The National for Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 — MP Crosses Floor, Typhoon, Pot Business

The National for Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 — MP Crosses Floor, Typhoon, Pot Business

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This. Is North Carolina, ravaged. By Hurricane Florence, on. The ground the distress is even clearer as people ponder, what, comes next from. The Carolinas. To, the Philippines, we are on the ground as people deal with the aftermath and a. Special report from Puerto Rico reveals, the terrible toll on mental. Health one, year on tonight. After the disaster, we'll show you the long difficult, road back. We're also following political, drama on both sides of the border why, did a Liberal MP, cross, the floor to the Conservatives, and could, decades-old, allegations, really, sink a u.s. Supreme Court nominee, this, is the National. Call. It the unofficial, launch, of the election campaign MPs, are back for the last fall, sitting, before Canadians. Hit the polls but, one rookie MP Delta surprised blow to Justin, Trudeau defecting. From the Liberals to join the official opposition, David. Cochrane has more on the Conservatives, move designed. To set a new tone for, the year ahead. Undermine. The government, she says her complaints, were met with silence. But everyone, heard them today after. Careful, and deliberate, consideration, I, must. Withdraw from the, government, benches, to, take my seat among. The ranks of my conservative colleagues. On. The first day of the fall sitting, Leona Alice laughs changed, where she was sitting crossing. The floor to, thunderous, applause, I. Wish. Her well, in her decision I'm looking forward to getting back in the notes to talk about what. We're gonna be doing for Canadians the, Prime Minister didn't say much but Alice left says the Prime Minister is the problem, arguing. He has failed in all the key areas, tax. Reform, comprehensive. Foreign. Policy, defence and security but, there were no signs of those concerns, in any of her social media posts, which often, celebrated. Trudeau raising. Questions as, to whether this was really, about math in, 2015. Alice, Lev won her seat over her conservative, opponent, by just over a thousand. Votes but. In this year's Ontario, election those, same voters made a hard right turn and voted. Overwhelmingly, to. Elect a Progressive, Conservative, it's, truly not about that it's about being able to look, my constituents. And look, myself in, the mirror whatever the motivation it gives Andrew Shearer a bilingual. Female, MP, from, a suburban Toronto, riding he badly needs in, order to win the next election it, also gives, him a sales pitch for, all those Canadians, who supported, Justin Trudeau in 2015. And are dissatisfied, or even angry about, the leadership that he's been giving the, Conservative Party. It's. Not clear if they can get more but today the Conservatives, got one they could gloat about oral, question, and made sure her new seat was in a prime spot on camera.

Every, Time Shearer spoke, David. Cochrane CBC News Ottawa. Now. The Conservatives, probably, needed a win and they certainly needed, to reclaim the spotlight. That's. Why the timing of today's announcement was, hardly a coincidence for, week Shearer has been overshadowed by the man who quit the Conservatives, and declared, the party morally, corrupt today, was maxine Bernays first chance to sit in his new seat with his new party, name instead. Bernier was put firmly on the back bench and the back burner prime, minister summer of failure wasn't just about pipelines, it also included, his lack of a plan to, deal with the illegal border crosser, crisis, today was, all about the official opposition and, what they are arguing are, the mistakes of the government it is part of the story the Conservatives, want to tell all this year leading up to the next election the Prime, Minister says it's not a sign of a bigger problem it's a very sort. Of ok one team lost a member and went to the other side it. Can, be an indicator of larger things it can be just what, it is and. We'll just stay focused on on the things that we're focused on doing but, the Conservatives, are hoping that for Canadians, and even is for this one former. Liberal there is now another party. To consider and for today that. Was win enough for them. Now. To those powerful, deadly. Storms, millions, of people have had their lives turned upside, down and are picking up the pieces tonight, we, have their stories, in the Carolinas, thousands, are still stranded by flood waters and those rivers keep rising and in, Puerto Rico a year, after a devastating hurricane. How people there are still struggling, to cope but. Let's start in Asia where typhoon mangoat has killed at least four people in China and many more in the Philippines, there at least 65. People are, confirmed dead and then.

