The movie that SHOULDVE WON an Oscar!

The movie that SHOULDVE WON an Oscar!

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Before, this video begins a very epic announcement. That's right everybody. Origin. PC. Sponsor. Everyone. Say it with me loud and clear. Origin. PC, neuro. Origin. PC neuron. Desktop, it's a computer that I have look how that goes in the bar look, at this look. At this baby this. Is the computer I have but, they have announced newer on RTS, which, of course stands, for really, tight. Snowball, no that. Was a joke it's, called real-time. Shipping. As. Cool as real-time shipping. Sounds, it's ready. To ship real-time, shipping would be cool though they, sell for only, 1499. But there's limited, inventory you, gotta act fast, ok, the, neuron RTS, has. An NVIDIA, GeForce. R-tx. 26. C GPU, and a 6 core professor. That. Means you can perfectly. Game perfectly. Stream. Perfectly. Watch memes, and pretend that you have no any idea what, any of this means. I mean, I can't even pretend clearly. What. Are you some sort of loser that don't play games on ultra graphics ha. Pathetic. It's of course the latest graphics technology. Ok. Real-time. Ray tracing for, lifelike lighting, in such games like metro Exodus, and DL SS with, improved, performance, and fps. I know what fps means ok, guys, but wait that's not it, you also have three games including and thanks, to this little baby you can easily upgrade it, during. The future, as well it's very easily upgradeable, you will also get, lifetime. Tech support. In the, u.s. available. 24/7. 365, days, a year baby, you need help with your computer on Christmas, we got you baby but, that's not it what also giving one away that's right you guys get bread as well check, out the link in description for. Dear way way info, that's it for me for now enjoy the video. Smack. Like and subscribe, and epic. One. Man that is truly holy and holds, a special place in my heart, I think, of neoprene and no one else. Sorry Marcia but Neil Breen takes my heart, now who is Neil Breen you ask well, hi, thanks, for checking out my crowdfunding, site, my. Name is Neil Breen, I'm. A filmmaker. I'm. In the process of. Producing. My. Fourth legitimate. Feature film. Neil. Breeding is a legitimate. Filmmaker, and I made videos on his previous work in the past which, is nothing, short of oscar-worthy. Performance wife's. Director. Weiss everything. You've. Committed suicide, oh I. Can't. Help you out of this one Jim. We've. All we've been through I. Can't. Pull you out of this one, can't, pull you out of this one what can I say, Neil. Is the bass I love this background that he chose it says so much and, so, little at, the same time which, is actually, a great way to describe his film now a couple a couple of days ago me and some friends in Brighton we watched it another one of his films one of his older work called. The double, down now why don't we double down together and go through this masterpiece. Neal. Breen psychological. Thriller, Double Down it's, a masterpiece I'm, not gonna lie it's a little light it's a little hard to sit through there, are some moments I'm questioning why I watch this film but. There, are those golden, moments, and that's what we're gonna focus on today's, so, the film starts, up with this lovely footage, of clouds and you think wow this. Actually looks, pretty great, I like. The music it's made by Neal Green we don't know what Neal brain has done but, we know that he is involved, in this field there's. Now. I know what you're asking yourself will, there be another Neal green text on the screen please. I need to see more Neal brief text on the screen don't worry it is coming there's got to be patient, because. This video because. This film has to be in our 30 minutes so that it can be quite where producers, writen and directed by Neil brain, incredible. Actually, like this shots I don't I can't, complain too much it goes through this I could. Thank beautiful. There. He is. Look. At those sideburns Aaron, Brown Aaron. I always thought I was doing the right thing and preparing for life I was. The first in my class in college and computers okay all you need to know about this character literally, you don't need to know anything besides say he's a hacker, he's a genius I don't know he's there's a lot of things okay perhaps most, importantly, he, enjoys eating, tuna. At Akane's I. Don't. Need much to live on anymore I just eat tuna out of the can and live in the car. You. Know for being a genius he's really bad at eating tuna while driving Oh. Neil. Oh that. Was close that was real close this, is why you, never eat tuna out of a can while, driving please, let this be a learning lesson for all of you out there now, mercenary. For. Any nation it's gonna be a lot of shots I'm not gonna lie there's gonna be a lot of shots of Neil, Breen running through rocks and if that's not your cup of tea then, then you're just a hater and this movie isn't for you so you can just back away okay.

You Can just get away from here, we. Ain't got time for this I want to watch Neil breathe remove my life one look at that and look at that claim, absolutely. Incredible. Or get he married you know as a passionate. Fan of Neil Breen's work there, is a car there are a couple current, beams one. Of them being an excessive. Use of laptops. Neil, Breen loves, to use laptops, why, use one laptop when he's can use two laps down to assess and why use one phone and break you can use two, phones simultaneously. No. One abuses, laptops, like, Neil Breen. Don't. Know nail. Yeah. Don't. Do it Neil don't, do, it god. Damn it me a look, first. Book me don't hit that book, with, them god, damn can't wait any longer I don't care how angry you are go god damn e you. Don't don't not again my. God, not. It. Someone. Stop, this man. I. Know. You're, upset it, has a deeper, meaning I'm just really glad that laptop, has made it an apparent, here as well, satellite. Dishes five. Laptops six. Oh he's got five laptops six. Oh. There. Are very dangerous Wars, going on that. Will never end, he's. Talking about t-series, vs.. PewDiePie that's right I snuck that one in there so, Neil Green is basically like an undercover agent, type, of really, hard to explain Neil brain character. Is like a super. Rogue. Agent. To secret, war. Underground. Desert-dwelling. Character. I disappear. He. Can disappear home and he, also has a force field. Which. Is pretty much filled with cause for shield sir if an intruder the force shield will cause death if an intruder draws near just letting, you guys know that that's the thing that Neil Breen has this, is important for the plot and story no it isn't but that is not necessary, in Neil, Breen's films, okay you just don't understand. Three. Laptops at the same time port or truth, how many laptops do you use at the same time huh one. Two. Threes. But there's no waiver is that way it's therefore there. Is far own but there is for laptops, I didn't see the fourth one my mind sorry, guys I gotta rewrite this review so now we have more shots of neo brain running around in the desert an excellent. Climber and an, excellent, athleticism, but. He's about to find something, in these rocks now, place your bets in the comments please what. Do you think Neil, brain is, gonna find in the rocks, the. Winner gets. Gets. To smash like on this video what is he finding. Another. Laptop, everyone. The. Fifth laptop. Makes this appearance. Yep. That's a laptop yep. Confirmed. It is in fact a laptop. Remember. We were seven and it was love at first sight, we. Loved each other since because. You have matching, pants, is that why Neal, there.

