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The Mallu style birthday in Russia | GP

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Happy Birthday to you! Wish something - Right now, you need to - That's a nice surprise! - That's ok. Happy Birthday to you! You need to make a wish and keep it for couple of seconds, silently and blow the candles. My dearest buddies and sweethearts. Today’s good news is that we are celebrating my birthday in Russia.

Not just me, but all of us are celebrating it together in Russia. I'm really happy to see all your messages on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. My social media platforms are flooded with all your wishes.

I wish I could reply to each of your messages directly, but I won't be able to do that far because I haven’t even replied to calls and WhatsApp messages. I'm receiving that many messages from all of you. Thank you so much. I'm really happy about it. As part of my birthday, we did many things, Like we said yesterday, we spend one lakh rupees from our YouTube revenue on COVID relief. Not just that, we are taking forward our happiness projects too I could have celebrated my birthday in India itself, then it would have got limited to just a video of my birthday celebration, but now, we are able to tour Russia in between this.

So, you all are happy, likewise, I'm too. So, there's an entertainment element in it. In general, I wish to treat these Russian videos in such a way. This is not a travelogue video.

By showing Russia to you all, instead of showing videos of the same that is available as pictures in Google, rather, I like to share with you all our interesting experiences Like yesterday, where we were on a hunt for an ATM, we will be trying to share such interesting experiences with you all. We are making an effort to bring you entertaining, feel good, small movies. Today's main happening is about celebrating my birthday in Russia, with a Malayali heart and Indian vigor. Whatever we say, we still keep our Indian emotions in our hearts. So, we are going to celebrate my birthday in a tied up mundu in Russia. So, somewhat the behaviour of this will be like eating Pasta and Payasam one after the other.

We are now at the Tsoi Wall. We are at the Tsoi Wall in Moscow is a very famous tourist destination. The Tsoi Wall is dedicated to Viktor Tsoi, he was a singer, music composer and writer.

He had a band called Kino, not that Kino that you heard in movies. He is a hero too, that is he was a hero during the transition period of Soviet to Russia in early 90's. He was a hero from the field of art. This stands a tribute to him. This is a very famous tourist destination, so many people come to click pictures here.

This symbolises the emotion of the Russians, it represents their emotions like happiness, aggression, so on. This reflects all kinds of their emotions. So, this is a very interesting graffiti work where it seems people are still contributing to it, especially on seeing certain works. So, this is an interesting graffiti wall. A common sight in Moscow is that we get to see road side performers. There are many types of road side performers like singers, instrumentalists.

We happened to see an amazing violin performance today, watched that for a long time. I accepted that as an indirect birthday gift. The violin was well played by that violinist. Many people there were giving them donations, even small kids were giving donations to her. What I found really interesting was after giving donations, they were all watching her, a person suddenly came in, I think he was drunk, he was trying to take something from what others donated to her. What's interesting is everyone watching that came in to help and moved him aside.

The lady was performing there, so everyone tried to move that man aside, by patting on his back and peacefully moved him aside. I found that a very good gesture. Anyways, after all that, I told her that it's my birthday by translating it in Russian and gave her chocolates and a small amount. As part of birthday, we gave chocolates to many on the way. When we travelled by taxi, we gave chocolates to the taxi driver also.

Eventhough we are in Russia, we can still give chocolates. Thank you so much. Yesterday, at 12 a.m. according to Indian time, so many people called me, all my dear ones had called, like our Kochi gang, Team GP had called.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Unnikutta! Who is with you? He's with lots of girls. You don't want Indians, that's why you went there. Who all are there? Oh god! It's not audible. I had an amazing conversation with all, everyone conveyed all their happiness, everyone showered all their love on me.

But, these same people called in the morning, which was completely different from the previous night's call. The morning call was a complete shower of curse words. I understood that then. They said, " You left without informing us, huh? They called in the morning because they didn't want to call any curse words on birthday at 12 a.m. Everyone who called at night, again called in the morning to showered all curse words on me.

I remember holding the toothbrush to brush teeth with toothpaste on it for 1.5 hours, unable to brush my teeth. I was trying to speak for almost 1.5 hours,

then I burst into laughter hearing it because, then I understood the reason for their frustation. In the group of the gang that we went to Goa, Lijo's voice note came when my first Russian video was out, I heard that voice note, "What all planning we had, on GP's birthday, trip to Pattambi." On hearing that voice note, I somewhat understood their plan. But, I got an exact picture of their plan when Anoop called.