There, Are the missing a horrific. Landslide, came crashing, down on one small mining, community, and today our Sacha Petro Singh was, there. High, up in a mountain north, of Manila they dig they, scratch, they. Hammer chipping. Away at what used to be a village, before. The mud came down. Before. More than 60, villagers, disappeared. Now. Hundreds. Of rescuers, and volunteers, battle, exhaustion. And risk, new landslides, to, recover the bodies the. Point here is we. Will continue, our typhoon, man good may be gone but it's, left a big challenge for searchers, and a, growing list of the missing. Even. Either until. They found the body Lancey, Bello says to absent, cousins, are among, them she sits here next. To dozens of other relatives, waiting, and hoping it's, very hard, to believe but I still believe there are survivors still, alive. Nearby, there is a shout frantic. Shoveling, and another, grim, discovery. The. People who are missing here were small-scale, miners and their families men. Who would literally spend, their days panning. For gold in. This dirt this mud and in the water that came from these mountains, the, irony is that in, the end it was exactly, the water that was flowing and the mud that. Turned out to be so dangerous. There's. No survivors, anymore as you can. Zuse. Yong-go is the local fire marshal. He says his men came to plead with the miners to leave before, the storm but they to. Be. So. You asked them to leave and they said no we want to stay said. They wanted to protect their homes from the storm and looters. Something, patrick Alzado. Understands. He's, also a miner living, nearby it, is really hard to look for another. Place. To stay, even, if it's dangerous here. Yeah. Because. That is life. On. The day of the storm clinging. To that livelihood. Also, brought death, and now. It leaves Philippine, communities, with, a hard job of recovery, and a, grim legacy. Sasha, Petro sake CBC News near. Baguio in the Philippines. Of.

Course The difficult, recovery process, from typhoon Magoon isn't, confined, to the Philippines in Hong, Kong buildings. All over the financial, district are in dire need of repair but the first priority cleaning. Up all that debris and the fallen trees so many roads were blocked thousands. Of extra commuters jammed public, transit today but. In southern China flooding, is the most serious problem and large areas still don't have power damage. Is expected to be in the billions of dollars mangu, has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it's still packing, heavy rain and strong winds as it moves, further inland. In. The United States similar, stories, of survival. And struggle, even though Florence moved into Virginia, today some, people in North Carolina, were warned the worst they'd still be not over for them. The, danger, is still, immediate. That's. Because the rising, River is expected to, crest tomorrow and cause further flooding, this, slow-moving. Storm, dumped, nearly 1 meter of rain in some areas at, least 31 people have been killed in the Carolinas, in Virginia, one year-old Caden, Lee Welch was swept, away by floodwaters last, night after, his mother lost her grip on him he, was my first and only child and now he's, just gone. There. Are the 400,000, people who still don't have power tonight and so. Many other struggles, people, are facing, and. That's, where the CBC's Paul hunter picks up our story from, Wilmington. North Carolina. Three. Days after Florence. Made landfall in this state and consider, the lineup, today at one of the few gas stations, finally. Open, in Wilmington. North Carolina, those. In line waiting, up to three, hours. To tank up then. Something. Went wrong and the, pumps were shut down again. I have been all the way to Leyland two Carolina, Beach I started, out on Gordon, Road this morning I live in downtown Wilmington. No. Gas anywhere. Frustrations. In this city hit hard by the storm are mounting, as the, challenges, left behind, by Florence, Grove. Workers. Are hard at it to bring back power needed, for lights refrigeration. Air conditioning all. Of it but. It's complicated, so many, power lines are down so, many lives, in. Distress. Surveying. Her property, or what's, left of it Jenny, Hall has to wade through knee-deep. Water to. Get in or out so. We went to her basically. This is absolutely, devastation, to me, how. Do you feel lost. I feel. Absolutely lost, and I. Don't. Know where to start to put things back together, she told us she can't, even easily, call for help because her. Cell phone's dead and there's, no power to charge it meanwhile. Outside. Wilmington. The severe, flooding continues, and, so, do the rescues. Today. Helicopters. Took yet more people who couldn't escape on their own to, safety the, storm has by, and large passed, by but, said, the governor today this, remains, a significant. Disaster, that. Affects much of our state. The. Next few days will, be long ones as the, flooding continues. Among. Those back at that gas station some. Who fled their homes in the face of flooding. And somehow, made it to Wilmington, Willie, Sloan told us now. He doesn't, have enough gas to, get back I was gonna stay in there last night with that water still rising it was almost to my house so. I'm trying to get out there now and see what how much damage was done you. Need guys to get out to see whether you still have a house yeah that's, right anything, I try to find a way to get there. Not. Long after we spoke with. Willie, Sloan Ian he, gave up and with, what little gas he had left he turned around and drove off that's the way it is here these days long, lines, long, days so, much uncertainty Paul, I would understand, if people were angry and frustrated but, how are people handling, it.

