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The Little Donut / WIN / Carpenters as Seen on Nevada Business Chronicles

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You're. Watching Nevada, business Chronicles. Take, a journey with us to see the innovative businesses that, put Nevada, on the business map. Connecting. You with the businesses events, and organizations that. Bring innovation and, prosperity to. The Nevada area please. Welcome your host Mitch, Berney. There's. Nothing, more delicious in, this world than donuts and today, we're at the little donut with Julia and Sergey, thank, you so much for having us here yeah, thanks for being here what a delicious fun time we're gonna have but, let's start with a little history of the little donut you have, a, background. There's, an artisan, donut maker now my background started, back when I was about 12 years old I started volunteering after, school for a family, friend in San Diego there was there were small business, donut, shop they made donuts artisan doughnuts. Everything. Was bigger they're not nothing, was small everything was fancy. Big, and. Crazy. You know they had a crazy imagination with the donuts and I, just got, excited about it and I just wanted to kind of spread, it around and, have everyone. Try what, I have learned in the past eight years. So. You started, apprenticing at, 12, and, by, 15, you actually got hired on a staff, I got hired at 15 I started as a cashier and I. Worked all the way through high school there. Was nights I would work til 4:00 in the morning get you out to sleep, go to school do, my homework and go back to work and. I worked all the way up from cashier, chief roster, to Baker to, a point where the, manager, there had to trust to have me run the whole shop your, mentor was, an artisan doughnut maker. Won. Some awards yeah he actually was recognized. As number, 18, donut shop best on a shop in United, States by ABC News. And he. Just, year, after year kind. Of has the same passion like me just improves, the year after year and just wants to bring the best quality, product to everyone what's, exciting about this is that. Quality, is. Really unique and we're gonna talk about it a little bit because you have created, something, here, that, I've never experienced.

Ever In my life I mean it's life-altering, and I'm gonna say that and I mean it it was an out-of-body, experience the. First time that I bit into one of your Donuts and you're bringing that now as to Northern Nevada and how. Incredible. That is for our community but Julia when I hear a little bit about how you got involved with being little donut, well. It really began before we even met Sergei our I got her Emily was so enthusiastic. About his Donuts that we, thought well you know we've got to try it so. She. Went ahead brought. A donut over it was a fritter it was the most amazing, experience. I have ever had it, I have never had a fritter that delicious, and we. Went ahead and we met him and he was the most polite the kindest, the sweetest, the most soft-spoken. And yet. Talented. Guy. That we had met and he works very hard every. Day, so. We thought well you know what she, knows. That this is his calling and just, meeting him one time we knew the same thing and that's, how Sam, and I became, involved with Sergei, and. So the little donut, was born but this is anything, shy of little, and. I love the ambiance right, from where you walk into the door you have created the experience, like I'm inside, the. Donut, box it's. An exceptional, experience from beginning to end and if you don't mind I'd like to take a look at some of the artisan, Donuts before. We do I want to ask a little bit about this, donut, experience, that we're talking about I mean this is really as, you mentioned, something. You've never tasted. Before. There. Is something, to this outer shell that, makes this crisp, flaky. When, you bite through it a little. Crunch and texture, eva's you chew it. Then the inside, of the donut is perfectly, moist and not full of oils it is absolutely. Unique to anything I've ever tasted how. Do you create them, well. I can't tell you the secret but, there's. Only two people in the world that would know what, how, we do donuts here and with. That being said we can't even fly on the same plane together. All. Kidding aside though. It. Did take my, mentor over, 35, years to do what he does and it took me in additional, eight years working, under him to just perfect, everything. From. Start. To finish there's, it's. Not just making, a mix there's science. Behind it there's you got it just everything. Has to be perfect, it is a doughnut, experience, it is people have to experience, it for themselves and, and it's something special so let's take a look at some of the doughnuts of your Creator. Let's. Take a look at all the varieties, of doughnuts we're looking at well, here we have our selection of rays you know we started with our glaze. Right here and, goes to maple chocolate. To sugar we. Have our zebra doughnuts, sprinkle. Just, what. Everyone's favorite really is what's, the zebra is that chocolate and vanilla beau yeah it's a chocolate and vanilla and in my opinion it's actually, a really really great combination it, looks delicious. Well, let's talk about your pastries. Yeah yeah. We do we have make our pastries with. Cream cheese blueberry. Cream cheese chocolate. Strawberry. Cream cheese even. It's just butter you know it's a really great book that made croissants, here yeah and these croissants, are created. The same way as you doughnuts with that really, interesting. Outer shell. It's. Unlike, any other croissant in the wall correct. Yeah and it's just.

