as a hedge right. And we've been talking about being me for quite a while now so. Xavier, says. Why are you expecting alts to drop well it just makes sense anytime you see a large, amount of exuberance, people want to take profits right so you obviously, will get a pullback but it's healthy right the, healthiest, pullback we can see right now is about a 5 to 12 percent pullback, in my opinion so we need to see a red, wave, in the market to justify, all of these high, price levels or else it becomes a speculative, bubble like we saw in December right, we, don't want this, type of assumes we want a consistent. Price. Action. Andres. Has never seen you do nano. Now they're requesting. It in different ways now. They're trying to be slick I remember. Somebody once said man, you never take my requests and then they put. Xpg. So. They can like make me feel bad and then do the request buy. Low sell high I like that name says in cash. Rasheed. Says great video thank you brother nuevo says you too man any. More requests here I see, a lot of requests here for ETH, let's. Do each eh USD, here aetherium. USB. Let's. Go ahead and do the technical analysis, here so. We, talked about this once. Again we talked about us going. Up a little bit higher and now. We are approaching these overbought, levels remember we drew this out yesterday. So we're following the exact pattern we talked about remember we talked about downside. To upside look at that trade yesterday we basically did a trade alert on these live streams right so, understand. That there's, obvious. Patterns, and you can see this is a very strong resistance level it's a fibonacci zone, and it's also strong resistance in support levels so in my, opinion we're, gonna see that pullback and it just makes sense right now that pullback might not be that much but. If it happens this is gonna be a beautiful rounding. Bottom once again we don't see a breakout this is coming from a descent but if we can form that handle I think that would be ideal here, at that Fibonacci retracement, it just makes sense right if you're the 4-hour you can see exactly what I'm talking about so you see how this acted as support well, you can see it's most likely to act as resistance we're already seeing a little bit resistance of that red candle so I think we'll see a little bit of a retracement, back and that's, an expectation, of that full pullback so hopefully.

You All enjoyed this video once. Again for. The next 7 days we're giving away books on twitter at snipers. Tube and I'm. Gonna wrap this baby up I'd really appreciate a, like on this video before you leave but. We will be live tomorrow thank, you all for. Tuning in you're very welcome Andrew for the shoutout, Justin, R says top holds for 2018. I would, say by Nantz coin I, would, say. Gos. If you've already had it maybe. Wait for a little bit of some pullback because there's gonna be so many applications, built on that and, Bitcoin. I'm very bullish on because, Bitcoin it's not gonna be deemed as security it doesn't pass the Howey test but. Thank you all for tuning in and until. Our next one. As always. Snipers. Out.

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Binance just made a silent but substantial upgrade to their platform. They are now allowing you to transfer decimal coins to their Binance Coin (BNB). This might not seem like a big deal but this is a huge step forward as it puts Binance on the forefront of being the number one exchange to trade cryptocurrencies which has obvious use-case and intrinsic value. With quarterly coin burns, a growing community, and an upcoming proprietary Blockchain, we believe the Binance Coin (BNB) is a hidden gem. Let’s see if we can find some other diamonds in the rough. Subscribe for more knowledge! Like if you enjoyed! ►Become a Patron! (Trade Alerts & Masterminds) ►"ASK ME ANYTHING" With VERGE CEO: Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below! Also connect with us on any platform you prefer for non-stop action! Video Timestamps: 00:01 - Intro 01:18 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis 02:30 - BNB Binance coin 03:15 - EOS Technical Analysis 04:13 - News - Bitcoin 04:34 - Bitcoin Cash 05:45 - News - Bitcoin is "Becoming a regular Market,.... 06:24 - Article: Goldman Sachs hires their Vice..... 07:29 - Book Give Away! 08:35 - Article: Goldman Sachs inches closer to...... 09:20 - Coinmarketcap 10:20 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2 13:33 - Secret News About Verge! 15:27 - Verge Technical Analysis 18:09 - Book Give Away! 19:16 - Tron Technical Analysis 23:16 - Q&A - ADA review.... 26:16 - ETH Technical Analysis

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The BNB breakout was clearly because of the rising wedge pattern on the Daily BNB/USD chart... nothing to do with BNB/BTC pair IMO... I understand why you do technical analysis on coins where their volume is primarily traded on the BTC pair, but I dont get why youd do it for coins that are primarily traded with the USD pair.. For example the BNB coin.. or ETH, NEO, ect..