He Is again with the laptops, now to. Be clear here we, are 17. Minutes into the film and we. Haven't seen, or. Heard any. Dialogue. Whatsoever, it's, just been nothing but this and Neal. Breen talking. Over the footage there was an error in the calculation, okay, all right but, let's go, to, the, best fit in my opinion, of the entire film it starts, off with the footage of a very public pool as you can see here. Then. Cut to Neal brain beam naked, in this pool with naked lady I. Love. You, will. You marry me. Yes. Yes. Yes. I, will marry. You. Can tell she really feels, strongly. About this clip now I definitely, want to be in this shot okay I guess what I want. To show myself as, much as possible, I'm. So happy I. Can't. Wait to be your wife o Neill B nail. Breathe that's a laser. We'll. Always be together I, need. To know that, watch. Out Neal, breathe how. Does she not see the laser. It. Is possible. Anything's. Possible. Thank. You watches, jeez. Is. It me or is, it hot in here god. Damn that was sexy, ah ah. I, cannot, recreate, that fantastic sound only one man. Jeez. That. Is the, shriek, of pure, agony. Now, if you thought this whole scenario was obscure enough I guess we it gets a spear. Okay. Sure. Oh. Not. The flower. Okay. Cut to her then. Wait. For it. Yes. Thank. You very much Neil Breen for that immaculate. Shot. Beautiful. Fantastic. Art. And. He's gone oh. Okay. There he is I. Find. Myself waking. Up on the ground. PJ. Pointed out this when we watched at it it's like we see him waking, up from the ground we, don't need him I'm sorry Nia I don't think what he need him pointing. Out that, he's waking, up from the ground as much as I love the, soothing sound of Neil Greene's buttery voice just just, a thought the. Whole plot of the film kind of sounds like Neil. Greene's personal. Thoughts, I don't know how to explain it but showing this I'm always amazed, that how, governments, all over the world are so concerned, about nuclear missiles, and nuclear bombs and. All. The very expensive, and secret technology, involved. The, reality, is that, chemical and biological. Weapons can. Be much more destructive to, societies. And economies, in. Nuclear weapons all, right Alex Jones all right thank you appreciate it, oh. He's. Laying on the ground again. Now. Wait. What just happened did he wake up or did he find himself waking, up in the ground is, that what happened Neil, you're not explaining, what's going on. Just. Got a check if pretty pie stone winning over t-series okay. They're fine. I've. Received their directions now. Introducing. The greatest, character, of all, time. Neil. Breen is walking. Through the desert in the middle, of nowhere and he stumbles, upon none. Other than. Desert, Santa. Desert. Santa everyone. He, sits in the desert I don't know what desert Santa does now. Unfortunately. Don't get too attached, to desert Santa I know as I love him dearly as well but, deserts. Ain't that the. Old. Man. You. Don't look like a tourist to me then, don't point, your gun at him Neil brain. Its. Desert. Santa. Where. Does he go in. That's. Some fine climbing, meal. What. Is desert Santa gonna do. Follow. Him, there's, no way desert Santa can follow him that was some way too tricky of a path no, one could ever do that no. One has to parkour skills to. Follow neoprene, in the desert. Neal, Breen knows this of course. No. No. It. Was a. Goddamn. Me he shouldn't have tried to follow neoprene, the path was too strict he got outplayed, desert, Santa.

Outplayed. Son I. Was. Drawn to him I felt. I knew his spirit now this is actually a love story between Neal, and desert, Santa which is quite tear breaking. The. Blood is gone from his head, but he's. Still dying. What. Are you saying deserts ain't him, lend. Me your wisdom. He. Gave him, what. Did he gave him. The. Desert santa stone. That's, a nice shot and, that's. A nice Barrett you just just, put some rock over him he'll be fine, he, gets he's, alive he's just sleeping, in his rocker babe, then. We have Neela. Visiting, his parents I, guess I don't I don't. Know what's happening here I. Like. This I like this shot it's kind of aesthetic dad. It's. Like a good wallpaper. We. Are filled with love and, we. Are at peace well, that's nice, so, apparently, even if you're dead you can still not properly walk in it, still hurts to walk on gravel, and stone how, about that hey that just looks painful. All. That we do is drive around and get caught up in spectacular, car chases, and dude. Buildings. Blowing, up and wild gunfire, and, so on that. Only happens, in the movies and on TV it really doesn't happen in real life. In. A real life everything we do is done very silently. Undercover. And, electronically. The. Public, never knows what we're doing it's all done in very, very secret, ways I'm. So water please. Can. I have some water please okay. Yes. Speaking. Of Secrets there. Is one I want to share with you, my. Daughter Megan was just diagnosed with brain cancer no. No. I'm sorry. That sucks. What, a lovely Miam looks delicious, she's got brain cancer so. He's putting his hand, on her brain, now, back to more, footage, of Neil Breen climbing, my favorite footage I could watch this my, entire life. Look. At things look, at those moves grab the rock oh no no I grabbed it anyway that helped, that helped him on the line oh no, it didn't you grab another Rock Neil he, got the rock fantastic. Is he gonna make it up he made it up. No. One else can do that it's. Me. Give. Me the president. Contact. Has been out what, in that what, is happening. At this point I don't really know what happens in the middle of the film it's one big blur to be honest and we're. Just gonna we're, just gonna skip let's, move away from the cars they. May be wired. Watch. This. Extremely. Smooth oh. Sorry. That's. Okay, no damage. There's. A bug, device on the car now how. Are you. I. Don't. Really know what's going on to be honest I don't I like the bit where nothing happened, and it didn't make any sense this is the Metal Gear Solid. Play what does that even mean so. Neal green drugs this couple, kills, the guy and when. The lady wakes up this, is what he has to say. We're, in Las Vegas last night, we went to the club danced. A lot drank a lot laughed, a lot and, had sex out by the fountains. Then. We went down to the strip and we got married. Hey. This is Las Vegas baby. Imagine. You wake up you don't know where you are, Neil brain shows up and says last night we, drank a lot we had sex by the fountains, we laughed a lot and then, we went down to the strip and got married, hey Las, Vegas, baby. What do you do what, would you do if this happened, to you what. We're. Married. Then, literally, ten, seconds, later get, out get. Out. The. Marriage, is over. Marriage. Is over, this Carla had a once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity, to. Marry neoprene, and it, only lasted, five seconds, gosh damn it ten seconds, well at least you experienced those 10 seconds, of pure joy, and bliss and love. I'm. Pretty sure Neil isn't supposed to need that skull. But. I like the touch anyway, Hey look it's more Neil running in the desert Jess.