We've. Encountered. Remarkable. Positivity. Remarkable. Generosity, I'm, not gonna say tempers aren't flaring we saw some of that at the gas station today police, told us there's been some looting, that kind of stuff happens but by and large. Positivity. We're walking down the street today there were the fallen trees and downed power lines and flooding and a woman came up to us who, had. Lost power in her house and whose fridge was no doubt full of food that had gone bad and her life was upside down and she offered us bottled. Water because she thought we might need it we didn't but, she offered it the. People we met yesterday who, had been rescued from that village that was fully submerged, you know water up to the rooftops. They. Had their life possessions, in garbage, bags, nobody. Was freaking out nobody, was screaming, nobody was angry, they told us that they. Had what was most important, and that was each other, Jenny, Hall who was the woman. On the steps, of her house that and the piece that we just saw, who. Was despondent, right. Everything. Was terrible. In her world and. After, we chatted with her I said you must you. Must feel helpless and she. Said yes I do helpless. But. Not hopeless. Because. I'll get through it she said and I I, think. There's a lesson in that for all of us it. Is all very impressive as has been. Your reporting, thank you very much Paul. Florence. Is bringing back painful memories for people in Puerto Rico devastated. By Hurricane Maria nearly one year ago but for, many it must feel like just yesterday the island coming to grips with an emerging, mental health crisis, when. You hear these stories and you hear, what people are going through it weighs a toll on you I just get because. It's hard sorry. We, go in-depth with the report from Puerto Rico that's coming up later on the, Nacional. In. Washington. A vote on president Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Cavanaugh has been put on hold. Delayed, by the allegation, of a decades-old, sexual, assaults, that came to light for. Real on the weekend a university. Professor says, Cavanaugh, assaulted, her when they were teens, now, they will both testify. At a public hearing next, Monday Keith's, boat now on what it means for Trump's nominee. She. Should testify under oath and, she should do it on the, first sign of how the day would unfold came, when the president's, counselor, Kellyanne, Conway, said, Brett Kavanaugh his accuser deserved, a hearing. Next. Cavanaugh himself left home and headed to the White House where he reportedly, spent hours on the phone to various senators telling, them his side of the story Cavanaugh's accuser is christine ford she says that when she was a high school student maybe fifteen years old, a drunken, Cavanaugh a couple of years older attacked, her in a bedroom at a party, she says he pinned her down on the bed and she feared he might accidentally, kill her he had his hand over his her mouth and she was having a difficult time breathing, and he. Is larger, and he was pressing his weight against, her and so. Inebriated he, was ignoring the fact that she was attempting, to scream and having a difficult time breathing and. She. Believes that but for his inebriation, and his inability to take her clothes off he would have raped her Cavanaugh. At first said it never happened, that day said he wasn't even at the party Ford described but. Key Republicans, believe the allegations, need investigation. Obviously if. Judge, Cavanaugh. Has, lied, about. What. Happened, that, would, be disqualified. It, was no surprise when the president, putting the confirmation. Vote on Cavanaugh his nomination, scheduled, for Thursday in depth if it takes a little delay it'll take a little delay then, he suggested Democrats. Have been sitting on the story waiting, until, the last minute to, from Cavanaugh's confirmation. I wish, the Democrats could have done this a lot sooner because they had this information for, many months and they.