Like. Every doughnut and all the croissants there's a special. Little secret. Behind how everything, is it's, that little, thin, wait for thin just you, bite into it it's it's. It's. A doughnut experience, there's no question about it order if what's inside these chocolate these are our Bavarian, creams custard. Filling Boston. Creams if they're basic, they're known as Bismarck's, we, do them with chocolate this, one with chocolate we do them with maple also, Wow, you know we don't glaze powdered, sugar well. Let's take a look at the next tray here. Here. And if you take a look here we have our chocolate, cake, you know with toast toasted, coconut, regular coconut chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate. With nuts Oreo. Oreo. Oreo. Or oh yeah. There's gonna be a lot of people wanting those yeah those, got to be popular, exactly, yeah I also see some regular. Glazed twists, these. Cinnamon, rolls cinnamon. Buns what do you call them I could have enormous icon sitting in rows and, they're. Incredible. The. Best I've ever had I think, one of the things I need to talk to you about are, the, bear claws here they're the size of a roll bear's claw yeah. We have our bear, claw and we have our Dino claw its gets even bigger than that a dino dino claw. Makes. Sense because it's the little dog it's the little donut with the Dino Dino. Clock and the texas-sized way to ten now donut, both right we. Have, to, talk about these, these. Are fritters people. Have had fritters before but nothing like these get the, shell on them very special, but, the flavors, you make fritters in people think of fritters they think couple fritters apple yeah you have a variety of, them I do i, I. Make apple, and cherry every, day but. Blueberry. And Peach gets mixed, in there, once in the wild seasonal, changes, you almost have to something every day and see what's our favorite day, yeah it's just like we have a doughnut of the day you have to come and check out what our fritter of the day is wow. They're incredible. I see. The Oreo, again but this is on a white cake yeah, so a lot of our white cake and chocolate cake we try to stay. With the same flavor combination. Because you berries I'll just give you a choice some people like the chocolate some people like the white exactly. You have a bunch of other things here that I find it fascinating what. Are these those. Are a blueberry frosted, with. Actual blueberries. Inside the. Frosting, same brush yeah fresh yeah little berries, unbelievable. And this, is interesting go what is that or neighbor orange, orange, incredible. Yeah and so. We, have this looks like a fritter, cake. Donut it's actually. Our signature. Crumb cake and we, actually make, our crumb especially. With different, types of cakes this is homemade, from, yes, homemade, by. Crumb cake topping, yeah out.