Look. At him go look, at him go. Oh. Excuse. Me. Contact. Literally. Literally. Me, when. I accidentally. Bump into someone oh. Excuse. Me. Contact. So. Relatable, I think that's why I like his films they're just really able another. Reoccurring. Theme in needle, spoons that, Ferraris. That's. Right is that the sake no, it's, the same Ferrari, I, can't, help you out of this one Jim. He. Just took Jim's Ferrari, he loved that car I don't know if there's any point of me explaining what's going on I think it's better to just appreciate. These, these, golden, moments like this one for example. Holy. Shit it's him. Yeah. It's. Him how. Can that be. How. Can that be possible. I. Was, wondering what happened to all the tuna cans, does, he recycle, them or does he just have, a cardboard, box in his trunk, where he keeps all the tuna cans and I'm just really glad that we finally had the answer what, happens to all the, tuna cans Neil green leaves, no questions. Unanswered, now, of course in the end we, get to see one of the best Neil, green running. And. Screaming. Okay. Go. Nia, run, like the wind nut, run like you've never run before. How. Long is this. How. Long is this gonna keep. Okay. So, the movie ends with Neil green walking away with, nothing. His. Girl. Or. Nothing, I don't, know but the most important, part of the end is actually. The credits, because, we have directed. By neil brief musical. Director, Neil green editor. Neil pre production, designer, Neil Bri production, manager Neil green casting. Neil green and most. Importantly. Lighting. None. Makeup. And hair none. Locations. Neil bridge catering, Neil Breen Erin, brand Neil cream, I. Always. Wondered who does the lighting, in this video it's impeccable. Who is this none and how, do they do it so greatly so. That was double down everyone, hope. You guys enjoyed, I'm gonna leave a link you can support, Neil breeding and buy his films, in the description. And check them out yourself, because they are really something, to admire and appreciate thank. You guys for watching this video if you enjoyed smash like let me know if you like this type of stuff and I'll see you guys next, time.

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9:23 First time I guessed something right

Felix the cat is missing an ear And *This is called Depression*

This Move Is Called The Rogue Laptops..

But i use 2 laptops all at the same time...

I think we've found out the identity of HackerMan...

film budget; laptops: 10000 dollars rest of the production: 200 bucks

My goodness

6 core Professor????

His film better than 95% of russian cinematography

10:31 the sensor cut off for a sec, your welcome fellow 9 year olds

Anyone else watching on a laptop?

this reminds me of threat level midnight from the office lol

A comdom

T series is best

Lmao I love this

Why the quality of the pewds in this video really at it best?

so this is what it's feels like watching a movie with Felix?

I saw legs 0:30

CALL 911

Neil Breen for Meme Review

Better than captain marvel

Playing game please pewds


"How could you done this Jim i can't not believe you committed suicide i not believe you committed suicide how could you done this how could you committed suicide i can't help you outta this one with all we been through.I can't pull you outta this one" Most heartbreaking death in movie history

HE WILL FIND ANOTHER LAPTOP IN THE ROCKS Wait wait wait I was fucking joking I didn’t expect to get another laptop lmao

I guess I am a loser then ._. ;-;

Why not supporting directors that are actually good?


Dessert Santa

why did the subtitles cut off like after 15 seconds ; - ;

he teleport tho

I hope you realize this movie isn’t done seriously, it’s an attempt to be the next The Room


20:44 “The Hangover”

Neil Breem is reaching stardom

This is epic.

10:32 *O h B o y*

2:22 if your a console pleb like me

Brad messed up the edits now pewds will be demonized againnnn no surprise

Dang, I thought he was going to find a origin pc...

*Song Review*

Neil Breen...more like...Neil Brine...

Sorry pewds I couldn't finish this video Too much cringe

Why does dis video have ads

Iwill subscribe you If u do me

4:03 I thought he was stabbed

How many laptops are enough for one man?

10:32 brad did an opssie!

Compared to a movie called 'Return of the rollerblading seven' (good luck finding it tho) this would win an Oscar..

He is gonna find a laptop

10:31 Pewds proposing to Marzia 1900 BC colorized

This movie is like Brian griffins writing

Making Neil Breen to host Meme Review


I don't know what is it i am Russia

What a great movie. I have to see them all now.

Cannot even pretend! ☺

phim này tên gì vậy mọi người

Liket mal alle meinen kommentar hoch damit die Engländer denken ich hab was wichtiges gesagt


Tommy Wisseau (the Room) and Neil Breen (Double Down) host meme review?

19:12 I thought someone was creeping up on you

Wait so what is happening exactly?

10:51 thats leah gotti .. former pornstar now turned christian

I got an 8 core processor and an RTX 2070 from CYBERPOWERPC for $100 less than the Origin build in the description... just sayin’

Damn. I've been here so long I remember his first video about this guy

Such movies are cringe i really do not know how Tommy Wiseau was able to make his movie to be not cringe and professional  I in my life seen a guy who was a Biker Santa

He's like Santhosh Pandit of malayalam film industry. Like direction, production, and everything by himself

Are those laptops 100% charged?

We need a Neil Breen collaboration with Tommy Wisseau

11:43 Wtf?! I thought he orgasmed when that clip was first shown. Hahaha


Ermalo magradze....

"What does he do to the tuna cans?" Pewdiepie asking all the right questions

Please play games

Is this really an *actual* movie?

"hold on, he's gotta check if PewDiePie's still winning over t series." *laughs at own joke*

Please, more film review.

laptop are like voltron, the more you hook up the better it gets

Alex Jones should host meme review. MAKE

I became too attached to Desert Santa. Neil Breen was too athletic and genius, he couldn’t handle the tricky path. 1 like=1 prayer for Desert Santa

10:32 thank you brad, very cool.


Laptop: The Movie

Obviously pewds was sponsored by Neil Breen

A laptop 25:18 (*^*)

Youtube notified me 4 days late

Eating tuna out of can? My brother, finnaly found my soul brother.

**using one laptop** lv.1 **using four laptops** lv.400

I could make a better film with a 1996 camera and a pack of trained flies.

Petition to have Pewdiepie guest star on RedLetterMedia.