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ian!

Notifcation squaaad>?


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy heeeeeyyyyyy heeeeeeeeeeeeey .... Really love! Niaem's energy, sorry if I spelled your name wrong....

Heeeeeeey Brian! Thank you so much for the support! Watch out for more videos soon.

could you look at crpt

Hello Aubrey! Will definitely consider making a video like that! Thank you for your support!

heyy huge fan from dominican republic would like to know about your thought on QLINK

Hello Gustavo! Thank you for watching and for your support. I will consider making a video about QLINK.

On binance where it shows the high and low of a coin what is that based on cause i see that it went lower than the low its showing sorry if its a dumb question

Thanks for sharing good stuff

Always man I am on almost everyone and a Sapphires just had a number of stop outs, I will be looking forward to the next alert :)

Thank you for the feedback and for the support Brian! I am really glad to have you here.

Hacken HKN will go to the moon soon.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Bob!

BITCOIN CORE IS A effing WALLET, NOT A CURRENCY. Sorry for the screaming. Lower than the lowest ERC20, Bcash is Bcash. Trash is money too.

Great job Naeem. You are now on my top three list for Crypto characters and I will be spreading your channel to everybody I come across. Looking forward to your future broadcasts and to the crypto market in general. Thanks again. (SnipersTube is a cool name)

Thank you so much brother, that means a lot. I am glad you are here!

AION main net launch later today, Wednesday.

damn, i keep missing the live streams. good video dude, much appreciated

Thank you for the support Luke! You can always tune in next time!

How to trade Bitcoin with the Relative Strength Index

Relative stress index and is an average of the previous candles closing price. It can be customized and to that average and depending on the type of RSI there is an average that smooths the lines using 3 full days

And dude BTC just did something I have never seen before. From 9560 to 9450 and back to 9583. Jajajaja. This is it jajajajjajaja love it

With this I think Finally Verge is going up soon.

EOS is just coming out of a double cup and handle, and just broke 60% on the RSI - she ain't overbought!

Sweet, scored a bnb from the bnb decimal transfer!

Thanks for the dust to BNB tip!

Where should i have stop loss set at now?

Fuck Bitcoin judas. While he may have been valuable long ago, ver is nothing more than a narcissist man-boy judas and even his name should not be capitalized for such a wad of jizz he is.


relative sgrengh index

good, waiting for someone to do just that

I do it for you guys!

My amigos load up on ETN!!!

Thanks for all the dope info, signed up after watching like 15 of your videos you know your shit!

Can you review babb?

ETN. Fork May 30.

Unfortunately I work during the live streams, but i just bought the internet of money! Thanks for the vids Naeem!

Another great Naeem vid!! True quality content. Thx!!

Weird how you have completely turned around on verge and now your doing a interview with verge lol. There are so many better places to put money long term do interviews and videos on anything but verge lol like EOS

Is it just me or others are also experiencing the Voice Data Mismatch in this video.

I respect what you bring to the table as far as TA and you are one of the only Crypto channels I watch daily...but Verge is going down because they come off like scammers. That pseudo "partnership" was crap, no one goes to Pornhub to pay, they go for free content. Trust they make no real money from premium, its damn near all from ads. Then they claim they needed to raise $3mill for that? I’m from the streets I know a crypto gangster when I see one

Everything Okay??? No video yesterday?? I hope all is well and I’m looking forward to your analysis today.

Great to know that, Bro! Thanks for watching.

Interesting thought! Thank you brother!

The next coin going to the moon is ECA. I love your channel and analysis, man. Would you mind doing some coverage about ECA's potential? It's one that I'm invested in and the more I learn about it, the more I think it has major potential for this year....

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I recommend buying verge xvg Partnership Token pay Spotify Tinder and added to coinbase soon 0.7 easily

Hey Ben! Thank you so much for the support. I am really glad to have you here.

Long time listener first time messaging. Lol you said you LOVE STEllar but do you use it??????? Smartlands????? Xim???? Great job to all the sniper's

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