Of What you make here too yeah so the little crispy outer shell this is a whole bunch of that yeah. It's a whole bunch of that and then pretty, much you with a layer, of glaze I, see some maple with peanuts some chocolate, with peanuts, and some coconut, but. What is this, one this one's special too isn't it yeah it's actually that today, is our donor of the day and it's a blueberry cake, so the actual blueberries, are inside a cake and when. You open it up it's nice and purpley. Inside and we put a little bit of cream cheese on top to really mix. It up a little we. Have some more filled Donuts over here mm-hmm and what's inside of these is. Yeah that's the barbarian, cream maple, we do have a raspberry, jelly would you make a strawberry jelly, a blueberry or a lemon, old-fashioned. Buttermilk with, you know plain, chocolate, maple some, bars, yeah, this, is, special. Yes it's not just a twist it's a cinnamon, twist and. It's, out, of this world these I've always known my personal, favorites I don't, know how you make that little twist on the top but these. Are French cruller, yeah they're French cruller sand they. Are pretty, much 99% egg. Yeah. Very, healthy yeah, it's a great breakfast. So. What are we making now we're, making our famous. Texas style donut we're. Gonna do a 10-pounder, today a 10-pound. Donut yeah now people need to understand, this is actually. A. Party. Doughnut. It is usually, as party doing a birthday party office, party, if. The devil doesn't donuts. Bring in a 10-pound, doughnut or a three pound doughnut is that so you could feed a whole. Office with one doughnut pretty much what made you think this up I mean, honestly I thought of birthdays, and. Everyone. Spends money. On birthday. Cake and this is more affordable plus, you get you be, more decorative and get your own theme. Going and original, yeah and original, yeah and, fluffy. And. Delicious delicious. With, the same, outer. Crosses. Every, other doughnut here at golden up so, tell me a little about yourself Sergey, well. Born, in Russia and. Live. Different about ten years and then finally got adopted for th United States, sounds. Like you're living the American dream. Well it's more to me than that. It's spreading the happiness with doughnuts. Everyone. Loves doughnuts and it brings happiness to everyone I want to spread it around you're, gonna make the whole world happy with, these donuts. And. I mean that you're talking about franchising. Around the country around the world, the little donut did, these are artisan, Donuts they're special, and what, a great, opportunity to, literally. Bring happiness worldwide, I don't. Want to interrupt your ordering Oh which, one's your favorite all, of, them of, course, what, are you getting today I am getting the two bear claws the, fritters, and, the. Lemon filled what. Flavour fritters, are you that Terry's all, of their Donuts here all their pastries, are huge, I've never seen anything, like this, whoever, is in charge of this, a. Genius. Yes absolutely, geez yes you, told me about your mom and a cinnamon, my mom and I came in about. A week ago and their, cinnamon, rolls were like this big, and. It took my mom all day to eat it and, she couldn't even have dinner that night because she was so cool names dinner when there's that's, exactly, why yes, well, I won't interrupt you any longer I'll enjoy your experience thank, you, welcome. To the little donut which. Is anything, but little when you look at that texas-sized, doing, it right there Sergei, thank you so much for having us here today what an incredible. Shop, you have here and really, on behalf of our community I want to thank you for bringing this artisan. Gourmet, doughnut, shop to sparks. Thank, you for stopping by and, featuring, our donut experience, not, just a donut it's just donut experience, it really is the little donut anything, but little paint, with, a very, very nice young man working. Hard for, our community, to make quality, products, and yeah, I just can't recommend it enough whatever, you're doing right now you need to get off your couch shut. Off the TV come. On down 52, 72, sparks, Boulevard yeah they can find John the Internet the little donut com yeah or call you. Five. Six eight three 9001.

That's, Sergey, McGuire the little donut thank you thank you so much for having us yeah. For, more information. On this guest or to see this show in its entirety visit While, you're there you can watch all of our past shows on the Chronicles page, and stay connected with us by following us on our social media, now. More from Nevada business Chronicles. If. You're looking to expand, your business network, if you own a business if you want to know everybody. In the community then the place to be is the, wind breakfast, meetings the, western industrial Nevada meetings, monthly and I'm, here today with Jackie, holler Bock the executive, director, the incoming, president, elected, treasurer Kerri, Garcia, thank you so much for being here absolutely. Pleasure to have you thank. You tell me a little bit about western. Industrial Nevada, where, it's got its start and, what. Is it form whose, does it serve fantastic. Well really it serves the whole business community, here so, we had our start in 1968. We've been around we're celebrating our fiftieth anniversary this, year so it's kind of amazing that an organization, like this lasts, so very long so, really, it was founded on this great principle of bringing community, and business leaders together to promote business development, here to get to know each other to build up a stronger community to, build those relationships the. Way that Wynn has evolved, is that we do a big breakfast meeting every month we have 250, to 300 people coming to a breakfast and for. That networking, for that great sense of community and then, we give them a fantastic speaker, so we give the makino quality, speaker that you'd find at any big conference, and they, come for both of those things so it's professional, development, it's networking, it's, bringing the community together in common purpose every, month and it's tremendous. Congratulations. Is the incoming, president, and treasurer, for win thank you what. Are your plans going, forward for win well. I think as president, it's really important to look out, amongst our membership, look what, is a value, to them as a member I'm, also always growing membership I think Northern. Nevada is really at a great time right now lots of growth we, also need to reflect that in our membership, whatd. Members typically, say about their experience, with when, you, know um here where there affectionately known as winners, so, our members and we have members that have been members for twenty years or more and we have newer members and what they keep coming back for is that community, they love being here they love having a great speaker some, takeaways that they can take home every month to think about apply to their business so, in, fact this morning we have a couple of members who are ready to talk about that and we have one of our founding, members from 1968.