10:32 how pewds proposed to marzia

*Petition for a snow day across the whole world for 1 week*

Neil Breen is the new Hideo Kojima.

why isn't this in a cringe compilation

Pulls out meat septer and destroys laptop

You've got competition Mr. Wissau!

so whats it about again?

Why is Youtube showing me all of Pewds titles in German?

It’s the far future where Neil Breen is trying to figure out the ancient battle of T-Series vs Pewdiepie and Desert Santa is actually Mr Beast

You know, it's better to build a computer yourself

No joke I said laptop for a joke but it turned out to actually be a laptop

Can't tell if Neil Breen's movies are bad... or if they're good at emulating bad movies? ...Maybe the difference is irrelevant?


Laptop lives matter.

That is the shriek when t-series surpassed pewdiepie

5 laptops, subscribes to Pewdiepie on 5 different accounts The war is never over!


Отличный фильм!

dont ETOOC while driving!!!

Tommy Wiseau showed us we can all be Neil Breen if we want....If He can do it, so can Neil Breen

We want Neil Breen to host meme review


I just got a t-series ad. Beautiful youtube

6:22 "look at those moves."

This is what awaits you when you are ready to enter heaven

Petition for Neil Breen to make a movie based on Meme Review


This is great, more like this

PewDiePie the type of guy who calls 99 percent of the population losers because they don't have gaming pcs

mmm he will find another laptop


Ahh. My computer has a pull start on it. Ultra reliable.

*D E S E R T S A N T A*

all the disliked are the abused laptops

Neil Breen Senpai x Laptop Sama

why do you beings in the comments section have to laugh some others laughter.

kind of made me want to kill my self ////

Sup to me I love pewdiepie

Tear-breaking. Truly.

i find interesting that pew’s accent is more similar to an american accent than a british accent

Is that guy a real director? Wtf

the pewdiepie ad actually hurts.

petition to desert santa to host meme review !

Isnt that croc hunters wife

i actually guessed another laptop was in the rocks i fucking hate myself

Rich, do you see his ballsack Rich: YOU SEE HIS BALLSACK!!!!!

Dessert santa stole the show

18:39 when the teacher throw out a student you hate

Neil Been looks like the retarded son of an "E" List "straight to video" 1980 "action hero" and an adult movie star airhead love-child kept away from society in a gated community. Who has just inherited his late parents money thinking he is the chosen one to save the world through his movie genius. I think you should tuna-in

I really don't understand how poor your camera quality is. I kept checking if it's at 1080p.

The most tragic scene after wolf died in until dawn, was desert santa dying

This has to be a joke. He must of seen the room

Petition to make Neil Breen host meme review.

I can see James Franco and Seth Rogen act this movie.

The middle i on die is silent

*Has one of the best pc in the whole world* *Just plays roblox and minecraft and reviews memes* Me: What a waste of a beautiful pc

One like = one prayer for desert Santa

pewdiepie saw me at 3:00am hehehhe

Is Neil Breen actually human

Desert santa gives not yet died kides ratlle snakes and koalas on his magical flying weird cave

He found his laptop

So this is why acting's a profession.

It's 24/7/52/1000


it's a wonder that he's not working for Universal or Disney

One thing for sure: None's lighting and camera doesn't make washed out colors

This movie would be better if it was completely silent with just musical pieces. Actually just no film at all.

Let the Neil Breen memes begin!

I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed harder

Neil Breen host meme review

Trying to get more subs anything will help

It’s Obiwan kenoby boys 14:51

I am subscribed to you

Idk if it is just the way pewds put it together but that was by far the most confusing video I’ve ever watched

Neil Bremen entered the chat

knew it was gonna be a fucking laptop in them rocks

3:15 the funniest part of this scene is he keeps smearing blood on his face

This how a Chuck Norris movie should be....written, directed, edited and produced by Neil Green.

Literally me whenever I watch pewdiepie's outro 23:51

He finds himself?

what is this movie about? xD what the f***

what if we get dear Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen working together and make the most epic film in the human history?

Forget walking on water, can Jesus walk on gravel without getting hurt feet? Hmmmm...?

He said to buy the films but wasnt he watching it on youtube?

I guessed he would find a laptop

Video starts at 2:25

Fanboyflicks did it better



The movie from the 80's !?

I literally just watched the rlm video on Double Down a couple days ago.

Pewdiepie is better

They should make cameras for PewDiePie

Wait this was all one movie?

Crab bros

My mom died in a tuna eating car accident

Yo dawg has anyone ever actually won one of PewDiePie's giveaways?

Violence against laptop

I bet he found another laptop I WAS RIGHT!

Y tf did I watch this

Captions don't work :(

Wait A Minute... I finally found the Person who hacked all of those printers... the Hacker Giraffe Exposed... He Was None Other Than, “Neil Breen”.

Tuna is not to die for

14:00 yes Neil, thats why the Geneva Conventions and the Chemical Weapons Conventions exist. They are big no-nos.

I literally watched this with my laptop in front me on my Desk... Now I don’t know if i can ever look at my laptop or not...

I knew it was a laptop xD

Is pewds getting fat?

Yes more content like this

This is soooo wayyy cringes.... Lol

What happened to sponsor eagle

I wasn’t paying attention too much to the video and after about two minutes I realized I just watched a man talk about a led computer for 2 minutes

Who is ready for Neil Breen to host meme review

1:24 any one else with an intel HD Graphics and DDR3


I've seen better acting in porn

Neal Breen drinking games.


TSeries corporation: 120B subs Pewds at 50 years old: 121B subs Mr. Beast at 50 years old: I can’t pull you outta this one....

1:13 pause the video, then look at his face ( ;

Let's make YouTube Rewind but everyone is a laptop

23:00 When he start singing in the background

THIS IS LAS VEGAS BABY *pulls out meat scepter*


If we're doing movie reviews, I can't wait for The End of Evangelion to make it in

Best film review I ever seen

Pewdiepie is awesome.

I though he will give her a laptot instead of ring..

i will go to the uk JUST to assassinate you

Wait, does press really not know what FPS meanS?

People say a wrong and a wrong don’t make a right but look at this masterpiece video right here

you can litterly see her butt lmao

Desert santa + meme review

Remember don’t eat tuna and drive

I love your movie reviews :DD

Shit I saw a leg shoot me quick before the dream ends

We need Pewds to cover all of Neil's movies

9:58 making 4 different account to subscribe to pewdiepie, he is doing his part,are you?