"Plan was to come to your house at night and scare you by bursting fire crackers." If I tell my parents not to say anything, then they won't say anything. so, when you all come, they will only say 'come in' I came to know about Ernakulam gang through Arvindettan's message, "Tomorrow is GP's birthday, so we are planning something, we are planning to come to his house." The girls had messaged Arvindettan. Arvindettan is so quick-witted! He replied to their message that, "Okay...okay, great idea. Let's plan this after today's video is out" "Okay" Let me say the truth, why I didn't tell them and left from there was as part of a social committement.

Almost sixteen people from Kochi, Almost seven people from Team GP, Almost another ten people, If 10-35 people with firecrackers at 12 a.m., come to my house which is infront of Pattambi Police station and do this violence, then won't that be a challenge for the state and central government? Oh! Kyrgyzstan. - You are from Kyrgyzstan? - Yes. Our address is Novi Arbath 15. Okay!

Just a minute. So, you have a restaurant. This sweetner is made on the basis of grape juice. There is no sugar in it. Oh! This is a sweet! Yes.

I thought it was something to smoke. Wait, one minute. Oh! It's free! - Yes. - Thank you. - Happy Birthday Bro! - Thank you! Happy Birthday! Welcome to my store! Come to India. Kerala.

Banana chips, jaggery coated banana chips, Okay bro. Thank you. Give them sweets. Just a minute. Indian. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Took it from India. You want the clothes? You want to purchase these clothes? Sir, it's available in India.

Is it possible to get it in Moscow? You liked it? You liked the feather. It's the peacock feather. - In the peacock shape. - Yes, I know. It's called kurtha and mundu. Very interesting.

You want to join us? You want to sit? Yes. - Say Hi! - Hi! Namaste. I love you! No wonder you like this kurtha and mundu. Sharanam Ganesha! Amazing! Thank you! Which city are you from? - We are from Kerala. - South of India. Tamil Nadu? Kerala, next to Tamil Nadu. I like India.

- Have you ever been to? - No! Come to India. Okay! I'll come. What's your name? GP. My name is Tijrin.

T-I-J-R-I-N Tijrin. - Nice beard. - Thanks! - What's your name? - Arvind. Arvind? I'm an actor from India I also do vlogging as a hobby. I'll follow you.

Thank you! Padmasoorya. P-A- I'll give you my Instagram ID. - Let's exchange. - Definitely! Do films released come here in Moscow? No. I watched them on YouTube.

Do you know Allu Arjun? No. - Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo? - No. In future. I know Govind Padmasoorya. I like that. You pronounced it correctly. Govind Padmasoorya.

Govind Padmasoorya. It sounds very cool. Govind Padmasoorya. But, Govind Padmasoorya sounds different for Russians.

My father's creativity! Your name sounds like a warrior! Like what? Soldier. War hero. Old war hero. It's the name of an Armenian King. Now wonder. Govind Padmasoorya is an old king.

Nice to meet you. Okay. I'm very happy to meet you, I wish you good luck! I want you to be a famous actor, not only in India - I'll be very happy to watch your films in Russia. - Thank you! It means a lot to me! You know why? Today is my birthday! Birthday? That's why we are having this dress. This dress is birthday special.

- Happy Birthday! - Thank you! Wish you desire touching my coin. It will become true in one week. Namaste. Thank you! Just a minute.

- It’s my birthday. - Oh. - Thank you. - I only want one. - Have it. Keep it. - Okay! Thank You. - I love India. - Thank you.

- Have a good day! - Thank you. What are you doing here? I'm reading this. You really reading that? See, a soldier. War and love knows no language.

The weather is also similar. Weather not only knows any language, has no sense also. Basically, June, July, August is summer here.

Summer is very important for them because they can move out of houses happily at this time. Not only that, daytime will be shorter during winters. So, during this time, they get plenty of daytime. Winters will be extremely cold. I'm already freezing hearing -13 celcius.

We feel cold even during this daytime, we feel cold when the winds breeze, this summer is not at all hot, so just imagine the winters! But, don't mind this sun and sunlight because at this point, rains may even shower. As far as I have understood the rains in Moscow is like girl's cry, we don't understand why they are crying or how long they will cry, don't try to understand it also, it's not at all intelligent. What we should do for that is to find a way to protect ourselves from this. While we were touring Russia, suddenly rains started, people are running due to rains, everyone has started to run. We won't run because we are fully equipped, even if others run, we shouldn't because We are Popy's own people.