Shouldn't Have waited too literally, the last days they, should have done it a lot sooner. Republicans. Are making a point of that too it, is an accusation which, the ranking member of the committee of jurisdiction has, known about for at least six weeks. Known. About for six weeks. Yet. Shows to keep secret until the eleventh hour. Keith. Joins me now from the US Capitol how much truth Keith is there to this accusation, that the Democrats, have actually been sitting on this story for weeks in an attempt to actually derail, the nomination, like this well. It's true that Senator Dianne Feinstein, has known about this since July the 30th, but, Christine Ford's attorney says it was always, up, to her client to decide whether, she wanted, to go public and at first she didn't when, the story leaked last week though she decided it might as well come out in her own voice and, how, much trouble is Cavanaugh his nomination, in now do you have a sense of that well, this is serious Kavanagh has now said he wasn't even at the party where, the alleged assault took place and that's something that might turn out to be easily, disproved, plus when, they testify, Monday it's going to be a spectacle, and it'll be up to Republicans to challenge, the woman's credibility, and that sometimes, turned out to be not, a very good look for them and it's especially risky when elections, will be just six, weeks away all. Right Keith Boggan Washington, tonight thank you. And. Let's take you through some of the other stories we were tracking live tonight on the national starting down south with a move by the Trump administration to. Slash the number of refugees allowed into, the country the, new cap. 30,000. Refugees for, the entire 2019. Federal, fiscal year which starts in the US next month that's, a sharp drop from 2060. When Barack Obama set a cap of a hundred and ten thousand, refugees. The, child was conscious, taken. To hospital, and examined. And reunited, with her family and. Relief. In Saskatchewan, tonight after a six year old girl was found safe, her, disappearance, sparked an Amber Alert but she was found this morning alone. In her family's, SUV it, was stolen last night at a strip mall just a few kilometres away with, the child still in the backseat but, now has you heard she's back with her family and her mom says she's sleeping, soundly, police. Meanwhile, are looking for a suspect. Still. Ahead on the National REO a normally Otis checks in on the people of Puerto Rico, one year after hurricane Maria left them devastated. Plus we've talked a lot about whether this country is ready for pot to go legal a month from now but tonight we ask the question our businesses. The ones rolling, the dice an immigration. Continues, to be the hot issue leading into the final, weeks of the Quebec election. They. Can't just walk in at the border and we accept them like that they, have to go through like what we all did like all the other immigrants, dead. With. Just two weeks to, go now before Quebec, provincial election, voters saw something. New tonight the first-ever, televised. Debate, in English. Immigration. Took center stage Liberal. Leader Philippe Couillard and France while ago the leader of coitus 11f Quebec sparred, repeatedly. The coalition, which is ahead in the polls advocates. Reducing, immigration, numbers in the province, and having newcomers, take a Quebec values test. Its. Distressful. To hear you speak about immigration the way you do it submitting. People to testing, which is not needed, threatening. Them threatening. Them and their families of expulsion. That's right retinic men threatening, them of it with expulsion arrabal and if they don't what. Is incredible you today. What you said, unacceptable. Yes your. Program. Wait, know about better integration. I'm a, failure. I'm going to say, very. Calmly very, calmly to do that your policy, is not acceptable, yes I think immigrants, do testing and exposure on the face the opposite of what what, we say is that we, better receive. 40,000. Have a better. Integration, don't, lose, 26%. And the, only thing we say like we have in many European. Countries have, a test, of French and a test of values, in the first three years it's. Reasonable. It's done in other countries, you are. Saying. That. We. Have that in Europe. The. CBC's jailer Bernstein now with more on the immigration issue, the, rhetoric, and how voters seem to be responding.