Is Here today oh let's, talk to them alright you were one of the original founders. Of win western industrial Nevada, that's great what does it look like back then and what made you found it well, we were trying to attract, industry, Torino, as, our motivator. How, many original, members did you have back then probably. No more than twenty twenty-five and. Today, hundreds. Oh yeah thousands, over the year attendees, events, most. Of our vie members were people. Who owned companies, that, were interested, in developing. More. Business, well. Thank you for your contribution. To our community you've, made a lot of success. Out of them in Northern Nevada how long have you been a win member, and what. Is, your favorite part of the meetings, oh wow. I think I've been in win for 14. Years maybe something like that I like. The interaction with the people that are here and I love the speakers there's always somebody. That comes in that gives me some some. Amount of something that I haven't thought about and I'm I like that today. You have a special, guest nice being with us that's another part of winners the bringing a guest into other people to these events so who, do you have with us time I'm really honored to have. Captain, Heilemann with me he's the commanding. Officer, of the, USS Nevada thank, you for your service what, would you say to somebody that's considering, a business networking group about. When I think when is a good one because it's a cross-section, you're not going to meet with people that are just doing what you do. This, one is across the board it's, trying, to make things better for our community, how, long have you been a wind member and what's your experience been Mitch. I've been here since 2000. And as a wind member I was, new to town I didn't, know anyone so it, provided an opportunity to meet a lot of people at our other business folks I've, developed clients, here and I've strengthened client relationships. And when has. This made a difference. In your business I think, the big thing is when you're in the industry I'm in financial. And planning that kind of thing people like, to know that you're an established, individual. And the fact that they've seen me here for 17 or 18 years now they know that's a real deal I've been in my position for thirty years. What, is your experience with Lynne how long you've been a member I've. Been a member a little over a year and my, experience, has been great it's been great for networking meeting. New, people that, own other businesses. It's actually helped my business and helped me meet, a lot of new people what. Would you say to somebody who is considering, joining Winn, oh I would definitely say it's a great civic. Organization, and definitely. Do it because it's worth your time you'll learn something you meet new people and, it's an awesome place to be once, a month how. Long have you been a member of Wynn and what's your experience been it's. Been about five.