Woah dude


What’s nice is that guy had dreams and made them happens yesss!

10 out of 10

9:18 he will find his virginity

he is the movie version of bob ross

Funniest sponsor ever XD

Fact: Pewdepie made this video 2-3 years ago too. No more original content.

I laughed all through that shit. Very nice

Still better than Last Jedi

It's okay, no damage

he'll find 200 iPhone XS max

On 1:13 he said professor not processor

3,234 didn't guess laptop

He's using like 4-5 laptops at the same time but none of them are turned on

We love this type of content. Keep it coming.

No straya Santa

1:38 well shame I can't play metro exodus and use ray tracing since metro aint on Steam lol.

I am creating a petition for Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau to write and direct a movie in colaboration.

Neil Breen will find the plot for jojolion

Minecraft Comes Into My Channel Has A Very Funny Video Of A Minina

7:40 literally thought it was a scene from GTA Even though I’ve never played

Video begins at 2:27

Neil Breen goofing on William Shatner while doing a poor imitation of Tim Allen.

Felix can make even the worst film enjoyable

I bet he finds a laptop

This should be great!

I'm watching this dude stumble around the desert with his guns stuffed down the front of his pants wondering how long till he shoots his junk off by mistake.

Desert Santa deserves an Oscar

Desert santa

9 year old army

I'm disappointed that the scene where he went into a bathroom and got changed and the cloud changed didn't make the cut...

I knew a laptop

Шикарные субтитры

This movie was heartbreaking 10/10

The sheer audacity they have to put a 2060 along a shitty ryzen 5.

11:39 LOL

How do people make such shit films? Wtf. Unsure as to why I'd want to support him? I mean, this is terrible.


Desert Santa has left the chat

My gosh, there is a hilarious lack of energy in this filmmaking and acting XD Also, did "desert Santa" do anything else or was it just what you showed there? If that was it, what was the point of that character, what did he do lol? Also, the shots where he awkwardly stumbled while climbing, why not just do another take where he could climb better haha

There is potentially a great market reviewing for pewds to tap into, just saying

this guy probably makes these shitty movies just to get attention, thus making easy money, thus making him a genius :D

Gimme dat Professor pc!!!!!

4:40 harambe?

Petition for desert Santa to host meme review.

Did anyone see that the one cloud look like Harambe


1:53 wait are those legs!?!?


as I am watching this I am wearing the same sweatshirt as him #ad

That rock is Tseries and Pewds is desert santa

"Neil Breen's The lord of laptops."

$1499 for a ryzen 5 2600 and rtx 2060? that's expensive as hell

So when you have a sponsor video must you have so damn many ads?

im crying for those laptops stop laptops abuse

#bring back stephephano and piggeh

Do we see his ball sack?

hi pewds

I was offended when the laptops were not mentioned in the end credits!!!!

Neil brien is like if hitman tried to make a movie, with no reaction or emotion

I use my origin pc to watch pewdiepie

epic reveiw

This is the number of oscars neil gets

4:02 I actually thought the scene was of him finding his wife dead and him screaming/crying... Great acting, though! :D

Why does he sound like Mayor West from Family Guy

Pewds:What do you think,what will he find the rocks? Me:Another laptop? Pewds :It's a laptop Me:

Sub to dasjerom

Neil movies are agony


9:13 maybe some talent.

What about Lego's?

The word pewds is looksing for is all of Breens movies are self inserts

He’s gonna find a laptop in those rocks, isn’t he? Good god, I was kidding.



Petition for Neil Breen to _direct_ Meme Review

Ok cool but can we get a Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau collab

Neil: I have 5 Laptops Weird flex but ok

Film review

Can we get an f in the chat

What is he going to find in the rocks: A fifth laptop Holy shit i was actually right


Revenge of laptop

Pewds should use the eye tracker while watching Neil Breen run up rocks

I feel like this man is T-posing everyone internally.

how does she not see the laser?!?!?

*nOt ThE tUnA cAnS*

Why there is no T-shirts/Hoodies with skratta du flörlar du???


lol i kew it was a laptop XD

Dang, I actually just got Metro Exodus...maybe I should get an Origin PC computer

11:41 weird orgasm

He finds another laptop!


so funny

This has the same kind of vibe as my English projects


Got it

He's gonna find a laptop

he is probably a rich guy who thinks hes a good movie writer so he funds his own movies

Where is sponsor eagle

Petition for pewds to win Oscar

What about on leap years? What if your PC breaks on day 366. 2:05



10:32 pause and you will see naked lady

Worse than threat level midnight

It makes me sad when PC gamers don't know anything about PC parts

I cried so much. It was just... so beautiful

more shitty movie reviews best content ever

I’ve booked my ticket to see this movie in IMAX 3D.

Is this movie in 4K UHD?


Wow I like like in my mind I said "He gonna find other laptop anther that rock" 5 sec later Pewds stop vid and say "Anther laptop" Me like '-'

0:44 Who ever cuts the videos spelled shipping wrong ;o;

AutoLike #AutoLikeDislike

11:42 when you try to fart and quickly find out you have *diarrhea.*

PewDiePie gang

when pewds sponser quality is better than his video quality

Hello! I have a wattpad account called Pew_Die_Max and if want to you should go and download wattpad and follow me. But the sad part is that all the stories i have whritten is in swedish but you should go in and follow me. Thanks!

Even Niel can make people laugh more than amy schemer

god bless neil breen

and the Oscar goes to....Laptop #5

Permission for desert Santa to host meme review

....what in good god did you make me watch?


This video just made my day

Neil’s ultimate shot would be a lap top climbing rocks

need more neil breen videos

Components you need for a badass gaming desktop: core i9 processor, dual gtx 1080 or rtx 2080, and 16 - 32 gigs of ram. Now that's a gaming desktop.

That computer isnt that great

Comment for the algorithm

ya'll remember troll 2?

10:32 I think Brad did an oopsie

Love how he didn’t even try to ask for help it’s just “aAAaAh aAAAAh ok face down in pool time”


0:30 still can’t make vid quality good

он сказал метро эксодус?

This should be great!

He reminds me of flamingo

y dafuk am i watching this!!

I could watch PewDiePie sell me on stuff all day

Desert Santa

Nolan vs neil,what do you say guys ?

