The New Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10

The New Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10

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Welcome aboard the world's first. Seven eight seven - ten inaugural. Flights, welcome. Good. Evening Boeing. South, Carolina. The. Delivery, of our newest member, of the 787. R78. 7-10. Just. Look at how beautiful. She looks, in the Singapore, Airlines livery. Built. In Charleston, and with, engines, that, are built in Singapore. The. 787. - 10 is powered, by the tren 1,000, TN te. N, stands, for thrust efficiency. And new technology. For this groundbreaking aeroplane. It. Is an honour for us to, be. The world's first Airlines, to, take delivery of this amazing. Aircraft. The. 787 - tren is indeed, a magnificent. Piece of engineering, and truly. A work, of art for. Those of you who are travelling with us on this delivery flight to, Singapore tomorrow I hope you'll be pleased with a new product you, will. Be the first in a world to experience it before. The aircraft goes into, commercial, service. Sam. Let, me introduce to you our new regional, business class seat on baka polling 77%. Dreamliner. The. Three main key, features of the seat includes the fleet segment as if you see here with. No one Emrys. Secondly. There, is direct our access, as you can see for every passenger and last but not least a sensor. Divider that allows. For customized, privacy. We. Also have a vanity mirror yeah. Personal. Storage space a business, panel and a. Little something special yeah. Let. Me show you how, add the function in the economy, class. So. First for the hit rest you can just adjust it, to get yourself comfortable and then. I can put it back and lift it up if you can move it forward, how. Do you feel. Let's. Go and then there's a neck lumbar for your comfort, you all right, you, can lean back and feel it oh this is yeah I feel my neck there's a. Yeah. It's. Easy right oh very, comfortable no I'm feeling like you know. In. Rate you'll find a fury that's the business panel, they can charge a phone and the. Call button this. Is one of our biggest economy, class um screen, yeah. Touchable. Yes, exactly. And. You, can track your laptop. Over here yeah. So you have every seat have a charging power, mr., Cole again. Good. He'll again yeah and awesome it's so awesome to actually have a CEO directly, talking to me allow. Me I'll they'll take my shirts off to you sir sure. Wow. Days, great. Wonderful. I. Don't. Think you fit the to excel uh I, probably, know but I won't take any signs oh I actually. In fact try to get all the crew all the love, to. Make sure the delivery successful. Flight here this is lovely thank you so much thank you sir so, your Singapore Airlines in in my, opinion is one of the top five star carrier great how, are you able to satisfy your passenger, yeah like how you able to deliver continue, to deliver and what kind of edge Singapore, Airlines over, your competitor, look, at this product this. Is supposed. To be something will deploy our medium-haul and region, arouse yes and I think it's fair to say that this. Is an unparallel, product when it comes to meeting poor you know regional, product offerings, your, passenger is truly one of the more spoiled, passengers. We. We our mission, is to make sure we give the best to our customers.

One More question that this is a tough one. What. Did you like more the a350. Are the seven eights. And. You have both large amount of orders yes, I like. Both of course this is a latest, product, but, even as we speak as know just like Singapore Airlines we will always be looking at the next generation, of new products, in fact as we speak our customer. Our colleagues, in product, innovation, engineering, are already. Beginning, its research, to look for the next product that we would like to introduce on, the trip a 79. So. Exactly. Yeah so we're going to go out to our customers, to understand again what they, would like to see, in, new. Aircraft, they say four years five years from now now, I'm gonna invite mr. Gould to have a competition, I see. It okay that's really to win this competition so guys this is the one of the first race. Because. We are one of the first to sit on this brand new 787 10 now mr. Gowda CEO of Singapore Airlines he's, gonna raise it together with me to recline see who get. To the fully flat back first, will win this my. Way sir it's their prize or something like a key ship oh yeah if, you win I'll get you my t-shirt that's of course if you will I'll get some other t-shirt give it you know if I think I'm gonna get a first-class ticket for prize. And. Also I have the referee here and. So, stay cool you're ready for the race already. Yeah you might lose a first-class ticket again. Two three. I think, you're gonna wave because you're smaller than me oh my gosh. Together. Together. It's. A joy all. Right thank you sir thank you thank you very well incidentally. 200. Much. Wider, like. That guys I like it because it's really flat and very good it has this cocoon here so it's good, privacy, she'll the, delivery, flight of the world's first Boeing 787, - 10 is scheduled, to depart at 10 p.m. in the evening from, Boeing South Carolina, and Houston this, is the site where Boeing 787, - 10 is built exclusively, this. Is going to be the longest delivering, fly with flight time just under 24. Hours. Hi.