It's. Arguably the most divisive, proposal. Of the election, campaign in Quebec a French, language and values test for all newcomers who want to stay in the province, coswell, ago says flunk, and face removal, they have three years and will give them free, lessons. To. Learn French. Waiting. Into immigration policy, can be polarizing. The party, leader is in hot water for saying people can become citizens. Within a few months when, in fact it takes at least three, years so. He wants to do expulsion tests. He. Fails the understanding. Tests Liberal, leader Philippe we all said immigrants, aren't a problem he says they're the answer to the provinces, labor shortage, voters. Like politicians, are divided, when it comes to immigration opinions. Can swing. Lina. Beno immigrated, to go back as a child they. Can't just walk in at the border and we accept, them like that they, have to go through like what we, all did like all the other immigrants, did Maria, de Giorgio also, moved to go back from Italy, she calls logos policies, close minded when. We came we were welcomed, the the only condition, was that the you made a living for yourself and, you, know slowly found a job but, it takes time meanwhile. Those who work closely with newcomers, are trying to dismiss the myth that immigrants. Get an easy ride the process, is long and laborious and, costly. Even. With, all the good things if. Even, if everything you know our family has all the points on their, side it's going to be difficult, Monique Laughlin says most immigrants, do make an effort to learn French the, newcomers, themselves, I would say the great majority are very, interested. And engaged in, speaking French it's, a matter of earning, a proper living, she's, afraid politicians. Get caught up in the rhetoric and forget, too easily the reality, of what it is to move to a new country and start, a new life Jayla. Bernstein CBC, News Montreal. Still. Ahead on the national betting billions, on an industry that doesn't have any customers, yet well look at the stakes and the strategies, of Canada's biggest players, in the new legal, pot market but, first meet the host of CBC kids. News mainly. Online platform. Aimed at ages, 9 to 13 in. Preparation, for CBC Kids news we've been filming, different, segments, different, little. Stories that we were, hoping to put out on the website. The. Whole appeal is that it's, a broad spectrum of. Different, things to choose from and it's, news, for kids from kids. Nearly. A year ago Hurricane, Maria, tore into Puerto Rico the category, four storm packed, winds of 250. Kilometers, an hour it devastated. The island leaving. Much of its infrastructure, in ruins and most, of its three million residents without, power for months. So. As the one year anniversary approaches. Many Puerto Ricans are, feeling, not only devastated. But abandoned, and as, the CBC's, UNR Emily Otis explains, the, island is a place where daily, survival, has become, a state, of mind. They. Burst into the morning caricatures. Of an island in crisis. We're, here to breathe them a little hole we. Give them a little happiness a little a little joy, a. Year. After Hurricane.

Maria Devastated. Puerto Rico a quiet, emergency. Is still, unraveling. This. Health fair complete, with Disney characters is all, about breaking the silence that, comes with it. There. Is a natural inclination to, measure progress, in, power but. While electricity. Has been restored for the most part it remains, a fragile and, and, enduring, trauma lies in the emptiness, in what, was on. The. Eastern coast an area raised by, the eye of the hurricane what, is still missing so, many months later is the, gift of normalcy. This. Is it this is your home you. Have no roof like it's dead then where, is everything that were, I god did I did that myself, was. It getting the kitchen I work in a guava we meet on hey Luis Santo yeah Mendoza, a man, whose story, hasn't, changed everything. Blew off with Maria. So. This is our way yeah, that way cook. What's. Your like living like this. It's. Bad what I mean what. Can I do, it's. Been a year of living alone in what's left of his home. He. Rarely sleeps, afraid. Of burglars, what. Does it do to your state of mind like to how you're feeling I. Don't. Know tweener. Try. Not to think about it you're trying to forget. On. Hell, is one of the hundreds, in this area alone, still, waiting, for government aid from FEMA the US agency, in charge of the recovery, effort, female. Won't provide money without the deed to the house but, the home has belonged to his family, for generations there's, no way for him to get it I've. Been able to reevaluate a lot of things and this, morning we contacted, FEMA to see if they can reevaluate, yeah, Jerry, Kirkland, is in charge of emergency, services in Ag Wabble he's, trying to help on him navigate, what often feels like an inhumane, bureaucracy. Any. Hour any time of day you can give me a call I'll, be right here yeah appreciate ya, thank. You well you know we'll, be yeah all right. It. Doesn't make sense you. Know at, this type of time after. Almost a year we. Still have people living. In these conditions, you. Know and it, it's. Not easy for us as. Emergency. Managers, as I'm, going to separate the agency because. We don't have the funding that we can say we can come and fix it because we don't it's frustrating, to see, our people suffer at, this time at. This stage are, we going here. Jerry. Can only do so, much. So. We're ready okay we're going to a barrio, called, qu Bui, his. Municipal, budget was drained, soon after Maria. Hitting. Tommy. No se preocupe okay to. Cross Axl Joetta, : and the converse of okay Axl now, he offers, what, he can mostly. Its reassurances. Especially. At this time of the year okay. Okay. Okay people are starting just back to get back to normal you, know and they're. Just getting back on their feet so if if another hurricane comes, what's, gonna happen I'm, sorry, and. How are we gonna deal with it right now my, concerns, are the, mental health of the people how, are they gonna take it you, know we drive higher and higher into the mountains I'm, gonna show you the.