*imagine this getting copystriked by Neil Breen*


i totally knew he was gonna find a laptop in those rocks

Is it just me or does Neil look like a sad, old Tobuscus

this is how dreams feel sometimes a whole mess of nothingness but also too much lmfao

10:32 there is a frame of the “naked lady” without censorship... Congrats Brad 1 and 2.. I needed this butt in my life

A new challenger has appeared! 5TH LAPTOP

Who else wants a Tommy Wiseau & Neil Breen box office smash hit?!?!?!?!

Neil Breen needs to do a film with Tommy Wiseau, instant classic ✌

Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau in a movie please...

At 0:30 you can see his legs

Love it when daddy calls me baby

Neil breen should host meme review

Writing this comment while smashing 2 laptop‘s .

12:02 When I saw the footage at the beginning of the video I thought he was having sex with her

9:17 a new laptop

Ive been wanting a good computer for so long to play games with my friends on, being left out cause I dont have a computer is so fun.

neil breen will find a fish

Its the Oscars award he is finding

Tr120003200000000055794299. Hey pleas many

120003200000000055794299. Hey ples many

Sou professora no Brasil. E isso não é nada fácil! Queria que meu canal fosse grande como este para ajudar muitas crianças e professoras com suas dúvidas... e para ter um canal grande também rsrsrsrs

alien egg


More Nei Breen

He's gonna find a laptop Edit:it was actually a laptop...

This is hella funny

I wanna see that aess

+Afu123best gay

Just did ;)

Don't like your own comment buster

Did anyone see his legs at :29

I was thinking that lmao

Neil Breen liked this video.

Petition for Neil Breen to make a movie starring himself as Pewds

Next film by Neil Breen will be about PewDiePie vs T Series starring Neil Breen as PewDiePie and T Series!

he's gonna find The Rock in the rock

Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda


Thanks for the shout out in you video title

Desert santa lol

I’m genuinely curious if this man is located on the spectrum

Obviously he is a spy that is off the grid.

Neil breen exists : Academy awards want to know your location


What desert Santa give Neil.... The sixst laptop

Dessert Santa for smash bros

I'm to the point, where I will buy an ORIGIN PC, I need a fast computer, bc this one lags playing Minecraft.

ffs now normies are gna like neil breen reeee

Omg this is not demonetized

12:29 thicc

How did he find so many bad actors. The average porn movie has significantly better acting that this.

I need a desktop, does Origin have something that will suit my 50$ budget?

Pewds made this movie so entertaining to me.


Technically normal Santa is desert Santa

I tought he would find a laptop on these rocks I was right I'm so proud of myself

Love how ya can tell what kinda swimsuit she wears by the tan lines.

I love these so much

Great joke new Zealand shootout hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha nice more joke let killing people right is so fun right PEWDIEPIE

Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau should collaborate to make a super epic movie

holy shit I thought he was orgasming, that was not the pained cry for a lost lover


That scene... Neil: I don’t have money for this! *breaks expensive laptops* *has to make movie budget low because of broken laptops*

That lady was the best actress in Vegas lol

RTX The latest in useless design.

He has so many computers because he had to make sure that t series doesn't win

Petition for desert santa to hold meme reveiw

who else guessed laptop

me:1000 POUNDS! DO YOU THINK IM RICH Pewds:Well yes ;-; Me:well ok ummm Pewds:*BROFISTS* Me:WHYYYYYYYYYYYY *dies*


I'm sorry but why Neil's under eyes looked like he's using a concealer and theb not properly blended it.....

Why does he sound like the voice acting from the first Silent Hill?

RTS is Radio Televizija Srbija lmao


Pretty sure you can buy a memory card at most with $50

Prinempal t pose = T series virus

Why do I feel like Neil Breen is gonna run into the command center from MMPR at some point during this movie?

Neil breen to host meme review?

the credits just freakingly awesome

Brads editing is so choppy I can’t seem to follow the story of the movie

The most realistic movie, is this movie in 4K

2 Stars. I loved the movie it is one of my favorites but I put 2 stars because it didn’t star Neil Brein

He looks like old tobuscus

In twenty years there will be a box office movie about neil breen and his movie production.

Neil in the thumbnail lol

23:00 do I smell a new meme format

This movie is great I would give it a 0/5

Not enough Neil breen

I can't even think of a joke for this, I would disown him as a father

This movie would be better as a book.

0:36 I know what U trying to say xD

16:54 Thanos’ weakness

I am not a hater, but i laugh on every scene.

The Laptop Abuser

Watching this on my laptop

bring back 5 weird stuff online


This man and his laptops are a meme without anyone even making it a meme

i am gonna download this movie from pornhub

A 1080p video, no way

The ending: And Neil Breen ate Tuna Can happily ever after.

I think Neil Breen is a wannabe Nicholas Cage

Neil breen hosts meme reveiw?

This movie is making me very angry....hahahahahaha omg wtf is this!

i cant believe youve done this

You should also watch another Neil broom from India his name is Ram Rahim he is another level legend

Hes she sub l'm go =)

That one lady actor who woke up from being unconscious is no doubt the best actor in this entire film

This movie is great and all until u realize that Neil Breen is just tryna copy the real film director, Tommy Wiseau.

2:26 video begins

Neil Breen *Agility 100*

This movie is a perfect 5/7

He needs to host meme review

Then Sony or some other Company claims this video

howd he find so many laptops

yet another disaster artist lol It's like, The Room gets hit with A CHALLENGER APPEARS

this guy has a fetish on laptops or sth lol

Hello pew

Good video

In memory of Desert Santa.

This is better then the room

Not a genius? Excuse me? It takes a genius to drop two cans of tuna on your pants while eating one can of tuna...

When he pulled the laptop out of the rocks I fricking lost it lol

His name is even Tim and Eric style lol

You need to watch Tokyo gore police... best movie

Plot Twist Neil breen killed himself after his fiancé died and the whole movie was actually just his hallucinations before the suicide Desert Santa was actually his dad trying to help his son from depression but then Neil Breen went crazy and killed his dad accidentally this caused him to imagine another random dude as his dad him climbing away was a metaphor for neil breen running away from reality

5:56 yea my uncle died while he was eating tuna from a can back in 2004

Call Guinness. We've found the quickest minute man necrophiliac. Lol

Neil Breen to host meme review??

18:21 The man like can I have some water please. Then the kid gets up and takes the cup but the cup is full

Watch closely and keep on pausing and playing the video at 10:30

Imagine a movie with Neil Breen and Tommy Wiseau

I feel like he is better off writing a book than making a film.

I can't imagine my reaction while watching the whole footage like pewds.

Brain cancer? Well maybe that's cuz she hasn't been eating that awesome bowl of fruit at 18:39 Silly kid.