Years I think and it's been a wonderful experience I've, had an opportunity to sponsor a couple, of Wynn, meetings. Houses. Impacted, your business, and what's your favorite part about it I. Love. The speakers, and I love the type of people it attracts it. Attracts people who are at the top of their game and, who are here to get better movers, you jinx movers and shakers like yourself well, thank you. What's. Your take on women when. Is, a place to. Network. With, other, professionals. In the area to. Make, new connections to. Continue. Building the relationships. That you've already, got and. It's the power, house full. Of. Business. Leaders in our community, and as. An added bonus, we've get a great speaker and we get to learn something every month today. We have with us leadership, coach and co-author, of the best-selling, book what. Exceptional, leaders know as. A national, business consultant, for over 25, years, Tracy, specializes. In developing leaders, inspiring. Teamwork, and enhancing. Interoffice, communications. Tracy. Is a graduate, of the University, of, and. Also an accomplished, athlete who played in Japan as a member of the u.s. national softball. Team, please, help me in welcoming Tracy. Spears. Thank. You for not booing the University, of Oklahoma. Oscar's, right I spoke, at Notre Dame recently. And that didn't go so well so. I'm. Thinking, about mitting that part how many have ever met somebody and the minute you meet them you just you just know you're gonna be friends raise your hand if you've ever had that happen right okay. How. About have, you ever met somebody and the minute you meet him you're like yeah probably not gonna be friends yeah I. Was. Gonna say who up, who, else married, him right you married him anyway, right. Because. That's exciting, isn't it's kind of fun in the beginning it's fun when you have somebody that has a different, perspective it's. Fun and tell there's a little bit of stress you know in the situation, and so I want to talk about diversity inclusion today and when we think about diversity and inclusion in the workplace I feel, incredibly. Passionately. About this so here's your test Irish. People are usually. Now. Don't yell it out. You. Are not supposed, to yell it out. What. A great meeting what a great organization thanks. For having us thank you thank. You I know people are asking how can I join too, easy come come to our meetings last Friday of every month or simply go to our website win Nevada comm thank. You again so much for having us thank you for. More. Information on, this guest or to see this show in its entirety, visit While. You're there you can watch all of our past shows on the Chronicles page, and stay connected with, us by following us, on our social media now. More from Nevada business Chronicles. Mitch and Tom here I'm, Tom at. The top Mitch show it's a tough amid show at carpenters music world carpenters music world we're gonna get to talk about Yamaha. The Yamaha Clavinova, digital, piano, Yamaha. Is. A standard, of the industry for centuries in her centuries. And today we're going to look at the Yamaha, Clavinova. Which, is a digital, piano which. Is the number one selling digital in, our industry. And we, will go start it at the entry level and, I'll take you all the way up to the end. Well. We have a whole line of them but let's start with this one the, entry-level model this is the entry-level 2p, 115 it. Is least expensive, it is the most portable and. It all has they have 88 keys weighted. Keys like, an acoustic piano as we. Move up to the next one this, is a first, of all this is shows. You the, weight of the keys so, when you're playing one of these clever Nova's it's, like play an acoustic piano except, you don't have the strings so you don't have to tune it as. We move up through these different models as you, can see they're getting a little larger a little larger sound, systems, are getting bigger so sound, systems are getting bigger so people. Who want bigger sound louder sound they're. Going to get that as they move up and richer fuller sound richer, fuller sound now these are interesting because I feel like I'm in the cockpit of an aircraft all, these are the CVP, models, this is the 701. 705. 709. When, you get into these and now you're getting into 800. Sounds, to 1200 say 16, track recording, it's like a whole recording, studio and you, can also record, audio so, if you want to sing it would do that you could take your MP p3.

Put. Them in here and they'll play all that music it's incredible. As we, move down on these again. You're. Getting more, sounds, until, you get to the flagship, well let's take a look at this one this, is the flagship, of the Clavinova. Piano, this, is a CBP 709. This, is the top-of-the-line it's, got twelve hundred and seventy, voices. It's, got 16 track recording, you could hook it up to a TV or a giant monitor, you could sing through it you have voice. Articulations. In it so, let me just show you a little bit as soon as you turn this instrument, on it defaults. To a grand piano. Beautiful. Rich, sound. Now say. You wanted to play a flamingo, guitar. Faye's, oh and this instrument. I have, 1200, sounds, to, actually, play. At my disposal, one. Of the biggest features of this instrument, is that you really don't have to learn how to play it will teach you if I'm going to show you now in Jurassic, Park. When. I push play. You're. Gonna get interesting, part, now. The little, red dot is traveling, but. It's gonna come up here and you're the little red light is on. Follow. The lights. I'm. Sensing. By watching you play Jurassic, Park that, this is a really, good piano to learn how to play on, this. Piano has 600. Different, rhythm. Styles, so. If you know just a few chords, you. Can take this piano and say, you wanted to play a country, shuffle blues all you have to do is hit the chord. It. Will play the introduction it will play the ending it will play everything and all you got to do is play simple chords now if you really want to impress your friends and you don't even play you, can go over here you can pick a rhythm which, you have 1200. Of them you. Could pick introduction. Synchros. Start and all, you have to do is hit one note. Play. With one finger. And. You ended. Business. Chronicles com. While, you're there you can watch all of our past shows on the Chronicles page, and stay connected with, us by following us on our social media, for. Information on becoming a guest on our show contact us, at info, at

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