You. See the situation yeah. Thank, you city capabilities. Are straight across in check. Thank, you. Welcome. Aboard or, first, Boeing seven, eighths of - 10 is carry, 72. Juliet's, in this way please. Oh. 15, D. You're. Going comfortable, Singapore, Airlines give you an upgrade today so, 15-day please turn left turn, back. As. You can tell already there plenty of excitement of for off board a delivery flight Boeing. And Singapore, Airlines top management, suppliers, and media from all over the world excited, mats what, do you think about the semi. 7-10, I, think. It's amazing you know I've never done delivery. Fight before so the experience, this is. Quite. Surreal, to me. And seats are great and someone, who. Flies, a climbing, lot I'm very impressed by their kind of classroom are, you gonna fly economy tonight, yep, I'm gonna spend seven hours in the back of this bus. Could, you share with us what the flying time will be to Osaka, today. The winds are quite good actually a 5 as 14 hours and 25 minutes. 85%. Of itself. Mm. Initially. And along, the way as a week. Well, thank you very much sir I wish you a good flight I should t-shirt for the location, on this 787. Dreamliner. Flank the better percent one which is the CEO of Singapore, Airlines. When. I allow, you to send you the specialty. Chair xlix historic. Location. The, advantage of delivery fly is you get to film as much content as you like for promotion, of course, you get to try out a new product and dismally relies before, the general public. The. Fried, egg body, part of a tree tree very. Shoddy evening. We are coming up not, if you went a lot of you are wrongly. Reading. About those the, North. West. And. Crossing. Into. Canada in. Those. Alaska, Alaska. Oval-shaped. Across, the. Pacific, to the cottage Japan and getting. Left out the wrong side. Baby's. Not Singapore. Toy. I'm, not, going, and with me is mr. Dinesh, and he. The senior. Vice president of sales in Asia PAC so, obviously, he's very proud, he's so dis airplane to Singapore. Airlines salutely there's only one inaugural, flight in the world and this is the launch 77. - night flight data we made history tonight that's on the way to Singapore Nessa and Ganesh now, I want to know is, why. Singapore Airlines Bob 2-10 what's, the difference between - 10 to the 7, days that's a 10-9 that. You already have over 650. Flying, in the world perfect, so 787. Is a family, and, as, you correctly said we, have delivered 650. Which, are - 8 + - 9 and what's. So special about - 10 is, if you want to make even more money than, you make it with - a 10-9, this. Is the airplane this, airplane, has about. 40, more seats and the dash 9 and by. That you, can reduce, your cost per seat I want to run the airline to the answer yeah called air Sam tree yeah because I have so many you to supporter, in yes yes, they, would love to come on my air on their fire lines gonna have a swimming pool a casino inside, and you able to deliver something like an endpoint do anything, as long as you are right amount of money all right, would. You give me a discount if, I pay you with cash absolutely. We are we always give you the best price that will. Give you the value, that you can make money with that is why we sold thousands, of airplanes because, our customers, enjoy. Correct, airline customers, like you will make money with oh my gosh I have $160. Right now what do I get the dish you can start collecting back you give it to me that I'll keep it for you and when you get more you come see me alright. Sam. Welcome on to our delivery, flight as you can see is not a regular, flight, today. We have catering from Boeing, tonight's. Dinner will be teriyaki, chicken beef. Filet grilled, salmon and start, portobello, mushroom. Which. Would you like for dinner. So. Guys because, this is a delivery play everything is catered from Boeing and it's, not the usual Singapore, Airlines center as you would expect as you would know we. Got everything, plastic, tray. Disposable. Plastic. Knife plastic, fork but. The food is good like I have the teriyaki chicken, here smells, very nice. Key. Lime tart and. Green. Salad with smoked, salmon this, appetizer. And. A Brad roll. All. The media members had a very long day since early morning with interviews, and tour bowing plants so after dinner we were super tired and, Kevon light was dimmed for much-needed, rest I slept, about eight hours soundly, before, the breakfast service as we approached the other side of the Pacific.