Road That was very badly, damaged, and stop, we're a landslide, dropped massive, boulders, where there was no way that they could pass by there. Was no this road was blocked for, three months, help couldn't, get through this, whole landslide, they. Were bigger than that those boulders are bigger than that that's still the problem one, of our concerns when the bullets came down was, that house this. One right here. I. Don't. Know if anybody's there but come. With us, yeah. I speak, I speak English. We. Just stopping by just to let you guys know we put another plan in place we learned a lot from Murray. And. One. Of our my main concerns was the lands, right there yes, we know that there's still boulders, so, we just wanted to come by to maybe show, you guys that we're gonna be here, Rex. Caldwell, and his wife moved, to Puerto Rico 15, years ago they, sought refuge in their bathroom, when Hurricane Maria hit I got. My back against, the door, to keep it shut, and it keeps blowing into open night that's it back again, all, right the. Water that's in the toilet. All right there. Was high pressure, under, the house it. Was pushing, the water in the toilet up like, a fountain. What, toll did it take on you know. How. Long before you got your electricity, back Oh nine. Months. Nine. Months. Right. So. We were you feel about that. Well. You don't feel anything you just, survive. Right. Thank. You see, you guys. So. What did you make that visit well like, when he started to describe, how, he passed, the. Hurricane night you, see how he was in the in the bathroom holding. Against, the wall, but. Then he says no he's fine you know it that's, what we're worried about. Oh no. Of, course not. That. Pride makes, it hard to grasp the extent of the need but. There are alarming, clues. Dr.. John Velazquez, is the medical director of the only Hospital, in the guava for. Weeks after the hurricane it was the only one open in the entire eastern, region it, became a beacon for another, cry for help that continues, to. Build a new. Union, for, that kind of people that kind, without. Physical. Condition, only mental condition, what kind of mental condition, um, depression. Suicide, the, need was catastrophic then, he says and still. Is now people. Still, come here every day they. Feel like, they, don't want to leave more, because. They'll have nothing right now and they. Feel. Sad. Because the, house is, going. Down they. Can. Build. Again, they. Say doctor. I don't wanna leave it like this. A. Mental. Health emergency was, looming, before, blue tarps became metaphors, of Hurricane Maria.

Berto, Rico has been in a recession for a decade jobs, are scarce and migration continues. To tear families apart what. The hurricane robbed to was, the simple reassurance. Of routine of knowing, what tomorrow may bring including. Power. Blackouts. Still happen, all the time. In, the next town over in, Yabba, koa a US, military medical. Mission winds down it. Also offered, mental, health support, we. Know that many more people will come out with some symptoms and other. Conditions. Mental, health conditions. A. Psychiatrist. By training and a native Puerto Rican colonel, victor tano believes the worst is yet to come because, many are still processing the trauma look. At this. These. Anonymous questionnaires. He says reveal. A lot lost. My job lost my home lost. My, car, clothing. Do, you have any emotional conditions, no I feel, like I want to disappear. But. I have been able to maintain control, so, again, you know wanting. To disappear that's pretty severe absolutely. You know in their minds they normalize, how they feel they. Think you know that since everyone's, feeling the same as they are they, do not need to sing that hell. It's. Not easy I. Cry. At night I cry. In the bathroom I hardly. Cry in front of anybody. Because. I have to be strong you see that black spot, there water. Comes down it filters down through their brain poured into taina Fernandez's, house after, Hurricane Maria she, lost her job and money is tight so the roof still, leaks her. Mom suffers, anxiety. Attacks and her, children, still, cry at the sound of rain. Home. Is hard so is helping, others I wanted to become something useful, and beneficiary. To, the community, taina. Is fighting, to get an old school turned, into a community center to. Help people still, suffering, including. Those who, couldn't get their loved ones to hospitals, or even, to a more people. Were buried in their back yards. An, old lady. Buried. Her husband, in the back of her home because. There was no way to get out of her home and he. Had died he have been dead for three days that he had to bury him in the back of the her home when, you hear these stories and you hear, what people are going through it it weighs a toll on you I just get because. It's hard sorry. You. Try to help people. But. You're going through no, job. You. Have so, many things on top of you you still, want to help who's, helping you who's. Helping me. My. Family who's who holds me up. We. Don't have everything, we, need but at least we have what, we need right, now in the moment, next. Week I'll worry about next week next week.