Go pewdiepie you can beat t-series a.k.a t gay

Nobody: PewDiePie: takes 2:30 to start a video

17:53 Also happens in Malmö, Sweden... For... "unknown" reasons... *Cough* =)

But.....RTS is Real-Time Strategy


Neil may be the man with 5 laptops, but Mark is a man WITH 5 OVENS! Checkmate Neil


9:15-9:30, I KNEW ITTT!! Yay

Alita shouldve

RiffTrax, I hope you're seeing this.

The acting is top notch. I can’t believe it.

Neil Breen, what a guy.

24:54 She uses the light of Jesus.

10.31 sneaky brad

Still more qualified for an Oscar than Black Panther.

I have a copy of that book at 7.18

i got rtx 2070

18:08 - 18:22 is the entire plot of the movie, this movie was meant to not make sense to anyone watching it...

the blood looks real enough at least

Sub to stefaan gameplay

Another laptop

Yes, I like this kind of stuff.

This movie would have been a massive hit if it was released in 1920's

18:21 "Can I have some water please" - Hands the girl a cup full of water....

Neil Breen finds a G-Fuel sponsorship for 10 % off all G-Fuel products discount code Neil Breen.

Hello sir

I thought she got shot on the a**hole or smth

I thought they were having sex when you put that at the start of the video. And that was him nutting lol

0:42 - 0:51 1000 iq Im smarter than you

Even before Pewds vs Tseries started, Neil Breen was doing his part

Something I would watch at sunday school

I guessed it..

Is it just me or this neil breen looks like jordan schlansky producer from conan obrien show???

9:20 I bet he will find another laptop!

Walks by a blue shirted guy, touches a white shirted arm "contact"



Legend says Neil Breen is still running to this day

That movie opening !! Cristian movie!!

I laughed so hard at the introduction of desert Santa. Dammit.


Neil Breen to host meme review????

You are a God for real you are the best

This is the quality of the movie I made when I was 14/15

Comment For The algorithm

I can't tell if Neil Breen's movies are intentionally bad or not lol

i dont understand why is he reviewing this movie twice, TWICE. is he really out of content?

This movie can't be reviewed enough times. Twice is just glancing the surface. There needs to be teams of people doing dozens of reviews daily.

*N O D A M A G E*

Before making films that dude must be a laptop seller.

The Fifth laptop joins the battle

I love the sound "wow"

Neil Breen(Equipment Manager): How many Laptops do you want ? Neil Breen(actor): Yes

Guessed the laptop

Who won the giw-away?


Best tuna scene in a movie, ever 5:38

I hope marzias ring is as nice as the one neal got for his dead future wife!


Is Neil Breen's blu-ray box set coming out soon? I would love to buy a couple for my friends and family.

This is like next level nic cage. He's ascended into his final form.


More of these pewds!!!!! These are my favorite and Roblox sad stories is a close second lmao

20:54 your mic looks like a black panther pop figurine right here

18:25 "can i have some water please?" hands child half full cup of water....logic.

I want to stop PewDiePie

How exactly did Neil Breen do the catering?

Locations : Neil Breen

i suggest u watch his other work, Twisted Pairs. it's a masterpiece


Это ко

This Movie is produced by Stephen King

Looks like Neil was eating chicken wings when he had blood on him

Anybody having any problem

When Neil was holding the girl in the pool (after she had been shot) I actually thought he was dropping a quick dookie before the grief set in.

2:05 I know it's late, but what if it's leap year?

when you running out of ideas

Youfertile dei duid faced

Double down? he did wake up on the ground twice so i guess its right :D

alien laptop.

Felix!!! The Great Neil Breen has a new movie releasing 2019, we need you to watch and review it for us!

Degerd Chehenta is hot

What's the song in the very beginning?? PLEASE I'M BEGGING FOR HELP!!! And I mean for the VERY beginning (0:00 - 0:06)

the lightning was done by sun!

I don't know why but i really though he would get down the slide for some reason:/

I actually used to use 3 laptops at once

He will find his virginity in the rocks...

Tommy Wiseau finally got a competitor.

Laptops are everywhere

14:37 "I received the erections" - Neil Breen

You need to watch some Troma bro.

Now that i failed basic training i have a month of pewdiepie videos to watch....

Lol 12:03 thought it was a sex scene. Was that supposed to be despair?

I'm having a hard moment seeing this dude hitting all his laptops...

Consider this = Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen make and star in a film

Seriously, is he trolling?

"Who is this none?"

God bless you Neil and your dramatization skills, I a dumbfounded as to why you....... Actually I am dumbfounded by you. This has been narrated by me as I stare at a desert landscape on several laptops thereafter lashing out in a rage towards technology and it's byproducts

Movie reviews are one of the best thing that happened to your channel.

2:30 Lord Matthew is feeling betrayed right now

10:30 go to x0.25 speed till you see something not family friendly.

Svara gärna på denna enkäten angående självkörande bilar i Sverige (16 frågor , endast kryssfrågor) används för min C-uppsats tack i förhand för alla svar :)

If u don’t like people braking laptops, u should go watch the me beast vid where he breaks a ton! ( plz actually make that)

man you really noticed that life it's really hard when you are in city pub full of people and trying not to laugh too hard on this

*looks at bank account* '-$117.14' *looks at Pewds merch* "well at least i have a Pewdiepie skin in minecraft" your PC could feed me for a year

Legend says he is still running and screaming in the desert with 5 laptops hovering around him.

IT CAn bE tHAt’s ImPOssible

Really tight snovvel and a 6 core professor

He will find an laptop

Positive saying: when you have a dream, you can make it

4:02 i tought he just busted one

Buy Neils new film "Twisted Pair". He becomes more humanoid and gets invincible but totally accepts these powers.

How could Jim Off himself

Neil Breen is epic... he cured parts of my depression, being the magical techno Jesus that he is...

Can't wait for the game

where can i buy this film with real time shipping

На конецто ты знаешь русский

14:35 "I received an erection"

Do more of these please ^_^

If you like this movie may i suggest vampires kiss by nick cage let me tell you it starts at 100% and ends at 10000000% of nick cages signature over acting

Neil Breen has hidden secret messages into all his movies. Respond to this comment with your own theories and meanings for this movie. It clearly warrants academic study.

Neil Breen is like a shitty Stanley Kubrick: his movies are full of narration, intentionally vague and have some impressive cinematography (the desert shots, at least, all the other shots are painful to look at lol).