Root, Vegetable, homeless and this is the vegetarian, choice which is this rebel in. Your. Ham and cheese omelet the dreams and joy. It was quite a standard flight the plane performed, flawlessly like, it has over the last couple, of days a very, smooth right, and nice. Landing as well. No, the plane is a very impressive plane you know it's, a very efficient, we're, quite impressed with its fuel, burning efficiency very. Nicely all right good to know Thank You captain thank you and how do you feel after flying, 14, hours and 30 minutes. I'm. Checking my scheme because, Boeing. Dreamliner is, supposed to make your steamed moist and the humidity is supposed to make you feel better so. Younger. I think I think you're getting younger every fly you do you're. Gonna. Fly so we need to in place. Local. Time 2:30, in the morning, that's, working very hard to deliver the catering on board but this is different now, apart, from our Boeing catering, this Sigma, for Airlines catering, onboard. Sorry. Excuse me gentlemen Brian Sam unfortunately. Today we only have one seat laughing business class what. But there's two of us I understand, I'm so sorry don't fly coach I do understand. But I do have a solution for you okay, this is bad right, in the back of MacLean now, whoever grabs the Bertha's gets, a glass business bus no it's on Sam. Walking. Weather gets bad. All. Right. Economy. Brian. Economy, more than six hours here, we go. See. You guys later see, you in Singapore, all, right this obstruction. Okay, put your hands off cuz I have to. In the house trash. And now turn to the left. They. Had an event at exactly. Ticket. Six and a half hours from cut like the Singapore. Attendees. Steve doesn't lovelies right now and so we're expecting maybe. Slight thoughts and maybe the stadium. Will be no chance, week at, 32,000. Feet and. We expecting, the endtime arrival chance. Before. Morning. So. Captain I'd like to know how many 7/8 7-10, Singapore, air will take this year ok this year we are receiving eight out of the 49. Study. Twinkle. About 80 pilots, they will, be trained by me. We're, just about 5 hours before. We're landing Singapore, it's been such a long play it's almost 24, hours from. Takeoff in Charleston, and then, landing in Singapore 24, hours delivery, plan has to be the longest in the world now. I'm just working on some of the movie clips as you can see. I've care about two hours on the ground in Ken's sight we were in the air again this, time everyone is awaking, the cabin TV, and digital media started, filming reporters. Busy interviewing and filing story. Another. Breakfast is served, this time the catering is from Japan I have a really delicious, breakfast. Grow seven dish. Sam. Good. How you join the flood yeah. I would write this as possibly. The best regional, business, class in the world now, it's. A huge leap up from one sin realizes, had previously, we're, looking at direct aisle access, to every passenger we're looking at a fully flat, bed and there, are lots of other little touches, I think that are fantastic, about this see I've, been for example if you're working like I am here, you've got this little power panel with two USB.

Ports And they're high-powered, ports so, you can plug in a large phone or a tablet and charge it up you've got AC there you, can put tablets. And other stuff in this, area here I think, there's a not lovely touch here which is this is Alcantara. Material. Usually used in high-end automotive, finishes it's, very soft, it. Gives you a nice warm comforting, feeling if you put your head against it but, also it's, good for noise reduction because, instead of a hard service, that redirects, noise or soft surface like this all the noise. Exactly. It's very how many finish there so you, know it's a lot of very, thoughtful, touches like that which, make, this seat come together really well look, at the a330s it's a 2 to 2 seating, and they're these sloping, sleepers. There are climbers you. Get to this which, has got direct dial access and a one-to-one layout it's, got a fully flat bed that's, a quantum leap for passengers, and again the longer the journey the better they're going to feel about it happier, they'll be. The. Deputies are. Especially. It. After. More than twenty, three and a half hours. Covering nearly 11,000. Miles we, finally, took the world's first Boeing 787. - 10 - her home as Singapore, it was a very proud moment for the airline and everyone, on board that was my longest delivery, flight record I hope you have enjoyed the experience together, and, thanks for watching.