We have with us Popy CS20! So, we pressed the one-button, we have opened it in a jiffy! It's very simple to carry them in bags in Russia, it's a small umbrella. Poor Arvindettan, he's getting drenched in the rains. So, I'll give another Popy. It's not fair for just one person to use Popy! A smaller Popy umbrella. We have so many types of umbrella. A smaller umbrella. Arvindettan's bald head is drenched in rains, but he just needs to wipe it.

This is a big one. We alone have umbrellas in Russia, walking like film stars. Rest all are running. I have given Arvinettan another Popy umbrella. THe umbrella is Popy itself. Check the price on the tag.

It's Popy. This is Popy CS20. I don't know mine. Thank you Popy for the umbrella.

Thank you Popy for being part of our fabulous adventure. At this point of time, inorder to give my viewers entertainment content, for showing your agreement, At this point of time, inorder to give my viewers entertainment content, for showing co-operation, Thank you so much Team Popy! Thank you for being a part of GP in Russia. When rains came, just like this umbrella, that protected us from rains Thank you so much for standing together with us in our venture! So, to be part of our celebations, I'm happy to include all our brands like family.

Let it be Repose or Popy, I, not only, have a brand association with them, I have been using their products for 2-3 years now. So, I can say to my audience with full assurance, that these are brands that I have been using, because I have been using them for 2-3 years, and so I can strongly suggest my audience. Thank you so much Popy! On everyone's birthdays, we surprise them wherever they are.

Naturally, on my birthday, they plan to give me a surprise but then, we again gave them a surprise on my birthday. We know that is not so easily digestable, we had planned our tour to Russia suddenly, that's why we couldn't tell them beforehand, we all are touring Russia quickly. But, they don't understand something, if I'm in India, I won't be able to reach to all, so, probably they will feel sad about it.

So, that they don't feel sad, that is why, I decided to celebrate my birthday in Russia with Christina. They won't understand all this. They won't understand the depth of this.

Whatever it is, But Christina had come with a lot of delicacies. What a taste! This is a plain cheese cake, nothing interesting. This is sour cream cake, which is a typical Russian food, when I was at school, I had these in my canteen, but, not that fancy with strawberries, they were almost plain ones. This is a jordian dish called khinkali and Khinkali.

That sounds really good. Inside, it ususally has meat, but here it has mango, because this is a fancy restaurant, they try to make it fun. you use it to hold it,You don't eat the top part of Khinkali, and because you need to follow your hygienic rules, you use your dirty hands to catch it, you don't eat that because it's already dirty, you don't need a spoon, fork or knife Holding it this way, you eat the body, you eat leaving the top part, - You will try? - Yes. - So hold it. - Yes.

Be careful, it might be juicy! And eat it! Success! That is enough. Are you safe alive? Give me a nod. Don't cry. Happy Birthday to me! - How was that? - It was like an explosion inside the mouth. It feels like something exploding.

- It was out of the world. - Okay! - Good checking. - It was quite Russian. Okay! It sounds nice. In Malayalam we say, 'Ladoo burst in our hearts'. I believe it's funny! Thank you for making my birthday so nice because away from home, you know how it feels, Yes! In Russia, I had a very memorable birthday! Thank you so much! Sure, very more and welcome. Take care. How can I not meet such a caring person again? It's ill manners, if I don't.

So, we will be meeting Christina again. Next time when we meet Christina, if you have any questions to ask Comment your questions in the comment box below. It can be any question, it can be about Russian culture, or about the dressing style in Russia, or about the climate here, or politics, or about Christina's beauty! It can be anything. I'll be taking those questions to Christina and make her answer all your questions, Those selected 5-10 questions will be answered by Christina herself. Okay? Happy Birthday to you! Come on everybody! You also sing along.

Happy Birthday to you! Amazing sugar candy! Stop singing, I'll speak in the background, Happy Birthday to you! It's sweet sugar candy filled with so much sweetness. We will be back with more sweet sugar candies. Enough of singing, now let me talk, so, So, tomorrow We ate a lot of sweets and food on my birthday, we know you all might be sad, don't be sad, let's have breakfast tomorrow together. Come here at 11 a.m. if you are a person who eats breakfast early, then leave some space in the stomach.

Otherwise, we can have breakfast together. If possible, we can tour new places in Russia too. Happy Birthday to everyone! Full day was everyone's birthday. (MUSIC)

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