I love that Neil Breen doesn't care if the story is coherent or anything about continuity, but by damn, he's gonna show you where those tuna cans went! lol

The thing I find so disturbing is the fact that I find felix so damn handsome and I'm a grown ass woman!

20:30 she had better acting

What if I told you... that I have seven laptops?

Desert Santa dropped loot

Felix am a fan, but don't say run and your window is in the way, #readyoutube comments

I don't even have a loptop, nor a PC, as embarrassing as it sounds so sad, I'm still happy and confident

Look at this computer to watch memes

I like how even his ad promotions are entertaining..I kept watching

Lighting: none hahaha

Hahaha hahaha

2:28 is when the video starts. Yes his whole fucking bit promoting that cumputer stuff is 2:28 minutes long. And about a few minutes after there is a mid roll

I have a drinking game designed for this movie. No survivors

*I don't know how you can sit through these horrible, busted ass movies. I'd jump off the nearest bridge if I had to watch that shit for two whole hours!*

10:31 is that legal?

Imagine Neil Breen collabing with Tommy Wiesoeuryeuywer...

11:42 it looks like as if he is having an orgasm. Maybe he fantasizes about this kind of stuff..

Magic rock

get inspiration from YMS?

My reaction when desert santa died 11:40

Just feeding the video more algorithm metrics.

Real time shipping

Neil Breen didn't have enough dedotated wam for his Minecraft server... hence 5 laptops...

you should watch YMS channel's review of this, it's really funny

I think he’s gonna find like an older laptop that maybe he left there and happen to come upon ?

Holy shit. Okay I paused the video to answer and was totally not expecting him to find ANOTHER fucking laptop. Wow.

Jim dnt need the farrari anymore

Switzerland me hai kya be

i thought he was cumming

Now I have a strong urge to watch this movie.

6:22 *Uncharted 5 : A Neil's End*

The laptops aren't even turned on wtf

how is neil breen using those laptops when they are not even turned on

A love story between Neil, Desert Santa, and Laptops. Yup, that basically sums up the whole movie.

Neil breen to host meme review anyone

You should review shogun assassin

Lol at the same moment a Ferrari shows up in the movie I get an ad to rent a Ferrari...

I thought pewds computer is origin pc genesis. But it is not...

700 laptops were harmed in the making of this film

More terrible movie reviews!!!

How could you have committed suicideee Cant believe you have committed suicide! Cant help ya outta this one Jim!

Desert santa? Nah thats just santa in Australia

Holy shit it's him

Pewdiepie: Marzia will you marry me? Marzia: Uh yes

Carries and buries a strange old man, leaves dead fiance in a pool.

Niel Breen is the reason why Tommy Wiseau will be forgotten.

Instant Fucking classic

16:44 *give

still better than Captain Marvel and AquaMan

Neil Breen was an absolute mad lad. A genius I tell you.

where does he charge his laptops?

Nobody: Neil Breen in every one of his movies: Yup,I’m a god damn hacker

I thot he said I reiceved an erection

I love for his tank top.

Este es el vídeo en el que más me he reído en mi vida

literally neil breen is the worst actor in all neil breen movies

Niel Breen on laptops: Imma bout to end this man's whole career

I think he will find a meat sceptre in the rocks

Giveway way lmao

watch his other movies, he has like 5 or 6 of them


React to samurai cop

I can’t believe he commited suicide!

Real Time Shipping? That is so cool.

11:41 The sound you make on the toilet when you've eaten nothing but canned tuna for the majority of your adult life.

This guy just love and hate laptop at the same time.... Damn

fps = faps per second


That was epic

12:03 more like busting a nut over your dead fiancé

Laptop Simulator

This is a great movie, Neil is a great actor. Masterpiece! Perfection! Hollywood take note, this is how you make classics.❤


Is Farrari the Chinese version of Ferrari?


a laptop

Can I stop getting ads for Danny Gonzales YouTube channel of him spanking himself.

He's going to find a laptop

12:42 lmfao I wasn't expecting that.

there *is* four laptops

Double down staring Neil Green and laptop

My last brain cells

The room is trash compared to this Neil green is god

I wonder if he's purposely acting badly, I mean come on; there's no way someone could legitimately think or believe that that kinda acting is even remotely decent. Right?

19:38 now thats a lot of damage

16:56 he gave him fans

Was there a story in this movie?

''5 laptops, 6 cellphones... the world of a tech reviewer is a harsh one''


This movie is rated 2 stars It was made in 2007 and was in theatre for 2 days before being in disc The box office was so low niel breen couldnt even pay his actors because he spent 4.1k on the movie and hit a box office of $1,200 he got such little money he was forced to find a new career and finally paid his debt in 2010

10.32 playback speed-0.25 and pause at the right moment

I really like how his pc was like 10x better, with dual 1080tis, and now he has 1 2060

12:22 waking up to your period and your favorite pair of underwear are ruined

Felix: Place your bet's! Me: Ha this would be stupid yet funny if another laptop appears. Felix: Another laptop!

whats this film about? lol

was the guy would played desert Santa also the same guy would played the father ????

felix: and if u thought dis was weird- youtube: AcE IS ThE PlaCe WiTh ThE HElpFuL HArdwARe FoLks!

Global warming, bad corporations...

Pewds 5 months ago: Neil Breen The Best Pewds Now: Water Sheep, Joergon, And Sven The Best

LAPTOP!!!!! A LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!

Felix is 87% sarcasm

Dude, desert Santa looks like a 60 year old desert desert hermit pewdiepie


I guessed correctly give mony

Anyone know the name of the guy in the movie like the name of the actor

I can't believe you reviewed Neil Breen. I *cannot* believe you reviewed Neil Breen. How could you have done this? How could you have reviewed Neil Breen? I can't help you outta this one, Pewds.

Dillon the Hacker needs to collab with Neil Breen

But can I perfectly afford Nope

I Feel sad and i wanna cry

10:33 the Felix and Marzia proposal recorded

Is it just me that gets confused of PewDiePie's English when he swaps back and forth from British to American? I'm British btw XD

17:10 Cmon Pewds. He lays the rocks there so Animals cant vandalize the Body. Its knowledge to be spread ! ^^

You can't eat tuna so often like Neil Breen because the mercury in it will make you actually insane if u eat too much of it. Which means Neil Breen is a god that can sustain all this mercury

When he screamed I thought he has an orgasm xD

Also when the girl was like "I'll get the water" the glass was already half full with water.

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