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The 787 =

I like Miss Kerry! 8:54 into the video and feel for Matt 9:55 who has to spend 7 hours in economy in the back of this bus. His words not mine.

We want to see the new singapore airlines A350-1000, its way better than the crappy dreamliner.

Thanks Sam, but let me do a question, the engines are Rolls Royce T 1000??? What about theirs problems???

If I were Rolls Royce I wouldn’t pat myself on the back for those engines just yet.

I've really enjoyed this video! It was very funny and interesting in the same time! Thank you so much!

Your early vlogs looked genuine. Now they all look like they were sponsored.

I love Dinesh!

I like Miss Kerry! 8:54 into the video and feel for Matt 9:55 who has to spend 7 hours in economy in the back of this bus. His words not mine. Looks like Matt got an upgrade to business class. 10:50

Probably my favorite airline behind Emirates but the 787-10 will make me fly Singapore a few more times this year. The Emirates fleet has become slightly bland IMO; they only operate two A/C types. For now at least.


Your amazing

I like your thumbnail , you’re so pretty sam

Nuevo suscriptor con este video de mi avión preferido

Those chicks are awesome !

6:36 how dare you, sam

wait this is regional?

I can’t with Sam anymore. The more I think about him the more creepier he gets. He’s always exploiting the poor FA’s who have to go along or they lose their job because of the money sucking ceo’s

Sam has hit the big times! Well done Sir.

i am from Tanzania , i like the video .. congratulation to singapore airline

Sam Chui a gifted guy , he can travel abroad in best airliners...

I have to say this airplane is so beautiful!and I always fly it in infinite flight

Sam Chui always post the best airline videos!

That means Singapore Airlines has all modern aircrafts in their portfolio, B777, B787, A350 & A380

If b- 787-10 were to be supplied and in full swing, would prices of other things like the A380 or b-772 be relatively low? If that happens, will the ripple effect(decrease of price) on the b-787-10be temporary or will the price increase remain low?

What’s the background music at the beginning?

Is Boeing South Carolina a Union workforce?

Hi Sam! Do you prefer flying on Airbus or Boeing planes?

We need your operation service from sydney, Melbourne Australia to Pakistan for the big cities of the country’s region.

oh man! go buy yourself a gimble...

:Cringe from 00:00 to 23:22, you have been warned :D

When you accidentally make your regional business class better than your regular

Does thia have wifi on board

couple of monts later I will fly 787-10 business class with miles, I cant wait to fly and get exited haha. By the way sam chui, do you pay for that flight or maybe you just cordially invite?


OK I'm not sure if it's the angle, but is that seat kind of narrow, considering it's 1-2-1?

Whattt plastic trays spoon and etc Failure

Nice video!

I want SQ in MAD LIS and OPO

8:58 pffff i love Sam but i cringed so hard

Wow nice flight deck!

Singapore airlines is the best airline!

sorry but was this version like an ULR? isnt the range 6,430 nmi (11,910 km) but in the video it was 10800miles.. thats 17000km.. sorry if i missed anything..

sam thank you to share this 787-10 with us great job

NICE!! True SQ style!!

What about Guwahati TO Singapore?

Nothing special from a passenger perspective

Is this not standard on most cabins these days?

Singapore airlines boeing 787-10 excellent customer service

thich dong co cua 787 qúa

Another professional video. Boy oh Boy you have it right... Thanks for your time and sharing.

Wow I like this I am going to be in this plane

wow! what a long flight to SG~ Thanks for the sharing.

Great video Sam, as always ! Good questions also, especially the one on B787/A350, a true good one. What kind of camera do you use to film ? Quality is really good. Thanks. NS

Kevin McAllister thought of consulting a doctor ?!

sam what's ur favourite? boeing 787-10 or the airbus a350-1000?

Brother......can i ask or buy your T shirt....the dark blue writen first on board delivery b787 10 singapore airlines....please.....

Hey Sam,can you buy a new 4K camera,to bring the entertainment to the "extreme"


out of all places, they have lafayette, IN on the map? go boilermakers!

Proud to be a SINGAPOREAN!!!!!!!!

Flew with it a couple of times now and extremely disappointed with the newest version of their business class seats. Compared to the long haul versions on 777 or 787-9 or 350, the seats are super narrow, the look and feel is cheap. Even the crews are negative about it. Recently SQ decisions in equipping their newest set ups are questionable. I would also appreciate if vlogs like Sams would be more independent.