Tests. Of faith they're everywhere, you look. Not. Far away a youth group gathers, outside, Hurricane. Maria destroyed, their church there's. No money to fix it and so they sing under. A night sky. And. You Ana joins us now in our studio people they're clearly suffering. And there is kind of a grim measure, of how deep that suffering is absolutely, and the big indicator, is a place called Linea pass which is the, main suicide, hotline that services the entire island of Puerto Rico shortly, after Hurricane Maria they were receiving 800, calls a day and the suicide rate spiked by 30%, for that time of year compared, to the year before today. They're still receiving 600. Calls a day and the suicide rate is about 20%, higher than it was the year before and the majority of those calls are prompted, by people who are still having a lot of trouble rebuilding. Reconstructing. Their lives because many people have lost their jobs and they just simply can't get back on their feet and that's, prompted, an extraordinary. Outreach program because we heard about that Porter we can pride in our piece about people feeling too proud to ask for help so because of that and they don't want to see a repeat of last year, and anniversary. Tends to be a huge trigger they're, going out and doing outreach they're literally the, goal is to go door to door at every house in Puerto Rico to check in on people see how they're doing and the thinking is maybe. At home they're more likely to feel comfortable and admit that they, could use some help let's, talk about the death toll for a moment obviously there's been a lot of debate in the United States about that number how has it been playing particularly, the revised death toll in Puerto Rico. That number, this recently, come out is a number. That everybody suspected, and that, was the case last year when we were there and this year even more so since now there's these two independent studies that put that death toll to. 3,000. And even higher in some cases and the, issue has always been that the death toll that the Porter Rican government has put out is very directly related to that day ie a truck you, know went off the road and somebody died but, the bigger issue and, the one that's a really heated one especially with Trump's comments is about the fact that the recovery rate was slow and that was why people couldn't get to hospital to, get to dialysis. Treatment for example or roads, were washed out for weeks and that's what the core of the issue now and remains, a very heated debate okay, thank you Anna thank you, there. Are signs of recovery in Puerto Rico especially, in the capital of San Juan major. Hotels. Have reopened tourists. Are trickling back and in one corner of the city our crew caught. This scene of resilience. Well. Tonight on the national meet the man who's paying SpaceX. To take him on a trip around the moon that's, Japanese ecommerce, entrepreneur. And billionaire. Yuusaku, Misawa, and in a twist it's not just him embarking, on this first ever private. Voyage to the moon Misawa. Says he plans to invite six to eight artists, to join him, when, the trip happens still unclear though but the big Falcon rocket they'll be riding on still needs, to be built.