This 787 business class cabin is not as spacious as those A380 or 77W cabins. Better try 77W or A380 new cabin when flying SQ

Welcome to Kansai airport! Mr.Sam !

I love Singapore airlines!

SQ often is a trendsetter!

The most notable thing with Singapore Airlines is "it is a regional product" meaning mostly intended for intra-Asia flights. Somehow, other Asian airlines are levelling up so SQ wants to be one step ahead of the competition. So they are also levelling up. Amazing Singapore Airlines!!! Continue surprising us.

So proud as a Singaporean!

Sam’s delivery flight trip reports are mostly cringe worthy but I can’t help but watch them! Hope to fly on this plane someday! ☺️

If it’s not Boeing then I’m not going

Why can't our American flight attendants look this immaculately groomed and beautifully turned out? It's like many of them don't even try.

Stop flying them, they will be forced to come on track

the senior vice president of sales cant even buy his own denture..oh well he doesn't care haha

always great report's Sam

Make new viedo

Cool I support you

thansk Sam. Super video

The 787-10 looks better than the airbus a350

Everybody loves Sam

The heat


"Medium Haul" and "Regional" are RELATIVE terms. The 787-10 has a range of 6,400 nm with a full load of passengers and incidental cargo. That is MORE than the original 777-200 or 777-300 (before the -ER). It is almost identical to the 747-300 "Big Top". That is classic transpacific range, enough for LAX to HKG or SFO to SYD. It is only regional and medium haul if you regard anything shorter than South East Asia to New York medium haul. 80~90% of all passenger traffic probably fits within 6,400 nm. -- I see the 787-10 carrying the bulk of the passengers over the next two decades. No aircraft has a lower operating cost per seat than the -10. Not the A350-900/1000, not the A380-800 and not even the 777-9. The 787-10 is the lightest aircraft per seat and carries more passengers per unit installed thrust than anything else flying. And, it has enough range for all the routes that matters. It cost less to put two -10 on a route than an A380 so there is no reason to put an A380 on it.

You met Goh Choon Phong!

Would you consider Flying with @Sam Chui

Over 40 years pf travel with them incl the first 707 flight out of SYD (engine failure) I truly believe that they are consistently a fabulous airline (not the cheapest) and always feel when you leave the plane they have valued the pax as an individual and truly appreciate your business.well done. They are improving and MU has been trained in customer service from hem and is noted for those who travel extensively in China like muself. Happy and safe travels to everyone

We're is your airline??

Japanese media on board but did they know about the 787-10 orders by ANA? I think yes they did.

New 787 cabin design is not so good. Better try new a380 or 77w or a359, more spacious

This captain is the one on national geographic !!!!

What a lousy Business Class, so mundane. I thought SQ should be one level above the rests.

Tell me please that you have ticket(s) for the Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR EWR > SIN non stop. Going to hold off purchase until your review.

I'm flying from Manchester to Singapore on Thursday can I take a bottle of water on bored

I like her too! She’s pretty

Great air line.... Fantastic service.. very professionals and they are very passionate about what they do..... when you are passionate about what you do its obvious you stand out..and you do that little bit extra and it makes you extra ordinary..... so here it is Singapore Air Lines..... Awesome air line.. best in the world.Thank you guys.. My most fav air lines...

And finally Singapore has the covetated trofie from Qatar and Emirates. We'll deserve. Don't give wrong Q A are excellent airlines. Singapore well deserved.

This delivery flight was on my birthday!

Boeing Baby The very best.....

that flat bed race was pointless lol

I SENT My Heartiness Congratulations to Singapore Airlines on the First Delivery Acceptance of the First Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Aircraft and Now the Singapore Airlines Group Including Subsidiary Scoot Airlines with the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 types as the World's Largest Operator of the Boeing 787 Drealiner Aircraft.

That business class looks great.

Wait so when you were working on the video thing you said the flight was longer or just about 24 hours in the air right ?

How did you get to go on that delivery flight?!


Singapore Airlines

Another bunch of 2nd class civil servants

I dont know if its just me but the seats for business class look smaller

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