Both. Parties are looking forward to putting this matter behind them and there'll be no further media comments, and. A resolution today to a bitter family feud over, a lottery, win in Nova Scotia Barbra, Redick will share, summer for 1.2, million, dollar chase the ice jackpot, winnings with her nephew but, the prize won't be split in half it, originally was because, her nephews name was written on the winning ticket Redick, sued him though saying she only had him write his name for good luck and that she never actually agreed to split the winnings the settlement. In the end though he, gets about a quarter of the money three hundred and fifty thousand bucks. Could. The next flavor of coke be cannabis. Today, we learned coca-cola has been in talks with Canadian, pot company, Aurora, cannabis, about creating. A drink infused. With a cannabis, extract, it wouldn't get you stoned, there's no psychoactive component but, some, say it helps reduce inflammation, and joint pain, and they're not alone just last month another one of Canada's big three licensed, producers, canopy growth announced. A multi-billion. Dollar tie-up. With the owner of Corona beer. Without. Question this is an industry looking to scale up with lots of companies out there wondering, how they'll cash in but keep, in mind there aren't actually, any customers, yet right legalization, is still a month away meaning all these companies can only, guess how big an industry this will really end up being so let's, bring in our senior business correspondent, Peter Armstrong, and Peter I get why companies, want to get ahead of the ball but but this early in the game aren't they taking on a lot of risk they, sure are and I mean this whole thing has been based on a promise, I haven't had to deliver anything, yet, so, we went down to Leamington, Ontario to, see a free, Oh one of the biggest, cannabis, companies in the world and there right now they're packaging, they're shipping the pot that they've already sold, to the various provinces so the test is upon, them can they ship on time will the system survive, increase, in demand will, that expect. Their that the expectation. Of demand actually emerged, the way we've sought it I asked, that exact question about, risk to a free, as CEO Vic, new film, there. Will be failures, there will be shortcomings. There will be short, shipments, it's, the it's the ability of licensed, producers, who have these brands, that they've they've, thrown out there in many press releases and, promises. Here there and everywhere what, is truly the reality, gonna be who, is prepared, I'm. Gonna suggest you know. LP. Is fully, prepared. Wow. Okay that's quite, an admission so what's the master plan than to make sure that they don't get in over their heads well it's interesting because they all have different master. Plans some as you mentioned off the top we're looking for partnerships, and some, of that sure is a nod to the future and the potential, for the edibles, and the TC infused products, but, some of it andrew is just finding, a big company like say coca-cola that, has a hundred and ninety five billion dollar market cap and, that can give you some cushion, if you know deliveries, go wrong if shipments don't quite work out a partnership like that can give you some breathing room right, but not all companies have gone that route right Fria which, is one of those big three producers I haven't seen them announce partnerships, with anyone no at. Least not yet and I keep your eye on that but in a lot of ways what they say is their, size is they're Cushing and they're adding capacity in, droves, I interviewed. Neufeld in that, enormous I think it's two hundred and fifty thousand, square foot greenhouse but, look at this this is the greenhouse that's coming online in May or June this one's seven, hundred and fifty thousand, square feet they've got a bunch of others as well a new felt says it's their size that really sets them apart.

Three. Million, square feet of footprint. That, will be capable, on an, annualized, basis, in excess. Of two hundred and fifty five, thousand. Kilos of harvest. A year a year. I'm, gonna suggest to you that by May or June of 2019, we will be in what we call full crop. Pation that, means every greenhouse square foot I've just described, will that plant at certain, life cycles to it I will be kicking out in excess of twenty thousand keys a month a month a month. Twenty. Thousand kilograms so what, he's saying is they're all in they're, definitely all in and they're gonna just gonna try to bring that cost down now, we get to see will it actually work, Peter. I'm strong good, to talk to you bet, our. Moment, of the day is up next stay with us. When. You think of strong pioneering. Canadian. Women, you might think of writers, who've expanded, our minds, diplomats, who've, raised our international, stature great, legal and political Minds, who've made, life more just what, doesn't. Come to mind well for most of us anyway is the idea of taking those achievements, and. Slapping. Them onto women's lingerie which. Is while at Maison Simons, one of Canada's oldest, retailers, is now offering, an apology and that's tonight's moment. Legendary. Franco-manitoban author. Gabriela fois one of Canada's most influential. Writers and, until today she. Inspired, this, little number, first. Female former Chief Justice of Canada, Beverly, McLaughlin. Has a nimble, legal, mind and, apparently, she, makes a nimble, bralette, there's, a whole series of these Nellie, McClung, flora, MacDonald. And more Simons. Announced the campaign earlier this month thinking people would appreciate their, efforts to honor the, women this way and let's just say it went over like a lead balloon. Simon's. Has since apologized, to mcLaughlin the only living inspiration. In the series and says it will help raise money for women's, shelters. And. You know in the first line of that apology, you, know the company did try to briefly explain what they were trying to do you know acknowledge, the the historical. Significance, of these pioneering, and inspirational, women but I do have a hard time imagining how they could. Have arrived at that point without realizing. How badly all of this might, have turned out that maybe it would be interpreted, as reducing. Their accomplishments, to a piece of lingerie i I don't fully understand it myself both of you have lived in Quebec both of you know the Simon's chain although they are national now to a family. Run for many years and it'll. Be interesting to see how the apology, plays cuz I thought they handled that part well and they, just said you know what we made a mistake they we're destroying all materials, and we're meeting Rosie to see how, we made this mistake and, it's the only one here who has a bra I can say it's not normal that they have names with. That I'll leave I'll let you guys off the hook I got nothing. That's. The national for September 17th, can I. You.

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